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before saying‘I do’ critical financial questions to consider

JANUARY 10, 2014

DIY wedding favors

Something Blue

new times, new traditions

modern wedding trends

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From our Facebook Fans PAGE 7 The News and Tribune asked readers to share experiences about a wedding they have had or have been to that was non-traditional. Here’s what they had to say.

Bride’s Guide 2014 is a special supplement of the News and Tribune. Cover Design: Ellie Thomas Editorial Content & Page Design: Brandi Jones,

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Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune :: 3

Something Blue Brides look for ‘something blue’ — and more — in jewelry (MS) -- As weddings become more and more personalized to the bride’s own tastes, blue and other colors have been making their way into the bridal picture, both in decor and in jewelry. “In addition to our wide selection of pearl and crystal jewelry for brides, we have seen increased interest in sapphire and other colors like topaz for brides,” according to Jill Maier, Vice President of Design at CAROLEE. Sapphire blue stones are now a staple in their bridal collection, with stones set in silver and gold tone metal. Topaz stones set in gold have become popular, and rose gold metal is another color option that brides have gravitated to. These trends also influence jewelry for bridesmaids and every member of the bridal party. While color is making news in bridal circles, pearls will always play a lead role in the world of bridal jewelry. Classic styles like single and double row chokers, often mixed with crystal, are truly classic and always appropriate for brides. But there continued on page 8

4 :: Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune

Rose gold metal is another color option that brides have gravitated to. (picutred:Olivia Ring, Gemvara,

(MS) -- According to, an online resource catering to couples planning their weddings, the most popular day to get married in 2013 was October 12. More than 24,000 couples who used to plan their weddings listed 10-12-13 as their wedding dates. The next most popular date in 2013 was June 1. Though this might lead many to conclude that fall weddings were more popular than summer weddings, that’s not entirely true. TheKnot. com notes that June was the most popular month to marry in 2013, followed by September and October. In addition, where couples are tying the knot tends to influence when they exchange their vows. For example, November and December are the most popular months to tie the knot in Florida, where late-spring and early summer temperatures can be especially harsh.

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New times, new traditions Modern wedding trends from stock-the-bar parties to social networking sites (BPT) - October is the new June. More and more, weddings are taking place in the height of fall foliage, heart of winter and prime holiday season, including the ever-popular New Year’s Eve ceremony to ring in the new year. But it’s not just the wedding season that has drastically evolved over the past decade, it’s everything from roles and responsibilities to gift-giving. As you gear up to celebrate the union of your beloved family or friends - or even your own - know what to expect from the changing tides of weddings. Lizzie Post, co-author of “Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition” and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, helps couples navigate the new traditions of weddings. The Post name has been synonymous with proper etiquette and manners for the past 80 years. As decades pass, so will traditions, but proper etiquette is timeless. Be prepared for the next wedding you attend and know what to expect from changes in the wedding landscape with these important pieces of advice:

Pay it forward Finding the right gift for the newlyweds can be difficult. While registries help to point guests in the right direction, many couples are getting married later in life and already have all the household items that are common wedding gifts. To provide the 6 :: Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune

Editor’s pick:

Customized Converse Customize your own Chuck Taylors for your special day, or even for the entire bridal party. (Starting at $70 on

From our Facebook Fans couple with a small nest egg to use however they wish, a check is always a great and safe gift idea. Several financial institutions, like Bank of America, offer mobile check deposit through their banking app, allowing the couple the flexibility to deposit checks on-the-go to help cover outstanding vendor payments or use on their honeymoon. Another new-age trend is contributing to a couple’s honeymoon fund.

Temper tech use Even weddings are going hi-tech. There are numerous websites available that can help the couple to organize the process, communicate with guests and share photos after the ceremony. But a few things - like a handwritten “thank you” note - should steer clear of the hi-tech lure. In a gadget-driven society, everyone is carrying a smartphone. Couples can post a tasteful notice at the entrance of the ceremony location or in the program to remind guests to turn off their cell phone ringers and refrain from use during the ceremony. Some couples may actually encourage guests to take photos and share images via social media, but guests should respect their wishes and use phones only as a camera and upload images after the ceremony.

