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Since its foundation in 2007, our company evolved from being a local industrial automation supplier into a developer and manufacturer of niche capital equipment for a variety of industries worldwide. From turnkey leak test solutions for the hvac and refrigeration industry to high precision tooling for the semiconductor industry are just a few examples of how we became a diversified technology group. In all our efforts to develop sustainable technology, the most important element is our people and their passion. It energizes our company to be innovative, to be different and to continue where others stop. The passion of our people is what drives our company to push limits in developing tomorrow’s technology and advancing our customers. This is who we are, what we do and how we go about doing it. people. passion. technology.


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Data from 2017


Leak Detection

Rice Processing

Process Monitoring


Industrial Automation

Precision Tooling


Leak Detection Rice Processing Process Monitoring Industrial Automation Precision Tooling

38% 30% 16% 10% 6%


THAILAND + Headquarters + Service Center + Manufacturing MALAYSIA + Sales Office + Service Center + Manufacturing INDIA + Sales Office + Service Center

Total: 1600 m2







41-50 Employees ≈ 70

Women 26%

R&D and MFG. 60%

Nationalities 4

Languages 6

51-60 61-70

12% 4% 2%



HVAC & Refrigeration Food & Beverages Semiconductor & Electronics General & Others

06 07 08 09


Precision Machining 11 Technical Ceramics 12 Equipment Contract Mfg. 13 Technical Support 14 Equipment Leasing 15


corporate profile

The relationship we form with people is the most important element for us. We believe that working as a team, learning from one another and developing collectively is the foundation of sustainable success. Thanakorn Trongtruek


High Volume Helium Leak Testing

Charging & Discharging

Low Volume Helium Leak Testing

Gas Booster & Helium Recovery

We're a turnkey solution provider for air and helium leak test equipment. We develop and fabricate fully integrated high volume and low volume leak test systems. To provide our customers a total - one stop shop - solution we also have charging, discharging, gas booster and helium recovery systems to complete the product portfolio. // HVAC & Refrigeration


corporate profile

// Food & Beverages With our headquarters in Thailand, a country where a significant portion of the economy is represented by rice production, we believe in being a local ASEAN partner by developing our own Made in Thailand - equipment for the rice processing industry. Our main focus is on - end of line equipment - for filtering, weighing, packing, material handling and process control & monitoring systems.

Vacuum, Batch and Semi or Fully Automated Bag Packing Systems

Kiosk (HMI) Interface

Robot Palletizing

Customized (Automatic Change) Grippers


Inspection of Semiconductor Components in Tape & Reel

Measurement of Leaded Packages

Vision Pick & Place

3rd Optical Inspection

Since the foundation of our company we've been developing and fabricating inspection systems to optimize and automate quality control for label inspection, early defect detection, assembly verification and other quality control operations. We also develop high-volume laser marking systems, machine vision options, and laser OEM options. // Semiconductor & Electronics


corporate profile

// General & Other Our roots are in industrial automation and up to today still an important part of our business. Our experience in a variety of industries enables us to be a reliable and competent special purpose machine builder in the field of automation. From small machinery to customized turnkey solutions are challenges we take upon us with passion.

Cap Clinching Machine

Press Assembly Line

De-Gating Die

Odor Retaining Machine


It makes the unthinkable become thinkable and it turns challenges into solutions. Thinking today of what we want to accomplish tomorrow. This is the character we bring to the table. Warachaya Jansawangsakul


corporate profile

Wire EDM

Sink EDM

Surface Grinding

CNC Milling

We have vast experience in high precision machining for tool and die applications in a variety of industries. All our CNC Milling, Sink / Wire EDM, Surface Grinding and QC equipment is maintained in a temperature controlled atmosphere, ensuring your components are machined to their exact specifications with accuracies of 5Âľm to 1Âľm. // Precision Machining


// Technical Ceramics

Jarun Rodkasikam

One of the sub skills of our precision machining department is technical ceramics; also known as advanced, engineering or fine ceramics. Due to their unique material properties, technical ceramics are considered as the most efficient material compared to traditional materials such as carbide. Technical ceramics are ideal for wear and tear parts or parts that require unique material characteristics.


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Small to Large Sub-Assemblies

Professional Logistics

Experienced Technicians

Large Equipment and Turnkey Solutions

With our in-house engineering, high precision machining and fabrication team, we are a capable build to print service provider for your equipment contract manufacturing needs. We are able to fabricate sub-assemblies or total equipment solutions according your blue prints. It’s also possible to use our build to specification service where you utilize our engineering and manufacturing skills to develop and fabricate your equipment within specified parameters. // Equipment Contract Mfg.


// Technical Support Supporting our customers is important to us. We provide a variation of support and maintenance programs to ease the workload on your technicians and to ensure your equipment maintains reliable. We are also the only certified service center for Schmidt Technology assembly presses (Asia) and Laco Technologies leak detectors (Southeast Asia, India).

Vacuum Pump Maintenance


Technical Training

Leak Detector Calibration & Maintenance

corporate profile

Short-Term Renting


A unique service in Southeast Asia! To support your short term project needs, or just to try before you buy, we provide the option for short-term renting of leak detectors and lease-to-own plans for both low and high volume helium leak test, charging, discharging, gas booster and helium recovery systems. // Equipment Leasing


The collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes we master to develop and manufacture sustainable solutions to meet future demands, improving what already works and conquering tomorrow’s challenges. Jarun Rodkasikam


corporate profile



corporate profile


people. passion. technology.

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Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile