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PATRON Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC Governor of New South Wales DIRECTORS Pam Andrich Pam Hockings Denise Huender Sue O’Keefe Robyn Procter Patricia Reynolds – President Beryl Watson







INTERNATIONAL EVENT Marjorie Morris Shield








MEET A BOWLER Kathy Chatillon














STANDING COMMITTEES Match Pamela Hockings Robyn Lewis Jennifer Palmer






Lesley Swales Audrey Gray

ENTRY FORM 2013 Open Mixed Fours Carnival



Kathryn Chatillon Elizabeth McFarland



STATE EVENT Indoor Singles Tournament

















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OPERATIONAL COMMITTEES Selection - Vacant Constitution Revision

Robyn Procter


Barbara Hazeltine Elizabeth Whelan Wendy Steyer


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REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Region 1 Judith Padgen Region 2 Carole Graham Region 3 - Vacant Region 4 - Vacant Region 5 - Vacant Region 6 Lesley Swales (Acting) Region 7 - Vacant Region 8 Meg McClure Region 9 Kay Scrivener Region 10 Joan Stair Region 11 Pauline Payne Region 12 - Vacant Region 13 Ilse Deuschle Region 14 Margaret Wicks Region 15 Sue O’Keefe (Acting) Region 16 Pam Andrich (Acting)

DISCLAIMER The Journal Committee reserves the right to cull and edit material submitted for publication in Bowls Matters. MAY-JUNE 2013


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Editor’s Note

Thank you to Alex, Wendy and Jackie who made such a good job of preparing the journal for printing while Liz and I were away. A job well done. Having been on the ocean for a number of weeks where it was lovely weather and very warm, has made it hard to return home to these cold days. We missed Anzac Day and Mothers Day but it was very moving to have the ship’s captain holding a Dawn service and then another service during the morning, complete with real rosemary. Mothers Day was another happy occasion but tempered a little by being away from home and family. Thank you to members who send in all kinds of stories about what is happening in their club. This month’s edition will be a little late awaiting the results of the state carnival being held on the south coast. Results are on page 14.

Vacant position: NSWWBA JOURNAL COMMITTEE We are currently seeking organised, creative and enthusiastic members to join the Journal Committee. The role involves the collation and editing of the bi-monthly publication, attending and covering all State Events and other duties, as required. If you believe you’ve got the skills, please submit an Expression of Interest to NSWWBA Head Office. If you have any questions, please contact NSWWBA Head Office by phone 9267 7155 or email for more information.

Other interesting articles have information about the BA Awards night at which Karen Murphy and Pam Hockings received well deserved awards. During the winter it will be necessary to play your bowls with care and avoid injuries on the really cold days. Good bowling to you all. I would like to share the following message which I found in the mail and which indicates a positive attitude to the game of bowls. “Prior to playing some of the club championships I set several goals for the match. The first was to score a point as I would hate to lose 25-0. The second was to make the match last at least until the bar opened at 10am. The third was to get to double figures. The final goal was to stay as close as possible to my opponent as it is hard to come back from a huge deficit. Thankfully I completed all goals with the bonus of a win.” Watch out for results of many games being played at this time. Please keep sending your interesting stories for Around the Greens. It will be great to be back on the green again soon. Congratulations to former Editor of the Journal, Edna Arnold as she will be having a President’s Day very soon. Best wishes to everyone. Barbara Hazeltine

COVER photo – Bowls Australia President Des Skinner with NSW State Manager Daphne Shaw, after NSW women won the Marjorie Morris Trophy and the State mens team the Alley Shield, the Overall National Champions being NSW - see story page 24.

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President’s Message

Patricia Reynolds NSW State President

Well what do you think of our newly named journal? The name “Bowls Matters” can be taken two ways depending on where you put the emphasis. To kick off news on bowls matters, the World Cup opened at Warilla BC on Monday night April 8 with a finger-food dinner, and the games commenced on the Tuesday morning going through to Wednesday April 17, closing with a wonderful dinner. The results of this event are later in the journal. Just prior to this event I attended at Wyong Bowling Club on Sunday 14th, to witness the skills of two young rising stars – Ellen Ryan (Goulburn Railway) and Madison Fennell (Munmorah United). What a fun day this was, Wyong BC is to be congratulated on the concept which attracted quite a few spectators. That afternoon I travelled to Nowra where on the Monday Nowra WBC celebrated their 65th Birthday and President’s Day. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. The following week I travelled to Canowindra where the Central West District were holding their 60th Birthday celebrations. I was lucky to be at Canowindra during the week of Hot-air Balloon festivities, quite a spectacular sight. The Super 6 event commenced down in Bendigo Victoria on Friday April 26. On the Saturday night BA held its Awards Night, then the National Sides Championships commenced on Monday 29th (all results later in the Journal). During the Sides Championships I attended with CEO Nicky, meetings with all the other States. There is a common thread regarding getting people on Committees, diminishing membership, scarcity of the sponsor dollar, but what did arise from the meetings was the positive approach by all States and Territories to overcome these problems. One of the matters that arose during the meetings was the use of drugs in sport. As a result, it is imperative that we as an Association are seen to be following “good governance” by having an Anti-Doping Policy which will also include a Match Fixing Policy. Government will not entertain grants to any sport unless such Policies are in place. Sunday May 5 saw the start of the Australian Indoor Qualifying rounds at Warilla BC. I was not able to get there until

the Tuesday and Wednesday but some wonderful bowls were certainly played during that week. Quite a lot of our young players showed what they can do. Thank you to Sue O’Keefe, Regional Rep. for inviting me to the Regional Pennant playoffs. I was only able to attend on the Sunday at Mosman Bowling Club and had a lovely day, plenty of hospitality. Monday 20th I drove up to Coffs Harbour to attend on the Tuesday at the Mid North Coast District’s 60th Birthday. A fabulous day with good weather, good bowls, good friendship. On Saturday May 25, Beryl Watson and I attended at Taren Point to witness the U18 Boys and Girls play a Test series against the ACT. We are very proud of our Juniors who excelled in all disciplines. NSW defeated the ACT 2-0. Beryl and I were only able to attend on the Saturday as we were due at Bomaderry on the Sunday for a forum in the afternoon and the Opening Dinner on the Sunday night. Many bowlers attended the Forum and I understand they were pleased with the opportunity of having a dialogue with the Directors and each other. The Opening Dinner took the form of a Masquerade night and I'm happy to say everybody came in the mood. Photos of the night will be on the website. The band D’banJac was a smash hit – evidenced by the fact that women were on the dance floor from the get-go. When I visited each section at the clubs during the three days, I was inundated with praise for the food, the entertainment and the success of the night. In fact, many said it was the best Opening Dinner ever!!

A NEW EVENT STATE OPEN MIXED FOURS CARNIVAL This is a joint venture between our Association and the Royal and is scheduled for October 28 to November 1, 2013. The event will be held in the Merimbula-Imlay area and will be run on the same lines as our ladies State Carnival. Details of the event can be found on websites of both Associations. Why not make a holiday of it and enjoy the wonderful beauty spots on the far South Coast

At this point I wish to thank all the Directors who have represented the Association at your various President’s Days and Anniversaries. As most of you will be aware, certain points of concern have been raised regarding the running of the Pennants. In this issue you will see the thoughts and proposals that have been put forward. Read this article thoroughly and let us have your feedback on these suggestions. This is your opportunity as a “grass-roots” player to have a say, so put pen to paper and let us know your opinion, but remember don’t just have a “whinge”, remember to come up with a solution as well. You can write direct to NSW head office attention CEO Nicky Bethwaite. By July we should have all the feedback and then the Board will look at all the possibilities. Be assured that you will all know what will happen with the 2014 Pennants before you have to submit entries in November. The situation with NSWWBA boundaries is that jointly with the Royal we have employed a professional to look into this matter, and it will be some months before anything will happen to alter the current boundaries. A Preliminary Notice of the AGM has gone out and in this you will see that nominations are called for many positions. Please think seriously about coming on board the Association so that you will be at the cutting edge of change to ensure the future of our sport. Now half way through the year and with our Budget in place, the Board is looking forward to ensuring that our sport is on the road to a solid future, and that all bowlers will have a sport they will be very proud of.

Patricia Reynolds President MAY-JUNE 2013


Chief Executive Officers’ Report Nicky Bethwaite


his magazine of ours is a wonderful thing. As the principal form of communication between the Association and its members, we value the comments and feedback received. Inevitably it is a moving feast of ideas and presentation and following the readers’ survey earlier in the year, we are making some adjustments to more closely align to what we are hearing. As you will have noticed, we’ve changed the name, with a deliberate pun intended. Over the past 12 months, the magazine has become more streamlined and as we have had quite a lot of feedback regarding the quality of the umpiring and coaching articles, there will be more to come. There have been quite a few discussions and observations made on my article last month regarding Selection Committees and establishing criteria. As the least qualified to suggest a sample of criteria that might be used to encourage transparency and fairness, I won’t be telling committees how to suck eggs, but it may be useful to gather some ideas for an article on this subject in the next magazine. Watch this space! I have had the privilege of working away from the office this past week while attending the annual State Carnival (my first) at Bomaderry. The south coast has really turned it on – crystal clear windless days, together with cool nights, has been perfect for barbecues and catching up with good friends. Most of the competitors

TID BITS packed too many clothes! Temps have been in the low 20s and there has been substantial risk of sunburn. The first night’s Masquerade Dinner kicked things off with a bang, I’ve never seen so many people up and dancing! The conviviality has only increased since then. Momentum is gathering for the inaugural NSW Mixed Open Fours Carnival to be held in October in the MerimbulaImlay District. This is a collaborative event between NSWWBA and the RNSWBA. If it is half as much fun as the State Carnival was in Bomaderry, it will be a great success. Information and entry forms are available on both websites. At the Pennant meeting in Sydney in April (discussion and suggestions are elsewhere in this issue) one of the questions that surprised me was the continuing misunderstanding of the BA logo on clothes. 100% of the revenue from these logos goes back into the sport of bowls in the form of the Community Development Officers (CDO) that are employed to specifically lift the participation rate and membership of our sport. All progressive sports have invested in CDOs as it has been demonstrated to be very successful. There are 12 CDOs employed in bowls around Australia, with 6 of them in NSW.

The question has been asked as to specifically how much comes back to NSWWBA. The answer is 50% but it will only be realised if each club makes use of the CDOs. Each one of them is approaching every club in the state to assist wherever they can. If you don’t make use of them, it is your loss. Each club will now be aware that the sport of bowls, right around Australia, has invested in a new IT system. The most immediate impact will be the look of the Association website from 1st July 2013, and all clubs have been invited to adopt this new arrangement, at no cost. The staff at head office are ready and waiting to assist wherever possible,give us a call. Lastly, Alex Ryan is moving on (and up) and I would like to publicly acknowledge her commitment and contribution to the Association. I am lucky enough to work with really wonderful people, and Alex has been an essential part of the team. She goes with both the Board’s and my best wishes and encouragement. We are now on the lookout for a Marketing and Communications person to work full-time. Please give me a call if you know of anyone who may be interested.

New Horizons for Blind Bowlers he New Year has begun well and Tthose who enjoy the cooler days can now step out. There are now greater opportunities for blind and vision impaired people to get out and have a go. That first step is the hardest. There are many bowling clubs in Sydney and on the coast, both north and south. Information is set out below so that many others can be told the good news and be encouraged to come along. Times shown are playing times and before and after there is plenty of friendly social activity. 1. Belfield Bowling Club meet every Saturday morning 10.30am to 12.30pm. Contact Fran Knox. Phone 9604 2906. 2. For those living on the Northern Beaches the Blind Bowlers meet every Tuesday morning at 6

the Avalon Beach Bowling Club and play till noon. They begin the morning with a cuppa and after play, lunch at the RSL Club. Contact Maureen Eves on 0412 092 771 3. In the Newcastle area Blind Bowlers play at Charlestown on the second Wednesday of each month 10am till noon. Contact Bruce Ball, Manager of the Charlestown Bowling Club. Phone 4943 3939. 4. Sylvania Bowling Club meets on the second Friday of each month from 10am – 12pm. Phone Lyn Curtis at Vision Australia Caringbah. Phone 8523 9038. 5. Mid North Coast Vision Impaired and Blind Bowlers play every Monday morning at bowling clubs from Red Rock South to Scotts Head. Phone Lynne 6568 2457 or NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

Noelene 6568 7841. 6. For a few years Blind Bowls have been played at Dapto Bowling Club. This year there is a reduction to five players. All interested on the South Coast call Linda 4297 1272. In all vision impaired and blind bowlers groups, players of all ages are welcome. This can be a secondary school sport as well a social group for others. The NSW State Championships will be held on August 3, 4, 5 this year at the Everglades Club at Woy Woy. All people interested in finding out about playing bowls without sight are invited to come along. On the Sunday, there will be the opportunity for all to come and try. The NSW State Secretary is Betty – phone 9533 2115.

Match Committee Report

Pam Hockings, Robyn Lewis, Jennifer Palmer

Pennants 2013 Port Stephens


he open draw for the 2013 State Pennant Playoffs at Port Stephens, August 12-16, was conducted at State Match Office, on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. If any Club has any questions regarding this information, please contact the State Match Office on any Wednesday (when a State event is not being played) for assistance. While mentioning the manning of the Office, by the Match Committee, this is just a reminder that the Committee is only in attendance on a Wednesday from approx. 8.30am to 4pm for enquiries. Any emails forwarded to are only accessible during attendance at the office, so replies outside of the aforementioned timeframe are highly unlikely. The volunteer members of the Match Committee are not available 24/7, unless matters are extremely urgent and the Committee is contacted directly by the Office to provide assistance. Some issues that have arisen in recent discussions: FACT OR FICTION • FACT – Naming of divisions of a Grade in Pennants as 1/1’s and 1/2’s etc. is not a directive, ruling or even suggestion of the State Match Committee and we would refer members to their District Committee to address this matter. Use the distinction of colors or flower names or any other form of identification rather that labeling a first and second side, which can cause disharmony. • FACT – Conditions of Play for Assoc Events # 6(b) – Fines and or exclusion penalties can only be imposed by the State Match Committee for any infringement or indiscretion by a player/ team or side in a State event conducted at any level. Clubs or Districts do not have the authority to threaten fines or denying entry in future events, and can only request the State Match Committee adjudicate on any incident that may occur if deemed necessary. • FACT & FICTION – Conditions of Play for Assoc Events #1(h) – There seems to be a varied interpretation of the ruling about concurrent State events

and the time allowed for travel to and from these events, back to participate in Club and District Championships. As all Clubs and Districts receive a copy of the Program of Events in the latter part of the preceding year, there should be no clash of dates with events (run by the State Match Committee and Bowls Australia) and those run by the Clubs and Districts on behalf of the Association. The recommendation of a day prior and following elimination as being a reasonable dispensation period, is just that, a recommendation and we would hope that Club and District’s and players would be fair and flexible with this timeframe. Some players have demanded a week or two between events, and this is being totally unreasonable and unrealistic. On the other hand, some Clubs and Districts have requested members play their game on the morning of their travel day or immediately following elimination interstate. Does the player have to return from Interstate, the other end of the State or the next suburb? Are players travelling together to save money and made ‘advance’ bookings on accommodation or travel to economize – All arrangements which incur a financial penalty for change. Presumably the Controlling Body has advance notice of the players commitments in the State/BA event and commonsense can be used in working out an amicable solution. When players have entered/qualfified for a State run event they cannot be carded for a Club or District Championship at that time. • FACT — All Districts results for Championships and Pennants are needed in the State Match Office to complete our records with Regional Results and currently to enable selection of City v Country teams for the Series in August. Completed copies of the Draws and Pennant Result Sheets are the documents required. • FACT — Conditions of Play for Assoc Events #17 (last sentence) — All greens are declared neutral for all Association events at Regional and District Level.

