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See pages 12 & 13 for the Escrime interview with Frank

FIE Salutes Frank Bartolillo The latest Escrime magazine from the FIE features an interview with Frank Bartolillo, reflecting on the career and achievements of one of NSW’s and Australia’s most successful fencers. Frank fenced for Australia in the Athens Olympics in 2004, achieved an FIE ranking of

45, a World Championship top-16 result and was 9 times Australian men’s foil champion. The Escrime story on Frank shows why this talented yet modest man is admired, respected and liked by all and is an inspiration for our younger fencers.

Marrickville Council Chips In For New Pistes Marrickville Council has made a grant of $1,000 to NSWFA under its Recreation Grants Program.

which are proving much easier to set up and pack away than our metal pistes.

The money will go towards buying flexible, ‘roll-out’ pistes for use at NSWFA competitions.

However, they can be susceptible to damage. People are reminded not to walk over the flexible pistes, not to spill food and drink on them, and not to fence epee as missed foot hits can damage the fabric.

NSWFA thanks Marrickville Council for its generosity. NSWFA recently purchased three Leon Paul ‘roll-out’ pistes

NSW Fencers Do Well at AFC#3 in Melbourne In open men’s sabre, NSW scooped up all the medals with Philip Miller taking gold, John Chow silver, Adam Wilcock and Sebastian Young sharing bronze. In open women’s sabre, Priscilla Del Castillo won gold and Grace White bronze.

a bronze and Matthew Donald just missed a medal to take fifth place.

In open men’s foil, Sholto Douglas placed second in a good performance against the visiting Italian fencer Martino Minuto, a former Junior world champion. Sam Mooney Grand also fenced well to take

In the veterans’ events, Radu Vintila won gold in men’s sabre, Andrey Tyshchenko silver in foil, Anna Slowiaczek silver in foil with Fiona Budniak a bronze.

Katherine Kwa fought strongly to take a bronze in open women’s foil. In open men’s epee, John Downes snared a bronze.

On Target Newsletter August 2013

New Schools Co-ordinator

Cathy Syme has taken on the responsibility of Schools Co-ordinator for NSWFA. Our Schools Championships in terms 2 & 3 are the largest competition run by NSWFA, requiring a sustained effort by volunteers including competition officials, referees, coaches and schools. It will be Cathy’s role to co-ordinate these efforts so the schools competitions are presented efficiently and our young fencers get the most value from them. Cathy is an accountant in finance and administration at Frensham School in the Southern Highlands so she has a good understanding of how schools work and what they need to know about participating in competitions. Her main task will be forward planning and communication. She will be in touch with schools co-ordinators soon seeking feedback on the current season, now drawing to a close, and suggestions for how next year’s Championships can be an even better experience for schools fencers. Catherine can be contacted at: Vince Elias will continue to carry oversight responsibility for schools fencing on the NSWFA Executive and assist Catherine with her new responsibilities.

U13/U11 Weapon Sizes Clarified NSWFA will adopt the AFF’s recommendation on weapon sizes for Under 13s and Under 11s in line with a resolution passed at the NSW AGM. Weapon sizes will be: Under 13s Foil 0-5 Epee 0-5 Sabre 0-5

allowed is size 3. Parents are advised to seek guidance from their child’s coach when purchasing a weapon. The new weapon size policy will apply from 13 October (U11/U13 Gilt Foil). NSWFA has a stock of full size and mini weapons for hire. Background:

0-3 are mini sizes. 5 is full size.

At the NSWFA AGM in March this year, the Executive proposed a motion to the effect that NSW should adopt the AFF recommendation in the interests of national consistency. This motion was amended to say that NSW should accept the AFF’s recommendation and propose to the AFF that its recommended weapon sizes for U13/U11s should be 0-3 for foil and epee and 0-5 for sabre. The NSWFA proposal on weapon sizes was put to the AFF Annual General Meeting in May by the NSW Delegate but was not accepted.

Note that the policy allows children to fence with any size blade up to size 5 (full size), except for U11 foil and epee where the maximum

As a result, the NSWFA will accept the AFF recommendation in line with the motion passed at the NSW AGM.

Under 11s (and Under 9s) Foil 0-3 Epee 0-3 Sabre 0-5

Someone else could use that! NSW Fencing is supported by:

Deanna Jones has offered to run a Second Hand Clothing Pool so if you or your child has outgrown your jacket, breeches, lame, under-plastron, and they are in good condition, please drop them off at the reception desk at Marrickville any time. We can also take masks (subject to inspection to ensure they are safe and hygienic), weapons and wires. Second hand gear will be advertised on the website - see the ‘Equipment’ page.

