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Where Sunday School, VBS, & everything else costs less!

It’s time to order now for the upcoming quarter! Look how much you’ll save! » All-in-One Bible Club programs for combined classes. See page 3.



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All-Stars for Jesus weaves God’s Word into kids’ lives AGES 2&3

AGES 4&5




Honeybees #HB23SK

CubbyBears #CB45SK

Primaries #ASPRSK




Preteens #AS56SK

Explorers #AS16SK


Middlers #AS34SK

EVERY STARTER KIT ONLY $59.95 ($90.00 value if items are purchased separately)

Fun, flexible, teacher-friendly and affordable Bible club curriculum! Each Starter Kit includes all of these resources: Getting Started Brochure (Your guide to getting started) Flex-Lesson Leader’s Guide

(Multi-Use Bible lessons, games, crafts, snacks, puzzles, activities and more)

Bible Teaching Resources

(Games, maps and colorful

teaching visuals)

Classroom Activity Sheets

(one set — 13 weeks)

Take-Home Papers/Activity Pack

(one set — 13 weeks)

Welcome to Awards Brochure

(Reproducible award pages to get your visitors started earning awards their first day)

Student Award Book

(Students complete fun Bible activities and learn memory verses to earn awards.)

Colorful T-shirt

(Not included in Explorers Starter Kit; Explorers receive extra award books.)

Colorful Attendance Chart and Stickers

(Keep track of your students’ birthdays and attendance easily.)

All-Stars Promotional Kit

Includes Club Posters (2); “How to Pay For Your Club” fundraising and kickoff ideas; and a Resource CD-ROM with clip art, stationery, and much more!

Try any Starter Kit Risk Free for 60 days! Receive a 100% refund if your kids, parents and teachers don’t really love All-Stars for Jesus

3 WAYS TO GET STARTED 1 Order a Starter Kit for a 60-day, risk-free review. 2 Request a FREE lesson sampler — visit our website or call 800-854-1531.

3 Download FREE samples from our website:

“We used to use Awana® but found that the children lost interest in their student books. The kids love the All-Stars for Jesus program, and especially love the award books! Not only are they attractive and fun, but they have a lot of solid life-application activities which vary from week to week. We’ve kept the same Awana® format and adapted the All-Stars curriculum to fit perfectly for us.” — Marnie Clawson, Chesterfield, MO Read more online at

Used by thousands of churches around the world—with life-changing results! 2 • Call 800-854-1531 • Fax 800-891-1795

Affordable, reproducible All-in-One Kit Bible club programs designed for combined classes

Preschool for Ages 2-5 #PS25AK $150 value Only $99.95

Primaries for Grades 1-3 #ASPRAK $125 value Only $79.95

Explorers for Grades 1-6 #AS16AK $125 value Only $79.95

All-Stars All-in-One Kits include everything you need for a full quarter of Bible teaching. Great for Bible clubs, children’s church, and midweek programs. Flexible, affordable — no more wasted student papers. Reproducible classroom activity sheets and take-home papers are included on the CD-ROM. Print as many as you need each week! Choose from three age levels.

Teacher training books plus fun games & activities 101 Bible Games & Activities Each of these helpful books is filled with games and activities that make it fun for kids to learn God’s Word. Includes Bible story games, action rhymes, relay races, memory games & much more. Plus hints & tips for teachers and reproducible notes to parents. Reproducible CD-ROM lets you print as many copies as you need.

Refresh! Teacher Training & Devotions Full of ready-to-use devotions and practical training tips to share with coworkers in children’s ministry. Includes 52 devotions with Scripture verses, Bible verse index, training tips and more! #3086 — $24.95 value only $19.95

Toddlers #3059 $30 value only $24.95 Preschool #3049 $30 value only $24.95 Elementary #3053 $30 value only $24.95

Learning About God

Each 52-page book includes Bible activities, crafts, Bible stories, songs, and projects that help preschool to preteens learn about God and His creation. All of the activity pages, as well as the final Completion Certificate, are included on a CD-ROM. Print as many as you need. Most activity pages use crayons or stickers. Some use simple craft supplies such as glue, tape, construction paper, or common household objects.

