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Meet the NEW One Voice Community Center

Opening August 2, 2011 4442 North 7th Avenue | In The Heart Of The Melrose District Save The Date, Grand Opening Celebration, September 10, 2011

Call us at 602-712-0111 | Donate at Find us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter

Since 2001 Tucson Pride Inc. has given back over $45,000 to Tucson non-proďŹ t organizations


Phoenix Mayor’s race and the LGBT Community Guest Editorial by Phoenix City Councilman Tom Simplot It was only eight years ago that a candidate for Phoenix Mayor first attended a Gay Pride parade and festival. How far we have come in those few years. We now take for granted that Mayor Phil Gordon participates in Gay Pride, proclaims an annual Gay Pride Day, and fully supports the City’s Human Rights Commission. It is hard to believe it was only a few years ago that the City Council created a Domestic Partner Registry, expanded protections for transgendered Phoenix employees, and supported a City Bond program calling for an LGBT Community Center and HIV/AIDS Wellness Center. This will be the first election for Phoenix Mayor in more than 30 years where there is no clear frontrunner. We in the gay community should be celebrating that three of the

four major candidates have actively courted LGBT voters. City Councilman Claude Mattox, former City Councilman Greg Stanton, and former Planning Commission Chair Wes Gullett each have numerous endorsements from prominent members of our Community. They have each attended Gay Pride, each have expressed support for Domestic Partnerships, and each sought the endorsement from Equality Arizona. If you and your partner/significant other/ spouse/friend find yourselves disagreeing on which candidate to support, take comfort in the fact that there are three viable, queerfriendly candidates to choose from. Each candidate may differ on economic policy, union support, or even how to fill a pothole, but we in the gay community have already won the race if one of these candidates becomes our next mayor. As your openly gay councilman these past eight years, I have endorsed Wes Gullett, but I would be honored to serve with either Gullett, Mattox, or Stanton as our next mayor.

P.O. Box 17674 • Phoenix, AZ 85011-7674 (602) 373-9490 •


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4 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

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Issue At A Glance ‘N Touch News Magazine Issue #85, August 2011


Help save Transgender halfway house


Anti-Defamation League program combats hate

Save the date for Sedona Pride


Murderer charged in Gay man’s killing


Two volunteers win Tomer awards

p 6 - Save the house!


One-on-one with mayoral candidate Claude Mattox

p 7 - Hate Combat Training


Marric Studios sets itself apart


Arizona Derby Dames bring the Punk Rock’n Roller Derby to Veterans Coliseum

p 14 - Meet Claude Mattox


OUTdoors Camp empowers LGBTQA youth


The ethics of universal parenting

p 28 - Gay summer camp


Welcome to the World of Pandora DeStrange!


p 37 - Parent others’ kids?

Britney Star goes one-on-one with Raja Gemini

Cover Photo: Courtesy Tina Franco

p 46 - Pandora’s open box


Help save Transgender halfway house $20k needed to survive By Luis Garcia Arizona’s only Transgender halfway house, This is H.O.W., must raise a minimum of 20 thousand dollars by the middle of August or the individuals staying at the house will have to vacate the premises. According to TIH Secretary Sean-Michael Gettys, the current property, which was leased, recently received a notice of foreclosure. “This is a big challenge, but I know we can do it,” said Gettys. “We are getting a good response from the community and we are hoping that it will continue.” Gettys told ‘N Touch News that the organization has begun a funding campaign called “Life Made Better – Our Own Place” in hopes to raise the money needed to keep the house. The campaign calls for individuals to help share their contacts and connections in order to raise money through networking. Gettys says that the house is essential in helping reduce homelessness, aiding victims of domestic violence, and teaching the skills to help lift people out of poverty in the trans community among other things. For Ineda Buffet, keeping the house open has become a personal crusade. Born, Semisi Latu, Buffet came to TIH after spending six months in

jail and 30 days in rehab. “I wanted to give my life a new direction cause I knew that going back to my old way of life (drugs, alcohol, and prostitution) was going to lead me back to jail, prison and death,” said Buffet. “I had lost my apartment, none of the friends that I had before answered their phone or returned my calls when I called for help. I felt lost and abandoned.” Buffet told ‘N Touch that while in jail she had gotten “word through the grapevine” that there was a house for “girls like her”. “It was called TIH and was ran by a lady name Regina Gazelle. Funny thing is, I knew Regina, and we had performed in drag shows together. I wrote her a letter and she came and saw me at rehab. She was my only visitor, and it meant so much to me that she took the time to come out and see me. I came into the program not knowing what to expect,” said Buffet. Buffet stuck with the program for three years and now serves as the house manager for TIH. “I have learned coping skills on how to deal with life’s many obstacles,” said Buffet. “I have also reconnected with my family. “For this program to close would be a great loss to the trans-commu-

To donate or help with the Life Made Better – Our Own Place campaign visit or call 602-475-6465.

6 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

nity as well as the clients who are already there.” TIH Board Member at Large, Kim Pearson agrees. “This project is very important to the community,” said Pearson. “It helps folks who are homeless by providing a safe haven while they heal from their life crises. We provide opportunities for them to learn the skills they need to move out into the larger community in a healthy and empowered way. This is H.O.W. provides a hand up, rather than a hand out!” Pearson is the Executive Director of TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA).Last month she was honored at the 5th annual LGBTA Youth Awards in recognition of her work on behalf of gender-variant youth and their families. TIH Executive Director Antonia D’orsay says that “’Life Made Better” is their motto and they live by it. “This place saved my life, gave me purpose and direction when I had lost all confidence in myself, and made possible changes in my life that could never have happened without it. The thought of our current residents not having those same life-saving opportunities terrifies me. We can’t do it alone though.” D’orsay was rescued from homelessness and attributes her current success to the organization. She has served as the TIH House Manager and the Chair of the Board before stepping into her current position a year ago.

According to Gettys, D’orsay’s ambitious efforts have resulted in the creation of model programs that are highly sought after by social service agencies. TIH’s goal is to ensure that the needs of their constituency are served in the most efficient, cohesive and cost effective manner. The current foreclosure on the leased property has highlighted the need for the organization to own their facility thus ensuring their future ability to be of service to the entire community. Founded by Regina Gazelle, TIH has served over 300 trans people since 2006 and has managed to attain a 60-percent success rate for individuals overcoming substance abuse and addiction issues. For more information or to help with the Life Made Better – Our Own Place campaign visit thisishow. org or call 602-475-6465.

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Anti-Defamation League program combats hate A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE ® Institute leader in anti-bias training By Luis Garcia

Imagine a workplace or classroom without hate or bias. The Anti-Defamation League is trying to make that vision a reality through their A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, an anti-bias education and diversity training program. The program focuses on recognizing bias and the harm it inflicts on individuals and society, exploring the value of diversity, improving intergroup relations, and combating racism, anti-Semitism and all forms

of prejudice and bigotry. Melissa Medvin, Associate Director at the ADL told ‘N Touch News that there are six components under A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute umbrella with each one helping to establish longterm anti-bias initiatives. “The mission of ADL is to combat anti-Semitism and secure justice and fair treatment for all. In order to work for our mission we need to combat hate. These education programs are the cornerstone of combating hate. They are designed to build respect for differences,” said Medvin. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs operate in 29 U.S. cities and in 14 countries around the world. Specialized training programs target five primary audiences: A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE for college

Sedona’s biggest fundraiser of the year

SEDONA - Come join Sedona Pride for the 2nd Annual Summer White Party! Dust off your white shoes, belt, hat and anything else hanging in your closet for a bright “White” evening. Dance the night away to the music of the fabulous Mixtress Hava Derby, enjoy a cool beverage, drawings and great fun. The evening will feature the one, the only DIVA! The party starts at 8 p.m. and will continue as long as folks are dancing! The Sedona Racquet Club (100 Racquet Road in the Foothills South subdivision off 89A, west edge of Sedona) is the perfect venue for the occasion. However, please keep in mind, Foothills South is a residential neighborhood with narrow roads - so party responsibly and respectfully. You must be at least 21 years of

news / politics / business / opinion

age to attend this event. Admission tickets are $10 each. Drink tickets will be available so be sure to bring your ID. This is a benefit event to support the 3rd Annual Sedona Pride Festival coming Sept. 17, so mark your calendars.

and university students, faculty and staff, A COMMUNITY OF DIFFERENCE for members of law enforcement agencies and other community organizations, A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE for teachers, administrators, students, and family members in grades PreK-12, A Workplace of Difference for employers and employees in a variety of workplaces, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute Youth and Family programs for youth in non-school settings, youth service agencies, and afterschool programs. “All our programs are designed either to teach the participant to take action, or on a shorter program to motivate them so they can walk away with some ideas on how to handle certain situations,” said Melvin. Debbie Sant was one of those individuals involved in creating a safe environment for children in schools. As a site coordinator for the ADL program at Desert Ridge High School, she helped student and school staff take leadership roles in helping to explore prejudice and bigotry while examining diverse viewpoints. “Creating safe and welcoming schools not only is the right thing to do, but it also helps create an atmosphere where students have an optimal opportunity to learn,” said Sant. “Students learn more when they have a safe environment. The ADL program provides student leaders with the chance to make a difference by helping their peers understand the importance of respect for themselves and others. It gives everyone a chance to examine their beliefs and behaviors. Many students told their peer trainers that they had stopped saying certain words because they realized that those words were hurtful.” Sant commended Gilbert Public Schools for their commitment to A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE®

Institute’s programs and has challenged other school districts to follow in their steps. In addition, the ADL has launched cyberbullying workshops to help schools develop a comprehensive approach to confront against harassment and bullying through electronic media. Cyberbullying is a growing problem that affects almost half of all U.S. teens. Many adults are unaware of the problem and schools are often unsure how to respond to cyberbullying activities. According to a study by the Cyberbullying Research Center, approximately 20% of young people reported experiencing cyberbullying in their lifetimes. Melvin said that ADL is currently looking for corporate sponsors to help with the costs of the programs. “We have a marketing campaign called No Place for Hate that we are going to launch in our region as soon as we can secure enough corporate funding,” said Melvin. “The purpose of launching No Place for Hate is to be able to offer all of our programs to our schools free of charge. We will provide opportunities for businesses, foundations, and individual to advertise in our materials and be part of the movement to create schools that are working towards the No Place for Hate designation.” The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all. For more information on the No Place for Hate program or to enlist your school in A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute visit adl. org or call 602-274-0991 | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 7


Murderer of Phoenix gay man charged By Gina Read

Carlos Donovan Terry, 1980-2011 PHOENIX - It was not unusual for Rod Schrengohst not to hear from his boyfriend on Fridays, since the 30 year-old usually worked. But that night Schrengohst’s world crumbled as he sat watching the news. That is how he learned that Carlos Donovan Terry had been murdered in the early hours of June 17. “I was stunned,” the soft spoken Schrengohst told ‘N Touch. “Carlos

was such a sweet, gentle and kind man. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it.” First reports of the fatal stabbing said an argument had ensued between Terry, his roommate Greg Wilson, and a woman who lived in the same apartment building, something Schrengohst doubts very much. “Carlos and Greg were both very mild mannered. They also minded their own business. The apartment complex they lived in was kind of rough and Carlos told me he had been called fag and other names, but he just ignored it. I know for a fact that Carlos tried to be invisible to avoid conflict.” Wilson told ‘N Touch that they did keep to themselves, “Sometimes we said ‘Hi’ to someone we passed, and usually everyone was pretty cool, but that night was different.” Police reports show that Terry and Wilson were returning from a conve-

8 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

nience store at approximately 1:15 a.m. when an argument broke out with a woman in the parking lot of the apartment complex they resided in near 16th Street and Thomas Rd. The woman reported that Terry and Wilson started the argument by calling her a “Ho” earlier in the day. She says she had told her her son, Shea Jones and his friend Daniel Charles Goehring. In the report Wilson says that as they entered the parking lot they saw two men standing on a curb and then heard a woman start screaming “queers”, “bitches” and other derogatory remarks. At that point he says they froze. WIlson says the two men came over and started hurling antigay insults too. He told ‘N Touch that he had never seen the two men or the woman before. According to Wilson, one of the men said, “Empty your pockets you [Bleep] faggots.” He said they told him they did not have any money that they had only taken enough to buy some items at the store. The man accused them of lying and again demanded they take everything out of their pockets. Again, Terry told them they had nothing. Wilson said that is when they demanded what was in the bag. Terry refused to give it them, saying he had paid for it and it was his. Wilson does not believe his friend realized the seriousness of the situation. He says he told him to give the men the bag. Goehring grabbed the bag from Terry and that is when Wilson saw the knife. He says the woman yelled at Goehring, “Cracker Jack don’t do it.” Jones told her to stay out of it and grabbed the bag. Terry was struggling with the two when Goehring stabbed him in the chest. Wilson says Jones and his mother took off on foot heading west and Goehring went south. He says Terry asked him to call 911. Sgt. Tommy Thompson, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, said that Terry was taken to the hospital, where he later died. Goehring was found inside one of the apartments in the complex and was taken into custody without incident that same day.

