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April 24, 2014 — Issue 13

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 On the Cover: Bryson Schoenecke pours a Lilly craft cocktail at The Exchange. Photo by Christopher Fryer


• Highlighting more unique Southern Indiana stories.

Decadent not depraved

Indulging in the Derby with Southern Indiana hand-crafted cocktails When Hunter S. Thompson barreled the monster Pontiac down the expressway “driving with a beer in one hand and my mind so muddled that I almost crushed a Volkswagen full of nuns” toward Churchill Downs in 1970, the Exchange Pub + Kitchen was another tired building in Jason Thomas, Editor downtown New Albany. Nearly 44 years later, the Exchange is a vibrant gastropub slinging high-quality craft cocktails that match the high-end food while Thompson’s drug-and booze-addled “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved” chronicle is a literary classic. My how things change.

In keeping with the Derby theme, the folks at The Exchange, which have set the craft cocktail bar in Southern Indiana, share a few recipes sure to get the taste buds racing. You’ll find them inside these pages, as well as some other do-it-yourself Derby ideas just in case you want to avoid monster Pontiacs careening down the expressway in pursuit of the eternal party. It used to be that quaffing a high-end cocktail meant packing up for Louisville. The Exchange has changed all that, with its fresh-or-die approach and hand-crafted detail, including housemade syrups. That’s completely decadent. And SoIn. We’ll leave the depraved to the ages. — Jason Thomas is the editor of SoIn. He can be reached by phone at 812-206-2127 or email at jason. Follow him on Twitter: @ScoopThomas.

celebrating with cigars  What: Riverside Cigar Shop birthday/Derby eve party

 When: 4 p.m. May 1; 7:30 p.m. May 2

 Where: Riverside Cigar Shop, 201 Spring St., Jeffersonville

 Cost: $29.95 (May 2); more info call 812-284-6198

 Online: Alzheimer’s disease strikes 1 in 68 people and touches the lives of millions of Americans. Help us honor our mother, Trudy Mudd, by supporting Alzheimer’s research.

Whether you have been handicapping all year, or are betting the 50-1 long shot will cross the finish first, anything can happen at Derby. That’s why it’s vital to have your victory cigar in hand as the greatest two minutes in sports flash before your eyes. To help, Riverside Cigar Shop and Lounge has called in some cigar and bourbon experts to make sure you have everything you need to celebrate sweet victory. Owners Jeff Mouttet and Kim Singleton will kick off the Derby weekend with a celebration of their

own — Riverside Cigars is turning 3. On Thursday, the night will feature a special appearance by Mike Saurbaugh from Altadis Cigars and a treat from Clint Aaron from 262 Cigars. Aaron is bringing along a very limited quantity of Allegiance blend cigars for release. This midmedium cigar is enjoyable for folks of every palate with an effortless flavor. Riverside Cigars is cranking it up a notch for Derby Eve with an

extra special event with Nat Sherman Cigars. Vice president of the prestigious cigar company Michael Herklots will be in the house to give guests a one of a kind component tasting seminar. Guests will then get to pair the cigars with three bourbons, including Barterhouse bourbon, part of The Orphan Barrel Project. Limited quantities of rare barrels have been sitting in the Stitzel-Weller warehouse for more than 20 years.


April 24, 2014

3 To Go


LOUNGING IN THE PARLOR What: “Back Home Again: Stories from Indiana Authors” When: 2:30 p.m. Sunday Where: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1015 E. Main St., New Albany Cost: No tickets are required, but donations are greatly appreciated. For more information call 812-944-0413. Parlor Stories of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, presents “Back Home Again: Stories from Indiana Authors.” Listen to local actors weave tales of Indiana. Gene Stratton-Porter tells what it’s like for a poor girl growing up near the Limberlost swamp at the turn of the century. Famous war correspondent, Ernie Pyle, shares stories of his Indiana childhood. Meg Cabot shares a story of her 4th grade teacher. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. gives an autobiographical story about true love. Michael Martone tells us about James Dean through the eyes of his high school drama teacher. Jean Shepherd takes us on a family vacation.