Bible Club Director’s Manual with CD-ROMs This manual includes a planning guide; guided tour; recruiting, fundraising, and publicity ideas; reproducibles; and lots more! (2 CD-ROMs) #3033 — Reg. price $29.95 Now $19.95

Ages 2-3 Ages 4-5 Grades 1-2 Grades 3-4 Grades 5-6

#3071 #3072 #3073 #3074 #3075

$25 value $25 value $25 value $25 value $25 value

only $19.95 only $19.95 only $19.95 only $19.95 only $19.95

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Your VBS headquarters — the best place to save!

Kickin’ It Old School

SonSurf Beach Bash


#736211423030 $150.00

Super Starter Kit #9780830756339 $199.99 Quick Start Kit #9780830756308 $69.99

#9780764447617 $154.99

Preschool All-in-One Kit

Go the Distance

#PS25AK-4 $79.95

#33TW0500 $129.99

Inside Out & Upside Down on Main Street Power Pak #9780784730164 $199.99 Starter Kit #9780784729991 $69.99

Joseph in Egypt Preschool

Hometown Nazareth

Jesus in Nazareth Preschool

Book with CD #4015A $24.95 Download #4015B $24.95

#9780764446900 $119.99

Book with CD #4016 $29.95 Download #4016D $29.95

Order any VBS Starter Kit and get these gifts FREE! When you order any VBS Starter Kit, you’ll receive a FREE download of “Learning About God, Grades 1 & 2,” a $19.95 value. Plus you’ll get $10-$20 of FREE classroom decorations. They are yours to keep, even if you decide to return the Starter Kit! It’s our way of thanking you for trying our service.

View samples and listen to music clips online at

Use our helpful online tools:

cLiCk HeRe

FrEe 7 StEpS tO a

SuCcEsSfUl VbS

Helpful articles, FAQs, hints & tips and FREE downloads at

FREE VBS comparison chart, planning guide, samples & more downloads at

Save up to $150 with our VBS coupons: ORDER NOW!

4 • Call 800-854-1531 • Fax 800-891-1795

Save 10%-15% plus FREE shipping* every quarter on Sunday school curriculum

Here’s how you’ll save on your Standing Order: SA VE

Save 10% to 15% every quarter on your Standing Order of curriculum. (15% for orders over $1,000)

Need more curriculum during the quarter? You’ll get a 10% discount on any additional orders.

*FREE ground shipping on orders over $100.

Quarterly email reminders. Plenty of time to adjust your order if you need to. There’s no risk!

FREE gift, a $19.95 value, with your initial order.

Manage your order online 24/7 or call us. It’s easy and convenient.

New downloadable Sunday school curriculum is complete, reproducible and very affordable! You save because everything is reproducible! Our new downloadable Bible Foundations Sunday School Curriculum includes everything: Teacher's Bible lesson plans, student sheets, memory verse activities, games, and crafts for 13 weeks each quarter. And it's all reproducible. No need to purchase extra teacher books and extra student materials. Print only what you need! There's never any waste. Our Bible lessons give you lots of options. You choose the activities that work best with your students. Your teachers will love our easy-to-follow instructions and minimal prep time. Plus, all crafts use simple household supplies. Print as many student sheets as you need for exciting crafts, activities, and Bible story review games for class use and to extend the Bible learning at home.


per quarter

Each quarter only $69.95 per age level ($90.00 value) Preschool Early Elementary Upper Elementary Ages 2-5 #DL25A

Grades 1, 2 & 3 #DL13A

Grades 4, 5 & 6 #DL46A

Reproducible Bible Curriculum for Youth — Only $24.95 per Quarter ($50.00 value) Each age level includes reproducible Leader Guides and Student Sheets, including weekly take-home devotions as well as classroom activity sheets. Memory verses are listed in both the King James and New International Versions.

