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May 1, 2014 — Issue 14

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May 1, 2014 Publisher Bill Hanson Editor Jason Thomas Design Claire Munn Photography Ty l e r S t e w a r t


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 On the Cover:

Meadow Ryann, 14, makes a name for herself on the local music scene. Photo by Tyler Stewart


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Making a difference with music

Meadow Ryann Drollinger is a big deal. The singer-songwriter has caught the attention of national talent scouts from VH1 and Viacom Entertainment, won numerous regional and national awards and attracted more than 10,000 YouTube views Jason Thomas, Editor on her music video, writes Elizabeth Beilman for this week’s cover story. Oh, and she’s only 14. What were you doing when you were 14? Meadow has written more than 200 songs in the past three years, recorded an album — “Brave” — and is recording her second album called “Stronger Now,” Beilman reports. Those aren’t even her most impressive accomplishments. Ryann, who is homeschooled, carries a message of confidence to fellow teenagers, and is

featured on a tour that promotes self-esteem in the face of bullying. That’s how we do it in SoIn. We make a mark — one that matters. You’ll also see a short story next to Ryann’s about Drew Alexander, a New Albany honor roll student also making waves with her music. She was chosen to participate in the Power of Music Project a Music For Change Songwriter Series, a six-month workshop in which 10 musicians gathered regularly to develop their voices and create songs inspired by service and compassion. A celebration concert will be held at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville at 5 p.m. May 18. Tickets can be purchased at Two Southern Indiana teens doing big things — things that make a difference. Totally SoIn. — Jason Thomas is the editor of SoIn. He can be reached by phone at 812-206-2127 or email at jason. Follow him on Twitter: @ScoopThomas.

two for the price of one

 What: Tegan and Sara 'Let's Make Things Physical' tour

 When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 7  Where: Mercury Ballroom: 611 S.

4th St., Louisville

 Cost: $49.50 ($37 with a $12.50 fee)  Online: Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin will bring their “Let’s Make Things Physical” tour to the new Mercury Ballroom in downtown Louisville at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 7. The duo’s second show of its spring tour in support of the “Heartthrob” album stops at the new Louisville venue, located on Fourth Street. The album was released in January 2013 and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart — the highest mark for the band in its seven album career. The release was a successful commercial pop rock

attempt for Tegan and Sara, following a string of albums that were more folk and rock influenced. Lucius, a indie pop quintet from Brooklyn, and The Courtneys, a Canadian trio, will open the show.

Tickets are $37 plus a $12.50 fee for a total of $49.50. They are available at the ballroom’s ticket office and at Visit teganandsara. com for more information on the band.


May 1, 2014

3 To Go


going green for the greenway What: The Friends of the Ohio River Greenway Turf Party on the Greenway fundraiser

When: 6:30 to 11 p.m. tonight Where: Big Four Burgers + Beer , 134 Spring St., Jeffersonville. Cost: $20 donation suggested Cabin, one of Louisville’s most popular original bands, will headline. Prizes will be awarded and guests can bid on items in a silent auction. Spring Street will be closed from Market Street to the floodwall in front of Big Four. The Turf Party was conceived after Hoosier hoteliers noted their Derby guests would like some nearby entertainment options. The Friends of the Ohio River Greenway accepted that challenge and saw it as an opportunity to showcase the Greenway and educate the public about the project.





What: Floyd County Historical Society Spring Brunch When: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday Where: Padgett Museum, 509 W. Market St., New Albany Cost: $15 adults; $7.50 for children The Floyd County Historical Society Auxiliary will host its Annual Spring Brunch with catering from Patticakes. No reservations are necessary. In addition to the brunch, visitors may also tour the Padgett Museum and learn the early history of New Albany and Floyd County.



What: Save the Day 4 Kids with Miss America When: 8 to 10 a.m. Oaks Day (Friday) Where: Boys & Girls Haven, 2301 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville Online: Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri will be the special guest at a fundraising breakfast for Boys & Girls Haven. The event features a scrumptious breakfast, signature cocktail “Hero-tini,” the opportunity to meet Davuluri and take a photo with her. To RSVP call 502-458-1171 x. 139.

Gotta Go: Interested in seeing your event in our 3 To Go?

