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Dear Friends:

April 2011

We have been very busy since moving into our permanent home in 2009 setting up exhibits, catching up on so much of the detailed cataloging and accessioning recordkeeping, presenting programs, providing research assistance for people around the world as well as locals, and working on future full-length books. We have a group of dedicated regular volunteers who are becoming skilled in the needs of a history museum and generally have two full-time staff members on duty when we are open. We reduced our open hours at the end of 2010 slightly in order to reduce our utility costs. The City of North Tonawanda and the County of Niagara have included us in their utilities plan which should result in additional reductions on the utilities. We have presented weekly programs on a wide variety of subjects, attracting visitors with specific historical interests from around the region. We have more than 1,500 items on display in our temporary exhibits and have more than 100,000 items awaiting display cabinets or the permanent remodeling in order for them to be out on display and another 100,000 in storage. Some highlights of the last year were our being determined as consistent with the Niagara River Greenway guidelines by the Niagara River Greenway Commission for our Lumber City History Center project and being included in the official War of 1812 Legacy Council map as a War of 1812 site for visitors to the Niagara Frontier during the Bicentennial Celebration. We will be able to benefit from the consistency ruling on future grant proposals for the renovation costs. We hope to create three commemorative historical markers about the impact of the War of 1812 on North Tonawanda and need to raise $5,000 in order to make them a reality. We’d like to have them in place before the Bicentennial Celebration begins in 2012. We are now a Blue Star Museum and also a participant in the Niagara County “Thank-a-Vet” program, both offering reduced membership and admissions to veterans and free admission to active duty military and their families. We were also designated as an ERIE CANALWAY NATIONAL HERITAGE PARTNER by the National Park Service. We have spent more than two years researching and documenting the story of Hannah and John Johnson, free blacks who were land owners in what is now North Tonawanda during the pre-Civil War years and until Hannah’s death in 1883. We are submitting an application to the National Park Service for inclusion in the Network to Freedom. We hope to publish the narrative in the near future. We also hope to install two historical markers about Hannah and John, and will need $5,000 for this project also. Our Executive Director was awarded a certificate of excellence in nonprofit leadership and management for the successful completion of the Learning Institute’s eight course series. The award is from the Society for Nonprofit Organizations and Michigan State University. She invested six months in this training. We regret that we were unable to send out our annual event list at the beginning of the year. We will mail a copy on request and they are always available for you to pick up at the Museum. Please check the website, our Facebook page, or Twitter as well. We are hoping to have an OUTDOOR CRAFT SHOW on May 7, along with our spring used book sale. Applications are available at the Museum or will be mailed out on request for crafters and those with flea market tables wishing to participate. Our fourth bi-annual HISTORIC TREASURES TOUR of historic homes will be on September 10. Once again, we have wonderful sponsors and interesting homes. Tickets are available at $20 each for non-members and $15 for members. The carriage ride tickets are $5. A mini-culturals tour is being offered on the morning of the homes tour for $7.50. All fees will increase on the day of the event, if tickets are still available. In conjunction with the homes tour, we have three drawings you may be interested in. You may purchase tickets for a chance to win a $1,400 Grandfather Clock donated by Walker Bros. & Monroe Jewelers; a Victorian Queen Anne style side chair; and a gorgeous limited edition print of an original watercolor drawing of the DeGraff Mansion by Florence Simmen. We are taking advance purchase orders for our second full-length book, “North Tonawanda: Historic Treasures,” planned for release around Thanksgiving time, for $35 for hard cover and $30 for paperback. Those prices will be higher when the book is released. We are also accepting book patrons. For $100, you will be listed as a patron in the book and receive one hard cover book. Some are signing on as patrons of the other books planned for future release, “North Tonawanda: Its People,” “North Tonawanda: Lumber Capital of the World,” “North Tonawanda: Industrial Center of Significance,” and “North Tonawanda: The Wheatfield Years – 1836-1897.” The needs of the North Tonawanda History Museum are many. In addition to complications caused by the general economic downturn from late 2009 through the end of 2010, we LOST OUR TENANT, Tanning Bed, in July 2010, resulting in the loss of anticipated income for 2010. We attempted to find another tenant, listing it with a realtor, but were unsuccessful. We are now planning to expand into that area and are calling it the “annex.” However, we need $2,268 for the exterior sign on the Manhattan Street façade to remove the Tanning Bed sign and replace it with one denoting that we are “The Lumber City History Center.” If you are able to contribute toward this, we will be grateful. We have an immediate need right now also for $7,500 for REPAIR OF BRICKS WHICH HAVE FALLEN from the south side of the building to prevent further damage to the building. We would be grateful for donated services on the brick repair as well as financial donations for this urgently needed repair. Our continued growth, greatly due to the large scope of our mission and an ever-expanding range of activities, does not come without cost. We could not accomplish what we do without the dedicated support of a strong volunteer base and the financial

