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The most consistent bowls ever Whichever Aero model you choose we guarantee you a matched set and we guarantee every set of that model is the same when they leave our factory. As bowlers, you know full well this was not the case with other makes, one only has to take a look on the green to see the differences in the same models. No bowl is made with such consistency as an Aero Bowl. With over 150 years of combined professional experience behind our bowls and more innovation in the last two years than over

Giant EL logo the last two hundred years we are making what every bowler thought was impossible...matched sets and every set of that model the same. Consistently made bowls means Consistently accurate bowling.

DY NA MIC | Midline

OPTI M A | Slightly wider arc than

Claire Turley World Champion and Australian International

Julie Keegan World Champion and Australian International

The Dynamic is not wide, not tight but is technically a midline bowl while the Optima has a line just outside of the Dynamic. For the bowler who prefers a bowl that takes less grass but still has a very good turn choose a Dynamic, perfectly suited for all greens, artificial or grass. For the bowler that simply prefers a bowl with a little more grass choose the Optima. Both models have an almost identical trajectory,one simply takes more grass than the other. Julie Keegan uses Dynamic while Claire Duke uses Optima much of the time.

Aero 21 day moneyback guarantee

Opposition models with a banana shape tend to have a little curl on them when coming to a stop.This inaccuracy costs bowlers shots. The Aero Arc Trajectory© allows the bowl to turn around mid point between jack and mat and this gradual turn makes Aero less wind effected on the narrow side while less grass can be taken on the wide side. No Aero bowl has any trace of a hook. Whether you choose a Dynamic or an Optima you will have a bowl with a consistency in manufacture that was simply unknown before Aero. Aero is available in over 15 colours and a full range of sizes including half sizes, with an ergonomic profile for the perfect fit and with Lady bowlers in mind.

We guarantee the set you receive is a matched set and that set will be the same as any set of that model when they leave our factory. Whatever the date stamp the line of that model will not change. Every purchase of a new set is covered by our return warranty. Don’t like the bowls, simply return them for a refund.* *Conditions: Cracked or chipped bowls will not be accepted. Original receipt required. Can only be changed once. Must be a genuine purchase. DIRECT from Aero Bowlsworld Head Office 1300 13 25 75 (local Call cost) Pay by Credit Card or EFT Direct Bank Deposit to ComfitPro BSB: 012 003 ACC: 252637462 Aero Bowlsworld – The Entrance The Entrance Bowls Club 02 4332 7366 Wayne Turley & Claire Duke’s Aero Bowlsworld Taren Point 02 9522 2640 Raymond Terrace Bowling Club Co-Op Ltd Raymond Terrace 02 4987 2404

Catalogue & Club Bowls & Sports Warehouse Adamstown 02 4969 4030 Park Beach Bowls Shop Coffs Harbour 026651 8998


Ettalong Bowls Shop (John Roberts) Ettalong 0414 665604 FBC Bowls Shop Forster 02 6554 6155 Richard Girvan Nelson Bay 04 4913 8119

Aero exclusive 60 day trial At Aero we want you to have absolutely the right bowl for your game and your local conditions. That’s why if, within 60 days, you wish to change to another Aero model you can.* This exclusive 60 day trial, combined with our 21 day moneyback guarantee*, makes purchasing a new Aero risk free! *Conditions: Cracked or chipped bowls will not be accepted. Original receipt required. Can only be changed once. Must be a genuine purchase.

Hunter Bowls Castle Hill 04 96345888 Jackies Bowls Shop Burwood 04 9744 1970 Kootingal Bowls Shop Kootingal 04 6760 3200

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Aero Bowls: 1300 13 25 75

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FROM THE CEO’S DESK Beware the Ides of Pennants










NSWWBA MEDIA RELEASE State Pennants come to Port Stephens


BA AWARDS PROFILES Fiona Wendt and Pam Hockings








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PATRON Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC Governor of New South Wales


DIRECTORS Pam Andrich Pam Hockings Denise Huender Sue O’Keefe Robyn Procter Patricia Reynolds – President Beryl Watson

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MEET A BOWLER Karen Murphy






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bowls NEWS IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE This magazine is published by the NSWWBA Inc. in the interests of the lawn bowling community of New South Wales. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material published, no responsibility can be accepted by the publisher or staff for any errors which may occur. All advertisers and contributors must accept full responsibility for any claims or statements etc. made in their material. Advertisements are accepted on the understanding that the advertiser indemnifies the publisher, its servants and agents against all liability, claims or proceedings whatsoever which may arise from the publication of any material, and in particular but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to indemnify each and all of them against any action for defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright or infringement of any trademark, name or description, invasion of privacy or breach of any provision of the Trade Practices Act. The Terms and Conditions stated on the official rate card of the publisher form part of any agreement to accept advertising material for publication. E&OE

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Editor’s Note It is really delightful to be playing pennants this year. The weather is perfect with sunny days and a little breeze passing through. It’s great to meet past friends, new bowlers, knowing full well that you may be able to “beat them” or else you may just have to tell yourself that they are better players than you are and accept defeat. The journal has lots of reading for you this time. The usual reports are there and they have interesting words to help you with pennants and play in general. I like the index with the page numbers, it’s much easier to find the information for which you have been looking. There are some interesting articles on pages 22 about the results of the Australian Open Championship and results of Under 25’s Interstate Test Series on page 20. Bowls Australia has also released the names of bowlers who are hoping to be included in the teams to play and train for the world games and for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 (page 36). Some extra juniors have been named to train for these teams and it will be interesting to see who makes the team and the results. Rosemary O’Brien has been busy this month. On page 26 you will see an article Rosemary has provided which is our Meet the Bowler segment this month on Karen Murphy. It starts off with Rosemary telling us how she came to meet Karen in the first place and then Karen takes up the reins. I must say, I learned things about Karen that I don’t believe most of you will know and I thank Karen for being so frank about her bowls and letting us into her life. You see her on television but you possibly don’t stop to think that like the rest of us, she has a mother and father and husband who mean a great deal to her. Read and enjoy. Rosemary has done an article this month about people she would like to invite to dinner and a challenge has been made to our readers to send a list of your favourite guests you would like to invite to dinner and why (page 37). Your idea will be published in the next journal. President Patricia and CEO Nickiy’s articles are to be read as they usually have either some very important messages for you or else something they believe you should know. The State Carnival is coming around very quickly and those of us in town are looking forward to meeting you. Thank you to the State Match Committee for all the work in setting this up, and to Meg McClure and the other members who have done so much to get us to the South Coast. One last thing, yes it is Chairman of NSWWBA Match Committee Pam Hocking, who has been umpiring some of the matches played in Victoria and South Australia over the last few months. Barbara

COVER photo – Lisa Mitchell, Under 25 Player of the Series NSW -vs- Victoria — Story page 20

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President’s Message

Patricia Reynolds


NSW State President

EARLY NOTICE OF OUR NEXT FORUM This will be held in conjunction with the State Carnival at the Bomaderry Bowling Club. The Forum will be held on Sunday May 26, between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00pm. It is open to all bowlers, whether you are playing in the Carnival or not. Replies to our Reader’s Survey have been excellent, and I must thank you all for your response. We have had just under 300 on-line replies and expect in the next two weeks to reach 350. Written replies have exceeded 250. So after April 1st, we will be collating the ideas and look forward to providing you with a magazine that will not only have a newer look again, but will be relevant to your “likes”. In January I had the pleasure of attending at Lake Cathie’s 40th Birthday and Port Panthers’ 30th Birthday which included their Presidents’ Days. We weren’t able to play at Lake Cathie, but that gave me the opportunity of talking with all the ladies present. The weather improved the next day for Panthers, so we bowled and had a lovely time. Thank you to both Presidents, Ann and Diana for your wonderful hospitality. It was at this time that Director Beryl Watson represented the Association at the NSW v ACT Test series. In February the Australian Open was held in Darebin Sports Centre – see the story on page 22. I was invited by Bowls Australia to attend on Friday 22nd in order to see the finals of the men’s and women’s singles. I feel that there is a “Changing of the Guard” happening at this level. It was very strange sitting there and seeing so

DID YOU KNOW March 2013 has 5 Fridays, it also has 5 Saturdays & 5 Sundays. And do you know this will NOT happen again for another 823 years.

many of our top bowlers watching. Two young men 19 and 21 year olds fought for the men’s title, and experience versus a young rising star in the women’s final. The games were magnificent to watch. Wiseman Park/Wollongong City Bowling Club hosted the NSW versus Victoria Test Series early March and it was a thrill to see our men and women, boys and girls provide such exciting games. Tests were either won or lost by 1 shot. At the conclusion of the Test Series, I travelled to St Johns Park to see our young players with the NTC (National Training Centre) take on the men of the Australian Defence Forces. This showcased our young boys and girls to the National Selectors and it was pretty impressive I must say. See the item on page 11. On March 12th I attended at the Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy, where the Wheelchair Sports Singles were being played over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was lucky enough to be there at the time the women’s finals were being played and was able to present their Medals. One of the anticipated changes we are looking forward to is the WOS (Whole of Sport) IT system which involves Bowls Australia and the States

and Territories. This is not quite ready to be implemented, but when it is, the benefits to our Association in the way it operates will be fantastic. There will be areas of the system where Clubs and Districts will be able to access their own part of the module and alter their membership data directly. There will be a Competition Management module which will make for clearer information and results, better website facilities, and all of this when implemented will be covered by extensive personalised training at Club and District level. All of this will be at no extra cost to clubs and Districts, as this has been included in the slight increase in affiliation fees. It is a system that will truly benefit the whole of our sport, not just head office. With almost a full complement of Directors, the Board is working diligently in their deliberations over the boundaries, Districts and Regions. Our Strategic Plan and budgets for the year are in place and I look forward to a challenging yet rewarding year ahead.

Patricia Reynolds President


TurraMurra Bowls FOR ALL YOUR BOWLS EQUIPMENT, APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES Ken Wallis, Commonwealth Games Medallist on hand to advise on your requirements SHOP 1, 1390 PACIFIC HIGHWAY, TURRAMURRA NSW 2074

Tel/Fax: (02) 9988 0199 MARCH-APRIL 2013


Chief Executive Officers’ Report Nicky Bethwaite

Beware the Ides of Pennants W

e women are supposed to be great communicators – we’ve spent our lives looking after others and making pleasant communities. One of the genuinely great things about getting older, if we’re lucky, is that it goes hand-in-hand with gaining wisdom and insight. We can often reflect with more patience and strength, because by now we’ve surely got it sorted out between what’s right and wrong, or what’s fair and what isn’t fair. Why then, are February and March such grumpy months? Oh, that’s right, it’s Pennant season! My phone has been ringing hot with clubs and committees needing advice on how to manage disputes. If drugs and juvenile behaviour are plagueing other sports, then for bowls, it’s discrimination, lack of transparency in the selection process and to top it off, general lack of sportsmanship on which our game so heavily relies. Here is some advice for next year –

choose a selection committee that has the ability to be objective, set some clear criteria about what will be required from players to qualify for the teams, write a code of conduct that includes proper team behaviour, then make your selection based on those criteria. Selection can be a thankless task but done well, the club benefits, the players have a good time and the competition becomes genuinely exciting and rewarding. If there are still complaints then address the issue early, make it fair, give both sides the opportunity to say their piece and have a genuinely neutral and strong facilitator. If we can remember that it’s all about tolerance and respect and really apply this to all, then things will go more smoothly. Remember, if someone is pregnant or has an injury, we do not have the right to make decisions for others, without consultation. By the same token, ranting on Facebook or any other social media if something doesn’t go your way is the

Mellow Fellows & Club Ownership and listening to fellow club Watching members both at home and from other clubs, I find is becoming the done thing to run down the club and others. The dissatisfaction usually stems from two main issues ... Pennants and the over critical more senior members. The first is obvious … “the club must come first” we are told. What is often overlooked is a member’s feelings and self worth, especially if a selector’s ego gets in the way of being fair. You would think that a good team player should be more important than a better bowler who lacks team spirit and is constantly critical. No-one deliberately puts down a bad bowl, but lack of practice doesn’t help and as consistency is so important, you would think that Pennant players would be practicing, especially during Pennant season. What is generally overlooked is that Pennant is good fun — meeting with those from other clubs is something to look forward to. The great majority of us are competitive, but we play because we enjoy the game. If we get into the finals, all the better, but most of us look forward 6


to participating and for the friendships we form. And more importantly, being part of a team. The second is less obvious. ”I’m more important than you” is the hidden agenda. Seniority is important, but if it gets in the way, it can be deadly. The best way to lose members is for the more ’senior’ in our club who have done everything from match office to positions of responsibility, to put down those who are trying to help and who actually have some good ideas. We come from a huge variety of experiences and responsibilities which can be valued and used to advantage. We all have a part to play. Look after the keen and enthusiastic “new” club members. If they are not valued, they will lose interest, leave, or even worse, become the new generation of disgruntled bowlers who run the club and other members down. The other less obvious issue is that as you get older, your tolerance levels appear to wane. We need to make positive allowances for individual differences. A younger generation may actually think differently and their remarks may not necessarily be intended to hurt. Tongue in cheek, off the cuff, only joking etc is probably

height of cowardice and exposes whingers for exactly that – whingeing. If there isn’t enough courage to address the matter directly with the people involved, then that says it all. Our strength is our tradition and our weakness is our tradition and includes, in some cases, fixed attitudes of ‘we’ve always done it this way’. It is not as simple as saying if it isn’t broken then why change, the reason being that we are facing enormous challenges as a sport to remain relevant to the next generation of members. There is too little time, too many choices, great pressures on family and always, always another way to spend a dollar. We’ve lived through an extraordinary period of change and we’ve adapted and thrived, let’s continue to knock ‘em dead through adaptability and sheer guts.

the intention. Laugh with me ... not at me. We have a choice to make. Encourage fellow bowlers and make them feel welcome and don’t let the ‘old school’ wreck our clubs. If you’re one of the Mellow Fellows, maybe it’s time to just enjoy bowls and let new blood become the driving force of our clubs. The positions we hold are purely honorary, so let’s not kid ourselves, we are not indispensable. If you don’t fill the position, others will step up for the job. That’s what clubs are all about. We all desire to improve our clubs and many are prepared to take on club positions. However, if you’ve been there for umpteen years, and have become bitter and even become a ‘Mellow Fellow’, back off, it could take away the enthusiasm of others. You are no more important than each and every other club member. We all know that once you think you’re indispensable, you’re on dangerous ground. Be prepared to make allowances for those who do things differently or think aloud without considering past history, or protocol. Just be encouraging, be prepared to help, and sometimes even be forgiving. This article first appeared in THE SHOT the official magazine of Bowls Victoria Author – Russ Cohen NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS

Match Committee Report

Pam Hockings, Robyn Lewis, Jennifer Palmer


Pennant Playoffs 2013 s advised in the Program of Events 2013 issued at the end of 2012 the State Pennant Playoffs will be held in the Port Stephens District this year at Nelson Bay, Soldiers Point, Final Bay and Raymond Terrace. The final days play for all Grades will be at Nelson Bay on Friday, August 16. Nelson Bay will host the Grade 1 Pennant – 14 entries in two sections of 7 teams who will play a round robin and the winning teams from each section will play off in the final on Friday morning. Half the Grade 3 Pennant will also be at Nelson Bay, Tuesday and Wednesday. Soldiers Point will host Grade 2 Pennant which has 15 entries and these will be divided into three sections of 5 teams who will play in a round robin, and the winning sides from each section will play off in another round robin of 3 teams and the winner will be the team with the best result at the end of play on Friday. Play will be Monday and Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday morning, Thursday all day for post sectional round robin, and final game on Friday at Nelson Bay. Fingal Bay will host half the Grade 3 Pennant – 16 entries drawn into four sections of four teams who will play two games on Tuesday, and one game on Wednesday morning, and the winners of the four sections will then play off in another round robin all day Thursday and the final games Friday at Nelson Bay. The winner will be the team with the best result at the end of play on Friday. Two sections will play at Nelson Bay Tuesday and Wednesday, and two at Fingal Bay (to be advised), then all post sectional round robin games will be at Fingal Bay all day Thursday, and the final games at Nelson Bay on Friday. Raymond Terrace will host Grade 4 Pennant – 16 entries drawn into four sections of four teams who will play two games on Tuesday and one game on Wednesday morning, and the winners of the four sections will then play off in another round robin all day Thursday at Raymond Terrance, and the final games


on Friday at Nelson Bay. The winner will be the team with the best result at the end of play on Friday. We thank all officials of these four Clubs for their assistance and co-operation which we are confident will ensure that the 2013 Pennant Playoffs are successful. Should inclement weather cause any change in the above arrangements, these will be advised during the event as quickly as possible. Order and Precedence and Exemptions A reminder to all players and Club and District Officials, that Players who are selected for Australian or NSW State Representation are given exemption from their commitments in any Club or District Championships for the duration of their representative duties (including reasonable travel time). This is outlined in the Conditions of Play for Association Events No. 1(h). The Club or District Championship must be held up until their games can be rescheduled. This exemption also applies to players who qualify for the Australian Open (but not any qualifying event). Due consideration must be given to the fact that this event is held interstate and travel and accommodation arrangements are made well in advance and the recommended travel allowance of 1 day prior and 1 day after elimination should be more flexible. Players selected and qualifying and requiring this exemption are directed to advise the event Controlling Body as soon as they receive notification. This exemption does not at any time apply to Pennant play and any player who will be absent for any reason can be replaced. Any alteration to Pennant schedules is as a result of mutual agreement between the opposing Clubs only, and can be done after advising District Controlling Body of their new arrangements. There is no State Match Committee directive that covers rescheduling Pennant play and we would recommend flexibility and cooperation between all parties, taking into account all players and their commitments.