Court records show that the 25 year-old Goehring, has a criminal record that began in 2003 when he pled guilty to armed robbery. He was awaiting sentencing on Misconduct Involving Weapons offense and a Count 3 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charge that he pled guilty to. He was to be sentenced July 7, 2011 for both charges. Jones turned himself in two days later. Goehring has been charged with murder and robbery. ‘N Touch went to the apartment complex on June 21. One woman, who did not wish to be identified, said that she had heard Terry referred to as the “fag” and “Squaw”. Terry and Wilson are both Native-American. Two other people we spoke to refused to comment. Wilson says he still cannot believe his friend is dead. “I knew him for three years. He was funny, cool, and awesome. He was a great guy. His parents had never been there for him, yet he gave them money whenever they needed it. He was just that kind of guy.” Schrengohst says he met Terry’s birthmother once. “She told me that she knew something was wrong with him at birth and that is why she gave him up. After that I never spoke to her again.” Like Wilson, Schrengohst is struggling to accept that Terry is dead. “I was older than Carlos and had given up on the idea that I would ever meet someone that I would spend my life with, but I think Carlos was the person I was looking for my whole life. I’ve never met anyone like him. I didn’t think I had another chance at love, but I did if only for a short time. He was so kind. “The only thing that has kept me going is to see justice done. I believe this was a hate crime and I am hoping that the police will get the information they need to add that to the charges.” Police say that the investigation is ongoing, and that a “Bias” charge could be added later. For now the robbery-murder charge carries the highest penalty if Goehring is convicted. news / politics / business / opinion


The Tomer Award winners are... TUCSON - Two Wingspan volunteers who provide hot meals for Eon youth were honored with a cash award at the June 9 volunteerappreciation event. The award is from the Lavina Tomer Truth to Power Fund, which supports and honors outstanding Wingspan volunteers. Alexandra Peterson and Victoria Ann Lee were selected by the Wingspan staff for their work with the SAGA (Southern Arizona Gender Alliance) Hot Meals program for Eon youth. When the previous coordinator of this program stepped down, Alexandra and Victoria stepped up to ensure it would continue to thrive Not only did they assure its success, they also contacted the PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Tucson group to encourage their collaborative support. Their grassroots

efforts forged valuable connections for Wingspan that have resulted in donations of supplies for homeless youth, a new microwave and grill and, indirectly, the redecoration of the community center. Alexandra and Victoria are valuable members of the SAGA Advisory Committee, which helps set the direction for SAGA and coordinate activities within the SAGA community. The Lavina Tomer Truth to Power Fund was established in 2007 to support the work of Wingspan volunteers to create social change in

Southern Arizona. The fund honors Lavina Tomer, founder of the LGBT Domestic Violence Project, which is now Wingspan’s Anti-Violence Program. This is the fourth year the fund has honored Wingspan volunteers. The first year (2008), the honoree was Alison Davison, who was recognized for seven years as a SAGA and Wingspan volunteer, during which time she facilitated support groups, educated community organizations and collaborated with the LGBT Behavioral Health Coalition.

Equality Arizona endorsements

Equality Arizona has endorsed Thelda Williams, Bryan Jeffries, Daniel Valenzuela and Michael Nowakowski in their respective races for Phoenix City Council in the August 30th election. Equality Arizona considers several factors when making an endorsement, which includes an assessment of viability and an assessment of each candidate’s level of support for LGBT equality. Equality Arizona’s Political Committee measures this by a candidate’s responses to an endorsement questionnaire, past voting records and/or previously-made public statements. news / politics / business / opinion

Equality Arizona is confident these candidates will work to ensure Phoenix continues to be a place where all communities are welcome and safe, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. With allies like these serving on the Phoenix City Council, we will be better positioned to secure, protect and defend the rights and welfare of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the nation’s 6th largest city and Arizona’s capital city. Please show your support and get involved. Thelda Williams – Council Dist. 1 Thelda Williams has served as a Councilwoman of Phoenix since 2008, and also served from 1989 to 1996. In her most recent term, she supported the revitalization of downtown by guiding the expansion of light rail, the Phoenix Convention Center, and the ASU medical campus. Bryan Jeffries – Council Dist. 2 In addition to being a captain and paramedic for the Mesa Fire Department, Bryan Jeffries was a member of the Phoenix Planning Commis-

sion, Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee and the Community Advisory Boards for the Arizona Regional and Banner Hospitals. Daniel Valenzuela – Council Dist. 5 Daniel Valenzuela is a Special Operations Firefighter for the City of Glendale and Public Information Officer for the Glendale Fire Department, as well as a member of the Phoenix Maryvale Village Planning Committee. Michael Nowakowski – Council Dist. 7 Michael Nowakowski has also served as a Councilman of Phoenix since 2008, and was also Vice Mayor in 2010. Nowakowski oversaw nearly $400 million in capital investment throughout District 7 and was heavily involved in supporting community-based initiatives and non-profit organizations. He was also involved in the No on 107 campaign in 2006 and has participated in Phoenix Pride. Equality Arizona has endorsed Greg Stanton for Phoenix mayor. For more information go to

Sharon Schubitzke received the award in 2009 for creating the Hot Meals program for Eon youth and for service to the Anti-Violence Project on the Hot Line. Sharon, who has been involved with SAGA since 2002, facilitates the Dezert Partnerz support group. In 2010, Wingspan’s Senior Pride group received the award. Now in its sixth year, the all-volunteer Senior Pride produces social and educational events and offers services to LGBT seniors. The volunteer-appreciation event took place June 9 at the Historic Y, 738 N Fifth Ave The event this year was a joint affair funded by the Raytheon GLTBA Employee Resource Group’s Louise Young Community Engagement Fund and put on by the staffs of Wingspan, TIHAN (Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network) and SAAF (Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation).

Vandals strike Prescott Pride Center again

PRESCOTT - Vandals paid another visit to the Pride Center in June, setting a small fire in the Center’s mailbox. The police were notified of this second occurrence, but again there are no suspects or leads. If you have any information about the vandalism, please contact Frankie at 928-443-8520. The Center encourages everyone to be alert when you visit the Pride Center and immediately report anything suspicious or out of place. They are counting on your vigilance to help put a stop to these incidents. The Pride Center is located at 111 Josephine St. | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 9

In August 2011 while most people in Arizona are spending the summer relaxing in the pool or paying high AC bills trying to keep cool-the equality walkers will be spending the hottest month of the year traversing Southern Arizona on foot. They will walk through 18 cities and 9 counties as they bring their message of love and acceptance to police, city mangers, faith communities, elected officials and individuals in diverse districts.

LOCAL NEWS BRIEFS Rainbow Cactus is located at 15615 N. Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix.

face out on the table. There’s no charge for coffee night; it’s just a fun, free social event to connect the community, but please consider buying a beverage or a snack to help support the Wild Iris. Wild Iris Coffeehouse, 124 S. Granite Street, Suite E, is a local business that is always warm and welcoming to the LGBT community. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie at 928-776-8997.

HERO Roast and Toast PHOENIX - Join HERO on July 22 for the 2nd Annual H.E.R.O. Roast & Toast! Our work may be serious, but we don’t always have to be! Your opportunity to tell HERO how you feel, make fun, and have a good time! Cocktails at 7 p.m. Roast starts at 8 p.m. Plazma, 1560 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix. 2011 Award Winners: “Energizer Bunny Award” - Afeelya Bunz “I’ve Got Spirit! How ‘Bout You?” - Caleb Laieski “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” - Rachel Lack “Unsung HERO” - Paul Roark “Rookie of the Year” - HERO Steering Committee Rookie, announced night of event. Don’t forget about the Community Roast Awards that HERO is handing out this year to: 1N10, Equality Arizona, HRC Phoenix, Aunt Rita’s, C.A.R.E., One Voice Community Center, Phoenix Pride, Echo Magazine, ‘N Touch Magazine, and the Center for Progressive Leadership! Come join us and roast HERO and their steering committee members!

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, ‘N Touch & pancakes oh my!

Thursday open hours are back! PRESCOTT - Thanks to the return of some former volunteers, the Pride Center is now able to offer open hours on Thursdays again. Effective immediately, the Pride Center will be open every Thursday from 2 to 5 pm in addition to the usual Saturday hours. The Pride Center is located at 111 Josephine St.

Board and eventplanning meeting PRESCOTT - Are you the type of person who loves to plan parties or coordinate big events? Well, Prescott Pride Center needs you Aug. 14 at 3p.m. The Pride Center’s event-planning committee is actively seeking new members with fresh ideas to bring more events and activities to the local GLBT community. If you’re interested in attending or adding an item to the agenda, please contact Frankie at 928443-8520 or by email. The meetings are held at the Pride Center,111 Josephine St., and are open to everyone.

PHOENIX - On August 7, ‘N Touch News will present the “Group of the Year” award to the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. enjoy a Pancak Breakfast to Benefit One Voice Community Center. $6 donation sugested. This wll be one of the first events at the New One Voice Community Center, 4442 N 7th Ave., in Phoenix!

Woman of the Year presentation PHOENIX - Join ‘N Touch News as we

present the “Woman of the Year” ward to Karen Bovard, Saturday Aug 13 at 9 p.m. at Rainbow Cactus. This is a benefit for “Valleylife”. Scheduled to perform are Freddy Prinze Charming, Kedence McKenzie, Ladonna Pearl, Edward Pulley and others! 12 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

DiningOUT PRESCOTT - We’ve done Mexican for dinner, now it’s time to go NEW Mexican. Kokopelli’s is a locally owned and operated restaurant that is run by a family from Southwestern New Mexico. To join us at Kokopelli’s on July 28 at 6p.m. please RSVP by phone or text to Tess at 775-220-7736 by Tuesday, July 26. Just leave a message and she will add you to the list. Kokopelli’s is located at 503 Miller Valley Road in Prescott. In August, we’re having a weekend barbeque at the Pride Center instead of going out for dinner.

Meet your 2011 Right To Marry Walkers! Coffee Night expands! PRESCOTT - Coffee nights will officially continue on the first and third Fridays of each month, but informal coffee nights will be added on the second and fourth Fridays throughout the summer. Pride Center board member Laurie Donaldson is the host for the official nights. To locate the Pride Center group, look for a yellow smiley

TUCSON - Join ‘N Touch News on July 29 at New Moon for a benefit performance for the Right To Marry Walkers! Your hostess Britney Star has a Disney Theme and many suprises in store! Performers include: Jagi , Regine Ray, Miss Nicki , Holly Woodland (Performing Ursula The Little Mermaid), Johnny L (Performing as Sebastian - Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid), Britney Star - (performing as ariel -Part of your world - The Little Mermaid).

news / politics / business / opinion

LOCAL NEWS BRIEFS Samuel Robles “The Tucson Crooner�, Samuel Robles and special guests from MCC-Tucson New Moon is located at 915 W. Prince Rd. Then on July 30th meet your Right To Marry Walkers at Colors Restaurant & Bar! Colos is located at 5305 E Speedway

GLSEN Monthly Meeting TUCSON - The monthly meeting of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) meets the first Thursday of the month. This group strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected, regardless of sexual orientation. We welcome as members any and all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or occupation, who share this philosophy. Next meeting is Aug. 4 at 4:30 p.m. at meeting Room B, Martha Cooper Library, 1377 N Catalina Ave.

RainbowCONNECT operator training TUCSON - RainbowCONNECT is the new warm line for LGBT youth to discuss how bullying and other forms of violence affect their lives. This is a community response developed due to increased incidents of antiLGBT bullying and harassment happening in our community. RainbowCONNECT is operational Monday through Saturday from 3-8 p.m. Youth are encouraged to utilize this line to talk to an operator that can offer support, resources, and information. The toll free number for RainbowCONNECT is 1-855-805-1991. Want to be a warm line operator and help youth in your community? The training on Aug 6 will teach you how. Snacks and Lunch provided. Contact Kristi Smith at or 520-624-1779 ext 119. Wingspan is located at 430 East Seventh Street, Tucson.

news / politics / business / opinion | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 13


One-on-one with mayoral candidate Claude Mattox By Luis Garcia Claude Mattox is currently serving his 3rd term as Councilman for Phoenix District 5 which includes west and central Phoenix with landmarks such as Desert Sky Pavilion, the Maryvale Baseball Stadium, the new spring baseball complex at Camelback Ranch and Grand Canyon University. Mattox is also the vice president for Mark Melton and Associates. How long have you been thinking about running for Mayor for city of Phoenix? “Since late 2009 when I filed my exploratory committee.” What are your qualifications to run the city of Phoenix? “I have been active with Phoenix neighborhoods for more than 30 years. I began my first 4-year term on the Phoenix City Council in January of 2000 and am currently serving my 3rd term as Councilman for Phoenix District 5 which includes west and central Phoenix with landmarks such as Desert Sky Pavilion, the Maryvale Baseball Stadium, the new spring baseball complex at Camelback Ranch and Grand Canyon University. My wife Sherri and I own Mark Melton and Associates Real Estate, which I serve as the vice president/treasurer. We recently purchased Anasazi Book Store, a small used book store. We have lived in west Phoenix since 1979. I am an avid musician and spend most of my playing time helping to raise money for charities.

