Dawn Chorus 2013

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Dawn Chorus As part of the National Trust’s support of Chelsea Fringe Festival 2013 we created a mass tweet-in at dawn on Sunday 9 June. Here is the text produced by our Dawn Chorus of tweets, including those from writers based overnight at six of our places in London and at Keats House. Dawn Chorus is an original concept by Natasha Vicars that has been developed through collaboration with Mary Paterson and the following writers: Joanna Brown, Tiffany Charrington, Eddy Dreadnought, Sally Labern and Tamarin Norwood.

Observing dawn at Morden Hall Park, Merton. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:45:06 Observing dawn at Rainham Hall, Havering #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:45:18 Observing dawn at Ham House, Ham #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:45:26 Observing dawn at Osterley Park and House, West London. #dawnchorus homologue, 02:45:34 Observing dawn at Red House Bexleyheath #dawnchorus SpittingStars 02:46:06

This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:46:08 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:46:18 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:46:47 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus homologue, 02:46:50

Is hesitant, like a guest in someone else's bed #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:46:58 Walking through the party pavements of Dalston, passing "1D is the place to be" bar. #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 02:47:54 Is relocated and upwards #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:49:04

Is always ambivalent, drawn to this time outside of time, but tested by it too. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:49:45 Is walking blank into darkness #dawnchorus homologue, 02:49:47 The sky is metallic pink. In the distance it traces the trees I remember from my childhood bedroom #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:50:09 “fire in my house, my heart, the sky� #dawnchorus CanalPoetry,02:51:23 Is here, aware and like an animal in the darkness without the sight line #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 02:52:11 Is fuzzy, somewhere in the clouds #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 02:52:11 A hearty persistent stream gurgle, meets gentle hiss of shifting treetops. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:53:03 From this side of the glass, stillness, silence, broken by the sweep of unseen cars #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:53:06 I hear the white noise of hissing trees #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:53:17 Crisp silhouettes on orange tinged backdrop #dawnchorus http://t.co/Zkjync2xIm NTEssexGirl, 02:53:32 Observing dawn at Keats House, Hampstead. #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 02:53:43 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 02:54:38 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 02:54:46 The sky is all opaque amber, with reflected sodium glow. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:54:50 We rose, unfolding from the tangle of dreams #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 02:55:15 Soft, still air... distant buzz of night traffic #dawnchorus NTEssexGirl, 02:55:21 We rose, unfolding from the tangle of dreams #dawnchorus youngpoetsnet, 02:55:23 My temporary home resists the wind #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 02:55:37

The formal geometry of the wilderness below #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:55:48 Church bells sounds 3am a bit early as pink starts to silhouette the skyline trees to the east #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 02:55:58 Rug wrapped tightly round my shoulders #dawnchorus NTEssexGirl, 02:57:39 Water runs creating a sound line across my mind in the garden #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 02:57:48 My stomach ripples. It's just me, the baby and the unborn day #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:58:01 Black tides, edged in lace where the trees should be #dawnchorus homologue, 02:58:26 It seems it's just us, the cheeky foxes and red buses still up in Teddington #dawnchorus robyndonaldson, 02:58:59 White sky tinged with pink observed by the young boy in the statue and myself #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 02:59:40 Fingers achy with cold. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:00:00 The sun is rising and the #dawnchorus has begun nationaltrust, 03:00:03 Is quiet in a corner I thought I knew well #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:00:03 Softly glowing, quiet start, peaceful feeling, be a part #dawnchorus DanielRew, 03:00:35 My heart is reminding me I am awake at this hour #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:02:03 Peeking to see which neighbours are still up ;) #dawnchorus NTEssexGirl, 03:03:04 I think I am. A blank slate silent and empty and drowsy #dawnchorus youngpoetsnet, 03:03:12 The celebration of Saturday night has tuned out #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:03:19 The cold is creeping from the treetops to my fingertips #dawnchorus homologue, 03:03:52 Sky tinged with pink hovers over an unfamiliar roofline. Darkness prevails. #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:03:59

#dawnchorus with every chime and tick / every glide and lick / of brazen brushstroke / painted by the sun / we woke somniarisoul, 03:04:27 Deep dank scent of cold pondwater. Laced with metallic overtones? #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:04:52 A blue horizon sits over a peak of three chimneys, like garden warriors they watch me #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:04:13 The nearer trees now take form as the pink/orange spread up the from the horizon #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:04:43 I feel the hissing in the quiet room corners #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:04:47 Come back, when sun weighs down the earth, come and see what remains #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:05:32 And the park is all mine. Applause from the gravel underfoot. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:05:48 My bedding has welcomed the chill in their fibres #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:06:27 Insistent wind provides a steady undertone, not unlike the sound of cars from the nearby road. We are still in London #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:06:46 The dawn favours the darkness of night, for without it, the dawn would just be light #dawnchorus DanielRew, 03:07:02 Creaking tree, like nails on a blackboard - shiver me #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:07:05 #dawnchorus #kentishtown 2:59am: White roses under lightstream of fallen star... ImaginePlaces, 03:07:11 Broken up by sudden distant bleat of siren. Vehicle unseen. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:07:42 Body longing to be out there, feet hanging on ends of applause #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:08:28 No light across the sky No sound as this city street Sleeps still. #dawnchorus MadelaineCSmith, 03:08:46 Halogen bleeds orange into an inky sky. It is still night. #dawnchorus NTExtAffairs, 03:08:56 #dawnchorus 3.01am. I made it from the land of nod – to a garden familiar – yet at this time so odd. The_Poetree, 03:09:47