Bible Basics

for Grades 7, 8, & 9 CD-ROM Item #BBJHTK Download Item #BBJHTD

Christian Basics for Grades 10, 11, & 12 CD-ROM Item #XBSHTK Download Item #XBSHTD

Free Lesson Samples Online •


Download Lessons, Games, Puzzles & Coloring Pages Preschool Sunday School Lessons Online

Sunday School Bible Activity Lessons Online

Ready-to-Use Bible Lessons

52 weeks of reproducible Bible lessons, perfect for when you need a complete lesson with crafts, games and activities. Download complete Bible lessons for 2- to 5-year olds at church or home. Download #3101 to #3152 $6.95 each

Fun and Easy Bible Games for Elementary

Elementary Bible Activity lessons are the perfect solution whenever you need a Bible lesson or just some extra activities for Sunday school. Complete with a teacher’s page and five to six student sheets. Download #BACT $5.95 each

Online Bible Coloring Pages

Over 45 reproducible Bible story coloring Children can learn God’s Word while pages in two volumes, as downloads. Each having a fun time playing and learning coloring page includes a memory verse (in Bible stories and concepts! KJV and NIV) and prints in black and white. Vol. 1 #3041 & Vol. 2 #3090 $19.95 ea. Download #3042 $19.95

101 Bible Puzzles for Elementary

Pencil puzzles and word games to help children learn God’s Word and review Bible stories. Download #7008B $19.95

Great Resources for Children’s Church and Nursery Little KidsTime (Growing With God) A “year-in-a-box” program with fun activities including art, music, games, Bible stories, worship, and much more! Use for children’s church or evening programs! Reproducible student handouts. Ages 2-5.

Everything you need to give your kids an overview of the Bible! Includes crafts, games, activities, discussion questions, Scripture memory, music, and more. Reproducible student handouts. Grades 1-6.

#9780830755929 A $266.92 value . . . only $199.99

#0830723455 A $187.00 value . . . only $139.99

Baby Beginnings Nursery Kit

Noah’s Park Children’s Church

Create an inspiring nursery to help little ones learn about Jesus. Includes resource books, teacher guides, visuals, posters, music and more! Ages 0-3. #9780830746743 A $140.00 value . . . only $129.99


KidsTime (God’s Big Picture)

Kids will love these “adventure trails” that include Bible stories, puppets, music, prayer, snacks, crafts and games for an entire year of children’s church. Red correlates with 2010-11 Biblein-Life Curriculum. Preschool to Green #101585 $129.99 Blue #100648 $129.99 Elementary. Red #105093 $129.99 • Call 800-854-1531 • Fax 800-891-1795

Save on Classroom Decorations

Tropical Inspiration Mini Set

Brand New Flock Set

Road Trip Set

Ocean Welcome Set

#CTP6454 $8.00 value only $6.99

#CTP6404 $13.00 value only $7.99

#CTP6412 $13.00 value only $11.99

#CTP6405 $13.00 value only $11.99

Rejoice Sun Border #CTP6305 $5.00 value only $3.99

The Lord Is My Shepherd #CTP6318 $5.00 value only $2.99

God’s Promises Border #CTP6324 $5.00 value only $3.99

Jesus Loves Border #CTP6332 $5.00 value only $2.99

Birthday Celebration Mini Set

Exploring God’s World

Praise Words Mini Set

Road Trip Mini Set

#CTP6463 only $6.99

#CTP6348 $9.00 value only $3.99

#CTP6448 only $6.99

#CTP6460 only $6.99

God’s Children Poems of Praise for Young Hearts Set

Whatever You Do Banner

Christian Symbols Chart

A New Creation Banner

God’s Blessings Chart

#CD210019 only $6.99

#CTP6387 only $5.99

#CD6399 $2.99

#CTP6393 only $5.99

#CD214011 only $2.99

I Learned My Memory Verse Stickers #CD0668 only $2.99

Waves of Blue Border #CTP1936 $3.99

Get into Gear Border #CTP6326 $3.99

Classroom decorations that motivate, teach and encourage your kids — View our huge selection of Classroom Decorations online! Call 800-854-1531, Fax 800-891-1795, or Visit Visit us on Facebook at




Where Sunday School, VBS, & everything else costs less!


Reproducible Sunday school! Only $69.95 per quarter complete! Page 5

It’s time to order & SAVE for the upcoming quarter! » Save 10%-15% on Sunday school curriculum.

Save big on your VBS!

» Save up to $150 on Vacation Bible School.

Look inside for special discount coupons, free gifts, free shipping & more!

» Save on All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs. » Save on classroom decorations. » Save on new downloadable Sunday school curriculum. » Save with FREE shipping on orders over $150.









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Where Sunday School, VBS, & everything else costs less!

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