When: Saturday and Sunday Where: Tri-County Shrine Club, 701 Potters Lane, Clarksville Cost: Free, donations accepted On the web: [] Provides an outlet for local artisans, producers and growers to promote awareness of natural, sustainable products. Vendors from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois will offer product demonstrations and sales of yarn, wool, llama and alpaca products, looms, ceramic goods, and knitting and crochet accessories.



When: 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 30 Cost: Free, $75, $130 Four Roses Bourbon will provide a special bourbon tasting on the Belle of Cincinnati; tickets cost $75 (includes food, cruise, bourbon tasting). Tickets for the Belle of Louisville cost $130 (includes food and drinks, entertainment). Passenger tickets for both boats may be purchased by calling 502-584-FEST. Instead of the event winner being determined by the first boat to cross the finish line, the winner of the event accumulates the most points from performing a series of five tasks. []

Gotta Go: Interested in seeing your event in our 3 To Go?

Email SoIn Editor Jason Thomas at


The Exch

Photo courtesy of

b jason f the Kentucky de isville native hun it, you might as w drink. one that matches sheds the “depraved” In the not so recen of louisville’s hipster the silver dollar on F national reputation an southern Indiana might suggest, is a blu third shift fix from wo and Miller and Jim b As quickly as tho have popped a Quaal Churchill downs in 1 quick to change: sout thanks to new Alban renaissance, suddenl cocktails to match the food. Without the hipst “We took someth happening in louisv cocktails, craft beers, and higher-end food in southern Indiana said it wouldn’t succ schoenecke, front ho beverage director at t town new Albany, w bar. “not only have w “People in south have made us who w here who I would go turns out southe tails – and is riding a “Craft bartendin schoenecke, 33, said ’80s vodka cranberri to an actual art form “People are takin taking pride in what


DO-iT-YOursELF DErBY With The Exchange sharing recipes for do-it-yourself mixology, the folks at The kentucky derby have their own ideas for enjoying a day at the races in the comfort of your own home. So fix yourself a refreshing beverage and relax with family and friends with these fun ideas via the derby’s website.


THE iNFiEld build your party as if you are inside the track. The idea is to dress comfortably, party like you are at a tailgate, and play plenty of games throughout the day with your friends. Elements • bbQ • Flip-flops • beaded necklaces to hand out for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” • Mint Juleps to cheers the Winner’s Circle • Slip ‘N Slide • beer Pong: Make your own table with a piece of plywood and paint your favorite silks on the table • Corn Hole (bean bag Toss) • dress like a satirist and give an award for funniest costume • Potato Sac Race • Stick Horse Races • Wagering contest RACiNG SilkS Having a Silks theme at your party is colorful and exuberant. Show favoritism for your lucky horse or showcase all silk designs for fun. dress Codes: • Red Carpet Style: Women with scarves and men with patterned ties • Jockey Club: Require everyone to design their own silk to wear • Table decor with cloths, placemats, and napkins to look like silks • Serving dishes to be colorful and emulate silks • Flavored punch or beverages to be served in color • bake cookies and design them with icing to look like silks • Hang flags outside or create a strand of silks by using fishing line, construction paper and tape (much like prayer flags).


bryson Schoenecke pours a lilly craft cocktail, one of three derby-themed drinks that The Exchange is offering at its downtown New Albany gastropub. Photos by Christopher Fryer