Tweeting the streetsweeping #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:10:37 Pray but one prayer for me 'twixt thy closed lips, Think but one thought of me in the stars. #dawnchorus NTlovesLondon, 03:11:51 Walk back and forth to the sash window along a path of draughts #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:12:21 Just rescued the last revellers from our 9 year old's doll festival from the garden! #dawnchorus http://t.co/JMe7zHC38m Elkapitanmoreau, 03:12:43 The quiet room corners on me. I am shaken by the creak of a door and the hidden, insistent heartbeat of a leaky tap #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:13:04 Wind rustling trees and bushes & loose guttering. Repeated streetlights shine in windows. pink glow developing. #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:13:59 The first strains of birdsong fight with the dull roar of the A14. Sleep tastes bitter in my mouth. #dawnchorus NTExtAffairs, 03:14:36 Body curled, back to tree stump, feet to dirt, longing to spot the fox again. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:14:52 #dawnchorus distant doppler cars overlaid with raised voices, enclosed by thousands of leaves touching one another Green_Gould, 03:14:56 The night scent is all I can see of the flowering borders, carefully curved. They're in greyscale #dawnchorus homologue, 03:14:57 Body floats on lawn chair, a remnent hanging between the activity of daily life #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:15:05 Waking up in the city, never stops, never sleeps. Planes drone up above, Cars screech underneath. #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:15:23 Face cold one side only, insistent pink of Peony the garden's blood shot eye #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:15:35 Mostly noticing absence of smell & how the city is orange - multitasking on #dawnchorus gjacqui, 03:16:09 Trees have quieten, loudest thing seems to be the computer fan! Is that a waft of the lilacs in the garden through open window? #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:17:05 Flickering. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:17:21

#dawnchorus thru the stream of rumbling car noise sounds the distinct tentative staccato of small song notes on the breeze pounamu13, 03:17:50 Walk #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:18:05 Night scent pierced at last by first bird song, hanging on each voice added #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:18:24 Perfume #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:19:10 Leaning #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:19:25 #dawnchorus I hear this most mornings whilst bf baby :0) pumpingmummy, 03:19:49 I hear the birds break the still and beckon the day #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:20:20 On my late night dancing feet, wishing for a dew-soaked summer dawn lawn not a Dalston pavement #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:21:20 Silver #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:21:21 Still. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:21:34 Fox #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:21:56 Watchful, still #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:22:20 Endless splashing. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:22:29 Sound. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:22:59 Cars went silent, and I heard the first chirp! #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:23:05 Shadow skirt #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:23:11 No stars tonight #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:23:34 Dry carpet #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:23:50

Treetop silhouettes - branches outstretched in welcome - to the coming day. #haiku #dawnchorus The_Poetree, 03:23:57 Silhouetted #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:24:02 Just a pink wall of cloud #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:24:07 Baby sleeping in my arms after bf, car going past its very quiet in #Dorking #dawnchorus pumpingmummy, 03:24:15 Single orange light. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:24:38 The water is still. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:24:51 Light lifting silver skirt #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:24:57 White conservation bench starting to emerge from the darkness. A3 noise increasing, starting to compete with computer fan noise #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:25:09 Horizontal earth smell #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:25:19 Rustling #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:25:36 Suddenly voices #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:26:43 #dawnchorus ghost parade all night folding, wrapping...unmade before this azure dawn birdinthehouse, 03:26:43 Mmm that's the quietest it's been all day #dawnchorus Dalston WasThatThunder, 03:26:45 The heavy elms wait, and restless and cold The uneasy wind rises; the roses are dun; #dawnchorus RedHouseNT, 03:26:49 Wind #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:26:58 Ceiling dancing to tune of trees, alarm, alert #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:27:25 Night fall in Tulsa, enjoy sharing accounts from days past. "Powerful peace, steadily appears, calmly awakens, the time is near " #dawnchorus DanielRew, 03:27:53

Neat rose beds in lines. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:28:07 Wind blowing and soothing sound of trees #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:28:17 Puppet branches #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:28:22 Flat dark banding at edges #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:28:55 Tea coloured sky #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:29:11 We are still in London and London is not sitting quite as politely #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:29:18 Wild garden in the city #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:29:43 Flat siren hearty #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:29:43 An unkempt horizon, muffled in an opaque sky #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:29:48 A car door closes. The chink of carkeys dropped on the Tarmac. #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:30:17 Orange lying blanket style on dirty green #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:30:17 Fresh-air #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:30:21 @NTlovesLondon and I think of all these things hidden behind the heavy eyelids of sleepers drunk with slumber #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:30:57 Ever puncturing beacons artificial #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:30:59 Lightly, some pipistrelle over the water. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:31:29 High heels up the high street #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:31:31 Screaming cat then silence #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:31:33 'Morning Light' Delicate morning light shattered into fragments; shards of broken shadow littering the empty street. #dawnchorus GLongshadow, 03:32:01

Beacons real, sutured without full stops #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:32:18 3.27am - resident blackbird in a flap - his garden has been intruded - he is not a happy chap! #dawnchorus The_Poetree, 03:32:23 Polite formality in these transparent windows #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:32:39 Wind monitoring the trim lawn #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:32:42 #dawnchorus tie-die birdinthehouse, 03:32:47 Seagull above, the first bird #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:33:02 Dawn watched from the majestic shadow of an 18th century mansion #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:33:10 No animals, just ink black water and expanses of clipped grass. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:33:17 Trees swaying from side to side orange tint appearing in the sky #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:33:28 Reflections run vertical from treetop to riverbank #dawnchorus homologue, 03:33:34 My mind wanders the walled garden, my body stays this side of the glass #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:34:29 The Kennet and Avon in its night gown still, and a poet in pyjamas, tea in hand #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 03:34:33 Splendour of house more obvious in first light. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:34:53 Untrimmed edges here, like unmade beds, slutty and un-Morris like but I love #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:34:56 I cannot accept who you are, stranger, or speak a language of invisible omens. #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:35:18 Silence exists momentarily between constant punctuations #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:35:31 No reflections, just a sheen of faint orange. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:35:36 First bird #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:36:01

Cooling breeze, I'm wrapped up in my Fleece #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:36:12 Shutters pull down. Turns out the 24 hour shop is a 22 hour shop. #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:37:06 Some raucous quacking off-stage, subsiding into solo giggle. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:37:36 Faint orange obliterated by alarm, distant but disturbing single lost bird #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:37:48 #dawnchorus sweet daughter trails from partying and syncopated sounds to fold herself, loose limbed onto my lap SRLP6, 03:38:08 The brightness of dawn's early light fades as it spreads up the sky? #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:38:18 Speak but one word to me over the corn, Over the tender, bow'd locks of the corn. #dawnchorus RedHouseNT, 03:39:04 Giggling misunderstood by fox action as dawn floods #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:39:13 The sky deepens from pink to violet. No birds #dawnchorus mepaterson,03:39:14 Birdsong and wind are fighting for the airwaves. Wind is winning. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:39:20 Wind chill real and fingers stiff, huddled under tree. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:39:57 Should be switching off, all is brain buzz, floor above thump, slow sleepwalk of traffic hum! #dawnchorus MegBeechPoetry, 03:40:36 Birdsong and wind are fighting for the airwaves. Wind is winning. #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:40:39 Distant bird song of new coloured sky #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:40:52 #dawnchorus Utter quiet birdinthehouse,03:41:01 Creaking #dawnchorus stevelang00, 03:41:18 The dim A5 garden map, Orangery, river, Wilderness. Looking in. #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:41:46 Such a wind for such a history - it is raining tree limbs #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:42:33

Clear trills from where trees meets their edges #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:42:37 Something is happening over the roof tops. I gaze through thick glass, soothed by the lullaby of passing cars #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:42:45 Only silent hissing inside this high apartment, and ticking #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:43:39 Motorbike tends out its engine outside the comfort of my walled garden. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:43:39 Then ducks! A hoard of them as I dare to pass their branch and they crash onto the water #dawnchorus homologue, 03:43:49 First early riser birds just heard, lone voices for the moment #dawnchorus stevelang00, 03:43:59 The outside is in 2D and the glow of neighbours windows frames it #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:44:01 Calming Sound of Trees, Singing Me to Sleep #dawnchorus zzzz JiJJysMaison, 03:44:24 Slowly, an inky blue sky changes to elephant-hide grey. More birds have joined to sing with the vanguard. #dawnchorus NTExtAffairs, 03:44:32 Daylight rubbing its eyes: the lockside poet, likewise :-) #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 03:44:34 And now I spy the pylon, an imposter in the treescape, bold against orange glow. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:44:54 Folly takes role of garden sentinel, setting score, only fixed choreographic point versus irritated trees #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:45:05 Rain flecks, one near avian companion one far #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:45:06 Blurred by sleep, heavy tongued blinking in the cool wind #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:45:20 In exile up north but I'm up and joining in. Blackbirds are leading the way right now, no Yorkshire accents #dawnchorus winealchemy1, 03:45:26 Wind is conducting the choral hush as the shrill song punctuates #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:45:29 Can't stop humming Mama Cass. 'the darkest hour is just before dawn" #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:46:01

Just heard my first birds #dawnchorus evslonina, 03:46:34 Something is happening by the water, some scuffle of birds, leaves lost, beaten by the wind #dawnchorus homologue, 03:47:10 Three delicate orators insistently mocked by single syllable seagull #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:47:20 #dawnchorus Dog asleep against my ankle, breathing so quietly birdinthehouse, 03:47:47 There's some full on tweeting. and the wind #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:47:59 Hemmed in by snaking Wandle rivulets, cutting the rose garden, curving fencewards. never silent. black water, white noise #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:48:01 I spy an orange glow - not sunrise but a horizon of street lamps, impostors in the visual rhythm of the day #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:48:10 Wind is strong here too providing exercise for the otherwise stillness. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:48:27 A still wind in each moment, I tune in and out, inside and out, my attention pacing the carpet but I'm not moving #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:48:41 Choral hush though birds only in distance, garden like a vacuum waiting for ideological rush #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:49:07 Leaves hurtling to tile my temporary home, wind muscling in at any opportunity #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:49:13 Shock of hearing the first bird, an owl, made me forget to add #dawnchorus to my tweet ClandonParkNT, 03:49:27 #dawnchorus is on, surround sound buffered by trees. Blue lighting up as Blackbird takes centre stage with his solo. Audience captivated. The_Poetree, 03:49:57 No one spoke, we just sat in the secrecy of dawn #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:50:11 I'm not moving, yet, but something is happening. In the distance, a shrill call and response #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:50:18 Birds in conversation now and the catflap rattles. Chirrups swell with the wind as light begins to finger around the curtain #dawnchorus katewsayer, 03:51:12