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14 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

I believe my background as a community activist, councilman, small-business owner; along with my commitment to civic involvement, bring me a range of experience to lead our great city.” What are your plans to better the economy? “Economic recovery and growth depend on the number of career jobs a city can attract. Career jobs are more than just service jobs that barely keep families financially afloat. Career jobs are those jobs that allow employees to work for the same company long-term while improving their family’s quality of life. These jobs come from strong companies that make their employees a priority. Phoenix needs more of these jobs. These are the steps that I plan to take as Mayor in order to make that happen. I will reach out to the business community to learn how we can be more business friendly and assist them to expand, grow be more successful. Retention of existing businesses and jobs are a priority. I will also ask them to help us grow our economy by letting their business networks know Phoenix is a place you want to do business and assist us in attracting new career jobs. Cumbersome processes and unnecessary regulations often keep businesses offering career jobs from locating to certain cities. I will work to streamline the process for bringing them here. By making these processes and regulations more business friendly without compromising Phoenix’s quality of life, our city can become a magnet for career jobs. I will make every effort to locate a business school in downtown Phoenix which will act as a catalyst to attract more businesses to the downtown core. With the presence of this school, Phoenix will be able to produce a ready workforce to meet the needs of growing companies. This will also provide continuing education opportunities for businesses that are looking for training to achieve greater financial success. I will create a regional business council umbrella organization for proactive economic development. This council will work to assemble organizations and business leaders along with the Phoenix Economic Development Office in order to focus on attracting the jobs we want for our city. This council will also strategize our approach to pursuing career jobs for Phoenix by identifying which companies we pursue nationally and internationally, how best to attract them, what skill training is needed in our educational institutions to fill the jobs they will offer, and what legislation is needed to expand and retain businesses to Phoenix.

By focusing on the important area of attracting career jobs while consulting with the best business leaders in Phoenix, our city can become an even better place to live.” What are your other priorities if you take office? “My highest priorities are ensuring strong neighborhoods, which is the backbone of a healthy city and the foundation of our quality of life. Quality schools, which will insure our future. And career jobs that improve our economy and raise our quality of life.” What are some of your experiences with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community? “I have a number of family-members, friends, and co-workers that are gay or lesbian. These are people in my life that I respect professionally, love as family and friends, and enjoy spending time with. I look at the person and do not define them on the basis of their orientation. Since I have been on the Phoenix City Council, I have supported benefits for domestic partners as well as Phoenix’ domestic partner registry. As Mayor I will work to expand these programs to other valley communities. I have attended many GLBT charity events and also participated in the pride parade.” For more information on Claude Mattox, upcoming events, and volunteer information or to find out more about the issues visit news / politics / business / opinion

2650 S. Beulah Blvd. Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Springhill Suites by Marriott 2455 Beulah Road Flagstaff,Arizona 86001

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Ginsburg’s future plans

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats and liberals have a nightmare vision of the Supreme Court’s future: President Barack Obama is defeated for re-election next year and, at 78 the oldest justice, soon finds her health will not allow her to continue on the bench. The new Republican president appoints Ginsburg’s successor, cementing conservative domination of the court, and soon the justices roll back decisions in favor of abortion rights and affirmative action. But Ginsburg could retire now and allow Obama to name a like-minded successor whose confirmation would be in the hands of a Democratic-controlled Senate. “She has in her power the ability to prevent a real shift in the balance of power on the court,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California at Irvine law school. “On the other hand, there’s the personal. How do you decide to leave the United States Supreme Court?” For now, Ginsburg’s answer is, you don’t. There are few more indelicate questions to put to a Supreme Court justice, but Ginsburg has said gracefully, and with apparent good humor, that the president should not expect a retirement letter before 2015. She will turn 82 that year, the same age Justice Louis Brandeis was when he left the court in 1939. Ginsburg, who is Jewish, has said she wants to emulate the court’s first Jewish justice.

16 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

While declining an interview on the topic, Ginsburg pointed in a note to The Associated Press to another marker she has laid down, that she is awaiting the end of a traveling art exhibition that includes a painting that usually hangs in her office by the German emigre Josef Albers. “Couldn’t think of leaving until after it is returned to me, which won’t be anytime soon,” she wrote. Certainly there is no indication that Ginsburg is slowing down on the job, even after she underwent surgery two years ago for pancreatic cancer that her doctors said was detected at a very early stage. Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, she served for the first time this term with two other women, Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, and as the senior liberal-leaning justice, a role that gives her the power to assign dissenting opinions when she is on the losing side of ideologically split rulings. On a personal level, she appeared to take comfort in her work as she adjusted to life without her husband, Martin, who died a year ago. And she doesn’t have to look very far ahead to imagine having a vote in some of the most important cases of her time on the court, including the challenge to Obama’s health care overhaul and the fight over gay marriage. Laura Krugman Ray, a Widener University law professor who has written about Ginsburg, said it is easy to believe Ginsburg would want to have a voice in those cases. “I think the court is enormously important for her,” Ray said. “And especially now after husband’s death, you wonder what she can see herself doing if she were not on the court.” Ginsburg, the second woman on the bench, has only to look at the first for a cautionary tale about retiring. Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement in 2005 in part so she could take care of her ailing husband, John. Two months later, Chief Justice William Rehnquist died in office. Meanwhile, John O’Connor’s health declined

much faster than his wife anticipated and he soon was living in a nursing home in Arizona. Would she have quit the court had she known what awaited? In retirement, O’Connor has maintained a busy schedule, hearing cases on federal appeals courts as well as advocating for Alzheimer’s funding, improved civics education and merit selection, rather than partisan election, of state judges. O’Connor, now 81, also has said she that she regrets that some of her decisions have been “dismantled” by the Supreme Court. Justice Samuel Alito, who took her seat in 2006, has voted differently from O’Connor in key cases involving abortion rights, campaign finance and the use of race in governmental policies. But some on the left say that the focus on the personal is misplaced. Ginsburg needs to put selfinterest aside and act for the good of the issues they believe in, Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy wrote recently. Kennedy said 72-year-old Justice Stephen Breyer should leave, too. Too much is at stake and both life and politics are too fickle to take the risk that everything will work out as the justices desire, Kennedy said. David Garrow, a Cambridge University historian who follows the court, said Ginsburg’s situation points to an institutional problem for the court, “the arguably narcissistic attitude that longer is better.” The longest-serving justice, William Douglas, was on the court for more than 36 1/2 years, reluctant to retire even after a debilitating stroke. “History teaches us that often longer is not better,” Garrow said. Justices sometimes look at electoral projections when considering retirement, he said, adding that Ginsburg probably still could decide to retire next summer if Obama’s electoral prospects seem shaky. Chief Justice Earl Warren never envisioned retiring during the presidency of his nemesis, Richard Nixon. Yet that is exactly what came to pass in 1969. Warren planned to step down early in what he hoped would be Lyndon Johnson’s second full term. But then the Vietnam War got in the way of Johnson’s re-election plans and Robert Kennedy fell to an assassin’s bullet. At that point, Warren thought Nixon had a reasonable chance of winning the presidency “and desperately tried to leave under a lame-duck LBJ presidency on its last legs,” said Artemus Ward, a political science professor at Northern Illinois University who has written about court retirements. Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas as chief justice failed amid election-year politics in the Senate and the allegations of financial improprieties that eventually would drive Fortas from the bench. Nixon then nominated Warren Burger as chief justice. news / politics / business / opinion


Court orders immediate halt to

gay military ban

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A federal appeals court ordered the U.S. government July 6 to immediately cease enforcing the longstanding ban on openly gay members of the military. In a brief two-page order, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy must be lifted now that the Obama administration has concluded it’s unconstitutional to treat gay Americans differently under the law. The ruling was the latest legal development in the effort by gay rights supporters to end the policy. It came in response to a motion brought by Log Cabin Republicans, a group for gay GOP members, which last year persuaded a lower court judge to declare the ban unconstitutional. After the government appealed U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips’ decision, the 9th Circuit agreed to keep the policy in place until it could consider the matter. The appeals court reversed itself with the July 6 order by lifting its hold on Phillips’ decision. “The circumstances and balance of hardships have changed, and (the government) can no longer satisfy the demanding standard for issuance of a stay,” the panel said. The appeals court noted that Congress repealed the policy in December and that the Pentagon is preparing to certify that it is ready to welcome gay military personnel. It was not immediately clear what effect the court’s ruling would have on the timeline for eliminating the ban. Dan Woods, the lawyer representing Log Cabin Republicans, said that unless the administration appeals the order to the U.S. Supreme Court, “don’t ask, don’t tell is over.” He cautioned gay servicemembers against rushing to declare their sexual orientations until the government declares that it intends to abide by the ruling. The Pentagon has been moving carefully to implement the repeal of the 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops. Under the law passed and signed by the president in December, final implementation would go into effect 60 days after the president and his senior defense advisers certify that lifting the ban won’t hurt troops’ ability to fight.

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Church of England bans partnered gay priests from being bishops LONDON (AP) - Church of England bishops say they have temporarily barred priests in civil partnerships from being appointed as bishops. The statement July 8 from the House of Bishops said a review of civil relationships would be completed next year and a broader review of the church’s attitude toward gays and lesbians is to be published in 2013. The Right Rev. Graham James, the bishop of Norwich, says bishops have devoted little time to the issues of homosexuality since they issued a statement in 2005, though deep disagreements the issue have strained the global Anglican Communion. The Church of England’s policy is that gay male priests who are celibate are eligible to become bishops, though no openly gay candidate has been advanced to a bishopric. The temporary ban on promoting priests in civil partnerships would exclude a number of clergy including the Rev. Jeffrey John, the dean of St. Albans, who has been considered for advancement twice and rejected both times. The church is still debating whether women, gay or not, can become bishops.

The bishops’ statement on civil partnerships in 2005 said that “sexual intercourse, as an expression of faithful intimacy, properly belongs within marriage exclusively.” It defined marriage as “a faithful, committed, permanent and legally sanctioned relationship between a man and a woman, is central to the stability and health of human society.” The statement said any candidate for holy orders who is in a civil partnership can expect to be

asked whether the relationship is celibate, in accord with church teaching. A law adopted in 2005 allows same sex couples to enter into civil partnerships that give them the same legal rights and obligations as married couples. An opinion issued by the church’s legal office last month noted that there had never been a statement that “a celibate person in a civil partnership cannot be considered for appointment as a bishop.” The legal opinion went on to say that present or past personal relationships of a candidate could be considered in deciding whether he could “act as a focus of unity.” Although homosexuality has been a prominent issue in the church, Bishop James said he and his colleagues have devoted little time to it since 2005. “The bishops will produce a consultation document in 2013,” James said. “The House’s decision is motivated by a desire to help shape the continuing debate constructively and not by any view about what the outcome should be.”

