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Table of contents

Table of Content

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Mission Statement/Info about the client

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Original, reversed, and color logo usage

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Logo usage/Info

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Brand merchandise

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Mark & Nicole met while working in the pet retail industry over 20 years ago. Mark is the Fish Expert. He has been setting up commercial and home aquariums for 20 years. Nicole does some of everything, from helping customers, meeting all the dogs that come in the store, and managing the day-to-day business.

We opened in November of 2015 (Justin Shatto was owner) “My first job was working at Mini Critters, and ever since my first year I knew at some point in my life that’s what I wanted to do.� (Argus Leader)


Mission Statement YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PET EXPERTS. Woofs & Waves is a locally-owned pet store conveniently located on the East-side of Sioux Falls, SD. Our store carries only the best brands of food, toys, and pet necessities for your animal friends. ​ With over 60 years of combined experience in the pet industry, our knowledgeable staff will do more than just help you find the best products. We're here to support a healthy relationship for you and your pets. Were here to help families find the things they need to keep their pets happy and healthy.


Original, reversed, and color logo usage


The original look of the logo with the dog and fish can be used for merchandise, and should be used in any and all advertisements. This logo should not be modified for any reason unless given permission from owner. Color pallot should only be the origional, black with white background, and white with black. The logo should not be used with any reds, dark greens, Black, and purple. The logo of white, and blue is only to be used with darker backgrounds. Backgrounds that are allowed are blacks, browns, and grays.

The white text and logo is only allowed in the following context. Advertisments, clothing, and toys. It is only to be used with gray, or black backgrounds for the reason of being easier to read.

The white background and the black title of woof and wave can be used in advertisements and magazines. The black and white logo is eye catching because the black sticks out with the white background. For this reason this logo doesn’t mix well with bright colors such as green, blue and red, or orange.


Logo usage/Info The normal logo may be used for merchandise, or be a second logo on smaller avertisments which include tennis balls, frizbies, sleve of shirts, and mailers.

The all black look of the logo with the dog and fish can be mixed with any type of other color due to the fact that it doesn’t affect its surroundings. This allows it to be used as merchandise. This can be seen in the tennis ball and also in the hat with the black logo on it.

Spacing Before Text To keep the logo away from the text and make the logo stand by itself place a fin on the mouth, back of the head, bottom of the fish, and top of the dogs head. The top and bottom fins should be centered. The fins on the back of the head and mouth should be simetrical to eachother. Create a box, and have the sides line up with the end of the fin. Then you may add text. Example text of spacing before text. Example text of spacing before text. Example text of spacing before text. Example text of spacing before text. Example text of spacing before text.

Colors of logo 3F6EB1-Blue 3B2314- Brown


When using the logo in an advertisement you need to make sure that the colors of the logo match the colors in the advertisement. The full logo may be used in an advertisement for billboards, magazines,business cards, and wrapping on busses or cars that are advertising towards woofs and waves. The logo must be large enough to distinguish from far away (Roadside). When the logo is placed in a magazine it can’t fill most of the page of the magazine but rather in the top or bottom corner of the left or right sides. Information about the business must be listed and shown in any advertisement. When the information is placed in the advertisement it must not take up a whole page but it must be readable to the viewer. Logo Logo Picture


Information Information


Brand merchandise


If woof and waves were to sell tennis balls for pet owners they would be able to put their logo on it. It would look something like the picture is showing. They would be able to get their name out more and also be able to make a better connection with owners and their pets. The shortened logo may be put on any type of ball or dog toy that meets what they have for products in the store. The longer logo may also be used but on larger objects so that the text on the logo is visable and easy to read.

For the woof and wave t-shirt the logo is placed on the chest to make sure it is noticeable. It is also on a brown long sleeve shirt to show that the logo colors can go with almost anything. It is a great way for customers and employees to represent woof and waves. Make sure that the logo is visable on the shirt color by using colors that are the opposite from the original color of the shirt. The logo may be put on any type of shirt. Crop-tops, t-shirts, long sleves, or shirts with no sleves. It just depends on the color of the shirt that you are using. Chose from the options in the logo and reverse color logo page. The woof and waves is a great way of keeping the sun out of your eyes when walking your dog or making a quick trip to the woof and waves store to pick something up. The logo is visible with it being a darker but yet lighter color on a white hat. The color of the logo has to match the color of the material with the options of logos and colors up at the top.

Woof and waves final (2)  
Woof and waves final (2)