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Issue no. 30 march 2014 26th jcrc edition



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he Inter-Hall Games (IHG) has concluded in the blink of an eye. The friendships forged, the memories made and the games we’ve played; I believe everyone has something to learn or take away from this entire IHG experience. Now, let us relive the moments and look back at our achievements thus far as Fivers. Enjoy!

Chia Yun Zhu

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Achievements Unlocked! Best Male Rookie

E C N R A E E H C G Chua Ying Lun

Best Female Rookie Marissa Lee

Best Sportsman Akshay Raman

Salisa Mind Niramansakul


oals were scored, limits were crossed, the Hall 5 cheer was echoed throughout NTU and history was made. To mark the end of a successful run of hall events, including the Hall Olympiad opening and closing ceremonies and especially the Inter-Hall Games, the Colours Award Board (CAB) held a celebratory dinner.

It was like one huge pat on the back for all Fivers as we gathered at Nanyang House, with certificates handed out at the door and notes of appreciation prepared for us to fill in, before we sat down to feast. The CAB committee then presented a slew of videos they had produced for each nominee. So entertaining were the mini skits acted out by various Fivers (especially the occasional teasing) that they drew uproarious laughter from everyone in the room. We also got to know more about each nominee from the glowing commentaries their friends gave, and applauded them for their achievements. The entire night was a great display of mutual respect and acknowledgement between Fivers, and it ended with a heartfelt

speech from Nicholas Foo, President of the 26th JCRC.

In the spirit of inclusiveness and appreciation, he thanked everyone who was a part of the IHG and the IHRG, for playing as a Fiver and running the show.

“a great display of mutual respect and acknowledgement”

Whether or not you played recreational or sports games, are a senior or a freshman, were a spectator or competitor, the 2013/14 Inter-Hall Games would not have been the same without you.

And after we’ve tasted defeat and savoured victory, we now know that nothing is impossible – it will be exciting to see how the next season will play out. One thing’s for sure, as Nicholas put it – tell the other halls to watch out.

Best Rec Player Ng K Luon

Best Sports Captain

Ong Jing Wen (Table Tennis) Best Rec Captain

Heng Wen Xin (Scrabble) Best Sports Team Hockey (Male) Best Rec Team Darts

Best Supporter

We’re here for the win.

Lee Kai Lin

Nicholas Foo

Outstanding Players Choo Zi Geng

Kenny Wang

Mohamad Khairul Khan Tan Bo Hui

Yang Wei Xuan Yeo Siew Ting


colours award board dinner 2014

Best Sportswoman


inter-hall cheerleading competition:


The Bull-Viking Spirit


hey ran in, a bright red flowing through the doors. This was the moment that they had been waiting and training for. This was the moment that all the bruises and aches, tears and blood, exhaustion and tenacity, could be justified. After seemingly endless nights, their singular vision had been perfected. Rehearsed? Breathed – spun into motion and given life.

“their singular vision had been perfected”

The routine began with the cheering segment, and their voices rang through the hall. “V-I-K-I-N-G-S!” was their battle cry, preparing us for this razzle-dazzle performance. The confidence and precision in which they executed their stunts impressed. It was plain to see that the Vikings were charging for gold, and with intense pride, supporters let out strings of shouts and screams, cheering on their fellow Fivers. Flips, tosses, back tucks, cartwheels... Eyes were glued; hearts were pounding. What a display! It seemed like only a minute had passed befo- they had done it! A.S.U. – all stunts up! The routine had come to an end way too quickly, and the joy on their faces from a flawless execution was evident. It was the joy of realising something that had been in the making for so long. In this year’s Hall Olympiad, “Global Celebrations”, Vikings went with San Fermin, a bull-fighting festival in Spain, for their theme. Donned in fiery red traje de luces, and with the help of their bull-mascot Mervyn Chiang, they clinched second


place with their excepcional performance. This year, they had had their eye on the prize from the beginning, and having more than two-thirds of the team being freshmen without prior cheerleading experience did not dampen their fighting spirit. “The junior cheerleaders who had no prior experience have a lot of potential. They are passionate and quick to learn from the seniors. It was the first time that Vikings had a full team for the competition, which definitely boosted our chance of being in the top. Trainings were tougher and the coaches were stricter, demanding discipline and perfection in every way. All for the sake of putting up a good routine,” said Vikings Captain, Samuel Han.