Port Stephens August 12-16 Read It First All players/Club/District Officials are reminded to read through their Laws and Conditions of Play for both Championships and Pennants before contacting the State Match office unnecessarily. The majority of calls/emails received are about matters already explained in these documents.

Bowl for Others We wish to advise that our Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday, July 19, 2013, at 7th Floor, 309 Pitt Street, Sydney, at 10:30am. A tentative booking has been made for a luncheon at The Masonic Club, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, for Friday, August 30, 2013. The cost of the lunch will be $49, which is the full amount charged by The Masonic Club. We must guarantee 70 members and friends will attend. We wish to acknowledge recent donations and thank those Clubs and Districts for their support for Bowl For Others — Holbrook RS, Ourimbah-Lisarow RSL, Vida Martin, Mary White, Commercial Albury ("Spider"), Henty ("Spider"), Howlong Golf ("Spider"), Riverina District ("Spider"), Wee Waa Lady Bowlers, Warrawee (from monthly card games), Coleambally (President's Day), Pennant Hills, ^Western District, *Bathurst City Panthers, *Blayney, *Molong, *Milthorpe, *Ex-Services Country Club, Brush Park, Clovelly ("Spider"), Wauchope (^donations in lieu of Christmas Cards)

Our Country Vice-Presidents are thanked for collecting annual subscriptions, also donations, on our behalf, and several issue receipts before sending the cheques to Secretary Gladys Barnes.



Umpires Report

Lesley Swales, Audrey Gray APPEALS It is important that players are conversant with the laws and their rights as a player. If a player considers that her opponent is in breach of a law, she should call the Umpire. If a player considers that the umpire has not given the correct ruling or has applied the wrong law to a situation, she may appeal. The appeal against an Umpires’ interpretation of a law should be done immediately, telling the umpire that she is appealing against her ruling and hand $50 to the Umpire. The player would then inform the Controlling Body of her action. An appeal may only be made against an interpretation of the laws and NOT MEASURING. The Umpire would then carry out the procedure for appeals as set out in BA Policies.

USE OF BOWLING ARM Providing approval has been granted players may decide to use the appliance for part or all of the game. It is not necessary for them to commence play or to complete the game using the arm. MATCHED AND UNMATCHES BYES An intended team receiving a bye in the first round of a competition will become a constituted team as soon as they or their opponents, in the next round, play their first bowl. DR4.6.4.1 If you have an unmatched bye and you need to have a replacement player, approval must be obtained from the controlling body prior to the commencement of play of your opponent. An unmatched bye is when your opponent is unknown. (When the winner of the first round game is decided). A matched bye is when your opponent is known.





Club Health Check


f your club, board or bowls committee is keen to ensure your clubs future, then The Australian Sports Commissions Club Health Check (CHC) is a must do, once a year. The benefit of completing it is that it helps with succession planning by identifying areas that you can improve on or it could simply provide evidence that you are doing a great job. How good would it feel if when your time is over as a board/committee member you knew that you could accurately and tangibly pass on something to the persons taking over your roles. How good would it also feel to know that you have the opportunity to identify potential board/ committee members and be able to offer them position descriptions and professional development opportunities by way of training or education that will assist and 8




This is an Unmatched Bye. C has to wait for winner of A v B

This is a Matched Bye. D v E

empower them to fulfil that role. These are just 2 examples why the CHC can help you, but wait there is more. The CHC collects information about your club in relation to 4 key areas identified by the Australian Sports Commission as key drivers for running a successful club, they are — vision/mission, governance, culture/leadership and decision making. The CHC is completed online and facilitated by me, it takes about 30 minutes to complete and is best done by 2-3 persons from your club with knowledge across club activities and involved in planning. The end result will be an instantly generated summary of results that is broken into 3 areas — action planning, summary report and summary of priority responses. North East Riverina ACT/South Eastern Sydney Metropolitan West & Far West

TBA Adam McIntyre Peter Fahey Chris Green Josh Thornton

Congratulations to the following New and Reaccredited Umpires

NEW LEVEL 1 UMPIRES Marie Ashburn Leonie Martin Kristina Neil Donna Lennox Faith Berry Patricia Clark Colleen Eather Roslyn Walker

Alder Park Edgeworth Kotara Bar Beach Gosford City Gosford City Canton Beach Gwandalan

REACCREDITATIONS Betty Daly Valda Munns Carole Sibraa Pam Stuart Margaret Tattler Patricia Thomas Lynette Youren Elizabeth Hatcher Rita Slattery

Grandviews Wauchope Mollymook Beach Gerringong Sussex Inlet Sussex Inlet Molymook Beach Sussex Inlet Inverell

UMPIRES DISCUSSION GROUPS It would be appreciated if all Umpires Discussion Groups could advise details to the office, either by mail or email – of their current Leader/Recorder, i.e. phone numbers, email addresses or postal address, so that our records may be updated.


Within the summary report your club will get a score out of 100 and you will see where you rate within the Best Practice Model. The summary of results is a great discussion tool for committees to assess how their club is running, while also providing action planning information to assist with improving areas that have been identified as high priority. If your club is within the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter, Central Coast, Manning and Lower North Coast District and hasn’t already completed the CHC give me a call on 0418641192 or send me an email, to arrange a time for me to come to your club. Alternatively, contact your CDO in your area (see below).

0407 898 879 0409 498 786 0408 798 272 0409 463 061 NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS

Test your Knowledge Q 1. If the mat is picked up before the end is completed, what should happen? Q 2. A player standing on the mat preparing to deliver her bowl drops it. May she pick it up and play it, even though it has rolled forward of the mat? Q 3. What is a Line jack or bowl? Q 4. If an Umpire is called to decide whether a bowl or jack is within the boundary of the rink, which part of the boundary peg would be the boundary line? Q 5. When does a player obtain possession of the rink? Q 6. When the Skips are at the mat end, who makes the decision whether or not a boundary bowl or jack is in play? Q 7. A bowl from Rink B is about to enter the head of Rink A with a cluster of bowls which could be displaced by the bowl from Rink B. May the players at the head end of the rink lift more that one bowl each, to allow the bowl from the adjoining rink to pass through? Q 8. A bowl from Rink A had been

OFFICIAL DIARY APRIL 15 – Nowra, President’s Day/ 65th Birthday/Official Day 16 – Terrigal, President’s Day 21 – Port Macquarie City BC, 75th Anniversary 23 – Sylvania, President’s Day 23 – Central Western DWBA, 60th Anniversary 30 – Diggers @ The Entrance, 50th Anniversary

MAY 7 – Raymond Terrace, 80th Birthday 14 – South Cronulla, President’s Day 16 – EBP Sports, President’s Day 21 – Mid North Coast WBA, 60th Anniversary


delivered very close to the boundary of their rink and came in contact with a very short bowl from rink B, which had been declared dead and left lying just outside the boundary line. As a result of the collision both bowls come to rest in their own rink. What is the position with regards to each bowl? Q 9. A Championship game was commenced using a substitute – after playing several ends the game was abandoned due to inclement weather – the team skip was told it would be necessary for the same personnel to play when the game was resumed on another day. Is this correct ? Q10. Team A enters in a triples event and before the close of entries one of the players becomes unavailable for the competition and a new players name is entered on the entry sheet. Is this player a replacement player.

A 1. The opposing player replaces the mat in its original position. Law 18.2.1 A 2. Yes. As she was not in the process of deliberately releasing a bowl from the hand using an underarm movement. If the bowl accidentally slips from a player’s hand during delivery, the player can pick it up and start the delivery again. Law 1.3.2 A 3. A jack or bowl which has come to rest partly inside and partly outside the side boundary of the rink of play. Law 1.3.19 A 4. The side boundaries of the rink of play is a straight line connecting the centres of the boundary pegs on opposite banks that show the limits of the rink of play. Law A 5. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest. Law 35.2. A 6. The Skip. The Skip or opponents in singles should decide whether a bowl is dead or not as soon as they realize it is necessary. (If the players do not realize that a

decision is necessary as soon as the bowl comes to rest, the decision can still be made even if a number of bowls have been played after the bowl in question came to rest). If they cannot reach agreement, they should ask the umpire to made a decision. Law 27.3 A 7. No. If a bowl at rest on the rink is in danger of being moved by a bowl from a neighbouring rink, any player at the head can choose whether to: Lift the bowl at rest to allow the other bowl to pass and then replace it, as long as this action would not influence the outcome of the head; or stop the bowl from the neighbouring rink. There is no provision within this law for more than one bowl to be lifted by each player. Law 28 A 8. The bowl which had been declared dead from Rink B, would be removed from the rink of play. Law 27.1.6 The bowl in course had been displaced within the boundaries of the rink by a neutral person or neutral object and it has not disturbed the head after it is displaced, the bowl should be replayed. Law A 9. No. A substitute can be changed at the completion of any end during the game or between succeeding games in the same competition. DR Also if the original member of the team is available and physically capable and still eligible she will rejoin the team in the constituted player’s original position. DR 4.6.3 A10. No. A replacement player only takes the place of an intended player from the time that the entry is lodged (closing date) until the game commences. In this instance, the entries have as yet not closed so the players entered on the entry sheet are not yet intended players (they become intended players when the entries close. DR 4.1.3.)



Coaching Report

Kathryn Chatillon, Elizabeth McFarland

A Positive Pathway Forward T

specific, if you do not have a coach to your liking or if indeed there is no coach in your club why not consider booking a clinic. These clinics are tailored to your club needs. Clubs who have taken up this opportunity and organised a clinic for their members received very positive feedback and praises for this initiative. The Coaching panel can co-ordinate skills development in basic bowling skills, pennant training (a very popular clinic), building a head or setting up advanced training drills. The choice is yours. The dates are organised with you around your club’s program to give the best timing for the appropriate skills development. These clinics commence with a presentation/talk by an accredited BA Presenter & Assessor, on various roles within a team. The individual positions within a team and the players responsibilities are discussed with the group and then followed by a series of drills on the green to meet each individual’s needs. To book a clinic costs $240 per day’s session for 24 players. If there is greater than 24 players it is $10 per head extra. Many clubs who are not so financial charge their players $10 per head for each days session. Interested? Download a booking form from the NSWWBA website under Coaching. This is a great opportunity for your players. For coaches – You are invited to assist Presenter & Assessor (P&A) with facilitating the on green experience. It is a great opportunity for new coaches to gain experiences and knowledge from fellow coaches. The practical on green work provides the each coach with an opportunity to network with other coaches, to learn different techniques and to develop their confidence and Inverell Coaching Clinic - February 2013 expertise in coaching. Coaches need to reaccredit every four years to keep their

he Coaching Panel has been very active over the past year organising and presenting bowling clinics and workshops for our members throughtout the State. Clinics that provide an opportunity for players to develop bowling skills under the supervision of a BA accredited coach. All players, be they experienced, talented or new bowlers gain something from these clinics. These clinics also include the assistance of coaches, often from surrounding area, who may be actively gaining their points towards reaccreditation. NSW coaches have an opportunity for self development through a model that provides practical experiences and learning opportunities to progress onto the next level of coaching. Accreditation is about being competent in the roles and responsibilities of a good coach: being competent in coaching the new bowler and experienced bowler alike. As the coaching panel travels throughout the state conducting these clinics we see clubs that have male coaches but very few if not any female coaches. Coaching today is non gender



Beecroft Coaching Clinic - November 2012

knowledge and expertise up to date. As part of this reaccreditation process coaches are required to gain points. Points that are not only gained whilst actively coaching within their clubs but also by engaging in self development. This pathway has been endorsed by BA to provide a positive pathway for NSW coaches. A program that is ongoing, helping to cut down that last minute rush to gain points for reaccreditation. This program has a fresh approach and provides exciting and interesting opportunities for coaches to be involved in assisting with coaching during workshops and bowling clinics, at the same time gaining points for themselves. These clinics and workshops provide an opportunity to explore new ideas and facilitate educative resources to support the coaching role. These opportunities break down the reaccreditation process in a way that is interesting and hands-on recognising the value of the coaching role . Attending discussion groups, sharing ideas and gathering resources is also part of the reaccreditation process. Attending discussion groups in the city has many opportunities but the country coach does not always have this luxury often because of the mileage to be covered. We live in a time of technology that breaks down the distance and through the use of computers, NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


networking with other coaches is easier than ever. NSWWBA website and coaching email is available to all. Just drop us a line and we are only too pleased to provide information or support. Hopefully clubs will begin to realise the talent of their coaches be they male or female and seek out their assistance in providing opportunities for their players, experiences that are provided by a BA accredited coach. Coaches are considered the connection from interested persons – to player – to club. If you are a person interested in coaching and would like to take on a coaching role all information and application forms can be found on NSWWBA website. Take a look at the new website and follow the prompts to Coaching.

UPCOMING COACHING COURSES March 25 April 5 April 14 April 15 May 4 & 5 6th May 6 July 6 & 7 July 13 & 14 July 13 & 14 September 7 & 8 September 14 & 15 October 12 & 13 November 9 & 10 November 9 & 10 November 9 & 10 December 7 & 8 December 7 & 8

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A Military Challenge

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t St Johns Park Bowling Club on Friday evening, March 8th, a squad of young bowlers from the NSW National Training Centre played in a Challenge Shield against a team from the Australian Defence Forces. Fifteen players from each were divided into two games of fours, two games of pairs and three singles matches. The purpose of the Challenge was to showcase our up and coming bowlers in front of National Selectors. Steve Glasson is actually the Patron of the Australian Services Lawn Bowls Assn. A few accomplished bowlers joined in this event — Leif Selby (Warilla) played third to Natalie Noronha (Warilla), Kelly

Defence Force (l to r): front row – S. Sobolewski, P. Black, M. Carley, A. Batterham, S. Kohler; middle row – B. Tisdell, J. Smit, T. Tapper, M. Wallace, J. Johnson; back row – G. Harkins, T. Finneran, W. Vidulich, R. Dixon, S. Glasson.

NTC Team (l to r): back row – G. Willis, L. Selby, J. Noronha, B. Glasson; middle row – B. Twist, K. Richards, D. Skinner, D. Hayman, J. Worsnop, K. Moran; front row – J. Davis, S. Noronha, A. Teys, N. Noronha, E. Ryan. Richards (Raymond Terrace), lead for young Jono Davies (Dubbo Railway), and Kay Moran (Cabramatta) played one of the singles games. The results were overwhelming in favour of the NTC players.

They shall grow not old As we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them Nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun And in the morning We will remember them

Anzac Day 25 April MARCH-APRIL 2013


NSWWBA Media Release

State Pennants come to Port Stephens N

SWWBA is pleased to announce that the 2013 State Pennants will be held in Port Stephens. In partnership with the Port Stephens Council, and hosted by 4 locals clubs, Nelson Bay Bowling Club, Soldiers Point Bowling Club, Raymond Terrace Bowling Club and Fingal Bay Bowling Club, the 2013 State Pennants will run from August 12th-16th. Mayor of Port Stephens, Cr Bruce Mackenzie explained how much he values and supports these types of events.

"Having facilities in our region to host these types of activities makes me very proud. It's good for our economy, our local businesses and our community spirit. I love the opportunity to welcome outsiders to our little piece of paradise in Port Stephens, and I hope they enjoy their time here as much as we locals do. We thank NSWWBA for coming to Nelson Bay to host their event, and I look forward to welcoming them back many times over," he said.

NSWWBA looks forward to partnering with the Port Stephens Council to bring this event to the area in August, for more information about the area, clubs and accommodation visit the Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre: /nsw-womens-bowls. If you are interested in finding out how to get involved with this event or would like further information, please visit our event page at: or contact NSWWBA Head Office.

Proudly sponsored by:

Pan Pacific

Masters Games

The Prize

The Cheltenham Centenary Ashes

ecently the bowls duel of the Rcentury took place at Cheltenham BC in the Northern Suburbs District of Sydney. Cheltenham won!

Robyn Beaumont f


n November the Pan Pacific Masters Games were held on the Gold Coast with 38 sports for over 12,000 competitors. The Lawn Bowls, held at the Southport Bowling Club, had nearly 400 entries across the six events. Each event was run over 2 days, with the second day consisting of three matches played in divisions. Robyn Beaumont, who started playing bowls at North Sydney in 2009, won gold in the Mixed Pairs with her husband Scott and also gold in the Ladies Singles. She thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the 9 days of the Games which embraced its slogan of “Play It, Live It, Love It”. 12


How so? Cheltenham (NSW) was host to Cheltenham (UK) from the spa town on the edge of England’s Cotswolds and unfortunately went down 2 rubbers to Nil to the victorious UK side. Stewart Wicks’ team made a late challenge and although Meg Gilbert’s team kept the opposition in check for most of the game, they went down 18-15.

In the spirit of rivalry between Australia and Cheltenham (UK), Cheltenham (NSW) was playing for the Ashes to commemorate the centenary of the NSW Cheltenhams Club’s Centenary of Recreation on its six tennis courts, two bowling greens and two croquet lawns. In the evening, 85 people attended the meal provided by the club’s caterer, Blue Elephant. For more information about the club, email Article – the Northern District Times Newspaper.

APRIL FOOLS DAY ORIGIN The most commonly cited theory of the origins of this day are from 1582, the year France adopted the Gregorian Calendar, which shifted the observance of New Year's Day from the end of March to January 1st. According to popular lore, some folks, out of ignorance, stubbornness, or both, continued to welcome in the New Year on April 1st, and were made the butt of jokes and pranks on account of their foolishness. This became an annual tradition, and ultimately spread throughout Europe.