Open Draw

Regions playing in each section of the 4 respective Grades are as follows:Grade 1: 2 sections of 7 teams and all games at Nelson Bay from August 12-15, and then section winners play August 16 in final game. Section 1 – Regions 11 (eleven), 4 (four), 8 (eight), 1 (one), 16 (sixteen), 9 (nine) and 7 (seven). Region 11 has a Bye on Monday morning. Section 2 – Regions 13 (thirteen), 14 (fourteen), 5 (five), 2 (two), 6 (six), 12 (twelve) and 15 (fifteen). Region 13 has a Bye on Monday morning. Grade 2: 3 sections of 5 teams at Soldiers Point from August 12-15, then final post sectional game at Nelson Bay August 16. 3 section winners will be drawn into post sectional round robin on Wednesday 14th at conclusion of play for further games. Section 1 – Regions 7(seven), 12 (twelve), 2 (two), 15 (fifteen), 8 (eight). Region 8 has Bye Monday morning. Section 2 – Regions 11 (eleven), 6 (six) 13(thirteen), 4 (four), 1 (one). Region 1 has Bye Monday morning. Section 3 – Regions 9 (nine), 10 (ten), 14 (fourteen), 5 (five), 16 (sixteen). Region 16 has Bye Monday morning. Grade 3: 4 sections of 4 teams. Sections 1 & 2 play at Fingal Bay August 13 & 14, and Sections 3 & 4 play at Nelson Bay August 13 & 14. Four section winners play at Fingal Bay August 15 and then at Nelson Bay August 16. Section 1 – Regions 2 (two), 13 (thirteen), 15 (fifteen) 7 (seven). Section 2 – Regions 12 (twelve), 1 (one), 10 (ten), 5 (five). Section 3 – Regions 4 (four), 3 (three), 8 (eight), 16 (sixteen). Section 4 – Regions 9 (nine), 6 (six), 14 (fourteen), 11 (eleven). Grade 4: 4 sections of 4 teams. Games at Raymond Terrace August 13 & 14, and 4 section winners play at Raymond Terrace on August 15 and Nelson Bay August 16. Section 1 – Regions 7 (seven), 13 (thirteen), 12 (twelve), 16 (sixteen). Section 2 – Regions 9 (nine), 10 (ten), 5 (five), 3 (three). Section 3 – Regions 11 (eleven), 2 (two), 15 (fifteen), 6 (six). Section 4 – Regions 14 (fourteen), 1 (one), 8 (eight), 4 (four).



Umpires Report PRACTICE



If only one round of a competition is being played on one day, the players or team may be entitled to a limited number of trial ends. If more than one round of a competition is being played on one day, a particular player or team may be entitled to practice, as well as trial ends before a subsequent round. It is important to ascertain your right to these entirely separate activities.

PRACTICE The circumstances which give a player or team the right to practice are described by the Laws of the Sport of Lawn Bowls Law 13 and reads in part: ‘If a player or team that has not yet played is due to meet a player or team that has already played on the same day, the player or team that has not yet played can practice. Law 13.1 However practice is subject to the following conditions: • The Controlling Body gives approval. Law 13.1.1 • There is enough time available without delaying the competition. Law 13.1.2 • Another rink is available apart from that on which the player or team has been drawn to play later that day. Law 13.1.3 The Controlling Body should allocate the rink on which a player or team can practice. Law 13.3 If two players or two teams are entitled to practice: • They can practice together. Law 13.4.1, and • The format of, and the number of bowls used in the practice should be decided by the players concerned. Law 13.4.2 The following are examples for which players/teams may practice: Example 1 – Round 1 Player A is to play against Player B – Player C has bye Player D is to play against Player E Player F is to play against Player G Round 2 Player C is to play winner of A and B – C may practice. Winner of D and E to play winner of F and G. 8

Lesley Swales, Audrey Gray D forfeited so E may practice while F and G are playing. If C and E are to play in the Second round and to meet opponents who played in the first round on that day they may practice together. There is no limit to the number of ends they may practice, but should not delay the competition. Example 2 – Teams K and M each receive either a forfeit or bye in Round 1. On the same day in Round 2, K and M are drawn to play each other. NEITHER team may practice as neither player or team is due to meet a team “who on that day has previously played”.

TRIAL ENDS Whether a player/team is entitled to trial ends before the start of a game, depends on the Conditions of Play for the Event. For State Events: Before the start of play in any game, or before continuing an unfinished game on another day, one trial end should be played in each direction. Law 18.1.1 For Domestic play: The Controlling Body can limit the number of trial ends to be played (no trial ends or one trial end in one direction). It can also decide whether the trial ends are played immediately before or immediately after the scheduled start time for a game. Law 18.1.2 It is important that all players/teams are aware of the Conditions of Play for the game which they are to play, whether it is a State Event or a Club Competition. The above conditions also apply in the case of unfinished games resumed on a subsequent date. There is no reason that a player/team should not commence their trial ends if it appears that the opponent(s) will not arrive at the venue in time to commence trial ends, but must comply with the Conditions of Play. Any player arriving on or after the specified time of commencement of the game shall forfeit the right to trial ends.

UMPIRES KIT Please refer to chart below. It is important that Districts/Clubs make sure that their kit is up to date.

Bowls Australia recommends District – Club Umpires Kit as a minimum should contain: ITEM


Callipers (8 inch)

Hardware store • Bowls manufacturer

Feeler gauges – wider than the minimum distance of the callipers

Hardware store (could be titled ‘mechanic’s feeler gauge). Bowls manufacturer

Chocks and wedges

Bowls manufacturer Can create your own using erasers, cork, sash cord, window wedges

Plastic card, that is white

Can use: plastic knife, business card, aluminium, plastic plates, garden tags, thick cardboard

Box string measure

Bowls manufacturer

Boundary scope and/or line siter

Bowls manufacturer

30m tape

Hardware store

Flexible long tape (minimum 25m) – comes in 30m only at manufacturers

Bowls manufacturer

Square with a levelling bubble – 12” minimum

Hardware store

Spike or knitting needle – fat bright coloured one for obstructed measure

Sewing shop / variety shop

Trammels S,M,L and/or Orbital Measure

Bowls manufacturer

Laws of the Sport of Bowls book (Crystal Mark 2nd Edition)

State/Territory association Bowls Australia


The following pieces of equipment can be used by Districts/Clubs but are not considered first choice: • Mirrors and square (no longer available for purchase but may be used as it is approved) • Telescopic measure (with a foot) • 5m tape • Golding Measurer • Bema Laser Measure The NSWWBA also recommend Current Conditions of Play for State Event and Pennants be included in your kit.

CORRECTION Test your Knowledge March-April issue of Bowls News Q1 Answer shoud have read: A1. Law 19.2.4

Meet the Staff



t the beginning of April we welcomed our new staff member to the team at NSWWBA, Kate Wingrove. Some may recognise Kate’s face from around the bowling greens. As well as being a talented Administrative Assistant, Kate is also a keen bowler! She has been a registered bowler since 2005 and is a newly qualified umpire, and until recently played No. 1 Pennants for Turramurra WBC in the Mid North Shore district. Kate spent the school holidays around bowling greens and is a fourth generation bowler. In her ‘spare time’ she is a mum and a historian! Kate Wingrove

Test your Knowledge Q1. If the Umpire observes that the decision made by the Skips was incorrect may she overturn the decision? ie. the jack or bowl being replayed when it should have been deemed an improperly delivered jack or a dead bowl? Q2. A player after delivering her bowl, walks up the green a few metres and stands there to watch her bowl come to rest. May she stand there until her bowl comes to rest and then retire to a position behind the mat? Q3. If during a game on a very windy day the jack is moved by the wind, what should happen? Q4. Do dead ends count? Q5. A bowl in course from Rink B was about to displace a number of bowls in the head of Rink A. What action should the players or marker take to prevent the displacement of the head? and what would happen to the bowl in course?

A1. Yes. The Umpire should ensure that all aspects of play are in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls. Law 56.2.5 A2. No. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team, after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest. Law 35.2 Players at the mat end of the rink who are not delivering a bowl should stand at least 1 metre behind the mat. Law 36.1.1. Players at the head end of the rink

and who are not controlling play should stand: - behind the jack if they are members of the team which is in possession of the rink; - behind the jack and away from the head if they are members of the team which is not in possession of the rink; If the player having delivered her bowl does not comply with either of the above laws she could be deemed Delaying Play and the opponents may appeal to the umpire to enforce Item 15(a) of the Conditions of Play for Association Events. A3. If during the course of play, the position of the jack or a bowl is altered by the wind, a storm or any other unforseen incident, the Skips or opponents in Singles should put the jack or bowl back to its former position. If they cannot agree on the jack or bowl’s former position, they should declare the end dead. Law 53 A4. A dead end is not counted as a completed end even if all the bowls required to be played have been played. Law 31 unless: The Controlling Body includes in conditions of play for a competition arrangements according to Domestic Regulation 3.3.3 A5. Stop the bowl. Law 1) A Player may only lift one bowl Law 2) The marker must stop the bowl Law 28.6.2 and Law 55.2.10 The bowl in course would be replayed. Law 28.6.3


TurraMurra Bowls FOR ALL YOUR BOWLS EQUIPMENT, APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES Ken Wallis, Commonwealth Games Medallist on hand to advise on your requirements SHOP 1, 1390 PACIFIC HIGHWAY, TURRAMURRA NSW 2074

Tel/Fax: (02) 9988 0199 MAY-JUNE 2013


Coaching Report

Kathryn Chatillon, Elizabeth McFarland

Reaching for the STARS


y now club championships are well on the way and players are getting ready for the playoffs either regional or state. If you have been successful it is now a time for you to shine. You may have been in this position before or maybe it is your first time, either way are you prepared for the next level of competition? The competition at this level is great and everyone is striving for the prizes – to be counted as a NSW champion. With this goal in mind how can you maintain and improve your bowling skills to give yourself the best chance. It would be easy just to stop at what you have achieved and give yourself a pat on the back and say “well done” but wouldn’t it be nice to take out the final. Success could be yours if you prepare, practice and develop mental toughness. When you practice and the more you commit to practice, will help you to maintain and develop the body’s response both mentally and physically for the task ahead. Always try to keep a positive outlook on things. If you stay positive and evaluate your performance constructively at the end of a practice session or after a game, will help you to find that shot and stay consistent with your game. Winners are the ones who have developed a sound mental approach. If you go into a game against a competitor who has a successful reputation saying to yourself “they are too good for me, I can’t do it”, then you are creating a mindset that is negative and you are not only playing your opponent but your confidence as well. Visualisation of the game and physical attributes create a positive approach to the game and is crucial to be successful. To excel, set your goals, practice the drills necessary to improve your weaknesses and have a self belief in your success. Engage the assistance of a coach to help you with this task. Coaches have the ability to help you with your planning and to provide critical analysis of your performance. Having a coach in your corner provides not only advice on what shot to make, but also the support and encouragement you 10

need to strive for excellence. Coaches help by acknowledging the positive aspects of you game. If you look at successful competitors, no matter what the sport, there is always a coach working with them. Bowls is no exception. Working with a coach will help you to understand the importance of setting goals, they help to develop a plan that will provide you with direction for that goal. Getting you from target to target, allowing you to monitor your progress and provide the support to help you to stay on track. A technique used in sport and business today is the S.M.A.R.T. technique in goal setting. It is a simple and effective strategy that produces results. S. Specific – Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. M. Measurable – Break your goal down into small manageable pieces, achieving each step before the next. A. Achievable – Make each step within your ability. Set your practice sessions to meet an outcome to build upon you skills. R. Realistic – Am I able to achieve this goal. T. Time limit – Allow sufficient time to practice and achieve in time for the next competition.

DEVELOPING MENTAL TOUGHNESS It is being said with increasing regularity that “mental toughness” is a much part of the learning requirement’s of our game as the technical and fitness aspects and all must be included in a training programme that will totally prepare you as a player. When working with your coach on your technical skills, physical fitness, flexibility training plus mental toughness all of which are always sport specific and should be part of your regime. These skills must be mastered by all of today’s sports people so to be able to compete at a higher level. Mental toughness is a skill of controlling your stress and fears, and the ability to assist you reach your performance peak under pressure when at a crucial time in a match. Mental NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

toughness can be learned – as any skill it takes ‘PRACTICE’. Learn to be positive and relaxed, focus on the bowl in your hand and what you need to do at this point in time – that moment – not to look at the outcome but to sharpen your concentration on the skills. For, at that time, your mind and all your physical ability should be at one in that moment – you have a large number of things that are needed and relevant to that bowl/shot. This is where relaxed and centred breathing is important – when you breath slowly and deeply, your whole body beings to relax, allowing you as a player to put all your effort towards the task at hand, that moment in the game. Deep breathing and light warm ups before the game facilitates a more effective performance by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and transferring more energy to your brain and your muscles. Words or Triggers is another technique used to assist a player in mental attitude. Using words such as – “well done, keep your focus, I can do this” enables you as the athlete to achieve a positive attitude, to keep your focus on the job at hand. Triggers together with good breathing helps to develop mental toughness. Positive selfreinforcement of training and practice that include analysis and feedback of each session or what you performance in that last game, helps to develop mental toughness. This is where your coach will be able to assist you. Through the coach’s observation of your game the coach is able to provide positive reinforcement and help you identify areas that need improvement, developing not only the mental toughness to succeed but also the bowling skills that need practice to improve. Having a coach assist you takes that pressure away from you during that match. The Coach can help analyse the match and your performance and plan your next step, working together to reach your goals, set by you. Having a coach work with you helps to identify any weakness in a particular area of the 

Metro vs Country

Teams Announcement T

he inaugural Metro versus Country competition will take place August 24-25 at Port City Bowling Club. NSWWBA have introduced this event for the first time in 2013, which will showcase 48 of NSW’s most consistent high achieving bowlers selected to represent the Metro and Country teams. Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent the Metro and Country teams at the inaugural competition:

METRO Jan Anlezark (Guildford) Elizabeth Baker (Marrickville) Michele Campbell (Neutral Bay) Kerry Farrell (Merrylands) Wendy Fitzsimmons (Pittwater Mem) Trudiann Flack (Roselands Flames) Julie Fuller (Roselands Flames) Christine Gordon (Harbord) Shirley de la Harpe (Castle Hill) Debra Howard (Castle Hill) Claire Kelly (Ramsgate RSL) Ursula Killow (Northmead) Bronwyn McPherson (Engadine) Marie Moorhouse (North Sydney) Bridget Nelson (Gordon)

Jan Rolph (Merrylands) Masako Sato (Harbord) Pam Stein (Double Bay) Helen Stronsmoe (Gordon) Lynne Thompson (Neutral Bay) Cheryl Turner (Taren Point) Claire Turner (Dee Why) Jenny Wallis (Turramurra) Kate Wingrove (Turramurra)

COUNTRY Jeanette Axon (South Grafton) Margaret Barnett (Raymond Terrace) Barbara Barrett (Port Macquarie City) Deby Brien (St Marys RSL) Leisa Burton (Forbes) Nancy Carre (Culburra) Judith Cooke (Goulburn Railway) Marion Crump (Cessnock City) Helen Hallenan (Wisemans Park Wollongong City) Lyn Hinton (Soldiers Point) Janice Hiron (The Entrance) Heather Hoad (Canowindra) Denise Huende (Majellan) Vacie McIntyre (Soldiers Point) Lauretta Marchese (Charlestown) Judy Monks (Park Beach) Alison Moxey (Stockton)

Marjorie Patterson (Bomaderry) Ruth Quinn (Forbes) Sharon Ryman (Oak Flats) Sue Sansom (Stockton) Leanne Smith (Oak Flats) Pam Stephens (Stockton) Lynne Strickleton (Maitland City). Players have been selected from a state wide member base of consistent achievers at Club/District and Regional level and may be considered, if eligible, for the upcoming Interstate Over 60's Team to compete in Victoria in October 2013. No current members of any 2012/13 NSW Representative Squad in any category are eligible for selection (U/18, U/25, State Squad, O/60’s). For queries, please contact NSW WBA Head Office on (02) 9267 7155 or email

OFFICIAL DIARY June 11 – Gymea President’s Day 11 – Matraville, 50th Birthday and President’s Day

Coaching Report – Continued from p10

13 – Greenlees Park, President’s and Officers Day

match, something you may not have been aware of. When you are playing, to remember at the end of the game what happened during the game is hard to recall, a coach observing can provide this feedback. This feedback helps you to plan what needs practice to play that shot. So now is the time for you to shine. Don’t be afraid you have already achieved success within your district and region and now onto the playoffs. Talk with your coach, practice, perfect that particular skill or shot and ultimatley you will improve your overall performance. Put your mind where your body is and relax and you will continue to win games.