Viking Teo Sze Swen, who has been in Vikings for all his four years in hall, said: “I think this year for cheer, all the stars were aligned. Many things came together to contribute to the success we achieved.” Poignantly, he adds: “The irrational side of me wishes I could cheer with them for a while more. But it is also time to let go. Ultimately I am thankful for all the people I have cheered with every year, because without them, I would not have gotten this memorable experience of cheer in Hall 5.” I am sure that for our dear Vikings, nothing will come quite close to the ephemeral high of the performance, and that it has been an experience that no words can fully encapsulate; a special shared memory come to pass that will be etched in their hearts. Well done.

Jamie Koh


Part-time Students, Full-time Dancers


ou’ve seen us on Instagram, you’ve had our photos flood your news feed on Facebook and you’ve probably seen our performance at the Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC). For five months we have practiced and we have practiced hard. Given that a majority of Quindanzers were amateurs, the first few sessions were a difficult, messy blur as we tried to keep up with the steps. But we’ve grown a lot since then. Under the patient guidance of our captains and Riana our dance instructor, we’ve learnt so much more about dance and its various techniques.

A session usually starts with an intensive half hour worth of conditioning exercises that includes running, planks, stretching, abs exercises and a water break. This is then followed by choreography sessions where we learn new moves and ‘clean’ the existing ones that were taught in the previous sessions, ensuring that everyone is in sync and able to execute the moves accurately. Everyone contributed in helping one another correct each and every dance step, regardless of their prior dance experience. This is where we grew together as one family. There is no doubt that the long training sessions were often tough. But it is through the little things like munching off a huge tin of biscuits, learning to sew (for our costumes), taking countless photographs and videos, making little jokes and so much more that has made it worth it. During the period when we had an average of 4-hours of sleep every night, we made new friends, met people we never knew existed and found a family in this team.

“HOCC was an amazing night for all of us – finally being able to proudly perform our piece that we’ve trained so hard for.”

At some point in the journey, the worries about rankings ceased to exist. We came to realize how far we had progressed as individuals who have had to balance the late nights, the ever-increasing workload, be it from school or dance, and still found it possible to love and motivate each other. HOCC was an amazing night for all of us – finally being able to proudly perform our piece that we’ve trained so hard for. We bowed our thank-yous while crying and laughing because of the mix of emotions we were feeling – sadness from having it all end, relief from it finally being over and happiness because we were so, so, so proud of each other and ourselves. We have our 3 captains, namely Jarvis, Iris and Novi, our salsa expert Joshua and dance instructors, Riana and YC, to thank for the amazing experience and beautiful memories we’ve had this year. Thank you Hall 5 for your support too, be it through your words of encouragement, helpful feedback, watching of our performances or flowers. To quote Clement, it’s the end of HOCC now, also known as the official start of the academic year for the Quindanzers. Sarah Chia


hall olympiad closing ceremony: quinDanze



iInter-hall Games:


Leaping to Greater Heights


ur female basketball team, headed by Sue Ann, played against halls 9, 6 and 7 this season. With the help of our star players Jan, Sue Ann and Jia Ling, we managed to grab some good rebounds and make fast breakaways. The highlights of the games were definitely high fiving one another on the court and congratulating our players on their latest layups or fantastic shots. With the adrenaline rush, these were truly euphoric moments.

Jia Hong proudly led our men to the quarter finals, playing halls 2, 1, 13 and 16. As a spectator for the men’s game, it was interesting to see the stark contrast between the girls’ and guys’ games. While there was pushing and shoving, as with all contact games, the speed and agility at which the game was being played increased the excitement and adrenaline level even as I watched on as a spectator.