“Elliott” writer opera back on after homophobia row LONDON (AP) – The latest show from “Billy Elliot” playwright Lee Hall will go on after all. A dispute over words spoken by a gay character had threatened to derail his new project – a community opera involving 300 children – but officials said July 7 that a compromise had been reached. “We are delighted to announce that the revisions which the school requested have now been made and the author has addressed the points raised by the school,” the statement said. “The final libretto is now an age appropriate text which was all the school had requested.” The opera opens July 16 in Bridlington, northeast England. Education officials had said the school involved removed 300 pupils due to appear in the production because of offensive and derogatory language, and Hall on Monday had accused the school of having dated and homophobic views. The writer said he had refused to remove the lines “Of course I’m queer” and “I prefer a lad to a lass” from the opera “Beached,” the story of an eventful day at the seaside set to music by com-

news / politics / business / opinion

poser Harvey Brough. The council said that the word “queer” had been replaced with “gay.” The revisions to the script were made following “intense negotiations behind the scenes with all parties,” the school and council said in a joint statement. The two said Hall had addressed concerns over some of the language and tone related to the gay character’s identity – and denied claims the changes were requested out of homophobia. | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 19

Flagstaff Pride Festival @ Wheeler Park, Downtown Flagstaff

Gay Chambers



Marric Studios sets itself apart Flagstaff gallery offers artisan gallery, photography studio and artisan studio By Luis Garcia

Phoenix Gay Chamber


The Biz Bowl will be held July 23 from 5-8p.m. at Christown AMF Lanes, 1919 W. Bethany Home Road. Lane sponsorships are $120 and can be identified by business name. The member is responsible for filling their lanes with six people who can pay $20 a head. Single tickets can be purchased and will be randomly assigned to special lanes. RSVP to

Tucson Gay Chamber

Breakfast Meeting

July 21, from 7:30-9 a.m. at The Manning House Lavender Ballroom, 450 W Paseo Redondo # 212 Tucson. Topic: Integrated Marketing Solutions for Maximum Results! MJ Jensen, Chief Idea Officer of IdeaMagic visionary marketing, brings a treasure chest full of creative ideas to help you look at your business differently and to evaluate what you can do today, tomorrow and in the future to help your business grow. Come prepared to brainstorm and have fun! Must RSVP.

22 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

Marric Studios offers a variety of artistic styles by 35 different artists, including three international artists. Styles include paintings using watercolor, oil and acrylic paints; stained glass; fused glass; pottery (modern food safe, as well as pre-Columbian replicas); bronze castings; ecological assemblage sculptures; life casting sculptures; jewelry; metal work; wood work; photography and more. Owners Rick Burgess and Mark Fellman also offer commercial photography, wedding/commitment ceremony photography, event photography, on-demand photography, event planning, 360 virtual tours and art rental. But what also sets Marric Studios apart from other galleries in Flagstaff, is offering three working studio spaces under the same roof as the gallery. “We looked at a lot of locations in Flagstaff, Sedona and Jerome. We ultimately decided we wanted to be in Downtown Flagstaff. The location we are in was empty for a number of years. Our moving in was a part of expanding the downtown shopping district by another block as well as completing the revitalization of the block. Additionally, we wanted a location that would lend itself to a more contemporary feel,” said Burgess. Opening the gallery was something both men had talked about for a long time. “We had a lot of encouragement from our friends and family. To steal a line from Rocky Horror Picture Show – ‘Don’t just dream it, be it.,’” laughs Fellman. Both men were photographers and had been working together for several years prior to moving to Flagstaff. “When we decided to move to Flagstaff, part of that decision was based on Flagstaff being an ‘arts oriented’ town. We knew from the beginning that we would be doing our photography work, but

then expanded to include other artists to bring a new variety of art to Flagstaff,” says Burgess. Opened in November 2010, the vision for Marric Studios is simple - to be the art gallery of choice for the local Flagstaff community, downtown business workers, and tourists who visit the city, by providing  a higher quality experience. Burgess and Fellman are doing this by offering work that is not found in other galleries in Flagstaff. “We believe that art needs to be affordable, but the artists need to be paid for the work that they are doing. In keeping art affordable, we are offering things like lay-a-way and gift certificates,” said Fellman, adding, “We further believe that art is an investment and that it really says something about a person when you walk into their home or office and see an original piece of art hanging on the wall or sitting on a table.” While they are based in Flagstaff, Fellman and Burgess work with clients/buyers from across the country. “We travel to provide our services, and offer shipping on all of the works that we carry,” said Fellman. Marric Studios is gay owned and operated. “We feature works of other GLBT artists from across the country. We are the only ‘out’ gallery that we know of in downtown Flagstaff. We were a sponsor of the 2011 Pride in the Pines Festival. We will also be hosting fund raising events for HIV/ AIDS programs in Flagstaff,” says Burgess. Additional information about the gallery, their current line-up of artists and their online store can be found at If you mention you saw the ad in ‘N Touch Marric Studios will automatically give a 10% discount, 15% on purchases of $150 or more. Marric Studios is located at 22 E Birch Ave., Suite 2, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Phone: 928-8647680 Email: news / politics / business / opinion

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Equality Arizona’s Awards Dinner save the date

One Planet Magazine returns PHOENIX - One Planet Magazine decided

to resume publication after owner Annie Loyd realized the incredible number of visionaries emerging within the community that had extraordinary offerings. If you have a recommendation of an incredible visionary or exceptional organization send One Planet an email at opm@thefusionfoundation. org. One Planet is a publication of The Fusion Foundation. Go to for more information.

PHOENIX - Please save the date for Equality Arizona’s 20th Anniversary Awards Dinner, which will be held Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. More details will be available soon at

AZ Lifestyle Realty gets national certification PHOENIX - According to Ron Houston, Arizona Lifestyle Realty has received final “certification” from th National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Arizona Lifestyle Realty is located at 1940 E Camelback Rd, Ste 203, Phoenix. Phone: 602402-2459 Se Habla Espanol 602-214-4083.

Salon Georvid offers special summer packages PHOENIX - Salon Georvid is offering three special packages over the summer. With so many people looking for jobs and changing jobs, it is important to update your look and resume photo. At Salon Georvid we are offering two affordable makeover packages which will allow you to update your look as you enter the competitive job

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Pawzapalooza is the “Listener’s Choice” SCOTTSDALE - Pawzapalooza, a selfwash & full service dog grooming salon and retail shop, has been selected as the “Listener’s Choice” groomer in Scottsdale for 104.7FM! For winning the prize, 104.7FM will be producing and airing 18 sixty-second spots from July 25 to Aug. 8 during their summer animal welfare campaign.” This is not the first award for Pawzapalooza, they won the Best of Greater Cities 2010 award winner for Dog Grooming. Pawzapalooza is located at 10953 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Phone: 480-659-9933. Website:

Tucson Chamber guest speaker MJ Jensen, Chief Idea Officer TUCSON - The Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce will host MJ Jensen, Chief Idea Officer of IdeaMagic visionary marketing, at the next Chamber breakfast July 21. Jensen is a multi-dimensional professional with an extensive background in Fortune 50 corporate sales, marketing and training. She has been a small business owner, an entrepreneur and is the Chief Idea Officer for IdeaMagic visionary marketing, a full service strategic marketing and idea company specializing in creative and affordable ideas for progressive businesses in Tucson since 1994. Jensen was awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration’s “Women in Business Advocate of the Year” for the state of Arizona and was the first Tucson Woman to be awarded the National Bridge Builder Award at the NAWBO National Conference in 2003. She has won other numerous awards including Mentor of the Year, Home Based Business Entrepreneur of the Year and Team Builder of the Year for NAWBO. Jensen has been marketing, selling and entertaining her entire life and brings a boundless enthusiasm and visionary approach to clients and to her own company. For more visit

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Escape the heat: Run indoors By Kirk Matthews Kirk, I run 3 miles a day. Now that it is so hot what would you suggest I do instead? How much further do you need to run on a treadmill to equal a three mile real run? Jake Jake, thanks for a great question! It’s a particularly important question. Here we are, in the midst of an Arizona summer, and I hear about this concern often: this extreme heat can bring the best of intentions for outdoor fitness to a screeching halt – even for the very enthusiastic participants. So directly to the answer, then I’ll expand on the idea a bit: Get on the treadmill and run exactly the same mileage, but at a 1% upward gradient. Easy enough. In detail: What you’re looking at when trying to duplicate the feel of an outdoor cardio routine on indoor equipment, is exactly that: the feel. What’s most common among runners is the immediate insistence on taking a flat treadmill up to a minimum gradient of around 1% -- because it’s a commonly held idea that this is similar to the energetic cost of outdoor running – it feels like the same work. This is, essentially, a mile-precise applica-

tion, meaning -- according to the theory -- you’d replace a 3-mile flat outdoor run with a 3-mile treadmill run at a 1% gradient increase. What many seasoned runners, particularly non-pavement runners, will tell you – and you’ll understand immediately – is that the energetic cost is of little value when boredom kicks in. Treadmills are, for most outdoor runners, just not the same – never, no way. Here’s why: the mind processes a long run on a treadmill very differently from any uneven surface. When there’s no variation in surface texture or ground level, you can just feel that it’s a different training experience. It’s just not the same in the way you react to the ground and respond to varia-

tions – and ultimately for outdoor runners it can feel too “machine-like”. The reason I mention this is because I don’t know your current running schedule or route. It could be smooth-paved roadways, or large parks, or just the city sidewalks. Or the small hills in some of the city parks, or even the extended lengths of the city canals. You might even be among the runners and other athletes who do sprint training on Camelback Mountain combined with endurance training on the hills descending from there. So with all this variation here in the valley and the existence of one of the longest outdoor training seasons in the country, many participants find the whole “forced-indoors” training concept to be boring at best. Here are some ways to look at it. You could vary the duration, speed, height and force in all the creative ways you can imagine for programming a treadmill, as well as experimenting with the hard and flexible deck treadmill types. Play with all the settings and make the run a challenge. Bring your music with you – chances are you already do that. And try the ski-trainers -- or the newer gym favorite: the cross-trainer. Get your arms involved in both pushing and pulling intervals, and even pedal backwards. And while you’re pedaling, you might try the variety of bikes -- upright and recumbent – available in most gyms. Here’s why I mention all of these other machines: Many outdoor runners feel like they adapt quickly to indoor running for all the reasons mentioned above. So a variety of machines can keep you interested in the indoor experience until you can get outdoors and resume your preferred running routes. Any many seasonal indoor trainees find that the months spent indoors can fuel a new intensity in their outdoor training as they build a variety of strengths in the gym. So whether you’re asking the question because you’re a new runner or just new to the valley, the key to your training future is knowledge; and that knowledge gives you control. And as always, remember to drink, drink, drink that water in the heat-- and if you sweat, get those electrolytes (Emergen-C or Gatorade) as often as needed. Well, that’s it for now. Best of health to you all and as always, keep those questions coming! Kirk Matthews is a multiple Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Nutrition Consultant; answers may contain advice from either or both disciplines. Call: 602-6169195. Questions: e-mail (put “‘n touch” in subject line). Visit kirkmatthews -- hover over “Why Our Products Work” and click on PrivaTest, Custom Essentials and Silhouette Solution to learn about Lab-formulated supplements made just for you. And visit: to try before you buy.

24 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

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LGBT Sports

Arizona Derby Dames lace up their skates and battle it out

Pink Rock’n Roller comes to Valley PHOENIX - For more than 80 years roller derby has been celebrated as an all-American contact sport that has evolved from its humble beginning as a marathon skating race to the high impact physical competition that it is today. The Arizona Derby Dames are embracing the energetic spirit of this jammer packed game by bringing the Punk Rock’n Roller Derby to the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, August 20. The Punk Rock’n Roller Derby triple-header playoff bouts combine high impact skating action, industry exclusive vendors and live entertainment for the whole family. Doors open at 2 p.m. and the first bout kicks-off at 5:30 p.m. with musical performances by Unwritten Law, Authority Zero and The Earps. Punk Rock’n Roller Derby will bring more than 8,000 fans, families and extreme sport fans together at the Arizona Veter-

ans Memorial Coliseum located at 1826 W. McDowell Rd in Phoenix. Preferred access tickets are priced at $125 and include reserved seating, party room access and a meet and greet with the bands. Front row VIP seating for this event is $35 plus tax. General seating for this event is $25 plus tax. Don’t get clothes-lined off the track, purchase tickets to the Punk Rock’n Roller Derby today before they are sold out. The Arizona Derby Dames are paving the way for women’s extreme sports as one of only seven all-girl banked track roller derby leagues in the world. Consisting of five teams with a roaster of more than one hundred talented women, the Arizona Derby Dames are wrapping up a successful fifth season packed with daring moves, dangerous stunts and spectacular skills. For more information about the Arizona Derby Dames visit

Tucson Frontrunners keep running on

Leagues Spotlight

Sports leagues of the Valley provide a safe, friendly, and fun social setting for the LGBT community. Whether a new comer, veteran, or a fan, everyone is welcome.


Hellraisers Hoops Open Play Sundays from 2 – 4 p.m. Sports Club of City Square www.