INVITATION BIRRONG SPORTS WOMENS BOWLING CLUB Cordially invite past members to our

50th Anniversary TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 Those wishing to attend please contact Secretary: Mrs Elaine Fearnside Ph. 9708 2669 68 Caldwell Parade, Yagoona 2199 Please reply stating if player or non-player by

October 29, 2013




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Bowls Australia Awards Profiles


NSW’s National Award Nominees ommunity Development Officer Fiona Wendt has been nominated for the award of Community Development Officer of the Year, to be presented at the Bowls Australia Awards night April 27, prior to the Australian Sides Championships in Bendigo, VIC. An amazing achievement for the NSW CDO, let’s take a look at Fiona’s year in the job. Over the past 12 months, Fiona has been working tireFiona Wendt lessly in the North Eastern area of NSW focussing on what she calls “Bowling for better communities”. Working by the belief that bowls has the ability to bring together all ages, races, cultures and abilities, noting that a highlight from 2012 was a Multicultural Night held at Coffs Ex Services Bowling Club. With over 70 people from 15 different nations in attendance, Fiona notes one picture perfect moment during the evening which really embodied what the evening was all about, where a very tall, non-English speaking, Sudanese man, was seen high fiving a lady bowler (tiny and all in white)! When Fiona heard the news. she said that she felt very privileged and was honoured to be nominated alongside Victorian CDO Gary Dillon. Always complimentary of the hard work, dedication and talent of her fellow CDO’s, Fiona is pleased to see that her fellow CDO’s and their place in the bowls community has been embraced so swiftly. Sadly, Fiona leaves the bowling community at the end of March to take up a new role with a sports marketing company in her hometown of Coffs Harbour. However, she will be in attendance at the awards ceremony in Bendigo, where we wish her the best of luck with her nomination. Go Fiona!


Pam Hockings at the 2012 State Carnival Dinner with Renee Payne (Operations Manager)


SWWBA’s other nominee is State Director and Match Committee Chair, Pam Hockings, who has been nominated for two awards at this year’s BA Awards in the categories of Official of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. Pam dedicates an enormous amount of time to the sport of bowls, particularly at a national level. In March 2012, Pam was accredited as an International Technical Officer owing her accreditation to the support and encouragement received from Mark Cowan. Throughout the year Pam had the opportunity of Officiating at the Australian Open, National Champion of Champions and the World Championships. In 2012, as an appointed Director and Chair of the State Match Committee, Pam has introduced a new Senior Fours discipline at the State Championships, as well as provided countless answers and resolutions for Match issues. With this being her second year in a row to be nominated for Volunteer of the Year, Pam’s tireless dedication to her club, district, state and national duties is unwavering and we wish Pam well for her nominations.

Portland’s 61st Birthday O

Left to right: Patron Joyce Williams, President Bev Milton, WDA President Ruth Harries (Portland)

n February 6, Portland Women’s Bowling Club celebrated its 61st Birthday with guests from Bathurst, Lithgow, Wallerawang, Oberon, Lawson as well as Portland to celebrate the occasion. After morning tea, bowlers went out on the green for the spider, to play 16 ends of bowls and enjoy a day of relaxed bowling. The bowlers then retired to the club house for lunch and the formalities of exchanging gifts, speeches, raffle, lucky door prizes and cutting the birthday cake. The birthday cake was made and iced by Mary Abbott from the Portland Club. The winning bowlers for the day were a Portland team – A. Risby, D. Miles and Y. Sharp. Runners-up from Lawson – G. Brown, B. O'Melev and K. Beneer. MARCH-APRIL 2013


State Event

Under 25’s Victorious in Victorian Series

the first time in a number of Foryears, the NSW and Victorian

women’s teams took part in an Interstate Test Series March 7-8 at Wiseman’s Park Wollongong City Bowling Club. The first test saw the NSW team get off to a great start with all 3 rinks out of the blocks early and went to 14-12 lead after 12. Shortly after the wheels began fell off and a couple of 3 and 4 deficits gave VIC the lead 41-20. A change of length on the free running greens by all 3 teams resulted in NSW picking up 9 shots (41-29 to VIC). Unfortunately, that was as close as the NSW teams got to Victoria who went on to win the first test 71-57. The Under 25’s had a positive start in the first test, with all girls playing exceptionally well, with a loss by Morgan Solman-Stewart 22-25 in the Singles and Kelly Richards and Naomi Elliot 18-20 in the Pairs. However, Lisa Mitchell, Jessica Evans, Sarah Hillyer had a convincing win 28-17 in the Triples; overall VIC managed to win 2 rinks to 1. In the second test, once again NSW started well, Claire Turley's rink with a 5 and 6 on the first 2 ends gave us a kick start (14-6) on 6 ends. Successive winning ends by Victoria saw them lead overall by 1 on the 15th end; Karen Murphy and Natasha Van Eldik rinks were moving along neck and neck, but Claire Turley's rink were having more success. On 43 ends NSW led Victoria 50-36 and Victoria continued to gradually reduce the score difference, so that on 60 ends the scores were tied up on 63-all. After Karen Murphy’s rink finished with a loss, and with the last end in play and NSW needed 2 to win overall. Victoria were holding shot, NSW had 2 close "seconds", Natasha Van Eldik, with her last bowl drove the shot NSW Under 25’s Morgan Solman-Stewart 20


bowl, out of the head and NSW claimed victory, 66-65. It was the shot of the match! The Under 25’s second test began with mixed results; Lisa Mitchell managed to hang in there to win the singles 25-22 while the pair combination of Jess Evans and Morgan Solman-Stewart were pipped at the post 22-24, a great result as they'd had a slow start. The triples skipped by Naomi Elliot had a close call, but managed to get up by 1 shot meaning that NSW won the second test 2 rinks to 1, setting up a deciding third test. After a nervous start for the NSW teams, and with a nervous crowd watching on, the deciding third test for the Under 25 and Senior teams went down to the wire across all rinks. The scores remained tight throughout the test, with the lead changing at almost every end. In the Seniors, the overall result came down to the last bowl on Natasha van Eldik’s rink who was out-bowled by Victorian Player of the Series Carla Odgers, with NSW going

NSW Senior Team with Coach Bryce Stewart down by one overall in the final test 58-59. In the Under 25’s there was another anxious wait as the Pairs and Triples finished on drawn rinks 25-all, but Naomi Elliot managed to win her Singles match 25-20. State Team Manager Daphne Shaw expressed her congratulations to the much improved and victorious Under 25’s! The NSW team will now focus their attentions towards the defending their 2012 Australian Sides title at Bendigo Bowling Club, Victoria, April 28 to May 2. Natasha Van Eldik delivering her bowl

UNDER 25 PLAYER OF THE SERIES – Lisa Mitchell. SENIOR TEAM OF THE SERIES – Claire Turley, Beth Quinlan, Arleen Jeffery & Sarah Boddington.


Trans Tasman

Andrew Holmes and Aidan Davis (Bowls Australia)

Australian Jackaroos’ title Thedefence on the traditionally coveted Trans Tasman trophies was secured after powering past arch rivals New Zealand at the Howick Bowls Club in Auckland. With the series going down to the wire in four of the six disciplines on the final day of the three test series event there was more than national pride on the line as the all-conquering Aussies went about retaining the overall honours and their world number one standing. After three days of competition the 30 strong Australian contingent has returned home with a clean sweep of the overall trophies for the Senior, Development, and Under 18 competitions while New Zealand’s only test victory was their Under 18 Boy’s combination. The Under 18 girls and Development women wrapped up their series by the close of play on day 2 after their second consecutive test series resulted in an

unassailable lead, were unable to produce a clean sweep on the series, with both combinations dropping four of their six rubbers on offer during the final test. Though unable to retain their unblemished record the result did not impact the overall standings, after the development men produced their second test win during the final day of play, and the Under 18 Boys did enough to quell any hopes off a Kiwi revival. As a result the Jackaroos continued their long standing dominance at the junior level, securing the under 18 trophy on a count back despite failing to secure the desired result in the boy’s discipline. The host nation has held the Development trophy pride of place in the New Zealand trophy cabinet for the past two years but due to a solid three day performance by the Aussies, that now heads “Down Under” alongside the retained senior and overall trophies.


Since the inaugural Trans Tasman in 1979, Australia has held sway against New Zealand in the Senior event, claiming the men’s title on 20 of the 35 occasions, while the women have captured 11 of 17, including a draw.

TRANS TASMAN Test Three results Under 18 girls: Australia win Test Series 2–1 Under 18 boys: New Zealand win Series 2-1 Development Women: Australia win Series 2 – 1 Development Men: Australia win Test Series 2 – 1 Open Women: Australia win Test Series 2 – 1 Open Men: Australia win Test Series 2–1


for all your bowling rrequirements equirements including men’ s and ladies wear men’s tOrders t Orders taken for Club Pennant attire attire tProfessional stafff ar are tProfessional staf e always on hand to assist you

TRADING HOURS Tuesday Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 3pm Monday Closed


For more more information call the shop direct direct on 02 9682 8024 Club Merrylands Bowling Cnr Oxford and Newman Streets, Merrylands NSW 2160 Phone 02 9637 9099



International Event

2013 Australian Open Open was once TheagainAustralian held at the Darebin International Sports Centre, Melbourne during February. There were some surprises as happens in these competitions. THE WOMEN’S EVENTS The first and second rounds of the women’s draw saw five of the top six seeds advanced, with Claire Turley (formerly Duke) eliminated by Pam Chalmers. In the afternoon session the Australian captain Lynsey Armitage and 2011 Singles winner Lisa Phillips were successful and went on to the third round. In the Pairs draw, the top two seeded combinations in the womens’ pairs Karen Murphy and Kay Moran were defeated and joined the reigning champions and number one seeds, Victoria Troster and Elise Cowan who were also defeated. Karen and Kay fell to young Gin Gin bowlers and twins, Cassandra and Bolivia Millerick 8-4, 8-6. Particularly relevant and close to the Millerick’s hearts was the decision by Bowls Australia to make the Open an unticketed event while patrons were encouraged to donate to the Bowls Australia Disaster Relief Fund. The twins said, their house in Gin Gin, near Bundaberg, had been affected by the recent floods. The water level was four metres above their roof. Lynsey Armitage and Kelsey Cottrell were up against Queensland duo Carol

Australian Open Gold medal Singles winner Lisa Phillips (left) with Silver Medallist Karen Murphy. Williams and Jane Bush who had earlier defeated Echuca’s Veronica Kelly and Melissa Larcombe 4-11, 7-6, 5-1. In the Women’s Singles competition results were more positive for defending titleholder, Lynsey Armitage who booked a quarter final berth and also still in contention were Lisa Phillips, who confronted recently crowned World Championship Pairs winner Rebecca Quail in the semi final. and Australian Jackaroo Carla Odgers played against 17

Australian Open Pairs winners Kelsey Cottrell and Lynsey Armitage.



year old Kyneton ace Chloe Stewart, while Fairy Meadow’s gun, Dawn Hayman faced a block buster with world number two, Karen Murphy Lisa Phillips, Australian Jackaroo member from Clayton powered her way into a final against Karen Murphy with an unstoppable performance against Tasmania’s Gaylene Elsworthy in straight sets 8–3, 10–2. Karen Murphy cemented her place in her first singles final after a sudden death tie break against Carla Odgers. Karen said she had been beaten in the semi finals twice before, so was really happy to go one step better than that. With a capacity crowd at Darebin, Phillips found form early to claim the first set, 9–5. Karen was quick to launch her response however and squared the scores on the fifth end of the second set with 3 shots and edged ahead with a full count of four on the seventh end and picked up one on the last end as the game hung in the balance to push it to a spell binding tie–break. As they came down to measure in the first end Murphy made a good start and locked in two shots. But as she struggled to find the jack in the second end, Phillips struck back a thundering three shots. Staring down the barrel and left with NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


the only option of pushing the match to a sudden death extra end, Karen let rip with a final drive as the crowd sat silent. The bowl raced down the green, finding the gap and narrowly missed by inches to hand Phillips the gold medal and the $18,000 prize cheque. MEN’S EVENTS 16 year old Trevallyn bowler Michael Sims playing against International Bowler of the Year Aron Sherriff, won the match, 6-5, 7-8, 6-1 and in so doing earned high praise from his more experienced and humble opponent. Aron said, “Michael was fantastic on the day and deserved his win. He is one of the up and coming talents in Australia and had been selected in the Under 18 team to represent Australia at the Trans Tasman Test in Auckland in March.” Mark Casey along with third seed Nathan Rice and fifth seed Jeremy Henry moved to the next rounds. Soldiers Point, 22 year old Daniel Hill was responsible for making a massive upset by defeating champion Mark Casey. Daniel quickly burst out of the blocks and claimed the first set before Mark Casey eased back into the contest with the second set, and extended the game to a three end tie break. The former world number one appeared to have it all but Daniel Hill produced a little bit of magic on the Darebin greens, and pulled out a full count of four on the final end to advance to the fourth round of 128 player singles competition. Last year’s finalist Nathan Rice and World Cup

Lynsey in action

winner Jeremy Henry were the only players who remained from the top ten seeds. Across the venue, 16 year old Tasmanian, Michael Sims continued his run having eliminated former winner Aron Sherriff. This time he notched up a 9-4 9-4, victory against Western Australia’s A squad member Clive Adams. In a golden day for young Victorians, 21 year old Brighton bowler, Aaron Wilson clinched his maiden national title in the Australian Open Men’s Singles, joining an exclusive honour roll which included some of the biggest names in the sport: Leif Selby, Mark Casey, Aron Sherriff, Brett Wilkie. Pitted against 17 year old Western Australian Matthew Ayres, the number eleven seed found his feet early in the match posting a 12–3 first set. Starting the tie break with three bowls piled around the jack, Aaron Wilson was left shaking his head in disbelief as he became this year’s $18,000 Singles Champion. In the Men’s pairs golden decider, Melbourne’s come–back kings, former one–test captain Australian representative Russell Green Jnr and 19 Year old Australian Jackaroo, Dylan Fisher, hooked themselves a share of the $136,000 Prize money during a clash of Victorians. They dropped the first set 2–8 against Adam Galloway and Mark Jacobsen but they responded with a 7–5 second set. Fisher said, he used to come to this venue when he was 10 or 11 and loved to think he might be out there one day playing on TV, but to win as well was something extra.

Triples winners (l to r): Sam Shannahan, Lisa Phillips, Claire Turley, with Hugh Delahunty MP, Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Winner of the Australian Open Mens Singles, Aaron Wilson (Brighton, Vic).

AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINALS SCORES WOMEN Singles: L. Phillips bt K. Murphy 9-5, 8-9, 4-2 Pairs: K. Cottrell & L. Armitage 11-8, 12-2 Triples: S. Shannahan, L. Phillips, C. Turley 7-4, 8-8 MEN Singles: A. Wilson 12-3, 10-8 Pairs: D. Fisher, R. Green Jnr, 2-8, 7-5, 3-0 Triples: T. Crammond, D. Caldwell, P. Bobridge 9-6, 2-11, 7-0.




2013 CHAMPION OF CLUB CHAMPION PAIRS ENTRY FORM ENTRIES CLOSE MAY 24th, 2013 Late entries will NOT be accepted

Perpetual Trophy donated by Jewel Buchanan

PLAYED: JULY 1st – 5 th, 2013 Venue:



July 1st – 5th, 2013

Entry Fee:

$50 per team (Entry fee is non-refundable)


Players are responsible for their own transport, accommodation and meal costs Lunch is payable at the venue Club


All matches are to be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and NSWWBA Conditions of Play


As per NSWWBA Current Dress Policy


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Date: CLUB SECRETARY PLEASE NOTE: Completed Club Pairs Draw MUST accompany Entry Form Entries to be sent by May 24th 2013 to NSWWBA, Level 7, 309 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 State Match Committee reserves the right to take all necessary steps to bring NSWWBA CHAMPION OF CLUB CHAMPION PAIRS to a successful conclusion Membership cards must be produced at State events State Winner may proceed to National Champion of Club Champion Pairs, October 2013, South Australia, at players own cost


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PLAYED: JULY 15 th – 18 th, 2013 Venue:



July 15th – 18th, 2013

Entry Fee:

$25 per entry (Entry fee is non-refundable)


Players are responsible for their own transport, accommodation and meal costs Lunch is payable at the venue Club


All matches are to be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and NSWWBA Conditions of Play


As per NSWWBA Current Dress Policy


Emailed to players, District Secretaries and Club Secretaries (Also available online

Please print your full name the same as your registration card. All contact details must be advised.