“A few of the best takeaways from the basketball games were the friendships made, the memories shared and the yummy cookies that Sue Ann doled out”

The final match against 16 was a memorable one for Jia Hong since they had predicted a tough defeat given 16’s strength. However, our Fivers worked hard together to play their best game for the season and for our graduating seniors, an excellent last fight. Even though our boys were not able to go on to the semi finals, the season ended off with them trying their best. A few of the best takeaways from the basketball games were the friendships made, the memories shared and the yummy cookies that Sue Ann doled out after our last game. It was a short season but it’s okay. After all, as Fivers always say, there’s always next year.

Sarah Chia





And give their all they did – Hall 5 wasted no time in establishing a strong pressuring presence within the first few minutes. Besides earning a penalty corner where the ball unfortunately deflected off the keeper’s suit, we had a total of three neargoals early on in the match. At half-time, however, when the score was still 0-0, both sides were getting antsy and impatient for a winner to emerge. After expertly converting Hall 11’s penalty corner into an offensive tackle, it was clear that we were stepping up to answer that call. The deciding moment came when our team managed to earn another short corner which Captain Ee Hong, and player Michael Goh scored. All the spectators erupted in euphoria, at what was our first goal of the season, and that joy doubled minutes later, when we scored again, sealing our victory 20.

The girls’ team kicked off their season with a euphoric triumph against Hall 12. Spirits were high after Amanda Tan scored a history-making goal in the first half of the game – the first ever in Hall 5’s female hockey. That goal, however, was countered with a goal from Hall 12 in the final minutes. But it was no problem for our girls, who earned their victory back 2-1 in the penalty flick, cruising their way to meet Hall 6 in their next match.

Unfortunately, during their next match, it seemed like everything was working against our team – Hall 6 was clearly much stronger and our goalkeeper See Ying Qian was unfit to play. But in the face of such circumstances, our girls rose to the occasion and defended with all their might.

“this match was historymaking in a different way”

To the average spectator, it might have seemed like a very ordinary match – except it was anything but. Confident passes, smooth teamwork and accurate marking – this match was history-making in a different way – it was the one that saw our girls blossoming from amateurs to real hockey players. Player Yeo Siew Ting stepped up from her right-back position and confidently filled the role of goal-

keeper, successfully blocking Hall 6’s attempt at a goal and supporting the rest of the team’s efforts to hold them down to a draw. Even though the subsequent penalty flick did not go in our favour, Coach Felix Ong said the girls should be very proud of having achieved their goal of drawing, and for playing excellently. As for both the male and female teams, their crucial quarters-deciding matches were two similar cases of things not going to plan, but still with favourable outcomes. Both teams were aiming to avoid having to go to penalty shootout because of the unstable odds of scoring, but both matches ended up in draws. In the end, our six shooters did not let their teams’ efforts go to waste. Remaining calm and composed in the face of pressure, they successfully scored their teams’ ways into the quarter-finals, for the first time ever in Hall 5 history. Even though their journey ended in the quarter-finals this year, it was still a season both the male and female teams should be very proud of. Not only did they make history, they were paving the way for future Hall 5 hockey players. A great job well done to all players, and here’s to advancing even further in the next IHG! Lee Kai Lin



he guys’ hockey team began their season last December with a match on the defensive. Against Hall 9, who was aggressively infiltrating our side of the pitch, our players managed to hold their ground until their opponents scored a goal in the last few minutes. Losing 0-1 to them, the team moved on to their next match against Hall 11, ready to give their all.

inter-hall games:



Inter-hall Games:

Road Relay

Stronger Than the Pain


“Many may give in to the temporal pain when climbing these slopes, but not our runners, whose perseverance and desire to win were stronger than the pain.” Bok Chuan Kiat

nother team that our hall has much to be proud about is our road relay team who gave Hall 5’s best showing at the IHG in years. Seemingly stuck at 11th place for the last couple of Inter-Hall Games, the team broke through that stronghold and bumped our ranking up to 7th – all this in spite of the tougher route this year “characterised by numerous slopes”, as said by Captain Bok Chuan Kiat. Beginning at NIE, each runner covers 2.2km around the NTU campus before mounting a final and arduous uphill component, in a true test of endurance, to end off in NIE again and hand over the team’s wrist band to the next runner. “Many may give in to the temporal pain when climbing these slopes,” said Chuan Kiat, “but not our runners, whose perseverance and desire to win were stronger than the pain.”