Sweet sound of twitting Birds, Slowly appearing #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:51:23 Orange tunnels of neighbouring activity pacing the carpets of inside domesticity #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:51:34 Strangers must be welcome here as the garden is set like a table for interlopers with new ideas as the light rises #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:52:26 Chirps and calls and warbles now, birds tuning up, exploratory interactions. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:52:27 This vacuum is waiting patiently for the daylight when many will observe. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:52:38 The garden takes form, with the mansion at its visual centre. #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:52:51 Nothing new on the horizon unless the eastern edge of the sky is turning blue, now gold, now some security lamp imposing #dawnchorus homologue, 03:52:52 In time the curtain-edges will grow light. / Till then I see what's really always there: / Unresting death, a whole day nearer now #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:54:08 Silhouette of oaks, ash, beech in full flush, across the fields, against peach against lighter blue #dawnchorus birdinthehouse, 03:54:10 A blue opening overhead! lilac tipping the trees, orange mellowing to crimson. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:54:13 backdrop changing imperceptibly, various questioning trills gaining confidence and purpose #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:54:34 The owl has gone quiet and Hinemihi, our #Maori meeting house, wakes up to the new day. #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 03:54:42 Calm orange glow subsiding, call and response rising, table waiting #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:55:00 Security lights - a reminder of where we are, no rest for this building #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:55:20 Light gathers at the window’s edge, too early for letting itself in #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 03:55:22 I am imposing myself on the walled garden, exploratory interactions #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:55:39 No rest for the starling, circling overhead, looking for its flock? #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:56:13

Not knowing when the Dawn will come, / I open every door (Emily Dickinson) #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:56:34 Blackbird. Maybe in the Cherry garden or in the tunnel of trees called the Melancholy Walk #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:56:43 The blue opening overhead, the first birdsong multiplying #dawnchorus homologue, 03:56:55 Chirrup meets a throaty trill and parries with a low burr. The birds are calling. #dawnchorus NTExtAffairs, 03:56:58 Blue opening on the horizon #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:57:08 For a minute trees swaying more rapidly as if excited by the arrival of the birds #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 03:57:16 Lilac and pink and the green in the light above. Perfect white windows hold their secret. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:57:33 This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 03:57:43 Spoke too soon, someone’s just turned the volume up on the #dawnchorus Birds are fully awake and nearby trees clearly seen. ClandonParkNT, 03:57:49 Deep red peony suddenly visible in front, tree outlines still black #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 03:58:18 The only sound I can hear in beautiful Dorset at the moment is my husband snoring #dawnchorus cammie_and_me, 03:58:29 Melancholy walk into the blue horizon, the day is still not claimed by any day time creatures #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:58:34 The arriving purple sheen is bringing with it birdsong in minor #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:58:36 Birdsong gathering itself, clearing its throat as the bats end their patrols. A cockerel heard and a donkey #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 03:58:37 Night is flat lining ... Blackbirds singing new hearts out, folly bellows in relief #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:58:44 This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 03:58:46 This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 03:58:47

This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus mepaterson, 03:58:49 Awake, awake! Break thro' your veils of lawn! / then draw your curtains, and begin the dawn! (Davenant) #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 03:58:57 Getting lively now as sky goes a smudged blue-grey, blackbirds leading the chorus, orchestra starting up #dawnchorus stevelang00, 03:59:09

This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:59:16 This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 03:59:21

Good alternatives to triple glazing in external noise suppression? #dawnchorus jontycampbell, 03:59:23

This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus homologue, 03:59:58

'I've been shot with love' shouts the drunk, sings a gin-soaked harmony, Lennon to the waking birds' McCartney #dawnchorus MegBeechPoetry, 04:02:02 This is Civil Twilight. #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:02:06 A light breeze tickles the topmost branches of a cherry tree - its leaves silhouetted against a brightening sky. #dawnchorus NTExtAffairs, 04:02:08 Sky is marbled all over, lilac-blue and dusky orange. Patchy. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:02:17 Birds at all points of the compass #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:02:26 The blue of the sky getting clearer, with warm tints of orange #dawnchorus JiJJysMaison, 04:02:40 Grass and trees now turning green from their dark forms. Broken clouds to the east. Will be another nice day. #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:02:53 Blackbirds singing. They call into the blue. The trees respond #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:03:21 Chirrups in surround sound, odd breaks in rhythm. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:03:57

