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March 2013 February 2013

Roberta Nutt Cracks 200! The Roberta Nutt competitions for school-age fencers on the weekend of 16-17 March attracted a record 207 entries - evidence of the growing strength of our younger ranks. In all, boys from 42 schools and girls from 17 schools took part in the competition. Sixteen fencing strips and 31 referees were needed to cope with the number of competitors. The Roberta Nutt Shield for Boys was won by St Aloysius with 77 points followed by Sydney Boys High School on 47 and Mosman Prep on 43. The Roberta Nutt Shield for Girls was won by Pymble Ladies College (PLC) with 36 points followed by St Andrews PS on 20 and Sydney Girls High School on 18. Thanks are due to our dedicated and hard working group of paid and volunteer referees, to the Directoire Technique (William Hay) and the registration desk (Leslie Witkop) for pulling off a minor miracle in competition management. Individual Roberta Nutt results are on page 5.

Schools - Are you Ready2Fence? NSWFA Head Coach/Secretary As we are approaching the start of the 2013 Schools Championships - individual and team – that will be held on Saturday mornings visits to clubs

at Marrickville PCYC during Terms 2 & 3, NSWFA has launched the The Secretary (Vince Elias) and the Head Coach (Antonio Signorello) new Ready2Fence web page as a source of information for schools. are organising a tour of NSW clubs. The Secretary seeks to better Accessible via or the NSW Fenc- understand the dynamics of club membership and activities while the ing website, it has all the information needed with regard to the Head Coach will work with club coaches schools competition series. As the series progress, the website will and their pupils. Would clubs who would like the Secretary and be updated with all the latest announcements for the competitions. the Head Coach to attend club training nights please contact: It is recommended that fencers (and their parents) participating in Vince and Antonio would like to visit the schools series check the “news” section of the Ready2Fence as many NSW clubs as practically possible. website ahead of your competition for any updates. Further, the NSW Head Coach is inviting NSW coaches who wish to gain more coaching exposure through the NSW Squads to attend Tuesday night squad training sessions. Coaches interested in coming along to Squad to work with the Head Coach and his

Fencers - choose your weapons

Owing to limited time on Saturday mornings, school fencers will be able to enter only one weapon or age event per day. This will avoid practical issues caused by time pressure and event overlaps.

assistants should inquire through the Secretary. This is an opportunity for coaches to experience the Squad in action, to participate in the training program and hone their

Generally, on Sundays, fencers can enter more than one weapon or age event if the timetable allows. If you enter one event, you must continue to fence in that event until you are eliminated (or win the comp!). You cannot abandon a competition in one weapon or age group to enter another if the events overlap.

technical competencies and to liaise directly with the Head Coach. If you are interested, please make arrangements via the Squads Manager (Vince Elias) who is contactable

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013

Congratulations... To Ashleigh Syme, a member of the gold-medal winning Australian women’s epee team at the recent Asian Cadet Championships in Bangkok. To Cheryl Chan, Matthew Donald, John Downes and Natalie Molen-Grigull who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, Russia, in July.

Three Weapon Teams Championship at Penrith The Penrith Academy will be holding its annual ‘Three Weapon Team Championship’ on Sunday 14th April at our club premises. This competition requires a team of three fencers, male or female, one each in foil, epee and sabre. The Penrith Fencing Academy is located at Unit 5, 49-51 Regentville Road, Jamisontown (near Penrith). See the NSFWA website under clubs for a Google map location. Registration: 8.45 am, competition starting at 9.00am, entry fee is $35 for the team and canteen facilities are available at the venue. If your club is interested in entering this competition or you would like more information, email: or phone: 47512314

Bill Ronald honoured The New South Wales Olympic Council has honoured Bill Ronald with the award of an Order of Merit presented at NSWOC’s annual general meeting by the President, Helen Brownlee. The citation covered Bill’s long association with the Olympics as a fencer (Mexico 1968), team manager (Montreal 1976, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988), associate coach (London 2012) and delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee for 20 years. The citation also referred to his competitive achievements as a former Australian and NSW open and junior champion in foil and epee, his role as an administrator as a former President of the NSWFA and AFF and Executive Member of the FIE and his management of world and Commonwealth events held in Australia.