Hall 5 supporters watched in delight as both of our runners in Team A were among the fastest five to return to NIE after the flag-off, establishing a good pace for the rest of the team to keep up. In fact, Team B’s first runner, Jansen Lee, was the earliest one back.

As the relay progressed, an amazing sight unfolded – each runner would be smiling and chatting before their turn, only to complete the course and return minutes later on the verge of collapsing in fatigue and exertion, having truly given their all. After weekly trainings that went on for months, all that hard work finally condensed into 5302 decisive seconds which earned us our well-deserved 7th place.

Kudos to each and every single player in the road relay team for training hard to build their stamina and ensure a consistent pacing! Well done team! Lee Kai Lin



Getting a Kick


t was a Friday  afternoon, going up against Hall 7 . This was their second match, after playing with Hall 6. Held at St. Wilfrid’s Sports Complex, the soccer match was sweaty, intense, and drove the audience crazy with suspense. 

Together, the boys warmed up, jogging up and down, unbeknownst to them how many times this match would make hearts stop. Their neon boots moving, to me, resembled a strange long caterpillar. Our soccer team started the match well, and was in a relatively safe place with two goals ahead of our opponents for a good portion of the match. Then, suddenly, within a span of ten minutes, maybe even five, Hall 7 scores two goals. A draw. Filled with disbelief, supporters at the grandstand were left speechless. At this point, all were anxious to see how things would play out.

Our team also triumphed against Hall 1, moving on to the quarter finals, however, they came up against and lost to Hall 16, who proved to be a formidable opponent their long hours of training in the sun did not well prepare them for. Nonetheless, they had fought hard.

“we kept our cool and refused to give up until the final whistle blew” Chua Ying Lun

Upon being asked whether he felt the team could have made it further, Soccer Captain Cao Yujie had this to say: “Definitely can, but we met a really strong hall. We lost the core of the team when 5 star players graduated. This year, the squad consisted of a major bulk of freshies and we had to rebuild the team and work on chemistry... I really look forward for next year’s IHG. Our current players will definitely be stronger by then, after this year’s endeavours.”

Winger Chua Ying Lun too, looks forward to playing next year: “Under the guidance of our captain Yujie, and other seniors like James, Zul and Kenny, we grew stronger and better. The path to the quarter finals wasn’t easy. We enjoyed victories, and suffered depressing defeats along the way... Although Hall 16 was winning, we kept our cool and refused to give up until the final whistle blew. I’m kind of sad, but am still proud that we made it this far. I believe that we have the potential and if we keep working hard, I’m sure we will advance to the semi or finals next year.” Jamie Koh



The supporters watched on, waiting for their team to score the goal that would bring them victory, but the match eventually ended with a penalty shootout. 1-1. 2-2. 3-3. The suspense was excruciating... Then, 4-3! Vu Tuan Nghia! It seemed so effortless, almost frivolous. The soccer boys ran amok in celebration – Hall 5 had won! It had been, without a doubt, one of the most suspense-filled, heart-attack-inducing and entertaining matches of this year’s Inter-Hall Games I have hitherto watched.

inter-hall games:



Inter-hall Games:


Down to the Second


he team had to wake up frightfully early on a Sunday morning for the competition, and that in itself was a great feat; early Sunday mornings and students do not mix well. As they waited for the events to begin, the stadium was bustling with people chatting away and warming up in preparation. A quick sweep of the track would see many doing the normal drills of high knees, butt kicks, bounding, striding and whatnot.

After our team made eight brutal rounds around the track, lifting leg after leg after leg, they came in 12th place.