18 – Mounties, President’s Day

Practice Hard – Play easy Good luck in your endeavours


July 5 & 7, 2013

New Lambton

July 13 & 14

24 – Toronto Workers, 50th Anniversary 25 – Canton Beach, President’s Day 25 – Bexley, President’s Day


Lake Cathie

July 13 & 14


July 13 & 14

10 – Carlingford, President’s Day


July 20 & 21

11 – Wyong, President’s Day

Taren Point

Sept 7 & 8

16 – Crescent Head, 50th Birthday

South Tamworth

Sept 14 & 15

West Dubbo

Oct 12 & 13

Orange City

Nov 9 & 10

Goulburn Railway

Nov 9 & 10

27 – East Lismore, 60th Anniversary


Nov 9 & 10

Tathra Beach

Dec 7 & 8

28 – Springwood Sports, 75th Anniversary

Milton Ulladulla

Dec 7 & 8

30 – Killara, President’s Day

23 – Pennant Hills, President’s Day 25 – Gordon, President’s Morning Tea



State Event

Indoor Singles Tournament


he Warilla Bowling Club held the Indoor Singles Tournament between Sunday May 7 and Wednesday May 8, with 102 players entered. Thanks must go to Warilla for sponsoring the Tournament for the last 10 years. The help and support given by Warilla Club Ltd and the ladies club went a long way towards the Tournament running so smoothly. Five time slots were played on Sunday, starting at 8.30am with the last games starting at 4.30pm; four on Monday starting at 9am and the final game starting at 3pm. Tuesday’s games started at 9am with the final round played at 4pm. The final 2 rounds were played on Wednesday, making it very long days for Officials and helpers as well as players. The format for the tournament was two sets of 9 ends with a deciding set of 3 ends if needed to decide a winner. Fifteen players from the qualifying Tournament will be eligible to enter the Australian Indoor Singles Championships to be held at Tweed Heads between July 29 and August 1. The final sixteen players will play three Play-Off Rounds where winners play winners and losers play losers to achieve the final positions, although only fifteen will qualify to go to Tweed Heads. 12

Final 16 players (l to r): back row – L. Marchese (Charlestown), S. Renshaw (St Johns Park), D. Howard (Castle Hill), K. Clerke (Burwood Colliery), C. Crouch (St Johns Park), M. Crump (Cessnock City); middle row – M. Moorhouse (North Sydney), J. Evans (Bomaderry), J. Bianchetto (Wiseman Park/Wollongong City), M. Barnett (Raymond Terrace), J. L. Worsnop (St Johns Park); front row – H. Mongoven (East Maitland), D. Brien (St Marys RSL), L. Mitchell (Cabramatta), S. Boddington (Bomaderry), S. Noronha (Warilla) The first few rounds saw some great bowls and some very close games, many going to the 3 end tie breaker. The first Play-Off Round played at 4pm Tuesday saw: Sharyn Renshaw (St Johns Park) play Samantha Noronha (Warilla) (winner). Deby Brien (St Marys RSL) play Jamie Lee Worsnop (St Johns Park) (winner). Lauretta Marchese (Charlestown) (winner) play Lisa Mitchell (Cabramatta). Marie Moorhouse (North Sydney) (winner) play Margaret Barnett (Raymond Terrace). Debra Howard (Castle Hill) play Heidi Mongoven (East Maitland) (winner). Sarah Boddington (Bomaderry) (winner) play Marion Crump (Cessnock City). Jessica Evans (Bomaderry) play Corinne Crouche (St Johns Park) (winner). Kathryn Clerke (Burwood Colliery) (winner) play Joelene Bianchetto (WP/WC). Wednesday Morning and the players NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

were down to the final 2 rounds. On rink 1 – D. Howard played M. Crump. Debra won the first set with four shots in hand and won the second set in a close match to win the round. Rink 2 saw H. Mungoven played S. Boddington. Heidi was down on the 5th end 4-6 but managed to creep ahead to win the 1st set and won the 2nd set in a very close match to win the round. Rink 3 – L. Mitchell played M. Barnett. Lisa held shot 7-5 on the 7th end and went on to win the first set. The 2nd set saw a very close game 5 all on the 5th end and 8 all on the 8th end. Margaret got shot on the 9th end to win the set. 1 set all and down to a tie breaker. Lisa won the first end with 2 shots but Margaret won the next two to win the round. Rink 4 – S. Noronha played J. L. Worsnop. Jamie Lee had luck on her side and won both sets to win the round. Rink 5 – L. Marchese played M. Moorhouse. Lauretta held match 6-3

on the 5th end and went on to win the first set. The second set saw Lauretta 6-1 on the 5th end and went on to win the round. Rink 6 – S. Renshaw played D. Brien. Deby held shot on the 5th end of 5-3 and went on to win the first set. On the 5th end Deby held shot of 7-1 but by the 8th end Sharyn had made a come back and the score was 7-5 with one end to go. Sharyn picked up two on the last end to make a draw. Deby won the round having won the first set. Rink 7 – C. Crouche played K. Clerke. Corinne had an easy win in the first set, but a much closer game in the second set Corinne held shot on the 5th end 4-3, by the 8th end it was 7 all. Corinne won the final end to take the round. Rink 8 – J. Evans played J. Bianchetto. Jessica Evans took an early lead over Joelen in the first set and kept the momentum up to take both sets to win the round. The Final round of the Play Off saw – Jamie Lee Worsnop (St Johns Park) play Lauretta Marchese (Charlestown) for 1st and 2nd position. The first set saw Jamie in the lead by the 5th end 7-5, but by the 8th end Lauretta had managed to close the game to 9-8. Jamie Lee won the 9th end to take the first set. Lauretta took the second set to take the match to a tie breaker. Jamie lee won the match to achieve 1st place in the Tournament. Samantha Noronha (Warilla) played Marie Moorhouse (North Sydney) for 3rd and 4th positions. By the 8th end of the first set Samantha held the set 7-4 and won the final end to take the first set. Samantha then went on to win the 2nd set to gain 3rd place in the tournament. Margaret Barnett (Raymond Terrace) played Deby Brien (St Marys RSL) for 5th and 6th place. By the 5th end Deby was 6-2 in front and went on to win the first set. The position was reversed in the second set with Margaret gaining the win. Margaret won each end of the 3end tie breaker to take 5th place. Sharyn Renshaw (St Johns Park) played Lisa Mitchell (Cabramatta) for 7th and 8th position. The 8th end of the first set saw the score at 9 all. Sharyn drew two shots on the final end to win the first set. Lisa won the second set with ease, but Sharyn won the tie breaker in straight sets to take the match and 7th position. Heidi Mungoven (East Maitland) played

1st place, Jamie Lee Worsnop (St Johns Park) Corinne Crouche (St Johns Park) for 9th and 10th place. The first set saw a score of 6 all on the 8th end but Heidi drew 2 shots on the 9th end to win the first set. Corinne won the second set with ease to take the match to a tie breaker. Corinne won the first end but Heidi won the next two ends to achieve 9th position in the tournament. Sarah Boddington (Bomaderry) played Kathryn Clerke (Burwood Colliery) for the position of 11th and 12th. Sarah took the first set with a score of 7-5. The second set was a close game being 7 all on the 8th end; Sarah drew 1 shot on the final end to win the match and achieve 11th position. Jessica Evans (Bomaderry) played Debra Howard (Castle Hill). The first set was a low scoring game with each player taking turns. Debra won the first set. The second set saw Jessica take the early lead but Debra won the final few ends to make the score 8-9 in Jessica’s favour on the 8th end. Jessica won the 9th end to win the second set. Jessica had all the luck in the tie-breaker to win in straight sets to take the match and 13th place. 15th and 16th position were played for by Marion Crump (Cessnock City) and Joelene Bianchetto (WP/WC). Marion Crump won both sets with good margins

to achieve 15th and the final place to go to Tweed Heads. The Presentations then took place and final positions announced. President Patricia Reynolds was helped by Warilla Chairman Rob Tynan to make the presentations to the players. Rob congratulated the winners and those who didn’t make it through to the final fifteen, and wished them all the best of luck in their future games. President Patricia firstly thanked all the players who entered the Tournament for without them there wouldn’t be a Tournament. She then thanked Lady President Betty Anderson and her ladies for all their hard work over the four days, and presented Betty with a gift from the Association, also thanked the Match Committee for running the Tournament so smoothly, and the Illawarra Umpires for their work throughout the tournament, and especially the spectators for coming along and cheering the players on. Director and Chairman of Match Pam Hockings named the final 16 and President Patricia and Warilla Chairman Rob congratulated each individually. The final qualifiers were – 1st Jamie Lee Worsnop (St Johns Park) 2nd Lauretta Marchese (Charlestown) 3rd Samantha Noronha (Warilla) 4th Marie Moorhouse (North Sydney) 5th Margaret Barnett (Raymond Terrace) 6th Deby Brien (St Marys RSL) 7th Sharyn Renshaw (St Johns Park) 8th Lisa Mitchell (Cabramatta) 9th Heidi Mungoven (East Maitland) 10th Corinne Crouche (St Johns Park) 11th Sarah Boddington (Bomaderry) 12th Kathryn Clerke (Burwood Colliery) 13th Jessica Evans (Bomaderry) 14th Debra Howard (Castle Hill) 15th Marion Crump (Cessnock City) 16th Joelene Bianchetto (Wiseman Park/Wollongong City) President Patricia then wished all players good luck at the Australian Nationals to be held at Tweed Heads from July 29th to August 1st and closed the presentation with a wish for all to have a safe trip home. MAY-JUNE 2013


State Event

Thank you Wendy Steyer for this report

2013 84th State Carnival T

he last week in May, in the Shoalhaven area (South Coast District) was inundated by many lady bowlers from not only around the state but interstate as well. At the opening Masquerade dinner, the ladies wore their masks in great spirits and there were a number of teams, who not only wore masks but dressed up to suit their mask as well. The talented ladies from around the Newcastle area provided some great entertainment again and thanks to “D’BANJAC”, two very talented ladies who provided music to which the ladies were dancing. Representatives from Shoalhaven City Council, Bomaderry Bowling Club and Australian Pensioners Insurance (APIA) attended, and everyone was in high spirits by the time NSW President Patricia declared the Carnival open. The day after the Masquerade Dinner found all the bowlers out on the greens and the section leaders in place at their venue along with the clubs’ social ladies ready with morning tea and later lunch. Host clubs were: Bomaderry (host club), Culburra, Gerringong, Greenwell Point, Club Husky (Huskisson), Milton Ulladulla, Shoalhaven Ex Services, St Georges Basin, Sussex Inlet. The hospitality of these clubs was amazing and the weather perfect! Balmy, sunny autumn days were the order of the week and players and officials alike said they were impressed by the good nature, friendliness and happiness which carried through the whole week. Players said the host teams were to be congratulated as nothing was

3rd (l to r): F. Collins, I. Thelander, A. Bennett, M. Sellars (St Georges Basin Country Club) 14

too much trouble. Some players remarked, “It was an adventure coming down here, we really needed ‘smell-avision’, with the beautiful countryside, the views and the smells.” Ladies had travelled from many parts of the state, some had been coming for years to the State Carnival while others were at their very first carnival. Lots of kangaroos and possums were to be found around the clubs and at the accommodation.” In some areas the ladies travelled on the club’s bus to have their evening meal and then went back home in the bus. Accommodation ranged from a five bedroom house, 4 of the bedrooms with

Runners-up (l to r): S. Fahey, D. Lidbury, C. Hayward, D. Monks (Tuross Head Country Club) ensuites, to motels with family suites adjoining and cabins. It appeared that some of this year’s teams contained a mix of younger ladies along with some working ladies who had taken the week off to play. Several ladies who had been caught in previous years with wet weather had purchased new rain gear and even brought two pairs of shoes but were very happy to take them home again without using any of it. Section winners were: Dorothy Wilson – Goulburn Railway, Gwen Long – St Georges Basin, Bronwyn McPherson – Engadine, Mary Bridge – Merrylands, Denise Ellison – The Entrance, Julea Morgan – Composite team, Margaret Sellars – St Georges Basin, Sue Stevenson, Doreen Monks – Tuross Head Country, The Entrance, Merrylands – Composite, St Georges Basin, Glenbrook Panthers – Composite, Bomaderry – Composite, Umina Beach, Bomaderry, NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

Winners (l to r): V. Baker, S. Dawson, L. Stubbins, G. Long (St Georges Basin Country Club) Goulburn Railways, St Georges Basin. State President Patricia thanked the teams for entering and for the great spirit in which the games were played and presented each team member with a clock. These teams proceeded to Post Sectional Playoff. The Playoff saw Dorothy Wilson – Goulburn Railway, Gwen Long – St Georges Basin, Bronwyn McPherson – Engadine, Mary Bridge – Merrylands, Denise Ellison – The Entrance, Julea Morgan – Composite, Margaret Sellars – St Georges Basin, Sue Stevenson – Composite, Doreen Monks – Tuross Heads. A large crowd stayed late to see the outcome of these matches with the winners going forward to the semi-final held at Bomaderry. Friday morning saw yet another lovely day, with no trace of fog or rain. The Merrylands team, Section 9 winners – Jung Sook Crisp, Maureen Randell, Kerry Farrell, skip Mary Bridge were against St Georges Basin team – Vicki Baker, Siretta Dawson, Lyn Stubbins and Gwen Long, while Tuross Lakes Country team,

4th (l to r): J. Sook Crisp, M. Randell, K. Farrell, M. Bridge (Merrylands)


Carnival Dinner Section 2, Sue Fahey, Denise Lidbury, Christine Hayward, Doreen Monks were against Section 11 winners of Fiona Collins, Ilona Thelander, Ann Bennett, Margaret Sellars â&#x20AC;&#x201C; St Georges Basin. The playoff for first and second place was between Tuross Country Club â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sue Fahey (lead), Denise Lidbury (2nd), Christine Hayward (3rd), Doreen Monk (skip) and St Georges Basin team skipped by Gwen Long with Vicki Baker (lead), Siretta Dawson (2nd), Lyn Stubbins (3rd). Third and Fourth place was played with another St Georges Basin team of Margaret Sellars (skip), and Merrylands team of Mary Bridge (skip). The four teams played their 18 ends following lunch and while the ladies must have been tired after so many games of bowls in the week, they were there still bowling with such interest and enthusiasm. One of the skips had to retire ill and the third moved up to skip and another player from the same club took her place in the team. Many of the ladies stayed over until Friday to watch the finals and the presentations.

Alan Kimpton, Charlie Dinnie who attended in the absence of their Chairman Peter Ingram. President Patricia thanked the NSWWBA Directors and other State ladies present, along with CEO Nicki Bethwaite and her staff who worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly. A very special thank you by President Patricia was made to Pam Hockings, Chairman of Match also a Director and her helpers Robyn Lewis and Jenny Palmer. Director David Milne was asked to present the winners and the 2nd place getters with their prizes and Michael Porter from APIA (Australian Pensioners Insurance Association) presented 3rd and 4th place getters. President Patricia then closed the proceedings, thanking everyone for coming and hoping to see them in 2014 for the 85th State Carnival on the South Coast.