Flag Football

PHX Hellraisers Flag Football League

Saturdays 9 a.m. January – April Colter Park 602.284.9207

Rugby – Men Phoenix Storm

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 p.m. Longview Elementary School


Cactus Cities Softball League

Sundays starting at 8 a.m. Spring: Feb. – May; Fall: Oct. - Dec Ceasar Chavez Park


The Phoenix Sunfish

Year around schedule Mon, Tues, & Thurs - 6:30 - 8 pm Saturdays - 4:30-6 pm Three Locations throughout the valley

Volleyball – Indoor

Desert Volleyball Alliance

TUCSON - Tucson FrontRunners is a running/walking group comprised of LGBT folks, their family and friends, and straight allies. They have members of all abilities and ages, ranging from mid 20’s to 60’s. Tucson FrontRunners currently offers 3 walk/runs. The main weekly event is a Saturday run at 7:30 a.m. They meet in the Hi Corbett Field parking lot, on the west side of the Reid Park golf course (the nearest streets are S Randolph Way and E Camino Campestre). Distance around the park is approximately 3 miles, which you can run/walk at your pace. Several drinking fountains are available along the route.

news / politics / business / opinion

After the run (approximately 1 hour later), the group heads off for brunch. Midweek runs: Monday - Maynards - 5:30 p.m. They join the larger group for the weekly “Meet me at Maynards” downtown fun walk/run. Arrive early to park downtown, walk to Maynards Market (Toole Ave and 5th Ave), and checkin for the walk/run. Wednesday - Tumamoc Hill - 5:30 p.m. Park along W Anklam Rd (south of St. Mary’s Hospital), then meet at the Tumamoc Hill trailhead. Walk or jog to the top, and back down again. Group may go out for dinner afterward.

February - May Saturdays 12 – 3 p.m. Kingdom Courts

Volleyball – Sand

Arizona Gay Volleyball Association

Three seasons to choose from Feb – May, June – Aug, Sept – Dec Indian Steele Park & Radisson City Center Mondays & Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 25

p m a C ! s r oo d to h OUT t u o y s r s e r d e a e w l o y p it n em u m on m i t o a n c e e h t becom camp in GBT L t s e g r La Stewart By Kado

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O ills, own comm being one on LGBTQ camp progr evelop leadership sk n o er s m cu m fo su d d of s. and Camp and Q an the future BTQ youth nse of self CIT trainer attend OUTdoors! helping LG a strong se s one of our ed to y, il IT modsp u le ed C b k le e Q at d ea ro ic T th , B an W ve ed p d d positi ful of LG tive ways oot Cam an d B ra s, o an h er IT ab d a ll er C il f p u co o er Aft counselors youth is one ridge b work in nteer cabin r leaders, b is program serves more lu ee d Th p vo eir y. an as st it , t si n d u rl ac as o m and com CITs the w can share th er campers. camp, so that youth me programs in BTQ camp! th th o u p o rc r m yo ve fo ca r o u s c o fi el to ci at G t by safe spaces d feel encouragemen any other L ay Camp” in creating an session than Camp, also called “G 2008. I was about to s ge n le al ! ch in ay y OUTdoors started in the spring stories and s of everyd & Sexualit ips. the struggle s that our in Gender , was e sh ce d ts re vi fa ar re an eg h p p d th r u ci a ei ti ad le yo h h th ac par e wit that o LGBTQ nique obst om Colleg two fields haut Not only d must overcome the u graduate fr emotional Education, needed to p d I re d an tu an n al , ey ve er xu d th th , se A o : d fe hod g I’ li an p . e in o an e cy d n s m ag u o teen studie from s, incl mpeten ion, ho feilds of co ry separate y often face germent, discriminat y y ve it and m n m n n u d ee o te m b ti el ra y m ta m st sl n co ou ggling to xual orien al endan to demo ic se ru ct st ys n je o h fe p ro li p ed as t, a g as ng b rassmen together f my youn my identity , and bullyi rlier part o guide with elp transphobia s I was , d ia rl b o t here to h spent the ea kcountry wilderness w o w at I was pu ity for me. tity. bac rights. T th e en a Q eg id as ll ew T n er B ty co k d ti G n a I L n l ge iden mu nths, er for I was smal to the com l three mo ity organiz “Ever since a gateway in ds I know will be life ther… unti nual OUT a commun as ge an w to st p t 1 fi e am er n C th ie ev s. e r, n fr er m te sld la th co d u o o n d e ee guid sure w of coff shell an and frie out of my e contacts many pots le e r, m d ab m te n an co en ve am e, C gi I to re s ’ e e It m deg that Prid ! has helped se of Camp coming out, p convened e Prescott p long. Camp everything. It’s becau e doors! Cam from members of th 1st annual Gay Cam ar u yo en y ers. 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Mich ad u ro ic u p st yo d give yo build a the big ther 42 s an ’ d ge u at to an . g th yo ls n e il s, ri id b er sk an gu me ship att B tau e lead elop leader h said CIT M son and have s to becom it ” er w e! th n m o o r at ti fo k ra o zona to dev unity at camp. lo abo r per once, now ors! is a coll mm me a bette 8 to d I can their place self and co ar, OUTdo ] I’ve beco uth in 200 p ye yo h an being an am 2 rt m C 4 u u f g h fo o t r in u se en rv e o ig au w se CIT ll in ec ar m te id w B o ye o in sa “[ fr N ded rong, ! Each d to.” at I am a st t my heart and min e have expan th per session in 2011 rizona and w th d ed an iz 0 al 1 re n se 1 you over A anything I re than 150 4, from all shd the larger accomplish son. serving mo , ages 12-2 , roast mar ts ls n il ca sk li s p ay Camp an a whole, es in ap n G k s f er d ar m o d P re il ro re d F w er n . tu u n ck ls as Tu e fu get h ip skil t to lear acceptance truly are th ild leadersh onal youth y who wan The CITs e need more ere is so much work fire, and bu “W ti the countr p p s. m ie ce it ca ex n e u 0 th mm e. Th e ose 15 ound LGBTQ co ce, in school, at hom e door and that is th na, and only mellows ar nts we cho th pla th in Arizo l of applica u o in rk o yo ce t o p o r la w e p fo fo e rg e r th ee la k u in to our ill ta 1. p is fr but we’ve go arkinson’s, CIT 201 ars camp w camp. Cam ake P to be done, er to join us at f state youth. This ye -5, 2011. 1n10 or m ck d u an T p id sa am ” o C 2 r t, t ! u ar er rs ed o p b o m k t r o o m epte UTd ave pic amp.c o hardes $400 fo weekend, S is year, we h nselors ore about O ebsite: outdoorsgayc ay m th g D n r in ar o d le n ab o te L w T ur Cou over are at r intensive lease visit o youth that ember of donation p cipate in ou Of the 150 an importi a is ar p am to p, a staff m gr th 1 ro u am p C @ yo ! o g rs IT d ad in C k oo is an d e 4 UT contact 14 prom rogram. Th een the ages of 21-2 irector of O T rights. g (CIT) p ar, we betw ado is the D te for youth and LGB co. e ye K ar is o In Trainin h Th w s. gram Fran for youth an advoca scott! os by Tina f youth pro 1n10, and tant catalyst on, and Pre aging out o d camp phot cs an to u o T se , ot o ix , h cl p st en g o er Cov are gettin p” in Augu s from Ph to have CIT ory “CIT Boot Cam skills, learn are excited at n d io an nicat dam nal commu CITs atten p interperso o el ev d ey where th

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WWPT? By Dorian Kreiling

Let’s face it – it has been a rough couple of years for Realtors and all those related industries. Lenders, Title Companies, Builders, Framers, Interior Designers – just to name a few. I have seen people leave the profession, have nervous breakdowns, even commit suicide. For Melinda and I, the fact is, we are doing OK, but it has not been without a reinvention of who we were, what we did or how we did it. This has been a sea change of attitude for everyone. At parties, how many of

34 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

us have learned, rather quickly, not to ask what one does for a living? The answer may well be, “they don’t” (as in, unemployed) or it will open a hornet’s nest of grief struck stories of the employee (them) done wrong. It’s not much better if you are employed – for Melinda and I, nothing seems to bring a conversation to a dead halt quicker than the question, “What do you do for a living?” “We’re both Realtors” “Oh.” Then, silence. We might as well have said something like, “the memorial service is in the morning…” Always the co-dependent, and to lighten the moment, I usually pipe up with, “Let me give you the address of where to send the condolence card.” For me, the last two and a half years has been a lesson in that reinvention. It has been for me a full blown parking of my ego, a laying to rest of anything that says “bling!” downsizing and laying low. We did things that may seem extreme like cancelling the newspaper, eating at home more, downsizing the number of cable stations – no different than many of you, our friends. This is the point of the story where I give all due credit to my lovely wife, Melinda. SHE is the one that said we must move from the big house. SHE is the one insisted we go smaller, take the house proceeds, pay off a few rentals, buy a little home in the ‘hood for cash and hunker down. I was the one crying, sobbing, huddled,

mass in the corner cradling my Donald Pliner shoes and whimpering, “BUT WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY? WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?” Far more evolved than I, she told me that smart people and true friends, would not care OR they would think we were also smart people and true friends. Ah! My Wife! I love her so! Had we followed the crowd of What Would People Think(ers) (Let’s call them the WWPTs) we too would have tumbled. The WWPTers lost their homes not because of sad fate, unemployment, recession based reasoning but because they, like me, couldn’t say, “Hey! We have to make some tough choices.” - and procrastinated those choices right up to the court house steps and then on into divorce court. I let my ego get in the way ALMOST to our detriment, and they did the same to theirs. Sadly, I got to watch what could have been if left unchecked. So, we moved to a much smaller home. And yes, this is where the rubber meets the road in the friendship world. Some of our “friends” snorted when they heard we were downsizing and moving. Others, yes, our true friends, simply didn’t care or came over and went completely overboard about WHAT a great house! And such a CUTE (little) bathroom! We cute-ed up that house like it was our first doll house. Pulled up the nasty flooring, polished the floors, added the crown molding and of course, the IKEA kitchen. The home hugged us and became a safe place. Slowly, I went from humble to grateful, then proud. After all, we lived in THE gayest zip code in Phoenix. In January, we began looking for another home. We were packed to the gills in our little place but frankly never happier. I have always said that if you want a true measurement of the market, see when a Realtor is buying. We closed on a fixer in the Willo District in March and are knee deep in installing the new IKEA kitchen (of course). I could end this right here (I am over my allotted amount of space! ) but there is a really important moral of the story that I think we are all coming to learn, each at different times… In the end, nothing matters but the love and support of your friends and family. That is a priceless gift. Dorian Kreiling lives with her Partner and CoRealtor, Melinda Murphy, GRI. She can be reached at or 623-6944737 news / politics / business / opinion


A pain in the ear By Dr. Damien Brandeis

Dr. B: My pet gets ear infections constantly. Is there a natural way to keep him from getting them in the first place? Brandon I am not a veterinarian and suggest that you seek health care advice for your pet from one. I can comment on medicine for humans. Ear pain can originate from many causes. Swimmer’s ear is common and conventionally treated with antibiotic ear drops. Dietary issues may also cause ear discomfort and inflammation. Frequently, one of the first symptoms of food sensitivity is manifested by ear pain. The patient may receive an antibiotic treatment, and the issue goes unresolved and may get worse. Children are particularly susceptible to ear problems because the skull has not developed sufficiently to allow proper drainage of the region. Always consider

news / politics / business / opinion

the anatomy of the individual. Ears are a passage for a variety of external pathogens and inflammatory substances. Sometimes, the best medicine is prevention that includes good hygiene and good diet. A good diagnosis is the best place to start. Examination of the ear by an appropriate health practitioner should determine the cause and lead to a therapy which can resolve the issues. For swimmer’s ear, I recommend earplugs to prevent water from entering and irritating the external canal. If this is not prevented, a very nice treatment consists of irrigating the external ear, drying with a hair drier on low heat, and placing Mullein oil, Calendula oil, and or Hypericum oil, individually or in combination into the external canal of the ear. There are ear irrigation kits available in most pharmacies. Do not use real cold or hot water during irrigation. You can induce vomiting and vertigo. The water needs to be close to body temperature. Certainly, if there is any possibility of foreign object or insects, please have a health practitioner perform an otoscopic exam. An ear specialist may be required to remove it. Ear wax and common dirt are another source of irritation. Ear wax serves as a trap for foreign objects and material from entering the external canal. Over time and due to poor hygiene, wax can build and cause irritation. Again, a health practitioner with an otoscope can view the situation to provide advice. Diet sensitivity is a very common

and major factor of ear disorders. Many patients may suffer from inflammation and pain. The culprit is not a microbe. It is an immune response to an allergen. Testing is one method of confirmation. However, there is a simpler and cheaper means to establish this issue. Dietary rotation of foods/formulas will promote health and a resolution of the symptoms. Dairy products and wheat are the highest ranking offenders and causes of allergic symptoms. Perform some label reading of dietary formulas. Wheat and diary are found in most factory formulas. While you may think the ear issue is an infection, infections can arise more easily with a compromised immune system. A low tech (and low cost) approach is to decrease the immune burden (by changing diet), and see if the patient’s health improves. There are many food stuff products on the market. They make claims of being

healthy and good. You should be the judge of this, not the manufacturer. Years ago, studies proved a relationship between smoke in the environment and the development of ear infections. You may also want to consider the overall environmental conditions of this patient as well. To recap, diet and hygiene are keys to prevention. Consider reading labels and rotating the diet and monitoring the body’s response. A modified diet rotation needs to be several weeks to be conclusive. Remove milk and dairy for three weeks to see if there is a positive response. If not, then try wheat for three weeks. Practice some good hygiene externally and internally. Seek the advice of a health practitioner for issues that do not rapidly resolve. Dr. Damien Brandeis, NMD has a private practice located at the corner of Chandler Blvd and McClintock Road. For more information about Dr. Brandeis and his practice, visit www. Or phone 480-855-6560. | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 35