When the time came for the girls 100m relay to begin, there was definitely tension amid the excitement and anticipation. In relays, all it takes is a swift and speedy opponent to turn the tables, and every second counts. When the gun sounded, the roar from the spectator’s stand flooded the entire stadium. Spectators kept their eye on the race, hoping the best for their teams. The relay was over in just slightly over a minute, and our Fivers, after determined strides, came in eighth place.

Goh Hui Ru, who competed in the girls 100m relay, said: “The moment when everyone stood up just to clap for the last runner of the 800m relay, when the rest had already completed the race, was so heartwarming.” Indeed, it was nice to see everyone cheer not just for the victors, but also for the sportsmanship that was shown in competing and completing the races.

Those running the upcoming mixed 800m relay kept their cool and their spirits high as they waited for their event to start. Jogging two rounds around the track is no kick, but sprinting is a whole other ball game. It takes real courage to sign yourself up for something like that, I think.


“it was nice to see everyone cheer not just for the victors, but also for the sportsmanship”

In conclusion, under the leadership of captain, Lim Kim Hui, the track team took eighth and twelfth place for the female 100m and mixed 800m relays, respectively, this year. Hall 5 also managed to come in ninth for the male 400m relay. Jamie Koh


Never Back Down


he water polo season began with an upset loss to Hall 12. Perhaps still trying to find their footing in the water, the Hall 5 team recovered quickly and moved on to their next match, eager to ensure it wouldn’t be their last.

for a few seconds. Taking advantage of the empty net, player Tan Bo Hui shot in our 6th goal within that slim window of opportunity.

The water polo boys then treaded on to their third game, which turned out to be a re-encounter with Hall 12. Not about to waste the rare second chance, our players seized every scoring opportunity to win back what they had relinquished in their opening match.

Fresh from their victory, the team moved on to meet Hall 2, hoping for a third win. Alas, Hall 2 proved to be too formidable an opponent. With at least two Inter-Varsity players on their team, it was little surprise then, that they gained possession of the ball more than we did.

Every time Hall 12 scored, our team made sure they put one in their net too. There was a thrilling moment when Hall 12’s goalkeeper left the goalpost unguarded

But that did not stop our guys from giving their best. There was an instance when we tried to score, but the ball got stolen from us mid-shot. The offending player then

Hall 5 players carried the name of our hall proudly on their shoulders and demonstrated real class. For not bowing down in the face of pressure and for being the bigger party, our players walk away champions. Captain Han Jian Peng acknowledged the efforts of his team, thanking his players “for all the time and energy they invested.” He also shared his hopes for the junior players – that they will “step up to lead the team to quarters again”. Only time will tell if this year’s quarters-breakthrough will be pushed even further next season. While the players train hard to bring their captain’s vision to reality, we will wait with bated breath for the next IHG to arrive. Lee Kai Lin

“And finally, the umpire’s whistle signalled we were right, to the tune of 10-8 and the title of quarterfinalists.”



Netting in a goal within the first few seconds, our team made it clear they were here to stay. Save for a couple of goals that caught us off-guard, with one shot in by Hall 8 from the middle of the pool, the rest of the game was a highly enjoyable match with a final score of 5-2.

After that score, things turned around and it no longer remained a neck-toneck match. We were widening the gap, and by the last few minutes of the game, it seemed like we could really have our rightful victory back. And finally, the umpire’s whistle signalled we were right, to the tune of 10-8 and the title of quarter-finalists.

attempted to take a shot, but Fiver Felix Ong pressured him so much that he gave up trying.

inter-hall games:


G H I RG H I A D E C C Work Hard, Wordplay Harder


Inter-hall recreation Games:

boggle and chinese chess

his year, Hall 5’s Boggle team once again broke through to the quarterfinals of the IHRG. Returning players included last year’s captain Chen Mei Ling.

Headed by Heng Wen Xin, this year’s team gave the other halls a run for their money. The third-year student commended the effort that the players put in. She said: “I feel that this year’s team was committed in learning and memorising what was needed for the competition.”

During the preliminary rounds, the hard work of the team was evident. What precious break time allocated to the players was spent on eleventh hour trainings. For freshies Dorothy Ng and Marissa Lee, Boggle was a new venture. Nevertheless, both managed to secure wins over other competing halls.

