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2014 Media Kit

Year-round reach and engagement to leaders in eye and vision research from around the world: • Member demographics (pages 2-3) • Annual Meeting exhibit, advertising and support (pages 4-6) • Online academic journals (pages 7-8) • ARVO website and e-newsletters (page 9) • ARVONews (page 10) • Special all-inclusive packages (page 11)


ARVO Sales +1.703.683.8500

Member Demographics Founded in 1928, the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) is the largest and most respected eye and vision research organization in the world. ARVO serves an international membership of nearly 11,900 basic science and clinical researchers in 75 countries.

ARVO members are your best customers! From basic research scientists to clinicians, ARVO provides an ideal forum for you to engage and impact global clients and prospects. Connect with faculty and clinical staff at universities, medical colleges, teaching hospitals, private practices, clinics and managed care practices. Reach eye and vision investigators at private research facilities, in pharma and other related companies, at community or government hospitals and government agencies.

Why market with ARVO now? •ARVO is globally-recognized and respected as a leading provider of quality content and research •Members rely on ARVO for ground-breaking technologies and industry trends that advance their areas of research •ARVO has an extensive global membership and Annual Meeting attendee base •ARVO’s Annual Meeting is the industry’s premier gathering place for information exchange and networking •87% of the ARVO Annual Meeting exhibitors plan to join us again in 2014 •76% of the ARVO Annual Meeting attendees plan to join us again in 2014 2013 ARVO membership breakout U.S. 6,568

Academic degrees PhD 27%

MD, PhD 9%

MD 28%

Others 36%

Non-U.S. 5,320 Clinician scientists


Basic research scientists


Total 11,888 Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013)

Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013)

Work environments

Research profile

43% Medical schools

Clinical research areas 35% Retina

6% Clinics or managed care practice 21% Teaching hospitals 16% Universities (non-medical school) 15% Private research or industry 6% Community or government hospitals 7% Private practice 5% Other (including government) Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013) NOTE: Most work in multiple settings

18% Cornea 19% Glaucoma 8%


17% Cataract 8% Eye movement/neuro-ophthalmology Basic science research areas 15% Biochemistry 18%



Retinal cell biology

16% Visual neuroscience 17% Anatomy/pathology 10%


Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013) based on all of the areas Annual Meeting attendees indicate they conduct research


Breakout by scientific sections 3% Anatomy/pathology 6% Biochemistry/molecular biology 6% Clinical/epidemiologic research 14% Cornea 4% Eye movement/strabismus/amblyopia/neuro-ophthalmology 13% Glaucoma 4% Immunology/microbiology 3%


3% Physiology/pharmacology 7% Retinal cell biology 27% Retina 4% Visual psychophysics/physiological optics 4% Visual neuroscience 2% Undeclared Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013) based on the single membership category in which members best affiliate themselves

Members by region of residence

Canada 3%

Europe 21%

U.S. 55% Middle East/ Africa 1%

Asia/Japan/ Australia/ New Zealand 17%

Latin America 3%

Members represent 75 countries

Source: Publisher’s Own Data (July 2013)


ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting Exhibit/Advertise

MAY 4 – 8 ORLANDO, FLORIDA ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting exhibit space If you are committed to advancing research to understand the visual system and prevent, treat and cure its disorders, you should exhibit at the ARVO Annual Meeting! •Clinician-scientist development programs •Contract research organizations •Diagnostic systems •Digital microscope, cameras and software •DNA analysis services •Education/information •Electronic health records/electronic medical records •Imaging systems •Medical devices •Pharmaceuticals •Product development devices •Publications (book, journals, other) •Research products, cell culture and bioassays •Screening devices •Surgical instruments At the ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting you can: •Showcase your new products and services •Meet potential buyers face-to-face •Enhance your company’s image and build brand awareness •Provide target audience education •Develop hundreds of new leads

2014 exhibit booth rates $25 per square foot $900 corner fee Includes: n Three exhibit-only and two full meeting registrations per 10’ x 10’ booth space purchased n Free WiFi internet access n Company description in the ARVO Annual Meeting Pocket Guide and on the event website n Access to the Exhibitor Lounge 4

ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting e-Update newsletter Frequency: Monthly during the first half of the academic year, biweekly leading up to the Annual Meeting, daily during the event Content focus: Vital event details, session overviews, program schedules, helpful tips, reminders and last-minute changes related to the Annual Meeting Circulation: All ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting registrants and ARVO members (approx. 15,000 recipients) Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013)



Box ad





Banner (140 x 70 px) Box (140 x 140 px)

$500 $750

$1,200 $2,000

$2,100 $3,500

NOTE: Left sidebar stacked with a maximum of two ads per newsletter.

ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting Program Summary Ad close: January 31, 2014; Materials due: March 14, 2014 The ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting Program Summary is the most popular printed publication at the ARVO Annual Meeting and serves as the primary guide for the scientific program for more than 11,000 attendees. This valuable reference tool is used extensively throughout the event and is archived by attendees for future reference.

1/4 Page Full Page 8-3/8” x 10-5/8”

3-1/2” x 4-1/2”

8 -7/8” x 11-1/8” Bleed

Full Page (No-Bleeds)

7” x 10” Live

7-1/4” x 9-1/2”

1/2 Page Vertical 3-1/2” x 7-1/4”

1/2 Page Horizontal 7-1/4” x 4-1/2”

ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting Pocket Guide Ad close: February 28, 2014; Materials due: March 28, 2014 Full Page 4” x 8-1/2”

This handy pocket-sized publication is inserted into attendee tote tags and serves as an essential tool for navigating the ARVO Annual Meeting sessions, exhibits and events. It contains convention center maps, schedules for both scientific and social events, complete exhibitor directory and much more.

4-1/4” x 8-7/8” Bleed; 3-1/2” x 8” Live

1/2 Page Horizontal 3-1/8” x 3-5/8”

Rates Size

2014 exhibitor 2014 non-exhibitor

2014 exhibitor

Program Summary

2014 non-exhibitor

Pocket Guide

Full-page, black and white $2,945 $3,334 $2,730 $3,095 Full-page, 4-color $4,895 $5,284 $4,680 $5,045 1/2-page, black and white $2,310 $2,620 $1,480 $1,675 1/2-page, 4-color $4,260 $4,570 $3,430 $3,625 1/4-page, black and white $1,585 $1,790 n/a n/a 1/4-page, 4-color $3,535 $3,740 n/a n/a Special positions 4th cover, 4-color only $6,400 n/a $6,100 n/a 2nd cover, 4-color only $5,815 n/a SOLD n/a 3rd cover, 4-color $5,525 $6,050 $5,400 $6,125 3rd cover, black and white $3,535 $4,000 $3,415 $3,870 Opposite 2nd cover, 4-color n/a n/a $5,280 $5,980 Opposite 2nd cover, black and white n/a n/a $3,290 $3,625

Artwork electronic format specifications: File should meet SWOP specifications; high-resolution CMYK PDF files with crop and bleed marks. PDFX/1A: 2001 is preferred.


ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting Align/Promote Engage. Interact. Impact.

Promote. Reinforce. Elevate.

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are also available at select ARVO Annual Meeting social events. Take advantage of these premium gatherings to enhance your engagement and brand leadership with the brightest minds from across the globe. Contact ARVO Exhibit and Advertising Sales at +1.703.683.8500 or for more information.

ARVO offers a variety of high-impact support and advertising opportunities to promote your brand, expertise, booth and leadership to attendees throughout the ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting. Opportunities are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

•Sunday social at Universal Studios (May 4) •Student/trainee reception (May 5) •Classical concert (May 6) •ARVO karaoke night (May 7) •Pizza with an Expert (two sessions available – dates TBD)

ARVO Imaging Conference exhibit space rental

Orange County Convention Center South Building Saturday, May 3, 2014 8am – 5:30pm

•New! Exhibitor presentations •Mobile app and online meeting planner •Banners •Lanyards •Escalator and window clings •Tote bags •Tote bag inserts •Column wraps •Floor decals •Aisle number signs •Abstract CD-ROM •Attendee list rentals Contact ARVO Sales at +1.703.683.8500 or arvosales@ to create a customized impact package that enhances your marketing strategies.

