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NEWS Nominations for TAFF Awards


All the nominations are now in for the 2010 TAFF Awards and twenty five companies representing all aspects of the fast fit sector are featured. Several new names appear on the nominations list including Bond International in the Tyre Wholesalers section and Vredestein in the Tyre Manufacturers section. The Environment section has attracted nominations from 2010 the NTDA membership for a number of collectors whom members deem to merit recognition in this, the industry’s most prestigious Awards event. As with previous years over ten thousand voting forms will be circulated throughout the trade via the pages of our media partner Tyres and Accessories (see the first of these forms on page 11) as well as direct mail shots from our Aylesbury offices.

2010 Nominations are: (*2009 winners) Tyre Manufacturer of the Year: Bridgestone UK Ltd, Continental Tyre Group Ltd*, Hankook Tyre UK Ltd, Michelin Tyre Plc and Vredestein UK Ltd Industry Advertising Campaign: Bridgestone UK Ltd, Continental Tyre Group Ltd*, Goodyear Tyre Ltd, Maxxis International UK Plc and Michelin Tyre Plc Tyre & Aftermarket Equipment Supplier of the Year: Apaseal Ltd, Auto 4 Ltd*, Harvie Tyres Ltd, Pro-Align Ltd and Rema Tip Top Automotive Ltd Wholesaler of the Year: BITS*, Bond International, Group Tyre (UK) Ltd, Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd and Stapleton’s (Tyre Services) Ltd Environment Award: Credential Environmental Ltd, DME Tyres, Envirotyre, Hardings Vans and Kingpin Tyres Ltd

Innovation Award call for nominations Following on from the successful launch last year of the new approach to nominations for the Innovation Award all member supplier members have been contacted to invite nominations for the 2010 TAFF Innovation Award. The winner of this Award, unlike the others, is chosen by a panel of independent experts drawn from the Aftermarket sector including our Director Richard Edy, Dave Garratt - Director of the Garage Equipment Association and Brian Spratt - Director of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation. Once all the entries are in, the panel then identifies five entries which merit detailed investigation and the companies are requested to submit more detailed information for the judges to make their final decision. If you feel you have a product or service which could merit consideration please contact NTDA’s Aylesbury offices for more information – closing date for entries is 23rd July.

Call for Regional Representatives One of the fundamental changes to the Rules agreed at the recent Annual General Meeting relates to the election of regional representatives to sit on the National Executive Council of the Association. The new Rules provide all members with the right to nominate themselves to take on the role of regional representative, as long as their company does not have 12 or more depots in membership, as such larger chains have an automatic right to a seat on the Council. Representation from the small, independent members is of vital importance to the Association as the Council sets forward strategy and the overall governance of the Association. We are eager to encourage any member who has an active interest in the future of the Association and the tyre retail trade to put his/her name forward for election as a regional representative. We are in a period of major change, both within the NTDA and in the Industry as a whole, so it is vitally important to ensure that your Association continues to promote and protect the interests of our sector and we look forward to welcoming new, and possibly old, faces onto the National Executive. All you need to do is contact Head Office and your name will go forward for election by the relevant region.


TWG Newsletter explores Run Flat Repairing The latest edition of the Tyre Wholesalers Group Newsletter takes a close look at run flat repairing and details the views of various manufacturers as to whether their product can be repaired or not.


New-look Manchester Central awaits Brityrex visitors ���



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A new-look venue will greet tyre industry visitors to October’s Brityrex International show at Manchester Central, which has spent £30 million over the past two � �� years on a major redevelopment programme. up olesalers Gro NTDA Tyre Wh


moment dealers at the ing many tyre be repaired A question exercis a damaged SST should not be difficult is whether or so tough, it may d sidewalls are tyre has suffere – because the er or not the gauge wheth to accurately e. secondary damag an SST is a tricky not to repair a customer of whether or hand he has The decision – on the one tyre and one for the retailer paid a premium for a runflat the on ly but d, who has probab cannot be repaire tyre and it be happy if it repair the who will not the tyre dealer his and his other hand, should then the responsibility is fails, subsequently alone.

The most striking result of the investment can be seen by the addition of the new Charter Foyer, and the new and extended Central Foyer, which have added cohesion to the venue’s facilities and offer greater ease of access within the Manchester Central site. The new Central Foyer is much larger than its predecessor and has added additional event space. The third and final phase of the redevelopment will be complete by the time Brityrex opens its doors on Tuesday 5th October.

, 8 Temple Square .uk Association, Distributors 488675 Email: National Tyre 7 Fax: 01296 Tel: 08449 67070 Website: www.

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Summer 2010

“Visitors to Brityrex will notice a major difference in the venue since the last show in 2007. The new foyer makes a striking impression on arrival and that favourable impression is continued throughout the venue,” says NTDA Director Richard Edy. Planning is underway to hold a health and safety workshop in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) during the show. This will highlight the latest policies and best practice in this important area and will be attended by local authority inspectors and tyre dealers. The event is expected to be held in the Hilton Deansgate Hotel on the morning of Wednesday 6 October. Another facet of the Association’s involvement in Brityrex is in working with other aftermarket trade bodies to encourage visitors from the franchised and non-franchised sectors to visit the exhibition. The NTDA Annual Dinner will again be held during Brityrex and the ever-popular event has already attracted close to 300 bookings for the evening of 6th October at the Hilton Deansgate Hotel. Featuring the presentation of the keenly-contested 2010 TAFF Awards and high quality entertainment by the quick-witted Milton Jones of ‘Mock the Week’ renown, members are encouraged to contact Head Office with their ticket requirements without delay to avoid disappointment.


Non runflat deflate

Commented NTDA Director Richard Edy “The Newsletter provides vital information on which brands can and can’t be repaired and will assist retailers when faced by customers unhappy at having to purchase a new tyre when the run flat shows no visible damage. What advice

– the utors Association al Tyre Distrib of the Nation wholesale section the car says it all. (TWG) is the around 75% of salers Group – and the name ted that we supply s and fast-fits 00,000. The Tyre Whole and it is estima value of £900,0 for UK tyre dealer ers ers of the TWG a year, with a trade association the TWG memb regional memb 26 million tyres national and he wants it, but are – that’s nearly There are 24 er wants, when ment market about tyres and ion custom replace the UK legislat the what ming tyres sold on has to deliver ation on forthco the wholesaler pass on inform on To be successful, product; they will have an effect merely deliver . about issues that do far more than help and advice ers informed ers custom custom TWG tter is to keep available to offer ! e of this newsle Indeed, the purpos business – all part of the service HP20 2QH you do Aylesbury, Bucks. the way that


The feature helps retailers identify where they stand when faced by a customer finding it difficult to understand why he has to replace what looks like a perfectly good tyre.



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“Our research shows that many manufacturers place the responsibility on whether to repair or not on the shoulders of the retailer subject to accepting that the tyre has not been driven on outside the recommended limit.” The Newsletter, which is aimed at customers of members of the Tyre Wholesalers Group was first produced earlier this year and focuses on issues affecting the tyre and fast fit sector and the latest edition, apart from featuring run flat repairing, also takes a closer look at PAH legislation which restricts the sale of tyres not complying with the PAH ban and also S Markings. Copies are available from the NTDA Head Office.








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