Email SoIn Editor Jason Thomas at


637 East Market Street, Louisville  NuLu  502.587.1653 kory johnson photography


Charlestown teen ro

by elIZabeth beIlMan


hether it’s at the grocery store or the mall, it’s not a rare occurrence for starstruck fans to approach Meadow ryann drollinger for pictures or autographs — some shaking and in tears. “I think it’s so funny,” said the 14-year-old Charlestown native. “I just don’t see myself any different. I think I’m just a normal person.” but Meadow isn’t like most teens in one way: her precocious musical abilities have transformed the small-town girl into a local celebrity. likened to artists ranging from taylor swift to avril lavigne, the singer-songwriter has caught the attention of national talent scouts from vh1 and viacom entertainment, won numerous regional and national awards and attracted more than 10,000 youtube views on her music video. Meadow is using this relative fame to spread a message of confidence to young teens. her b1 Indie artist Music tour — traveling as close as Wick’s Pizza in new albany and as far as disney World in orlando — promotes self-esteem in the face of bullying, and her plan is to speak and perform at local schools so this message can be heard. “the anti-bullying thing is not really working because there’s still going to be bullying,” she said. “the message is how to deal with it, how to not let that affect you in a negative way, how to get it to motivate you to be better and believe in yourself. no matter what this person says, you can always believe in yourself and follow your dreams.”

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turing Meadow Ryann, Second Perception, Better than m, Lefty and the Lunatics, the Asterino Sisters, and more 10: Wick’s Pizza, New Albany from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. 19: Shack in the Back BBQ, Fairdale, Kentucky 23: Pleasant Ridge Elementary, Charlestown e 7: Charlestown Street Dance 19: Rock the Arts Park Fest, New Castle more information on shows or about Meadow, visit

or Meadow, her dreams began one tumultuous night rforming when she was 11. enue no. 1: Meadow shows up at a restaurant in loue for a friend’s performance and is beckoned on stage g. Meanwhile, a jealous mother of another young perer approaches Meadow’s mother, Jeannine drollinger, a slew of nasty comments. she has to be physically ined after following Jeannine out to her car. enue no. 2: a drive from louisville to Floyds Knobs the drollingers to a restaurant only accepting perers 21 and over, but the manager lets Meadow sing ay. Money gets thrown on stage, the tip jar at the bar moved over in front of Meadow and people start whipout their camera phones to take video of the girl with ectric guitar who is barely older than 10. and we left and we got in the car and before we pulled f the parking lot, I was like ‘Phew, wow. this day has een chaos craziness and has just turned into a beautiing,’” Jeannine said. “and I looked at [Meadow] and

I go, ‘Chaos, craziness and a beautiful thing.’ I said, ‘that would be a really good song, you should write a song about that’ ... so she went home and wrote a song. “and it hasn’t stopped since.” Meadow has written more than 200 songs in the three years since, one album — “brave” — and is recording her second album called “stronger now.” she describes her music style as something all over the map: a mashup of country twang, indie and a bit of pop. Influences are taylor swift and Christofer drew from never shout never, both lyrical inspirations for Meadow, who finds it much easier to speak in song than conversation. “I feel like for myself, it’s really hard for me to just talk about how I feel,” Meadow said. “through music when I write a song, I convey what I’m feeling at the time better than I can when I’m talking.” Music isn’t just a form of communication for the tween, either. “I could just be having a really bad day and then I pick up my guitar and play my favorite song and it just helps tremendously, and I feel better,” she said. the pair keep their eyes not on fame, but on something else. “there is a goal for Meadow and I,” Jeannine said. “the goal is not to be famous. the goal is for her to be happy in her life doing what she loves to be able to do what she loves and making a living out of it.” Meadow said success down the road could mean being the next taylor swift or a local music teacher — as long as it brings her happiness. “basically, I just want to continue on my path, wherever that may take me,” Meadow said. “Whatever it is, I’m still going to be doing [music].”