On Target Newsletter August 2013

The real State of Origin? The recently held National Schools Teams Championships in Brisbane saw a strong contingent of our NSW Schools participate across all events, competing mainly against Queensland schools. Congratulations to Sydney Grammar (Gold - Men’s Foil) and Reddam House (Gold - Men’s Sabre) on their wins. Teams from Catherine McAuley Westmead, Newington College, Pymble Ladies College, Reddam House, Sydney Boys High School, Sydney Girls High School and Sydney Grammar competed in the championships. Well done to all.

The Reddam House School Sabre Team (left to right): Evan Ding, Matthew Tadros, Alexandre Douglas, Vincent Elias (coach) and Charlie Jeong.

Why we fence the McCowage Foil? In this, the Centenary year of The Swords Club, several notable members of TSC have been profiled in the NSWFA Newsletters. During August, NSWFA held the McCowage Foil. Whilst “McCowage” is a name well known in fencing circles, it may be of interest to those new to the fencing community, as to why this competition is held. The McCowage Foil is named in honour of Brian Patrick McCowage. Brian McCowage, born in 1935 in Sydney, was an Australian champion fencer. Not only did he hold the title of National Foil Champion for seven years, between 1958-1964, he represented Australia at three Olympic Games, these being the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the 1960 Olympics in Rome and the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. McCowage also competed in the British and Commonwealth Games in 1958, 1962 and 1966. During the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, McCowage created a sensation when at the age of 22, despite only winning two previous bouts in the qualifiers he beat the then world champion, Jozsef Gyuriczw of Hungary 5/3. Brian McCowage gave an insight into his training routine in an article for the Women’s Weekly (16/09/1964) ‘When’s he’s not fencing “out of town”, Brian’s weekday schedule begins with a game of squash at 6 o’clock, followed by physical training, and occasionally, a run round the park. This is followed by a full day’s work (he is a research officer at the Reserve Bank). Three nights a week he goes from work to The Swords Club, where he fences till about 9.30.’ He took up sabre after 1960 at the encouragement of his wife, Marie, once a “moderate” fencer herself. He tied for 1st in the 1963 and 1964 national championship. Brian McCowage remained committed to the sport of fencing all his life. He died in 1994, at the relatively early age of 58. Brian McCowage (1960) - from the National Library of Australia Collection

On Target Newsletter August 2013

Cover Girl Ashleigh Ashleigh Syme is featured on the front page of the August edition of the Southern Highlands Snapshot Magazine - a great promotion for fencing. Follow the link and turn to pages 6-8 for the story on Ashleigh and the buzz she gets from fencing, including being on the gold winning Australian Women’s Epee team at the Asian Junior Championships in Bangkok recently.

Go to: august13/files/html5/index.html

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Lets be Fighting Fit

Sally On Target Newsletter August 2013

NSWFA Gets a Foot in the Door at Lane Cove NSWFA has expressed interest in a new indoor sports complex being planned by Lane Cove Council. NSWFA has held discussions with Council officials over the potential for fencing to have a permanent training/competition facility. It’s early days for this project and no commitments have been made but NSWFA is hopeful that the Lane Cove project may eventually offer the chance to gain access to a permanent fencing venue. The Mayor of Lane Cove, Councillor Scott Bennison, was impressed by NSWFA’s commitment to the development of junior fencing when he visited Marrickville last year to present medals at the State U13/ U11 Championships/Friendship Cup. This story appeared recently in the North Shore Times.

Antonio Signorello- the Australian Olympic fencing coach, Mitchell Fox- Australian Men’s Sabre Team member, Vincent EliasGeneral Secretary, NSW Fencing association and Mayor Scott Bennison. Picture: Virginia Young Source: NewsLocal

Big Day at Bathurst Fifty fencers from 12 clubs across New South Wales converged on Bathurst to compete in the Annual NSW Central Western Regional Fencing Championships held in the Charles Sturt University gymnasium.

Fubelli (CSU Bathurst), =3rd Arthur Meek (CSU Bathurst), =3rd Matthew Clark (WWFC) and 5 Fencers in the Novice Women’s Foil. Results: 1st Tracy Jordan (SHFC), 2nd Heather Winter (PAF), =3rd Krystal Cheesley (WWFC), =3rd Sarah Bentvelzen (PAF)

This year, the championships included events in Open Men’s and Women’s Foil, Men’s and Women’s Novice Foil, Team Foil, and Men’s and Women’s Epee. Fencers travelled from as far as Wagga Wagga, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Canberra to compete. Many fencers competed in multiple events, resulting in over seventy individual entrants, plus eight teams.