FightingFit Exercise That Won’t Cost You A Cent Getting started in exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. Try this free two-week plan that requires no equipment, trainer or gym fees. But as excited as you are to get to the end, make sure you take the days-off listed to avoid injuring yourself. Also, stretch beforehand and stay hydrated. To make it more fun, grab a friend and complete the challenge together. Happy exercising! Day One: 10 toe touches, 30 star jumps Day Two: 15 toe touches, 35 star jumps Day Three: 20 toe touches, 40 star jumps Day Four: Day off Day Five: 5 crunches, 45 star jumps Day Six: 10 crunches, 50 star jumps Day Seven: 15 crunches, 10 lunges Day Eight: Day off Day Nine: 20 crunches, 20 lunges Day Ten: 10 sit-ups, 50 star jumps Day Eleven: 10 minute jog Day Twelve: Day off Day Thirteen: 10 sit-ups, 20 lunges, 30 star jumps, 40 toe touches Day Fourteen: 20 minute jog

Meet Claudia, just two months old, daughter of Tegan and Michael Pruscino - congratulations to the new, proud parents.

Day Fifteen: Congratulations, you made it!!! Celebrate with a 30-minute jog in a beautiful park :) If you’d like some individual advice, please email me at and I’d be happy to help you find something right for you.

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013

Southern Highlands Makes it Happen The inaugural Southern Highlands Challenge on Sunday 24 March proved a resounding success. The event was hosted by the Southern Highlands Fencing Academy at the Mittagong RSL which managed to fit in six strips and scoring boxes transported from Marrickville. Club President Phil Mansfield reports that 74 entries were received in seven events. The largest turnout was for epee with 28 fencers competing. Fencers came from as far as Wagga, Bathurst, Newcastle, Canberra, Penrith and, or course, Sydney. Results: Men’s Open Epee: 1. John Downes (SH) 2. Oscar Hargreaves (UTS) 3. Max Peek (SH) Women’s Open Epee: 1. Sarah Osvath (SydU) 2. Grace McAlpine (Mtns) 3. Ashleigh Syme (SH) Novice Mixed Epee: 1. Alex Jereb (ACT) 2. Elijah Leferys (SH) 3. Ellie Jordan (SH) Open Men’s Foil: 1. Luke Mansfield (SH) 2. Cris Gabriel (ACT) 3. Brendan O’Keefe (Mstrs) Open Women’s Foil: Jackie Budniak (TSC) 2. Rita Solovskaja (SydU) 3. Ellie Jordan (SH) Novice Men’s Foil: 1. Macauley Dallas (SH) 2. Brad Ford (Penrith) 3. Matt Dallas (SH) Novice Women’s Foil: Erin Larr (SH) 2. Krystal Cheesley (Wagga) 3. Sarah Bentvelzen (Penrith) Phil writes: “All events were closely contested, many of them being decided by just a point and the coin toss was a regular occurrence. Fencers seemed to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the Mittagong RSL. Many thanks to Denise, Alex and Gordon for their hard work as DT. Southern Highlands Fencing Academy would also like to thank all fencers and coaches who helped with the pack up which was a massive task after the lift broke down. The sense of community with all pitching in topped a fantastic day. And yes, we plan to do it again next year.”

NSW Fencing is supported by:

Supplier of F. I. E and Non F. I. E Fencing

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013

Head Coach - Report

Thailand has hosted the 2013 edition of the Asian cadets and junior championships. The local organisation was just sufficient, especially transport was an issue in the beginning. However, both accommodation (perfect!) and venue were good (just hot in the morning), and that’s what matters. The logistic part was fantastically managed by Alex Andre’ who also helped coaching sabre. Hugh Cotman was the appointed foil coach, professionally very dedicated to all fencers. It was great working with him. Australia fielded full teams in foil and sabre, definitely a consequence of the right policy regarding the management of a real national team.