Masquerade Butterflies

Green Mask Team

The 4 Musketeers

Results were: 1st Place: Gwen Long, St Georges Basin 2nd Place: Doreen Monks, Tuross Heads Country Club 3rd Place: Margaret Sellars, St Georges Basin 4th Place: Mary Bridge, Merrylands At the gathering for the presentation of place getters President Patricia thanked those people and clubs associated with the running and planning of the State Carnival. She thanked Judy Croft, President Bomaderry and her ladies for all the help in the months before and during the carnival. South Coast President Dorothy Sullivan was asked to thank all her clubs in the district, members, green keepers and everyone associated with the event for their great efforts. At the presentation, Bomaderry Club was represented by Directors, Shirley Nichols, David Milne,

State Director Robyn Procter and State Match Committee member Robyn Lewis State Coaching Panel Kathy Chatillon

Bowls NSW Director Peter Rake and Julie Rake

Region 8 Representative Meg McClure MAY-JUNE 2013


Discussion and Feedback

Pennants in 2014 O

n Wednesday, April 17, a meeting was held in Sydney with various representatives from around the state to discuss Pennants and how the competition could be improved. A report on the suggestions that were made and another paper discussing the pros and cons of those suggestions are available here for general discussion and feedback. SUMMARY of suggestions and comments that were discussed, in chronological order: • Split Grade 1 into Gold and Silver. • Re-align Districts and Regions for better Pennant Comp. • The cost of travel to Pennant Finals may be able to be offset by sponsorship from the host club. • Grants have been available from state government in the past for travel, keep checking their Communities NSW website for the latest information. • Differentiate between active and non-active bowlers, so that clubs can combine where appropriate. • Currently there can be too many teams from one club in the same grade, this pits member against member instead of club against club. • A subsidy could be offered to smaller clubs to assist with travel. • Limit the numbers of state players in teams. • Put a ceiling on grade levels, for instance, some clubs will only field players up to Grade 2. • Naming of teams is up to the

District, not the State, eg. instead of Grade 1.1 and Grade 1.2, they could be Grade 1 Red and Grade 1 Blue. • Consider having another level of playoff after District and Region, as it is a big step to go to State level. • Clubs should be offered the option to continue or not, then the team that was beaten needs to be given the option to go on. • Average cost to attend State Finals of Pennant is $1,000 per person for the week. • Combining Districts for teams would work in the city but not the country. • The option to combine Grades 1 and 2 is available through application to the State Match Committee. This could be applicable when there is a stand – alone team in either grade and it would otherwise not have a game. • Have a Metro Pennant competition. • Have more flexibility in playing days to allow for competitive excellence. • District to grade the clubs. • Grade players or clubs? • Allow all clubs to choose their own limit – District/Region/State – before play begins. Offset to this is that it makes it very difficult to secure host venues if the numbers are uncertain. • Introduce a handicapping system by number of shots per player (like golf). • If there is a reluctance by either the men or the women to play on weekends or evenings, the

registered club can tell all players to play on all days (Warilla have done this). This may assist in encouraging new members. • Sunday Sizzlers has been an effective way to gather new members. • BA Bowls Logo is a revenue stream that is directed 100% back to the bowlers. It also garners state and federal funding for the sport. • Change in number of ends was brought in to align us with the rest of Australia, shorter games for older people, shorter games to attract new bowlers, bowlers can play 2 games in one day, freeing up the bowling calendar, the restriction in ends only applies to state events. NSWWBA suggestions 1. No Pennant comp. 2. Finish at District level. 3. Finish at Regional level. 4. Choice on whether or not to proceed to State Finals (District/Regional level). 5. Rank players then cap teams. 6. Introduce Super Pennants grade for top players that only play in State Finals. 7. Allow clubs to enter grades of their own choosing. 8. Make no changes. The full documents are available via the website Please don’t hesitate to discuss these papers with your club mates and officials and contact Nicky Bethwaite ( with any suggestions or feedback you may have.

State Carnival Raffle Prizes 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 4th Prize 5th Prize 6th Prize 16

1 set of Greenmaster Bowls (Winners choice) Donated by Greenmaster 4 x Apia Cooljack Coolers (Valued $2,400) Donated by Apia 4 x Apia Cooljack Coolers (Valued $2,400) Donated by Apia Greenmaster Bowls Essentials Kit (Valued $200) Donated by Greenmaster Greenmaster Bowls Essentials Kit (Valued $200) Donated by Greenmaster Accommodation Voucher (Value of $200) Donated by Holiday Haven NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS


Board Matters


ollowing our reader’s survey earlier in 2013, there were requests for more information regarding the Board’s actions and decisions, and this will now be a regular feature in each magazine.


As this is the first one, it contains five months worth of business. • The 2013-2016 Strategic Plan has been debated, formulated and approved by the Board. NSWWBA, as with all states, was approached by Bowls Australia for discussions regarding overall alignment with planning for the future. NSWWBA’s Strategic Plan does align with BA in most areas of Participation, High Performance, Events, Commercial Development, Leadership & Governance, and Communications which are all based on ‘best practice’ models. Along with the Strategic Plan, a Business Plan and Budget are completed and approved. • A Whole of Sport IT system has been finalised. This is a significant investment in technology by BA and all states and territories that will bring the sport of bowls into a competitive position within the sporting industry. It will enable the

administrative side of things to be streamlined, and we anticipate that within 5 years, all correspondence will be conducted on-line and therefore quickly and effectively. • NSWWBA and the RNSWBA have joined forces to appoint a sports consultant to look at the current boundaries of Districts, Zones and Regions with a view to managing competitions, distances and numbers of players. Another outcome that may be possible is to have common boundaries between the two associations. The outcomes will be well documented and feedback sought before any changes are implemented. • Junior affiliation was reduced to half the adult fee. • The Board approved a new event, the Metro v Country Event, which will be played at Port Macquarie, August 2013. • The men’s and women’s associations have combined to hold a new joint event, the NSW Open Mixed Fours


for all yourr bowling rrequirements equirements men’s ladies including men’ s and lad dies wear t Orders taken t Penna ant attire attire tOrders for Club Pennant t Professional sta aff ar e always on hand ha and to assist you tProfessional staff are

TRADING HOURS Tuesday Tu uesday to Sunday 10am – 3 3pm Monday Closed


For more more information informattion call the shop direct direc ct on 02 9682 8024 Club Merrylands Bowling Cnr Oxford and Newman Streets, Merrylands NSW 2160 Phone 02 9637 9099

Carnival, to be held in the MerimbulaImlay District in October 2013. • A meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the current Pennant competition was held in Sydney in April. The suggestions made at that meeting have been distributed to Regional Representatives, District and Club Secretaries and will be available in this journal also. The Board will consider all feedback and make a decision in August/September regarding any changes to the 2014 Pennant Conditions of Play. • All portfolios held by Directors will be for a term of 12 months and will be elected/appointed at the first meeting following the AGM. • The President will be elected by the Board for a period of 12 months at the first meeting following the AGM. There is no maximum term for the President, as this will be limited by the maximum term already imposed on Directors, that is 3 years, with the opportunity to stand for another 3 years (a max. of 6 years only). • New uniform policy, concerning hats and coloured shoelaces, was approved and distributed.

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Australian Super Six

Thanks to Aidan Davis - Bowls Australia

NSW “gals” claim the Six Australian Super Sixes were Theplayed in Bendigo Victoria recently. The Super Sixes is held prior to the Marj Morris Shield and is run by Bowls Australia. The leading six lady bowlers from each state, play Singles, Pairs and Triples in this event. The NSW ladies teams skipped by three gold medal winning Jackaroos from the World Championships also won their matches — Singles: Kelsey Cottrell 29-10; Triples: Kay Moran, Katrina Wright, Natasha Van Eldik 25-14; Pairs: Claire Turley, Karen Murphy (skip) 40-6. The first major surprise of the 2013 edition came with the ACT women who completely outclassed their Queensland opponents with their three rinks winning 23-13, 27-17, 28-22 respectively, in a team that boasts Australian captain Lynsey Clarke (Armitage) and Natasha Jones, the Queensland young gun who made history earlier in the year as the first ever bowler to win all four Queensland Junior state titles in the same year.

Singles winner: Kelsey Cottrell

On the women’s side, Victorian Samantha Shannahan needed at least four shots on the final end and found them against a team skipped by Rebecca Quail, as they were trailing 17-20 to fall across the line by one shot, 21-20. 22

Triples winners: Natasha Van Eldik, Katrina Wright, Kay Moran

Against the ACT, Kelsey had a good win in the singles 21-9 which gave her the position to play for gold the next day. The pairs, Karen and Claire were off to a slow start down 0-13 but rallied to be 17-17 going into the last end. They lost 17-19 but qualified for the gold medal playoff. The triples with Kay Moran, Katrina and skipped by Natasha led all the way for an unbeaten record 22-12 and played for the gold medal playoff. NSW vs Tasmania — in the singles Kelsey lost on the first end but recovered to have a close first half of the game leading 18-9, however her Australian team mate Rebecca Quail from Tasmania picked up her game to bring scores to 20- 19. Rebecca’s drive on the last end missed by centimetres and Kelsey won gold 21-19. In the pairs game it was close all the way against Lynsey Armitage (Queensland), with no more than 3 shots in it, 12-12 on the 16th end. Queensland picked up 2 shots to NSW 1 and final score was 13-14 for the silver medal. In the triples there were brilliant bowls by Natasha on the first end and they were 1 down to 3 up. It set the scene for NSW NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

domination over Queensland. All three, Kay, Katrina and Natasha played superb bowls with a 6 on the 16th end. They closed out the Queenslanders 23-14 for the Gold medal. The overall Australian Sides Championships results: NSW 26 points, Victoria 22 points, Queensland 18 points, South Australia 12 points, ACT 12 points, Tasmania 10 points, Western Australia 8 points, Northern Territory 4 points

Pairs winners: Claire Turley & Karen Murphy

Hall of Fame & Awards Night

NSW Director takes top award Australia crowned the year’s Bowls finest athletes and administrators in front of a capacity crowd at the historic Bendigo Town Hall during the 2013 Sandhurst Trustees Hall of Fame and Awards Night, hosted by former Olympic cyclist Scott McGrory. NSW were well represented in the highly coveted athlete categories, capturing all three senior gongs, with Ettalong Memorial’s Aron Sherriff collecting the night’s major accolade, securing a back-to-back International Bowler of the Year award after a stunning 12 months that included guiding the men’s fours to a gold medal at the 27-nation World Championships last December. Sherriff, 27, played an instrumental role in Australia’s success on the world stage at the six-nation SA International Series in May, where he clinched a silver medal in the pairs, and the green and gold’s dominance over traditional rival New Zealand at the Trans Tasman test series in September. Sherriff’s state and national teammate, Mark Casey took out the Male Bowler of the Year, adding to the inaugural award, alongside the International Bowler of the Year trophy, that he secured in 2011. During an unforgettable year on the national circuit, Casey, 30, became just the second player to capture the nation's most coveted double in the same year after prevailing in a thriller at the Australian Indoor Championship in August, having already clinched the Australian Open singles title in February. Alongside two of the biggest singles trophies the nation has to offer, Casey was also pivotal in Queensland’s victory at the Australian Sides Championships, helping the Maroons secure the Alley Shield. Cabramatta’s queen of the greens, Karen Murphy, earned her first Female Bowler of the Year award after excelling on both the national and international

stage during a stunning 12 months. On the national front, Karen secured her fifth Australian Indoor Championships crown, before going on to snare both National Champion of Champions trophies later in the year at Queanbeyan, securing the singles and pairs. A top of the dais finish at the SA International Series in the women’s triples, in addition to the PBA Ladies World Matchplay Singles crown at Potters in England, and two gold medals from the 2012 World Championships, including the highly-prized blue-ribbon singles, are among Murphy’s international highlights from 2012.

Female Bowler of the Year, Karen Murphy Widely touted as one of the nation’s most promising young players, Broadbeach’s Sean Ingham was awarded the Under-18 Male Bowler of the Year title. Commencing the year with a compelling performance at the 2012 Junior Trans Tasman, during which he went through undefeated in the singles and pairs, followed by a dominant run on the national front clinching the gold medal in the boys’ pairs at the 2012 Australian Under-18 Championships and

Official of the Year, Pam Hockings a bronze medal in the fours, while a top of the dais finish at the Junior Golden Nugget ranks highly among his long list of achievements. In the final athlete award of the night, fellow bright young bowls prospect, Renee McPharlin, secured the Under-18 Female Bowler of the Year gong after a runner-up finish in the category at last year’s Awards Night. A second-place finish in the girls’ singles to fellow finalist Natasha Jones at the 2012 Australian Under-18 Championships, and a fourth place finish in the girls’ pairs, rounded out an impressive year on the national circuit for the Balaklava junior, which also included international representation at the Trans Tasman. In the non-playing awards on offer, 730’s Michael Sexton from ABC Adelaide took home the Story of the Year award for his six-minute exposé on the generational change that has swept the sport of lawn bowls leading into the World Championships in Adelaide. South Australia’s Beth Young was recognised as the Volunteer of the Year, NSW’s Pam Hockings received the Official of the Year, and Bowls Australia’s Community Development Officer Gary Dillon was the inaugural CDO of the Year. Bowls Australia wishes to congratulate the nominees, finalists and winners of the 2013 Hall of Fame and Awards Night. MAY-JUNE 2013


International Event

Marjorie Morris Shield


fter those fantastic results in the Super 6 and the arrival of the remaining six members of the NSW team, it was “game on” for the Marjorie Morris Shield.

This is a 12-a-side competition with a team from each State and Territory keenly participating. There are 3 teams of four ladies playing a Round Robin. Our designated practice session was used to play our annual one off Test against Western Australia. After 10 ends we were trailing 10-32 and WA had their tails up. Our girls came home with a run but could not bridge the gap – the final score was NSW 50 – WA 63. Kelsey Cottrell claimed a rink win for NSW. Next day it was on with the serious business of trying to regain the prestigious Shield which NSW had claimed last year. GAME 1 The first game was played under overcast skies against Northern Territory. Natasha Van Eldik struck form early – she was down 1 on the first end, but an accurate drive turned that into 3 up. Further conversions from Natasha enabled her to go on for a comfortable win against one of the strongest players in the Northern Territory team. Meanwhile, Karen Murphy went from strength to strength with her whole team playing outstanding bowls to record a 40-6 win. Kelsey Cottrell also had a super win 2910 which gave NSW the points 94-30.

NSW make it back to back in Bendigo

Winners - NSW women’s side GAME 2 was against our nemesis from the west, who had given NSW a lesson the previous day. Karen shot out to a convincing 14-2 lead and went on to an 18 shot win. Both the other two rinks had comfortable wins and overall. NSW won 81 to WA 40. Outstanding bowls by NSW 3 leads set the scene for successful results by our girls. The game next morning was against South Australia who had also just won their two starts. A tough game was expected and this was the case. Kelsey Cottrell had her hands full and was trailing 3-12 after 5 ends. The team

Sides best performed rink – Overall best performed rink (l to r): K. Cottrell, J. Keegan, B. Quinlan, S. Boddington.

was playing well but any luck on the green was not going NSW way. We closed the gap and went on to win by 40 shots. Karen's conversion/drives were accurate and she led 17-2 at the halfway mark. They also had a win by 11 shots. Natasha Van Eldik led all the way for her win and NSW gave SA their first defeat 72-48. At about the halfway stage of the tournament, with NSW looking the goods, all three teams combined well with the leads and seconds all playing solid bowls. The Tasmanian team had a few 19-20 year olds amongst their experienced players and these girls made the NSW team dig deep. They were only 7 behind us on 27 ends, however the experience of the NSW girls and a huge 25 shot win by Natasha got the blues over the line once again. GAME 5 – Teams were greeted at the bowling club with grey skies and a chilly 6 degrees for the clash with the strong Victorian team, who had only lost one game. Sure enough it was to be expected – a clash of the titans. Unfortunately the gods were against us and Lisa Phillips (Vic) was at her best. We were lucky to gain the points on Natasha Van Eldik's rink but lost heavily on the other two- overall 43-64. GAME 6 – The opponents were not getting any easier, with arch-rivals



Queensland ready to do battle in the afternoon. NSW led 33-27 at the halfway mark when the wind picked up and made it difficult to play delicate shots. It was a close call from then on with only a few shots separating both sides. The precious 2 point win was ours and we had a win, a loss and a draw to make us equal on the ladder with Victoria. However we had 1.5 rink wins in our favour going into the last game against ACT (who were in third position). GAME 7 – Going into the last game we were even on points with Victoria and ACT but 11/2 rinks ahead of Vic. We had to get 2 points plus 2 rinks against 3rd place ACT. We led early on 2 rinks but as the game progressed, the Blues increased their lead overall. Natasha Van Eldik’s rink had a struggle early in the game, however the strength of NSW was too much for ACT and they went on to win 81-45. Our NSW team are a very disciplined and professional outfit and this was shown on the greens this week. All girls contributed 100% and played very much as a team of 12. Congratulations all round, especially to Kelsey Cottrell’s team who were the best performed out of 24 Australia wide.