This is the 3rd year the Championships have been held in Bathurst. We were overwhelmed and surprised by the number of competitors this year, which indicates the growing popularity of the sport.

Placings for the Foil Team event were: 1st Penrith Red, 2nd Team Harlequin (TSC and SHFC composite), =3rd CSU A, =3rd Penrith Blue.

The competition is the first of the regional championships, with Northern Region (Newcastle),Western Sydney (Bowral) and Riverina Championships (Wagga Wagga) in August and September and our old favourite, the Bill Gal in Penrith in November. Information on these competitions will be announced in the newsletter and can be found on the 2013 competition program. Michael Cook

Nineteen fencers competed in the Open Men’s Epee, with placegetters: 1st Rene Kopiec (PAF), 2nd Cris Gabriel (Swordplay, ACTFA), =3rd Mark Morris (FAA), =3rd Ryan Fisher (Newcastle)

State Regional Director

Results of the Open Women’s Epee: 1st Ellie Jordan (SHFC), 2nd Elizabeth Hatcher (Newcastle), =3rd Laura Goodin (Bulli), =3rd Katrina Cornelly (ANUFA, ACT)

0439 993 524

New South Wales Fencing Association

A record 21 fencers competed in the Open Men’s Foil. Results: 1st James Frith (PAF), 2nd Myles Burnie (PAF), Darryl Mason (PAF), =3rd Cris Gabriel (Swordplay, ACT). Again, a record of 10 fencers in Women’s Foil, resulted with the placings of: 1st Ellie Jordan (SHFC), 2nd Zelda Doyle (CSU Bathurst), =3rd Odina Kliffen (TSC), =3rd Morgan Kelly (TSC) The first time novice events attracted 11 fencers in the Men’s Foil, with placegetters: 1st Joseph Williams (Mountains), 2nd Dominic

See next page for photos from the day

On Target Newsletter August 2013

Big Day at Bathurst

On Target Newsletter May 2013

Introducing kids to fencing

Course #:



Wed September 25th 2013




Sydney Olympic Park, Sports Halls


Van Marinos Ph: 0437 700 341 or 8765 2537

Interested in getting involved in the Australian Sports Commission’s Active After School Care Program? The ASC will be running the following Community Training Courses over the next month: Wednesday 25 September (Sydney Olympic Park) Friday 27 September (Crows Nest) The ASC’s AASC program is a fun way to engage our sport with youngsters. Equipment is provided and you are paid for your time. The time commitment is usually 1 hour on a single afternoon per week (per school). If you are interested in the program, please direct all enquiries to Vince Elias at With allocations still to be made for term 4 this year and then term 1 next year there are plenty of opportunities available.

On Target Newsletter August 2013


6 091 021

ry ence: 54 W 2001

b site:


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ry ence: 54 W 2001

b site:

June 2013 dnesday 19


On Target Newsletter August 2013

On Target Newsletter August 2013

On Target Newsletter August 2013

2013 Norse Beach Sabre 2013 Championships Norse Beach Sabre Championships Sunday 6th October

2nd Annual MVB th open club competition nd

Sunday 6


2 Annual MVB open club competition Age Categories Men’s Sabre Women’s Sabre U/9 Sabre 8:45 8:45 Age Categories Men’s Sabre Women’s Sabre U/15 Sabre 9:15 9:15 U/9 Sabre 8:45 8:45 U/11 Individual & 11:00 11:00 U/15 Sabre 9:15 9:15 Club Teams U/11 Individual & 11:00 11:00 U/13 Individual & 12:00 12:00 Club Teams Club Teams U/13 Individual & 12:00 12:00 Open Sabre 2:30 2:30 Club Teams *U/11 & U/13 To follow individuals To follow individuals Open Sabre 2:30 2:30 Club Teams *U/11 & U/13 To follow individuals To follow individuals Club Teams

Individual Entry Fee: $25


Second Entry: $10

outside on the day.

- Entry is done at the venue on the day.

(Hopefully it does not rain)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before event is due to start to


register, entry will close at event start time.

accompany their fencers.

Club Teams: “Free & Friendly”


- Teams can be mixed gender within the age group.

– Same standard as an NSWFA state competition for the

Competition is open to anyone within the age category, but

specific ages.

they must be a registered or affiliated NSWFA Fencer.

Please contact Alex Andre if you have any question:

Venue Address:

Marie Bashir Sports Centre

Cross Street, Mosman 2088

On Target Newsletter August 2013

On Target Newsletter May 2013

On Target Newsletter May 2013

On Target Newsletter August 2013


NSW Fencing August 2013 Newsletter

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