Birdsong in minor, odd breaks in rhythm #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:04:23 Birds pointing to the apex of the Wilderness #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:04:13 The blue/grey of mid'boro #dawnchorus broken by creeping all night gamers rustling amongst the shards on poppadoms in a brown paper bag johoto7, 04:04:23 First dawn flights from Heathrow, lines flat against the sky #dawnchorus homologue, 04:04:32 Dawn is flying in #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:05:32 And the day time people, briefcases, suits. Start a symphony of stamping, on their commute. #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:05:33 Hinemihi's Maihi (arms) and Raparapa (fingers), now clearly seen as she embraces the Dawn, is she conducting the birds' #dawnchorus ? ClandonParkNT, 04:05:39 These panelled walls divide the bird surround by half #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:05:50 Single flat blackbird caw #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:06:06 Delicate lines of pylon cross the sky. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:06:28 Noisy birds have awakened the flowers. Purple #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:06:51 Walled garden of surround bird sound #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:06:53 Then I'll go to the walled garden too #dawnchorus homologue, 04:07:10 Birdsong in random rhythm. Outside of garden wall, unknown sounds of tools grinding #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:07:16 Cars add baseline thrum. Morning light has chased away the streelights. #dawnchorus katewsayer, 04:07:27 Songs swirling through tiny throats staccato beaks bending notes from invisible coats #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 04:07:27 It was the nightingale, and not the lark, / that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear (Juliet) #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 04:08:28

Brown paper bags and pylons #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:08:28 Need an experienced twitcher now to break down all the different songs now - can hear the church bells too #dawnchorus stevelang00, 04:08:28 Walled garden #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:08:38 House panelled in dusk grey, blank to the serenade. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:08:39 This could be bird terminal #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:08:46 White light. Flights #dawnchorus homologue, 04:08:51 Unknown birdsong rhythm tools #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:08:54 Birdsong now constant and seems to reverberate around office. Sky reminds me of wall colour in my spare room? #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:09:40 Pounding water turbine tool rhythm. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:10:02 Sky losing colour #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:10:04 Birds with grey vapour trails #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:10:04 #dawnchorus Wardrobe, bedstead, drawers - awake. Dressing gown still a dark childhood horror - lurking birdinthehouse, 04:10:07 I see the world come alive once more #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:10:20 White sky. Birds on repeat. #dawnchorus ncvicars,04:10:47 Bending notes, divided birds, day stretching to reluctantly include the new #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:10:51 Threading bird jets #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:11:14 Sky losing hold #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:11:31 Peonies in colour #dawnchorus homologue, 04:11:43

Grey vapour trails walled nights #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:12:07 Windowed birds #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:12:21 Blackbird leaves the stage and rudely orders refreshments. The #dawnchorus audience of one gives in to bullying & goes to fetch his rider. The_Poetree, 04:12:50 Blackbird #dawnchorus homologue, 04:12:59 'Spire' Gloved in mist, Its presence is missed only by me, its absence almost unseen. #dawnchorus JALongshadow, 04:13:00 Greyed out light, birds ecstatic. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:13:02 Colour on repeat Colour #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:13:11 Birds #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:13:13 Softly climbing the sky once more, beginning to brighten with intimate roar #dawnchorus DanielRew, 04:13:15 Just lilies glow now. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:13:32 Solo blackbird trails pylon #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:13:56 Yellow leaved Philadelphus and pale lilac flowers now join the conversation bench, adding colour to the #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:14:01 Hear everything but voices are invisible - shy stars of the #dawnchorus stevelang00, 04:14:08 Yoo-hoo birdcalls #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:14:45 #dawnchorus The garden not yet coloured in beneath the darkened trees Blackbird whistle marks out the territory. MadelaineCSmith, 04:14:47 Vision #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:14:52 Fox #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:14:55

Station lights glow #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:14:57 Light touches the bounceless trampoline as dancers tiptoe home satisfied and runners stretch out the day ahead #dawnchorus Poetry_Soc_Edu, 04:15:15 Yoo hoo #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:15:20 It might not be nice, it might not be pretty. But it's my dawn chorus, the music of the city. #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:15:22 Windows. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:15:33 Fat fox cub #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:15:42 Background #dawnchorus Green_Gould, 04:15:43 Flat Green #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:16:42 Windows - yes, foxes no. But we all have the birds. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:17:46 Grass sudden green #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:17:50 Birds ecstatic #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:17:59 The streetlights haven't noticed their redundancy #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 04:18:04 All the birds have us #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:18:25 I love wildlife and British fauna but waking daily at this time is getting old and irritating #dawnchorus rodkoff, 04:18:25 Suddenly #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:18:35 Birds going mental. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:18:39 Urban army of day #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:18:58 Birdsong deafening now. What a nice way to go deaf #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 04:19:12

Crisp morning green in the walled garden #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:19:20 A mental orchestra. Syncopated. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:19:44 Daisies against green like constellations #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:20:03 Lights up. Army of day. Yoo hoo #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:20:03 Ecstatic urban army with wings #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:20:06 Gone the violet moment. Too too pale the air. #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 04:20:07 Not knowing what we were waiting for until it came - a slow saturation of gold into pink #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:20:15 Now they're just showing off #dawnchorus homologue, 04:20:51 Constellations of street lamps, impostors in the army of day #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:20:57 Unhinged warblings, frog like calls #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:21:05 #dawnchorus with an owl chipping in, can't sleep but so lucky! jugriff123, 04:21:36 Blackbird singing... #dawnchorus loopzilla, 04:21:39 Daisies glowing underfoot, the day is showing off to itself #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:21:52 First glimpse - two fluttering wings overhead. They have arrived. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:22:12 Do Webb's stained glass birds join in each morning? #dawnchorus RedHouseNT, 04:22:26 A vapour trail down to the river, regiments of grass squares, battle lines of gravel #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:22:48 Imposter frogs invading bird army #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:22:54 Quack quack #dawnchorus RedHouseNT, 04:23:12

