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elcome to the fourth annual Soundcheck, New Times’ yearly guide to all things music. Looking for a wedding or party band? Check the Talent listings starting on page 8. Want to book a gig or check out a music festival? See Targets on page 13. Need to rent a P.A. or get a guitar fixed? See the Tech section starting on page 14. For this year’s cover on page 4, we talked to three working musicians about what keeps them going. —Glen Starkey, Soundcheck editor






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Meet the workhorses of the local music scene


aken for granted by the public and virtually ignored by the press, a cadre of inveterate performers humbly and tirelessly toil away at the bars and bistros of SLO County. Their names are so familiar to the public that they no longer register. They play so often, they don’t even bother to notify the media. But these players are the heart and soul of the local music community, players who’ve performed for 30 or more years, often for low wages in front of sparse crowds. Why do they do it? What keeps them motivated? What accounts for their longevity?

The Shapeshifter Tim Jackson, born and raised on the Central Coast, started his music career in 1979 at the Dark Room with the U.S. Band. “I got bit by the performance bug, and I couldn’t stop,” he recalled recently, while playing host to a Thursday open mic night at the Pismo Beach bistro Vino Versato. By 1982, he’d formed the Tim Jackson Band,

“‘You want me to dump the ship that got me here?’ I asked. That wasn’t going to happen! ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I better become a folk singer now,’” he said, recalling the moment. “I was growing up. The thing is, I couldn’t imagine doing what I was doing then at age 35.” Rock stardom wasn’t all it was cracked up to be anyway, and Jackson knew his days were numbered. “It’s like the rodeo: If you get on the bucking horse, the only way to get off is if you get your teeth kicked in,” he said. Almost overnight, Jackson became a folkie. He’s since completely reinvented himself, which has allowed him to continue his career as a full-time musician. Sure, he gets back into his rocker ways every once in awhile, playing with the Bootleggers, a band comprised of other longtime local players such as Freeman Lee, John Anderson, and Dave Miller. They recently played Monarch Dunes, their first gig together in eight months. “It was like we never left off,” Jackson said, recalling the chemistry between his longtime collaborators, but now Jackson’s bread and butter is as a singer-songwriter with regular gigs at Vino Versato on Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as shows at places like Cambria Pines Lodge, Sea Venture, Ragged Point Inn, McLintock’s in Shell Beach, Solvang

Unsung heroe s BY GLE N



CIRCA 2012 Tim Jackson sings to a small but appreciative crowd during Vino Versato’s Thursday night open mic.


and by 1984, with a deal on Kyd Records and at the height of the hair band craze, Tim Jackson was a rock star! “I never wore parachute pants, but I did wear makeup and have big hair,” he laughed. He was recording with Billy and Rocky Burnette. He had the skinny rocker looks, long blond hair flying in the breeze, ripping guitar chops, husky-sexy voice, and a serious fan base. His Kyd Records album Rock and Roll’s the Blues With Lipstick On was opening doors for him to play big clubs in L.A. Throughout the ’80s, he played all over California, recorded three rock albums, and made a name for himself. He was going to be the next big thing … and then he wasn’t. Around 1990, as grunge music was eclipsing hard rock, Jackson had to face the facts. He wasn’t going to get any bigger. His rock career had gone as far as it was going to go. When his handlers in L.A. said they’d keep him if he’d dump his band, he saw the writing on the wall.

Brewing Company, Kreuzberg, the Wine Shed, and more. On Saturday, July 28, he’ll play Arroyo Grande High School’s Relay for Life event. “I’m doing five nights a week and have been since March,” he said. He’s 52 years old. He knows he’s never going to be a rock star. But he constantly writes new songs. “I’ve put out nine albums as a solo artist, two EPs and seven LPs, and I have another one—Live From Austin—in the can and ready to release,” he said. “I usually release CIRCA 1987 Tim Jackson a new album every couple years.” during his hair band days! His most recent, To Stare at the Sun, came out last year and showcased his “prowess with narrative songs, his distinct


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California’s Central Coast premier studio has been dedicated to sonic excellence for over 35 years. Classic European microphones, extensive signal processing gear, and state of the art digital technology makes Sutton Sound Studio the choice of musicians from throughout the state of California and all points of North America. · (805) 466-1833 ·



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characters, hooky melodies, and competent but not overly showy guitar playing,” as I wrote in the June 1, 2011, issue of New Times. His previous album, The Map’s Already Drawn, was released back in 2005—a big recording hiatus for him, necessitated by the illness and eventual death of his father, “The Colonel,” a colorful career military man about whom Jackson is fond of telling stories. “I was coming home from a gig once and got stopped at a DUI checkpoint, and I was telling the Colonel about it, and he said, ‘Had you been drinking?’ And I said, ‘I’m your son, aren’t I?’ And he said, ‘Did you get in trouble?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m fine.’ And he said, ‘That’s how the Nazis rounded up the Jews! With checkpoints! I fought the Nazis in the streets to get rid of checkpoints!’” In addition to being a talented singer-songwriter, Jackson is also a raconteur, another reason his career has survived, but he came up the hard way, one gig at a time. “The key for me was in the ’80s. I played almost every night of the week. You can really develop your chops, work out your songs with a band, get used to playing in front of a crowd. That’s how you get good,” he said. “The Dark Room, Sweet Springs Saloon, the Spirit, the Shenandoah, Sebastian’s, Brubeck’s, D.K.’s, Baja, the Rose and Crown, the Wine Street Inn, the Spindle, Cisco’s—in those days, there were tons of places to play. I feel bad for the young guys coming up now, because you’ve got Frog and Peach or SLO Brew. Back then, clubs didn’t need a permit and didn’t have ASCAP and BMI beating down the door to collect intellectual property right fees.” Jackson no longer tours to L.A., preferring to head north to the Bay Area. Whenever he releases a new album, he heads back east and plays New York, then south to New Orleans and Austin. He’s still got connections. More importantly, he’s still got passion. “It’s the music,” he said. “It’s never the chops or the voice. It’s the song. I feel great. I’m not that old. You get comfortable with

CIRCA 1987 (Left to right) Ed Frawley, John Wessel, Ron “Gruve” Ramirez, and Doug Hauff were the original line-up of Shameless.

CIRCA 2012 John Wessel (top) and Evan Hiney (bottom) deliver the goods to a Tuesday night crowd at Harry’s in Pismo.


yourself. You know, I didn’t like being famous in a small town, so I don’t think I would have liked it in a big one. It’s a false sense of self. Things worked out exactly as they should have.” Tim Jackson isn’t a rock star, but over the course of a 33-year career, he’s morphed into a literate singer-songwriter in the vein of John Mellencamp or John Prine. That ain’t too shabby.

The Dreamers It’s a Tuesday night at Harry’s in Pismo Beach, and Shameless is going on in 20 minutes. Guitarist Little Bill Tomkins called in sick, so front man John Wessel called in Tommy Lee of the band SoulSauce. Now Lee is having trouble with his amp, and Wessel is running through his contact list trying to call musicians he knows in Pismo to see if they can borrow an amp. He’s all but given up when drummer Karen Garmen lets Wessel know the problem’s solved. It’s just another day in the life Shameless, the hardest working band on the Central Coast. “I’ve been playing professionally since I was 15, and been in a band since I was 12,” said Wessel, now 57 and celebrating Shameless’ 25th anniversary. He left a music career in L.A. to move to SLO County, and during his years here, he’s been a working musician playing more than 150 shows a year despite being a fulltime psychiatric technician at Atascadero State Hospital by day. The multi-instrumentalist plays flute, sax, clarinet, and keys, and frequently works with original Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick. The original Shameless featured Wessel, Ed Frawley, Ron “Gruve” Ramirez, and Doug Hauff, but the current line-up is


Wessel, Garmen, Tomkins, and Evan Hiney, another veteran player who’s been with the band for 18 or more years. He was also in the band the Road Dogs, and Garmen was in the all-female rock act Teaser. When you’ve been in the scene as much as these players, eventually you’ll play with everyone. These are the guys in the trenches, the ones battling it out on a Tuesday at Harry’s. One of Wessel and Hiney’s groups was called the 62.50 Band, as in 62 dollars and 50 cents—the amount each of the four members took home after a five-hour Harry’s gig. “We used to tell people it was the address of a whore house in New Orleans,” Wessel quipped, but it was really the pittance a working musician could expect in the bar scene. What’s crazy is that both Wessel and Hiney had been signed to record labels in L.A., and when you hear them perform, you’re blown away by the talent. Why aren’t they session players in L.A.? The short answer is during the crazy ’80s, they decided to eject from the Hollyweird scene take a shot at some sanity! They haven’t let go of their rock star dreams, though. Last March, the band released Everything Happens for a Reason, a collection of 11 originals and a cover of Van Morrison’s “Moondance.” They’re signed to Rhombus Records, and the band’s album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and E Music. “We love what we do,” Wessel said. “We’ll play for three drunks in a rain storm! When you work in a mental institution, you look forward to this!” And if they got called up to the big leagues, like an opening gig on a tour with an international act, would they drop everything and go for it? “Oh yeah, we’d be gone in an instant,” Wessel said. “I’ve left relationships for the music, been served divorce papers on stage, had my wedding ring thrown in my face during a sax solo.” It’s hard to not keep dreaming when you keep flirting with success. “A few months ago, I was playing House of Blues with Glenn Cornick, and the next night my shoes were sticking to the tiny stage at the Fuel Dock,” Wessel said. Evan Hiney doesn’t work a day job, but he plays every chance he gets. The day before the Tuesday Harry’s gig, he played Sunday and Monday at Harry’s with M.D.’s Evolution. He’s a tireless performer, now 60, who started playing as a 16 year old. “I moved up here in 1982, and my first gig was as a member of the Motel Inn house band,” he recalled before listing off some of his other bands: Fast Mickey, the Mix, the Sex Weasels, the Road Dogs, Tommy Lee and the Portagees, and LBS. “I still get a charge out of coming into a gig to play with people I haven’t even rehearsed with,” Hiney said. “Last night we got a request to play ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ and simple as it is, no one of us had ever tried to play it on stage, but OK, we started off the rhythm and here we go.” At the Harry’s show, for instance, I watched as the band worked with guest guitarist Tommy Lee, quickly explaining the chord progressions and changes, and then using non-verbal communication during the song to get it figured out. These guys are pros through and through! What keeps them going? They love it! “Keep everything in prospective,” Wessel said. “Don’t stress on the future.” “Enjoy the music,” Hiney said. “Do what feels good. Don’t care what people say,” Wessel finished. It’s Tuesday night at Harry’s, and there’re maybe 25 people in the club, but when the lights go down and the band hits the downbeat, they deliver the goods, as if they were playing out to a stadium of 30,000 fans. Soon the dance floor is filled, and Shameless knows they’re doing their job. S✔ Keep up with Glen Starkey via twitter at glenstarkey, friend him at or, or contact him at gstarkey@





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dli at local & hea h Featuring gre y at 9pm, wit bands nightl ays d n turdays & Su ban d s o n S a m a 2 m & 9pm to at 3pm to 8p


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One block up from the Pismo Pier!