Contact Mobile No: Date:

CLUB SECRETARY Entries to be sent by June 7th 2013 to NSWWBA, Level 7, 309 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 State Match Committee reserves the right to take all necessary steps to bring NSWWBA CHAMPION OF CLUB CHAMPION SINGLES to a successful conclusion Membership cards must be produced at State events State Winner may proceed to National Champion of Club Champion Singles, October 2013, South Australia, at players own cost

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Meet a Bowler

Karen Murphy interviewed by Rosemary O’Brien

Karen Murphy This interview was done after much “toing and froing” and Rosemary has finally done the interview she had promised me with Karen Murphy. The interview was done at Karen’s metropolitan club Cabramatta and is a mixture of talking and questions. It is definitely an insight into a side of a champion that most of us do not see and I thank Karen and Rosemary for putting the time and effort into the piece. Editor - Barbara Rosemary begins: I first met our now undisputed Australian champion of women’s lawn bowls, Karen Murphy, when she was perhaps 17/18 years of age. Apparently, then champion bowler, Dorothy Roche from the Merrylands club, had suggested me, when Karen rang her asking for somebody who might play with her. Dorothy nominated me, “Give Rosemary O’Brien a ring, she’ll probably play with you.” Karen and I then played together in a Pairs event at Merrylands, the South Coast Carnival Fours (a huge tournament at that time) and a couple of events at the West Epping Women’s BC. Karen was keen and promising, but just how promising I had no idea. She was a typical teenager, keen on her car, and her music, and on a couple of occasions she threatened to assault my eardrums by singing the latest hit song for me. Anybody who has watched (and heard) Karen on the green would probably now be wincing at the idea of her actually singing, and they wouldn’t be too far off the mark. She was a fun kid, and she showed me some of the places she liked to hang out in the South Coast. Nowadays, Karen is a very confident and hugely talented bowler, and an attractive “lass” who could pass for half her age (which is that of a spring chicken, anyway). She is a mere slip of a girl, and one wonders where she gets the strength for her big “hits.” Here, I must take the opportunity to thank Karen for being so co-operative with me in setting up this article/interview. 26


After my early association with Karen, she almost vanished back into the woodwork for a short time, as we city slickers were probably not paying too much attention to a youthful emerging player from the Warilla club down the coast. Juniors were not thick on the ground then, so I’d guess most senior players thought she might drop off in her interest and be lost to the game. However, her good results kept filtering through, until she finally cracked one of the really big State events. Then we all sat up and took notice. The next thing I knew about Karen was, perhaps two years later, when I met her on a visit to the St Johns Park club in western Sydney, who had persuaded her to travel up on a weekly basis to play her future pennants and championships. Her stint at St Johns Park was an extremely successful one, and is probably the place where she first began to earn her stellar reputation. It was around this time that the few really top clubs, competitively and financially, began to flex their muscles and approach the game of lawn bowls with a much more modern and professional attitude. A few years ago, the go-ahead Cabramatta club saw an opportunity to attract Karen to their club, and her incredible recent successes have been won under the Cabramatta banner. This last year in particular, Karen has won everything before and behind her — State Fours, Champion of Champion Pairs, Premier Cup, No. 1 State Pennant, Black Douglas Ladies Singles, National Champion of Champions Singles, Australian Indoor Singles, Trans-Tasman Singles and Triples, World Championship Singles and Triples —and these are just a few. I began my interview part of this article at the beginning, a very good place

to start, as Maria Von Trapp once sagely informed us. Karen takes up her story. “I was around 11 years of age, and used to hang over the fence when my dad was playing, finally annoying him enough for him to give me a go. I was always into sport, and if it had not been bowls it may have been cricket. I got the concept of ‘taking grass’ by mucking around with a set of carpet bowls. My dad was quite a good bowler, and when I took up the sport it was very good for the father-daughter relationship. My mum has only taken up bowls in the last decade, is doing well and loves it. I was an okay school student, but sport was my go, and I didn’t ever want to go on to university.” Do you think you have given up much for the game? “No, not really, it is, after all, my job, it is what helps pay the bills and it is what I love. I’m always conscious of doing the right thing when representing, and would not ever risk a big night out with a vital match the next day. I am as keen today as ever. I don’t practise every day, that would drive me nuts, I’m a pretty quickfire person, and like to practise for around an hour and a half, say twice a week, and if a big tourney is coming up, then I step it up about 3 weeks out.” “I was fortunate in the people, such as top bowler, Daphne Shaw, who kept me on the straight and narrow as far as behaviour was concerned, and pulled me back into line if I ever threatened to veer over it. My first coach was a nice bloke, Allan Vaughan, from down the south coast, but since then, Robbie”. “Dobbins was very good for me, then Cam Curtis, and currently Steve Glasson, although with Glasso it’s more a mental discipline, to make sure I’m “up” and ready in my mind. I do get a bit stressed and ready for a break around a couple of times a year – usually around April, and then again around September, and that’s when I put the bowls away for a couple of weeks and just hang out.” “I am notoriously house-proud and fastidious, and I actually love housework (a bit of a worry, maybe anal, do you think??), and my husband, Paul, and I are currently building a new house at Shellharbour. I also LOVE cooking and could enthusiastically work out a menu for entertaining in gourmet style a dozen or so people. I’m also into fashion, and love spending my money. NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Who are the most important people in your life, Karen? “Mum and Dad, husband Paul, and friends both inside and outside of bowls. Three of my best pals would be Lynsey Armitage, Kay Moran and Roma Dunn (all top bowlers).” Is it your natural inclination to play the riskier shot for a bigger return, or would you tend to go for the safer option? ”After a tactical evaluation of the head, my tendency would be more likely than not to “go Big!” Have you ever been disappointed with the selection process in Australia? (A little rueful laugh from Karen here) “Well, there was the much publicised time in 2010 when I was dropped, but I’m sure the only reason for that was a personality clash, and, yes, it was difficult.” Do you still see yourself bowling competitively 10 years hence? “Oh, yes, I certainly hope so, though I hope to be also doing other things as well, such as travelling, and to play the guitar properly.” Apropos of the current controversies about drugs in sport, have you even been encouraged to take anthing risky? “I am regularly drug-tested, and because I am an asthmatic, I need to have any medications approved. Fortunately, bowls does not seem to require extreme muscular development, although, I do go to the gym regularly, and have been known to lose weight in preparation for a big tournament. Early in my career when I was becoming quite serious, it proved to be no problem for me to lose some weight in order to be as fit as I could be and now I love my gym and fitness routines. I love to look in the mirror, knowing I am fit and ready to play well. A theory is, females have to feel right with themselves to play well, whereas males have to play well to feel right with themselves.” How long do you stay disappointed after a loss? “Probably about an hour, and then I’m over it. I’ve learned. I used to show more disappointment than I do now. It’s a good idea to not show emotion on the green – never give your opponent the satisfaction of knowing you’re rattled. Sometimes I see youngsters showing bad

ship and disappointment on the green, which I totally "get”, because perhaps, I was once in their shoes. How do you relax? I absolutely love going to the movies, and my favourites would be “Love, Actually” and “The Shawshank Redemption” – I love a good thriller, and a romantic comedy.” So, you’re a bit of a romantic? “Hmmmm, I’m not so sure about that.” Do you have any annoying characteristics? “Oh, I probably talk too much, I don’t believe I force my opinion, but I sure like to talk. Another fault may be that I really hate to lose.” What is your opinion of available coaching? “I think Australia is lucky with its coaches, because in the UK, bowlers are mostly not coached at all, and develop some strange deliveries.” Do you think a change is needed to any existing rule? “I love the shorter versions of the game, and I retain a strong hope that the men’s and women’s associations will merge very soon.” When you are playing a big game, are you aware most people watching are over 50 years, and does that give you pause for thought? “Well, (with a laugh) it makes me think that 10 years ago they used to be over 60 years, and so perhaps the age of fans

is coming down.” I added here, “more likely, Karen, that your perception of their ages has lowered as you get fractionally closer to their years.” Do you realise that there are some clubs which resent the success of the Lansdowne District, leading to one district refraining from pennants? “Yeah, I know that, but I think it is a bit like Manchester United, who have most of the good players, and have the results to match. I probably love the fact that we have such a strong district. However, having said that, I think it is a wonderful innovation to now have the events for the Over 60’s players, many of whom are capable of teaching a young dog new tricks”. Maybe Karen, you have a particular event or moment in your life which meant a great deal to you. Yes, I first represented Australia in 1997. This was a ground breaking moment in bowls, the moment when the decisive penny dropped, and I realised that the time I had watched dad bowl, with my trusty bike propped up against the fence of a south coast bowling club, had not been wasted but, indeed, had been the first building blocks in my growing goal to be a top bowler. Thank you Karen for sharing your life with us and to Rosemary for helping with this interview. Congratulations Karen Murphy!

Howard Shield Newcastle District


he Illawarra District ladies team picked one of the hottest days ever to take on Newcastle District in their annual Howard Shield representative clash at Newcastle District’s Lambton Park Bowling Club. The extreme heat policy for bowls was invoked with temperatures well above 40 degrees on January 18, leaving the ladies to retire to the club house with the match called off. Illawarra won back the shield a year ago in the 50th anniversary meeting at Woonona Bowling Club and now keep it for another year as defending champions. In keeping with the interesting day the Illawarra team bus broke down at Peak’s Hill on the return home. With ladies stranded on the expressway the police and the RTA hazard patrol helped out to ensure everyone had enough water in the oppressive conditions until another coach arrived to get the ladies home to Wollongong.



Around the Greens

Corrimal 57th Birthday celebrations

Newcastle District Representative Side.

ACT vs Newcastle District A 3 Test Series

coach load of 40 people travelled to Queanbeyan Memorial RSL Bowls Club. This included sixteen selected players who played the 3 test series against the ACT for the perpetual trophy. The first test resulted in a very good win for ACT. ACT 91, Newcastle 63, a margin of 28. The 2nd test resulted in a win for Newcastle. Newcastle 82, ACT 78. And the 3rd test – this was a thriller. ACT went to a commanding lead early in the match – with the last third of the match to be played the ACT had a large margin, which looked like they would hold, but Newcastle fought back brilliantly to level at 74 all with 2 ends to play.

The second last end ACT scored one shot to give them a 75-74 lead. One end to go for Newcastle to win the series – a one shot to Newcastle would have tied the game because ACT had the greater margin. Newcastle held shot and the Newcastle skip drew the second shot to give Newcastle the win 76-75 and the series over all. 2 tests to 1. A wonderful achievement for Newcastle. This series was played with great concentration and friendship.

Pictured above: L. Neilson on left and M. Kerr on the right (Corrimal).


orty five ladies celebrated Corrimal’s 57th Birthday recently. President Robyn Sweeny welcomed the visitors and after morning tea a game of bowls was played on 6 rinks. At the conclusion of lunch, trophies were awarded randomly to the winners of the bowls. Those who succeeded were Gwen Hudson, Maureen Bradbury and Maria Laauw while Jan Duggan, Kath Rindisbacher and Zelma McAlary were other lucky recipients. Raffle prizes were presented and Life Members Lorraine Neilson and Mary Kerr cut the huge Birthday cake.

Coolah – Star Veterans Badge O

Bowls ACT President Kevin Antoine presenting the Perpetual Trophy to Newcastle District President Helen Abbott. 28


n January 16, Dot Meyers, long time resident of Coolah, was presented with a Star Veteran Badge by Joyce Tuckey, President of Coolah Central WBC. This badge is presented to affiliated bowling members who have reached the age of 90 years. Dot joined the Coolah Central WBC on September 3, 1993, aged 71 years young, an age when a lot of people would be thinking of retiring. Dot has been a stalwart, even remaining an affiliated member when she moved to Sydney to live with her daughter, Kay and son-in-law, Graham and their family.

Star Veteran D. Meyers (Coolah WBC). This is a wonderful achievement and it is hoped we will be able to celebrate Dot’s 100th birthday with a Super Star Veteran Badge.



Urunga Triples Victory


Pictured (l to r): E. Cameron, V. Nugent and B. Cloake.



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Woonona Charity Day

A division of Seipel Group Pty Ltd

Healthy Ageing...Naturally


oonona Ladies BC annual bowls Charity Day was held on February 4. It was a fine day with 24 teams attending covering areas from Helensburgh to Kiama. The bowling club was a hive of activity from the early hours making ready all the stalls for selling cakes, jams, pickles, bric-a-brac, plants, books, assorted clothes and bowling gear. There were enormous hampers to be won – all contents generously donated by lady members, plus the ever-popular Tombola and numerous raffles. After the bantering, buying and morning tea was over, the ladies then set off for their morning of bowls. The 3 winning teams were drawn from the hat and they were: (1) Dapto, (2) Helensburgh, (3) Bulli – a good spread of teams from North and South, and one in the middle. After a beautiful lunch provided by our trusty Bistro ladies, it was then time for the donation of money to our worthwhile organisations, chosen for the 3rd year running — $3,200 to HEADWAY (Brain injury help), and $3,200 to CORRIMAL AUTISTIC SCHOOL. Both organisations are local and keep us in touch on what the money is being spent.


he Urunga team of Bev Cloake (skip), Elaine Cameron and Vanessa Nugent had a game of bowls they will never forget when they recorded a resounding victory against a Park Beach team to win their match 49-1 at the Under 7’s day at Coffs Ex Services Club on February 11. To add to this astounding result the team also scored a coveted 9-pin. Their first match in the morning against Stuart's Point was also a comfortable win and they were brimming with confidence when they played bowls in the afternoon. Urunga is very proud of these three young women especially as they have been playing bowls for only a short time – Bev since 2008, Elaine started in 2010 and Vanessa in 2011. They are keen and competitive bowlers and the Club is hoping to attract more of their generation now that the magnificent new clubhouse is finished and the second grass green is due to be opened in the near future.

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Around the Greens

Stockton’s 80th Birthday celebrations

Members on the green (Stockton)


ctober 4, 2012 was the 80th Birthday of Stockton WBC. Stockton was one of five of the first clubs in the Newcastle District and was established five years before the Newcastle District formed. Director NSWWBA Robyn Proctor, President NDWBA Helen Abbot and President Stockton Loretta Bannister cutting the cake

Old Bar’s Bowler of the Year oan Hinton has won Bowler of the year in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, and prior to 2007 she was also Bowler of the Year a few times. With her consistency of winning Major Championships, she is a credit to the club. Congratulations Joan. Joan Hinton (Old Bar).




Margaret “Peg” McMaugh’s Birthday celebrations I

ngleburn WBC has another of bowler who has reached the ripe age of 100 on 26th March. There must be something in the water at Ingleburn (or the beer). Peg began playing bowls in 1962 and has been a stalwart of the club since 1976 after transferring from Revesby. Her accomplishments include winning the Genevieve Tregear 4’s trophy in 1985 and again in 1993; Championship 4’s 19881989; the Zona Bagnell Perpetual Pairs in 2003; the Essie McEnally Memorial Trophy Triples in 2005; came 2nd in “Christmas in September” in 2006 (at age 93) and was runner up in Championship Triples in 2006. For the Club Championship Singles, Peg donated a blue crystal trophy which

P. McMaugh (Ingleburn) is avidly contested each year. Peg stopped playing bowls approximately 3 years ago when her health did not allow her to play. Her enjoyment of bowls was such that even in her eighties and early nineties Peg regularly walked to the bus stop, took the bus to Liverpool Station and the train to Ingleburn, played bowls then took the same route home again. For the last few years she has been chauffeured to and from her home by one of our members, for which we are grateful, as we get to enjoy Peg’s company still each Ladies Tuesday up to the present time. Peg is a much loved fixture at our club and wish her all the best for her centenary and many years to come.




arilla WBC commenced the 2013 season with their Annual Versatility Fours Tournament held on January 7-8. There were a good number of visiting teams joining the local teams for this very popular event. President Betty Anderson welcomed all the players and wished them a very enjoyable time for the two days of competition. The first day of play was successfully concluded in fine weather but with the temperature reaching unacceptably high levels on the second day of play, the Match Committee called the players in for an early lunch after the third game. The players were very grateful to retire to the air conditioned club for a delicious salad and sweet for lunch.

Warilla Bowling and Recreation Club sponsored the Tournament once again with very generous prize money of $4,240 which was presented to the winning teams by President Steve Feeney. Winners were as follows: 1st Prize: K. Boughen, M. Murphy, B. O'Donnell, J. Taylor (Warilla) 2nd Prize: M. Randall, M. Bridges, C. Keep, B. McPherson (Composite) 3rd Prize: E. West, S. Lindsay, L. Barnett, J. Morgan (Warilla) 4th Prize: R. Humphries, H. Hallenan, M. Sheather, C. Speer (W.P.W.C.)

5th Prize: J. Hili, D. Davies, S. Noronha, N. Noronha (Warilla) 6th Prize: S. Grober, G. Saville, K. Burn, C. Chase (Merimbula/Imlay) 7th Prize: J. Palmer, C. Crouche, L. Szymnlo, J Hepburn (Composite) 8th Prize: C. Dawson, P. Purdy, J. Brownlie, G. Hodgson (Kiama) Overall Day One: J. Rolf, C. Gillard, B. Herbertson, W. Fong (Merrylands) Overall Day Two: M. Rogers, C. Addison, M. Stanford, C. Herbert (Thirroul)

Nambucca Australia Day Awards


he photo shows President Bev Jones with the Nambucca River Australia Day Award received by the Nambucca Club. It shows that Women's Bowls also has a role in other aspects of the Community where the club received the Award for Services to the Community. A considerate amount of money has been

No.4 Pennant Team (l to r). M. Silvia, S. Willis, P. Fletcher, J. Nicholas, P. Smith, B. Fane, C. Behan, M. McKay, V. Miles (Nambucca). raised over the years for the Cancer Support Group. Nambucca No 4 Pennant Team also received the Award of Senior Sports Team at the Australia Day Awards. MARCH-APRIL 2013


Around the Greens

Vera Withall’s 100th Birthday


n Saturday, February 9th, one of our most revered members Vera Withall enjoyed a private celebration luncheon at the Ingleburn Bowling Club, for her 100th birthday which fell the day after. She was joined by close members of her family and chosen guests only as the family chose to keep her celebration private. Ladies from the club attended Vera the following Monday to honour her as her failing health prevents her from attending the club for any length of time. Vera began playing bowls in 1954 and is a foundation member of the Ingleburn BC and has been a pivotal part of the club and Lansdowne District Women’s Bowls over the years. Vera was a former Vice President and President of Lansdowne District WBC (which she helped form) and was on the NSWWBA Social Committee approximately 10 years.

At Ingleburn, she was President in 1976-1977 and again from 1992-1995, treasurer in 1992 and was made a life member of the Club in 1985. Vera’s accomplishments include winning the Club pairs 6 times, Club triples four times, Essie McEnally Triples trophy in 1984, the Vera Withall trophy in 1984 and was part of the winning No 4 Pennant team in 1991. Vera’s many contributions to the club were officially commemorated when our third green was named in her honour and another member in 1998 on it’s inauguration. She is a JP, a Life Member of the Red Cross, was an “A” grade tennis player and enjoyed hobbies such as knitting, crocheting and fishing. She was also living independently in her home until 18 months ago. When she was no longer able to play, Vera was still a regular on the Ladies bowls day until ill health stopped her.

