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September 2013 February 2013

Schools Championships Draw to a Close The 2013 NSW Schools Championships - run over 13 Saturday mornings in Terms 1 & 2 attracted over 350 individual entries and over 80 teams. The largest individual event was the U13 Boy’s Foil which had 71 entries and the largest team entry was U15 Boy’s Foil with 24 teams competing. This year, we introduced the ABC Series to introduce new schools fencers to the atmosphere of competitive fencing. Congratulations and thank you to all schools fencers, their teachers, coaches, referees and parents for helping to make the Schools Championships a success. Thank you also to the

volunteers who helped get us through some very busy mornings - William Hay and and Edwin Lapitan on the DT desk with support from Emila Perosh, Leslie Witkop on registration, Peter Witkop and Madeleine Fairweather on equipment hire and Max Andrew-Kabilafkas for organising the referee roster. A big thanks to our Category A referees - Simon Capon, Matthew Donald, Boston Fawkes, Anthony Gauke, David Lu, Leah Mangion, Natalie Molen-Grigull, Jasper Rowley and Rob Snell - backed up by squad and school referees.

John Tian (foreground) and Kelvin Peh battle it out in the final of the Schools Championships Senior Boy’s Epee Teams - won by John’s team Sydney Boys High School by 45 hits to 37 against Kelvin’s team St Aloysius.

Creating referees The new approach of asking schools to provide referees for Schools Championship events got off to a good start this season, helping to ease the pressure on our hard-working Category A and squad refs. More schools fencers are stepping up to take on the responsibility of acting as referees. State Officiating Director Max Andrew-Kabilafkas has conducted referee tutorials including this one towards the end of the Schools/ABC competition which attracted 40 young aspiring refs.

On Target Newsletter September 2013

Hire Equipment

From 2014, NSWFA will continue to hire weapons (foil and epee), body wires and foil lame jackets. NSWFA will hold a limited stock of 800N under plastrons, but will no longer continue to hire masks and clothing (jackets, breeches and gloves). This is for cost, safety and hygiene reasons. Most equipment hired from NSWFA comprises weapons, body wires and foil lames. Relatively few masks, jackets, breeches and gloves are hired out. We encourage parents to invest in protective equipment for their children in accordance with the new Safety Standards.

Junior National Championships The pre-selected NSW A Teams for the upcoming Junior National Championships in Perth are: Men’s Foil: Matthew Donald, Sholto Douglas, Sam Mooney-Grand Women’s Foil: Katherine Kwa, Leah Mangion, Beatrice Hay Women’s Epee: Elizabeth Duff, Thea Kable, Sophie Meredith Men’s Sabre: Boston Fawkes, Alexandre Douglas, Jasper Rowley Women’s Sabre: Alice Clementson, Mathilda Barnard, Natalie Molen-Grigull In accordance with the NSWFA Selection Policy, three fencers are selected for the A Team based on ranking. The fourth position on the A Team and the members of the B Team are decided according to their results in the individual competition.

Safety First - New Equipment Standards

Following a review of equipment standards, NSWFA has set new requirements for State competitions. The new rules set minimum standards for protective clothing and equipment. They will start in 2014 and be phased in over 3 years. For next year, the main change is that under-plastrons for all age groups must be FIE 800N grade. The standards will be posted on the website. NSWFA has a duty of care to ensure that the appropriate safety standards are applied. We appreciate that extra cost may be involved for some fencers and parents but safety must be paramount. NSWFA thanks members who provided advice in developing the new standards which were published in draft form on the website late last year. Thanks also to Meron Clark who took on the substantial task of researching and drafting the new standards.

Gala Dinner Set for 30 November ~ Please Mark Your Diaries The annual NSWFA Gala Dinner will be held this year on Saturday 30 November at the Concord Golf Club, starting at 6pm. Come earlier and enjoy a pre-dinner drink on the terrace overlooking the course. Grand Prix Awards for individuals and clubs will be presented on the night. The Concord Golf Club puts on a good dinner and the cost for individuals is $80. Clubs can organise tables of ten for $750. Individuals should register online at

Fencing Among

the Flowers

Clubs are asked to book their tables and pay in advance - contact

The next day - Sunday 1 December - a Regional Fence-a-thon will be held at Marconi with foil competitions for all ages, a referee clinic In an exciting new format, this year’s ‘Super 8’ competitions will be and coaching clinic. Watch the website for details. held outdoors amid the flower displays of Sydney City’s ‘Living Colour’ festival. It will be a great opportunity to showcase fencing to the public. The ‘Super 8’ event will be held at Cathedral Square - the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral - at Cook & Phillip Park in the city. The competition will be held over the weekend of Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November - a week earlier than previously advertised in the NSWFA calendar. Fencers will be protected from the sun but in the event of rain, the competition will be shifted to Marrickville.