690 Cypress, Pismo Beach • 773-1010


talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs The Abbies (Appellation

Bluegrass Band) (bluegrass) Contact: Tom or Wendy, 489-8269, captainc@, Appellation Bluegrass Band brings you authentic, acoustic music born in America and re-invented for California. (country/Mo-Town/Latin) Contact: Dave, 471-3643, Playing the best of country, oldies, Mo-Town, and Latin music, they can do a four, five, six, seven piece, or more combo.

Steve Ambarian (acoustic/ reggae/pop) Contact: Steve, (626) 278-7171 A winner of numerous awards for musicianship from organizations including the International Association for Jazz Education, Steve plays a unique style of rhythmic acoustic music that involves guitar, ukulele, and live looping techniques. Mike Annuzzi (pop/

acoustic/blues) Contact: 295-9826,, Mike Annuzzi has built a grassroots following as an independent artist in California. Mike’s music is featured on the Krush 92.5FM. Catch him performing live at music venues, wineries, and events around the Central Coast and California.

The AXIA (hard rock) Contact:

286-2700,, This San Luis Obispo-based band combines classic rock roots and modern metal with a touch of “something psychedelic.” The AXIA is for everyone who has been waiting to hear a style of rock that’s new. The AXIA can be host to any event and provide a large or small P.A. system, D.J., lighting, and up to four hours of acoustic or electrified rock as a full group.

BackBeat (rock’n’roll) Contact: Jim Love, 481-7172, backbeatmusic@ BackBeat performs a wide variety of dance music from the ’50s, classic rock, and music through the present, featuring rock’n’roll, oldies, R&B, Mo-Town, and a little bit of Latin, country, funk, and standards. Bare Feet (rock/reggae)

Contact: John Towne, 260-5099 Bare Feet mashes together the musical influences built up by each band member throughout their entire lives. Members Justin Davidson, Nathan Towne, Leif Garrovillas, Jacob Rocha, and Chris Racz are Central Coast natives who expose an all-natural style.

Bedpan (punk/metal) Contact: Started in 1997, Bedpan is a punk/ metal crossover group with a variety of influences. Group members include Brian (vocals), Bert (guitar), Geronimo (bass), and Jason (drums). Big Daddy’s Blues Band

(blues/old-school R&B) Contact: Joe Pilloud, 549-9435, bigdaddy@fix. net,, facebook. com/Big-Daddys-Blues-Band The music of Big Daddy’s Blues Band pulls blues lovers of all ages out to boogie. Young and old alike come out to party with this dynamic and danceable band. The band has paid their dues for 32 years, working the clubs and concert circuit along the West Coast of the United States.

Blind Story (rock) Contact: John, 712-3065, blindstoryband Originally a collaboration of other bands, Blind Story is quickly becoming a favorite of local music lovers. With a fresh and original approach to rock, and an emphasis on perfor-

Bloom & Embark (rock) Contact: bloomandembark@gmail. com, bloomandembark Bloom & Embark is an eclectic rock’n’roll band that explores particular subjects that are key in understanding truth, such as “control,” “creation,” “incarnation,” “meaning” and “meaninglessness.” Bob & Wendy (folk/ Americana) Contact: Bob, bliepman, This husband-and-wife folk and Americana duo features Bob on cello and mandolin and Wendy on voice and guitar, together playing haunting and beautiful original music. Their most recent release, Your Beautiful Life, was described by New Times music writer Glen Starkey as “predictably brilliant.” The Booker Tease (instrumental/

R&B/soul) Contact: Keith, 904-5228,, The Booker Tease mix a high-energy cocktail of classic instrumental Memphis R&B and soul, based on the organ-driven sounds of Booker T. and the MG’s. This four-piece combo also craftily slips in pop, rock, and soundtrack hits from the ’60s and beyond.

Boomerang (rock) Contact: Rick, 305-0063, Boomerang plays songs from the ’50s through the ’80s. Most songs are vocals accompanied by two guitars, a bass, keyboard, drums, and a harp. Yes, a rock’n’roll harp! They play for weddings, birthdays, parties, wineries, and restaurants. The Guy Budd Band

(blues/jazz) Contact: Guy Budd, 772-8080, Andy Kulikowski, 5288296, Howard Emmons, 543-0338,, The Guy Budd Band labels itself one of the premier acts on the California Central Coast. Their blend of blues, rock, funk, and jazz is highlighted by the masterful guitar work of Budd and his silky smooth vocals.

Rudolf Budginas (classical and beyond) Contact: Dr. Rudolf Budginas’ show, “Lounge Classique,” takes classical compositions and garnishes them with Latin rhythms, jazzy grooves, and his own European accent. Rudolf’s performances have sold out the Clark Center three years running, as he crosses classical borders melding tango, blues, salsa, and jazz Burning James and the Funky Flames (R&B/soul/

funk/blues) Contact: 550-3941,, Burning James and the Funky Flames are known as a premiere funk and soul band on the Central Coast.

C.FLO (top 40/hip-hop/electronic/ more) Contact: C.FLO was voted Best Club DJ in New Times’ 2009 and 2011 Best Of readers’ polls. He has been DJing for more than 12 years and incorporates music videos alongside his mix in the nightclub scene. Café Musique (waltz/tango/

Gypsy/folk) Contact: Duane Inglish,, cafemusique. org,é-musique Café Musique plays an exhilarating mix of jazz and Gypsy music. They promise listeners an odyssey that will transport them to exciting and beautiful musical landscapes.

Diana Lynn Carter (singer-

songwriter) Contact: 549-0270, Diana Lynn Carter performs contem-

This husband and wife original folk duo features songs of yearning, beauty, and loss.

Damon Castillo

(rock/soul) Contact: Dean, (310) 869-0981, dean@ dewulf entertainment. com, Led by Berklee College of Music grad Damon Castillo, this jazz-inflected pop band oozes soul and offers tightly delivered pop nuggets.

The Central Coast DJ (DJ music/

Bob A nd

emcee) Contact: Ronnie Simons, 772-0407, info@ thecentralcoastdj. com, thecentral The Central Coast DJ is a full service mobile DJ and entertainment company owned and operated by Ronnie Simons.

Code Blues (blues) Contact:

Rick Munoz, 610-8795; Craig Dingman, 712-8032; Code Blues is all about the blues, fun, and entertainment.Everybody’s got the blues, and Code Blues brings the cure.

Creole Syncopators

(jazz/blues) Contact: Jeff Beaumont, 466-8370,, The Creole Syncopators, one of the West Coast’s leading (authentic) traditional jazz bands, plays hot jazz and blues from the 1920s.

Crisptones Band (light rock/light country) Contact: Mark Crisp, Crisptones Band is a SLO County group with strong classic covers, really nice award-winning originals, and some tasty instrumentals.

Wend y

Uhuru and Lee Scratch Perry.

Denis Degher (roots rock/blues)

Contact: 296-2562, info@mojocellars. com, Sleepy Guitar Johnson (a.k.a. Denis Degher) rocks roots and blues on dobro slide, vocals, electric guitar, and harmonica. His reinvention of classic covers and original tales are like a road trip across America.

Dionysius (a.k.a. DJ Payne) (DJ/ electronica) Contact: cedricjashuapayne Cedric Joshua Payne, also known as Dionysius, has been creating electronic music since 1997 and DJing since 2000 under the name DJ Payne. His main sub-genres are drum’n’bass, downtempo, and dub. All production, programming, and engineering is by Dionysius. He also won the New Times readers’ Best Of poll DJ award in 2007 and 2008. Amy Estrada (country/pop)

Criticnue (rock/soul/experimental) Contact: Heath Seager, 220-7752, Criticnue has been performing around the state for the last four years. Sharing the stage with some great acts, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Devon Allman, and Shooter Jennings (to name a few), and winning battle of the bands are just some of their accomplishments. They love the local scene in SLO.

Contact:,,, Twitter: @amyestradamusic Amy Estrada was born and raised on the beautiful Central Coast of California, and recently achieved her life-long dream of making it to Nashville.

Cuesta Ridge (bluegrass & beyond) Contact: Patrick Pearson, 748-4366, patrickpearson1969@, Cuesta Ridge (formerly the Cuesta Ridge Mountain Boys) has honed its live show to be one of the best SLO County has to offer.

(surf rock/hula/psychedelic) Contact: Merrell Fankhauser, merrell@, This six-piece rock’n’roll band is available to play ’60s surf and classic rock. Merrell Fankhauser was a 2011 Grammy nominee for his song “Tomorrow’s Girl” that was in the Rhino Records CD release Where the Action Is, L.A. Nuggetts 1965–1968. Merrell is host of a cable access show called Tiki Lounge.

Dan Curcio (folk/soul) Contact: Michael Kaney, mike@,, Dan has committed himself to a life of music. You can download his album Bonfire from his site for whatever price you’d like to pay (including free), and you can check out his unique, soulful style at his upcoming shows listed on his website. For fans of Ben Harper, Van Morrison, Eddie Vedder, and, of course, Still Time, if you haven’t heard Dan Curcio’s new stuff yet, head over to his website for the instant download, now! Dale Curtiss (rock/jazz) Contact:

234-6205, Dale Curtiss’ music is rock-pop-based with classical and jazz influences.

