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quickly. Given what Vintage has told us, we have moderated many of our proposed activities, pending the results of upcoming meetings with Caltrans. We recognize and have a full understanding of Caltrans’ central role in creating this problem by failing to resolve Laetitia’s access issues during the planning over the last seven months and the agency’s unwillingness to enter into serious dialogue about how to plan and construct an overpass in the near term. Caltrans must come to the table with reasonable solutions quickly. At a minimum, Caltrans must immediately unbundle El Campo from Tower Road so Vintage’s litigation will no longer be applicable to El Campo, and El Campo’s safety changes can then be implemented immediately. We hope and pray that all will be quickly and cooperatively resolved in a matter of days,


Do you trust Grover Beach to continue approving cannabis businesses to operate in the city?

59% Yes, the city is still working out regulating pot. 14% No, the allegations against 805 Beach Breaks have breached the public’s trust. 14% Who cares—that’s what the black market is for, man. 13% No way, get that reefer out of my town! 63 Votes

Caltrans willing, without any more deaths and injuries at these dangerous crossings. ∆ James Grant is Jordan Grant’s father. Send comments through the editor at or write a letter to the editor for publication and email it to

Letters Editor’s note: The following letters to the editor were submitted by middle school students enrolled in a journalism class at Cayucos Elementary School.

People need to help and learn about animals

People need to help animals. There are so many stray animals, and we need to do something to help. One way is to spay or neuter your dog or cat. If you spay or neuter your pet, it will help other pets find a home. More pets will be able to find a home because there will be fewer animals to choose from. Another way to help is to adopt animals for the local animal shelter in your area. The main animal shelters in our area are Woods Humane Society and San Luis Obispo County Animal Services. Adopting your pet from a shelter will enable the shelter to take in more pets. You can also help by volunteering or donating your old blankets, dog collars, or bowls. Shelters might even take an old littler box. Animal shelters wouldn’t be able to run without the volunteers who are their support beam and are very important. Just imagine how fun it would be to walk dogs, give cats attention, and help people find their forever friend, all day! A way to help youth learn about animals is by joining 4-H, which teaches youth responsibility and budgeting, and motivates children to do community service. In 4-H you can raise a chicken, rabbit, pig, sheep, goat, cow, horse, or even a turkey to show at the California Mid-State Fair. Your child can learn so much through 4-H. Karlie Erskine 11 years old Templeton

A lack of females in tech Did you know that most females lose interest in math, science, and technology when they hit middle school? As a female teenager, it is hard not to have other females my age participating in anything to do with math and science. Females of any age should try participating in science and technology. Locally, in San Luis Obispo, you can take classes at Cuesta College, online courses,

and a variety of summer camps (EPIC, and you can try SLO High for summer camps). Knowing how to program can be very beneficial to your future. You can get a good job, have higher paying jobs, and more. As a teenager, our brains are still growing, and it is easier to memorize how to program. As you can tell, there are many positives in getting involved in math, science, and programming. I hope female teens participate in these activities! Diana Pruett 13 years old Cayucos

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Fries and friends

Cayucos Deli is one of my favorite places to eat! It is a Mexican restaurant that is connected to the gas station minimart on Cayucos Drive. My favorite item to get is asada fries. They are cheesy fries and tender steak topped with delicious guacamole, tasty sour cream, and fresh pico de gallo. This dish is enough to fill up two to three people, which is why I enjoy going there after school with my best friends. They also have Taco Tuesday, where you can get tacos for only 99 cents. They have a couple of tables and chairs to sit in and also some benches outside with a view of the ocean. I recommend that you give it a try! Alana Gann 13 years old Cayucos

Everybody wants to park in the shade but nobody wants to plant a tree

I think people should have to plant a tree every year because we are chopping down forests to make room for large and small farms and to harvest timber. It becomes land for poor farmers who don’t have anywhere else to live, grazing land for cattle, and pulp for making paper. This is terrible because most of the animals in rain forests die. It contributes to global warming, which is eventually going to end the world. As a teenager, the preservation of the planet is important to me. It should be important to you, too. Luke Blanchard 13 years old Cayucos • May 16 - May 23, 2019 • New Times • 15

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