At places like th ups — ginger and bl a key ingredient wh

hange’s craft Derby cocktails hit the spot

“It’s going to be as important as any other aspect of the dining experience,” schoenecke said. “Instead of merely serving people, we really try to educate our guests. We want to allow them to try something they might not try anywhere else, especially in southern Indiana.” the exchange mixes up its cocktail menu every quarter. bartenders act like mad scientists over a six-week four Its that one class. the occasion. one with period, concocting new drinks while seeking the approval ” label. of schoenecke and owner Ian hall. nt past, that usually meant visiting one “It’s a collaboration of our bartenders’ creativeness,” like r bourbon-centric craft houses, e said. “We’ll sit down as a group, taste them, schoeneck growing its with Avenue, Frankfort critique them and decide what works, what doesn’t, and nd shaggy beards. what will translate well to our guests. It’s a pretty in-depth a, as our counterparts across the river process.” postits getting lue collar sweatshop Mixology is serious business, one part science and two orking-man’s labels like budweiser parts improvisation — or the other way beam. around, depending on who might be beompson might hind the bar. spirits are the star. lude en route to schoenecke has heard of distillers, 1970, things were a copper still has worn down, take a once uthern Indiana, location: 118 W. Main Street, New and pound dents into the replacehammer ny’s culinary Albany to not lose any magic from the as so ment ly offered craft Hours: lunch Monday-Friday: 11 r’s till. predecesso e newly imagined a.m. to 2 p.m.; Midday Mondaysay it makes all the difpeople “some Mondinner p.m.; Friday: 2 to 5 some say it’s an old world, the ference in day- Friday: 5 to 10 p.m.; dinner ter irony. take your pick “you said. he tale,” wive’s Saturday: 1 to 10 p.m.; bar open hing that was which.” is which Saturand Friday midnight until ville with craft day, with late night menu. , boutique wines Contact: 812-948-6501 d, and we put it Craft cocktails can be produced in the Website: where everyone of your own home, with the right comfort bryson ceed,” said ingredients. ouse manager and offers a few tips, starting with using the e schoeneck the exchange Pub + Kitchen in downts possible, including fresh produce ingredien freshest cocktail craft region’s which has set the — lemons, limes, oranges. Make your own simple syrup we succeeded, but we’ve thrived. schoenecke hern Indiana have shown us support and and other syrups. It’s easier than you think, syrup, simple for sugar and water parts equal suggests. regulars of lot we are today. We have a for example, because “most likely there is a preservative o to bat for any day of the week.” of some sort in store-bought,” schoenecke said with a ern Indiana has a thirst for quality cockstraight face. a national trend. the final key is the spirit itself. now,” right back way its ng is making “Quality liquor makes a difference,” schoenecke said. d. “It’s getting away from the ’70s and a lot going on in the distillation process that will “there’s ies and rum and Cokes; it’s getting back the notes you’re going to get in your cocktail.” determine m again. All that being said, success rests in the taste buds of ng pride in what they drink, and we’re the drinker, whether he is decadent or depraved. t we slide across the bar.” “It’s tailoring it to your taste, that’s really what a bartender’s job is,” schoenecke said. “talking to the guest, finding out what is appealing to their palate and making a he exchange, which makes its own syrcocktail that fits that description. are lueberry to name a few — beverages “that’s the key to bartending.” town. the on night a in hen indulging

by JAson thoMAs erby is decadent and depraved, as lounter s. thompson famously described well celebrate it in style with a stiff





T Drinks

in the spirit of sharing, The Exchange has developed three derbythemed cocktails — including the classic mint julep — that you can whip up for guests at your derby party.

THE minT JuLEp (lEFT)

iNGREdiENTS: • 1 1/2 ounces Woodford Reserve bourbon • 1/2 ounce Ferment Menta • 1/2 ounce simple syrup • 1/2 ounce lemon Slap some mint between your hands (it’s just as effective as muddling, Schoenecke says) and drop into a mixing glass (you can also use a pint glass) with ice. Add ingredients. Mix until the ice and the liquid level out. Pour in a Tom Collins glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.


iNGREdiENTS: • 1 1/2 ounces Grey Goose vodka • 1/2 ounce Cointreau Noir • 1 ounce blackberry syrup* • 1/2 ounce lemon Pour ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake until shaker is frosty to the touch. Pour into a double old fashioned glass. Garnish with a lemon chip and blackberries. *To make blackberry syrup, empty a quart of blackberries into sauce pan with 2 liters of water, reduce it down to equal parts blackberries and sugar.

punCH (AbOVE) iNGREdiENTS: • 1 liter of Woodford Reserve bourbon • 12 juiced lemons • 2 cups ginger syrup* Combine ingredients in large punch bowl. For garnish, fill a

bundt cake pan with water and slices of colorful fruit and freeze. Add to punch. *To make ginger syrup, dice up one pound of ginger to a pan with 2 liters of water, reduce to 2 cups and add equal parts sugar.