Ras Danny (reggae) Contact:, Hailing from Trenchtown, Jamaica, Ras Danny is the Central Coast’s “most authentic roots reggae artist.” He’s recorded with many of the best reggae artists at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong recording studio. Ras Danny is the backing band for Grammy-winning legends Black


The Dave Aguallo Band

mance, Blind Story prides themselves on entertainment.

porary music as well as children’s music. Carter is the author of Sing and Learn with Diana, a compilation of fun and original children’s songs.

Merrell Fankhauser & Tiki Lounge Dancers

Fighting Chance (rock/ska/

reggae)Contact: Ryan East, 7097991, Fighting Chance has played in more than 40 states over the last five years. All of their albums are available for listening and purchase on Myspace, iTunes,, their website, and at Boo Boo Records in SLO.

Fish Out of Water (rock/funk/ reggae/hip-hop) Contact: Greg Deane, 234-4547, Fish Out of Water (F.O.W.) is a premier rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop specialist. Over the past 12 years, they’ve developed an exceptionally entertaining, all original live show by combining these musical styles into one formula known as RoPhunkRaeHop. Flight (DJ) Contact:, djflight. net,,, soundcloud. com/djflightonline Expect mind transforming beats—

unique, fresh, and innovative—from SLO’s home grown talent. Catch Flight on the decks at the Library Lounge, MoTav, and SLO Brew every Thursday through Saturday!

plays bars, wineries, and private parties. The band includes Shannon Ransom (lead vocals), Steve Eddy (bass, vocals), Hal Guio (guitar, vocals), and Michael Antonette (drums). They often have special guest stars like Jill Knight (guitar, vocals).

JJ Ford (country) Contact: jjford, JJ Ford is a singer-songwriter musician performing original country, folk-rock, and rock, as well as country cover songs.

Lynn Henrix (acoustic/pop/ rock) Contact:, This ukulele singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist also has music available for sync licensing.

40 Years (country/Americana)

Hip Pocket (funk/R&B) Contact: Billy Foppiano, 546-8863, Hip Pocket pumps out groove-laden funk with touches of soul and R&B, working audiences into a dance frenzy. Hip Pocket features the best funk musicians in SLO County.

Contact: Launnie, 542-9441, llginn@,, 40 Years is an acoustic trio, playing all original music with fun, uplifting songs about life.

Reese Galido Trio (folk/

soul/jazz) Contact: From jazz standards to folk-influenced originals, the Reese Galido Trio brings a listening experience to remember. Upright bass, mandolin, and acoustic guitar weave with soaring vocals to craft stirring love songs.

“Guitar Wizard” Billy Foppiano (rock/blues) Contact:

Billy Foppiano, 546-8863, Award-winning “Guitar Wizard” Billy Foppiano dishes up lively tunes using an electronic feature called “looping” to create musical layers that form a dense palette of sounds. He can create atmospheric ambience with a fat slice of joy.

The Gillie Wheesels

(Scottish/Celtic) Contact: Guy, 5288280, Named for the 18th century band of Scottish gypsies, the Gillie Wheesels are best known for their energy-infused renditions of the songs of Scottish poets Robert Burns and Robert Tannahill.

Hayburner (country/folk/ bluegrass) Contact: Hayley,; Four fiery pickers ignite Hayburner, a young string band with a gritty, old soul (and a knack for burning down barns and bars). Shredder Jared Levanway, bass thumper Katelen Frye, banjo frailer Hayley Thomas, and fiddle extraordinaire Scott Marlin bring the down-home, dirty fun. It’s a boot-stomping spectacle steeped in Americana tradition. Scott Handley (rock/jazz/

country) Contact: solstice_records@, scotthandley1 Scott is a musician, songwriter, and record producer in Pismo Beach.

Held For Ransom (country/ rock) Contact: Shannon Ransom, 674-3258,, This new country and rock band

Indigo Out (rock/blues/folk/

pop/swing) Contact: Deborah, 478-9797 Whether it’s having fun with the audience or just a part of the background, this group is “artistry in music.” Indigo Out brings superb vocals, guitar, and keyboards to their performances. As musiciansongwriters, they evoke emotion, poke fun at themselves, and play interesting arrangements.

KatchaFiya/ Majestik Sounds (DJ/reggae) Contact: DJ

KatchaFiya, 904-8855, mjstk.ent@, Born in the Northwest and grown in the Bay Area, this DJ has always seen music be a big part of his life: “It’s a meditation. It refreshes, inspires, and fuels us. What we hear in an artist’s expression is likely to influence how we lead our lives. Mixing is an opportunity to build on that. Listen to my mixes, and hopefully you will see it. And if you like it, show some love!”

The Kicks (reggae/soul/dub) Contact: A staple for modern roots reggae on the Central Coast of California, the Kicks are taking their music and message to the mainstream. The Kicks truly transcend the reggae genre and will surely win the hearts of new fans in each town they visit on their continual pursuit to create music that is not only positive and socially conscious, but true in its purist sense. Klockwyze (reggae/rap/soul) Contact: KLOCKWYZE Klockwyze is best known for its high-energy live shows and playing diverse styles of music that appeal to all walks of life. They blend styles of punk rock, funk, soul, reggae, ska, and rap, all while maintaining an authenticity that can only be

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your teenage sister seems to like it fine! About as good as drinking warm beer in a cold parking lot, minus the loitering ticket.

an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs TALENT

from page 8

described as “Klockwyze.”

Joe Koenig (folk/soul/acoustic)

Contact: 550-3685, Joe Koenig delivers a stripped-down acoustic sound with honest, introspective lyrics. His strong, soulful vocals often steal the show, soaring over songs that have their roots in country, folk, rock, and soul.

Tim Jackson (folk/rock/

americana) Contact: Tim,, 546-9225 or 540-0877, Acoustic artist Tim Jackson, born and raised in San Luis Obispo, opens new doors into the realm of modern day Americana. Tim has opened for Dwight Yoakam, the Neville Brothers, Roger McGuinn, and many other national acts. He can be found nightly up and down the Central Coast, playing solo or with his band the Bootleggers.

The Jammies (rock/funk/

reggae/blues) Contact: The Jammies play a wide variety of styles, including classic rock, funk, reggae, and blues; they play “edgy covers.” Their performance is one that you do not want to miss.

length performance DVDs, the award-winning Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music’s premiere acts. Well known for their live performances, TLB delivers fullthrottle rock fusion that soars with originality.

LBS (acoustic) Contact: 801-8614 LBS is an acoustic duet featuring two members of the Shameless Band. Both members sing, and they play acoustic guitar and bass. They are frequently featured at the Cambria Pines Lodge. Ted Lester (pop/emcee/ comedy) Contact: tedlester@gmail. com, Ted combines state-of-the-art computer music technology, live keyboard performance, and witty comedy bits to create a compelling, unique entertainment experience. The show is almost completely request-driven, and produced on the spot from Ted’s extensive music library. Local Vocals (pop) Contact:

Jim Love, 481-7172, localvocals@ This engaging group serves up vin-

Jennifer Jane (country/

Contact: Valerie Johnson, 4238592,, Al B Blue’s guitar style travels from the Mississippi Delta to Jamaica and back to Funkytown, while Valerie Johnson’s soaring vocals dish up an earthy, sultry, and gutsy mix of classic and original tunes. She caused one reviewer to exclaim, “Janis is back!”

Valerie Johnson & Her King Bees (traditional New Orleans

jazz/blues) Contact: 423-8592,, When you can’t make it to New Orleans and are craving a heapin’ helping of swinging, traditional New Orleans jazz, give VJ & Her King Bees a buzz.

Don Lampson (folk/blues/

country) Contact: 438-3912,, With a well-worn voice full of true grit and a songwriting style that rips a page from Steve Earle, John Prine, and Townes Van Zandt, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more authentic singer-songwriter.

The Travis Larson Band

(progressive rock) Contact: Travis, 528-4471, With five records and two full-


Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue (R&B/jazz/gospel)

Afrobeat/reggae/hip-hop) Contact: Malik Miko Thorne, 801-7959,, malik-miko-thorne Says Malik: “I’ve always been about anything with a soulful groove. College radio (KCPR) opened me up to a variety of genres, and public radio (KCBX) offered me a platform to play on a weekly basis. Managing a record shop has helped me pursue a novice degree of ethnomusicology.”

Stuart Mason (Americana/

Celtic/bluegrass) Contact: Stuart Mason, 534-9021, stu@helmintoller. com, Stuart Mason is known in the California traditional music community for his driving guitar, melodic mandola picking, authentic singing style, and inability to hold his whiskey. He’s a member of Molly’s Revenge—a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band—as well as the bluegrass-roots trio Little Black Train.

Champion McConnell

(blues/folk/jazz) Contact: 406-2069, Singer-songwriter, poet, and artist Champion McConnell performs his original songs as well as covers with multi-instrumentalist Joe Payne.

This worldly quintet plays a beautiful and exhilarating mix of jazz and Gypsy music.

jazz/blues/rock/disco) Contact: (928) 593-9305, jenniferjane71@, Singer-lyricist Jennifer Jane brings her powerful vocals and wide range of styles back to the Central Coast. You will recognize many of the songs Jennifer sings as her range moves from Martina McBride and Faith Hill to Elvis, from U2 to Patsy Cline, and from Donna Summer to Joan Jett.

The JD Project (rock/pop) Contact: Doug, 441-5026, The JD Project provides a great atmosphere and a great time with its California roots rock sound (a tasteful blend of rock, country, blues, and soul), with Jon Scholl (bass and backing vocals), Dan Ernst (guitar and backing vocals), Dave LaCaro (drums and backing vocals), and Doug Groshart (lead vocals and keys).

Malikmiko (DJ/soul/funk/

the Mighty Croon Dogs are a top choice for special events and celebrations. Truly the most versatile band around, their musical prowess crosses genres and age groups, taking audiences on an unforgettable joyride through rock, R&B, blues, jazz, Latin, reggae, country, and more.

The Dave Miller Band

(blues/rock) Contact: Dave Miller 234-7004, dave@thedave; Debra Windsong, 471-4093, debra @thedavemiller, This soulful, electric blues/rock band features seasoned players including front man Dave Miller, an amazing lead guitarist.

The Mother Corn Shuckers (alternative

bluegrass) Contact: Che Miller, 441-8224, booking@, The Mother Corn Shuckers is an eight-member group perfect for a variety of venues. With their blending harmonies, foot stomping getup, and dance originals, your guests of all ages will have a shuckin’ great time.