Des Skinner presents the Overall Trophy to NSW State Manager, Daphne Shaw Marjorie Morris Trophy back to back. Our State Mens team was unbeaten to clinch the Alley Shield resulting in the overall National Champions being NSW. What an achievement!!

Victorious NSW women and men sides Natasha Van Eldik and Karen Murphy’s rinks filled the minor placings. A fantastic result for NSW to win the

Life Memberships On January 17, 2013 Blacktown City WBC long time member Joan Lansley was the recipient of Life Membership. Joan has successfully maintained the positions of Chairperson of Selectors, Bowls Organiser for Carnival and twilight games, also very active within Social Committees and always there to assist with Championships over many years with great enthusiasm. Although not bowling now Joan has won many championships in the past and still gives great support to the club.     Members of Berkeley Sports WBC awarded Life Membership at the AGM in April to Maureen Roberts. Maureen was a foundation member of

TEAMS • S. Boddington, B. Quinlan, J. Keegan, K. Cottrell • A. Johns, S. Renshaw, K. Wright, N. Van Eldik • K. Moran, J. Agar, C. Turley, K. Murphy Maureen suffers ill health at the moment and is unable to play bowls but she continues to attend the club helping in any way she can, particularly on visitation days providing many plants for sale on the plant stall. Well done Maureen, you deserve this award.

Life Member Joan Lansley (Blacktown City) the club in 1976. She was a selector for a number of years doing an excellent job and a valuable member of the club. Maureen has been a dedicated bowler winning many of the club Championships. She was also in the winning team for a District Flag, The very first the club has won.

(l to r): Life Member Maureen Roberts with President Joyce Baldock (Berkeley Sports)



Meet a Bowler

Kathy Chatillon

Kathy Chatillon This month’s bowler is Kathy Chatillon. Many of you will know Kathy from her coaching clinics and great information she has in the Bowls News each edition. How long have you been bowling Kathy? Started at Avoca 1987 and now playing at Cabramatta so that would make it 26 years this October and Coaching 20+ years. Please tell us how you came to be interested in bowling and what keeps you going on playing/coaching? Both my parents and family were always sports originated – we had a court behind the house and there was always people having coaching, practicing or playing. Never a dull moment and never short of kids to play with both on and off the court. So I played a variety of sports – tennis, netball, hockey, waterski and power-lifting as well, I tried anything once, lots of fun and happy times. Both my parents played bowls, Dad was a representative player for Bowls NSW in 1950 test in Tasmania, the year I was born. My parents give a strong sense of commitment to sport and "while you still enjoy the game keep playing " was their favorite catch cry – so I feel that it's that sense of enjoyment and challenges that both the game and coaching give me is why I still enjoy my time on the green either bowling or coaching, however I had to make a decision between netball (I was playing two nights a week, center for A Grade) and bowls twice a week at Avoca Beach. Mum brought to my attention that while playing netball kept me fit – she posed the question "What if I was injured where would that leave my team members in pennants?" "Commit to one or the other" so I chose bowls. The most challenging game I had ever played. Thanks Mum. Living in Cabramatta is that your bowling club, and tell us about it please, giving some specifics? Cabramatta is a competitive club with 26

strong playing members and I have the pleasure of playing with them and at this time I do not play a lot of competitive or social bowls due to my commitment to NSW Coaching, plus the Coach education programs. I do miss the club for the competitive bowls and meeting up with the older members that have been a great support for me throughout my time there. However I do have my name on the Achievement Board at the club and at Avoca Beach, which I am very proud of. Would you tell us some of the responsibilities that you have with your coaching and playing roles? My responsibilities firstly are to all the coaches in NSW, keeping them up to date with the latest teaching and coaching methods. We have had success with members achieving their Advance Coach and P&A Accreditation. Working with Discussion groups – we do this through 'Coach to Coach’ and Bowls News and when invited attend their meetings if needing support or clarification on new formats. For Clubs conducting Coaching clinics for their members, validating their club coaches who work with us and gain accreditation points. Program specialist clinics for clubs – this gives us good working relationships with the coaches, members and clubs at the coal face which is rewarding when they continue with the practice format that allows them to do well on the green. Then with the B.A. Presenter and Assessor program working with the Combined Coaches Committee of NSWWBA & Bowls NSW, I educate new NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

Club Coaches/Club Introductory and all accreditations, plus conduct Selection/ Competition Modules working alongside with our other P&A's throughout the State. Please tell us about the difficulties you may face from time to time? Coaching never have problems, we only have situations and with the support of NSW Director Beryl Watson (in the past with the Late Noelen Harvey) Renee Payne (NSW Development Officer) and Elizabeth McFarland (Panel Member), we are able to work through any situation that may present itself as a team and we always look for the best outcome for the Club Coaches, Players and their Clubs. What are the best things about your role and what you like the very best? The very best part is the people you meet from all walks of life, both men and women in their official capacities and the social side as well. They share their bowling and life experiences with me and I learn a lot from these talented people. Bowling friendships are developed through respect of each others work ethics, love of the game and over the last twelve years I have met some truly remarkable people while working for NSWWBA and this is a bonus for me. Is there anything that causes a problem for you Kathy? Not really, always remember to treat people the way they would like to be treated and always with a smile. Do you still have time to play bowls, when, where and what size and colour are your bowls? Yep however I need to program my time, play with my friends in tournaments and I love to play District fixtures. I have entered Lansdowne District Singles – hard draw, and I am so looking forward to it. Size 4 Colour Blue Edge. Tell us something about your history and please include some of your achievements? My achievements really have not been on the green – three number 2 Pennant Flags, Master Pairs, District Fours, Club Pairs, Triples and Fours. Minor Singles, Major Minor pairs in the first 12 months of bowling. The Major singles have eluded me, however with my coaching over the 20 years I have been lucky to be able to work with

players (both male and female), who have strived and reached their goals while working alongside me or with me as their coach, one representing Australian and NSWWBA and is still doing so, others representing NSWWBA Senior, Under 25's Bowls NSW State Side and Zones. Coaching the Under 18's girls side who went on to win the National's at Halikani on the central coast – we were the underdogs – good victory for the players. Out of the five players in that Under 18 side, four are still playing and all have represented NSWWBA Under 25's plus NSWWBA Seniors – one player winning the State Pairs while pregnant. I did have the pleasure in working with the Under 18's with the Late Ken Fields (Royal State Coach) and Steve Glasson who I learned a lot from. I worked with both NSW State sides, guys and girls over a number of years, and its great when you meet up and we still have so much to talk about. I am still in contact with many of these young people who are now setting up home and having families. They are still playing and enjoying the game – Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in contact. On my personal front, furthering my education in coaching and learning the life skills to reach my goals for the betterment of coaching and the game. How many days a week do you bowl? Not as many as I would like however I have decided to work in the field of Coaching – Coach Education and Australian Sports & BA P&A program so my game is on the hold at the moment. Have you had any challenges in your bowling career? Yep every time I step onto the green there are challengers. My fondest memory is of my Mum was when I made the final of minor singles within the first 12 months of starting playing at Avoca Beach. I was so stressed about playing the final and my Mum said "What’s the most important game" and I said “The Final of course.” "No" she said, "The first game if you win that and each one after. You would not be here if you hadn't, so treat the final as another game. You have done the hard work and met all your challengers so far, enjoy the game win or lose." I went on to win my minor singles and I try to play like

that every time. Its a game, do the hard work and enjoy the rewards win or lose. Have you had any funny experiences? I can remember when I was on the central coast and the District Chairman of match. I arrived and the Club President was running late and when she did arrive was very apologetic on being late. We all just stood and looked as she came through the doors (this is when there were only dress or skirts sets were worn). She looked great top half – Hat and Blue Blazer. Bottom half – nice petticoat Madam President. She had rushed out without putting her skirt on, as she didn't want to get it dirty before she came to the club. Quick phone call – hubby to the rescue and all was fine. It was just so precious and still brings a smile whenever I think of it. Whats so special about playing bowls? The people who make the game from the ladies who sell the raffle tickets, social players and clubs competitive players, the fraternity – good friends. It keeps us young, fit, mentally strong – meeting new people all the time with a common interest, all striving to be the best we can be. If you could change your life, what would you do, where would you go? Nope all good and I'm at peace in what I have done and look forward to the challenges the future may bring. Why are you proud to be a bowler? The people and all the good times we can share. Bowls has no boundaries on age, abilities, physical or mental restrictions – families can play from great grand parents to the youngest. It shows no discrimination on personal abilities. You must travel a lot in your job, can you let us know some of the people/ places you have been and what made it so exciting? We have been booked to travel to Lighting Ridge – just to fill you in on the program – leave Thursday arrive Dubbo 10am, pick up car, drive 4 hours to Lighting Ridge. Arrive, check club and facilities, book into accommodation Friday Coaching Clinic 8am - 3pm Saturday Club Coach course day 1 Sunday Club Coach course day 2 Monday Selection/Competition Modules full day Tuesday Drive to Dubbo, fly back to Sydney.

These country visits are hard work and take a lot of planning however they are very rewarding as we are able to interact, plus meeting the most amazing people from all walks of life. We have been very lucky to visit a number of great clubs throughout the country area, where great hospitality is always shown – Albury, Bowral, Cowra, Narromine and Inverell, and we hope to continue this service to our members. Do you have some advice for our bowlers to help with their enjoyment of the game? Enjoy the friendship, competition and comradely, the washing can always wait. Remember yesterday gone – tomorrow we may never know – the present is now, so enjoy and have fun. If you were having a special dinner and could invite anyone you liked, whom would you invite, and why? Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie and a mum with 19 children. Mark Donaldson 208 VC recipient. He would have a great insight with all aspects of life and how to survive under all conditions. People aspire to be like him – good mentor. Jack Nicklaus – Sporting longevity, mental strength and game skills, family man. How to be able to balance/ manage all the trials and tribulations that go with such a demanding sport. Jessica Watson, 2011 Young Australian of the Year – experiences on the high sea and how to cope with all challengers that life can present at a young age. If you could choose someone famous to coach people to play bowls, who would you choose and why? Gail Kelly CEO ANZ Bank – I think she would enjoy the challenge. Neil Robertson, Snooker world champion 2010. Bowls is snooker on grass – good eye for angles. Kurt Fearnley, Wheelchair athlete and Kokoda Trail participant. Maybe he would just like to tick it off his bucket list and have fun with no hard training. Louise Sauvage, Para Olympic Gold Medalist. Again I think she would welcome the challenge. By inviting theses people they all can see our game is for all, and another reason I would really love to meet them – I am sure they would enjoy each others company. MAY-JUNE 2013


Around the Greens

50th Bowls – Darlington Point


0 years of women’s bowls in Darlington Point was celebrated on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. A wonderful day, with 12 teams playing in perfect weather on a perfectly prepared green. Past members, Linda Carroll, Norma Lander, Iris Cook and Sharon Gumbleton also joined us for this day of celebration. President, Rhonda Parnell, welcomed everyone and called for a minutes silence in memory of long time patron and former president, Ada Griffin. After two games of 12 ends a delicious lunch was served by the

bowling ladies. The anniversary cake, made by bowler Heather Agostino, was cut by President Rhonda and long time bowler Jean Jones. Congratulations were offered by many visitors. Everyone received a special anniversary bowls cloth as a memento. Winners of the days bowls were Narrandera, followed by Murrumbidgee District’s team. The consolation prize went to Barellan. Joy Birmingham won the raffle, a basket of gourmet foods. Sharon Gumbleton took home the lucky door prize, a rotisserie oven.

Bennelong Under 5 Years

A good outcome round the middle of 2012, the Directors of Pennant Hills Bowling Club Ltd realised that financial pressures were threatening the continued viability of our great club, which was established in 1950. The reasons for our problems were many and varied and I’m sure not dissimilar to those being encountered by many bowling clubs across the land. It was agreed that the Board of Directors contact Bob Bullen, a financial trouble-shooter and member of the Club Advisory Committee at the RNSWBA. After detailed analysis, Bob, with extensive knowledge, experience and contacts within the club industry, commenced action to ensure our survival. Through his efforts and those of his contacts, Pennant Hills Bowling Club Ltd is now well on the way to achieving a successful amalgamation with a much larger club and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous future. The message is clear – if your club has financial struggles then don’t hesitate to contact Bob Bullen and the Club Advisory Committee for support. The Board of Directors Pennant Hills Bowling Club Ltd


Election of Director Guildford Leagues


t the last Leagues Club General Elections held on March 22, 2013, President Heather Stephens and Secretary Karen Knight were elected to the Board of Directors. They are only the second and third females to be elected to the Board of Guildford Leagues Club. We are very proud of both of them and wish them every success in their futures on the Board. Pictured (l to r): Karen Knight and Heather Stephens.

Under 5 Years winners (l to r): J. McBride, L. Cook (s), P. Gore, G. Guice (Hunters Hill).


he Bennelong District Under 5 Years Competition was once again held during February on a Saturday morning for the Renwick/Ferguson Trophy. Unfortunately this year's competition was marred by wet weather but resulted in a win for Hunters Hill (A) team. The winning team was G. Guice, J. McBride, P. Gore and L. Cook.



School Holiday Gala Day at Mudgee

School Holiday

Gala Day


boosts junior goal


udgee Bowling Club held its second school holiday Gala Day in the April holidays as a way to attract local junior bowlers to the club. The Gala Day was a success with over 45 participants coming down over the 2 days, a positive improvement on the first School Holiday Gala Day held in January, which attracted about 13 bowlers over the 2 days. It has been 12 months since the club identified a goal to target local juniors to boost their Junior membership. Along with the Gala Days, the club has taken a number of positive steps to achieve this goal, introducing school sessions at two local schools. 10 members of the club have completed their club coach accreditation along with the selection and competition modules too. The club has applied to NSW Sport and Recreation for funding for junior equipment, and in May will commence a Junior coaching session every Wednesday afternoon from 4-5pm. This is just one of the (many) great things clubs around NSW are doing to boost their membership. If you have a story about your club, please write to us. All content can be submitted via email:


he Mid North Coast Vision Impaired and Blind Bowlers meet Mondays from the beginning of February through to the end of November. We play at a different club each Monday, from Scotts Head in the south to Red Rock, North of Coffs Harbour and most clubs in between. We can arrange transport for those who need it. We extend an invitation to anyone who is blind or vision impaired to come along and join us in a game of bowls. If you have not played before we will show you how it is done. Two of our members, Wayne Thomson and his Director Lynne Thomson, are off to the World Blind Bowls Championships 2013 in England, July 5th to 20th. For further information contact Noelene Lawrence President on 02 6568 7841.


Champion of Champions


aureen Peart has had a very successful year in 2012 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; winning Major Singles, Skip in Major Pairs with Glenda Moore, Skip in Major Triples with Glenda Moore and Cherie Hill. Champion of Champions Maureen Peart.