Respect personalization Couples want their special day to reflect who they are and what is important to them. While previous generations traditionally wed in places of worship, many modern couples choose to tie the knot at a sentimental location, like where they had their first date. The decor, music and even the food and drink served at a wedding may have a personal story behind it. No matter how nontraditional the element may be, guests should eagerly partake in the festivities, acknowledging and respecting the couple’s individualization. continued on page 9

The News and Tribune asked readers to share experiences about a wedding they have had or have been to that was nontraditional. Here’s what they had to say:

Tommy Roberts Went to a medieval one years ago. Sandy Peyton Sorrells We had a small intimate wedding with family and close friends and then held a reception 4 weeks later where we invited more people to share in our celebration. The actual wedding day gave us an opportunity to spend quality time with those closest to us, and the reception day gave us the opportunity to wear our wedding attire another day and celebrate with lots of friends on a "non-stressed" day. I've always felt I got a two-for-one experience! Pj Firkins One of my best friends just had a wedding this past October. It was a halloweenthemed wedding so most of the guests came in costume. She had spiders, webs, police tape, monsters and body parts all over the reception hall. Her cake was black, white and orange and was themed with “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Teresa Rutherford We eloped. Went to Sevier County, TN, and got married at the Feed Store right across the street from the Court House. My wedding bouquet was a handful of mums we swiped from a whiskey barrel sitting outside the Feed Store. Our wedding photo (announcement) was made at an Old Time Photography place of me holding a shotgun on him (some folks thought I was preggers....NOT). The entire wedding cost us $108 (which was $8 over my husband's budget). 22+ years later, he still complains about going over budget.

DIY wedding favors Food favors mean guests can enjoy their gifts and not have to worry about finding space inside their homes to display trinkets. Food favors can be lavishly decorated cookies, fine chocolates, petit fours, small bottles of champagne or cupcakes decorated like the wedding cake.

Modern brides often personalize their pearls by wearing bolder, longer styles ...

continued from page 4

are now many modern twists, both in design and in ways brides choose to wear pearls. Modern brides often personalize their pearls by wearing bolder, longer styles, by mixing and layering different millimeters and by twisting, tying or knotting them. The variations are endless with a 72” white pearl rope -- a staple for any bride -- as well as any post-wedding wardrobe. Crystal styles -- teardrop earrings and necklaces, delicate Y necklaces, chokers and bracelets in floral designs -- are also

beautiful and popular choices among brides. They, too, can be layered, mixed and matched with pearls. The bottom line is that brides are more than ever expressing their personal style in every aspect of their weddings. Jewelry selection is a wonderful way to do this because it is a focal point that frames the face and will live forever in glorious photos of the memorable day.

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Be all-inclusive In the past, bridal showers were strictly for the bride and bachelor parties were a men-only affair. Nowadays, these festivities are no longer gender-specific. Showers can be thrown for the couple in unison and include creative themes like “stock the bar” or “time of day.” Bachelor and bachelorette parties can also be conjoined to involve the entire bridal party in a

destination event. And while these events are a celebration of joy, expenses can add up quickly. This is great for both the bride and groom and guests traveling to the wedding. As trends and expectations shift, so will the way major life milestones are celebrated. It is important to celebrate these moments in life with grace and support for the happy couple - after all, it’s their day - and it should be as unique as they are.

8 :: Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune

Local Treat

If you’re hosting a wedding in your hometown, then share a local favorite such as Cinnamon Red Hots from Schimpff’s Confectionery in Jeffersonivlle. Package goodies in a classic-style container and add an out-of-the-ordinary tag, like ones made from actual maps. Now that’s hometown flair. (Visit for ordering info)

Personalized Flash Drive

You can send guests home with memories that will play on forever. Load a flash drive (tip: find one in your signature hue) with favorite photos and your very own playlist. Chances are guests will be pretty excited to watch and see if they made it into the video.