The Mud Skippers

(Dixieland/big band/polka/ragtime) Contact: Gil Delcid, 534-9019,, Versatility of music styles lends to the uniqueness and success of the Mud Skippers. Their repertoire accommodates a wide variety of preferences and requests, covering many styles and eras, from the 1800s to 1990s, and includes international music.

Moonpie (jazz/blues) Contact:

Bill Donley, 540-8322; Pete Ryan, 550-4609, moonpietheband@gmail. com, moonpietheband, Moonpietheband “Jazz on the bluesy side” is the best way to explain the band Moonpie. Becoming regulars at the Strawberry Festival, Branch Street Deli, and SLO Farmers Market, Moonpie brings some amazing jazz back into forefront with the mix of talented musicians.

Jody Mulgrew (pop/folk) Contact: Jody Mulgrew’s distinctive voice and lovable songs make him a favorite of local music fans and radio programmers. His efforts have won him acclaim locally and in the larger music industry. His debut solo album, Rocket Ship, won Best Album at the New Times Music Awards. He was awarded the Abe Olman Scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting by the Songwriters Hall of Fame, presented as part of the New Music Seminar in New York.

e u q i s u M é Caf

tage and contemporary tunes, guaranteed to get your toe a-tappin’, place words on your lips, and a glow in your heart.

The Loveless Estate

(acoustic/alternative/folk) Contact: Donny Kidd, 975-7971, With warm vocals coated over engaging acoustic guitar riffs, the Loveless Estate brings a fresh approach to the all too often dreary music scene. Writing, recording, and performing all their own music, the Loveless Estate has been busy at work.

Magazine Dirty (punk/rock)

Contact: facebook/MagazineDirty Magazine Dirty is just what it sounds like: raw rock’n’roll wrapped in a healthy dose of snotty sex (just transpose the two words, smartypants). They may be arguably “too old to be playing punk rock,” but

Casey McDonald

(singer-songwriter) Contact: 7048792, Casey McDonald performs at wineries, cafes, clubs, festivals, and other venues throughout the area. He has been host of songwriter showcases at various venues over the last five years.

Mean Gene Band (rock) Contact:

Gene, 474-7017, or 343-2686 The Mean Gene Band featuring Gene Baker is one of the Central Coast’s premier rock acts, which recently released Recycled, a collection of 10 of the band’s favorite tunes. They were recently invited to play the Ronnie Montrose Tribute Memorial Concert.

The Mighty Croon Dogs (rock/ R&B/blues/reggae,

and more) Contact: Billy Foppiano, 546-8863, Long-time SLO County favorites

The Mystery Trees

(rock) Contact: The Mystery Trees describe themselves as a roots rock’n’roll band whose “hillbilly blues power” music encompass blues, country, rockabilly, and Appalachian music. These musicians grew up playing all this music without discriminating one from the other. The Trees are fun. They are gritty. They strive for fine musicianship while never losing sight of the reason for having a band: to rock and roll.

Natural Incense (reggae/

rock) Contact: Eric Singer, (858) 229-2592, naturalincense420@, Natural Incense is a five-piece reggae-rock fusion band that induces a meditative and philosophical state of being through the best tradition of socially conscious reggae.

NDT (heavy metal) Contact: James Sullivan, 712-1418, NDT tries to recreate the furry and

power of ’80s heavy metal, with simple catchy riffs and understandable lyrics in a modern presentation.

Neighborhood Creep

(funk/blues/rap) Contact: Justin, 712-6464, For more than 15 years, Neighborhood Creep has performed original music on the Central Coast.

Nicholas Nikoo (DJ) Contact:, An artist at heart, Nikoo explores all realms of creativity. Starting with a live mix show on KCPR 91.3, Nikoo has become an underground powerhouse. Nikoo masterfully blends musical hits spanning multiple decades and genres; your aural fancies will be tickled. Nothing Ever Stays

(alternative rock) Contact: Milan Vrajich, Jr., 423-6258, milan_nes@, nothingeverstays., nothingeverstays Nothing Ever Stays is an alternative rock band with the likeness of Jimmy Eat World, Bayside, and Foo Fighters.

Oasis Band (rock/jazz/swing) Contact: Ed Harris, 550-5387, Oasis Band bills itself as the most versatile band on the Central Coast. They go above and beyond to play a variety of musical styles that appeal to people of all ages. From Big Band to good time rock’n’roll, blues, jazz, and swing, Oasis has built a reputation for creating magic on stage. OGMA (alternative rock) Contact:

Samson Crimmel, ogmanow@gmail. com, OGMA plays melodic, upbeat, socially conscious music created with positive intention to uplift, inspire, and energize the listener.

Ogoun (doom metal/stoner rock)

Contact: Derek Schultz, 704-6994,, Ogoun is a stoner-doom power trio from San Luis Obispo laying down bluesy, heavy riffs inspired by giants of the genre such as Kyuss, Clutch, High On Fire, and Sleep.

Tim Pacheco (acoustic/folk)

Contact: 674-2819, timpacheco@, Guitarist-producer Will Ackerman had this to say about Pacheco’s new guitar CD Of Wordless Realms: “Tim is a brilliant guitarist, a wonderful composer, and this is his finest work to date.”

The Paisanos (acoustic

blues/folk) Contact: Joe DiVincenzo, 434-1323, joedivincenzo@sbcglobal. net, The Paisanos get their inspiration from the close-knit paisanos of Monterey fame! They play a wide variety of rock’n’roll, blues, and country.

Mark Pietri Trio (jazz/ swing) Contact: 400-9805, Featuring elegant and classic jazz in the style of Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Manhattan Transfer, Pietri’s emphasis is on strong vocals and tasty solos for those folks that like to snap their fingers, tap their toes, and swing their lovers around the dance floor. PK (rock) Contact: Travis, 610-2810,,, PK has toured with Angels and Airwaves, Twin Atlantic, and opened for Aerosmith. They were also featured in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 16 unsigned rock groups in the nation. Check out this scrappy, energetic rock quintet’s latest release, The Lost Boys Sessions.

Public Defendaz (hip-hop) Contact: Cassidy Wright, 215-4053,, publicdefendaz Public Defendaz is a diverse collec-

tion of musicians who represent their personal views through the lifestyle and music of hip-hop. Their purpose is to bring audiences a quality of music that directly reflects the “voice” of the people.

Loren Radis (folk/acoustic/

rock) Contact: lorenradismusic@, Says Radis, “The songs I write are about what’s important to me: life, love, sadness, joy, and the meaning of it all. I hope that making good music and being honest are enough to make it as a musician. I love the music of artists like Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith, and Damien Rice.”

Ranchers for Peace (folk/ acoustic/rock) Contact: chas. Ranchers for Peace are Charles and Ray Duncan, a father-daughter duo from the Central Coast with a fresh take on acoustic folk-rock they’ve termed “neo-hippie protest music.” Formed in the fall of 2011 and featuring heartfelt harmonies, thoughtful songwriting, and a hopeful change-the-world attitude, these Ranchers ride the range of possibilities, doing what they can to help make giving a damn cool again. Red Eye Junction (country/

honky-tonk) Contact: Reid Cain, 540-4268,, If you like your country music steeped in the sounds of Bakersfield and honky-tonk that reeks with the aroma of beer and sawdust rather than hair mousse and celebrity fragrances, then REJ is your cup of shine. It’s the music of Saturdaynight sinning and Sunday-morning salvation.

Remnants (rock) Contact: Ron

Yapo, 925-6207, Say the Remnants, “We’re just a bunch of guys who love playing music who have a big all-ages following in Lompoc. We play several times a month in clubs, at DJ’s Saloon, and the Wicked Shamrock; lots of parties, lots of benefits.”

Rumble (rock/soul/funk/blues)

Contact: 927-1139, rumble.cambria Rumble is Katrina Resewehr, vocals; Dorian Michael, guitar; Rick Pittman, drums; Wil Anderson, bass, keys, and sax. Join them at local bars, wineries, weddings, and the Pismo Classic and Cambria Car Show.

San Luis Chamber Orchestra Contact: 528-7795,, The San Luis Chamber Orchestra is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians to rehearse and perform orchestral music, furnish inexpensive live orchestral music performances to the public, and foster appreciation for the live performance of orchestral music.

San Luis Obispo County Band (patriotic, classical,

marches) Contact: Curtis Reinhardt, 773-4173, curtis@curtisreinhardt. com, The SLO County Band has been playing continuously for 137 years. Its members are of all ages and from all parts of SLO County. The group performs at more than 20 events annually, which include formal concerts; civic, historical, and patriotic performances; and appearances in the summer at the SLO Farmers Market.

San Luis Obispo Symphony Contact: Jim Black,

Executive Director, 543-3533, The SLO Symphony presents concerts, events, and music education

TALENT continued page 11


activities for all ages throughout the Central Coast.

and originals. Check out their Rhombus Records CD, Everything Happens for a Reason, available on Amazon and iTunes.

San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony Contact: Andrea

Sharine and the Hot’n’Swirl Ensemble


from page 10

Castillo, Music Education Director,543-3533, The SLO Youth Symphony provides symphonic and chamber music education and performances for children ages 8 to 18—the only opportunity between Santa Barbara and Monterey for young musicians to receive full orchestral training.

Derek Senn (singer-

songwriter) Contact: dereksenn. Derek Senn writes original songs. Topics include love, guns, divorce, politics, child-rearing, oligarchs, zealots, bankruptcy, purse dogs, and snow bunnies.

Sexy Time Explosion

(glam/punk/garage) Contact: Erik McCornack, 459-2212, emccornack@, SexyTimeExplosion Turbonegro tribute band Sexy Time Explosion is located here on the Central Coast, but Turbonegro was Europe’s reigning king of death punk in the late ’80s. Like the original, Sexy Time is big on theatrics and puts on a very entertaining show, along with playing good music.

Shameless (rock) Contact: John,

464-1047; Evan, 528-7305, Evington@; Shameless-CA/169616853059950 Shameless is a classic rock band on California’s Central Coast, playing at local clubs, wineries, and private parties. Featuring flute, sax, keyboards, bass, guitar, and drums, they offer a wide range of covers

(Celtic/Gypsy) Contact: producers@, Sharine and the Hot’n’Swirl Ensemble defies the popular songwriters’ format, blending Celtic, Gypsy, and eclectic classical arrangements.

