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Art of Balance - Graduate Studio Project


Your Ad Here - Undergraduate Studio Project


Hand Rendered Graphics

Art of Balancing Location: Tokyo, Japan Kent State University Professor: Adil Sharag-Eldin Ph.D. Graduate Studio The Art of Balancing is a comprehensive arts and humanities center where students and adults can learn, practice, live, and perform their art. Studying the humanities can help individuals develop a global perspective and heightened awareness of culture and values. This liberal foundation could help moderate the stresses that Japanese society places on its citizens, which have previously led to suicides and karoshi, or death from overworking. The Art of Balancing was designed to help the Japanese find a healthy balance of work and leisure within their life. The design was influenced by three aspects of Japanese culture: sea sponges, Mount Fuji, and the concept of duality in Japanese society. Like a sea sponge, the tower figuratively cleanses and purifies the mind. Furthermore, the tower’s diagrid structure is based on the sponge’s skeleton, an efficient frame that has evolved to withstand ocean currents. Secondly, Mount Fuji has long been a source of inspiration; it represents the idea of perfection within Japanese society. It is a mountain distilled into its most pure and elemental form. Likewise, the Art of Balancing Tower was designed to project a simple yet iconic image when viewed from a distance. Finally, Japanese society is both fueled and hindered by its propensity for hard work. The natural industriousness of the people has propelled the small island nation into a strong player in the global economic market, while simultaneously creating a hyper-competitive society with negative health consequences.

Opposite: view from southwest 4

Site The project is located in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama, just south of downtown Tokyo. The district was originally intended to be a new downtown destination as a “vision of tomorrow.� The project is located in a well established neighborhood that has shopping malls, museums, restaurants, and concert halls as well as existing infrastructure in metro stops, train stations, and major marine ports.



Restaurants, Market, Retail


Art Library Landscape Studios Caligraphy Studios

Painting Studios Sculpture Studios Architecture Studios

Literature Studios Art Galleries Music Studios Dance Studios Performing Arts Studios

Film Studios Performing Arts Studios Performing Arts Center

Programmatic section


Floor plan: ground

Floor plan: second

Floor plan: third 8

Floor plan: fourth

Floor plan: roof

Floor plans: typical tower

Performance areas Support areas Vertical transportation 9

Connecting skyway

Third floor walk way

Ground floor entrance Opposite: view from northwest 11

Your Ad Here Location: Genoa, Italy Clemson University Professors: Virginia San Fratello & Ronald Rael Undergraduate Studio In Collaboration with Nic Fonner YOUR AD HERE is an extraORDINARY solution for the future of public housing. In a world of commercialistic bombardment by the monopolistically wealthy in EVERY aspect of PERSONAL life, the only rational response is to direct that dynamic exchange of resources in an almost UNTHINKABLE relationship with high architecture in order to come to the ultimate perversion of freedom of choice. SELL YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER in exchange for subsidized / market rate housing costs. Sell your rights to communicate on an urban level for a fundamental need: MONEY. View studies allow for the economic deletion of inefficiencies e.g. poor visual communication because of visual obstacle. Therefore, the resultant building program’s commercial potential is maximized. The visual tests performed were explored in shadow relief, section, and plan and directed to the most marketable sampling of visual connections to the city such as rush hour, incoming sea vessels, and wandering pedestrians about Porto Antico.

Opposite: view from bus stop (2) 12





1 4

2 3



Porto Antico, Genoa, Italy 14





10.2 m




Viewers can read: POSTERS









Apartment Typologies Vertical Corridors

Typical floor plan 17

Typical apartment section

Opposite: building section 18

Exploded perspective assembly diagram 20


l Mo u


Ad ver


g Fr ame


Cen t Sup ral P is ply to ton W Sur it Exp rou h Po and ndi wer ing ng Pn Tile Ba eum s ll a & Wit tic S h T oc P ist ele ket on sco Co pin nne g A cti Fab rm on We ric E s ath xpa erp nsi ro on ofi G Tin ng ap ted Lo wE Gl ass Pa nel 1m x1 m eme





Black and White Graphics Advanced Color Graphics Clemson University Professor: Harry Harritos Color renderings: existing images rendered with markers and colored pencil on trace Black and white: pen and ink on Arches - 22� x 30�




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