State Individual and Team Championships Coming Up Soon Sunday 13 October State Epee Club Teams Championships Sunday 20 October State Foil Club Teams Championships State Individual Open Sabre Championships

Entry to the ‘Super 8’ is by invitation to the top 8 ranked fencers in men’s and women’s open in all all three weapons.

Sunday 27 October

More details soon.

State Individual Open Foil Championships

State Sabre Club Teams Championships State Individual Open Epee Championships

On Target Newsletter September 2013

Art and Fencing

For all the art lovers, make sure you visit the current exhibition, Sydney Moderns: Art for a New World at The Art Gallery of NSW. The Exhibition features over 180 works by Australia’s most iconic artists, exploring the making of a modern city in the 20s and 30s. The Sydney Moderns exhibition includes an interpretation of the modern living room designed by Sydney graphic artist Hera Roberts for The Burdekin House exhibition in 1929. Hera Roberts was also a fencer with The Swords Club. Frank Stuart described her in 1919 as ‘one of the finest woman fencers in the Southern Hemisphere’ [Triad: October 10, 1919, p37]. Last year The Swords Club was contacted by The Art Gallery of NSW for assistance in researching Miss Hera Roberts. The Swords Club even rates a mention in the Exhibition catalogue.

Reminder: Last Chance to See! En Garde! The Swords Club of Sydney: 100 years of fencing at the Stanton Library, North Sydney closes on 13 October 2013.

AFF General Meeting The Australian Fencing Federation has advised that its 2013 General Meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday 3 November at the NSW Institute of Sport, Sydney Olympic Park. Members of NSWFA are able to attend. The agenda and related papers will be available on 16 October.

New Assistant Foil Coach Appointed Dimitra (Dimi) Giovani has been appointed Assistant State Foil Coach with particular focus on training Under 15 fencers at State squads. Dimi learned her fencing in Greece where she gained a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Capodistrian University, Athens specialising in fencing and skiing. She coached at the Pan Hellenic Sports Club and at the Academy of Greek Police Officers. And to round out her cv, she also teaches yoga.

NSWFA Welcomes New Sports Minister NSWFA has written to the new Minister for Sport and Recreation, Gabrielle Upton, to congratulate her on her recent appointment. NSWFA had an excellent relationship with the former Minister, Graham Annesley, and looks forward to working with Ms Upton in her new portfolio. We have invited her to come along to present medals at one of our competitions. Meanwhile, a former Minister for Sport, Graham West, who took up fencing under Maestro Angelo Santangelo, is forming a new fencing club at Cooma in the Snowy Mountains. We wish Graham well and look forward to welcoming fencers from the Snowy in regional and state competitions in the future.

On Target Newsletter September 2013

Western Sydney Regional Championships Phil Mansfield reports: Inspired by the popularity and success of the Central West Regional Championships a few weeks earlier, the Southern Highlands Fencing Academy recently hosted the Western Sydney Regional Championships at the Southern Highlands Christian School in Bowral. Fencers from Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Newcastle, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga attended what was to be a huge competition supported by fencers of all abilities including State, National and International Champions, and even a former Olympian! Over 100 individual fencers from 21 different clubs resulted in 157 entries in all 3 weapons in 18 different events. Fencers ranged in age from 8 years old to over 60 years young, from beginners to the experienced and the elite. Fencers battled each other in multiple weapons throughout the day resulting in some brilliant fencing and very entertaining bouts. It was a great day of fencing in multiple weapons, with a great vibe, and lots of smiles and laughter. Our sincere thanks to Denise Dapre, Alex Donaldson and Gordon Christie for sharing their combined expertise in technical direction, to Jeff Gray for providing scoring equipment and armory and Hans Dimpel and Gordon for making 9 roll-out pistes available for use and assisting with both the set-up and the pack-up. Thanks also to all those who gave their time to assist with refereeing throughout the day. Southern Highlands had the highest overall point score to win the Western Sydney Club Championship, defeating last year’s champions Marconi followed by Penrith, Charles Sturt University Fencing Club and the Bulli Swords. Medal winners for each event follow, with full results on the NSWFA website:

Open Womens Sabre 1st Laura Goodin (Bulli Swords) 2nd Kim Manton (WWFC)

Open Mens Sabre 1st Adam Wilcock (UNSW) 2nd Cris Gabriel (ACT) =3rd Michael Cook (ACT) =3rd Julian Smith (WWFC)

