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Amy Looney, wife of the late Lt. (SEAL) Brendan Looney, will attempt a crossing of the English Channel in July, 2012. As a part of a relay team consisting of spouses of our fallen Special Warfare Operators, she will attempt this feat in honor of her husband and all the fallen and injured survivors. There are only a few swim windows each season aligned with the "neap" tides (when the tidal shift is at its lowest). Athena Passage, a non-profit organization, has secured a first position with the Sea Leopard escort boat for the July 10-18 neap tide. This means that on the first day that the conditions are favorable for a successful crossing, the Athena Passage team will make their attempt. The weather and currents of the English Channel are notoriously temperamental. This coupled with an extremely high level of shipping traffic make it one of the world's greatest physical challenges. Since the first successful crossing by Captain Matthew Webb in 1875, there have been fewer successful crossings of the English Channel than there have been successful summits of Mt. Everest by a factor of more than two. Athena Passage is a non-profit organization that provides venues for wounded members of the Special Operations community and the surviving spouses of our fallen to engage in mutually fulfilling challenges that enhance resiliency and hardiness while providing opportunity in the face of loss and adversity. For more information about Amy’s swim, please contact Susan Letterman, NSW Group ONE Family Support Coordinator, at 619-537-3150.

Amy Looney to Swim English Channel