Solomon Creek (country) Contact: Chuck Williams, 937-5752, Solomon Creek is focused on traditional country music, influenced by Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Brooks & Dunn, and George Strait, among others. Solomon Creek plays from Santa Margarita to Santa Ynez at clubs and private parties. Soul Sauce (rock/soul/reggae/

blues) Contact Chet, 440-2495,, Soul Sauce combines original and cover tunes to provide the right mix for a crowd-pleasing show and to keep the dance floor moving. Their self-titled Soul Sauce CD has garnered radio play, and they have quickly become favorites for winery events, clubs, and private parties.

Soundhouse (rock) Contact: Erik McCornack, 459-2212,, This band is a ’70s to ’90s rock cover band comprised of five talented local musicians. This group of accomplished musicians knows how to entertain, and when they hit the stage, no one is disappointed! Spanky (solo americana/folk) Contact: Spanky has performed around the

Brew to your own Music

Central Coast for the past 25 years. His rich, resonate vocal sounds flow over a foundation of acoustic instrumentation, consisting of 6- and 12-string guitar, banjo, and ukulele. His live performances are marked with alacrity and sincerity. His mission is to make music for as many people, in as many places, as possible. Sparrows Gate (folk/rock) Contact: Zebedee Zaitz,, myspace. com/sparrowsgate, sparrowsgate Sparrows Gate is the music of Zebedee Zaitz, vocals, guitar; Joel Tolbert, keys, slide guitar; Anthony Zaitz, bass, vocals; Joshua Barnhart, drums, vocals; and Paul Dutton, guitar, vocals. Dreaming down the coast with their fingers strings and other things. No finer feeling than letting these foxes and their tunes take you on the road with them. Cliff Stepp (singersongwriter/raconteur) Contact: 202-4655, Cliff’s songs have been recorded by the Pure Prairie League, The 49 Specials, Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue, and a blues band produced by B.B. King. He’s opened for bands ranging from Joe Walsh’s James Gang to Tommy Castro. Cliff is also the announcer and producer of a weekly radio show on The KRUSH 92.5 FM, called Songwriters at Play. Steppin’ Out (R&B/funk/old-school jazz) Contact: 720–6872, mjarriola@, Billing themselves as the Central Coast’s finest dance band, these musicians say, “Our passion is music; our priority is you.” Shane Stoneman (Americana/indie) Contact: 4719367, stoneman.9 Says Stoneman, “If I have to use labels for you to know me, then I’d

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record your own music? Or, learn the Trade?

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781- 9974

TUES – SAT 10am - 5pm 855 Capitolio Way #2 SLO • WWW.DOCSCELLAR.COM

define myself as a surfboard shaper, painter, and songwriter. After traveling the world as a ‘minor league’ pro surfer, I studied English literature at Cal Poly in the 1990s. Since that chapter, I’ve been chasing my artistic endeavors with both a serious work ethic and a sense of humor ... and I’m still doing it after all this time.” Strummingbirds (rock/ blues/folk) Contact: Diana Lynne Carter, 549-0270,, Strummingbirds plays vintage classic rock, blues, and contemporary folk rock at local venues, private parties, special events, and weddings. Listen on their Strummingbirds YouTube channel, or their Strummingbirds Facebook page. The Swan Thief (shoegaze/ post-rock) Contact: theswanthief. or theswanthief@ Intricate melodies and slow, heavy rhythms combine to create a wall of sound. This local act lets the music build and swell until it explodes in an epic chorus of pounding drums and blazing guitar. With songs consisting mostly of complex instrumental arrangements, lyrics are sparse but sung with a pleading passion that emphasizes the tragic tone. Colleen Sweeney (pop standards/originals) Contact: 2215459 or 928-710-8579, Raised in the Bay Area, Colleen Sweeney began playing guitar and writing songs at age 16. She recently moved to the Central Coast where she performs in local venues. James Sweetwater (folk/ country/rock) Contact: Jim Sweetwater 835-8580,, Music is about fun, love, danger

talent an A-to-Z list of Central Coast musical artists and DJs and loss. Music takes us back to places we have been and to places we may never see. Join Jim for a show and take home what you like; one thing is for sure: it’s always a good time. He also performs with the Sweetwater Trio, with Jacquie Traub on bass and Dusty Rhoads on drums.

The Swingin’ Doors

(country/ honky-tonk) Contact: Ted, 704-5116,, The Swingin’ Doors is a western swing and honky-tonk band featuring the musical talents of Ynana Rose, vocals; Ted Waterhouse, guitar; Allan Dick, fiddle; Fred Murray, bass; and Dean Giles, drums.

David Talmage (acoustic/ folk/country/rock) Contact: 9090553, David Talmage plays original pieces, as well as covers that will spark a memory, on six- and 12- string guitar. He’s been playing on the Central Coast for many years, and loves what he does. Tarweed Two (punk/rock)

Contact: facebook/thetarweedtwo, What happens when two honestto-God songwriters start making eyes at each other from across a crowded bar? Songs—that’s what happens—heartfelt tunes about heartache, love and loss, mischief, pain and pleasure. With the help of many a local musician friend, heartsick melodies are popping up like

weeds around these parts, courtesy of the Tarweed Two. The sweet-yetprickly Hayley Rose and Dr. Reid Cain make up this fiery country duo.

Ten Toe Grip (rock) Contact:

John Yanes, tentoegrip@earthlnk. net, This is the consummate party band! A Ten Toe Grip show mixes new and classic rock with country and Texas blues. Infectious grooves abound from this power trio willing the audience to the dance floor and always leaving them wanting more. Ten Toe Grip is available for nightclubs, wineries, and private parties.

“Tennessee Jimmy” Harrell

(country/blues/rock) Contact: 6747585,, Know as “The Country Gentlemen,” Tennessee Jimmy is the real McCoy. Influenced by early country, western swing, R&B, and classic rock, Tennessee Jimmy performs regularly at F. McLintocks in Shell Beach and at local hotels, restaurants, wineries, trail rides, fundraisers, and special events.

Three Legged Dawg

(folk/Americana/psuedo-psychohippy-grass) Contact: pismospanky@ Made up of Fred Rodriguez, guitar, mando, dobro; Spanky Baldwin, guitar, banjo, ukulele; and No. 23 Andy Bird, downright upright

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A Central Coast directory of performers TALENT

from page 11

bass—these members of Fryer Duck and the Raindawgs, Midnite Ryder, and the Skydawgs have been layin’ it down for more than 25 years.

The Tipsy Gypsies (Gypsy

jazz/pop) Contact: thebstring@ The Tipsy Gypsies—featuring the lovely Hilary Langdon, vocals; Forrestt Williams, guitar; Allan Dick, violin; Isaac Laing, drums; and Brian Lanzone, double bass—create music that could be described as a cross between Gypsy jazz and pop music. They have created a style that is both classic and unique all at once.

Trio Internationale

(polka and more) Contact: Chuck Osborne, 937-9021, triointernationale Trio Internationale performs for anniversaries, weddings, dances, trial separations, and more. Read about and hear several complete selections of their musical offerings on their website.

TROPO (electronic/dance/

trance/house/rock) Contact: Tyson Leonard, 441-2569, TROPO This live electronic dance music (EDM) group from the Central Coast of California features an architect, a violinist, a hula hooper, a poet, and an Egyptian Shaman. They bring you Tronic vibrations, a myriad emotionally charged dance

tunes, live programming of electronic beats, and crunchy bass oscillations, intent on raising the energy, sweat, and bliss in space!

Truth About Seafood

(rock) Contact: Brad Daane, (323) 810-2723, truthaboutseafood@, truthaboutseafood Truth About Seafood is a local band with a big sound, delivering tight rock and good times.

Karen Tyler Trio, with Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue (Americana) Contact: 423-

8592,, It has been said that “Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue make music that walks right into your heart and shakes hands with your soul.” The duo cooks up a perfect stew of blues, traditional jazz, and Janis Joplin-esque rock’n’roll. Mix in Karen Tyler’s country-blues vocals, fingerstyle guitar, and original songs, and you have a three-course meal that’s sure to satisfy the soul.

Unfinished Business

(’60s rock/soul) Contact: Ed Miller, 929-5211, unfinishedbusiness@, Think Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Mo-Town, and much more—high energy rock’n’roll for all occasions! Band members are David Hollister, drums; Jim Witt, bass, vocals; Ben Davis, rhythm guitar, vocals; Ed Miller, lead guitar, vocals; and Thomas Cuffe, keyboards.

Urban 805 (smooth urban jazz) Contact: Mitch Watts, 546-9108 Smooth urban jazz has never sounded so good! Urban 805 predicts their style will take urban jazz into “new and exciting territory.” The band, whose musically savvy and appreciative fan base is growing by leaps and bounds, is now taking their distinctive sound and songs on the road, to the delight of audiences everywhere.

Hayb urner

Venomous Voices (hip-

hop/jazz/funk) Contact: Jake Bonilla, 266-4761, jon@, Venomous Voices is a premier genre-breaking hip-hop group from the 805 that combines live instruments and ultra-smooth rhymes to create a soulfully funky and head-nodding live performance not to be missed!

Devin Wallace (folk blues/

jazz-tinged) Contact: 709-2227, Wallace does bluesy, jazz-tinged originals performed with guitar and accompanied by trumpet or saxophone. He cut his teeth writing music for theater, so his songs have a dramatic storytelling quality, ex-

July 28 · 7pm · Outdoor SLOfolks

Baguette Quartette

August 11 · 7pm · Outdoor SLOfolks

Peppino D’Agostino

August 19 · 1-4pm · Lazy Locals Free Concert

Up in the Air

August 25 · 7pm · Escuela del Rio Benefit


September 9 · 1-4pm ·Lazy Locals Free Concert

Oktoberfest · Parades Mardi Gras All or any occasion!

Salty Suites

Luke Byron Band

September 22 · 7pm · Outdoor SLOfolks

Hot Buttered Rum October 19 · 6:30pm

Damon Castillo Band

Jazz · Swing · Dixieland Polka · Latin & More!