Formerly ISIE, the ARVO Imaging Conference is a one-day, co-located gathering of members of the basic science, clinical and engineering communities who are interested in new techniques and methods for imaging the eye and their applications to clinical ophthalmology, fundamental vision research and biomedicine.

Exhibitor presentation Aisle number sign

This meeting attracts more than 400 participants and presents an unparalleled, high-touch opportunity for exhibitors to dynamically interact with high-level attendees in an intimate atmosphere.

Tote bag Abstract CD-ROM

Mobile App

Exhibit space: 10’ x 10’ space which includes one 6’ table, two chairs and two registrations (one full-meeting badge and one exhibit-area only badge). Please let us know in advance if you plan to use a table. Exhibit space assignments are first-come, first-served with full payment. Banner

Pricing: $1,300 for one space, $2,600 for two spaces, or $3,900 for three spaces. Maximum three spaces per company (must be contiguous). Logos in the printed exhibitor listing are available for $200. 6

Column wrap

Escalator cling

Online Academic Journals

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) For more than 50 years, IOVS has been an official journal of ARVO and is published online several times per month. Articles are available by subscription for the first six months after publication; thereafter they are open-access. Its contributions emphasize clinical and laboratory hypothesis-based research with statistically good results that clearly advance the fields of ophthalmic and vision research. It is recognized as the premier journal in ophthalmology and visual sciences, encompassing highly-respected, peer-reviewed content, as well as spectacular images. •2012 Thomson Reuters Impact Factor of 3.441, ranking 5 out of 58 publications in ophthalmology.  Ranks 3.730 in the five-year Impact Factor (6 out of 58 publications) •Eigenfactor Score of 0.08357 •Exposure: More 1.9 million hits per month (averaging 492,415 per week)* •Most articles in vision science cited in the world (1,002 in 2012)* Journal of Vision (JOV) For 12 years, JOV has been an official journal of ARVO and serves as an online, open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to all aspects of visual function in humans and other organisms. JOV is widely respected for hands-on datasets and models that users can easily manipulate online. •2012 Thomson Reuters Impact Factor of 2.479, ranking 13 out of 58 publications in ophthalmology.  Ranks 2.998 in the five-year Impact Factor (10 out of 58 publications) •Eigenfactor Score of 0.03009 •Exposure: Approximately 846,560 hits per month* •244 articles published in 2012*

Translational Vision Science & Technology (TVST) Launched in 2012, TVST is ARVO’s newest official journal and serves as an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal emphasizing multidisciplinary research that bridges the gap between research and clinical care. TVST covers a broad spectrum of work, including: •Applications of stem cell technology for regenerative medicine •Development of new animal models of human diseases •Tissue bioengineering •Chemical engineering to improve virus-based gene delivery •Nanotechnology for drug delivery •Design and synthesis of artificial extra cellular matrices •Development of a true microsurgical operating environment •Refining data analysis algorithms to improve in vivo imaging technology •Results of Phase 1 clinical trials •Reverse translational (“bedside to bench”) research

* Source: Publisher’s own data (July 2013)


Journal Advertising

Thought-provoking. Insightful. Actionable. These words describe the in-depth content researchers have come to rely on with ARVO journals. They also represent the impression you can reinforce with a year-long advertising campaign across the ARVO journal portfolio. Target and reach some of the most innovative and creative minds across the globe with messaging that demonstrates your commitment to advancing research, training, publication and knowledge-sharing in vision and ophthalmology.


Three months

Six months

One year

$3,500 $2,500 $1,250

$6,500 $4,500 $2,300

$11,500 $8,500 $4,500

$1,300 $1,100

$2,700 $2,000

$5,000 $3,500

Buy more, save more! Advertisers with schedules in multiple journals receive frequency discounts. Save 10% off placements when running in two journals and 15% off placements when running across all three journals.