support of our membership around the world as well as locally. Your donations to our work are investments in the future as well as contributions toward our current programming. In our now two years of occupancy and functioning in the building, we have validated that the building at 54 Webster Street is ideal for our Lumber City History Center and that it pays its own way if it were free of mortgage indebtedness. Once renovated as we plan, it will, with the multiple income generating sources we will build into the project, be self-supporting year round and a regional tourist draw as well as a first class local history center. Given the current market conditions, however, we are focusing on eliminating the mortgage indebtedness. Once the building ownership is completely secured, we will then focus on raising the funds for the design/planning phase which will provide us with the necessary drawings and estimates for seeking funding for the planned renovations. To complete all phases of our multi-part long-term plan, a mix of private, public and foundation monies will be sought to complete the project. The North Tonawanda History Museum celebrates its seventh anniversary as a chartered New York State educational organization on April 20, 2011, and celebrated the seventh anniversary of the first interest group meeting on September 10, 2010. We have accomplished miracles during that time period—and have overcome many obstacles that would have defeated any for profit business. We have always had our eyes on the vision given to us by our supporters: to give North Tonawanda back its history, to provide its residents and former residents with a permanent history center; and to provide the downtown shopping district and waterfront area with a seven day a week visitors center and the County of Niagara with a regional tourist attraction. At the present time, our immediate need is, as we have shared with you all for the last two years, to pay off our mortgage indebtedness. Unfortunately, we entered into a balloon payment mortgage assumption at a time when funding was easier to obtain. Almost immediately after the ink was dry on the contracts, the economy took its tumble and much outside funding dried up. We realize that you all have suffered financially in the last couple of years also and we regret having to repeat our needs. The urgency right now, however, requires us to do so. The Board of Trustees of the North Tonawanda History Museum is, therefore, proud to announce the inception of The Lumber City History Center Legacy Campaign. Our working committee is, as always, our Board of Trustees and our crew of dedicated volunteers. We have, however, begun forming a committee of honorary chairs from our active supporters. There will be many additions as we proceed, but the initial list of those who have come forward follows:

New York State Senator George D. Maziarz has accepted the role of overall Honorary Chair. Honorary Division Chairs are signing on to support the campaign. Although there will be additional Division Chairs, the following have already made a commitment:

BUSINESS DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Carl P. Hoover, President/Pioneer Printers/Gardei, Inc.; Cindy A. Burkett, Branch Manager & AVP/M&T Bank; Michael Mroczka/RealtyUSA; Beverly DiPalma, Vice President, Creative/Quinlan & Company; Kory Schuler, Director of Government Affairs/NiagaraUSA Chamber; John (Jay) Rowland/Ross Service

RELIGIOUS DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Rev. Carl Onofrio EDUCATIONAL DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Carl T. Tamburlin/North Tonawanda High School & Starry Night Theatre; Richard Andres/North Tonawanda High School & Common Council Member; Margaret A. Waite, Director/North Tonawanda Public Library

BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Kevin Stocker, Attorney at Law; M. Bruce Miner, CPA, Esq.; Frederick Washburn, Attorney at Law; James P. Fretthold, Licensed Manager/Fretthold Funeral Home; Jeffrey N. Mis, Attorney at Law; John J. LaFalce/Attorney at Law and former Congressman; Arthur A. Russ, Jr., Attorney at Law (of the National Grinding Wheel family); George F. Phillips, Jr., Attorney at Law (great-grandson of James H. and Mary Simpson DeGraff), Henry Wojtaszek, Attorney at Law; Robert M. Chick, D.D.S.; Robert J. Reszel II, D.D.S.; Dale E. Voelker, D.D.S. RETAIL MERCHANT DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Jay Soemann/Walker Bros. & Monroe Jewelers; Robert G. Grosskopf, th