I Served Our Country...

Now I’m Looking to Serve our Community. ANDREW ADAMS for JUDGE

Clark Circuit Court 1

6 Entertainment

April 24, 2014




April 25

April 28

April 29

 "The Other Woman"

é “The Quiet Ones"

 “Brick Mansions"

 “Diploid Love” by Brody Dalle

é "Indie Cindy” by Pixies

April 29

 “Trouble” by The Howlin’ Brothers

 “Sleep No More” by Aprilynne Pike é “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” by Diane Keaton

 “Ruby: A Novel” by Cynthia Bond

soin PLAYLIST Q&A interview WITh

The thumps' sam inman Online: Band members/hometowns: Alex Mikel (drums) and Max Griffey (piano) of Sellersburg, Sam Inman (accordion) out of New Albany, and Matt Nelson (not pictured; guitar) who is, I believe, more or less from Evansville Where did the name The Thumps come from? We wanted something that was memorable, quick to say and classic sounding ... plus we flail around and make a lot of thumping noises. It didn’t help that KISS was already taken. Please describe your sound/inspiration: Well there’s the obvious stuff that all the good entertainers emulate: Elton John, Otis Redding, etc... And then there’s the more obscure ones you probably haven’t heard of like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. How did you get into music? Max and I started making music in high school for lame class projects, but we ended up enjoying it so much we formed a band. Matt was very active in high school band, too, so in a sort of hilarious way we got our start in the public education system. Except Alex ... he was a homeless insane we took in and taught to drum. What are your goals? Get rich or die tryin’ ... or become touring musicians professionally. Whichever comes first.

What do you make of the local music scene? I’m not certain you could ask for a better place to start your music career. Between our public radio being awesome and all these retired hippies living in the area it’s an incredibly inviting atmosphere for bands trying to perform and get their sound out there, and I think it comes across in the talent. Good musicians tend to play for people who want to listen. Upcoming gigs: Nothing set in stone at the moment although prospective shows at The New Vintage, the new old Taproom, and Haymarket Whiskey bar loom on the horizon! For exact details like us (or ask us about booking!) at

April 24, 2014

Entertainment 7

Local SoIn Happenings  City of New Albany’s Parks and Recreation Department annual indoor yard sale

When: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday Where: Griffin Recreation Center Call 812-949-7275 for more information

 Trivia night

When: 7 p.m. Friday Where: Elk’s Lodge, 1820 Charlestown Pike. The Jeffersonville Neighborhood Leadership Alliance is hosting its first ever Trivia Night and silent auction A cash bar is available. Registration is over but anyone is welcome to attend. Trivia prizes awarded for first, second and third place teams. For more information, contact Josh Rodriquez at 502-807-9248 or email at

 Live music at The Brick Wall

Where: The Brick Wall Restaurant, Copperfield Commons Plaza, 1116 Copperfield Drive, Georgetown Saturday: Eric Tyler Pickerill, 6 p.m.

 Kelly Miller Circus

Where: Jonathan Jennings Elementary School, 603 Market St., Charlestown When: 2 p.m., 4 p.m. May 3 Cost: $10 adult, $6 child in advance; $15 adult, $7 day of show Founded in 1938 by Obert Miller and his sons Kelly and Dores, this traditional tented circus has seen the passing of over half of this century and still offers the same great family entertainment it presented in its humble beginnings. [;]

 Wick’s Live on State

Where: Wick’s Pizza Parlor, 225 State St., New Albany Thursday: Open mic variety night, 8 p.m.; Friday: Battle of the Bands, 7 p.m.; Thomas Wietecha, 8 p.m., Bombshell Cowboy, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Scott Franklin, 8 p.m.; Kung Fu Grip 10 p.m.

 Karaoke/Live music at Liquidz

Where: Liquidz (Cafe 27), 147 E. Main St., New Albany Friday: Linda’s Laser City Karaoke; Saturday: Jack Brizendine, 9 p.m.

