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Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin UQ Branch

Respect. Recognition. Reward. Bulletin No. 9

24 May 2013

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Bargaining Report – 22 May 2013 Dear NTEU Members at UQ Your UQ Bargaining Team met with management again yesterday in the latest round of enterprise bargaining. The meeting followed the usual pattern of recent meetings – limited progress on claims of lesser import, and management rejecting any compromise position on your key claims. We finalised a Professional Staff Workloads clause with some minor improvements through drafting. We made some further minor revisions to the Misconduct/Serious Misconduct clause and are close to in-principle agreement. Management came back to us on Indigenous Australian Employment. They again flatly rejected putting a numeric target into the Enterprise Agreement, despite us offering to make that target 1.0% of full time equivalent employment by the end of the Agreement (likely to be mid 2016). This would bring them up to the sector average – UQ currently sits around half of the sector average. They again rejected making it a requirement to maintain an Indigenous Employment Co-ordinator position at an appropriate level and with sufficient resources to improve Indigenous Australian employment at UQ. They are happy to have an Indigenous Employment Committee, but we see this as the least effective solution to the problem. Your bargaining team tabled (admittedly only the day prior) clauses from current enterprise Agreements at University of Western Australia, Australian Catholic University, University of Newcastle, Curtin University, Southern Cross University, Griffith, QUT, Macquarie and the University of New England that provide for paid parental leave for a primary caregiver for the birth of their child regardless of whether they are the mother or the father (currently the benefit only applies if the birth mother is also a UQ employee and returns to work at UQ). Despite acknowledging that this was a quarter of the sector, UQ management do not want to take the lead on this issue. They stated they are happy to implement something along these lines when it becomes the norm, but are concerned about the cost, the honesty of staff and accountability measures this would require. They have agreed to continue to investigate, but their initial response is very pessimistic.

UQ Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin No. 9

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On separate pay for all marking for casuals, the response was also negative. Management see this as a cost and their feedback from the Heads of School was apparently horror at the potential cost. Management’s arguments that any paid marking would have to be met with commensurate productivity gains elsewhere was rebutted strongly. The formula for reckoning casual academic work is pre-email and from a time when 15 students was considered a large tutorial. Casuals have been giving plenty of productivity gains in return for little improvement in their terms and conditions and it is time management recognised this. In response to our request that more meetings be scheduled after the final listed one in mid-June, management have suggested we continue with 2-hour fortnightly meetings. We have responded by requesting longer meetings in an effort to demonstrate our desire to wrap the new Agreement up sooner rather than later. Andrew, Liz, Dave and Michael Your UQ Bargaining Team Read the Bulletin online.

Our Log of Claims View the NTEU’s Log of Claims as served on the University.

Bargaining contacts Negotiating Team: Andrew Bonnell ( Dave Callaghan ( Michael McNally ( Liz Ridley ( Branch Organiser: Lachlan Hurse ( Authorised by: Andrew Bonnell, NTEU UQ Branch President

UQ Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin No. 9

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UQ NTEU Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin No. 9  

Report on the Bargaining meeting of 22 May 2013

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