Around the Greens

Illawarra girls make history


group of 5 special girls have created history by claiming every title in the recent under 18 Zone Championships in the Illawarra. Though the number of girls reaching the state finals has steadily been increasing over the last 5 years, a clean sweep of titles has never been achieved, until now. Samantha Noronha, Jessica Hill, Dawn Hayman and Natalie Noronha teamed up to claim the Fours, Natalie backed up to win the Singles and then Dawn joined Lauren Shaw to claim the Pairs and complete the clean sweep. In the history of the NSW under 18 State Champioships only one all female side has lifted a state title with Stacey Woodhouse and Trudy Althofer claiming the Pairs Silverware in 2004. With just the 1 title from the last 74 played history beckons the girls at the 2013 State Championships. Singles Winner at Zone Under 18 level, Natalie Noronha.

Fours winners at Zone Under 18 level: Natalie Noronha, Dawn Hayman, Jessica Hill, Samantha Noronha.

A 94th Birthday at Brunswick

Joan Loomes cuts her Birthday cake watched by President Fay Parkes (Brunswick Heads).


Pairs winners at zone Under 18 level Lauren Shaw, Dawn Hayman. They have already achieved something very special at Zone level and with the State Championships held on their home turf, rewriting history is a very real possibility.

oan Loomes celebrated her 94th birthday at the Brunswick Heads Bowling Club on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. A special surprise afternoon tea had been arranged and a lovely ‘rainbow’ cream sponge cake was ably cut by Joan and enjoyed by all the ladies who attended. Joan began her bowling career in Sydney in 1972. She obviously enjoyed the sport way back then as she still enjoys a good game. Whilst Joan does not play competition any more, this evergreen bowler is still competitive and puts many of the younger ladies to shame when she is required to measure. She bends down with the best of them – actually better than most. Joan is a real credit to her club.



his month we celebrated the 20th Birthday of North Manly WBC which was opened on April 7, 1993. The cake was cut on April 2, when District President and Vice President joined us for a game and presented two long serving members, Pat Ryan and Robin George, with District Merit Badges in recognition of endless hours of voluntary work for our Club.



Pictured (l to r): in purple shirt Trisha Eckford (President), Robin George, Pat Ryan.



uesday April 16, 2013 saw Woonona BC ladies celebrate one of the clubs much loved bowlers 90th birthday – Olwyn Roberts – affectionately known as "Queenie" who reached her 90th year. She gets the nickname of Queenie as she recently won a competition put on by the local Bulli Showground and Racing Club for someone who looked like the Queen, to open the Bulli Show – well Olwyn won hands down, because she does look like the Queen, and had the honour of being chauffeur driven to the Bulli Show last year to open their Jubilee celebrations in the Queen's Jubilee year. Olwyn still plays bowls every week, expertly, just recently being runner-up with her partner Diane in the Club Selected Pairs, and with a set of borrowed bowls. Olwyn opted out of playing on her birthday celebrations day as she didn't want her bowls hat, which she always wears, to spoil her newly arranged hair do – she was going out every day of the week, so wanted her hair style to last as long as possible. Not bad for a ninety year old eh! After a good game of bowls, it was

Olwyn on her 90th Birthday (Woonona) down to speeches from other club members at the dining table to wish Olwyn all the very best for this her 90th year and for future years. Olwyn made a thank you speech, unprepared – she took it all in her stride, what a grand "dame" she is. The tables were laden with all sorts of scrumptious food supplied by our wonderful bowlers and there was a separate table with cards, presents and balloons for Olwyn. Our President Bev Bloor and her trusty staff put on a wonderful day for "Queenie" – one I am sure she will never forget.

Marie Hurworth Shield


he Inaugural Marie Hurworth Shield was held at Matraville RSL WBC on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Life Member Marie Hurworth sponsored the Shield. The draw was out of the hat and

T. Hartley, J. McGregor, M. Munzone, M. Hurworth. almost all our bowlers entered. A very enjoyable day was had by all with some terrific bowls played. The winning team was: T. Hartley, J. McGregor, M. Munzone.

Daisy White’s 90th Birthday (New Lambton)

90th Birthday New Lambton D

aisy White's 90th Birthday, still playing 18 ends of bowls one day a week as lead and still sitting beside the jack. When Daisy was asked for an interview for the magazine the response was “why?” But as all our members know this petite lady is a delight. Often during a game of bowls we are treated to a joke in articulate English or a discussion on the nature of things. Born in Parramatta, later moved to several suburbs of Newcastle. Married and divorced then went to live in Singapore and Hong Kong and lived there for 25 years, where Daisy played bowls at a number of clubs but belonged to the Kowloon Bowling Club in Hong Kong for 10 years. She came back to Australia in 1978 and 1980 and joined New Lambton BC in 1982. When asked about her achievements in bowls the response was “I just love bowls.” A Guard of Honour was formed as Daisy walked into a Birthday reception at our temporary club at Hamilton North. Daisy is excited about playing at our beautiful new Club and covered green on May 16. MAY-JUNE 2013


Around the Greens President Jean Wisby

North Haven Veteran’s Day 17 Months on at

West’s Sports A

North Haven Veteran’s Day.


orth Haven Women’s Bowling Club was the host venue for the Hastings Haven District Women’s Bowling Association gala event of the year, Veteran’s Day. This day is for all the spritely ladies from the District who are 70 years young and onwards – we had 120 taking to the greens on a very sunny and pleasant day. The laughter could be heard over the three greens with some very strong shots played as the competitive side comes through at all times. Super Veteran’s from Kew, Lake Cathie, North Haven, Port City, Panthers, Wauchope and Westport WBC’s were the recipients. These 33 ladies all being a young 80 years of age

received their badges and African Violets with the majority still playing and enjoying their bowls each week. The amazing Star Veteran’s who are still members of their club and are a very young 90 years of age were in attendance. The recipients were Peggy Secomb (Port Panthers), Gwen Turner (Port City) and Dot Bransdon (Wauchope WBC), also receiving their African Violets and Badges. The luncheon was amazing with 156 ladies being catered for and District President Maureen thanked the North Haven committee ladies for their hard work in making this very special day for all these very special ladies.

new Women’s Bowling Club was started at West’s Sports Club just 17 months ago. Nine ladies started up the club and now the club boasts twenty three members (and counting). Led by President, Jean Wisby (pictured), the club committee caters for the working bowler and the weekday bowler, with social bowls and club championships held on Saturday and Tuesday mornings, as well as pennants. Also available are mixed social and tournament bowls with the Men’s Bowling Club. The club has three beautiful greens, off street parking and a bistro is situated in Croydon in a leafy park between Church and Queen Streets. They will host a repeat of the successful Ladies Triples Gala Day, on Sunday, May 19, 2013, and welcome all teams. Visiting bowlers are welcome to the club on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. Please phone President Jean on 0402 141 472 for details.


n Monday, April 22, 2013 about 70 ladies gathered to celebrate Veterans Day in Georges River District at the Mt Lewis Club. After a pleasant morning tea 12 ladies were presented with Super Veteran Badges – Eileen Attard, Marea Giacomin, Margaret Wright (Bankstown Sports), Dorothy Hession (Grandviews), Leonie Adding, Merlyn Corner (Mt Lewis), Gloria Parks, Mavis Lavette (Padstow), Norma Aggett, Lydia Coutet, Pamela Gray, Violet Thomas (Revesby Workers). Old friendships were renewed and new ones made as players proceeded to the green for a spider and a game of bowls before lunch. There was much laughter from the green and surrounds


as the morning proceeded. After a short interruption whilst the local newspaper took photographs of those presented with badges, the game was concluded


and lunch was served in the Clubhouse. A most relaxing and enjoyable day was had by all, many lingering after the close of proceedings to continue reminiscing.



t has been a very busy year at Beecroft, we have been celebrating the Club’s Centenary. The Beecroft Bowling and Recreation Club was formed on March 13, 1913. With the Centenary in mind last year the ladies decided a new uniform was in order. The result is shown in a Club photo taken in December with all the ladies looking very smart in their new uniforms. The Centenary celebrations commenced with a concert on February 17, with a variety of musical pieces from Big Band to Show Tunes to Light Classics played by the musical group “Unwind”. Over a hundred and thirty people attended and thoroughly enjoyed the music and the afternoon tea served by the ladies after the concert. The Opening Ceremony was Sunday March 3, when we welcomed NSW President Patricia Reynolds, Northern Suburbs District President Marelle Saunders and representing The Royal Ron King and Zone 10 Kevin McCarthy. Also present were representatives from the various Clubs in the Northern District and Zone 10. We had as guests, family of the founding Members or their descendants. We were particularly delighted to welcome Agnes Haynes a Life Member aged 97, and Ross Barwick and his wife, Ross’s mother Lady Barwick was Patron for twelve years in the 50’s and 60’s. Life Members at the Opening Ceremony, March 3, 2013 (l to r): Peter and June Hunter, Patron Barbara Bell, Isabel Hilditch and Agnes Haynes.

Beecroft Women’s Bowling Club ladies with Patron Barbara Bell. Chairman of the Centenary Committee welcomed all to the Club and gave a very interesting speech covering the early history of Beecroft and the Club. There was a Centenary Flag raised and a brass plaque unveiled. After a finger food lunch Barbara Bell the Club’s Patron, cut the Centenary Cake. In the afternoon it was onto the green for Social Bowls comprising of 2 matches of 11 ends of Triples, to finish a delightful day of reminiscences and catching up with old friends. March 14 was the Community Dinner which was attended by the Governor Professor Marie Bashir and her husband Sir Nicholas Shehadie, Federal Member

Philip Ruddock, State Member Greg Smith and Mayor Steve Russell and representatives from various local organisations offering a variety of services to the Community. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with fine food, entertaining speeches and music from “Orik” a string quartet. There will be further events during the year including Centenary Gala Triples on May 6, and a Back to Beecroft Bowls later in the year. Community Dinner, March 14, 2013 (l to r): Ladies President Jan Morris, Professor Marie Bashir AC Governor of NSW, Men’s President Neill Harrison and wife of Club Chairman Coleen Simmonds.



Presidents Days BINALONG Bowling Club hosted their Presidents and Veterans Day on Saturday February 23, 2013. It was a very windy day but a few ends of bowls were played. After a lovely lunch the following ladies were awarded badges – Dorothy Banks (100 years old), Valma Cramston (80 years old) Boorona Recreation Club, June Ward (90 years old), Ellonor Armstrong (80 years old) Cootamundra Country Club, Elizabeth Powderley (80 years), Joy Powderley (80 years) Young Bowling Club, Maria Ryan (80 years) Cootamundra Ex-Services Club. These ladies all received a small gift from the South Western District, a gift from their own club and a spray of flowers from host club Binalong. Regional Representative Joan Stair was in attendance and presented some of the days trophies. Unfortunately the two Cootamundra ladies were unable to attend because of health problems so they are not in the formal photos but have been mentioned in the letter. On March 17, 2013 LIDCOMBE Ladies Bowling Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary and Presidents Day.

President and Veterans Day (Binalong) (l to r): back row – J. Powderley, V. Cranston, E. Powderley, M. Ryan; front – D Banks; insets (l to r) J. Ward, E. Armstrong. They welcomed NSWWBA Chairperson of Social Patricia Cousley along with representatives from City West District Rona Rodwell and Norelle Lingard, and Lidcombe Patron Marcia Shanahan was also made most welcome. Patricia Cousley, Billie Klein and Rona Lingard cut the beautiful cake made and decorated by Treasurer Maureen Threlfo. The weather was kind and a happy and enjoyable day was had by the 75 guests with lots of laughter, fun bowling, followed by a delicious lunch.

(l to r): NSWWBA Chair Social Patricia Cousley, Lidcombe President Wilma Klein, City West District Norelle Lingard (Lidcombe) 34

NOWRA Womens Bowling Club celebrated their 65th Birthday and President Mary’s special day on Monday April 15, 2013. A guard of honour led by President Mary Thurbon greeted the official guests, State President Patricia Reynolds, South Coast District Womens Bowling Association President Dorothy Sullivan, Vice President Inger Hall, Region 8 Representative Meg McClure and everyone then enjoyed a


delightful morning tea of home made slices, tea and coffee etc. Once the official photos had been taken by Club Historian Jan Payne the ladies partook in a spider before the commencement of some very enjoyable bowls spirits were high, laughter filled the air and friendship was seen everywhere. Punch and nibbles were enjoyed mid way through the games of bowls and just as the heavens were about to open everyone was called inside for a lovely hot lunch in our club restaurant. Committee members must be congratulated on the decorating of the dining area it was looking absolutely beautiful, and in President Mary’s colours of green and purple. President Mary, State President Patricia and District President Dorothy cut the birthday cake which had been made and decorated by Patron and Life Member Lorna Angel. State President Patricia Reynolds presented merit badges to Marijke Shinn, Gloria Shepherd, Helen Day and Diana Walters for their outstanding contributions to the club. President Mary also enjoyed the company of her family on this special occasion and thanked all who attended from other local bowling clubs for their good wishes and cards and gifts and special thanks to her Committees for making the day such a memorable one. TUNCURRY’S special day for President Rowena Treasure was a very happy one. State President Patricia

65th Anniversary of the club and President Mary Thurbon’s special day (Nowra) Reynolds, Region 2 Carole Graham, Lower North Coast District President Paula Body and Secretary Julie Scott made up the special guests for the day. A very tasty morning tea with scones, jam and cream was enjoyed and a game of bowls followed. The Social girls led by Margaret Freeman had prepared the Auditorium in colours of red and white and the room looked beautiful. Toast Mistress Beverley Flynn kept the proceedings moving along amid a most relaxed and happy atmosphere. After President Patricia made her opening address and welcomed all the members and guest, the delicious lunch was served. Gifts were exchanged with much laughter on the main table, as the colourful scarves, made by Fay Parker and her band of knitters were a big hit.

An impromptu fashion parade was then held. Rowena’s husband John sat with Bowls Co-ordinator Rex Johnson, General Manager’s Assistant Kylie Rodger, Patron Daphne Brumby and Head of Match Deidre Crichton. Five exPresidents of the club were in attendance along with Life Members Isobel McBride and Iris Woodward and various District club members and Tuncurry’s ladies. The room was very colourful and the day passed happily. As a final gesture of thanks the red and white roses were presented to President Rowena.

Bowl for Others Luncheon Bowl For Others Annual The General Meeting will be held, on Friday, July 19, at 7th Floor, 309 Pitt Street, Sydney, at 10.30am. We welcome members to attend. We have made a tentative booking with the Masonic Club, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, for a Luncheon on Friday, August 30, and the cost of the lunch is $49.00 (the full amount charged to us). As we must guarantee 70 members will attend, we would appreciate advice to President Merle McCarthy, 8 Arthur Street, Rodd Point, 2046, Phone

(l to r): Region 2 Representative Carole, State President Patricia, Tuncurry President Rowena, Lower North Coast District President Paula. (Tuncurry)

9713 9229, or to Secretary Gladys Barnes, 111 Holden Street, Ashfield, 2131, Phone 9799 1052, from those intending to attend. Payment would be required by August 9th. We wish to acknowledge with many thanks, donations received since the last issue of "Bowls News", from Beecroft WBC, and the Macquarie Umpires Discussion Group. Extra monies received assist us in maintaining our yearly donations to various Medical Research organisations and NSW Air Ambulance Service. These cheques will be presented at the Luncheon in August.