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The ethics of universal parenting or whose kid is it anyway? By Dr. Dina Evan

Nobody’s kid should be on the street, but even if you don’t have any, yours are on the street…ours are on the street! According to CBS News, it is estimated the poverty rate for kids in this country will soon hit 25 percent. In Arizona alone, there are more than 25,000 homeless kids in school. These children would be the largest American generation to be raised in hard times since the Great Depression. That means 1.5 million kids have no home of their own, no bathroom, no bedroom or bed in which to sleep safely. No place to hang a poster, lie upside down or listen to music. 1.5 million is the population count of a city the size of Philadelphia. Forty-percent of those kids are gay and lesbian. In many cases, just by being homeless, and on their own, they are breaking the law in many states. So very often, kids try to stay underground by avoiding shelters and other services that could help them get their lives together. One study said that only about half of homeless teenagers make use of shelters, drop-in centers, etc. The other half, afraid of being sent home, put in foster care, or even put in jail, prefer to try to make it on their own which puts them at very high risk of sexual abuse, drugs and child trafficking. If we look at this problem strictly from an economics perspective, that is 1.5 million fewer life-time customers, fewer video game buyers, fewer electronics purchasers, movie goers, service people, construction workers and fewer computer geeks. That’s 10,500,000 fewer jobs filled and 546,000,000 fewer paychecks each week and hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost income and cash flow into the economy. If we look at it from an intelligence perspective that’s 900 billion ideas and concepts lost to focus on shear survival every day. From a humanistic perspective, it’s a loss of our humanity and compassion, sense of connectedness, family and community and it’s a never to be regained loss of innocence. It’s a loss of trust and belief in the potentials and possibilities provided to other kids. The stress caused to a kid who has no idea how news / politics / business / opinion

to keep him self, or her self, safe at night without a home to go to is monumental. They experience stunted growth, chronic medical problems, inadequate bone and muscle growth and lack of neurological development that negatively affects normal brain functioning and information processing. Processing problems may negatively hurt the child’s ability to understand social relationships, or may make completion of some academic tasks impossible without assistance or medical help from others. Lack of adequate medical care may result in long-term health problems, impairments or infections. The problems are exponential, as is the pain. There’s no end to it. So, what is an ethical, compassionate response to the homelessness of our children? Any response that is empowering and does not involve a misuse of power pr position is the right one. As adults, any kid who needs help or comes to us for help should be off limits sexually, or in any other exploitive way period the end! A kid may be, and often is, willing to trade safety and lodging for sexual favors, but the cost in self-respect is devastating to both the child and the perpetrator. The shocking truth is that this is the growing trend and means of survival today for both boys and girls. Our first ethic to have is always, hands off. A homeless child has already been victimized enough. Think about a kid you know and love being forced to sell sexual favors on the street for money for food and lodging. Secondly, ask yourself what you do best. Maybe you have the financial means to support a shelter, or a rescue mission. Do you have the expertise to sit on the Board of an organization dedicated to helping the homeless and can you assist the organization become more effective and efficient? Are you willing to stop being a silent bystander when you see some kid being taken advantage of or abused by anyone, even a friend, who could take advantage of a homeless kid? Can you commit to becoming a mentor, a big brother or sister, or an

advocate in some form that can help a teen have hope for his or her future? The most important truth that we are missing today is that we are a family of one. We have distanced ourselves into believing that what happens to others has little or nothing to do with us. However, indecision and lack of action is a decision. It’s a decision to ignore our own humanity. If you have been wondering what your purpose is, this is a great place to make a real difference. Right now, some scared kid who needs you is at risk. What better way is there to make our community a better place for all of us than to brighten the life of a child? Thanks for listening. Send questions to or to Dr. Dina Evan is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist in the State of California. She has offices in Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Evan has won national acclaim as a human rights advocate. She is a columnist for several newspapers and has written five best selling books. For more information you may go to



725 West Indian School Road, Suite 125 Phoenix, AZ 85013 For more information visit or call (602)712-0111 | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 37

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Pets in search

More protecting your pets

from the summer heat By Dr. Alicia Ruiz

of a Loving Home Located in Phoenix, Arizona Rescue is the last voice for dogs and wcats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds.

Bayou A-ma-zing. This word cannot be used enough to describe the precious, beautiful, darling girl that is Bayou. While she is a recent addition to the RESCUE family, our volunteers couldn’t help but to fall head over paws in love with her. Bayou has a special little spirit about her. At first glance, she might seem like a fun loving, goofy girl whose legs have a hard time catching up with her body when she runs. She is those things, but there is also something very soulful about her. She has many layers that her new family will joyfully uncover as they get to know her.

As much fun as summer can be for you and your dog, there are a few safety tips that will hopefully make the warmest of all seasons safe and carefree for all concerned. Put pet-safe sunscreen on the dog’s ears and nose, and if you can’t get him to put on a hat, keep him in the shade often — this will help prevent cases of sunburn or even heatstroke. Nip this potential summer dampener in the butt and give Rover access to shade and lots of water. A pair of cool shades wouldn’t hurt either. Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, drooling, rapid pulse, and fever. Cool your dog down immediately and get him/her to a vet. Also, do not walk your dog on the hot pavement unless he is wearing doggy shoes. His pads get just as hot as your bare feet. Never leave any animal, child, or elder person in a car even if you are going to be gone for only a minute. This can be deadly!!! Make sure you keep your pup in the designated

“doggy areas,” because fertilizers may be used in non-dog areas, which are harmful to your pooch. A safe bet is taking Fido to your favorite dog park (check out the PetMD Finder for parks in your area). Remember, not all grass is created equal. If your dog is on a boat then he’d better know how to swim (that’s right, not all dogs know how to swim). And even if your pooch can swim, a doggy life vest is a must. After all, rip currents are a killer, even for dogs with the best swimming abilities. You never know when accidents will happen while sailing on the high seas. You should definitely make sure the doggy’s ID and registration is up to date. Fido might get overexcited and take off, but at least you’ll be able to track him down. And in the really hot days of summer, take your dog for a walk early in the morning is best. Last of all, make sure you’re up to date with flea and tick meds — this is the season where they come out in droves.

Dr. Ruiz is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine at Central Phoenix Animal Hospital, 602- 277-5155. Questions for Dr. Ruiz can be emailed to news / politics / business / opinion

Sophia Believe it or not, Sophia was a recent mom. Now that the tough job of raising kittens is behind her, this gorgeous girl with the big, brown eyes, soft fur, and big, fluffy tail is looking forward to a new life - a life where she gets to be the pampered one! Sophia enjoys attention from her people and is very affectionate. Sophia loves nothing more than to receive gentle petting and tummy rubs.

To learn more or about Bayou or Sophia, go to | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 39


Bora Bora - Polynesian Paradise By John Thomas Lotardo PART ONE - Sun. Sand. Sea. Tranquility.

These are the first words that come to mind when thinking about Bora Bora. Others include, fun, fantasy & freedom. Oh, and one fabulous tan too. When we looked into finding a unique ocean/ beach experience, our plans originally drifted to Hawaii. Actually we started with California, and then quickly back to Hawaii. Hawaii, with its picturesque beaches and countless aha-moment sunsets, was an obvious choice. Experiencing the Islands of Hawaii before, we decided we wanted something more unique and a bit more tranquil. Our minds then considered the “what if ” world of French Polynesia. What if we travelled further off the map. Well, technically, French Polynesia is still on the map. It’s just not as heavily travelled as the Hawaiian Islands but with it being just as gay friendly if not more so was a definite plus for gay singles and couples. Investigating it further we realized it is less travelled because of the time and costs involved. French Polynesia, which includes Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora along with many others, is about an 8- 8 ½ hours due south from Los Angeles. And you never know who you’ll meet up with. On our Air Tahiti Nui Flight, Glee’s Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch and her partner were on the flight just a few seats away. We even got to chat briefly in Tahiti while we awaited an hour or so for our Air Tahiti commuter flight to Bora Bora. We then also came to discover it was just the place we wanted to experience. We understood that we would have to shorten our stay to ensure we could budget reasonably. We settled in on the Island of Bora Bora. With its reputation as being the more exclusive and quieter of these larger islands, Bora Bora had all benefits of a tropical paradise without the need to Island Hop to keep yourself entertained. That said, we met many travelers during our stay that raved other parts of French Polynesia including Morea, the Island closest to Tahiti, for its beauty and varied ocean life. Quite simply, the Pacific island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is a geological work of art with its inactive, sunken volcano ringed by a coral string of tiny islands (called motus). Protected from the outer ocean by its surrounding atoll, Bora Bora’s turquoise-colored inner lagoon provides shelter to countless schools of tropical fish and other ocean life. Many of the islands resorts are located on these Motus and focus inward toward the lagoon and majestic mainland. The towering monolithic peak of Mount Otemanu (727 meters/ 2,385 feet) and the domed summit of Mount Pahia (658 meters / 2,159 feet.) are the dominant land features of the Island mainland. TIP: You want to be on the left side of the plane to enjoy the arrival to the Island. 40 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

“Our minds then considered the “what if” world of French Polynesia. “ Formed by an eruption some four million years ago, it is among the youngest land masses on Earth. Outrigger canoes brought Bora Bora’s original settlers arrived around the 4th century, some 13 centuries before European explorers ever came near it. The island’s name derives from the ancient Tahitian Pora Pora, which literally translates as “first born.” (Ironically, there is no B in Tahitian) When Captain James Cook became the first western explorer to land there in 1777, he translated the soft inflections of the local language into the name “Bollabolla,” a misnomer whose use persisted into the 19th century. The Island has attracted both adventurers and artists alike, including James A. Michener, author of Tales of the South Pacific. It became a protectorate of France in 1842, hence the areas namesake of French Polynesia. While French remains the main language on the island as well as the native Tahitian, any travel here can be navigated without learning either with English commonly spoken throughout. But learning these two languages is part of the joy of travelling to this magical place so I would encourage familiarizing yourself with some common phrases. Such ones as Bonjour & La Orana, are general greetings heard everywhere with the latter being the sing-song greeting of choice you’ll hear seemingly constantly as if it was piped in through palm fronds scattered throughout the Island Motus. Like many Pacific Islands in the last Century, the Island’s location lent it to be used for strategic military operations. During World War II, the United States used Bora Bora as a military supply base. It was the Military that actually built the road that encircles the mainland and is used today. They even placed some impressive cannons, which thankfully were never fired. With little war action, the military operations are basically now gone but for the canon remnants permitting the island and its inhabitants to return back to their paradisefound mystique. And with that mystique, brought

a different contingent, that of adventurous travelers seeking a tropical oasis. With the first international resort hotel opening in 1961, Bora Bora evolved into one of the world’s top resort destinations. Bora Bora, with its idyllic, white sand beaches and its over-water bungalows became legendary as a destination for relaxation and romance. Dramatic mountainous terrain, pristine lagoon waters, together with its Polynesian way of life make for one memorable experience after another. With several resorts to choose from, we decided upon the Four Seasons (www.fourseasons. com.) The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is quite simply a tropical paradise. It is a resort that blends the relaxation and tranquility of the South Pacific with the Polynesian arts of dance, song and sport. This was our first time staying at a Four Seasons and were unsure if a full service resort with such a cache would live up to the expectation of an island oasis. Sure, full service resorts can have all the bells and whistles imaginable. But we did not want to sacrifice the magically experience of tropical serenity for all the extra towels in the world. Fortunately for us, the Resort combines their highest standards of service with the natural ease and gracious hospitality of Polynesian culture. You truly can (and will) lose yourselves in the deep serenity of the location while being immersed in the customs and traditions of local culture. Opened in September 2008, it is set upon Bora Bora’s surrounding coral atoll, away from the “bustle” of its mainland. The Resort is acres and acres of tropical grove, abounding with coconut palms and pandanus trees. Every vista is breathtaking, and all have been incorporated into the design of the Resort. I found myself constantly stopping during our walks throughout the day to admire the well-intended views. The views of the greens and blues of the lagoon in contrast with the lush green of the island’s mainland were a constant cause for such photo-op. The ever changing sky was a major player in the views with its daily transformations from the brightest of blues to richest of oranges to the deepest darkest of purples. The dynamic shifts of colors command attention, thwarting any efforts to not stop you in your tracks to admire them almost constantly. It truly does take some effort not to constantly remark about its beauty. I found myself uncontrollably taking photographs of views and vistas I knew I had previously taken since something deep inside me desired to save the magical image just one more time. They say a picture paints a thousand words. I wonder what a thousand pictures paints? Next: Bora Bora Part Two: Polynesian Playground. Learn about all there is to do, eat and see (including all the wonderful people, gay and straight, along the way) news / politics / business / opinion

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14. friends Again

7023 N. 58th Ave, GLEN | 623-931-0562

23. SLICE OF SICILY PIZZA 3724 E. Indian School, PHX | 602-667-3331


BS West

15. Icepics Video Bar

7125 E. 5th Ave, SCOTTS


Bunkhouse Saloon

16. Karamba

4428 N. 7th Ave., PHX


Cash Inn

2140 E. McDowell Rd., PHX

17. Kobalt Bar 3110 N. Central Ave., PHX



727 W. Camelback Rd., PHX

718 N. Central Ave., PHX

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2424 E. Thomas Rd., PHX

1028 E. Indian School Rd., PHX

3108 E. McDowell Rd., PHX

1724 E. McDowell Rd., PHX

24. The Rock 4129 N. 7th Ave., PHX | 602-248-8559 25. Z Girl Club 4301 N. 7th Ave., PHX

18. Linda’s on Osborn 2333 E. Osborn Rd., PHX | 602-956-4420 | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 45


Pandora’s Box

Welcome to the World of Pandora DeStrange!