October 19-21

Harvest Festival October 20&21 · 10am-5:30pm · Open House Soul Sauce 12-4pm both days October 27 · 7:30pm · Indoor SLOfolks

Chris Proctor & Brooks Robertson OFF HWY. 46 WEST 1315 N.Bethel Rd., Templeton Open Daily 10 to 5:30 Reservations Recommended



Up in the Air (eclectic/multicultural/jam) Contact: John Beccia, 438-5855,, Up in the Air blends elements of structure and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, rock, pop, funk, bluegrass, Latin, and world beat. The result is a fresh and danceable musical experience with a conspicuously multicultural sound. (805) 534-9019

ploring what it’s like to go “wading in the human condition.”

Yee haw! This is a young string band with a gritty, old soul and a knack for burning down barns and bars.

designed patio parties, wine tastings, themed events, weddings, corporate functions, trade shows, and cocktail lounges.

band. They like to play wineries, parties, and clubs.

Young Ireland (Irish/Celtic)

Jan Walters (harpist) Contact:

602-6464, harpedameusa@gmail. com, Harpist Jan Walters performs and records all over the world. Her music encompasses traditions from classical, contemporary, folk, Celtic, and early music played on different harps.

Ted Waterhouse (solo blues/Americana) Contact: 7045116, Ted Waterhouse (a.k.a. Catalina Eddy) plays a great mix of music as a solo performer—from delta blues to jump swing, rockabilly, honkytonk, and favorites of the ’50s, ’60s, and later, as well as originals.

Contact: Patrick O’Hara at 801-2988 or; These singer-songwriters perform original and traditional Irish folk music as a duo or full band to suit your budget, ideal for house concerts, festivals, and other concert venues, or to spice up a special occasion needing authentic Celtic flavor.

Ken Warrick (rock/ranch/

Wild Anderson (alt/swamp

Zongo All Stars

retro/big chill/country/blues/swing) Contact: 550-2398, music4all@me. com, Music for all occasions, classics to the abstract, Warrick’s mixology serves up sizzling torch tunes and ballads. An eclectic repertoire of classic musical cocktails gets the party started. He’s great for custom

infused pop) Contact: 610-4375,, Wild Anderson’s original sound is like JJ Cale meets Steely Dan, or a RadioHead or Police kind of action. They frequently have talented guest vocals, keyboard, and/or horns join their core four-piece

(CaliCubano) Contact: Paul Irving, 441-3344,, Zongo All-Stars is a 100 percent original, hot, fun, and exciting CaliCubano style that fuses Afro-Caribbean, Latin jazz, Calypso, and more, into an irresistible dance mix. S✔


South County Branch St. Deli: 203 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, 489-9099 The Cliffs Resort: 2757 Shell Beach Road, 773-5000, F. McLintocks Saloon: Two locations: 750 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach; 133 Bridge St., Arroyo Grande, 773-1892, Gather Wine Bar: 122 E. Branch St. in the Village of Arroyo Grande, 474-4771, gatherwine Harry’s Night Club and Beach Bar: Cypress and Pomeroy, Pismo Beach, 773-1010. Laetitia Winery: 453 Laetitia Vineyard Drive, Arroyo Grande, 481-1772. Lido Restaurant at Dolphin Bay: 2727 Shell Beach Road, Shell Beach, 7734300, Mongo’s Saloon: 359 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach, 489-3639. Mr. Rick’s: 404 Front St., Avila Beach, 595-7425. The Santa Maria Brewery: 112 Cuyama Lane, Nipomo, 349-2090. Seaventure: 100 Ocean View, Pismo Beach, 773-4994. Shell Cafe: 1351 Price St., Pismo Beach, 773-8300. SLO Down Pub: 1200 E. Grand Ave. (at Brisco Road), Arroyo Grande, 473-0102. The Spot: 116 W. Branch St. Arroyo Grande, 474-5711. Ventana Grill : 2575 Price St. Pismo Beach, 773-0000, Vino Versato: 781 Price St., Pismo Beach, 773-6563

San Luis Obispo Alegria Wine and Ware : 942 Chorro St., 596-0200. Bon Temps Creole Cafe : 1000 Olive St., 544-2100. Creeky Tiki : 782 Higuera St., 903-2591. The Drum Circuit: 280 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, 543-0335. Frog and Peach Pub : 728 Higuera St., 595-3764. The Graduate: 990 Industrial Way, 541-0969,

Kreuzberg : 685 Higuera St., 439-2060. Linnaea’s Cafe : 1110 Garden St., 541-5888. Madonna Inn: 100 Madonna Road, 543-3000. Pappy McGregor’s: 1865 Monterey St., 543-5458, Sanitarium: 1716 Osos St., 215-9305. SLO Brewing Co.: 1119 Garden St., 543-1843 or Steynberg Gallery: 1531 Monterey St., 547-0278. Z Club : 2010 Parker St., 544-2582.

North County Bee Rock Store : 5625 Interlake Road, 5 miles above Lake Nacimiento Dam, 472-9677, The Boar’s Hole : 1242 Park St., Paso Robles, 835-1894. Camozzi’s : 5855 El Camino Real, Atascadero, 466-1880. D’anbino Vineyards and Cellars: 710 Pine St., Paso Robles, 227-6800. Elkhorn Bar: 1263 Mission St., San Miguel, 467-3909, The Haven Wine Bistro : 6155 El Camino Real, Atascadero, 468-4880, La Bellasera Hotel and Suites : 206 Alexa Ct., Paso Robles, 238-2834. Last Stage West: Halfway Station on Highway 41 (15050 Morro Road at Toro Creek), 4611393, Pappy McGregor’s: 1122 Pine St., Paso Robles, 238-7070, Paso Robles Inn Cattleman’s Lounge : 1103 Spring St., 238-2660. Pine Street Saloon: 1234 Pine St., Paso Robles, 238-1114. The Pit Stop: 2805 Black Oak Drive, Paso Robles, 239-1261. The Pony Club at Hotel Cheval: 1021 Pine St., Paso Robles, 226-9995. The Porch : 22322 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, 438-3376, The Ranch Restaurant and Honky Tonk Nightclub: 1285 Mission St. in San Miguel, 467-5047, Sculpterra Winery: 5015 Linne Road, Paso Robles, 226-8881.

North Coast 10th Street Grill : 2011 10th St., Los Osos, 528-2011, Cambria Pines Lodge : 2905 Burton Drive, Cambria, 9274200, El Colibri and Spa : 5620 Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria, 924-3003, Fuel Dock: 900 Main St., Morro Bay, 772-8478. Inn at Morro Bay : 60 State Park Road, Morro Bay, 772-5651. Las Cambritas : 2336 Main St., Cambria, 927-0175. The Merrimaker : 1301 2nd St. in Los Osos, 528-9940. Mozzi’s Saloon : 2262 Main St. in Cambria, 927-4767. Old Cayucos Tavern : 130 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, 995-3209. Otter Rock Cafe : 885 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 7721420. Rock Espresso Bar : 275 Morro Bay Blvd., 772-3411. Sea Pines Golf Resort : 1945 Solano St., Los Osos, 528-5252. Skippers Restaurant : 113 N. Ocean, Cayucos, 995-1122. Stax Wine Bar : 1099 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 7725055, Sweet Springs Saloon: 990 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos, 528-3764, Tognazzini’s Dockside : 1245 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-8100. Windows on the Water: 699 Embarcadero, suite 7, Morro Bay, 772-0677.

Rental Venues Arroyo Grande Rotary Bandstand : Heritage Square Park Village of Arroyo Grande : Contact AG Parks, Rec, and Facilities Department. Nadine Elliott: 473-5474, nelliott@ The Grange Hall : 2880 Broad St., San Luis Obispo, 543-0639. Mitchell Park Bandstand : Mitchell Park, San Luis Obispo. Contact SLO Parks and Rec, Karen Divine, 781-7222. Acoustic concerts only!

San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church: 1515 Fredericks St., SLO, Sanctuary and Activity Center, 543-7580, sloumc. com/home.aspx. The SLO Vet’s Hall : 801 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo, 7815930, Trinity Hall : 6565 Edna Road, San Luis Obispo, 541-3229.

Festivals & Concert Series Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival: 773-4173,, curtis@ Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival : 773-4173, arroyograndevillage. org/strawberry_fest.shtml, curtis@ Arroyo Grande Summer Concert Series : 473-2250, Arroyo Grande Village Summer Concert Series: 773-4173, curtis@ Atascadero Summer Saturday Concerts: 470-3178, Avila Beach Blues Festival : Bruce Howard, 924-1142, or 1-888-825-5484. Avila Beach Farmers Market : Back Bay Jazz Festival : 528-4884, seapinesgolfresort. com. Basin Street Regulars of Pismo Beach Concerts : Pismo Beach Veterans Memorial Building, 780 Bello St., 550-4865. Basin Street Regulars Presents Jubilee By The Sea : 550-4865, 528-1612, 481-7840, Brown Bag Concerts : First Presbyterian Church of SLO, 543-5451. California Mid-State Fair : Mid State Fairgrounds, 2198 Riverside Ave., Paso Robles, 1-800-909-FAIR, Cal Poly Music And Festivals : Contact 756-2787 or 756-2406, Cambria Concerts At Shamel Park : Contact 9273624; info at Central Coast Children’s Choir:

targets SLO County clubs, venues, festivals, and concert series Central Coast Railroad Festival : 773-4173, curtis@, California International Choral Festival and Competition (CICFC): 541-6797 or 756-2787; Clark Center: 489-9444, Cliffs Resort Summer Concerts : 2757 Shell Beach Road in Shell Beach, 773-5000, Cuesta College Concerts: 546-3195, performingarts. Concerts in the Paso Robles Park: The City Park Gazebo, 12th and Spring St., 2373988 or 237-4741. Fall Flood Festival: Oct. 19-21, 2012, in locations throughout SLO. Contact Carver at Festival Mozaic: Contact 781-3008, Festival Mozaic Wintermezzo Series : 781-3009, Grover Beach Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series : Ramona Garden Park, 993 Ramona Ave., 473-4585, PAC and Cal Poly Arts Concerts: 756-2787, pacslo. org, Live Oak Music Festival : Lake Cachuma, off of Hwy. 154 in the Santa Ynez Valley, 781-3030, Main Stage Entertainment at Farmers’ Market in SLO : Higuera and Nipomo streets, 541-0286. Morro Bay Music Festival : 714 Embarcadero, 772-1155, Pacific Breeze Concert Series at Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach: 773-4173, curtis@, pismo Pops by the Sea: Avila Beach Golf Resort, 543-3533, Pozo Saloon Concerts : 90 West Pozo Road, east of Santa Margarita, 438-4225,