BANGKOK I’d like to congratulate the junior WE team, Diana Sher and the national épée coach Mr Vlad Sher for the brilliant Golds won! It’s a result which makes all Australia proud and it certainly will inspire the rest of the team in the future. In cadets and junior foil and sabre competitions we had most “lights” and some “shadows”, nevertheless, the young age of most of the athletes is really encouraging in perspective. Looking back at the championships we can moderately be satisfied. Great logistic management, excellent coaching assistance, responsible behaviour of the athletes, decent performances, professional punctuality, huge respect among coaches across weapons, 5 fencers in top 16, many in 32 and 6 teams in top 8. It’s the “X-ray” of a good team! We are growing (and we have a considerable depth in both weapons), it’s obvious and logical (the system provided by AFF, although not perfect, is positive in most aspects), nevertheless, we must always remember where we are coming from and keep being humble. However, a strong base is being built. Working together as often as possible and competition experience are the keys for future success. Camps, international, national and States ones, plus monitored international events will help us raising the technical level, necessary to start “looking” at medals at this level at this age. We, AFF and the coaching staff, are now looking at improving the training structure by: 1) organising local camps in all States to best build the technical co-operation and relationship among National coaches, State coaches and fencers while lowering everybody’s costs. 2) joining international camps linked to relevant events in order to maximise the exposure of our fencers to international level fencing. 3) optimising national camps by looking at lowering costs and time commitment for fencers while keeping the technical benefit of them. 4) developing and upgrading as many coaches as possible by clinics, camps and rotating them in competitions. Certainly, with everybody’s cooperation it will work! Finally I’d like to quote one of my colleagues, today in charge of one the world’s best junior teams, who I’ve briefly discussed with the relative controversy we have in Australia. “The Australian team is achieving good results with merit. Most athletes are now performing a nice and modern fencing style, elegant posture and taking priority are now a trade mark of your fencers. Watching Aussies fencing is now a pleasure, beyond results and “borders”. Why then is there still bitterness towards national coaches who are honouring the country and the national team system now respected worldwide? A very famous coach (10 Olympic golds with his athletes!) used to say: in the fencing world everything is forgiven but success. I wonder when intelligence and culture will finally defeat ignorance and envy and when everybody will practise or watch this wonderful sport just for the pleasure of it?!” A national team which, through squads, camps and all sorts of support at comps, helps our young fencers to keep improving their fencing knowledge and technical skills while opening new horizons and freeing them from outdated and useless stereotypes. Antonio Signorello

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013

NSWFA AGM A well attended 2012 annual general meeting was held at Marrickville on Sunday 3 March. Michael Seibel was elected unopposed to the vacant position on the Executive. Jessika Gauke was thanked for her service on the Executive in the past 2 years. The President (Duncan Fairweather) surveyed a successful year for NSWFA, noting the migration of the Schools Championships to Saturday mornings at Marrickville which had been well received by parents and teachers. The appointment of a State Officiating Director to manage a referee training program and roster which included paid qualified refs and volunteers from squads and schools was an important initiative during the year. Another highlight was the advances made in regional fencing. And he welcomed NSWFA’s strong performance at the 2012 National Open and Veteran Championships where NSW fencers won three out of six individual golds, matched by three out of six team golds, and NSW retained the Cyclone Cup. The President also noted that the NSWFA Rules (constitution) would need to be updated to reflect changes to NSW law and ASC guidelines. It was planned to hold a workshop to be followed by a special general meeting in mid-year. The Secretary (Vince Elias) reported that membership was steady with 838 affiliated and registered members, 19 more than in 2011. There was a pleasing increase of 40 in Junior Affiliated members. He also noted an analysis of competition participation which showed an increase in total entries. Minutes of AGM, Committee and Executive meetings will now be posted on a dedicated website The Treasurer reported an operating profit of $28,500 and an accounting profit after depreciation of $18,300. Assets included cash at hand of $90,000, including $20,000 in the Friends of Fencing account. The Honorary Auditor undertook to provide his report on the accounts which would be considered at a later general meeting. In her report, the State Coaching Director (Alex Andre) noted that 15 members had undertaken the General Coaching course in 2012. The State Officiating Director (Max Andrew-Kabilafkas) outlined how the Referee Program is improving the standard of referee training and providing more referees for school age competitions. Oreste Gentile presented the Regional Report, noting that participation in regional areas is growing and regional fencing championships are giving fencers more competitive, confidence building experience. Regional fencing development is now being directed by Michael Cook and Sam Hughes. Motions proposing that at the forthcoming AFF annual general meeting NSWFA should support QFA motions to allow selection for Commonwealth and other international events for fencers not in the Australian Fencing Team were not supported. A motion dealing with standard weapon sizes for U11/U13s proposed by the AFF was amended to say that NSWFA should accept the standard set by AFF and that NSWFA should propose to the AFF that weapon sizes for U11/U13s should be 0-3 for foil and epee, 0-5 for sabre.