Letters to the Editor Members are invited to submit letters of general interest for publication, which should be concise, constructive and bear the name and club of the writer. Any letters printed will express the views of the individual and not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Association

Meet the bowler interview In Rosemary’s interview with Karen Murphy it was inferred that players in our District “resented” the success of the Lansdowne District. We actually applaud their success but realise we are not in their league. In last year’s group play offs Cabramatta defeated Roselands 90-14 which shows we are definitely not No. 1 Pennant players. The only way the three teams playing No. 1 Pennants in the Georges River District could regress to a lower grade, where they would be competitive was to not play at all – which is what we did. With numbers falling and no current State players in the district, we cannot compete with teams consisting of Australian, International, Interstate and NSW State players. We have only 3 ex-State players, one aged 96, one disabled using a stick and “yours truly”. Trudiann Flack Roselands Flames WBC

Coaching in the Northern Suburbs Dear Editor I have just returned from the Northern Suburbs coaches’ discussion group, re-energised and ready to tackle the challenges confronting any club coach as she tries to encourage newer bowling members, teach any new ones we are lucky enough to entice away from granny duties, work or housekeeping, as well as raise the general standard of club bowling. The group has been meeting at Pennant Hills Bowling Club for many years and the numbers have fluctuated, but we have always managed to share ideas and experiences between the newer and more experienced members. We also welcome a couple of neighbours whose districts do not have an active group and this widens the pool of expertise and enthusiasm. Recent meetings have been very lively as we discuss issues arising during 36

pennants and some of the new initiatives of the Association, eg. the Selection Module, as well as the usual, “How do you help a new player who can’t...” questions. Along with the basics of bowling – delivery, etiquette, rules, and the social aspects of bowling, we try to find ways to have team members practise their skills meaningfully and raise awareness of the various scenarios they will meet playing in competitions. Team members’ lack of knowledge of the “Laws of lawn bowls” is a constant theme and we keep hearing of incidents where lack of this knowledge influences the outcome of a game. After the allotted time (often extended somewhat) some stay on to lunch and just enjoy the company. We meet on the first Wednesday in February, May, August and November at 10.30am and any coach or interested player would be very welcome. Our supportive men’s coaches would also be welcome. Judith Harris (Leader) Dural

Dear Nicky I am registered with a small Bowling Club situated on the Clarence River at South Grafton. In August I will have been playing lawn bowls for 3 years and I really love the game. I only wish I had started playing sooner (I will be 50 in August). After reading the March/April issue of Bowls News and your report in particular, I found myself agreeing strongly with your views. How can people be so juvenile, short sighted and selfish as to be squabbling over such minor details? Earlier on this year our Club suffered from major flooding and frankly, the last thing on our minds was the Pennant season. We were too distracted with worrying about how high the water might come through the Clubrooms and whether members would be able to save the one and only green. There is however great community NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

spirit. Though we are not overly financially strong, we boast one of the largest memberships of the 9 clubs affiliated to the Clarence River District WBA and are known as the “friendly club” for very good reason. The flood was very hard, and most of us, isolated by the waters, could only watch on TV and I’ll admit it, for myself, have a good cry. As I said earlier there is great community spirit and within days of the waters receding, with everyone pulling together and much help from the local Fire Brigade we managed to save the green. It has taken much longer to strip, repaint and carpet the Clubrooms, but we have done it and one of the Pennant sides has gone on to take the Clarence River WBA grade 4 Pennant for 2013. This in no small part has been helped by the generosity and good will of sister clubs that we barely knew existed until now. I refer here to clubs such as Newport, Gymea and Lemon Tree Passage, who held fund raising events, then forwarded the proceeds to us to be used for Flood Recovery. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards the members of these Clubs. What a great body of people the lawn bowling community are. In conclusion Nicky, I just want to say these small problems with regards to Pennants etc are negligible. Mateship, generosity, club spirit and of course our great game are what is really important. I particularly liked the final paragraph of your report and while I realise it actually refers to the changes in women’s bowling over the years, it very much reflects what has happened to our Club, of which I am so proud, and I quote: “We’ve lived through an extraordinary period of change and we’ve adapted and thrived. Let’s continue to knock’em dead through adaptability and sheer guts”. So very true. Please keep this type of article coming – there are a lot of us who agree with what you expound. I do not usually

write in to anything but felt so strongly this time after reading your submission that I just had to. Thanks for hearing me out Anna South Grafton WBC

Good morning Ladies Picked up your latest edition at the Club yesterday and felt I had to compliment you both on your writings. I really enjoyed your remarks, Patricia, about the Whole of Sport IT deal. I found the positive comments about this initiative and its potential so refreshing. So much of what we read nowadays is backward looking and negative. I also found Nicky's column on the "Ides of Pennants" so pertinent, and equally, if not more, applicable to our men. The advice on how Selection processes should be documented, put in place and work, is spot on, as are the cautionary comments on the use of Social Media to heap abuse on others. Having gotten my congratulations off my chest I will now continue to read the rest of your very excellent magazine. Des Skinner President – Bowls Australia

Dear Editor I write this letter to correct the misunderstanding that appears to have arisen re Districts boycott of the 2013 State Pennants. In Rosemary’s article on Karen Murphy (which I think was great) she phrased a question to Karen in which she inferred that we were envious of the Lansdowne District players. This was not our gripe. The Association has lost sight of what is happening to the clubs with falling membership and clubs closing, reducing District participation in the various State events to a small number the loss of competition. The Pennants Conditions of Play have not kept up with the times. When I commenced playing in the 1970’s womens clubs had a very healthy membership and clubs would field several sides each year and travel all

over the Metropolitan area to play and think nothing of it. Unfortunately times have changed from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and we are no longer the housewife whose children have finished school and gone to work, leaving her time for herself thus joining bowling clubs for the some social outlook. The modern lady is now busy working and not available for membership, so present members are aging and retiring from bowls or minding grandchildren. Most of the new members today work and are not able to play during the week when women’s bowling events are being conducted. The current Conditions of Play are workable when there are plenty of players as ideally the perfect pennant is made up of six sides per section per grade, giving everyone 1 game of good competitive bowls and if good enough they go onto the Regional and State playoffs. Sadly because of lessening numbers our Grade 1 (of 3 sides) would only play

4 games and this is not what the Grade 1 competitive player wants. Also because of the Elevation and Regression conditions we had one of our stronger clubs who was able to field 4 sides having to have 1 side in Grade 1 and 3 sides in Grade 3, and again due to numbers they would all be in the one section. This same situation also effects the State events where when Districts first started we had ample entries in various events but now the numbers have declined where some new event now consist of four game for a result. This is not what the competitive bowler is seeking. The problem seems to be in the membership within the Districts and until we address this area I can see no improvement in the foreseeable future. Patricia Davis Chairman of Match Georges River District WBA

Regional News Results


Region 2 Pairs Playoff: P. Light, J. Munson (Port Macquarie City)

Pairs winners at Region 2 level (l to r) P. Light, J. Munson (Port Macquarie City) MAY-JUNE 2013


District Association News BENNELONG Results at District level: Fours: M. Binet, M. Burkett, B. McClintock, J. Auberson (North Ryde RSL), runners up A. Richardson, C. Candrick, J. Bax, I. Hitchens (North Ryde RSL).

No. 3 Pennant winners at Central Coast District level (l to r): R. Holden, L.A Chivas, A. Middleton, S. Murphy (skip); M. Silvester (skip), D. Reeves, J. Taylor, D. Lowe (Ettalong Memorial).

Fours winners at Bennelong District level (l to r): M. Binet, M. Burkett, B. McClintock, J. Auberson (North Ryde RSL). CENTRAL COAST Results at District level: Pennants: No. 1 Terrigal, No. 2 Bateau Bay, No 3 Ettalong Memorial, No 4 Woy Woy.

No. 4 Pennant winners at Central Coast District level (l to r): P. Toohey, D. Haworth, A. Kenney, B. Champion (skip); S. Taylor (skip), G. Wise, J. Beston, C. Gentle (Woy Woy). CENTRAL WESTERN Results at District level: Pennants: No. 2 Cowra, No. 3 Forbes, No. 4 Cowra.

No. 1 Pennant winners at Central Coast District level (l to r): A. Koutsellis, L. Murphy, K. Croker, I. Croker [skip]; G. Hardwick (skip), P. Colbran, M. Ardill, J Silvia (Terrigal).

No. 2 Pennant winners at Central Coast District level (l to r): P. Nemeth, D. Carey, E. Yardley, G. Schofield (skip); E. Cohen (skip), C. Butler, L. Vetter, M. Bakon (Bateau Bay). 38

No. 2 Pennant winners at Central Western District level (l to r): N. Kurta, I. Fogg, J. Day, R. Fogg, S. Hubber, J. Nobes, L. Burns, J. Bailey (Cowra).

No. 3 Pennant winners at Central Western District level (l to r): M. Kopp, J. Girot, R. Quinn, L. Burton, M. Everson, J. Waugh, C. Murray, S. White. (Forbes).


MACLEAY Results at District level: Major Singles: C. Patterson, (South West Rocks) runner up J. Kesby (South West Rocks). Pairs: J. Epton, B. Carroll (Kempsey Macleay) Triples: V. Coleman, J. Kesby, J. Flanagan (South West Rocks).

No. 4 Pennant winners at Central Western District level (l to r): J. Davies, M. Browne, J. Newham, N. Brown, A. Castelli, R. Oliver, E. Brown, M. Nicholls. (Cowra). FAR SOUTH COAST Results at District level: Singles: K. Thurlow (Moruya). Pairs: K. Thurlow, A. Rawson (Moruya). Triples: M. Nankervis, B. Wort, P. Barklem (Dalmeny).

Singles winner at Macleay District level: C. Patterson (South West Rocks).

Pairs winners at Macleay District level: (l to r) J. Epton, B. Carroll (Kempsey Macleay).

Pairs winners at Far South Coast District level (l to r): K. Thurlow, A. Rawson (Moruya). K. Thurlow (Moruya) was also the Singles winner.

CSCDBA and Far South Coast DWBA combine for the club Patrons and hold an annual Patron's Shield. The trophy winners this year were Batemans Bay.

Triples winners at Macleay District level (l to r): V. Coleman, J. Kesby, J. Flanagan (South West Rocks). MANLY WARRINGAH Results at District level: Open Fours: C. Russell, C. Lindley, B. Green, M. Smith (skip) (Newport Beach). Senior Fours: R. Vade (skip), V. Christensen, S. French, J. Madden (Mona Vale).


Badges are our business N.S

Pictured (l to r): CSCDBA President Ross Hardy, Batemans Bay Womens President Yvonne Huddleston, Batemans Bay Men’s President Mal Cummings and FSCDWBA President Margaret Bridges. HUNTER RIVER Results at District level: Pennants: No. 1 Maitland City, No. 2 Cessnock City, No. 3 Beresfield, No. 4 Singleton.

.W. W. B. A.

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1 Muriel Ave, Phone: 1800 251 765 Rydalmere NSW 2116 Phone: (02) 9638 4222 Email: Fax: (02) 9684 1776



District Association News Open Fours: R. Price, L. Loadsman, J. Woodford, B. White (Park Beach. District Senior Fours: P. Fletcher, B. Pine, D. Jones, C. Garrett, (Park Beach). MITCHELL Results at District level: Open Fours: F. Davidson, F. Wallace, E. McCraken, M. Scott (The Hill District BC). Senior Fours: J. Dennis, R. Clarke, C. Byrne, U. Killow (Northmead). Open Fours winners at Manly Waringah District level (l to r): C. Russell, C. Lindley, B. Green, M. Smith (s) (Newport Beach).

Open Fours winners at Mitchell District level (l to r): F. Davidson, K. Wallace E. McCraken, M. Scott (The Hills District BC). Senior Fours winners at Manly Warringah District level (l to r): R. Vade (s) V. Christensen, S. French, J. Madden. (Mona Vale). MID NORTH COAST Results at District level: Triples: M. Owen, A. White, V. Maher (Park Beach).

Senior Fours winners at Mitchell District level (l to r): J. Dennis, R. Clarke, C. Byrne, U. Killow (Northmead). NORTHERN RIVERS Results at District level: Triples: B. De Re, L. Morgan, J. Rhodes (Ballina). Triples winners at Mid North Coast District level (l to r): M. Owen, A. White, V. Maher (Park Beach).

Senior Fours winners at Mid North Coast District level (l to r): P. Fletcher, B. Pine, D. Jones, C. Garrett (Park Beach). 40

Triples winners at Northern Rivers District level (l to r): B. De Re, L. Morgan, J. Rhodes (Ballina).


ST GEORGE CANTERBURY Results at District level: Pairs: C. Kelly, L. York ( Ramsgate RSL), runners-up M. Gardiner, J. Zrno (Ramsgate RSL).

Pairs winners at St Georges Canterbury District level (l to r): C. Kelly, L. York (Ramsgate RSL).

Grade 3 winners at Sutherland District level (l to r): B. Renes, M. French, K. Green, J. Griffiths, R. Salvatore, P. Harden, P. Cozens, J. Butler (Sutherland).

SUTHERLAND Results: Pennants: No.1 Taren Point, No. 2 Gymea, No. 3 Sutherland, No. 4 Sylvania.

Grade 4 winners at Sutherland District level (l to r): K. McGregor, L. Allen, J. Goman, A. Cunnington, J. Irving, D. Adams, M. Neil, P. Saddler (Sylvania).

Grade 1 winners at Sutherland District level (l to r): B. Hvass, R. Levy, K. Brough, C. Turner, J. Walker, B. Harrison, A. Walker (inset J. James) (Taren Point).

WESTERN Results at District level: Open Fours: C. Wright, P. Houston, M. Coleman, M. Soergel (Lawson). Senior Fours: J. Barnes, C. Lord, P. Johnson, F. King (Lithgow City).

Open Fours winners at Western District level (l to r): C. Wright, P. Houston, M. Coleman, M. Soergel (Lawson).

Grade 2 winners at Sutherland District level (l to r): J. Hunter, D. Brooking, G. Re, E. White, B. Davis, L. Hazen, L. Bell, K. Harvey (Gymea).

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Senior Fours winners at Western District level (l to r): J. Barnes, C. Lord, P. Johnson, F. King (Lithgow City). MAY-JUNE 2013




ENTRY FORM Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November 2013 HOST CLUB: Merimbula Bowling Club (Far South Coast) OTHER VENUES: Tathra Bowling Club, Tura Beach Bowling Club, Narooma Bowling Club ENTRY FEE: $100 per Team (Morning Tea and Lunch $15 per person per day to be paid for at venue Clubs). ENTRIES CLOSE: 30th August, 2013 (or when filled). Team Entry Fee must be send in with entry on correct form, signed by the Skip. Composite teams are allowed, but must be entered from the Skips Club, eg. B. Black – Loftus (Composite).

Team make-up: 2 male and 2 female Lead & 2nd – Male/Female (position optional) 3rd & skip – Male/Female (position optional) Prior to the start of the first match, teams may be reformed (in accordance with the conditions above), provided at least one (1) of the original team remains, as per Conditions of Play available on event page.

PROGRAM: 28th - 30th October (Monday - Wednesday). Play commences 9.30am (1 trial end AM & PM – No Dead Ends Jack Respotted on “T”). 2 games of 18 ends each day. At completion, Section winners will play off in an Open Draw on the knock-out principle. 31st October & 1st November (Thursday & Friday). Open Draw as Carnival Program Book. Section Winners and Daily Section Winners will be the teams having the greatest number of winning matches. If two or more teams have an equal number of wins, the winning team shall be determined by, firstly, the highest aggregate margin, secondly the greatest number of winning ends, or thirdly, shots. Trophies to be presented to Section Winners All matches are to be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and Conditions of Play (on both Association websites) DRESS REQUIREMENTS: Composite teams may wear their respective Club uniforms or white/cream

ONE TEAM PER ENTRY FORM If you require more entry forms, please see or


ENTRY FEE: $100 per team (Entry will NOT be accepted without payment)

MIXED OPEN FOURS ENTRY FORM–2013 Please print full name, as it appears on your NSW registration card









Email Contact Name:

Skip’s Name / Signature: PAYMENT DETAILS:

Cheque (please tick)

Cheque No.

EFT (please tick)

Proof of payment must be attached (provide details)


Club Championships Boolaroo Fours: P. Herbert, M. Barry, L. Halliday, P. Wilkinson.

Gymea Major Singles: E. White, runner up R. Meillier. Pairs: D.Brooking, K. Harvey. Triples: S. Constable, B. Crimpson (inset), E. Bowden. Fours: B. Davis, G. Re, D. Brooking, J. Hunter. Minor Singles: G. Pountney.

Margaret’s photo was omitted from the Boolaroo Club Champs picture in the Jan-Feb issue of Bowls News.