Leader (728 x 90 px) Tower (140 x 300 px) Banner (140 x 70 px) TVST Leader (468 x 60 px) Box (180 x 150 px)

Ads are posted within two business days of materials receipt. We require a link to the advertiser’s product or corporate website. Ads will rotate equally and be positioned as shown at far right, above fold upon first-come, first-served basis. Payment is due after the first month of the ad run. Acceptable file formats •.gif •Animated .gif (maximum frames/resolutions: 5/4) •.jpg


Unacceptable file formats •.doc •.pdf •.swf

Resolution recommendations A minimum resolution of 72 dpi is recommended. Highresolution graphics may be down-sampled to ensure that images load quickly.

PLUS . . . advertisers in IOVS and JOV receive a complimentary promo for the duration of their campaign in our Table of Contents newsletters emailed to ARVO members and journal subscribers on a weekly basis. These informative messages promote recently accepted and newly published articles in each journal and are an excellent way to enhance your brand leadership and product alignment. Promo includes sponsor recognition with a text placement and hyperlink. Recruitment advertising Leverage the strength of ARVOJobs to attract talent to your organization. For more information about recruitment placements, contact 860-437-5700 or, or visit pricing/

ARVO Website and Newsletters ARVO website ARVO is the largest and most respected eye and vision research organization in the world. Scientists, clinicians, students and others from across the globe rely on ARVO for research, training, publication and knowledge-sharing in vision and ophthalmology. Our website serves as a vital portal, providing the most up-to-date information on the Annual Meeting, conferences, journals, ARVO Foundation events, educational opportunities, government policies and programs, funding and job opportunities, and more. 24,514 199,916

unique visitors per month pageviews per month

Source: Google Analytics (2013 monthly averages as of July 2013)

Rates Tower (160 x 600 px) Site Map Box (300 x 250 px)

Three months

Six months

One year

$2,100 $1,800

$3,600 $3,000

$6,000 $4,800

NOTE: Ads display randomly upon page load or refresh. Limit of six ads per position. Ads are posted within two business days of receipt. •Duration of ad: one month from start date •.gif, animated .gif, or .jpg files required along with a separate link to the advertiser’s product or corporate website

ARVO Insight e-newsletter

ARVO Events & Education e-newsletter


Frequency: Monthly


Content focus: Member news, research news, advocacy/policy news, grant/award deadlines, ARVO Foundation news, new research from our journals and membership news

Content focus: Information, reminders and deadlines related to ARVO conferences and courses, education-related initiatives and news, and listings of relevant industry events for members



All ARVO members (approx. 12,000 recipients)

Source: Publishers’ own data (July 2013)

All ARVO members (approx. 12,000 recipients)

Source: Publishers’ own data (July 2013)

Rates Banner (140 x 70 px) Box (140 x 140 px)




$500 $750

$1,200 $2,000

$2,100 $3,500


ARVONews ARVO News The Association

Spring 2013

ARVONews Frequency: Spring and fall Content focus: Member resources, advocacy news, NEI updates, and key information about ARVO and the eye and vision research community Circulation: Print edition is mailed to all ARVO members (approx. 12,000 recipients) and digital edition is posted to the ARVO website (receives several hundred downloads) Your ads run in both the print and digital editions at no extra charge!

Ad close

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

AO, OCT researchers receive honors in Lisbon

Five ARVO members were among the imaging researchers to receive the prestigous 2012 António Champalimaud Vision Award. At the awards ceremony in Lisbon, from left, Joel Shuman, James Fujimoto, Carmen Puliafito, President of the Champalimaud Foundation Leonor Beleza, President of the Portugese Republic Aníbal Cavaco Silva, Eric Swanson, David Huang and David Williams. See page 14 for more information on the recipients and the ARVO/Champalimaud Award Lecture at the ARVO 2013 Annual Meeting in Seattle.

