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NSWC Panama City Division’s 2019 Director’s Cup was held March 22. This is the third Technical Competition between the three teams representing A, E, and X departments. The event involved a competition between the teams’ high-performing engineers, all who have less than 10 years experience on base. The stakes are high as they race to complete the technical tasks within the time allowed. The Director’s Cup competition challenges NSWC PCD department teams to design, develop, and demonstrate fully autonomous vehicles that can navigate a cluttered scene and detect, classify, and neutralize enemy sniper targets all without any human intervention. The focus of this competition is the application and development of state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to achieve these goals.

Design Objectives

Director's Cup




Each team was provided a Clearpath Robotics Jackal unmanned ground-based vehicle as a base platform that is capable of basic autonomous navigation. Teams needed to augment this platform with the sensors, hardware, and software to successfully compete in all the events described in the Director’s Cup Rules. The competitions give teams the chance to prove both their creativity and engineering skills in comparison to the other departments in a fun and friendly competitive environment.


The designs were required to have performance in terms of navigational accuracy, discriminability, and neutralization accuracy and be sufficiently durable to successfully complete all the Director's Cup events. The vehicles were required to be fully autonomous with the addition of the developed autonomy software package.


Judging Categories

Localization, Identification, and Neutralization Event

The vehicles were judged in a series of static and dynamic events including: The Localization, Identification, and Test readiness review, developmental Neutralization Event measured the testing, and early operational assessment. vehicle’s ability to autonomously navigate an urban environment, find sniper targets, The following points were possible and neutralize targets via an onboard (maximum) for the overall competition: shooting mechanism. The total number of targets in the area, denoted by an "x", were Test Readiness Review: not available to the teams before the event • Presentation 100 began. • Design/Test Readiness Report 100 The Localization, Identification, and Developmental Testing: Neutralization Event were scored as follows • Navigation 100 (400 pts available): • Discriminability 100 • Shooting Accuracy 100 Base Points: • 300/x-pts. Successfully neutralize a Early Operational Assessment target. (Competition): • 20-pt. deduction per distractor hit. • Neutralization 400 • 10-pt. deduction per obstacle hit with • Counter-UGV 100 vehicle. • 5-pt. deduction per shot fired over 10 Neutralization Test Event rounds per target. The neutralization test event evaluated the platform’s ability to accurately fire standard Bonus Points: Nerf darts/rounds. • 100-pts. – First team to successfully neutralize all x targets and reach the For a single shot, points were awarded by finish in the shortest time. the following: • 75-pts. – Second team to successfully neutralize all x targets and stop in the • 5-pts. – Hit the target anywhere. second shortest time. • 2-bonus-pts. – Hit the intermediate • 50-pts. – Third team to successfully circle. neutralize all x targets and stop in the • 5-bonus-pts. – Hit the center circle. third shortest time. Scoring was either determined by two judges in agreement, reactive target, or high-speed camera.









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2019 Director's Cup Issue

Coastal Compass June 2019  

2019 Director's Cup Issue

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