Red Barn Concerts : 2180 Palisades Ave. and 2220 Snowy Egret Lane, Los Osos, 528-4530, San Luis Chamber Orchestra Performances : 528-7795, Schoolhouse Rock at Salisbury Vineyards : 6985 Ontario Road off of the Avila Beach exit. 595-WINE, SLO Blues Society Concerts: 541-7930, slo SLO County Band Summer Concerts: Mitchell Park in SLO, SLO Downtown Association Concerts in the Plaza: The Mission Plaza in SLO, 541-0286, SLO Farmers Market : Higuera Street, 541-0286, SLOFolks Concerts: 528-8963, slofolksmusic@, SLO Symphony : 543-3533, SLO Vocal Arts Ensemble Concerts : 541-6797, Songwriters at Play singer-songwriter showcases : Steynberg Gallery Concerts : 1531 Monterey St., SLO, 547-0278. Stone Soup Music Faire : 8th, 9th, and Ramona streets, Grover Beach, 489-9091 or 473-4580. Sylvester Winery Summer Sunset Concerts : 5115 Buena Vista Dr., Paso Robles, 227-4000, Templeton Concerts in the Park : 434-4900, Paderewski Festival : 227-2888, Tuesdays in the Park Concert Series in Atascadero : Atascadero Lake Park, 466-2044, Vina Robles Saturday Live Series : 369-0140 or 227-4812, S✔

Live Music Every Sunday

on our outdoor patio


Open Daily • Patio Seating • Lunch • Dinner • Cocktails & Food To Go Central Coast Music 365 Morro Bay Blvd. Morro BaY 772-4930


2336 Main Street • East Village, Cambria • 927-0175



needs. The shop boasts a knowledgeable staff and “huge stock” of more than 1,400 guitars and accessories.

Matt’s Music Stage & School

music-related businesses on the Central Coast

Tech Services M.S. Friedlander Electrical Electronics

Contact: 481-2518, soundguruman@ Get technical and repair services for bands, studios, live venues, home theaters. Meet a bench tech and sound engineer with 35 years’ experience. License No. 947806.



Bluegrass Music Society of the Central Coast BMSCC promotes and preserves bluegrass, old-time, traditional, and gospel music for Central Coast enthusiasts. San Luis Chamber Orchestra Contact: 528-7795,, The San Luis Chamber Orchestra is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians to rehearse and perform orchestral music.

SLO Blues Society

Contact: 541-7930,, P.O. Box 14041, San Luis Obispo, 93406 The San Luis Obispo Blues Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the Central Coast with high-quality blues music performances at reasonable prices.

SLOfolks (San Luis Obispo Folk

Music Society) Contact: 440-9521,, 2495 Tierra Dr., Los Osos, SLOfolks, a nonprofit organization, brings live music from Appalachia to Mali, a diversity reflecting the cultural history and expression of the people’s music played on a variety of instruments.

SLO Jazz Federation

Contact: 546-3733,, P.O. Box 1888, Morro Bay, 93443 Central Coast jazz lovers have come together to create the SLO County Jazz Federation, which serves to support and encourage jazz appreciation.

Instruments Butch’s Guitar & Repair Contact: butchsguitar.

com, 782-9419, 570 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo Butch’s Guitar & Repair is a certified warranty repair location for nearly a dozen major guitar manufactur-

ers—Martin, Taylor, Santa Cruz, and Collings, to name a few. Butch’s not only repairs and restores, but also builds their own line of high quality electric and acoustic instruments. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Central Coast Music

Contact: Ed Frawley, 772-4930,, 365 Morro Bay Blvd., Morro Bay Central Coast Music has been serving the Central Coast for more than 20 years, offering new, used, and vintage musical instruments and equipment and service with a smile.

Drum Circuit Contact:, 543-0335, 280 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo The Drum Circuit reports being inspired by and run in the tradition of some of the great drum shops around the country. The shop prides itself on its service, accurate information, integrity, and a special love for drumming. Ernie Ball, Inc. Contact:, 544-7726, 151 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo Guitar and string maker Ernie Ball has been producing guitars and accessories for decades. Slash, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, The Eagles, John Mayer, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, and Jack White are a few of his many famous customers. Esoterik Guitars Contact:, 215-0784, 871 Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo Esoterik Guitars makes high-end, neckthrough, electric guitars. Choose from select woods, premium finishes, and the very best in hardware.

Faultline Music Contact:, facebook. com/Faultline-Music, 226-7400, 1526 Spring St., Paso Robles Faultline Music recently moved to a new building in downtown Paso Robles. Faultline carries beginner to pro-level guitars, amps, drums, and accessories, and also offers lessons, repairs, and PA system rentals.

Grand Performance Music & Sound Contact: 489-7181, 3563 Sueldo St., suite D, San Luis Obispo Grand Performance Music and Sound offers a range of audio products, from individual pieces to complete systems for a variety of uses: live performances, clubs, houses of worship, background music, and public address. Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven Contact: lightningjoes.

com, 481-2226, 100 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande Check out Lightning Joe’s for guitar

Contact:, 237-0054, 211 S. Main St., Templeton Matt’s Music is a full-service music center in downtown Templeton. Matt has more than 40 years of experience and does most repairs himself. Concerts and workshops provide the community with entertainment and learning experiences.

MP Ukuleles Contact:, mpukulele@gmail. com, Mike Pereira, 226-8368, PO Box 381, Shandon 93461 A very cool custom ukulele builder right in our own backyard, he worked for National Guitars years ago.

National Reso-Phonic Guitars Contact: nationalguitars.

com, 546-8442, 871 Via Esteban, San Luis Obispo National Reso-Phonic Guitars prides itself on creating high-end reso-phonic stringed instruments reflecting the 1920s design that amplified an acoustic guitar’s sound through cones in the guitar body. National does custom guitars and offers a line of various models of Reso-Phonic guitars.

Triplett Harps Contact:, 544-2777, 220 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo Triplett Harps has been designing and building musical instruments since 1980. All of the harps are designed with consideration for tone, lines, and workmanship. Highlander Musical Audio Products Contact:, 547-1410 or 1-888-658-1819, 870 Capitolio Way, suite 3, San Luis Obispo For 22 years, Highlander has been manufacturing high-definition pickups for acoustic guitars and National Reso-Phonic guitars.


& Management AMS Entertainment

Contact: slo,, 202-2020, 1-800-549-3472 Celebrate in style with a large selection of DJs, emcees, live musicians, bands, and entertainers.

Music of the Central Coast Contact: Bo Barry, 235-

3377, bo@musicofthecentralcoast. com, Specializing in booking, distribution, management, development, and touring, Music of the Central Coast can help you with brand management and development.

Obsession Entertainment

Contact:, reza@, 886-4040, 793 A East Foothill Blvd., suite 295, San Luis Obispo Obsession Entertainment is an event

Miramonte Studio, SLO Miramonte Studio

is a full service, platinum record awarded Pro Tools facility located in picturesque San Luis Obispo. Owner Kenny Lee Lewis has been Bassist Guitarist, writer and producer with the Steve Miller Band for over 30 years. Come realize your musical Dreams at Miramonte!

Call for references and prices 661-607-5645 or email at:

management and production company providing specialized lighting for world-class DJs, helping clients find the venues of their dreams, and more.

Reinhardt Event Services Contact:, curtis@, Curtis Reinhardt, 773-4173, 2251 Shell Beach Road, suite 6, Pismo Beach Curtis helps plan and organize events. He’s been booking and promoting concerts for years and works to make sure events run smoothly, including the Central Coast Railroad Festival, the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, the AG Village Summer Concert Series, and the Pismo Beach Marching Band Review.

Unfinished Business Productions Contact:, centralcoastguitarshow@charter. net, Ed Miller, 929-5211 Planning, organizing, promoting, and presenting live music events (concerts, parties, dances, fundraisers, wedding receptions, etc.) and music industry trade shows.

Studios The1Audio Contact: Luke

Ithoene, 748-5671 The1Audio is a world-class recording studio, right here on the Central Coast. Designed by Chris Pelonis of Skywalker Sound and Disney Burbank fame, the facility is unequalled for hundreds of miles. Services include recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, digitization, and restoration.

Avalon Digital Recording

Contact: Kip, 546-0789 Kip Stork has been a professional sound engineer for decades, starting in Los Angeles before moving to the Central Coast to start this recording facility. He’s also the inhouse soundman for SLO Brew and has set up many sound systems in SLO County.

Blue Universe Recording

Contact:, Blue Universe Recording invites musicians to experience “the sonic excellence of a vintage 32 channel Neve console, 2-inch analog tape, or Nuendo DAW.”

Entrada Studios Contact:, markjansen@, Mark Jansen, 712-3320, 5945 Entrada Ave., Atascadero Clean, spacious, soundproof rooms rented hourly for rehearsal. No commitment: Pay only for the time you’re there, occasionally or regularly. Pre-buying time blocks considerably reduces rates. PAs and other backline are included to save time. Miramonte Studio

Contact:, (661) 607-5645 Miramonte Studio is a full-service, platinum-record-awarded Pro Tools

TDM facility in SLO. Owner Kenny Lee Lewis has been guitarist, bassist, writer, and producer for the Steve Miller Band for more than 30 years. Call or e-mail for prices and references.

Moon Productions & Recording Studio Contact:, 709-2131 Find ProTools and Final Cut Studio for work from DEMOs to CD projects, commercials to documentaries.

Old School Ranch Studio Contact: mojocellars.

com,, Denis Degher, 296-2562 Before Old School Ranch Studio owner Denis Degher moved to Paso Robles, he worked his mojo at his Red Zone Studios in Burbank and Santa Monica with the likes of Tupac, Brian Setzer, Earth, Wind & Fire, L.A. Guns, Fabulous T Birds, Questlove, Killing Machine, Buddy Guy, and many more.