Since moving to Phoenix in 1997, I have made it my mission to bring “Queer Culture” into the hearts and minds of the residents of the Valley of the Sun. I immediately went to work and founded an Award-winning theater company, Artists’ Theatre Project, which quickly morphed into

a full blown art gallery and cabaret called Soul Invictus. We pushed the proverbial envelope by bringing edgy, eccentric and unabashedly queer theater to the Phoenix Art Scene and quickly became the talk of the town! These days I spend my time unleashing my limitless creativity upon an unsuspecting world in a friendly little gay bar called The Rock. I have gathered together a group of people I consider to be some of the most amazing entertainers the Valley has to offer. On any given night, when you wonder into The Rock, you never know what you may find - Drag Shows, Queercentric Theatre, Stand-Up Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Live Music and More! We host karaoke, poker, darts, brunches, barbecues and benefits to raise money for local charities. Add to that one of the friendliest staffs in town and we found a recipe for success. This summer brings with it the resurgence of an old theatrical tradition with a twist! Summer Stock at The Rock is here and we are performing a new show each month. We started the season off with a classic episode from The Golden Girls called “Yes We Have No Havana’s”. In July, Lady Christian will star as Thelma Harper in Mama’s Family. And we are ending the summer with a murder mystery written for the AZ

Gender Outlaws, by local favorite David Salcido, called Diva Down which will feature a star studded cast! Recently, we teamed up with local burlesque legend, Pyrrha Sutra of Scandalesque to create one of our newest monthly events called Sinful Sundays (on the second Sunday of each month). This show will feature both local and national burlesque entertainers and is sure to shock, titillate and entertain even the most jaded queens! Get ready for the premiere of the newest show from Pandora Productions on July 21st called Temptation. This show will feature some of the hottest male dancers in town and takes place on the first and third Thursday of every month. As you can see, The Rock is the place to be when you are looking for a place to beat the summer heat. Come and experience exceptional entertainment in an intimate setting! For more Information or to make reservations to any of our upcoming shows visit And be sure to tune in each month so you can get the 411 about all of our exciting events every month! Right here in ‘N Touch Magazine! Big glittery kisses! Pandora DeStrange xoxo



country dance lessons (7:30 p.m. Fridays), drag shows, karaoke and more. You can howl all you want during karaoke night with Kristen and K2 Tunes, who are featured every Thursday! New Moon is located at 915 West Prince Road. Phone: 520-293-7339.

Rainbow Cactus


Beat the heat and go north to Rainbow Cactus! To entice you RC is offering all day and night Happy Hour on Sundays and Mondays, and FREE darts! Hang with G on Tuesdays and Just Jess on Wednesday nights. Join some of the best and worst singers, but always the most fun, on Karaoke Fridays! RC now offers Wii Sports, and always FREE WiFi. Saturday, July 16th Sassy Sister Military Show at 9p.m. Saturday, July 30th IGRA show at 9 p.m. Saturday, August 6th Lost Boys Show - Drag King Show at 9 p.m. Thursday, August 11th Silque Callahan Show at 7:30 p.m., $5 cover. Saturday, August 13th ‘N Touch News Magazine’s Woman of the Year presentation at 9 p.m. Saturday, August 20th Sassy Sister Show at 9 p.m. Rainbow Cactus is located just a hop, skip and a jump away at 15615 N Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix. Phone 602-971-1086.

Every Monday night join IBT’s for “Filthy/ Gorgeous”...Something for the ladies from 9 p.m. till close. Drink specials, and music with DJ Hurricane. Wednesdays great happy hour specials start at noon! Then stay for ‘Viva La Diva’ with Janee’ Starr and her Starrlets at 9p.m. IBT’s is open Mon - Sun from noon until 2 a.m. IBT’s is located at 616 N 4th Ave., Tucson. Phone: 520-882-3053.

46 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

New Moon Tucked into a nondescript strip mall, you may just drive right on past if you don’t have a good navigator on hand, but the New Moon is a friendly hangout no matter what your orientation. Heck, they even accept folks who are oriented toward questionable karaoke selections. The New Moon gives you plenty of reasons to howl, from poker—play for prizes, not cash—to

Woody’s Although the weather is hot, the patio at Woody’s is cool! Stay cool and entertained with daily specials and events. Sunday’s offer Happy Hour from 11a.m. - 8p.m., Brunch and Bloody Mary Bar 11a.m. 1:30p.m., Drag Bingo (every other sunday) 8p.m. - 9p.m. and Karaoke 9p.m. - 2 a.m. Woody’s has reintroduced Amateur Dancer Night. The Hotbodz perform Monday nights. Come by and see the news guys! For more information go to Woody’s is located at 3710 North Oracle Road, Tucson.

More News Online! news / politics / business / opinion

Business is BOOMING! ily a D Cash

602-266-8747 2225 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201

Age 23 & older / Clean MVR / Drug Test Required / Fed. Background Check

FOCUS TUCSON Oscar Jimenez named new Wingspan Program Director On July 1, Oscar Jimenez became the new program director for Wingspan, Tucson’s LGBT community center. Jimenez will succeed Linda Thomas, who is ending her 14-month tenure in that position, but not her involvement with Wingspan. Jimenez currently serves as assistant program director and Anti-Violence Programs manager. He has been on staff for five years, coming aboard in June 2006 as a bilingual advocate/educator, doing outreach to the Spanish-speaking populations through Wingspan’s Puertas Abiertas program. During his five years on staff, Jimenez has been instrumental in the creation of outreach programs to GLBTQ Latino/a and youth populations, including the weeklong Tucson Latino Gay Pride each September; RainbowCONNECT, a crisis warm line for young people who are being bullied or harassed; and Rainbow on the Road, which seeks to identify and support GLBT people in rural communities in Southern Arizona who will be visible resources and role models for the youth in those communities. “Jimenez has in-depth knowledge of all of Wingspan’s programs and has cultivated strong relationships with our grantors,” says Alan Taylor, Wingspan board president. “He is well-versed in and connected to LGBT issues, needs and resources across Arizona. During his five years on the staff at Wingspan he has seen the organization go through several significant changes. “His first-hand knowledge of the recent history of Wingspan and his vision for making Wingspan even more than it is today are invaluable in leading the organization into the future,”Taylor continues. “Oscar’s personal commitment to Wingspan’s programs geared toward Latino/a people positions him well to expand on these programs and to increase Wingspan’s role in the lives of people of color.” In fact, Jimenez has been associated with Wingspan since 1996, when as a 19-year-old young man confused about his own sexual identity and full of emotional turmoil he discovered Queer Voice, the precursor of today’s Eon, which gave him his own voice and changed his life. “Absolutely, who I am as a gay man was directly influenced by the Wingspan programs,” he says.

48 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

“Who I am as a leader and a community organizer is directly influenced by Wingspan.” Jimenez is a member of the Tucson Human Rights Commission and of the Executive Committee of the Southern Arizona Hate Crimes Task Force. He is a recognized expert in antiGLBT violence and an activist committed to fighting for the rights of all GLBTQ people to be heard and respected and free to live their lives. Says Taylor: “Oscar is truly passionate about the work that Wingspan does; his excitement is contagious. This isn’t just a job for him; he is personally invested in making the world a better place, not just for LGBT people, but for all. His empathy and compassion allow him to connect with people on various levels and to see that they get what they need from Wingspan’s programs and services.” Outgoing Program Director Linda Thomas, who came to Wingspan as a retired Air Force colonel, has watched Oscar grow into his new role. “There are some universally applicable leadership principles,” she says, “One of the most important of which is: People care how much you care long before they care how much you know. The great thing about Oscar is that he cares AND he knows, and he is totally committed to Wingspan and its legacy. “I cannot imagine a better person to step in and provide the continuity, stability and potential for growth for Wingspan. I so look forward to seeing where he and his awesome team take this organization next. I also look forward to the community continuing to support them by donating of their time and their money. It is OUR community center, and we all have a role to play.”

news / politics / business / opinion


One-on-one with Raja Gemini By Britney Star This past season’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race was the most controversial yet! Raja Gemini was the talk of Facebook the night of the final episode. Queens had mixed emotions, some people talked negatively about the judges’ decisions and others posted their positive accolades. It was my observation that the majority of fellow queens that looked down upon Raja were pageant queens. I don’t understand why? For being creative, unique and really competing for America’s Next Drag Superstar? I noticed that the younger queens were rooting for Raja - as was I! Was it a mid-generation in drag culture difference afraid of change? Possibly!! I look up to Raja for not only being herself but for doing RuPaul’s Drag Race for herself, not to prove anything to anyone. Raja was already a star walking into Drag Race and she walked out America’s Next Drag Superstar! I had a chance to talk to Raja and here is what she had to say. Britney Star: What was the best part of being on RuPaul’s Drag Race, other than winning? Raja Gemini: Aliances and relationships. I get so many letters and emails from kids between 1118 who are reaching out to me and telling me how much they appreciate me and how they feel that I support them. To be told I am a beacon, someone they can look up to - that’s been the best part. I also get letters from parents who’s sons and daughters are going through something. They have been opening communication lines and having dialog between each other. It’s great and I think its the most rewarding part of this process. B: What was the worst part of the RPDR experience? R: I don’t think people realize how stressful it is. It’s a difficult thing to go through. You are taken away from any life as you know it. You don’t get to talk to your friends or family. You don’t get your cell phone, which I really cried about for the first 3 days. There’s no emails, no Facebook, no Twitter, no XTube. There is none of it and you are forced to interact with these people that you never knew. I was really fortunate to have a few friends I already knew like Venus and Delta , but there’s just certain people that you didn’t really want to hang out with 24/7 and the challenges are quite difficult, too. Like I said, I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to be there. B: Who was the one queen from this season you wish had made it to the Top 3? R: I think it would have been great to see Delta in the Top 3. I think she has a really cool point of view that a lot of people kind of misunderstood. Perhaps, it was the editing. Perhaps, it was just the way she presented herself. I don’t really have the answer for that but I think there is a whole side news / politics / business / opinion

of Delta that people really didn’t get to see. She is really great. She is highly intelligent super talented and she really should have been in the Top 3. B: as a professional makeup artist, who is the one celeb€rity you love to work with? R: Adam Lambert is the first person to come to mind cause he’s the last person that I’ve really been working with. You know, we get to travel around the world together . So, I mean either way, he comes to mind because we had a really, really great last year. There have been so many - one of the coolest people I have worked with was Twiggy when I worked on Top Model. I mean that woman is like fashion icon and a legend. She became my friend and my big sister. B: Why do you think RuPaul chose you as the Next Drag Superstar instead of the other girls? What do you feel really set you apart from the other girls? R: I think it was just kind of time. There had been 2 seasons of good drag. I think that there needed to be a whole different other point of view. It was like there was a whole section of drag that was unrepresented and I think I filled that void a little bit. There’s a ton of queens out there who really embrace gender fuck and toying with gender more than just putting on the pads and the glitter and so on. B: What is Raja’s favorite song to perform right now? R: Diamond Crown Queen, available on iTunes. B: What is Raja’s favorite hair color? R: Black. It’s my own hair color so I feel really comfortable with it and its just part of my signature. B: What is the difference between “Boy Raja” and “Drag Raja”? R: Personality wise, I don’t think it really changes very much. I think I am pretty comfy and loud mouthed and, ya know, crazy and fun in or out of drag. So, I don’t think there is a big huge difference. I think that when I am in drag I tend to be a little bit more prissy and I kind of handle myself in a different way. For the most part its kind of the same person really. B: If you had to choose a body type for the “per-