Vera Withall celebrating her 100th Birthday (Ingleburn). Even so, other members continue to give Vera the “low down” on what is going on with the ladies. She is a much loved member and all at the Club wish her the very best of wishes for her 100th birthday.

Mollymook Beach Annual Pink Day


ollymook Beach WBC commemorated its 2nd Annual Pink Day in 2012. The Social Committee utilised their creative skills with morning tea consisting of pink cakes and biscuits, and sandwiches with pink spreads.



The Green was adorned with pink balloons and ribbons and all ladies arrived in an array of pink attire. Everyone had an enjoyable day playing Turn around Triples. Funds raised from the spider, raffles

Annual Pink Day from which all monies raised was donated to the local Milton Cancer Care Centre (Mollymook). and donations were donated to the local Milton Cancer Care Centre.



Iluka – 50th Anniversary celebrations


n Tuesday February 19, over 70 people gathered at the Iluka Bowls Club to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Iluka WBC. In 1963, on February 18, a public meeting was held to establish the Iluka Women’s Bowling Club. With the support of the Iluka Men’s Bowling and Recreation Club, the club became a reality that day and shortly after on February 27, 1963 became affiliated with the NSW Women’s Bowling Association. There were 25 foundation members, some of whom still have descendants in the district. These ladies showed great foresight, diligence and perseverance as it was due to their efforts alongside the men that the first grass green was planted. Initially bowls was played on an old rubber green, however members helped to dig out very long old bladey grass to enable planting for a grass green. During the ensuing 50 years, the Iluka Bowling Club has continued to improve facilities and the lady bowlers have continued to show the same hard work and determination of their predecessors. Unfortunately we did not get to play bowls on our special day due to the continuing heavy rain. We did play a game of Bowls Hoy, a card game that used bowling scenarios from the green. Iluka WBC is extremely grateful to those players from other clubs who made the journey to be with us on the day. President Jean Harrop thanked all those who came and gave gifts and thanked


n October North Sydney Women held their annual Harbourside Shield at their picturesque club which overlooks Sydney Harbour. Thirteen clubs from the North Shore and Northern Beaches filled two greens for the morning and afternoon matches where each club had two triples teams.

Iluka 50th Birthday celebrations. members of all her committees who worked so hard to make the day a reality. Bowlers came from our sister clubs in the Clarence River district – Yamba, Maclean, South Grafton, South Ex-Services Club, Grafton, Wooli, Brooms Head and Red Rock. The District committee was also represented and President Lyn Olson spoke on its behalf. The theme of the day was butterflies and a gift of a model butterfly that also flashed intermittently was very well received. Special guests at morning tea were the presidents of the sub-clubs, Jack and Lisa Law from the restaurant, Nicola Ashton from administration and the CEO Clem Millard. Patrons Dorrie Horn and Stella Wiblen were our guests for lunch and Dorrie was

able to give some insight into past bowling days at Iluka. Stella proposed a toast to all players past and present. Many ladies went home happy as they were the recipients of a lucky draw for our Spiders or were lucky enough to win one of ten beautiful raffle prizes donated by Iluka club members. Membership of Iluka WBC has continued to be strong and grow with a current tally of 62. On the 50th Anniversary, we saluted our past members and now look forward with optimism to many more years of friendship in bowls. To finish off a wonderful celebration, our lovely patron Stella played the piano and we were able to sing along and finish with Auld Lang Sine as guests were farewelled.

North Sydney Harbourside Shield

Members of the winning Harbord team together with North Sydney President Marie Moorhouse and event sponsor Robert Henry, Manager of Bruce Maurer Funerals of Crows Nest



Presidents Days DAVISTOWN RSL Women's Bowling Club paid tribute to President Bea Seagrott at a special day arranged in her honour on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. President Bea welcomed many guests, including State President Patricia Reynolds representing the NSW Women's Bowling Association, Central Coast District President Pat Frewin and Central Coast District Secretary Di Elsom, representatives of many of the bowling clubs on the Central Coast and family members and friends. Also represented were the Davistown RSL Club Ltd., and the Davistown RSL Men's Bowling Club. Additionally many members of the club attended to share the day with their President. Although Bea's term is not yet due for completion the day was brought forward to avoid complications arising from planned renovations to the Club early next year. After morning tea a short game of bowls was enjoyed, interrupted briefly by a shower of rain, but most of the players remained on the green until summoned to an excellent lunch. State President Patricia Reynolds awarded Merit Pins to President Bea, Secretary Jenny Cooke, Past Treasurer Loretta Rodger, Pam Price and Val Green. Congratulations to these ladies for this recognition of your valuable contribution to the club. A series of toasts and tributes followed until the day was brought to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.

Left to right: NSWWBA President Patricia Reynolds, Davistown President Bea Seagrott, Central Coast District President Pat Frewin. 34


LAKE CATHIE members were delighted to play host to approximately one hundred and twenty bowlers and guests to help celebrate President’s Day and 40th Ruby Birthday on Tuesday, January29, 2013. President Ann Butlin welcomed State President Patricia Reynolds, Hastings Haven District President, Maureen Bradford, Region two Representative, Carol Graham and other guests including Patron, Barbara Coey, Past Presidents and visiting teams and Presidents from other clubs as well as Lake Cathie members. Merit pins were presented to B. Barker, S. Malzard, A. Wilson, D. Spinks and A. Butlin. A wonderful day was had by all despite very inclement weather. PORT MACQUARIE PANTHERS WBC President Diana Upcroft's wish for the club's 30th birthday and President's Day was for everyone to celebrate and have lots of fun. On January 30, 2013, the club looked spectacular with the amazing nautical theme created by using many local water scenes on place mats and bookmarks. The tables were decorated with lighthouses and handcrafted sailing boats, anchored in waves containing dolphins and pelicans. Fishing nets hung over the rink stands. A guard of honour was formed to welcome State President, Patricia Reynolds, Regional Representative Carole Graham and Hasting Haven President Maureen Bradford. Also among the invited guests were District Selector Vicki Herman, all seven Hastings Haven clubs, as well as, the Macleay District WBA and Past Presidents team. Following morning tea, bowlers enjoyed lots of fun on the greens playing beside the many visiting teams. Later, we sat down to a lovely celebratory luncheon. Toasts were made to the many people who have been so important to the growth of bowls and the club over the past 30 years. Life Member, Bonnie Leeson, praised President Diana for her years of work on

Hastings Haven District President Maureen Bradford, Lake Cathie President Ann Butlin and State President Patricia Reynolds cutting the cake. committee and dedication as President. On behalf of all members, Bonnie then presented Diana with a beautiful aqua leather handbag, aqua being Port Macquarie Panthers club colour. Diana was thrilled with her gift. The birthday cake, which was decorated with the clubs aqua club logo of gum leaves and flowers, was jointly cut by Presidents Diana, Patricia and Maureen. Well-deserved Merit Pins were then presented to President Diana, Sue Gates, Estelle Long, Antoinette Farmer and Robyn Crosariol, for their many years of service. Ornamental lighthouses and dolphins were presented to the rink winners and runners-up. Some lucky bowlers took home the great raffle prizes, 100 club money and lucky plate pearl prizes. Everyone received a spider, biro, bookmark and placemat as mementos. With the weather remaining sunny, Diana's wish had been granted. We'd all celebrated and had a fun-filled day. Diana was heard to say, "I've had the best bowls day you could ever have" Members of YAMBA Women’s Bowling Club and invited guests joined together on November 8, 2012 to honour club President Judy Pryor. President’s Day is a special day whereby the hard work and efforts of the President are acknowledged and appreciation shown by all who have NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Left ro right: Regional Rep Carole, State President Patricia, Club President Diana, Hastings Haven District President Maureen, District Selector Vicki. enjoyed her friendship and company during her term of office. It was a case of roses all the way for Judy as the theme of red roses was carried throughout the day from the centrepieces, table decorations, corsages, napkins and even to the programme itself. The day commenced with Judy arriving accompanied by the official party consisting of Yamba Bowling Club President Ian Lauder, Clarence River District Women’s Bowling Association President Lyn Olsson and her executive and Representatives from

visiting clubs throughout the area. After morning tea a not-so-serious game of bowls was enjoyed by all where everyone was a winner and no scores were kept. The official part of the day commenced with the singing of the National Anthem followed by Toastmistress Judy Abbott introducing the official table which included Judy’s husband Rodger, daughter Kate and special friends. Vice President Dot Gleeson proposed the toast to Judy whose response paid tribute and thanks to her executive for

Life Memberships One of the club’s members Iris Martin was awarded Life Membership at Dapto Bowling Club’s Presentation night last November. Iris joined Dapto BC in April 1988 and in 1989 took a position on the Social committee. Altogether she has served seven years on the social committee, ten years on the selection committee; one year as Vice President and held the position of President from 2000 until 2004. During this time Dapto BC and the Illawarra District Bowling Association celebrated their 50th Birthday. Iris who is in her eighties has been a tireless and dedicated worker and continues work on the Social committee. Iris has been a dedicated bowler winning many Championships and has fostered many new bowlers.

Yamba President Judy and Clarence River District President Lyn cutting the cake. their support and also to club members whose assistance over the past years had been magnificent. Toasts to the Clarence River District Association and the Yamba Club Ltd were made followed by the cutting of the cake made by Shirley Drum and decorated again with the red rose theme by Beryl Nielsen. Gifts were exchanged, trophies presented, raffles drawn and the day was brought to a close with a vote of thanks by Wendy Ballantyne to Toast Mistress Judy Abbott.

club. She has been on committee for most of that time, as Vice President and on Match committee. She was a very capable bowler as well, winning the Minor singles and pairs, triples and fours over the years. She has been a delegate on District and takes a keen interest in the new members of the club. Her own comment was that 'she loved being at bowls and enjoyed the friendship of the bowls fraternity'. President Jan Burnett presenting Iris Martin with her Life Membership badge (Dapto) Congratulations Iris — an award well deserved.     The members of Newstead Orange WBC were very pleased to appoint long time member Gladys McCarthy to be a Life Member. This much loved lady started her bowls on June 26, 1989, and became a very valuable member of the



Regional News REGION 9’s INAUGURAL SUPER 6’s The inaugural Drakes Pride Sapphire Coast Super 6’s grand final was keenly contested at Candelo-Kameruka Bowling Club (Bega-Imlay District) in February. Based on the National 6 a side competition it proved to be most popular with the Tura Tornadoes, Tura Twisters, Tathra, Merimbula Sapphires and Merimbula Dolphins competing for the trophy over a number of weeks. Commencing play at 5.30 pm was a welcome and enjoyable change from the normal earlier starting times. The men also competed in a parallel competition and at the end of play we joined together for a BBQ.

The successful Tura Tornadoes (l to r): T. Hamer, L. Pucci, S. Neilson, L. Wallis, J. Clarke, J. Dun-combe, W. Rusling, C. Hayes (absent L. Govey).

The successful Tura Tornadoes team took out the inaugural title from the Merimbula Sapphires. Everyone is look-

ing forward to next year’s competition which is again being sponsored by Drakes Pride.

Australian Jackaroos & A Squad announced A

ustralia’s stride to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games gathered pace recently with the National Selection Panel announcing the sport’s two high performance tiers – the Austraian Jackaroos and Australian A Squads for 2013. AUSTRALIAN JACKAROOS SQUAD Men: Matthew Baus (Swansea NSW), Mark Casey (St Johns Park NSW), Dylan Fisher (Melbourne VIC), Matthew Flapper (Ocean Grove VIC), Shane Garvey (Wiseman Park Wollongong City), Barrie Lester (Clayton VIC), Nathan Rice (Helensvale Qld), Wayne Ruediger (Grange SA), Aron Sherriff (Ettalong Memorial NSW), Brett Wilkie (Helensvale QLD) Women: Lynsey Armitage (Helensvale QLD), Kelsey Cottrelll (St Johns Park NSW), Karen Murphy (Cabramatta NSW), Carla Odgers (Lalor VIC), Lisa Phillips (Clayton VIC), Rebecca Quail (Invermay TAS), Claire Turley (formerly Duke, Cabramatta NSW), Natasha Van Eldik (Raymond Terrace NSW)



AUSTRALIAN A SQUAD Men: Clive Adams (WA), Anthony Fantini (QLD), Brett Foley (VIC), Carl Healey (NSW), Andrew Howie (ACT), Sean Ingham (QLD), Ray Pearse (NSW), Scott Thulborn (SA), Ben Twist (NSW), Aaron Wilson (VIC) Women: Rechellle Cole (WA), Elise Cowan (VIC), Julie Keegan (NSW), Kristina Krstic (WA), Renee McPharlin (SA), Kay Moran (NSW), Kelly Richards (NSW), Kelli Rogalski (WA), Samantha Shannahan (VIC), Kristy Thatcher (QLD) NTC SQUADS BY STATE Coach Faye Luke (SA, NT), Cassandra Harvey (SA), Laini Murray (SA), Kate Smith (SA), Ben Bowman (SA), Josh Chopin (SA), Ryan Digby (SA), Simon Dorr (SA), Mark Haines (SA) Matthew Northcott (SA), Josh Studham (SA), Brandon Whiley (SA) Coach Mark Cowan (VIC/TAS) Tayla Spence (VIC), Victoria Troster (VIC), Kylie Whitehead (VIC), Mikayla Baker (TAS),Courtney Hobbs (TAS), Hollie Keen (TAS), Bree-anna Mabb (TAS), Felicity Webb (TAS), Dane McKinnon (VIC), Scott Mortimer (VIC), Brodie Baker (TAS), Christopher Cartlidge (TAS), Ben Dayton (TAS),

Bradley Gibson (TAS), Matthew Jackson (TAS), Bradley Mabb (TAS), Lachlan Sims (TAS) Coach Pieter Harris (WA) Lisa Featherby (WA), Matthew Ayres (WA), Lewis Grigg (WA), Matthew Mitchell (WA), Cody Packer (WA), Daniel Patterson (WA), Dave Rankin (WA) Coach Gary Willis (NSW, ACT) Damon Jeffery, Sarah Boddington (NSW), Madison Fennell (NSW) Morgan Solman-Stewart (NSW), Mark Berghofer (NSW), Jono Davis (NSW), Ben Glasson (NSW), Chris Green (NSW),Chris Herden (NSW), Luke Jones (NSW), Alex Lee (NSW), Anthony McKenna (NSW), Matt Miles (NSW), Simon Mitchell (NSW), Jesse Noronha (NSW), Mathew Pietersen (NSW), Aaron Teys (NSW) Coach Brett Wilkie (QLD) Kiani Andersen (QLD), Shahn Griffiths (QLD), Bolivia Millerick (QLD), Cassandra Millerick (QLD), Connie-Leigh Rixon (QLD), Pam Rowe (QLD), April Wilson (QLD), Lauren Wilson (QLD), Des Cann Jnr (QLD), Eric Copeland (QLD), Dean McWhinney (QLD), Sam White (QLD), Robbie Wild (QLD), Brendon Wilson (QLD) NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS

After School Program


Great starting point for Youth Development

Active After School Community Program


he Australian Government’s Active After School Communities (AASC) pogram gives children a passion for sport. It does this by providing primary school children with a positive introduction to sport, the AASC program helps build the foundation needed for children to progress to local club sport. The AASC program is a free Australian Government initiative that provides primary school children with access to sport and structured physical activity programs after school (3:00pm–5:30pm). The program is run at around 1,070 sites across NSW and the ACT, giving children a positive first experience to start them on the sporting pathway. The Australian Sports Commission

manages the AASC program nationally through a countrywide network of regional co-ordinators who assist schools and after-school care centres to facilitate the program, recruit and train community coaches, and most importantly, forge links between children and clubs. As part of my role I have been working with 9 regional co-ordinators in my area to ensure that lawn bowls programs become the program of choice for community coaches. There are a large number of sports on offer for community coaches to facilitate and the best way to ensure that bowls programs stand a great chance of being run is to up-skill existing community coaches with some knowledge about bowls. The regional coordinators and I

A Good Pinch of Rosemary

Rosemary’s Dinner Party, old & new arbara, I am very taken by the segment you usually include which asks which people you would like to invite to an imaginary dinner, and would like to give you my thoughts on this scenario. My imaginary dinner party would consist of a very long rectangular table (redwood, preferably!). I’d be sitting at the head of the table and on my left side, would be deceased people with whom I would like to have dinner, and on my right would be those people still alive and kicking, with whom I’d love to share a crust. On my left: Harry Truman, that dogged little American President from Missouri who controversially pulled the pin on WWll, next to him would be Eleanor Roosevelt, a feminist before they even thought of the word, then Elvis Presley after all, it’s now or never, then Bing Crosby, ba-ba-babum, next would be George Gershwin, because I do need “someone to watch over me”, followed by Mary Mackillop, I need every prayer I can get, then Robert Kennedy, surely the most fascinating and charismatic politician of the second half of the 20th century and last, but not least, R. G. Menzies / Ben Chifley, nice to see


and hear both sides of the coin. On my right: I think this would be a little lopsided – or are people becoming less interesting? Meryl Streep, perhaps she could give me a few hints for our club Christmas concert, Anthony Hopkins, I doubt though, I’d serve him any fava beans, Andrew Lloyd Webber, his music will live on despite the critics, Sally Pearson, you’d jump to have her on board, wouldn’t you? Barack Obama, John McCain and Condoleezza Rice, isn’t American politics riveting? Geert Wilders, just in case the party began to lag, Peter Moody, he could bring me up to date with Black Caviar, and Leyton Hewitt, he could yell out “c’mon” at me, if I became too much of a bore. Well, that’s about it, Barbara — the list began with about half a dozen, but it seems to have grown, but that’s always my problem! READERS CHALLENGE — Send us a list of people you would like to invite for dinner and why. No more words that this article and entries MUST be received before May 25, 2013. Good luck to you all. The Editor.

decided the best way to do this was to run some free fun 2 hour lawn bowls workshops at bowling clubs and invite community coaches to attend. Since August 2012 I have facilitated 4 workshops from the Central Coast to Newcastle with good results in regards to programs now being conducted in terms 1 and 2. During the 2 hours we workshop a number of new games and activities (mostly from the AASC Companion Book), workshop how to adapt basic games to make them sport specific, conduct a refresher on playing for life coaching philosophy, meet other AASC coaches who deliver similar activities to you and most importantly we have fun! The Playing for Life Philosophy is simple; it adapts a game sense approach to physical activity. There are 6 key strategies that make up the philosophy, the game is the focus (not training drills), coach is a facilitator (facilitator of fun), discrete coaching (less interruptions during the activity, maximisers player participation), role models (empathise good technique or strategies), ask the players (ask questions about how they can make it more or less challenging), change it (if its not working, simple variations make it harder or easier). What is great about the AASC bowls programs is that community coaches run these programs within the participating schools with the idea of linking with their local bowling club for the last session of the 7 week program. The students arrive at the bowling club with a basic introduction to the skills of the game ready to try the real thing, all sessions conducted at a club are facilitated by the accredited community coach, involvement from accredited club coaches is also welcome and encouraged so that students who show some talent and enthusiasm for the game can be offered further coaching opportunities. If your club would like to find out more about AASC programs in your area give me a call 0418641192, or email, or visit and follow the links. MARCH-APRIL 2013


District Association News CENTRAL COAST Pairs: M. Smith, J. King (Everglades). Open Fours: L. Williams, V. Brownlie, V. Wynn, T. Ward (Ettalong Memorial). Senior Fours: D. Streher, J. Bambury, J. Spano, R. Taylor (Bateau Bay).