Club Fours Champion, Margaret Barry (Boolaroo) Camden Major Singles: M. Fellows. Minor Singles: C. Warton. Major Pairs: M. Fellows, B. Selems. Minor Pairs: G. Ross, K. Humberstone. Major/Minor Pairs: C. Droscher, G. Murray. Triples: G. Murray, B. Selems, M. Fellows. Fours: F. Laker, G. Murray, B. Selems, M. Fellows. Consistency Singles: G. Murray.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): G. Pountney, B. Davis, G. Re, D. Brooking, J. Hunter, S. Constable, B. Crimpson, D. Brooking, K. Harvey, R. Meillier, E. White (inset E. Bowden) (Gymea) Wallerawang Singles: D. Hawken. Pairs: S. Holt, C. Lonnen.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): C. Droscher, G. Murray, F. Laker, C. Warton, G. Ross, M. Fellows, B. Selems (absent K. Humberstone) (Camden)


Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): D. Hawken, S. Holt, C. Lonnen (Wallerawang)

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2013 What’s ON in your Club CONTACT


Jun 12 -13

Lismore Workers Heights Fiesta Triples

E. Swain 6625 2459

July 21

Blacktown City Mixed Pairs Carnival

Jun 14

Asquith H. Maloney Pairs ‘Under 5’ Carnival 9987 4454

July 21

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

July 21

Mosman Greenhorn Competition

G. Lockyer 9960 1542

July 21

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers

L. Role 9726 0782

July 23

Nambucca Heads Charity Day

L. Hartman 6568 3347

July 26

Ryde X Phoenix Xmas in July Triples Carnival

B. Smith 9809 1767

July 27 -28

Ashfield Under 5’s Singles

July 28

Gymea Bowl & Dine

July 28 -30

Port City Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs

July 29

Sutherland Versatility 4’s

R. Young 9521 4662

Aug 2

North Epping Ladies Triples

E. Watford 9869 2304

Jun 14 Concord RSL F. Madden 3 Bowl Pairs (Mens & Womens Mixed) 9743 1918 Jun 14

South Cronulla Triples Carnival

L. Lowder 9523 0702

Jun 14

Wyong Versatility 4’s

F. Watherlet 4358 8856

Jun 16

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhirst 9871 6943

Jun 17

Taren Point Under 5 Years Pairs

I. Deuschle 9528 2113

Jun 23

Gymea Bowl & Dine

Jun 24

Newport Beach Under 7’s Carnival

B. Green 9971 7627

Jun 24

North Haven Versatility 4’s

E. Pender 6559 9150

Jun 24

Stuarts Point 45th Birthday

J. Calder 6569 0330

Jun 28 -30

Port City Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs

Jun 30

Picnic Point Lea’s Day Mixed Triples

July 2-3

Woolgoolga Seaside Classic Fours

July 3

Port Macquarie Panthers Open Triples

K. Gooch 0417 77 501

C. Buchanan 6583 1153

T. Hornby 0407 435 467 B. Dewhurst 9871 6943

A. Hart 9798 6666 or 0537 399 644 K. Gooch 0417 077 501 C. Bowman 6584 9229

Aug 3 Gosford City D. Bailey 4365 9154 -31 Gosford Waters Zone Saturday Morning Triples Aug 4

North Epping Mixed Fours

E. Watford 9869 2304

Aug 5

Blacktown Workers Ladies Triples Carnival

S. Roosen 9671 4856

T. Merchant 6583 8496

Aug 5

Gymea Charity Day Fours

L. Hazen 9524 2674

July 5 Concord RSL F. Madden 3 Bowl Pairs (Mens & Womens Mixed) 9743 1918

Aug 5

Stuarts Point Point Triples

J. Calder 6569 0330

July 10

Coffs Harbour C-Ex Beautizone Carnival

July 10 -12

St Marys RSL Greta Finlay Classic Pairs

July 15

Castle Hill Mixed Fours Carnival

July 15

S. Fahey 9790 0473 L. Kaufmann 0439 245 006

P. Russell 6652 7565

Aug 7 Park Beach J. Farrell One Day August Carnival 6652 4537/6652 3622

D. Brien 0413 824 293

Aug 11

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers Triples

L. Role 9726 0782

S. Smith 9659 5771

Aug 14 -15

Lismore Workers Heights Fiesta Fours

E. Swain 6625 2459

Yamba Blue Pacific Pairs

W. Ballantyne 6646 3437

Aug 17 -18

Western Suburbs Under 5 Years Carnival

July 15 -16

Lake Cathie Christmas in July

N. Scott 6584 4904

Aug 18

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhirst 9871 6943

July 19

Cronulla Versatility Fours Carnival

J. Thornton 9531 0950

Aug 19 -20

Ballina Classic Fours

J. Sully 6686 8971

July 19

Gladesville Gala Day

M. Johnston 0413 000 051

Aug 21

Caringbah Charity Triples Carnival



J. Wisby 0402 141 472

J. Santleben 9524 8727


Aug 21

Wyong Springtime Carnival

Aug 22 -23 Aug 23

Tuncurry Forster Sports Open Fours Carnival South Cronulla Versatility Six Parkes Ladies Classic Pairs Gymea Bowl & Dine Port City Coca Cola Triples Carnival

Aug 24 -25 Aug 25 Aug 26 -27 Aug 28

Carlingford Ladies Pairs Carnival


F. Watherlet 4358 8856

Sept 4

K. Griffiths 6554 5553 L. Lowder 9523 0702 M. Riordan 6862 5313 K. Gooch 0417 077 501 C. Bowman 6584 9229

Sept 6 Sept 6 -8 Sept 9 Sept 9 Sept 11 -12

L. Pincini 9871 6360

Sept 11 -12 Sept 11 -12 Sept 12

Aug 29 Urunga J. Dew 6655 6846 Toast Urunga Carnival – Ladies 3 Bowl Triples Aug 30 Mosman L. Armstrong Boomerang Shield 9955 2541 J. Dew 6655 6846

Aug 31

Urunga Mixed Bowls

Sept 2

Newcastle District (Various Clubs) Grand Carnival E. Taylor 4950 0159

Sept 2

Sylvania Spring Carnival

Sept 2

The Entrance Springtime Triples

L. Barter 4333 1546

Sept 15

Sept 4

Newcastle District (Various Clubs) Grand Carnival E. Taylor 4950 0159

Sept 15

Sept 4

The Entrance Springtime Triples

L. Barter 4333 1546

Sept 16 18, 20

In Memoriam Boolaroo Bowling Club are sad to announce the passing of their much loved member Ethel Burgin who joined the Club in 1961 and became a Patron in 2000. She played Gala Days Pennants and Championships with too many Trophies too mention. She could entertain ladies for hours with tales of the old days of Bowls. Boolaroo BC will be the poorer for

Sept 14 Sept 14 -15 Sept 15

K. McGregor 9531 8035

Warringah J. Mountain Warringah Trophy 9953 1561 Newcastle District (Various Clubs) Grand Carnival E. Taylor 4950 0159 West Dubbo A. Brown Oasis Classic Fours 6884 3000 Lake Cathie N. Scott 6584 4904 3 Bowls Pairs – Spring Carnival Sutherland R. Young Charity Day 9521 4662 Albion Park M. Duley Ruth Williams Tournament 0409 562 207 Ladies 3 Bowls Triples Lismore Workers Heights E. Swain Fiesta Fours 6625 2459 Woy Woy L. Pointing Waterview Carnival 4341 8323 Maclean L. McKay Springtime Triples 6647 6690 Malua Bay M. Mulcahy Open Pairs 4472 2121 Birrong Sports M. Bodle 9644 6102 Lynn Smith O/60’s Ladies Pairs Classic Beecroft L. Thornewell Under 5’s Gala Triples 0424 291 549 Brush Park B. Dewhirst Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples 9871 6943 Callala Bay RSL L. Role Maltese Bowlers 9726 0782 Lake Macquarie District P. Hulbert Festival of Bowls 4950 6662

her passing, but our lives are richer for her being part of our world. The Funeral Service was held at Boolaroo with ladies forming a Guard of Honour.

Brunswick Heads were saddened to hear of the passing of their esteemed member Patricia Appel on January 4, 2013. Patricia joined the club in 1991 upon retirement of her working life in Sydney. Pat quickly adapted to her ‘Seachange’ retirement and then began her bowling life. She enjoyed her

bowls immensely and in her early days went to all Gala, Friendship days etc and played in Pennant teams and also had success in Club Championships Pairs, Triples and Fours. The last few years saw Pat mainly enjoying social bowls as it was less stressful for her. Pat, over the years served her club well on Publicity and for many years, Match, a position she still held until June last year when sickness prevented her from continuing. Pat busied herself helping the social committee by cooking for the trading table and creating table decorations for all the club’s special days. She would start her preparation for Christmas decorations before the end of 46 MAY-JUNE 2013


In Memoriam September, which all the ladies eagerly awaited to see. She also made time for personal gifts for all her friends. Pat’s happy nature, willing hands and above all her friendship will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Coffs Harbour Ex-Services members were greatly saddened by the very unexpected and sudden death of our member Helen Tonkin on the December 7, 2012 aged only 69. We received this news the evening before our Christmas and Presentation Day making it a very hard day for all. At her funeral the reading was titled "Feel no guilt in laughter she'd know you care" which I'm sure summed up Helen. Helen joined the club in 2002 and quickly showed her ability winning the Minor Singles in 2004, Club Triples 2007, Club Pairs in 2010. Helen was well known in the District entering most District and Carnival events and again with great success. She was a Selector for the last 3 years and this year took on the position of Head Selector, a job she was capable of doing. A Guard of Honour was formed at her funeral; we will miss her, not just as a valuable member but a good friend.

Darlington Point ladies were saddened by the passing of Ada Griffin in late March. Ada contributed much to ladies bowls in Darlington Point after joining in 1967. She was President for many years and her knowledge of bowls was valued by members. Her catering expertise was very helpful. In 2000 she was honoured with Life Membership and in recent years became a Patron. She will be sadly missed by her family, her bowling friends and our community.

Gloucester members were sad46

dened by the loss of their beloved member Lorraine Holmes on January 28, 2013. Lorraine transferred from the Elizabethan WBC in 1989. During her time at Gloucester many championships were won these being major singles 13 times, championship pairs 8 times, championship triples 15 times, championship fours 10 times, consistency 12 times and mixed pairs and fours. In 1995 Lorraine was bowler of the year and represented Gloucester at the A & B games in 1994 and 2004. Lorraine skipped the winning State no 4 pennant flag team in 1995. She played many district Championships reaching the finals on many occasions. Lorraine was a natural and very talented bowler. From 2002 to 2005 Lorraine was President and for many years the Historian. Lorraine always made new bowlers feel at ease. We will remember her saying “Never mind sweetie – take your lovely grass – be up you’ve got another bowl”. Lorraine had many friends at club and District levels and will be sadly missed

Gymea members were saddened at the loss of esteemed long term member Greta McDonnell on August 27, 2012. Greta joined the club in 1983 and was a very active club member. She served on committee, was chairperson of selectors for many years. She was also in the winning Fours and Triples teams more than once. Many hours of enjoyment were spent by Greta and her friends on their many Bowling Carnival trips to Culburra and Orange. She was also very active in the District, becoming Vice President from 2001 to 2004. She was delighted to become a Coach and the newcomers that she coached, cannot speak highly enough of her expertise and the knowledge of bowls that she imparted NSWWBA • BOWLS MATTERS

to them. Greta loved her bowls, but hadn't played in later years, due to ill health, but always attended special functions and meetings. Greta holds a special place with the people who knew her well. Her enthusiasm and positive nature endeared her to the many friends she made in the club. She will be sadly missed.

Ingleburn – After celebrating her 100th birthday in February this year. Vera Withall passed quietly away in her sleep on March 12, 2013. Her life was celebrated on March 18 at St. James Uniting Church Giennei, prior to burial at Liverpool Cemetery. A number of ladies from the club attended, as did Ingleburn BC Chairman Joe Dowd and Carmelle Cullinen who represented the Lansdowne District. Ingleburn BC Patron Jeannie Rae spoke amusingly of her long association with Vera. Vera's son, Victor spoke of his mother's life, her wicked sense of humour and her life in general. How she was stoic in times of adversity and how there was always time for a cup of tea no matter what. Vera was a well loved and loving lady and we will miss her.

The members of Lismore Workers Heights were saddened by the passing of member Irene Harris on February 25, 2013. Irene had played with other clubs before joining Lismore Workers Heights in 1996 and was President in 20092011. She won various District events along with Club Championships including Major Single’s winner. At her funeral a Guard of Honour was formed by her many bowling friends. She will be missed by all.

Mt Lewis – It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Audrey Chaplin aged 82 years. Aunty Aud, as she was affectionately known to many, became unwell over the Christmas break and passed away on February 24, 2013. Audrey joined the club in 1992 with great success in club championships, wining Pairs, Triples and Fours. She was always disappointed that she could not add the Major Singles to her list. Audrey was on the committee for many years and enjoyed her role of organizing the catering for various big bowls days. She was very proud of this responsibility and always tried to obtain a good deal from the kitchen. She had a great passion for the Monday mixed bowls which she ran. She would never hear of cutting out the mid-game break for afternoon as many friendships were formed during this time. The club was like a second home to Audrey. She was well known and will be greatly missed.

Park Beach WBC – Shirley Innes joined the club on July 8, 1983. She was an excellent bowler, playing in the No 1 Pennants as well as playing in other Grades and winning many championship events at the Club. Shirley was a beautiful piano player and taught her children to play. Shirley is survived by her husband, Bob and her children. She will be sadly missed by all.

Pittwater Memorial – Members were very saddened to hear of the passing of Audrey McLeod, aged 83 years, on March 27, 2013. Audrey had been a member for more than forty years and was honoured with Life Membership for her many services. She spent time as President for several

years and also on committees representing Management and Social. Audrey was an excellent bowler and much loved member who in recent times visited the club on special days. Her cheery smile and happy demeanour will be sadly missed.

Rydalmere Central members were saddened by the sudden passing of their dear member Valmai Cooper. Valmai joined the club in June 1995 and enjoyed her bowling until ill heath prevented her from playing. This did not stop Valmai from joining the club each year and arriving every Tuesday to have a chat and a cup of tea with the ladies. Sympathy is extended to her husband Eric and family with love and affection.

Sylvania BC was indeed saddened to learn the passing of Ruby Jones on April 13, 2013 aged 94 years. She was a member for 38 years although Ruby had not played bowls for more than 10 years. She kept in touch with club events frequently donating a basket filled with her beautiful hand crafted work for raffles in the club. Ruby will be remembered with affection by her many friends.

Tuncurry BC said farewell to member Marilyn O’Farrell recently. She passed away February 19, 2013. She joined the club in 1995 and was a committed and keen bowler. In her early years she had the joy of winning a Pennant flag but family commitment kept her out of the teams later. Marilyn was a happy person, good company and

enjoyed all things that went with club life. Lately ill health had stopped her bowling but she had continued to attend raffles and club days. Marilyn was farewelled by a contingent of ladies in uniform who formed a Guard of Honour. Rest in Peace.

Tuncurry WBC were saddened recently with the death of esteemed member Joyce Orton. Joyce had battled a long illness with dignity and all members were affected by her passing on March 10, 2013. Joyce joined the club in 1996 and previously had been a member of Goulburn and Wingham BCs. A very dedicated and committed bowler, Joyce always presented herself with pride and tenacity, giving of her best at all times. Joyce was a Level 2 Umpire for many years and had been on the District Committee in that capacity. On Committee she was Vice President 2004/5/7 with great dedication and commitment. Joyce had won Club Pairs, Triples, Fours and District Triples as well as a Grade 3 Pennant flag. It was a tribute to Joyce that the women bowlers formed a Guard of Honour in full uniform as a mark of respect for her courage and dignity during her adversity. May she rest in peace.

West Coffs WBC ladies were saddened by the passing of Life Member, Peg Flett at the grand old age of 98. Peg joined West Coffs in the early seventies and held several positions, Vice President, Committee Person and Bowls Selector. Peg was very proud of her Life Membership which was bestowed on her ten years ago. Peg will be sadly missed. MAY-JUNE 2013



Bowls Matters


Bowls Matters