fect man” would you choose a stick man (skinny) or a thick man (muscular)? R: I prefer stick over a thick. B: Your fashion is off the charts, and your walk is amazing. Has Raja always had great confidence or was there a time in your life when you were still trying to find out who Raja was? R: When I first started doing drag I don’t think I had my own identity yet, experimenting with so many different ideas. I always knew that before I needed to learn how to lipsync any song, I needed to perfect my runway walk. That’s always been my priority. It’s just what I do and its what I enjoy doing . B: What was one thing that you have struggled with while doing drag? R: While I was trying to find my identity there was always that issue of OMG am I transsexual?” People keep telling me I am so beautiful and that I should be living like this 24/7. I’m just kind of finding that comfortable spot where I can embrace either side of me: masculine or feminine. I think that’s always been a little bit of a struggle. I think that now that I am in my thirties, everything is starting to fit perfectly. I am a lot more comfortable in my skin now. B: What are three words you would use to describe Raja? R: Cerebral. Stylish. Provocative. B: What do you think makes a strong drag queen? R: I think confidence is key. You have to believe in who you are and who your character is. B: Who’s idea was it to start the Heathers? How are they all doing? R: Through Delta - just cause she’s a fucking genius! We were sitting around one day and this was actually after hours, when the cameras weren’t on. We were just sitting around together and for some reason the four of us gravitated towards each other. I think it’s just we all have this crazy sick sense of humor and we found we were laughing at the same things. Coincidentally, Manilla’s last name is Westerburg, which is the high school the Heathers went to. It just all kind of clicked. They are all doing great actually. We’re all performing and traveling across the U.S. having a good time. B: Who is the one queen you talk to the most from Season 3? R: Manilla. We have so many parallels in our lives. Like, we’re both half Asian and half white. We’re both artists - we have that in common. B: If Raja could star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be? R: Fantasy, like a cross between The Never Ending Story, Tron, Labrynth, and The Muppets. continued on page 53 > | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 49



Fort Lowell Rd

Broadway Blvd


Kino Parkway


5305 E Speedway, TUC | 520-323-1840

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Wilmot Rd

Sahuara Ave

Golf Links Road

t Palo Verde Rd

6th Ave

Craycroft Rd

re e






2449 N Stone Ave, TUC





2900 E Broadway, TUC


Ajo Way


12th Ave

Ajo Way



36th Street


5th Street

22nd Street

Country Rd

Euclid Ave 29th Street


Country Rd



Alvernon Way

6th Street

Pima Street Rosemont Blvd

8 Speedway Blvd

Elm Street

Swan Ave

520-293 -7339

Columbus Blvd

Stone Ave

Euclid Ave

Grant Rd

Country Club Rd



Tucson Blvd

Oracle Rd

Glenn Street


Alvernon Way

Mountain Ave

Miracle Mile

Campbell Ave

Wells Rd



Prince Rd





4950 S Palo Verde, TUC | 520-746-1161





1239 N 6th Ave, TUC





616 N 4th Ave, TUC | 520-882-3053

3233 E Speedway, TUC | 520-795-7777

915 W Prince Rd, TUC | 520-293-7339

3710 N Oracle Rd, TUC | 520-292-6702 | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 51


ible schedule to join the chapter’s leadership team.

If you have ever been abused by anyone in our support community, please come forward. Your disclosure will remain anonymous. Happy Birthday Lisa! Love you! Downtown Phoenix Public Market Wednesdays 4-8pm, Saturdays 8am-1pm. Support local farmers and artists while also supporting the local economy. A little organic food won’t hurt you!

BUSINESS / SERVICE Having a bad hair day? John Krebs of Panache Salon can help you with all of your hair needs. 5533 N. 7th St, Suite 401, Phoenix. Call (602)678-5517.

Blake Housecleaning. Taking care of all your housecleaning needs. Serving all parts of the Valley. Ron Blake 480-241-5651

COMMUNITY INFO Free Social Group and Nonprofit listings. List your social group or non-profit organization for free at! Click on the community directory page and add your listing today!



Professional tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. Call Rainbow Tax Service today for your appointment. (602) 265-1631. Writing your biography? Let a professional edit and proof your manuscript for a reasonable price. Call for rates. 602-957-1638.

Mobile bookkeeper for small business. I’ll crunch your numbers so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact Dave Connell at 602-400-5383.

Personal Fitness Training. Blake Fitness is the name to know for all your fitness training needs. 15 years of experience and still having fun! Ron Blake 480-2415651 The GLBT Guide, Inc. The national gay business listings, personals and classifieds. Bringing America’s GLBT Community together. Listings for less than $3/mo.

FOR SALE: Uptown Gem of a Home 1024 West Georgia Avenue, Pasadena Neighborhood, Walkability Score 67, Energy efficient 3 bedrms, 1.75 baths. 1900 sq. ft has home office entry. Spacious corner lot, walled privacy, paddle fans, skylights, A/C and evap. Security doors thruout & alarm system. Detached 2+ car port with secure storage, Offered at $235,000. MLS # 4186597, 10 2 4 w g e o r g i a a v e . e p r o p e Owner/agent John E. Hughes, Jr. (520) 907-6792.

Now, Voyager Hypnotherapy/ Coaching- Let me help you improve many areas of your life. Visit for some ideas or call 602-3016551. The Mind Is The Greatest Vessel! Licensed Professional Counselor - Call Rene Broussard, LPC for a Caring Counselor who knows our community, from the inside out: 480-751-1020. Sliding Scale Fee and Free Initial Consultation Available.

FOR RENT/LEASE Roommate wanted to share nice house in quiet neighborhood near 36th St. and Indian School. 2 bed/2bath, covered parking, washer dryer, wireless internet, cable tv, private backyard, no smoking in house, dog allowed (no cats). $600 plus 1/2 utilities. Call John at 602-502-3313. Available August 1st, 2011.

FOR SALE LUXURY PENTHOUSE 207 W. Clarendon #22E 1566 sq.ft. 2 split Master BRs/2 full baths. Eat-in kitchen. LR/ DR. Pool,spa,tennis,light-rail. 24/7 front desk. $395,000.00. Linda Pool - Keller Williams - (480)600-7504

52 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

Are you experiencing any of the following? Hot flashes, mood swings, low sex drive, weight gain, depression, headaches, anxiety, foggy thinking, vaginal dryness, prolonged fatigue? Call 1-888-314-3413

Communications Coordinator, Independent Contractor/Part-time Position: The Communications Coordinator will work with the Chapter Co-Chairs and its Board of Directors to effectively and consistently craft, deliver and oversee the circulation of GLSEN’s brand and message in order to advance our mission and vision. We seek an innovative thinker with a flexible schedule to complement the organization’s leadership team. The chapter is open to prioritizing the components of the job around the most fitting candidate’s skill set and interests. Bartenders/Cocktail Servers Wanted Looking for at least 2 years experience or customer service equivalent. Stop into the Rock for an application, 4129 N 7th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85013. 602-248-8559 Experienced Licensed Massage Therpist and Experienced Cosmetologist for upscale central Phoenix salon. Call George or David at 602277-8849 for more information.

HELP WANTED LANDSCAPING GLSEN Phoenix currently has openings for two part-time, stipend positions: a volunteer coordinator and a communications coordinator. Applications for both positions will be accepted on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to, or mail to GLSEN Phoenix, PO Box 2386, Phoenix, AZ 85002. Volunteer Program Coordinator, Independent Contractor/Part-time Position: The Volunteer Program Coordinator is the primary contact for people interested in joining GLSEN Phoenix’s efforts to create safe and respectful schools for all students and staff, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. The coordinator is responsible for working with Chapter Co-chairs and the Board of Directors in the effective implementation of the organization’s mission and goals through the recruitment and retention of a diverse volunteer core. We seek an innovative thinker with a flex-

VOX | Landscaping & Construction Complete landscaping design including walls, stucco, pavers, fireplaces, barbeques and metal work. Call Beth Rohlfs, Owner at 480538-8081 | ROC# 262709


Rainbow Massage Therapy. Bring this ad in for $10.00 off your massage. Located near 7th Ave & Indian School. Swedish & Hot Stone. Call (602) 2651631 to make your appointment or e-mail rainbowmassagephx. com (MT-09329)

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CLASSIFIEDS Raja... < continued from page 49 There would definitely be unicorns and shit in there! B: You know my idol Britney Spears leaves the house looking well, like the slums of Louisiana. If you could give Britney Spears a makeover, what would you do? R: I would shave her head again - I would make her own that. She really should have rocked the bald head for a minute. B: What do you have to say to all the young queens who are just starting out? What is the most important advice you have learned throughout your entertaining career? R: Do your research. Always know there is room to grow and there is always room to learn more things. I have been doing drag for almost 20 years now and there’s still things I am learning everyday. Be open to those things and absorb all that information. Definitely do your research - know all of your movies,

know what The Heathers is, know what Mommy Deartest is, and know Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Know who all those bitches are! I don’t think kids today know who those people are. They don’t really care. They don’t even know where any of these words come from. You should really know watch Paris is Burning and know why you are saying “Work bitch.” Figure out why those words are coming out of your mouth. B: With the previous winners of RPDR, I have noticed they have disappeared from the spot light. What are somethings you are going to do differently to make sure that Raja becomes a household name? R: Playing with music a little bit, writing childrens books, a fashion line, accessory line - one step at a time and let it happen organically. For more information about Raja please visit For the full interview please visit loveglamor. com. Until next time! xoxo Britney Star

Purchase Classified Advertising Online! ntoucha

news / politics / business / opinion | August 2011 | Issue #85 | 53

ADVERTISER DIRECTORY Building a great community starts with you! Support these businesses that advertise in ‘N Touch News!





Chute Store

Off Chute Too





J. Ross Firm


Lee Horner (TUC)



Ronda Kelso


Holiday Inn Tucson Airport N


Tyler Allen Law Firm, PLLC




Marc Anthony Massage


Rainbow Massage



Community Tire Glendale


Community Tire Airport


Night Life

Community Tire 40th St/Univ


Ain’t Nobody’s Biz (TUC)


Community Tire Cottonwood




Colors Restaurant (TUC)



Salon Georvid


Bookkeeping & Taxes Dave Connell


Glenchrist Tax Preparation


Chiropractic In Touch Chiropractic


Loft Cinema, The (TUC)


New Moon (TUC)


Rainbow Cactus


Rock, The


Woody’s (TUC)


Counseling / Addiction


Man 2 Man


Stonewall Institue



Tony Ray Baker/Tierra Ant.

Ron Houston/AZ Lifestyle


Dorian Kreiling/ReMax


Melinda Murphy/ReMax


Community Church of Hope


Gentle Shepherd




Restaurants Bitz-ee Mamas


Caffé Italia


Linda’s on Osborn


Slice of Sicily Pizza


Retail Shopping Chute Store

Off Chute Too


STD Testing / Services

Pets Central Phx Animal




Community Tire North Phx



Marric Studios (FLAG)

Real Estate Services

Law Firms

Courtyard Marriott Flagstaff Radisson Hotel Flagstaff

Danton Photography

602-277-5155 480-659-9933



Taxi/Transportation: Discount Cab


Design & Web Services Lionwood Visual Design


Event Services Celebrate Your Life


Financial Services Glenchrist Tax Preparation


US Bank, Jonathon Humig (TUC) 520-664-1624 Wells Fargo

Health Care Dr. Damien Brandeis, NMD


Dr. Lindsay Pearson (TUC)


The Medicine Shoppe (TUC)


Southern AZ AIDS Foundation


Home Services Floor Source




Information / Support One Voice Community Cntr PFLAG of Payson PRISM @ NAU

602-712-0111 928-476-2358

Insurance Ken Leombruno


54 | Issue #85 | August 2011 |

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Sharing expenses is a big step and Wells Fargo will help you take it. Together we’ll navigate the maze of your personal finances and find solutions tailored to both of your needs. Wells Fargo has a wide range of accounts and services that help you achieve your financial goals. From flexible checking and savings accounts, loan offerings to premier investment management services, we’ll work with you to help you save, plan and prepare for the future. Talk to a Wells Fargo banker today and take your big step with confidence. © 2009 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. (125691_14623)

'N Touch News Magazine Issue #85, August 2011  

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