Three flapping static in the air unhinged #dawnchorus homologue, 04:23:15 Imposters, a relief to see you #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:23:20 Showing itself unto the day #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:23:22 Well it seemed so loud against the silence before the #dawnchorus took off. Plus the caffeine prob made me jittery! ClandonParkNT, 04:23:33 The day arrives unhinged, fresh as a daisy #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:23:48 Day is definitely showing #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:24:09 An oak with a crutch like a veteran #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:24:53 Snapping like static in the air #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:25:04 Car-song draws battle with birdsong #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:25:23 Glass birds glimpsed overhead showing new day's arrival! #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:25:33 Lines mown down the grass #dawnchorus homologue, 04:25:38 Roofline emerged from shadow as the wind drowned by birdsong. Light fills the curtain darkness is held in neighbours' windows #dawnchorus katewsayer, 04:25:47 Regiments of rosebeds #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:26:55 A battle scarred mad impostor flaps in the forecourt #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:27:00 Would love to join in tweeting #dawnchorus but can't distinguish individual bird calls. They're giving it their all though. MrsCordial, 04:27:17 Curtain darkness has thrown off crutches! #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:27:18 Cold and cloudy but more and more birds are waking up singing #dawnchorus chloenelkin, 04:27:22 Gravel crunch underfoot #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:27:53

Birds shouldering the day marching lines #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring. 04:28:59 Static on the carpet but snapping with static #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:29:19 Yellow light spreads like an impostor #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:29:20 Birds are singing well at the Caenhill Countryside Centre young swallows having a chatter #dawnchorus cf10TEN, 04:29:26 Scattered leaves for every note underfoot #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:29:46 Birdsong gives battle, all else retreats. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:30:10 By the fence, dew on eager leaves ripening as it disappears #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:30:25 Static daylight flags the calling #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:30:40 Hinemihi's eye (window) now clearly sees the day and she wonders what she will see . . . a military marching band and picnickers #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:30:49 But it's still too pale #dawnchorus homologue, 04:30:53 Shouldering the day, rosebud colour holds sadness in world at bay for this briefest of moments #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:30:53 Eyes right? #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:30:53 Squadrons of starlings leave chirrups hanging like battle lines in the sky #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:31:01 A warbling, babbling brook of birdsong interrupted only by the C2 bus rumbling noisily into town #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:31:37 It's bursts of song followed by short gaps now. Gentle wind, grey clouds drifting across the dull sky #dawnchorus stevelang00, 04:32:01 Notes of importers flying less wildly, static calming #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:32:14 Retreating chill snatched by announcements #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:32:32

Wood pigeon at my shoulder #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:32:58 Ducks coming in to land #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:33:02 Flagging. Three ducks lined up in prose. #dawnchorus homologue, 04:33:06 The pheasant playing an alto clarinet solo with a damaged reed battles to maintain a note #dawnchorus pwelbourn, 04:33:08 A #dawnchorus bonus - just seen the very first fully open flag irises of the year here at Caen Hill. CanalPoetry, 04:33:21 Eyes wear the morning #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:33:48 An owl makes an announcement #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:33:58 Civil announcements more lyrical #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:34:21 Two of them drakes. One limps. #dawnchorus homologue, 04:34:55 The birds wear the morning right #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:34:58 I see an old friend, consistent, resilient, hello once again, beautiful fulfillment. #dawnchorus DanielRew, 04:35:06 Crows lazy flapping overhead loudest brashest call of all #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:35:08 Knowing you is knowing the planet’s exhalations, how one talks winter into spring. #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:35:13 A crow wanders along the lawn. looking for worms? #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:35:20 Shrill alarm call #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:35:24 All surrounding purring wing beats #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:35:25 Water birds circle prosaically #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:35:26 A cool crisp breeze purifies pores, which snap shut around each attentive hair. #dawnchorus pwelbourn, 04:36:07

It's all cacophony round here, burbling brook takes a backseat #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:36:11 Hidden birds circle #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:36:22 Were you alarmed birds? #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:36:39 Wood pigeon lull, street lights off, blackbird aground! #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:37:05 Rape fields coming into view. Silent anglers huddled under khaki canopies. The rooks head east in a flurry. #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 04:37:07 Encircled by calling creatures #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:37:08 Wood pigeons gentle crooning reminds me of waking up in Cape Town in the wintertime, my other home #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:37:29 Bird alarm call #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:37:34 'Morning' The sky grows light, and I with the ebbing night retreat #dawnchorus GLongshadow, 04:38:00 Rather stately birds for a stately home #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:38:21 Calling creatures have inhabited the house #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:38:26 A dog barks, calling creatures of the day #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:38:39 The morning is surrounding #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:38:59 A bend in the river #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:39:32 Small yellow flowers of Hemerocallis stella d'oro visibly punctuates the massed leaves. Pastel coloured flowers say hello to the #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:39:35 I love walking home from a night out in York, the dawn chorus is amazing! So many blackbirds singing! #dawnchorus stuartfeathers, 04:39:54 Circling. certainly no sun #dawnchorus homologue, 04:39:57