Recently engaged? Critical financial questions to ask before you say ‘I do’

(BPT) - Engagement season is officially here, with couples around the country saying “yes” to proposals and starting to plan their weddings. In fact, 39 percent of marriage proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, according to While immediate discussions with your partner might be focused on the ceremony venue or honeymoon location, there’s another important consideration before saying “I do:” having the “finance talk.” Joining your lives through marriage also means joining your lives financially.

Having a solid understanding about money, which includes insurance, will help ensure a marriage remains strong long after the honeymoon is over. However, the reality is that many couples are skipping important conversations. While 71 percent of newly married couples acknowledge the importance of sharing beneficiary designations before marrying, almost half never got around to addressing their life insurance needs prior to the wedding, according to a continued on page 10

Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune :: 9

continued from page 9

survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). And it’s not just young couples who are skipping the conversation - newlywed couples age 55 and older are more likely to have discussed their household entertainment budget than their life insurance coverage. Talking about combining finances and future insurance needs can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Avoid misunderstandings and help ensure your marriage remains strong by having a talk about these matters as soon as possible. Well before the big day, couples should schedule a pre-wedding discussion to directly address auto, home, health and life insurance needs. Here are some questions to get the conversation started:


Having health insurance isn’t only important for each person in a marriage, but starting in 2014, it is subject to considerable changes in law. When analyzing plans, remember the lowest premium isn’t the only consideration. Review all plan elements, including deductibles and co-pays. Most couples have the opportunity to combine plans, but only after they are legally married and not before.


How’s your driving history? Getting married may have a positive effect when you combine your auto insurance plan, but a lower rate is dependent on both you and your spouse’s driving records. If you married a speed demon, it might not Talking about make sense to comcombining finances bine policies even after you say “I and future insurance do.” Have the needs can be difficult, talk and do your but it doesn’t have research.

Do we plan on renovating our current home? If we both own homes, should we rent or to be. Talk about the sell the other matters sooner rather home once we move in tothan later to avoid Do you curgether? rently have life misunderstandings Keep in mind, a insurance? How renovation investment much life insurance is of $5,000 or more could enough? change your home’s replaceNow that “I” means “we,” ment value and insurance needs. couples should evaluate life insurAdditionally, switching a property from beance based on future income potential, the ing a homestead to a rental will require you cost of raising children and outstanding to carry different insurance. mortgage payments. Remember, in many states, your new spouse does not automatically become your beneficiary on existing insurance policies. Once you tie the knot, Which health plan should we keep? you must proactively contact your HR deShould we each be on the same plan, partment or other health and life insurance or maintain individual plans? What is providers to change beneficiaries. the best approach for insuring our children, or stepchildren?



10 :: Bridal Guide 2014 :: News and Tribune

Did you know?

According to, roses reign supreme among wedding flowers. Long considered a symbol of love, roses often play an integral role on wedding days as well as holidays like Valentine’s Day or special events like a couple’s wedding anniversary. Couples embrace roses on their wedding days not only to symbolize their love for one another, but also because roses are a versatile flower available in numerous solid colors and many bicolor varieties. Tulips are another popular wedding flower. Also grown in a wide range of colors, tulips are often less expensive than roses, though rare varieties of tulips will cost brides- and grooms-to-be a significant amount of money. Though less versatile than roses and tulips with regards to their color, calla lily flowers are another popular choice for weddings. Lily of the valley, hydrangeas, the peony, and ranunculus are also popular wedding flowers. Though each type of flower is beautiful in its own way, costs can vary considerably depending on the type of flowers couples choose for their wedding, something cost-conscious couples should consider before visiting florists.

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