“Start memorising the word lists and anagrams earlier!” Heng Wen Xin

Wen Xin felt it was unfortunate that the team lacked the “luck factor” that could have propelled them into the semifinals. However, she still expressed pride at the team, saying that everyone did a great job. In advice to next year’s Boggle players, the team captain said: “Start memorising the word lists and anagrams earlier!”

Written by Nicole Loh

Moving Up the Board


urpassing expectations, Hall 5’s Chinese Chess team advanced into the quarterfinals of the IHRG.

Led by first-year student, Zane Chua, the team put up a strong fight. The preliminaries and quaterfinals saw the all-male team in utmost concentration and dedication.

Zane said: “I feel that IHRG is not just a competition, it is a platform for peoplewho share the same passion to come together and learn from one another.”

Ng K Luon, a graduating senior and returning representative of Hall 5, felt it was a waste that the players did not make it into the semi finals.

“We had a good team this year but we didn’t do as well as we could have,” said K Luon. He felt that many of the lost matches were “close shaves”.

“Hall 5 will definitely be a force to reckon with”

While Chinese Chess is losing traction to other more contemporary sports, Hall 5 still had new students taking interest in the game. Hall 5’s Chinese Chess team has come in at 5th, missing the mark for the semifinals. Nevertheless, with the players’ experience and drive, Hall 5 will definitely be a force to reckon with at next year’s IHRG. Nicole Loh



On Point

“each member of the Darts team played his (or her) own game, and that strategy went a long way into sealing their various victories”


he Hall 5 Darts team can be proud of having achieved their goal of advancing to the quarter-finals this year. Bringing their A-game on the day of the IHRG, all the players’ collective individual efforts earned them the title of quarter-finalists. But for them, the results really do not matter as much as the experience they gained.


First-time Captain Ian Tang could not be prouder of his team and the journey they undertook. “Every training conducted was fulfilling and fun,” he said.

Inter-hall recreation Games:

E C N R A E E H C G Choosing not to be distracted by their opponents, each member of the Darts team played his (or her) own game, and that strategy went a long way into sealing their various victories.

The team even took their winning attitude beyond the court – in-between rounds, they made friends with fellow Darts enthusiasts from other halls, namely, 11 and 14, putting the ‘friendly’ in ‘friendly rivalry’ and proving that there’s more to the IHRG than the scores. All in all, we trust that it’s been a rewarding experience for the Darts team. Here’s to greater achievements in the next IHRG and to more friendships forged! Lee Kai Lin



Inter-hall recreation Games:


Have You Scrabbled?


s my team and I celebrated getting to the Quarter Finals, fond memories of my scrabble experience came to me. I definitely miss the times spent with my scrabble mates, playing for hours on end. 

“Starting off as a small and humble team, we pit ourselves against teams with more experienced players and battled till the very end.”

In October last year, I made the decision to join the Scrabble Team. I stepped into the Recreation Room, not knowing what I had signed myself up for. As a clueless beginner, I was beaten and overwhelmed over and over again by more experienced players. The Scrabble board, coupled with its trays of 7 tiles, has too many small squares - I had not expected Scrabble to be so complex. 

However, with the constant motivation and encouragement from our Captain, Heng Wenzi, together with the guidance from all the experienced players, I trained hard with the Scrabble team and endured challenging tests in preparation for the competition ahead. Starting off as a small and humble team, we pitted ourselves against teams with more experienced players and battled till the very end. On many occasions, our hopes to win were nearly dashed as the opponent formed word after word after word on the Scrabble board. What I have come to realise is that all a Scrabble player needs to emerge victorious is a set of 7 suitable alphabets, along with a witty mind, to form a word so powerful and formidable that it will crush all opponents! 

Jaymond Yang


Take 5 Issue 30  

IHG Issue containing Key happenings, including IHRG, HOCC , IHCC and Colour Award Board

Take 5 Issue 30  

IHG Issue containing Key happenings, including IHRG, HOCC , IHCC and Colour Award Board