Studio at my back like an old friend, winged sounds all round me now. Flight Path #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:39:58 Uptick of siren #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:39:59 Slowly scribbled with roaring engines and dreamers and marching soldiers #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:40:22 Morning is surrounded #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:40:36 #dawnchorus Watercolour wash and a series of singing - World rubs sleep away. PeasantPoet, 04:40:43 Its light as day and no ghost dog after all #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:40:48 Busy old fool, unruly Sun / why dost thou thus / through curtains and through windows call on us? #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:40:48 Certainly no sun #dawnchorus mepaterson. 04:40:56 I hand you the morning birds - you got me surrounded #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 03:41:00 Encircled by bending brook #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:41:00 Birds are the sirens #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:41:01 Siren bird sounds surround #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:41:33 No mammals heard round here yet, #dawnchorus must be a bird thing. ClandonParkNT, 04:41:39 Local crows, late risers, cawing away just before sunrise #dawnchorus stevelang00, 04:41:55 Long, soft shadows born from the dawn, slowly condense with each second of light. #dawnchorus pwelbourn, 04:42:03 No certainty of sun #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:42:05 Last time I remember it this quiet was Princess Diana's funeral when the Nation stopped what it was doing for the afternoon #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:42:07

No ghost dog, just a slug on the gravel. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:42:49 Such happy sounds to greet the morning. Amazed to hear so many different birds joining in #dawnchorus chloenelkin, 04:42:57 Ghostly daylight #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:43:17 Apple fights at dawn, this place reminds, replacing fearful with joy #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:43:28 #dawnchorus Sun still hidden, light, unbidden, Finds a way through cotton slew Of night clouds as they fall away. Birds say We must wake. PeasantPoet, 04:43:56 Sirens. Birds. An announcement #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:43:57 A few hesitant tweets as dawn breaks, quickly lead to feathered freeform jazz. #dawnchorus pwelbourn, 04:44:05 No certainty, ghost dogs smile #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:44:21 I have seen a ghost watching me from my bedroom window #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:44:38 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:44:44 No sun circling #dawnchorus homologue, 04:44:46 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:44:55 Busy old fool, unruly Sun / why dost thou thus / through curtains and through windows call on us? #dawnchorus wizilizi, 04:44:58 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:45:00 Birds overhead, circling, no sun #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:45:01 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:45:10 What does dawn sound like? #dawnchorus josephrbwatson, 04:45:18

Helios awakes at the sounds of Love's pronouncement of a second chance; to the wicked and the good. This fire brings life-ever #dawnchorus Larizzlemania, 04:45:26 The slow melt of singing shifts the light, and orchestrates the sweeping up of night #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:45:27 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:45:30 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus homologue, 04:45:30 Stone blunts scissors, scissors cut paper, clouds cover sun #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:45:32 Slate replaces blue - raindrops patter on leaves - mist obscures the view. 4.40am #dawnchorus The_Poetree, 04:45:55 This is Sunrise #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:46:02 Someone singing softly a half remembered song. On this way to work . . . The street lights go out #dawnchorus http://t.co/L9HL2JHOyw CatherineduToit, 04:46:36 Body unfurled, standing lookout. No fox again. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:47:38 The sun is up and I'm to bed #dawnchorus CanalPoetry, 04:48:05 The birds yoo hoo and yoo hoo, yoo hoo and yoo hoo #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:49:10 Young boy in the statue is pleased with what he has observed. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:49:22 Pylon stands proud against powder blue. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:49:38 Spoke too soon - they're off #dawnchorus MurphMurphy74, 04:49:47 The lights of woking diminish as one by one they retire for the day. #dawnchorus ClandonParkNT, 04:50:16 A gentle breeze steals through the garden. Neighbours wind chimes join the #dawnchorus http://t.co/FWz9f9n8Iv CatherineduToit, 04:50:27 Pylon #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:51:01

Single blackbird caws #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:51:16 Bird ecstasy, daylight dull. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:51:34 Larizzlemania The winged dreamers shout glory to his sun the one and only Son.One look upon His countenance the world comes alive. Pause-glory #dawnchorus Sun, 09 Jun 2013 04:51:40 It's breakfast time for the kids next door ~ a chimney full of jackdaws, asking for more. #dawnchorus The_Poetree, 04:51:57 Was confident, is now curtailed by the position of being an impostor #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:52:05 Every day comes and goes, without notice, beauty hidden from most #dawnchorus DanielRew, 04:52:07 Imposters welcome #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:52:57 Is the white of the blanket sky #dawnchorus homologue, 04:53:01 Is that the time already? #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:53:40 Gulls, apparently the commonest bird in London, drift silently down to Kings Cross #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:53:45 Is shockingly fast, gone too soon. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:54:38 Is sensitised to new and extraordinary place and day #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:54:38 Is satisfied with the many textures of the unveiling. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:54:44 If they knew, would they wish they had not slept? #dawnchorus PoetrySociety, 04:55:21 It snook up! #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:55:22 It smells warm in here, back on the dirty side of the glass. The freshness of the walled garden was just a dream #dawnchorus mepaterson, 04:55:25 Wind is conducting a choral hush fading the creatures calling #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:55:47