Music Schools & Teachers ArcSongs Vocal Studio

Contact:, 801-2814 Teaching genuine vocal technique for truly healthy, expressive performance, this studio welcomes students of all ages and musical styles. Initial consultations and mini-lessons are free of charge. Set your voice free and sing with all colors of your true voice.

Painted Sky Recording Studios Contact:

Cal Poly Arts Contact:,, 756-6556, 1 Grand Ave., San Luis Obispo Cal Poly Arts presents professional touring shows at the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly campus, delivering an eclectic, diverse performing arts season that appeals to a wide variety of Central Coast residents.

Sutton Sound Studio

Department Contact: music., 756-2406 The Cal Poly Music Department is part of the university’s College of Liberal Arts. The department boasts numerous student ensembles, including the Arab Music Ensemble, choirs, Student Opera, jazz bands, Mustang Marching Band, RSVP Multi-Media Productions, symphony, and wind bands., 927-8330, 2177 Old Creamery Road, Harmony Painted Sky reveals its most important goal is to help musical artists achieve the realization of the sonic vision they hear in their head. They combine classic 2-inch analog and digital gear with a platinum awardwinning engineer with years of real-world recording experience. Contact: 466-1833, 8390 Curbaril Ave., Atascadero Sutton Sound Studio has been around since 1975 and operates both Pro Tools digital and 2-inch analog equipment for recording and mixing.

Tantrum Recordings

Contact:, Kevin Thayer, 423-8538 Tantrum Recordings is a modestly sized project studio in Atascadero, set up by a musician, for musicians. With inexpensive rates and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Digital Soup Kitchen Contact:, 423-0224 The Digital Soup Kitchen offers digital recording with an analog approach to give you the best of both worlds. We offer a fully digital mixing desk with ADAT hard disk and computer recording options, along with Pro analog mic-pres and compressors.

Record Labels GeoJazz Records Contact:, hen@, P.O. BOX 544, San Luis Obispo GeoJazz Records is an independent label based in San Luis Obispo. The label is focused on avant garde, modern, and free jazz. Established in 1998, the label continues to record and distribute music locally and on the web.

Cal Poly Music

Central Coast Children’s Choir Contact: centralcoast, 541-5323 Founded in 1994, the Central Coast Children’s Choir provides children in San Luis Obispo County the opportunity to experience the joy of singing in live choral performances while receiving a music education.

Coastal Dance and Music Academy Contact:

coastaldanceandmusicacademy. com, 489-5678, 1030 Huston St., suite C, Grover Beach This academy is dedicated to providing dance, music, theater, voice, and fitness students with a family atmosphere that’s technically based, age appropriate, and develops self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Drum Circuit Contact:, 543-0335, 280 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo The Drum Circuit offers half-hour and 45-minute private one-on-one lessons in the Practice Pad. Call for a lesson today! The Drum Circuit also offers free concerts the first Saturday of almost every month. Admission is free, and food, beverages, and prizes are provided!

Grand Central Music Conservatory Contact: grand, 785-0275, 659 Tank Farm Road, San Luis Obispo Grand Central Music and Conservatory

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BigRockBalalaikas Lively, Colorful, Russian and Eastern European Cabaret and Gypsy style music played on traditional instruments.

We adapt to any occasion and have been a Central Coast favorite since 2000. Contact Judy Sherman



from page 14

does more than just sell musical instruments. The conservatory also features a lesson facility, guitar and equipment repairs, sound installations, do-it-yourself wedding lighting and sound rentals, and more.

Music Motive Contact:, 543-0377,

3440 S. Higuera St., suite 130, San Luis Obispo Private music lessons and classes for every age are taught in a friendly and professional atmosphere that features high-tech studios for guitar, drums, piano, vocals, strings, brass, and woodwinds. Music gear is available for beginners as well as professional musicians. There are Paso Robles and Nipomo studio locations, in addition to the San Luis Obispo facility.

SLO Pro Tools Contact:, Luke

Ithoene, 748-5671 SLO Pro Tools offers professional-level training and experience in recording. You’ll learn in a professional studio (The1Audio, Los Osos), on the same technology used in studios around the globe. Class size is limited to two, and every student leaves the program with professional credit on their résumé as Pro Tools Operator.

Studio Sing, Sing, Sing Contact:, judith@studiosingsingsing. com, Judith Dunlore, 489-5687 Learn to sing for the fun of it ... or fine tune your skills for a musical career. Judith Dunlore offers private voice lessons to develop your voice, audition preparation, musicianship training, and resources to prepare your professional package. Song in My Heart Studio Contact:, 680-4986, 485 Alisal Road, suite G2, Solvang Following the Suzuki Method approach to music education, they guide students into developing positive relationships with the piano, guitar, and choral singing that will bring joy and personal expression at any age. Jim Thurman Contact:, 541-5276 Jim Thurman has been teaching various stringed instruments for the past 20 years. These include oldtime and bluegrass banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle, and ukulele. He also teaches harmonica and piano. Rates are $120/month for an hour lesson every week or $30/per hour lesson every other week. Natasha Yufe Contact: 931-0301 According to Natasha, “I am a bone fide teacher of singing. The method I use is the Bel Canto, the method that has been around the longest. This teaches the singer to preserve and protect the voice for as long as the student lives.” Promoters Azz High as the Sky Promotions and Productions Contact:, James Gi, 769-5132 “Hi, I’m James Gi! I have combined our musical knowledge and artistic ideologies to formulate a network to bring performers to the Central Coast and beyond—booking the best deals of all genres of music and events and providing leasing halls and daily permits for alcohol sales during shows.”

Cal Poly Arts Contact:, cparts@, 756-6556 Cal Poly Arts books shows in the Performing Arts Center and the Spanos Theatre on the Cal Poly campus, with an aim to deliver an eclectic program that will appeal to a wide variety of community members.

Numbskull Productions Contact:,, 987-2026, 2490 Deerfield Ct., suite P, Camarillo, 93010 Eddy Burgos of Numbskull Productions has been bringing the Central Coast music for two decades, which includes all the programming for SLO Brew. They promote all genres, with a territory from S.F. to L.A.

Reinhardt Event Services Contact: Curtis Reinhardt, 773-4173 or 801-9636, 2251 Shell Beach Road, suite 6, Pismo Beach, Reinhardt Event Services offers multifaceted business capabilities in both events and special media marketing to its Central Coast commercial and tourist-based economic partners. Unfinished Business Productions

Contact:,, Ed Miller, 929-5211 Unfinished Business Productions handles planning, organizing, promoting, and presenting live music events (concerts, parties, dances, fundraisers, wedding receptions, etc.) and industry trade shows.

Equipment Sales / Rental A-Town Audio Video Contact: 462-2732,

6040 El Camino Real, Atascadero A-Town Audio Video is the source for AV solutions. They design, install, and sell products like Shure, Crown, JBL, Lexicon, Soundcraft, Tascam, Neutrik, Dbx, Aviom, AKG, etc. Audio Flair Sound Reinforcement Contact:,, Mike Bacciarini, 400-0306 Audio Flair offers the set-up and operation of sound systems for live events, with special attention to an artful mix. Their expertise gives you the freedom to concentrate on other matters during a busy show. Licensed and insured, Audio Flair prides itself on efficient setup, safety, courtesy, and responsiveness. Concert, church event, school, or festival, their sound systems are scalable to your needs.

Bill Gaines Audio Inc. Contact: billgainesaudio. com,, 545-8366, 840-A Capitolio Way, San Luis Obispo Bill Gaines Audio is a full service production company for both sound and lights. Their rental department has a large selection of sound equipment and lighting for events from small speaking engagements to large concerts. They also have DJ lighting and audio equipment as well as recording gear. Delivery and engineering are available. Faultline Music Contact: faultlinemusicstore.

com, 226-7400, 1526 Spring St., Paso Robles Faultline Music recently moved to a new building in Downtown Paso Robles. Faultline carries beginner to pro-level guitars, amps, drums, and accessories, as well as offers lessons, repairs, and PA system rentals.

music-related businesses on the Central Coast Boo Boo Records, Inc . Contact:,, 541-0657, 978 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo Since 1974, Boo Boo Records has celebrated and supported the musical lifestyle of the Central Coast. Jump start your vinyl collection, browse new and used CDs and LPs, grab tickets to the best concerts, or pursue our deep selection of music, clothing, and cultural keepsakes.

Cheap Thrills Contact:, 5440686, 563 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo Cheap Thrills is known for its large vinyl selection, but also offers a deep catalog of CDs and even cassette tapes. Talk to the staff to find the music you need.

Online Resources Central Coast Rocks presents the latest California concert listings, a local calendar that features “everything going on in the 805,” concert photos, and interviews with major acts. The site is updated daily for music fans looking for what rocks. Other features include a local bands page—which showcases groups and artists from Lompoc to Paso—and concert ticket giveaways.

Rehearsal Spaces Entrada Studios Contact: entradastudios.

com,, Mark Jansen, 712-3320, 5945 Entrada Ave., Atascadero Find a suite of acoustically superior, soundproof rooms rented hourly for practice, jamming, or your own recording project. Rooms are equipped with PAs and other backline to save you time. No commitment required: Use occasionally or for regular practices. Buying time in advance considerably reduces price and never expires. S✔

Five Cities Music and Sounds

Contact: 481-7121, 618 E. Grande Ave., Arroyo Grande Find guitars, amps, pro sound, cables and accessories, band instrument sales, service, rentals, and repairs. Get guitar, drum, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone instruction. There’s a full-service audio and video production and recording studio. Get location production and work with a national award-winning producer-director.

Owens Music Co. Contact: owensmusicco.

com, 543-9588, 1441 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo For the past 39 years, Owens Music has been serving San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties with a consistent selection of musical supplies. The company lays claim to being the largest music store on the Central Coast, with two locations to serve you. Owens Music invites people to feel free to stop by and play a tune or two.

Music Stores Aardvark Music Contact: 565 12th St., Paso Robles Find a large selection of new and used CDs.

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11/3/12 – 11/10/12 Saturday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm

California Wine A ppreciation 10/31/12 – 12/5/12 (No Cla ss Wednesday, 7:30 pm–9:30 PHONE 805.545.8366 FAX 805.545.8003 840 Capitolio Way Suite A, San Luis Obispo

Intro to the Wine Industry

11/21) pm

Enroll online!


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