Happy Hour offers networking, career advice for young ophthalmologists Below: AAOphth President Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD, FARVO, does a meet and greet and offers advice at the YO ARVO! Happy Hour. Sternberg is an ARVO member and was a past ARVO Vice President and Trustee. He started his term as AAOphth president in January 2013.

Above: The YO ARVO! Happy Hour at the 2012 American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting gave early-career ARVO/AAOphth members a chance to network with seasoned scientists and discuss job opportunities in vision research.

Source: Publishers’ Own Data (July 2013)



Materials due

Mail date

for Research in

Spring 2013

Vision and Ophthalmolo


Special Adverti sing Report: CROs Iris Pharma: An Oph

focused CRO



n 1989, as the market for contra ct research organi past two decad zations (CROs) es. Iris Pharma was beginning to expan works with clients from d, a new player in vivo research 2013 Annual Meeting entered the field: through clinica Iris Pharma. Found l testing, in additi and CEO Pierre Preview enclosed er on to offering bioana -Paul lytical testing, launched the compa Elena, PhD, preclinical formulation, ocular ny near Nice, histopathology France, offerin and consulting g preclinical studie servic es. s in ophthalmology “I think that Iris throughout Europ e. Elena himself had only CRO dedica is probably the begun working ted to ophthalmolin ophthalmolo ogy from the first gy years earlier application in as a research officer the laboratory to a at Laboratoires Phase DulcisAllergan, a compa in humans,” Elena IV clinical trial ny producing ophsays. All servic thalmic prescr es are in support of the iption company’s missio drugs. His resear n ch to advance ocular involved lookin g health and ultifor receptors in the mately benefit eye, and in this the role, lives of patients. he saw a need for helping compa Iris Pharma, nies which refers to develop compo unds its customers as and medical device s. “partners,” aims When founding The latest on to help them move his own CRO, Elena contract research as efficiently and chose to contin ue his organizations effectively as work in this niche Special Advertising Report marke possible from the t, recognizlaboratory to the ing the importance market, all while of specializatio n. Meet the 2013 maintaining their “My feeling is Iris Pharma’s that CEO Pierre-Paul Fellows values of servic you cannot offer Elena, PhD e, all page 15things quality, innovation to all comand integrity. The panies,” he explai ns. “I prefer to CRO now works be focused on the with more than eye because our 230 biotechnolo employ- and ees know the eye gy pharmaceutical very well. We have based the compa around the world, companies from ny from the beginn including Austra President’s Message 3on the scienc ing New lia, e and the servic Zealand, Japan es in and China, as Leaders and volunteers 4ophthalmology.” as countries in well North America. Today, Iris Pharm Partners — which a has grown to Committees 9emplo range from 60 yees that have small start-ups assiste to indust d custom in carrying out Asia-ARVO Highlights 10 nearly 2,100 preclin ers pharmaceutical compa ry-leading nies — include studies and 95 clinical trials and ical three types: those Around the globe 12 that have devote marketing surveys d in ophthalmolo gy in the ARVO Foundation Insert


Awards and grants

See Iris Pharm a, page 3


Meetings and education


NEI director’s message








Trends for the future


he clinical resear ch environmen t has been chang ing over the past five years. Most drug developers are finding that by teaming with contra research organi ct zations (CROs), they can more effecti vely and efficie ntly maintain the type of development strategy requir ed to stay compe titive. Recent market studies and industry leadership panels have indicated: ■■ The numb er of resear conducting clinica ch centers l declining. Amon studies is g the active investigative 60 most sites in the US and Canada, the average number of new clinical studies initiated dropped 85% in the last five years. (CenterWatch, January 2012) ■■ 80% of large pharmaceuti cal companies are in the process of restructuring or have already restructured to outsource more clinical research to CROs. (William Blair, 2011) ■■ More than $100 billion is spent worldwide on global pharmaceutical R&D outsou rcing, which is more than five times that financial analys the figure ts have estimated. (Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Devel Management Repor opment R&D t, October 2012) ■■ Increa singly, pharmaceuti cal companies are favoring – and CROs are carryi ng out – adapti ve clinical trials, in which early findings result in chang to decrease develo es to a study pment time and costs, as well as improve the usefulness of the data (Tufts CSDD R&D gathered. Report, February Management 2012) ■ Spring 2013 |