Is bright and calling me into view #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:56:24 But the park is still all mine #dawnchorus homologue, 04:56:43 Is ending with a pigeon on the window sill. ha! #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 04:57:27 The C2 bus comes back. Slowly gaps between the traffic noises start to fill in. Realise I usually never hear aeroplanes overhead #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:57:54 Jaunty bird whistles, and now scales and sirens #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:58:12 Morning has broken Britain #dawnchorus haveandfold, 04:58:32 Robin's have the sweetest song #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 04:58:39 Oh, now Mrs blackbird joins her husband for a backstage feast ~ freeloading diva to say the least! #dawnchorus The_Poetree, 04:58:42 Strangely verdant, no more grey #dawnchorus ncvicars, 04:58:48 A portrait of a Jacobean noble has been watching me tweeting with interest #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 04:58:52 The first bee of the day adding its input into the world. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 04:58:54 Outdoor scent is approaching all that is living #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 04:59:03 Dawn observed at Rainham Hall, Havering #dawnchorus http://t.co/y7UEg67TOM mepaterson, 05:00:03 Folly's ruffles settling down for day after overseeing foxy start #dawnchorus SpittingStars, 05:00:31 Dawn observed at Ham House, Ham #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 05:00:37 Dawn observed at Fenton House, Hampstead. #dawnchorus brown_joanna, 05:01:02 Dawn observed at Keats House, Hampstead #dawnchorus TiffanyCharring, 05:01:11 Dawn observed at Morden Hall Park, Merton. #dawnchorus http://t.co/ZdSwCeKLSz ncvicars, 05:02:17

Dawn was observed at Red House, Bexley #dawnchorus http://t.co/pzl6kOjWN2 SpittingStars, 05:02:28 I can see my pillow, I can smell my pillow, I can feel my pillow, I can hear the #dawnchorus through my open window, and Bed. StuartFeathers, 05:02:47 Alas a bit late #dawnchorus but still hearing some birds tweeting and the rustling of the wind through the trees JustJayne4, 05:02:53 There's a Dunnock too. No blackbirds though and suddenly wonder where the swifts are? Wonder too at how I sleep through this #dawnchorus CatherineduToit, 05:03:25 Collared doves cooing - every rooftop TV antenna now has a resident sitter perched, watching the town wake up #dawnchorus stevelang00, 05:04:32 Lost tweet flushed under lorry brakes and wins in the pigeon purring bushes #dawnchorus ivodawnay, 05:05:54 We are so thin So thin And the morning lights that shine through us Show the loose mechanisms The brittle cages. #dawnchorus R_J_Reid, 05:06:56 Goodnight, sweet ladies, goodnight- hurry up, please it's time. #dawnchorus ivodawnay, 05:08:42 Dawn observed at Osterley Park and House, West London. #dawnchorus homologue, 05:10:44 Birds are noisy #dawnchorus somulligan, 05:10:56 Just woke up to the sound of a wood pigeon. Otherwise all quiet on the SE London front #dawnchorus Silanthril, 05:18:53 So still until/mallardd making maps/overfly caravan site/dull skies a blank invite/sunrise in a quiet grey coat/#dawnchorus juliecorbett21, 05:19:37 By the fence, dew on eager leaves ripening as it disappears #dawnchorus jerroldyam, 05:36:27 Dawn chorus involved Arctic Terns, Herring Gull, Guillemot and Puffin this morning #dawnchorus NTsteely, 05:44:01 #dawnchorus Citizen of the early world. / Look up! / All of this was made for you. / The ugly thing in your dreams was made for you. oedipussucks, 05:44:19 #dawnchorus Citizen of the early world. / Take aim! / Who will stop you now you're having such a good time. / The cornered thing looks up oedipussucks, 05:46:29

Splendour Resplendent! Unfurling beauty of Dawn! / Bring fresh hope, & away this grey this morn! #dawnchorus Lee_SE12, 06:35:22 23rd Sunday of the year sunrise 4.52am at Caen Hill locks #dawnchorus http://t.co/ORRDBgE0bH cf10TEN, 07:11:33 'Spire' Gloved in mist, Its presence is missed only by me, its absence almost unseen. #dawnchorus LongshadowHouse, 08:52:48 'Morning' The sky grows light, and I with the ebbing night retreat #dawnchorus LongshadowHouse, 08:52:55 A distant storm of robinsong slowly envelops the neighborhood. The chickadee and song sparrow join late. #dawnchorus oehlkers, 09:44:52

The London Project The London Project is a programme aimed at bringing our ten London properties to life in new ways, and increasing appreciation of the capital more broadly through an innovative programme of events and exhibitions spanning arts, culture and the urban 'green' environment. The Project enables the Trust to take an active role in London as, unusually, it also functions beyond the Trust's own properties, engages new partners and celebrates special places across the whole of the capital. Poetry Society With special thanks to the Poetry Society for supporting the National Trust’s 2013 Dawn Chorus.

For more information and forthcoming events: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/london or follow @NTLovesLondon