Another rising star? Meadow ryann isn’t the only young artist making a name for herself. new albany high school honor student drew alexander, 16, is making waves with her piano-playing covers of lorde, taylor swift and other hot acts — also while proclaiming a positive message. she was chosen to participate in the Power of Music Project a Music For Change songwriter series, a six-month workshop in which 10 musicians gathered regularly to develop their voices and create songs inspired by service and compassion. here’s a Q&a with the aspiring artist. How did you get into music? ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a singer. one Christmas my mom and stepdad gave me a year’s worth of vocal lessons as a present. one year turned into three with vocal lessons from sheila o’bannon at Mom’s Music. “love story” by taylor swift was the song I chose to perform at

my first live performance at Fourth street live! in July 2009 along with several other students and rock school bands from Mom’s Music. I later joined rock school under the direction of Joel Jackson as the lead singer for the rock band red striped Zebras (rsZ). I went solo in october 2013 and continued to work with Joel. I learned to play the piano which has helped as a solo artist. I got into playing piano because of my dad. I’m now starting to learn guitar and am taking lessons from Joel. When I started to write music, richie ray at new albany Production house produced my single “the best days” (released January 2014) and my eP was released in March. Describe your sound? My music is pop and has been compared to Colbie Caillat, Christina Perri and taylor swift. I have always been a huge fan of all three and most of my music inspiration comes from their music.

See Drew’s music on ReverbNation channel DrewAlexander or her YouTube channel DrewAlexanderMusic. The Power of Music Project concert will be held at Headliners Music Hall at 5 p.m. May 18. Tickets can be purchased at

6 Entertainment

May 1, 2014



May 2

May 6

é "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

 “Walk of Shame"

form over function

Carnegie Center presents 11th annual 'Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie' exhibit  When: May 9 through July 12;

opening reception 6 to 8 p.m. May 9

 Where: Carnegie Center for Art and History, 201 E. Spring St., New Albany  Online:


he Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany presents “Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie,” an annual, juried exhibition exploring the world of contemporary art quilts. A new take on an old technique, art quilts are created strictly for their aesthetic appeal rather than functional use. For a work of art to be considered for the exhibit, it must incorporate two or more layers held together with stitches. This leaves room for the artists to fully exercise their creativity through a variety of techniques and mediums, such as piecing, appliqué, painting, digital printing and

silkscreen. Over the past 11 years, Form, Not Function has broadened the concept of art quilts and gained recognition for this evolving art form, and the Carnegie Center is proud to serve as a known venue for the exhibition of contemporary art quilts. "Form, Not Function” will be on display May 9 through July 12. Artists from across the U.S. submit entries for consideration for the exhibit. This year, 25 quilts were selected out of the 302 submitted for consideration from 120 individual artists. The Carnegie Center is pleased to have Rebecca Cross, Denise Burge, and Valerie White as jurors for the exhibit. In addition to selecting the works for the exhibit, the jurors will also select some of the exhibition awards prior to the opening day of the exhibition. The awards include the Carnegie Center, Inc. $1,000 Best of Show prize.

 “The Art of Letting Go" by Mariah Carey  “Corazón” by Santana é “Shine On” by Sarah


books: May 6

é "Delicious" by Ruth Reichl

 “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education” by Glenn Beck  “Starfire: A Novel” by Dale Brown

soin PLAYLIST Q&A interview WITh


Online: Hometowns/Band members: We are all from New Albany. We have Austin Miller on vocals, Landon Ford on drums, Jadon Sharpe on guitar and back-up vocals and myself Moon Appleby on bass and back-up vocals. Where did the name “Us.” come from? The name Us. actually came from “The Us.” We ended up simplifying it to capital U lowercase s and of course a period, then BAM! Us. was born. Please describe your sound/inspiration: Our sound is a mix of just everything, we have slow, folky, fast, and heavy songs. Inspirations include Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, The Wombats, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Manchester Orchestra and many more. How did you get into music? We each have separate back stories on how we got into music, mainly because of a sibling or a parent. (Jadon was given a guitar at 4 years old). What are your goals: Our goals are to make an actual career out of what we love, making music. We also have a goal of going on tour and showing the world our tunes. Plus if we got the chance to play with some of our idols that would be amazing.