Triples winners at Hastings Haven District (l to r): J. Roberts, Y. Howard (s), A. Wilson (Lake Cathie). Pairs winners at Central Coast District (l to r): M. Smith, J. King (Everglades).

Open Fours winners at Hastings Haven District (l to r): D. Allen, D. Clark, L. Murphy, L. Wayling (s) (Kew). Open Fours winners at Central Coast District (l to r): L. Williams, V. Brownlie, V. Wynn, T. Ward (Ettalong Memorial).

Senior Fours winners at Hastings Haven District (l to r): Y. Howard (s), A. Wilson, L. Watson, S. Malzard (Lake Cathie). Senior Fours winners at Central Coast District (l to r): D. Streher, J. Bambury, J. Spano, R. Taylor (Bateau Bay). HASTINGS HAVEN Results at District level: Major Singles: C. White (Port City) Pairs: J. Munson, P. Light (Port City) Triples: J. Roberts, Y. Howard (s), A. Wilson (Lake Cathie). Open Fours: D. Allen, D. Clark, L. Murphy, L. Wayling (s) (Kew). Senior Fours: Y. Howard (s), A. Wilson, L. Watson, S. Malzard (Lake Cathie).

MID NORTH SHORE Results at District level: Open Fours: B. Slon. R. Vilensky, R. Saidman, V. Bartrop (s) (Lindfield).

Open Fours winners at Mid North Shore District (l to r): B. Slon, R. Vilensky, R. Saidman, V. Bartrop (s) (Lindfield). Senior Fours winners at Mid North Shore District (l to r): J. Ockelford, C. Fisher, M. Coningsby, P. Pierson (s) (Roseville).

Singles winner at Hastings Haven District C. White (Port City). 38

Pairs winners at Hastings Haven District (l to r): J. Munson, P. Light (s), (Port City).




Senior Fours: J. Ockelford, C. Fisher, M. Coningsby, P. Pierson (s) Roseville). NORTHERN RIVERS Results at District level: Open Fours: A. Marron, J. Speechley, B. Jones, J. Scotcher (Alstonville). Senior Fours: K. Huett, L. Morgan, S. Ward, B. De Re (Ballina). Senior Fours winners at Northern Suburbs District (l to r): R. Davidson, D. Sweeney, E. Bromley, E. Whelan (Dural Country Club). ST GEORGE CANTERBURY Results at District level, 2013: Open Fours: Ramsgate RSL C. Kelly, E. Alleyne, J. Zmo, L. York (s). Senior Fours: Earlwood Bardwell Park: P. Paul, J. Flanagan, J. Ferguson, R. Nicholl (s). Open Fours winners at Northern Rivers District (l to r): A. Marron, J. Speechley, B. Jones, J. Scotcher (Alstonville).

Senior Fours winners at Northern Rivers District (l to r): K. Huett, L. Morgan, S. Ward (sub), B. De Re (Ballina).

Open Fours winners at St George Canterbury District (l to r): C. Kelly, E. Alleyne, J. Zmo, L. York (Ramgate RSL).

NORTHERN SUBURBS Results at District level: Triples: B. Banks, S. Williams, N. King (s) (Pennant Hills) Open Fours: P. Watson (s), B. Wood, R. Coode, R. Keene (Dural Country Club). Senior Fours: R. Davidson (s), D. Sweeney, E. Bromley, E. Whelan (Dural Country Club). Senior Fours winners at St George Canterbury District (l to r): P. Paul, J. Flanagan, J. Ferguson, R. Nicholl (s) (Earlwood Bardwell Park). WESTERN Results at District level: Major Singles: V. Brown (Lithgow City). Pairs: B. Evans, B. Walters (Lithgow Workmen’s Valley).

Triples winners at Northern Suburbs District (l to r): B. Banks, S. Williams, N. King (Pennant Hills). Open Fours winners at Northern Suburbs District (l to r): P. Watson, B. Wood, R. Coode, R. Keene (Dural Country Club).

Major Singles winner at Western District level, V. Brown (Lithgow City).

Pairs winners at Western District level (l to r): B. Evans (s), B. Watters (Lithgow Workmens Valley). MARCH-APRIL 2013


Club Championships JANUARY-FEBRUARY OVERSET Greenwell Point Major Singles: G.Burgess. Pairs: G. Kiggins, K. Innes. Triples: K. Rudd, B. Wood, S. Stevenson. Fours: R. Herbert, P .Black, S. Stevenson, K. Innes. Major Minor Pairs: K. Richardson, D. Medcalf. Minor Singles: D. Mendes. Minor Pairs: K. Rudd, M. Young. Consistency: K. Innes.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back – G. Burgess, D. Mendes, K. Rudd, B. Wood, S. Stevenson, R. Herbert, P. Black; front – G. Kiggins, K. Innes, K. Richardson, D. Medcalf (Greenwell Point). Lambton Park Major Singles: J. Turner, runner–up D. Macpherson. Pairs: L. Gilford, D. Macpherson. Triples: N. Hunter, J. Turner, K. Webber. Fours: P. McMahon, R. Buckingham, N. Hunter, B. Parrott. Consistency: J. Turner. Minor Singles: G. Pont.

Port City Major Singles C. White. Major Pairs: L. Bishell, B. Schubert. Triples: D. Gudgeon, L. Bishell, B. Schubert. Fours: J. Brady, M. Cutting, B. Barrett, D. Amor. Major/Minor Pairs: M. Bennett, D. Amor. Minor Singles: B. Burge. Consistency Singles: D. Amor. Wagga Wagga Singles: S. Meecham. Pairs: A. Barnes, E. Low. Triples: A. Barnes, E. Low, S. Meecham. Fours: N. Gray, S. Meecham, E. Low, V. Donnelly.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): N. Gray, S. Meecham, E. Low, V. Donnelly, K. Grentell (insets A. Barnes, E. Low) (Wagga Wagga). Young Major Singles: T. Ruhl. Pairs: M. Glasheen, J. Watson. Triples: J. Mulligan, P. Rogerson, M. Shea. Fours: J. Mulligan, H. Bailey, M. Gailey, E. Hines. Minor Singles: L. Martin. Minor Pairs: J. Baxter, L. Martin.

Major Singles winner (l to r): J. Turner, runner-up D. McPherson (Lambton Park).

Liverpool City Major Singles: H. Watts, runner-up R. Sampson. Pairs: M. Reitana, H. Watts. Triples: M. Cook, B. Foster, R. Sampson. Fours: V. Tate, B. Foster, R. Sampson, D. Mercer. Consistency: R. Sampson.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back – J. Baxter, M. Glasheen, J. Watson, E. Hines; front – L. Martin, T. Ruhl, J. Mulligan, P. Rogerson , M. Shea (Young).

MARCH-APRIL Albion Park Major Singles: J. Creagan runner-up L Doodeman. Pairs: J. Creagan. M. Teasdale. Triples: J. Gardner, J. Hawke, P. Fuller. Fours: S. Ferguson, P. Westerberg, S. Ferguson, S. Bednall. Minor Singles: C. Price. Club Championship and Competition winners (Liverpool City).

Club Championships and Competition winners: C. Price, P. Westerberg, J. Hawke, P. Fuller, J. Gardner, M. Teasdale, J, Creagan (Albion Park).

Narrandera Major Singles: E. Wimmel, runner-up D. Angove. Minor Singles: J. Bevan, runner – up G. Lemon. 40




Asquith Major Singles: M. Rayner. Pairs: U. Fabian, V. Henderson. Triples: J. Bennett, S. Andrew, H. Maloney. Fours: J. Bennett, S. Andrew, H. Maloney, J. Wilson. Minor Singles: C. Saunders.

Triples: S. Murray, E. Bull, F. Gettens. Fours: P. Warren, L. Wood, S, Murray. E. Bull. Minor Singles: L. Hayes. Berkeley Sports Major Singles: F. Butson runner-up M. Riley. Pairs: T. Coulstock, M. Sharrock. Triples: F. Crockett, C. Penno, T. Coulstock. Fours: M. Amey, B. Calderbank, L. Walsh. C. Roach. Presidents Cup: F. Buston.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): C. Saunders, S. Andrew, J. Bennett, V. Henderson, U. Fabian, J. Wilson (insets H. Maloney, M. Rayner) (Asquith). Avalon Beach Minor Singles: T. Overy. Pairs: D. Milburn, T. Overy. Triples: J. Sutton, B. Hanmer, C. Mazey. Fours: C, McCulloch, P. Heath, J. Sutton, M. Jugl. Minor Singles: B. Hanmer.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): C. McCulloch (Fours), D. Milburn (Pairs), J. Sutton (Triples and Fours), M. Jugl (Fours), B. Hanmer (Triples and Minor Singles), P. Heath (Fours), C. Mazey (Triples) T. Overy (Major Singles and Pairs) (Avalon Beach). Bathurst City Major Singles: J. Wild, runner-up E. Lochte. Pairs: K. Evans, D. Huender.

Club Championships and Competition winners: back row – L. Wood, S. Murray, J. Wild, E. Bull; front row – R. Gettens, P. Warren (Bathurst City).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): back row – T. Coulstock, C. Roach, C. Penno; front row – M. Sharrock, M. Amey, L. Walsh, B. Calderbank, F. Buston, F. Crockett (Berkeley Sports). Birrong Sports Major Singles: Sarah Hillyer runner-up Claire Woodley. Pairs: Megan Hillyer and Sarah Hillyer. Triples: Michelle Hillyer, Megan Hillyer, Sarah Hillyer. Fours: L. Johnson, Michelle Hillyer, Megan Hillyer, Sarah Hillyer. Minor Singles: L. Johnson. Club Championships and Competition winners: back row – Megan Hillyer, Michelle Hillyer; front row – S. Hillyer, L. Johnson (Birrong Sports). Blacktown City Major Singles: J. Harvey, runner-up J. Robbins. Pairs: J. Hely, B. Packer. Triples: M. Henness, J. Harvey, J. Robbins. Fours: C. Zammit, K. Murphy, T. Hornby, S. Richardson. Minor Singles: B. Packer.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): B. Packer, J. Hely, J. Harvey, J. Robbins, T. Hornby, S. Richardson (insets C. Zammit, K, Murphy, M. Henness) (Blacktown City). 42 MARCH-APRIL 2013


Club Championships Bowral Major Singles: J. Tucker runner-up R. South. Pairs: F. Post, M. Scriven. Trip-les: J. Woodey, L. Lewis, S. Handley. Fours: J. Woodey, L. Lewis. M. Scriven, S. Handley.

Club Championships and Competition winner (l to r): M. Scriven, F. Post. L. Lewis, S. Handley, J. Woodey. J Tucker (Bowral). Brush Park Major Singles: R. Holman runner-up M. Pollard. Pairs: P. Lovejoy, E. Bell. Triples: J. Higgerson, M. Armstrong, M, Fransman. Fours: F. Williams, B. Palmer, J. Battersby, M. O’Brien. Minor Singles: Jan De Vries.

Castle Hill Major Singles: S. de la Harpe. Pairs: l. Patterson, N. Sneddon. Triples: S. de la Harpe, F. Lee, D. Howard. Fours: D. Culverwell, M, Werner, L. Patterson, N. Sneddon. Minor Singles: D. Creed.

Club Championships and Competition winners: back row – S. de la Harpe, F. Lee, D. Howard, M. Werner, D. Culverwell, D. Creed (inset N. Sneddon, L. Patterson) (Castle Hill). Cessnock City Major Singles: M. Crump, runner-up E. Richardson. Pairs: M. Hudson, C. Vernon. Triples: C. Andrews, F. Orchard, M. Slade. Fours: C. Parkinson, M. Crump, K. Lane, C. Vernon. Minor Singles: M. Wicken.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): R. Holman, M. Pollard, M. O’Brien, J. Battersby, B. Palmer, F. Williams, P. Lovejoy, E. Bell, J. Higgerson (Brush Park). Canowindra Major Singles: H. Hoad runner-up S. Robson. Pairs: D. Noble, H. Hoad. Triples: M. Gosper, D. Noble, H. Hoad. Fours: P. Nash, D. Slattery, C. Pickard, G. Haydon. Minor Singles: E. Petty.

Club Championships and Competition winners: back row – H. Hoad, G. Haydon, C. Pickard, D. Noble, E. Petty, front row – M. Gosper, D. Slattery (inset P. Nash) (Canowindra). 42


Club Championships and Competition winners: back row – M. Hudson, E. Richardson, F. Orchard, C. Parkinson; front row – C. Vernon, M. Crump, M. Slade (Cessnock City). Condong Major Singles: H. Dobbyn. Runner-up: R. Morris. Pairs: M. Standfield, K. Edmunds. Triples: H. Fuller, M. Standfield, P. Flack. Fours: H. Fuller, R. Ross, M. Standfield, P. Flack.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): P. Flack, M. Standfield, R. Ross, H. Fuller (Inset H. Dobbyn) (Condong). NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Cooma Major Singles: M. Zasso, runner-up L. West. Major Pairs: M Zasso, L. Snell. Triples. V. Clark, M. Tucker, T, Botto. Fours: M. Zasso, L. West, D. Jackson, M. D’Amico. Minor Singles: D. Jackson. Minor Pairs: J. Upton, G. Connelly. Bell of Green: R. Steinfort.

Davistown RSL Major Singles: C. Moore. Pairs: S. Taylor, M. Churcher. Triples: M. McLoskey, M. Love. Fours: A. Clark, J. Fletcher, R. Scroggie, R. Blackwood, P. Jenkins-Green. Minor Singles: R. Cartmill.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): V. Clark, M. Tucker, L. Snell, M. Zasso R. Steinfort, D. Jackson, M. D’Amico. L. West (Cooma).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l or r) back row – A.Clark, R. Blackwood, S. Taylor, M. Churcher, M. Love, C. Moore, front row – R. Cartmill, P. Jenkins-Green, M. McLoskey, J. Fletcher, R. Scroggie (Davistown RSL).

Cudgen Leagues Major Singles: J. Wotherspoon, runner-up E. Fleming. Pairs: P. Pieterse, B. Hall. Triples: R. Lowe, P. Pieterse, B. Hall. Fours: J. Dent, R. Lowe, M. Alcorn, C. Wein. Consistency Singles: P. Pieterse.

Denistone Major Singles: B. Peddell, runner-up M. Segula. Pairs: J. Halverson, M. Turner. Triples: J. Elliot, B. Hammond, L. Kemmis. Fours: N. DalSanto, E. Tulloch, B. Haig, L. Kemmis. Minor singles: E. Tulloch. Consistency: J. Halverson

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): J. Wotherspoon, E. Fleming, P. Pieterse, B. Hall, R. Lowe, M. Alcorn, C. Wein (Cudgen Leagues). Dapto Major Singles: M. Stubbs, runner-up J. Seedhouse. Pairs: R. Clarke, B. Connell. Triples: L. Wagstaff, B. Taylor, K. Suckley. Fours: M. Bruce, D. Kelly, B. Taylor, J. Seedhouse. Minor Singles: C. West. Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): L. Wagstaff, M. Stubbs, C. West, R. Clarks, B. Connell, B. Taylor, K. Suckley, M. Bruce, D. Kelly. J. Seedhouse (Dapto).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): J. Elliot, B. Peddell, B Haig. L. Kemmis, M. Turner, M. Sutcliffe, B Hammond, J. Halverson, E. Tulloch, N. DalSanto (Denistone). Earlwood Major Singles: J.L. Frazer, runner-up J. McEvoy. Pairs: W. Reece, J. Wilkie. Triples: R. Nicholl, M. Rumphorst. J. McEvoy.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back row – M. Rumphorst, J. McEvoy, W. Reece, J. Wilkie; front row – R. Nicholl, M.Entriken, P. James, P. Gearin, P. Paul (Earlwood). 44



Club Championships Fours: W. Reece, F. Gearin, J. Wilkie, P. James. Minor Singles: P. Paul. Ganmain Major Singles: A. Manning, runner-up J. Hatty. Pairs: M. Fraser, L. Cox. Triples: C. Alkemade, A. Manning, L. Cox. Fours: K. Burns, M. Dillon, A. Crouch, D. Cox. Minor Singles: G. Lafferty. Central Riverina District Major Singles winner: D. Cox (Ganmain WBC).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): back row – D. Cox, M. Dillon, A. Crouch, G. Lafferty; front row – J. Hatty, A. Manning, L. Cox, C. Alkemade (inset K. Burns) (Ganmain). Gilgandra Major Singles: N. Dunkley. Pairs: N. Dunkley, K. Johnson. Triples: N. Reynolds. K. Johnson, J. Kennaugh. Fours: H. Smith, J. Kennaugh, K. Holswich, B. Garbutt. Minor Singles: J. Bushell. 21 up: J. Kew. Consistency: J. Kew.