U13 Girls Foil 1st Caitlyn Trussell (Macquarie Uni) 2nd Kelly Morgan (TSC) =3rd Courtney Buchanan (Marconi) =3rd Krystal Cheesley (WWFC)

U13 Boys Foil 1st Emilio Lapitan (TSC) 2nd Josh Jordan (SHFA) =3rd Lewis Stonebridge (PAF) =3rd Gabriel Mavicevic (Marconi) over for more results

On Target Newsletter September 2013

Western Sydney Regional Championships results cont U17 Girls Foil 1st Ellie Jordan (SHFA) 2nd Leah Mangion (Marconi) =3rd Courtney Buchanan (Marconi) =3rd Grace Gallur (TSC)

U17 Boys Foil 1st Jacob Dowson (Marconi) 2nd Emmanuel Lapitan (TSC) =3rd Matthew Dall’asen (FAA) =3rd Tom Makin (ACT)

Novice Womens Foil 1st Siobhan Elliott (PAF) 2nd Erin Lara (SHFA) =3rd Josette Giampietro (Marconi) =3rd Gemimah Williams (SHFA)

Novice Mens Foil 1st Philip Samual (CDDC) 2nd Brad Ford (PAF) 3rd Tas Engel (SHFA) 3rd Jackson Maddox (SHFA)

Open Womens Foil 1st Leah Mangion (Marconi) 2nd Katrina Cornelly (ACT) =3rd Courtney Buchanan (Marconi) =3rd Morgan Kelly (TSC)

Open Mens Foil 1st Emmanuel Lapitan (TSC) 2nd Cris Gabriel (ACT) =3rd Adrian Finch (TSC) =3rd Brendan O’Keefe (Masters)

U13 Girls Epee 1st Frida Meares (Duel)

U13 Boys Epee 1st Josh Jordan (SHFA) 2nd Andres Leon (CDDC) =3rd Jonas Dowson (Marconi) =3rd Jackson Standford (Duel)

U17 Girls Epee 1st Sophie Meredith (SHFA) 2nd Emily Kerrison (Macquarie Uni) =3rd Lizzie Duff (UTS) =3rd Grace Gallur (TSC)

U17 Boys Epee 1st Max Esposito (Marconi) 2nd Kelvin Peh (TSC) =3rd Issac Hayes (Newcastle PCYC) =3rd Ian Powell (UTS)

Novice Womens Epee 1st Yssy Hawkins (Duel)

Novice Mens Epee 1st Alex Jerob (ANU) 2nd Elijah Lefterys (SHFA) =3rd Dale Drummond (ANU) =3rd Jordan Thompson (CDDC)

Open Womens Epee 1st Sarah Osvarth (Macquarie Uni) 2nd Annelyse Davison (SHFA) =3rd Leah Mangion (Marconi) =3rd Natasha Russell (ACT)

Open Mens Epee 1st John Downes (SHFA) 2nd Mat Meriaux (SHFA) =3rd Reagan Clarke (Macquarie Uni) =3rd Jeremy Shelley (ACT)

On Target Newsletter September 2013

2013 Norse Beach Sabre 2013 Norse Beach Sabre Championships Championships Sunday 6th October

2nd Annual th MVB open club competition

Sunday 6


2nd Annual MVB open club competition Age Categories Men’s Sabre Women’s Sabre U/9 Sabre 8:45 8:45 Age Categories Men’s Sabre Women’s Sabre U/15 Sabre 9:15 9:15 U/9 Sabre 8:45 11:00 U/11 Individual &8:45 11:00 U/15 Sabre 9:15 9:15 Club Teams U/11 Individual & 11:00 11:00 12:00 U/13 Individual & 12:00 Club Teams Club Teams U/13 Individual & 12:00 2:30 12:00 2:30 Open Sabre Club Teams *U/11 & U/13 To follow individuals To follow individuals Open Sabre 2:30 2:30 Club Teams *U/11 & U/13 To follow individuals To follow individuals Club Teams

Individual Entry Fee: $25


Second Entry: $10

outside on the day.

- Entry is done at the venue on the day.

(Hopefully it does not rain)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before event is due to start to


register, entry will close at event start time.

accompany their fencers.

Club Teams: “Free & Friendly”


- Teams can be mixed gender within the age group.


Competition is open to anyone within the age category, but

specific ages.

they must be a registered or affiliated NSWFA Fencer.

Please contact Alex Andre if you have any question:

Venue Address:

Marie Bashir Sports Centre

Cross Street, Mosman 2088

On Target Newsletter September 2013

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