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OUR STORY BEGINS NTL is established in Singapore in 1989 by Grand Master Phang. He is well accomplished with the rare knowledge of Emperor Star Astrology, Science of Name, Feng Shui, History Study. Master Phang’s innovative and modern approach has helped clients, who are named in China’s top 400 richest men list. We have at present total 7 Retail Outlets all over Singapore. They are located at Chinatown, IMM, Tiong Bahru, Ang Mo Kio, Fortune Centre, Sembawang and Serangoon NEX. We commit to excel in our services to meet the Geomancy and Lifestyle demands of our customers, allowing them to achieve better control and focus in various aspects of life.

PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS 1989 1996 1997 1998 1999

2001 2002 2002 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Founded of garment factory. Establishment of CRYSTAL JUNE PALACE. Opening of first CRYSTAL JUNE PALACE branch. Yuan Zhong Siu and NOP MARKETING PTE LTD forms partnership to develop the markets in Singapore and Malaysia. Establishment of Four Seasons Corporation; Founding of business in media and multimedia with the state of the art equipments. The media company provides soundtracks, Fengshui services and crystal services for many television series and commercials. Establishment of Malaysian Yuan Zhong Siu headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Johor. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Ma Chang. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Kuala Lumpur. Establishment of Xin Bao Di Pte Ltd, entering the funerial and burial service sector. Establishment of the largest geomancy company in Singapore and Malaysia. Establishment of brain development centre, entering the early child education service sector. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Kulai Jaya, Johor. Establishment of New Trend Lifestyle Group Pte Ltd, starting an all rounded business development. Hui Bao Xin Bao Di Pte Ltd starts to operate and be responsible for developing the funeral and burial service business. Establishment of Asia’s largest Geomancy website with up to 1,000,000 members. Yuan Zhong Siu enters the Indonesian market and established various branches in Indonesia. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Bukit Bintang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in Century Square. Opening of Yuan Zhong Siu branch in AMK Hub and launching of corporate website Franchise Dragon’s Zen at People’s Park & Fortune Centre Ventured into China market and established branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Established Yuan Zhong Siu outlet in NEX , Serangoon.


Master Ang Boon Soon 洪文顺 师傅 Chinatown Branch

Master Augustine Sien 孙伟龙师傅 Serangoon NEX Branch

Master Emily Lam 卢彦霖 师傅 IMM Branch

Master Phang Xin Ye 彭馨叶 师傅 Fortune Centre Branch

Master Jolesca Phang 彭秀茹 师傅 Tiong Bahru Branch

Master Chen Quan Long 陈泉龙 师傅 Fortune Centre Branch

Master Zhang Yi Wei 张一伟 师傅 Sembawang Branch

Master Jackie Tang 唐家东 师傅 AMK HUB Branch


CORPORATE TALKS TOPIC OF THE DAY Dialogue session will be conducted during lunch time or after work by our Master. This talk will last about 30 minutes.


The Zodiac of 12 animal signs represents 12 different types of personality and according to a 12 year cycle based on the Lunar Calendar.


Have you ever wonder what other people think when they see your face? Facial Analysis tells you the answer!

Have you ever wonder why other people have lucky numbers? Numerology tells you the answer!

Facial analysis uses a person’s facial features (eye-brows, eyes, nose, ears & mouth) to understand a person’s wealth, career, marriage & health)

Numerology uses a set of numbers to determine a person’s character and take advantage of unexplored opportunities.


Emperor Star Astrology uses a person’s birth year, month, date and hour to arrange into 12 palaces to map out one’s journey. Life Palace (命宫) Siblings Palace (兄弟宫) Marriage Palace (夫妻宫) Children Palace (子女宫) Wealth Palace (财昂宫) Health Palace (疾厄宫) Travel Palace (迁移宫) Friends, Servants Palace (仆役宫) Career Palace (官禄宫) Property Palace (田宅宫) Fortune, Virtue Palace (福德宫) Parents Palace (父母宫)

This dialogue session will be conducted after the Main topic have been covered. Our Master will give a brief introduction.


Aura reading is an effective way of enhancing a person’s understanding of the human psyche through the interpretation of the colours and shapes of the energy field. It provides one with a better insight of various aspects of life that includes health, wealth, career, love, marriage, luck and family.

After the dialogue session, we will conduct this game for the staffs.



Done By: Rain Chan Marketing Executive Mobile: 9233 1118 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-21 Enterprise One Singapore 415934

Corporate Talks  

Corporate Talks

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