Gladesville Major Singles: E. Meagher, runner-up F. Bosward. Pairs: D. Owen, E. Meagher. Triples: D. Owen, J. Jones, E. Meagher. Fours: E. Johnson, M. Luckey, M. Farthing, B. Paterson. Minor Singles: P. Barrass. Championships and Competition winners (l to r) back row – M. Luckey, M. Farthing, D. Owen; mid row – B. Paterson, E. Meagher; front row – E. Johnson, F. Bosward (inset J. Jones, P. Barrass) (Gladesville).

Gunnedah Major Singles: N. Ryman, runner-up J. Morrison. Paris: K. Barnes, N. Ryman. Triples: J. Cunningham, K. Barnes, V. Scott. Fours: C. Cooper, M. Bunce, J Cunningham, K. Barnes. Senior Fours: H. Eveleigh, J. Sills, R. Fordham, N. Ryman. (Finalist in Central Northern District) Minor Singles: R. Fordman. Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): N. Ryman and J. Morrison (Gunnedah). Harbord Major Singles: C. Gordon, runner-up J. Newell. Pairs: M. Sato, S. Rudman. Triples: J. Sutherland, M Sato, C. Gordon. Fours: G. Swan, J. Nietzawtowski, J, Herringe. S. Rudman. Minor Singles: G. Swan.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): B. Garbutt, N. Reynolds, K. Holswich, N. Dunkley, H. Smith, K. Johnson, J. Kennaugh, J. Bushell (Gilgandra).

CORRECTIONS Belmont Sporties Club Championship results were incorrectly published in the November/December Bowls News (p 54.) as Belmont. NSSC Dalmeny Club Championship results were incorrectly published in the January/February Bowls News (p.52) as NSSC Narooma. Peakhurst: Pairs, Triples & Fours: M. Sheean Minor Singles: M. Hall Sylvania: Minor Singles: G. Calvin 44


Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): J. Sutherland, C. Gordon, G. Swan, J. Nietzawtowski, J. Herringe, S. Rudman (inset M. Sato) (Harbord). NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Hunters Hill Major Singles: N. Barkl, runner-up V. Elias. Pairs: P. Gore, J. Doyle. Triples: P. Gore, B. Jackson, J. Doyle. Fours: P. Gore, A. Lowe, G. Blunt, J. Doyle. Minor Singles: A. Dale.

Triples: A. Burton, L. Geniale, M. Conner. Fours: R. Hey, L. Killman, E. Dokulil, L. Geniale. Minor Singles: M. Jones. Kootingal Major Singles: E. Roberts, runner-up B. Heeney. Pairs: S. Connolly, J. Fraser. Triples: G. Davidson, J. English, B.A. White. Fours: E. Roberts, B.A White, J. English, M. Platt. Minor Singles: D. Berry. Consistency: G. Davidson. Dot McKinnon Singles: G. Davidson. Belle of Green Singles: S. Connolly. Club Champion: E. Roberts.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r ): A. Dale, G. Blunt, A. Lowe, J. Doyle, P. Gore, B. Jackson, V. Elias, N. Barkl (Hunter Hill). ILuka Major Singles: J. Harrop, runner-up E. Connell. Pairs: E. Amey, E. Flaherty. Triples: R. Duncan, E. Karstens, J. Harro. Open Fours: E. Amey, E. Connell, S. MacNeil, J. Harrop. Minor Singles: P. Welsh.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): back row – S, Connolly E. Roberts, J. Fraser, D. Berry; front row – G. Davidson, J. English, B. A. White, M. Platt (Kootingal). Kyogle Major Singles: I. Watson, runner-up C. Brosnan. Pairs: P. Hogan, I. Watson. Triples: P. Hogan, I. Watson, L. Hayes. Fours: P. Hogan, H. Bunny, J. Painter, L. Hayes.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): P. Welsh, R. Duncan, J. Harrop, E. Amey, S. MacNeil (Iluka). Inverell Major Singles: R. O’Neill. Pairs: M. Retallack, P Croft. Triples: R. Brown, A. Cook, B. Woodham. Fours: H. Anstee, P. Croft, R. Thomas, M. Retalack Killara Major Singles: J. Halliday, runner-up A. Cowlishaw. Pairs: E. Morrell, B. Cotton.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): L. Geniale, R. Hey, L. Killman, E. Morrell, B. Cotton, A. Burton, J. McInerney, J. Halliday, M. Morris, M. Jones (inset M. Connor) (Killara).

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): H. Bunny, I. Watson, L. Hayes, P. Hogan, J. Painter (Kyogle).

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back row – S. Proctor, B. Cochran, A.Wilson, S. Maizard, V. Wilson, front row – M. Rowsell, M. Poulter, N. Scott, J. Sloggett (Lake Cathie). MARCH-APRIL 2013

46 45

Club Championships Lake Cathie Major Singles: J. Roberts. Pairs: J. Roberts, J. Sloggett. Triples: M. Rowsell, M. Poulter, N. Scott. Fours: S. Proctor, B. Cochran, A. Lloyd, A. Wilson. Minor Singles: V. Wilson. Minor Pairs: N. McCracken, S. Malzard. Consistency: J. Roberts. Under 3 years: A. Innes. Lane Cove Major Singles: M. Pike, runner-up L. Scahill. Pairs: M. Pike, N. Morris.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): E. McKinven, L. Scahill, V. McDonald, N. Morris, M. Pike, J. Hamilton (inset H. Chapman) (Lane Cove).

Fours: J. Mead, C. Collins, R. Smith, R. Fitzpatrick. Minor Singles: K. Wright. Lithgow Workman’s Valley Major Singles: K. Keighley, runner-up N. Williams. Pairs: D. Frazer, N. Williams. Triples: J. Kennedy, B. Bryce, M. Thwaites Fours: B. Evans, C. Kenniff, B. Bender, B. Lothian. Minor Singles: N. Williams.

Club Championship and Competition winner K. Keighley, trophy presented by Club Manager M. Alexander, (Lithgow Workman’s Valley). Mollymook Major Singles: K. Pope. Pairs: J. Manning, I. Wilson. Triples: L. Newton P. Yeoman, J. Thurecht. Fours: D. Hill, K. Pope, M. Wilson, D. Page. Club championship and Competition winners (l to r): D. Page, M. Wilson, K. Pope, D. Hill, I. Wilson, J. Manning, P. Yeoman, L. Newton, J. Thurecht (Mollymook).

Triples: L. Scahill, V. McDonald, H. Chapman. Fours: L. Scahill, V. McDonald, H. Chapman, E. McKinven. Minor Singles: J. Hamilton. Lawson Major Singles: M. Coleman, runner-up D. Mackie. Pairs: M. Soergel, M, Coleman. Triples: C. Wright, K. Wright, M, Coleman.

Nambucca Heads Major Singles: N. Lawrence, runner-up P. Peterson. Pairs: M. Montgomery, K. Kellond. Triples: M. Silvia, A. Duffus, J. Nicholas. Fours: S. Taylor. B. Fane, M. Montgomery, K. Kellond. Minor Singles: P. Fletcher.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): C. Wright, R. Fitzpatrick, M. Coleman. R. Smith, C. Colins, M. Soergel, J. Mead (inset K. Wright (Lawson).

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) front row – P. Peterson, M. Montgomery, K. Kellond, A. Duffus, S. Taylor, back row – M. Silvia, J. Nicholas, N. Lawrence, P. Fletcher, B. Fane (Nambucca Heads).





Narrabri Major Singles: D. Armstrong, runner-up E. Sadler. Pairs: N. McNamara, D. Gleeson. Triples: V. Falkiner, G. Panton, L. Scott. Fours: M. Redman, G. Panton, L. Scott, B. Ryan. Minor Singles: B. Regan.

Northmead Major Singles: J. Dennis, Pairs: N. Walsh, J. Whittington. Triples: B. Keene, P. Porter, S. Shipley. Fours: P. Nolan, V. Robinson, J. Britnell, S. Shipley. Minor Singles: P. Marney.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – B. Ryan, V. Falkiner, G. Panton, E. Sadler, front row – D. Armstrong, B. Regan, N. McNamara, D. Gleeson, M. Redman (Narrabri).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r) front row – P. Nolan, V. Robinson, J. Britnell, S. Shipley, back row – P. Porter, B. Keene, J. Whittington, P. Marney, J. Dennis (insert) N. Walsh (Northmead).

Newport Major Singles: J. Robson. Pairs: C. Lindley, V. Miller. Triples: A. Meadows, H. Edwards, L. Tattersall. Fours: Dawn Stansfield, C. Russell, B. Green, M. Smith. Minor Singles: B. Chapman. Major/Minor Pairs: H. Charlton, J. Cudmore (sub). Consistency: C. Russell.

North Ryde RSL Major Singles: E. Marsden, Pairs: L. McAulay, S. Leabeater. Triples: A. Richardson, K. Sheehy, C. Renwick. Fours: A. Alvarez, S. Seabeater, E. Marsden, S. McLean. Minor Singles: F. Lancett. Graduate Singles: S. Aiken. Consistency Singles: I. Hitchens.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – B. Green, C. Russell, B. Chapman, L. Tattersall, C. Lindley, V. Miller, A. Meadows, H. Charlton, front row – D. Stansfield, J. Robson, M. Smith, J. Cudmore, (Newport).

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – F. Lancett, S. Aiken, A. Richardson, E. Marsden, C. Renwick, front row – I. Hitchens, K. Sheehy, L. McAulay, A. Alvarez, S. Leabeater, S. McLean (North Ryde RSL).

North Epping Major Singles: J. Swan, runner-up J. Douglass. Pairs: J. Rollason, B. Watkins. Triples: M. Wallace, M. Phipps, J. Swan. Fours: J. Brannagan, V. Riley, B. Smith. J. Swan. Minor Singles: T. Hilder.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): V. Riley, M. Phipps, J. Douglass, B. Smith, B. Watkins, T. Hilder, J. Swan (North Epping).

North Sydney Major Singles: M. Moorhouse, runner-up R. Beaumont. Pairs: H. Emura, A. Coleman. Triples: D. Porter, K. Lane, A. Coleman.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r) back row – D. Porter, K. Lane, B. Ewen, front row – M. Moorhouse, K. Morrision, H. Emura, A. Coleman (inset J. Murray) (North Sydney). 48 MARCH-APRIL 2013


Club Championships Fours: J. Murray, B. Ewen, K. Lane, A. Coleman. Minor Singles: K. Morrision. Consistency: M. Moorhouse. NSSC Narooma Major Singles: D. Kenny, runner-up H. Donovan Pairs: D. Kenny, L. Gosper Triples: M. Hardy, A. Hunter, W. Blink Fours: S. Bender, M. Hardy, B. McNamara, M. Downie, Minor Singles: S. Wales Consistency: I. Halsey Novice Singles: G. Riley Ourimbah – Lisarow RSL Major Singles: A. McPherson, runner-up F. Ford. Pairs: B. Paine, D. McPherson. Triples: J. Casey, J. Wastell, M. Sohier. Minor Singles: J. Wootten. Consistency: E. Foster.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): D. Bailey, J. de Vries, P. Furner, L. Fitzhenry, B. Quinn (Picnic Point). Port Macquarie Panthers Major Singles: E. Long, runner-up G. Page. Pairs: E. Long, G. Page. Triples: S. Wright, E. Long, G. Page. Fours: R. Crosariol, M. Wild, E. Long, G. Page. Minor Singles: K. Sweeney.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r) back row – J. Wootten, A. McPherson, E. Foster, D. McPherson, front row – J. Wastell, M. Sohier, J. Casey, B. Paine (Ourimbah – Lisarow RSL).

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): E. Long, K. Sweeney, G. Page, R. Crosariol, M. Wild, S. Wright (Port Macquarie Panthers)

Park Beach Major Singles: J. Monks. Pairs: J. Monks, C. Dodds. Triples: P. Fletcher, D. Jones, C. Garrett. Fours: J. Parker, G. Edwards, J. Pearce, D. Hargraves. Minor Singles: C. Kershaw.

Revesby Workers Major Singles: M. McKinley, runner-up V. Hall. Pairs: M. McKinley, B. O’Connor. Triples: V. Hall, B. Carroll, J. Calderon. Fours: R. Randall, M. Miller, B. O’Connor, M. McKinley. Minor Singles: R. Corringham.

Club Championships and Competitions (l to r) back row – J. Parker, P. Fletcher, D. Jones, C. Garrett, G. Edwards, C. Dodds, front row – C. Kershaw, M. Owen, J. Monks, J. Pearce, D. Hargraves (Park Beach). Picnic Point Major Singles: D. Bailey, runner-up S. Fahey. Pairs: D. Bailey, C. Wightman. Triples: J. de Vries, P. Furner, L. Fitzhenry. Fours: D. Bailey, B. Quinn, L. Sharp. C. Wightman. Minor Singles: J. de Vries. 48


Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – R. Randall, R. Cottingham, V. Hall, front row – B. O’Connor, M. McKinley, J. Calderon, B. Carroll (inset M. Miller) (Revesby Workers). Seaforth Major Singles: M. Parker, runner-up J. Carpenter. Pairs: M. Hastings, G. Fussel. Triples: M. Hastings, J. Freeman, N. Etherington. Minor Singles: L. O’Grady. NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): J. Freeman, M. Parker, N. Etherington, G. Fussel, M. Hastings (Seaforth). Shellharbour Major Singles: P. Hennessy, runner-up J. Turner. Pairs: J. Kervin, J. McKechnie. Triples: J. Jordan, C. Justice, N. Ryan. Fours: C. Justice, J. Lacey, R. Ledgerwood, D. Waldron. Minor Singles: D. Obouchowski.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – A. Callaghan, P. Smith, J. Bradley, J. Williams, front row – L. Hinton, R. Cooper, C. Johnstone, A. D’Annunziata (Soldiers Point). St Georges Basin Major Singles: S. Danson, runner-up H. Greenfield. Pairs: M. Sellars, M. McClure. Triples: E. Morris, R. McDonald, M. Morris. Open Fours: I. Thelander, D. Clamberlin, J. McDermott, M. McClure. Senior Fours: G. Long, E. Morris, M. Sellars, M. McClure. Minor Singles: J. Capon. Consistency: J. Anderson.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): J. Kervin, N. Ryan, J. Lacey, J. Jordan, D. Obuchowski, P. Hennessy, D. Waldron, J. McKechne (Shellharbour). Soldiers Point Major Singles: V. McIntyre, runner-up C. Johnstone. Pairs: C. Johnstone, J. Williams. Triples: V. McIntyre, L. Hinton, A. Turnbull. Fours: C. Johnstone, J. Williams, A. Callaghan, R. Cooper. Minor Singles: A. D’ Annunziata. Minor Pairs: S. Ball, J. Bradley.


Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – C. Hakkenbrook, I. Thelander, M. Sellars, R. McDonald, D. Chamberlin; middle row – H. Greenfield, J. McDermott, M. McClure, J. Anderson; front row – S. Danson, G. Long, E. Morris, M. Morris, J. Capon (St Georges Basin).


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Club Championships St Marys RSL Major Singles: D. Brien, runner-up P. Wilton. Pairs: A. Tindall, D. Brien. Triples: M. Boan, K. McTernan, P. Wilton. Fours: K. Yealand, J. Sheppard, B. Myrianthoppolos, T. Naylor. Minor Singles: M. Leslie. Stockton Major Singles: J. Fleming. Pairs: M. Barnett, J. Jones. Triples: M. Barnett, P. Stephens, A. Moxey. Fours: L. Kociuba, F. Lewis, P. Stephens, A. Moxey.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – C. Turner, D. Soyke, J. Short, R. Levy, front row – K. North, B. Huass (Taren Point). Thirroul Major Singles: S. White. Pairs: S. White, D. Hamilton. Triples: P. Finlay, M. Turner, M. Denmead. Fours: C. Dodd, J. Pincham, S. White, D. Hamilton. Minor Singles: D. Bataille.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): M. Barnett, J. Jones, P. Stephens, L. Kociuba, F. Lewis, A. Moxey (Stockton). Sutherland Major Singles: P. Evans, runner-up C. Wright. Pairs: K. Batger, J. Griffiths. Triples: L. Francis, S. Brown, P. Ridge. Fours: V. White, W. Ritter. L. Francis, P. Ridge. Minor Singles: P. Cozens. Consistency: L. Francis.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – B. Bataille, S. White, D. Hamilton, front row – C. Dodd, J. Pincham, S. White, D. Hamilton, P. Finlay, M. Turner, M. Denmead (Thirroul). Towradgi Park Major Singles: K. Lancaster, runner-up J. Matthews. Pairs: J. Woods, J. McMillan. Triples: K. Gill, J. Woods, J. McMillan. Fours: J. Woods, D. Dale, L. Bonsor, J. McMillan.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back row – J. Griffiths, L. Francis, V. White, W. Ritter, P. Ridge; front row – P. Cozens, P. Evans, S. Brown (inset K. Batger (Sutherland). Taren Point Major Singles: C. Turner. Pairs: B. Hvass, C. Turner. Triples: B. Hvass, K. Brough, C. Turner. Fours: B. Hvass, R. Levy, K. Brough, C. Turner. Minor Singles: D. Soyka. Novice Singles: K. North. Consistency: J. Short. 50


Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – J. Hunter, J. McMillan, R. Jack, front row – K. Gill, K. Lancaster, J. Woods, D. Dale (Towradgi Park). NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Minor Singles: J. Hunter. Major Consistency: J. McMillan. Minor Consistency: R. Jack. Presidents Triples: S. Ross, Z. McAlary, M. Stanton. Turramurra Major Singles: J. Wallis, runner-up J. Hing. Pairs: Y. Williams, J. Wallis. Triples: J. Martin, J. Hing, A. Fuller. Fours: J. Martin, B. Lowe, A. Webb, S. Hamilton. Minor Singles: M. Brenner. Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): P. Crawford, C. Sanbrook, G. Wallace, H. Pearce, B. Tindall, M. Smith, A. Vitullo, P. Whyte, L. Hardwick, C. Coleman, S. Bowman (Wagga RSL). Walcha Results: Major Singles; S. Goodfellow. Pairs: E. Harrison, D. Holt. Three Bowl Pairs: E. Harrison, V. Wall.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r): back row – J. Martin, J. Wallis, B. Lowe, S. Hamilton; front row – M. Brenner, A. Webb, J. Hing, Y. Williams, A. Fuller (Turramurra). Umina Beach Major Singles: S. Clark, runner-up C. Cole. Pairs: D. Burrows, S. Clark. Triples: C. Cole, J. Gaul, C. Johnston. Fours: B. Bartle, G. Jarratt, B. Cusack, J. Haigh Minor Singles: A. Miller. Minor Pairs: L. Chenoweth, C. Quinn.