Bonus distribution

Spring Nov. 15, 2013 Dec. 6, 2013 Jan. 10, 2014

ARVO Annual Meeting Preview & Special Report: Imaging Systems/OCT

2014 World Ophthalmology Congress, Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, ARVO Annual Meeting

Fall Jul. 18, 2014 Aug. 8, 2014 Sep. 19, 2014

Call for Abstracts for the ARVO Annual Meeting & Special Report: Contract Research Organizations

American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting, Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, European Vision and Eye Research Annual Meeting


2014 exhibitor 2014 non-exhibitor 1/4 Page


Full-page, black and white $2,525 $2,600 Full-page, 4-color $3,825 $3,965 1/2-page, black and white $1,325 $1,365 1/2-page, 4-color $2,625 $2,665 1/4-page, black and white $945 $975 1/4-page, 4-color $2,290 $2,390 Special positions 4th cover, 4-color only $4,360 $4,580 2nd cover, 4-color only $3,880 $3,990 3rd cover, 4-color $3,870 $3,985 3rd cover, black and white $2,545 $2,620 Artwork electronic format specifications: File should meet SWOP specifications; high-resolution CMYK PDF files with crop and bleed marks. PDFX/1A: 2001 is preferred. 10

Full Page 8.5” x 11” (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

3-5/8” x 4-7/8” (9.21 x 12.38 cm)

1/2 Page Vertical 3-5/8” x 9.5” (9.21 x 24.19 cm)

(8.75” x 11.25” bleed; 7” x 10” live) 1/2 Page Horizontal 7.5” x 4-7/8” (19.05 x 12.38 cm)

Reserve your premium position today to reinforce your brand as an expert, innovator and partner in furthering eye and vision research to ARVO members and others across the globe!

Special Packages

Targeted reach and impact at the ARVO Annual Meeting and beyond ARVO is committed to helping you enhance your 2014 marketing strategies at our Annual Meeting and beyond. That’s why we’ve designed targeted packages that deliver significant impressions and tangible ROI throughout the year. Take advantage of these opportunities to reinforce your brand messaging and product leadership with prominence to ARVO’s audience of researchers, clinicians, students and other leaders propelling eye and vision across the globe.





Annual Meeting Components

e-Update newsletter

1 banner placement (140 x 140 px)

1 banner placement (140 x 140 px)

3 banner placement (140 x 140 px)

6 banner placement (140 x 140 px)

1/4-page black and white

1/2-page black and white

Full-page 4-color

  

Program Summary Pocket Guide Onsite sponsor signage Tote bag insertion Upgraded online exhibitor listing

1/4-page black and white


3 month tower campaign 3 month tower campaign 3 month tower campaign (140 x 300 px) (140 x 300 px) (140 x 300 px)


3 month tower campaign 3 month tower campaign (140 x 300 px) (140 x 300 px)


3 month leader campaign (468 x 60 px)

Online/Newsletter Components

ARVO website

3 month tower campaign 3 month tower campaign 6 month tower campaign 160 x 600 px 160 x 600 px 160 x 600 px

1 year tower campaign 160 x 600 px

3 total banner placements (140 x 140 px)

12 total banner placements (140 x 140 px)

Insight and Events & Education e-Newsletters

6 total banner placements (140 x 140 px)

Full-page/ 4-color







We consider ARVO to be one of our key connections to the vision research industry. Participation in the annual meeting provides us with some of our most valuable industry insights and networking opportunities. ARVO offers unparalleled access to the pulse of vision research without compromising the scientific focus of the association or its attendees. Bert Massie, Ph.D, Chairman & CEO, Phoenix Research Labs


Contact 1801 Rockville Pike, Suite 400 Rockville, MD 20852-5622 +1.703.683.8500

ARVO 2014 Media Kit  
ARVO 2014 Media Kit  

Advertising, marketing and corporate support opportunities with ARVO.