What do you think of the Southern Indiana music scene? The local music scene wasn’t too great when we first started, but over the year its gotten better. We have played one to two shows since we started playing shows last August. We’ve been able to meet some other great local bands who have helped us out a lot, helping get us shows, or just with advice and lugging equipment around. We just recently won the first round of New Albany Production house’s battle of the bands. The finals take place Friday. As for how to keep up on any upcoming gigs, just follow us on Facebook at We are also in a contest to play at this year’s Vans Warped Tour in Noblesville. You can help vote for us by going to

May 1, 2014

Local SoIn Happenings the shops of Jeffersonville. The event offers ticketbuyers the opportunity to taste many different chocolates from brownies and candies to cookies and cake. Chocolate tasting stations will be located within the locally owned shops and restaurants and five live music acts will be playing along the historic district’s sidewalks. []  

Entertainment 7

last stop here

Little Theatre stages ‘Stop the World’

 Kelly Miller Circus

Where: Jonathan Jennings Elementary School, 603 Market St., Charlestown When: 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Saturday Cost: $10 adult, $6 child in advance; $15 adult, $7 child day of show This year’s show features elephants, tigers, horses and a cast of international circus stars under a beautiful circus big top. Enjoying a day at the circus means a lot more than just old-fashioned family fun. The event is a fundraiser for the Charlestown Beautification Committee. []

 Karaoke/Live music at Liquidz

Where: Liquidz (Cafe 27), 147 E. Main St., New Albany Friday: Linda’s Laser City Karaoke; Saturday: Derby Party

 Music at Huber Winery

When: 1 to 5 p.m. on weekends Where: Huber’s Orchard, Winery & Vineyards, 19816 Huber Road, Starlight Sunday: Big Poppa Stampley []

 Live music at Big Four Burgers + Beer

Where: Big Four Burgers + Beer, 134 Spring St., Jeffersonville Friday, 8 p.m. to midnight, Hoghead Blues; Saturday, 9 p.m. Jordan Amos

 Chocolate Stroll

When: 6 to 9 p.m. May 9 Where: Downtown Jeffersonville Cost: $8 adults, $3 children in advance; $10 adults, $5 for children day of event Sweet cacao-derived goodies will be flowing from

 Hats Off to Tri Kappa

When: 9:30 a.m. to noon, May 10 Where: The Grand, 138 E. Market St., New Albany Costs: $25 Mothers and daughters celebrate fashion through the ages: This event features a fashion show featuring vintage clothing and fashions from today. There will also be brunch catered by The Grand, a silent auction, door prizes and local vendors. Proceeds from this Tri Kappa event will go towards serving Floyd County through scholarships and grants. To purchase a ticket call Tammy Persinger at 502-4894445.

 ‘Opposites Attract’ art show

When: Through June 1 Where: Gallery at the Brown, Brown Hotel, 335 W. Broadway, Louisville The exhibit will feature more than 20 pieces of work showcasing the opposing approaches of two renowned artists, Jaime Corum and Jeaneen Barnhart, as they paint equine subjects. [brownhotel. com]

 Founders Brewing Company Beer Dinner

Where: Varanese Restaurant, 2106 Frankfort Ave. When: 6:30 p.m. May 8 The evening will feature special guest speaker Barrett Allen from Founders Brewery, and a four-course dinner paired with beers from their brewery. The cost is $49 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 502-899-9904 or emailing []


larksville Little Theatre is closing its 67th Season with the Broadway classic, “Stop the World — I Want to Get Off.” With book, music, and lyrics by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, this production is directed by Ron Johnson, with musical direction by Doug Jones and choreography by Kathy Todd-Chaney. The show follows the life of Littlechap from birth to death — with a score that includes the hit songs “Gonna Build A Mountain,” “Once in a Lifetime” and “What Kind of Fool Am I?” The latter was made famous by Sammy Davis, Jr. in the 1960s. After 35 years, "Stop the

 Info: World — I Want to Get Off" returns to the Clarksville Little Theatre stage. So join it for this song-filled journey through one man’s life beginning May 9, running for two weekends. This is sure to be a hit, so get your tickets today by calling 812283-6522 or by going online to Starring Andrew K. McGill, Charlotte Campbell, Laura Van Fossen, Abby Lyman, Carrie Chastain, Afton Shepard, Jessica Felipe Saucedo, Kathy Todd-Chaney, Jane Burke, Darin Richart, and Jayce Evans.

SoIn - 050114  

So In - May 1st edition Melodies in the key of Meadow

SoIn - 050114  

So In - May 1st edition Melodies in the key of Meadow