Club Championship and Competition winners (l to r) back row – C. Johnston, J. Gaul, C. Cole, B. Bartle, G. Jarratt, B. Cusack, J. Haigh, D. Burrows, S. Clark; front row – A. Miller, L. Chenoweth (Umina Beach). Uralla Major Singles: P. Westbury, runner-up B. Barraclough. Pairs: T. Filmer, A. Fulton. Triples: P. Dade, F. Smith, G. Johnson. Fours: L. Fuller, F. Smith, V. Paul, S, Smith. Minor Singles: S. Smith. Wagga RSL Major Singles: G. Wallace, runner-up C. Coleman. Pairs: H. Pearce, C. Sanbrook. Triples: P. Whyte, M. Smith, C. Coleman. Fours: A. Vitullo, L. Hardwick, P. Crawford, S. Bowman. Minor Singles: P. Whyte.

Club Championships and Competition winners (l to r): E. Harrison, S. Goodfellow, D. Holt, V. Wall (Walcha). Warilla Major Singles: V. Turner, runner-up L. Barnett. Pairs: K. Hamilton, L. Barnett. Triples: M. Veitch, J. Taylor, B. O’Donnell. Fours: B. Johnston, J. Hili, S. Noronha, N. Noronha. Minor Singles: M. Astill. Warringah Major Singles: J. Mountain, runner-up S. Greenstein. Pairs; J. Legras, H. Hoyle. Triples: S. Miller, J. Gowing, D. Gould. Fours: J. Mountain, H. Hoyle, Z. Farrell, R. Eldershaw.

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1 Muriel Ave, Phone: 1800 251 765 Rydalmere NSW 2116 Phone: (02) 9638 4222 Email: Fax: (02) 9684 1776



2013 What’s ON in your Club CONTACT

Apr 12

Asquith Asquith Variety Five Carnival

H. Maloney 9987 4454

Apr 14

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers

L. Role 9726 0782

Apr 15 -21

Port City 75th Anniversary Week

C. Bowman 6584 9229

Apr 21

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhirst 9871 6943

Apr 22

Taren Point 2 Bowl Triples

I. Deuschle 9528 2113

Apr 25

Port City Anzac Day

Apr 28

Guildford R. Smith Ladies 6 a side Tournament 0422 162 263

Apr 28

Gymea Bowl & Dine

K. Gooch 0417 077 501

Apr 29

West Pennant Hills Ladies Koala Carnival

P. Jones 0419 416 677

May 1

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers

May 3

Port Macquarie Panthers Mixed 2 Bowl Triples

May 5

Wentworthville Maltese Bowlers

May 6

Beecroft Gala Triples

May 6

Sutherland Turn-a-round Triples

R. Young 9521 4662

May 11

Marickville Margaret Osborne Fours Day

G. Barnes 9799 1052

May 13

Gymea Bowl and Dine

May 13

Springwood Rotating Triples

May 13

North Haven 3 Bowls Pairs

May 13 -14

C. Bowman 6584 9229

L. Role 9726 0782 T. Merchant 6583 8496 L. Role 9726 0782 L. Thornewell 0424 291 549


Malua Bay M. Mulcahy Open Triples 4472 2121 Blacktown City T. Hornby Open Invitation Mixed Pairs 0407 435 467 May 19 Brush Park B. Dewhirst Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples 9871 6943 May 19 Western Suburbs J. Wisby Triples Gala Day 0402 141 472

May 17 -18 May 19

May 22

J. Santleben 9524 8727

Caringbah May Carnival

May 22 Carlingford Ladies Turn Around Triples Carnival

L. Rynehart 9873 5573

May 23

Caringbah Triples Carnival

J. Santleben 9524 8727

May 23

Woy Woy Gala Day Cronulla Autumn Triples Carnival Gymea Triples Carnival Port City Versatility Fives Carnival

L. Pointing 4341 8323 J. Thornton 9531 0950 L. Hazen 9524 2674 C. Bowman 6584 9229

May 24 May 26 Jun 3-4 Jun 6

Woy Woy President’s Day

L. Pointing 4341 8323

Jun 8-9

Urunga Camellia Triples Carnival

J. Dew 6655 6846

Jun 9

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers - Pairs Lismore Workers Heights Fiesta Triples

L. Role 9726 0782 E. Swain 6625 2459

Jun 12 -13 Jun 14

Asquith H. Maloney Pairs ‘Under 5’ Carnival 9987 4454

Jun 14

South Cronulla Triples Carnival

L. Lowder 9523 0702

E. Pender 6559 9150

Jun 16

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhirst 9871 6943

Lithgow Workmans Valley Two Day Open Fours Carnival

N. Williams 6351 4056

Jun 17

Taren Point Under 5 Years Pairs

I. Deuschle 9528 2113

May 15

NSSC Dalmeny Ladies Triples

R. Gourley 4476 7387

Jun 23

Gymea Bowl & Dine

May 16

NSSC Dalmeny Ladies 3 Bowl Pairs

R. Gourley 4476 7387

Jun 24

Newport Beach Under 7’s Carnival

B. Green 9971 7627

May 17

North Epping Triples

E. Watford 9869 2304

Jun 24

North Haven Versatility 4’s

E. Pender 6559 9150

May 17

NSSC Dalmeny 3 Bowl Pairs

R. Gourley 4476 7387

Jun 30

Picnic Point Lea’s Day Mixed Triples

S. Fahey 9790 0473



K. Gooch 0417 077 501

K. Gooch 0417 77 501





L. Kaufmann 0439 245 006

Aug 5

Blacktown Workers Ladies Triples Carnival

S. Roosen 9671 4856

T. Merchant 6583 8496

Aug 5

Gymea Charity Day Fours

L. Hazen 9524 2674

July 2-3

Woolgoolga Seaside Classic Fours

July 3

Port Macquarie Panthers Open Triples

July 15

Castle Hill Mixed Fours Carnival

July 15

Yamba Blue Pacific Pairs

W. Ballantyne 6646 3437

Aug 11

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers Triples

L. Role 9726 0782

July 15 -16

Lake Cathie Christmas in July

N. Scott 6584 4904

Aug 14 -15

Lismore Workers Heights Fiesta Fours

E. Swain 6625 2459

July 19

Cronulla Versatility Fours Carnival

J. Thornton 9531 0950

Aug 17 -18

Western Suburbs Under 5 Years Carnival

July 21

Blacktown City Mixed Pairs Carnival

T. Hornby 0407 435 467

Aug 18

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhirst 9871 6943

July 21

Brush Park Jacobs Creek Mixed Triples

B. Dewhurst 9871 6943

Aug 19 -20

Ballina Classic Fours

J. Sully 6686 8971

July 21

Rosehill Maltese Bowlers

L. Role 9726 0782

Aug 21

Caringbah Charity Triples Carnival

July 28

Gymea Bowl & Dine

K. Gooch 0417 077 501

July 28 -30

Port City Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs

Aug 22 -23 Aug 23

July 29

Sutherland Versatility 4’s

R. Young 9521 4662

Aug 2

North Epping Ladies Triples

E. Watford 9869 2304

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In Memoriam Cronulla RSL ladies were saddened by the recent passing on January 6 of Glad Edwards. Glad was one of the foundation members having joined the Club in 1970, and serving as Vice President on the very first committee. She was the Club’s patron for the past 18 years, and until late last year was a regular at all functions. Our condolences to her family and to the bowling club, she will be sadly missed by all

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Davistown RSL —We were all saddened to hear that Elaine Lloyd, a highly-respected and long term member of our club passed away on December 21, 2012 in Sydney. Failing health had made it necessary for her to move from Davistown into her daughter's care. Elaine came to Davistown from Merrylands WBC in 1983. She was a very good bowler, winning twenty-three Championships during her time with us. From 1997-999 Elaine served as Club Treasurer and was Chairman of Selectors for twenty years. Her straight back and stern demeanour kept us all in line, but there was always a twinkle in her eye and

J. Wisby 0402 141 472

J. Santleben 9524 8727 K. Griffiths 6554 5553 L. Lowder 9523 0702 M. Riordan 6862 5313 K. Gooch 0417 077 501 C. Bowman 6584 9229

we loved her dearly. In 2006 Elaine became a Life Member. Davistown WBC plays Triples for the Elaine Lloyd Trophy every July – a fitting reminder of a good friend and a fine lady.

Fingal Bay Women's Bowling Club has lost a treasured member in Pat Niall who passed away on January 16, 2013. Pat was held in great esteem by all at the Club and the Newcastle District bowling fraternity. This was quite clear by the number of friends and bowlers at her Celebration of Life Service. Pat joined the Fingal Bay BC in 1996. She was the Treasurer 2001-2005 and 2007-2012. 54 MARCH-APRIL 2013


In Memoriam Pat won many of the Club Champion -ships throughout her membership of the club and she was regularly selected to represent Newcastle District. She was a Pennant flag and District Pairs winner. Pat treasured the times she would play with her daughter Deborah in Club and District Events. Mother and daughter won many Club Championships together. Fingal Bay bowlers hold Pat in high regard, she was a competitive, agreeable, lovely sportswoman and we all miss her.

Lemon Tree Passage members sadly report the passing of Joan Churchill. Joan was a member for 20 years, serving as secretary for seven years, President for three years and club coach. With husband Cyril she was an active member of the travelling bowlers, and will be remembered for her lively sense of humour.

Betty joined Lithgow City in the late 60's from that time she served on Committee, was a Pennant player and successful in team championships. Betty had a bright smile for everyone.

Lismore Workers Sports Ladies BC were saddened by the passing of Marion Caflisch aged 86, on October 24, 2012. Marion was a Foundation Member, Vice President, caterer for many years and Life Member of the Lismore RSL until its closure when she then transferred to Lismore Workers Sports. Her achievements in championships, majors and minors were many, also in singles, pairs, triples and fours. Owing to ill health Marion was unable to play bowls for many years, but always managed to attend club events, meetings or just watch bowlers. Members formed a guard of honour at her funeral and all will miss a very gracious lady.

Lithgow City – Beatie Aughton died in January this year, two weeks short of her 97th birthday. She migrated from England with husband Bill and joined Lithgow City in the first year of operation. She also was successful in Championships, Pennants and a Committee member. Both may best be remembered for their organising and performances in the Annual Christmas Concerts, to packed houses. Although housebound for some years, they both kept a keen interest in their Club's activities Lithgow City members were saddened at the passing of Betty Honey in May last year at the age of 87. Betty came from a bowling family; her parents both champion bowlers and husband Vic.

North Epping members are indebted to Life member Alice Willard who passed away on January 24, 2013 aged 82 years. She worked tirelessly for the club for almost 30 years. Alice joined the club in 1979. With



Majellan ladies and gentlemen were devastated to learn that Helen known as Joan Lavelle had passed away. Joan was an esteemed member and served on the Club board for many years. Joan was also made a life member of the Parent club. She was a past President and Secretary and won many championships over the years, including the Clubs singles, pairs, triples, and fours championships. Joan was a well-respected and important member of the club. Majellan ladies formed a Guard of Honour at her funeral and she will be greatly missed.

her dynamic personality she was always part of the committee, going from Bowls Organiser to Treasurer, then Secretary and President. Alice was also a Coach and Umpire. Alice was Singles Champion four times and part of many Pairs, Triples and Fours Championships. Alice was also very active with Northern Suburbs District where she was Secretary for Presidents – Leonie Kermond, February 2001 to July 2004, Jewel Buchanan 2004/2005, Delegate North Epping 2005/2006, Chairman of Match 2006/2007 for Wendy Wise. Alice had an amazing knowledge of the rules and regulations of bowls which was unsurpassed. Sadly, over recent years ill health had prevented Alice from joining the North Epping ladies at the club where she had given so much of her time and life to helping many new bowlers. Those who have known Alice will miss her and her sense of humour.

Members of Raymond Terrace were saddened by the passing of Pat Currey on November 14, 2012. Pat Transferred from Dubbo Railway 10 years ago,their loss was our gain. Pat played very good bowls winning the minor singles in 2004, triples 2005 and fours in 2008 Pat was kind, quietly spoken and well respected in the club. Our heartfelt condolence goes to her husband Ken, sons Malcolm, Trevor and theirs wives and grandchildren, whom we had the pleasure of meeting at the well attended wake held at the club. She will be sadly missed by all.

Soldiers Point WBC are very sorry to report the passing of Clare Teague on November 17, 2012. NSWWBA • BOWLS NEWS


Clare joined the Club on May 11, 1987, and was a very active Committee person, holding various positions, including President, Welfare Officer, and being a very capable Secretary for 14 years. Clare battled illness for many years and will be sadly missed.

Soldiers Point WBC is very sorry to report the passing of Life Member, Mildred Ball, on Saturday, February 2, 2013, following a long battle with illness. Mildred had a remarkable history in the Club, a Member for 50 years, served on every Committee, held every position including President, with the exception of Treasurer and also served on the Newcastle District Match Committee. Her bowling successes were almost legendary, not only winning the Major Singles 10 times; Mildred had successes in all other Championships at Club and some at District level. Mildred was also a trained tailoress; a lot of the club’s girls are wearing her splendid work, her beautifully embroidered items. She will be missed by all members.

The St Ives bowling club members were saddened to hear of the passing of Edna Shadlow (Cossill) who was currently a vice-president. Edna passed away suddenly on 30th January aged 85 years. Edna had been a prominent bowler since joining the club in 2004 was a pairs championship winner in 2010 and a member of the team that won the mixed fours in 2012 and a runner-up on numerous occasions. Edna was skip of the grade 2 pennant team and had been a low handicap golfer and a very keen gardener. She was a lovely person and we will miss her.

St Marys RSL members were saddened by the passing of Elizabeth

Dunlop on September 27, 2012. Elizabeth (who liked to be called Betty) joined the original St Marys Bowling Club in 1992 where she held positions on the Committee. Later, when the club amalgamated with St Marys RSL, she became President in 2007-2010. Betty had a quirky sense of humour and volunteered a lot of her time to run BBQ's and lunches for all the weekend bowlers. She is sadly missed by all.

Valentine members were saddened by the passing of Foundation President Jean Elizabeth Charters, Jean was born September 19, 1911 and passed away on January 20, 2013. Jean lived to a grand age of 101 years. Jean was President of Valentine WBC from 1964 to 1977 and for those years presided over the meetings that formulated our policies and set the club on the path to successful bowling. In July 1972 Jean was awarded Life Membership and a little later in that decade became club Patron. Jean was very happy to receive her Super Veteran's Badge with Gold Star and a card acknowledging her wonderful achievement from NSWWBA Inc. on her 100th Birthday. Valentine Women owe a lot to Jean Charters for all the hard work she put into the Club in those early years as we will be celebrating 50 years in 2014. Rest in Peace Jean.

Walgett – Valerie Frances Tuxford was born in Penrith NSW on 10th December 1938 and pass away on 19th January 2013, she will be sadly missed, she was our back bone for the lady bowlers of Walgett. Valerie was our Secretary Treasurer and was always on hand to help the new ladies and show them the way to play bowls happy bowling. Vale RIP.

Warilla WBC ladies lost a dear friend and highly esteemed member when Jean McCall passed away on January 17, 2013 after a long illness. Jean joined the bowling fraternity in 1991 and during her years of playing competitive bowls had many bowling achievements to her credit.She served as Vice President and Treasurer and was always a willing and capable worker for the club. Jean will be sadly missed and will be remembered for her fortitude and courage in dealing with her failing health over the last two years.

Westport members were saddened by the passing of Letty Presser. Letty was President from 1991-1994 and held many other positions at both Westport and District level during her 28 years with the club. She was a member of the Board for 9 years and an offical trainer of umpires. She would have been ninety this year, but unfortunatley was unable to play for some time due to ill health. Her generous and hard working input will always be remembered and members will miss their life member very much.

Westport members were saddened by the passing of Dorothy Styles. Dotty was a club member for 35 years, during that time she achieved: Singles winner 1989/90, 1997/98. Triples 1991(sk), 1999 (sk), 2002 (lead). Fours winner 1987,1988, 1994,1995 (lead) and 2007 (third). State triples winner 2003. District Pennant winner and a number of District achievements. Dotty was a hard working popular member who will be greatly missed. MARCH-APRIL 2013




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