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Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin UQ Branch

Respect. Recognition. Reward. Bulletin No. 31. 6 May 2014

ONE LAST PUSH! Three weeks ago we met with management in a lengthy session that came close to resolving all the outstanding matters in bargaining. We cancelled our industrial action planned for April 10, on the basis that we were very close to reaching agreement. We immediately requested further meetings to wrap things up. Management did not respond for two weeks and when followed up last week scheduled a meeting for today. It is true that there have been three public holidays in that period, but the lack of urgency is of concern. Our meeting this afternoon is from 1-3 p.m. We are hopeful that we can get a final inprinciple agreement on all remaining issues. However, one significant point of difference that remains between management and unions is the oversight of restructures when positions will be made redundant. This oversight is not about stopping or delaying change. Scrutiny prevents poorly considered change by ensuring that managers know that their change management proposals will be reviewed by a committee of staff and management reps. This brings rigour to the process and makes it more likely that consultation is genuine and that change is reasonable and justified. Management say they want to streamline the process and have greater consultation up front. They have not been able to explain why they want to remove oversight of proposals. Our commitment is driven from feedback from our membership, who insist that our negotiators hold firm. All our members need to expect the best, but be prepared for the worst. The stakes are high, as UQ management may try to sidestep the union. Be prepared for action. There is a 24-hour strike scheduled for this Thursday, 8 May, if we don’t make sufficient progress. Andrew, Liz, Dave and Michael Your UQ Bargaining Team

Bargaining contacts UQ Bargaining Team: Andrew Bonnell ( Dave Callaghan ( Michael McNally ( Liz Ridley ( Branch Organiser: Lachlan Hurse ( Authorised by Andrew Bonnell, President, NTEU UQ Branch

UQ NTEU EB Bulletin no 30  

The bulletin of the NTEU UQ Branch summarising Enterprise Bargaining negotiations at the University of Queensland

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