Riverina Coaching Workshop and Training Camp

Roberta Nutt Individual Placegetters

The Wagga Wagga Fencing Club will be holding a coaching workshop and training camp at the Riverina Anglican College on Sunday 28th April. The day will include sessions in refereeing, coaching, stretching, flexibility, visualisation, goal setting, mentoring and biomechanics.

U15 Boys Epee - Kelvin Peh, St Aloysius College

The coaching workshop is open to experienced fencers who are interested in coaching, and coaches of all levels.

U15 Girls Sabre - Nora Campbell, St Catherines

The training camp is open to fencers of all ages regardless of experience.


Details are below:

U13 Boys Foil - Sebastien Davies, Hunters Hill High School

Location: Riverina Anglican College, Farrer Road, Wagga Wagga

U13 Boys Sabre - Sean Andrews, Shore

Time: Sunday 28th April, 9.30am – 3.30pm

U13 Boys Epee - Emilio Lapitan, St Aloysius

Cost: $20

U11 Boys Foil - Ken Kawaura, Northbridge

If you are interested in attending or require more information, please contact Julian Smith at or phone: 0409 227 955.

U11 Boys Sabre - Christian Hely, Mosman Prep

6MAR U15 Boys Foil - Jacob Dowson, William Carey Christian School U15 Boys Sabre - Boston Fawkes, Newington College U15 Girls Foil - Beatrice Hay, Methodist Ladies College

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013

Tickets are now on sale for the event of the year

The Swords Club 100th Anniversary dinner! This should be a fantastic night of celebrations of the 100 year history of the club. To purchase tickets for this event, please go to DATE: Saturday, 20th July 2013 TIME: 6:00pm VENUE: WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Bicentennial Park (Entrance Off Australia Ave) Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127 TICKETS: Adults - $75 Adult ticket will include a 3 course dinner and beverages. Children (Under 13) - $50 Children tickets include a 2 course dinner and beverages. DRESS CODE: Lounge Suit Please feel welcome to forward this information on to anyone else who may be interested in attending the celebrations. For further information or enquiries please contact Jackie Budniak on 0403 936515 or vist

On Target Newsletter March’ 2013


ACT U15, U/13 and U/11 TOURNAMENT 2013 Where:

St Gregory’s Primary School Hall, Macquoid St, Queanbeyan


Saturday 13th April 2013 – 9am – 5pm


9am – 10.30am - Morning Camp 11am – 12.30pm - U13 Foil and U11 Epee 12.30pm – 1.30pm - Lunch 1.30pm – 2.30pm - U11 Foil and U13Epee 2.30pm – Afternoon Tea 3.00pm – 5.00pm - U15 Foil & U15 Epee and presentations.

Please check the ACT Fencing website for updated information about this event. Weapon Sizes:

U11: Mini Weapons – sizes 0-3 U13 – sizes 0-5






bibs not required for Foil. 350N jackets/masks. Underplastrons required. Some hire gear available but contact organisers a week in advance if possible. Contact person: Hans Dimpel 0418612195 Cost: $20.00 entry fee – payable on the day. Registration : is required through ACTFA (if in ACT) and proof of equivalent registration through NSW and Victoria. Registration with ACTFA will be available at the tournament. Accommodation:

The grand Manor Hotel (same

block as venue). The Golden Age Hotel/Inn (1 block away) or for those who want some exercise – The Queanbeyan League Club Motel, 200m away by the river.


NSWFA Singapore Team Member The Competition 21 – 23 June

Singapore Minimes Fencing Championships U/14 & Teams Foil, Epee & Sabre

Girl’s Foil: Courtney Buchanan Grace Gallur Caitlyn Trussel Cara Wallen Boy’s Foil: Matthew Dall’Asen Boy’s Epee: Matthew Dall’Asen Mark Morris Boy’s Sabre: Sean Andrews James Boyd-Hoare Kai Hardge Finlay Jones Chinonso Okafor Jack Snell

NSW Fencing - March 2013 Newsletter  

The NSW Fencing Association March 2013 Newsletter

NSW Fencing - March 2013 Newsletter  

The NSW Fencing Association March 2013 Newsletter