Jr., Manager/Walgreens (Payne Avenue & 19 Avenue); Randall Warblow, Manager/Rite Aid; Barbara A. Wickman/Barb’s Sweet Treats & Jack’s Trains

BARS, RESTAURANTS DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: James Pane/Pane’s Restaurant; Randy Siford/Ava’s Place INDUSTRIAL DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Jack Kopczynski, President/Ascension Industries, Inc.; Douglas P. Taylor, President/Taylor Devices, Inc.

HISTORIC FAMILIES DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Robert and Joanne Rand (Robert is the great-great grandson of Benjamin Long Rand and grandson of Benjamin Garfield Rand), Marcia Miner Poleon (granddaughter of Heinrich Leonhardt, MD and daughter of G. Norris Miner, MD), Virginia Green Doebler. Gary Doebler, Kristin Doebler Antemann, James A. Maglisceau, Kim and Audrey Monkiewicz (Kim is the grandson of Victor Monkiewicz), Douglas Batt (great-grandson of Frank Xavier Batt), Jean McLean Bostwick (granddaughter of Donald McLean, daughter of Hugh McLean), Peter G. Pullman (son of Gust Pullman), Helen Pullman Coran (daughter of Leo Pullman), Peter L. Pullman (son of Leo Pullman), George Brick, Helen Root Schieffer (grandniece of Elias & Carrie Root and granddaughter of Edward B. Harrington), Delphine Blachowicz Herbert; Diane DiFrancesco, Thomas C. Tamburlin, Elizabeth McConnell (granddaughter of Benjamin Garfield Rand); James Mroz, Suzanne Hempel, Richard L. “Joe” Zellner, William E. Redemske, Gregg R. Schnitzer, Martha Rand McConnell Oyston (granddaughter of Benjamin Garfield Rand), David Plummer, James DiBernardo, Gabriel DiBernardo, Evelyn Moser (descendent of Mary Taber Payne and Cornelia Payne Stanley), Violet Kolecki, Jack VanSlyke, Gail Pettis-Plato (great-great-great-granddaughter of Robert Simson and great-greatgranddaughter of John Simson)

GOVERNMENTAL HONORARY CHAIRS: Mayor Robert Ortt; Scott P. Kiedrowski/City Clerk-Treasurer; Catherine Schwandt/ Common Council Member; Nancy Donovan/Common Council Member; Eric Zadzilka/Common Council Member; Dennis Pasiak/Common Council Member; Niagara County Legislator Peter E. Smolinski, Niagara County Legislator; P. Russell Rizzo; Niagara County Legislator Paul Wojtaszek

HISTORIANS DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: A. Daniel Bille/former North Tonawanda City Historian; John W. Percy/Town of Tonawanda-Kenmore Historian; Peter Trinkwalder/North Tonawanda City Historian

CIVIC DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: Flora D. Carozzolo/North Tonawanda City Assessor; Lawrence V. Soos/former Mayor and Councilman; Leslie Stolzenfels/former City Treasurer and Niagara County Deputy Treasurer; Malcolm Needler/former Niagara County Legislator; George Soemann VOLUNTEER DIVISION HONORARY CHAIRS: William and Margaret Bauza; Vicki A. Keller; Jessica Brant; Benton Hiltz II; Jeffrey Kaszubski; Stephen Taylor; Carol Kopczynski, Stephen C. Ash

The Lumber City History Center Legacy Campaign Purpose: To insure that 54 Webster Street will always remain the home of the history of North Tonawanda and will become a permanent historical legacy for North Tonawanda and Niagara County The campaign target is $500,000. Individual, business/corporate or other donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted. Unless you request anonymity, you will be listed as a donor to this campaign in the Museum itself. A variety of naming rights are possible for significant donations. We offer three other options as well for your consideration:

1 – Lumber City History Center Steward Program You may donate by check or cash or can choose to give by having a set amount charged to your credit card each month. You may go to our website and donate online to us, and by choosing to make your donation a recurring monthly donation, your credit card will be charged once a month (around the 5th) for the amount you request. Or you can fill out the form below and we will setup your monthly pledge for you. 󲐀$25 󲐀$50 󲐀$75 󲐀Other Amount: $______________ Name on credit card ___________________________________ Card Number ___________________________________ Expiration Date _________________________________Address ______________________________________________ City/State/Zip __________________________________ Email (optional) _______________________________________ Authorized Signature _________________________________________________________________________________ By signing this form, I authorize the debit of my credit card to North Tonawanda History Museum on behalf of the sponsoring organization for the set amount indicated above each month. I certify that I am authorized to use this credit card for this purpose. I understand that I may cancel this pledge or adjust the amount at anytime by contacting the North Tonawanda History Museum. For check payments and acknowledgment purposes, please use this information: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2 – Buy a Brick Program Buy an engraved 8x8” quarry stone tile for a donation of $100 per individual, $250 for a family; and $500 for a business. Nonprofit organizations, churches, and other groups may participate at the $100 level. The proceeds will help us own the building permanently and the tiles will be permanently displayed on the interior walls of the North Tonawanda History Museum.

3 – Legacy Society of the North Tonawanda History Museum Talk to your attorney or tax advisor about how to use a form of planned giving appropriate to your personal situation to help us maintain and ensure the permanence of the North Tonawanda History Museum:  Bequest by will  Charitable Gift Annuity  Charitable Annuity Trust  Charitable Life Insurance  Charitable Unitrust  Charitable Lead Trust  Pooled Income Fund Each person who sends us a written statement of their intention to assist the North Tonawanda History Museum in any of the above ways will be immediately listed as a member of the LEGACY SOCIETY OF THE NORTH TONAWANDA HISTORY MUSEUM and will be permanently memorialized in a plaque on the walls of the Lumber City History Center as such. You may keep the amount confidential. You may designate your planned giving donation for a specific purpose. We list some suggestions, but please feel free to discuss other purposes with us. _____ Please have the Museum’s tax attorney contact me or my representative about these possibilities. _____Yes, I plan to provide future support for the North Tonawanda History Museum through planned giving. _____I am currently working with my legal advisor on determining the appropriate method. _____I have selected the appropriate method. I will use a _______________________________________. _____I wish to have my planned giving donation designated toward: ____General operating expenses _____Programming ______ Exhibit creation ______Collection stewardship ____Endowment for long term stability _____Capital campaign for Lumber City History Center renovation ____Other_______________________________________________________________________________ _____You are hereby given my permission to list me as a member of the Legacy Society of the North Tonawanda History Museum. I understand no financial or personal information other than my name will be made public at any time without my express consent. Complete and mail form to: North Tonawanda History Museum The Lumber City History Center 54 Webster Street North Tonawanda, NY 14120 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our 2011 Board of Trustees is Carl T. Tamburlin, President; Randall L. Warblow, Vice President; Donna Zellner Neal, Secretary; Barbara A. Wickman, Treasurer; Carl Onofrio; Craig Haynes; Jeffrey Kaszubski; Robert J. Clark, and Robert G. Grosskopf, Jr.; Ex-officiio Trustees: A. Daniel Bille, John Zellner Neal, and Peter G. Pullman. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VISION STATEMENT The North Tonawanda History Museum will provide leadership to the North Tonawanda community in the promotion of historic awareness and interpretation of the people's history in the community. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the North Tonawanda History Museum is to assemble, preserve, protect, and exhibit collections pertaining to the history of North Tonawanda, its people and community life, focusing especially on our rich immigrant heritage and role as an important shipping and manufacturing center strategically located on the historic Erie Canal and Niagara River in the 19th and 20th centuries. As a research and educational institution, we plan to be both an active participant in the historical and cultural tourism focus of North Tonawanda and a focal point for students of all ages to participate in historical studies and activities of the City. Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 19, 2004

NORTH TONAWANDA HISTORY MUSEUM Lumber City History Center 54 Webster Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120 Phone: (716) 213-0554 - Fax: (716) 213-0155 e-mail: - website: Twitter: Facebook:

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North Tonawand History Museum Newsletter Spring 2011  
North Tonawand History Museum Newsletter Spring 2011  

North Tonawanda History museum Spring 2011 Newsletter.