 Music at Huber Winery

When: 1 to 5 p.m. on weekends Where: Huber’s Orchard, Winery & Vineyards, 19816 Huber Road, Starlight Saturday: Petar Mandic; Sunday: Carl Stuck []

 Live music at Big Four Burgers + Beer

Where: Big Four Burgers + Beer, 134 Spring St., Jeffersonville Friday, 8 p.m. to midnight, Matt Coddington; Saturday, 9 p.m., Jordan Amos

 Live music at Hoopsters

Where: Hoopsters, 810 E. 10th St., Jeffersonville Tonight: Corey and Stacy; Friday: 5 Pack; Saturday: Broke by Tuesday

 Indiana Fiber and Music Festival

Where: Tri-County Shrine Club, 701 Potters Lane, Clarksville When: Saturday and Sunday Cost: Free, donations accepted Vendors will offer product demonstrations and sales of yarn, wool, llama and alpaca products, looms, ceramic goods, and knitting and crochet accessories, among many other goods. Guests can participate in the “WalkA-Llama” demonstration and learn about these animals and their contribution to sustainable living. The festival will also host various workshops over the course of the weekend. Workshops include knitting, tatting, spinning, weaving, felting, and crocheting. []

 ‘Opposites Attract’ art show

When: Through June 1 Where: Gallery at the Brown, Brown Hotel, 335 W. Broadway, Louisville The exhibit will feature more than 20 pieces of work showcasing the opposing approaches of two renowned artists, Jaime Corum and Jeaneen Barnhart, as they paint equine subjects. []

8 FEATURE April 24, 2014 PARTY: Throw the perfect Derby party this year CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Red Carpet Create an invitation for your friends to arrive in style and walk the red carpet. Have the red carpet lead into your home, office building, or the country club. Elements: Contests: • Best Dressed — male and female • Celebrity look-alike • Hat Contest — Best Overall and Most Creative • Derby Winner Contest — “Who’s your pick?” • Create a backdrop along the red carpet for commemorative photos • Rope off the entrance • Present champagne glasses at the door • Name that celebrity as they walk on the Red Carpet


Derby Pool Place the number 1 - 20 on individual pieces of paper to represent each Derby contender. Fold each piece and place slips in a hat. Have each guest pull a number out that they will root for during the race. If you have more than 20 guests, just repeat the numbers. You can give each winner a prize or let them cut to the front of drink line. Frozen Jockey Use small jockeys on horses, like the size that would be on cupcakes and freeze them to the tops of ice cubes in the freezer. At the start of the race all participants can wager on a horse. Using a flat surface in your house (glass from storm door )tilt it at a slight angle on a table. Line the ice cube jockeys up, keeping them in place with a yard stick and then let them loose all at once for a fun and crazy race. The ice jockeys melt, turn, spin and slide at the whimsy of the weather and heat. Some zoom by and knock others out of the way. To repeat simply refreeze the jockeys on new ice cubes and freeze until the down time between the next races. Stick Horse Races Materials Needed: Men’s athletic socks – black, brown, white

File photo Felt – white, black, brown, red, tan Broomsticks Styrofoam peanuts Glue or hot glue gun Black electrical tape Begin by choosing a sock and fill it with Styrofoam peanuts. Tape the sock to the broomstick. Use the felt to make the eyes, nose and mane

for the horse. After the horses are complete then you can conduct your own Derby race card. Divide the kids (or guests) up into heats and have them race their horses and then have match races until you get down to the Derby heat and crown the winner with red roses. — The Floyd County Animal Rescue League Presents:

8th Annual Pet Lovers’ Gala: “Win, Lose, or Paw!” Sunday, May 18th, 2014 | 5:00pm-9:00pm Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino This game show themed night will feature dinner buffet, exciting trivia games, & silent auction. Take a tip from Monty Hall, and come dressed to get noticed! Proceeds go toward continuing our mission of helping needy animals in Floyd County.

Tickets: $45 each or $400 for table of 10 To purchase, send ticket request and payment to: FCARL, P.O. Box 285, New Albany, IN 47151 or visit the New Albany Animal Shelter at 215 W. Market St. Tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 9th. For more info, contact our office at 812-9499099 or email

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