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President Hanbury addresses students’ concerns at town hall meeting “We are trying to raise $100 million and $50 million will go towards scholarships,” Hanbury said. “We need to build an endowment so students can stay here [at NSU] and not have to leave due to financial reasons.” President George L. Hanbury II ›› Full story on page 2


Student organization wraps gifts for needy children Written by: Alyssa Sterkel

Lauren Peterson, sophomore biology major, said, “It is important to bring awareness. They are needy children, but we don’t always take the steps to do something that helps them. I think it’s important on a college campus with a lot of privileged people to do something small to help.” The Christmas Packing Party is open to anyone and students can bring toys, toiletries, school supplies, candy or anything that would make children happy, said Bermudez. Last year, a student donated money to cover the $7 shipping cost for each of the 20 boxes wrapped. “Students can just bring themselves since we’re going to be wrapping. We’re also writing notes to go in all the boxes. You don’t have to bring something if you can’t go out and buy something. You can always donate money,” she said. The party will have four stations, and students can choose which part of the process they want to help with. Students have the option of putting the gifts in the boxes, wrapping the boxes or writing notes to the children and COURTESY OF www.SaMaRiTaNSpURSE.ORg sticking labels on the boxes.

On Nov. 16, Ablaze, a Christian-student organization on campus, will host their Christmas Packing Party from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. in the Don Taft University Center pit. Ablaze is teaming up with international Christian relief and evangelism organization, Samaritan’s Purse, through their Operation Christmas Child program to donate gifts to children who have been victims of war, poverty, natural disaster or disease. Noemi Bermudez, sophomore biology major and president of Ablaze, said this week is national collection week, so all the boxes will be wrapped and distributed, and Samaritan’s Purse will deliver them to children in time for Christmas. “We know how passionate that organization is. It serves Christ through tangible ways. It is great knowing the gift that you give is going to a child in need,” Children receiving gifts from Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief and evangelism organization. Ablaze, a Christian student organization at NSU, is teaming up with she said. Samaritan’s Purse to send wrapped Christmas gifts to children in other countries.




November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

TOWN HALL from 1

Written by: Victoria Rajkumar NSU’s President, George L. Hanbury II, met with students during a town hall meeting to address their concerns and answer questions about the state of the university at the Don Taft University Center pit on Nov. 10. Hanbury discussed topics, such as: his vision for the university, parking issues, campus diversity, Greek life, university research, student affairs, endowment and student scholarships. Hanbury said one of his goals is to raise more money for scholarships. “We are trying to raise $100 million and $50 million will go towards scholarships,” Hanbury said. “We need to build an endowment so students can stay here [at NSU] and not have to leave due to financial reasons.” Catalina Vanegas, freshman theatre major, said the meeting

was helpful. “It gave students the opportunity to talk in person, rather than send an email. It was an actual response, and if you wanted an answer you got it right away,” said Vanegas. Hanbury said he envisions NSU becoming a top-notch research facility, focusing on cancer, stem cell and oceanographic research. Hanbury said NSU will reach this goal through his proposal to build a $100 million structure on campus for research. Hanbury also said there are plans to incorporate an engineering school at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences. “[The] Parker [building] will be converted into a wet lab and have [other] laboratories. We are emphasizing research at this university,” said Hanbury Students asked if NSU had any plans to develop a football program. Hanbury said once the university increases its undergraduate population, football could be discussed.

“Not right now,” he said. Brad Williams, vice president of student affairs said the town hall meeting was a win-win for the president and for students. “I thought the questions were really good and the answers were very comprehensive,” said Williams. “[President Hanbury] is very genuine. One of the things exciting about [him] is that he loves to interact with students.” Marc Crocquet, associate vice president of business services, was also impressed with the types of questions students asked. “I think overall the students asked really good questions, and [President Hanbury] seemed to have all of the answers, or he certainly knows how to get the answers. I thought [the town hall meeting] was great.” The next student town hall meeting will be held at the Health Professions Division on Friday, Dec. 2 in the Morris Auditorium at 11:30 a.m.

will see us actively helping with Operation Christmas Child and want to participate and get involved,” Peterson said. Bermudez said, “As a Christian, I think it is important to show God’s love in our world, especially on a

college campus. Sometimes people think of us just as a group who gets together for bible studies, but as Christians we have Christ’s love in us, and we portray that to the world, and we are to be a light in the darkness.”

GIFTS from 1

Peterson is excited about the location of the party since it will bring more awareness than any other location. She thinks it will be a good way to show people what Ablaze is all about. “[In the UC pit], people


For rent: pine island Ridge, 1 + 1 1/2 updated kitchen and bath, cable/water included. Country club- golf/tennis/pool. No smoking/pets. $850/mn Call 516-543-9470

Need some



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November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu



News Briefs NSU researchers seek to use stems cells to grow teeth Dr. Peter Murray, Ph.D,, associate professor of endodontics, and a team of researchers from NSU’s College of Dental Medicine have been working, for several years, to use stems cells, or a simple tooth bud, to grow new teeth. The researchers have been successful with the process in rodents. However, more trials and research are being conducted before the trial process is expanded to humans. Open call for submissions for the undergraduate film festival The Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences invites all aspiring student filmmakers, directors, editors, cinematographers, actors and screenwriters to apply for the sixth annual undergraduate film festival taking place in April. Applicants will form groups of four or five and create a 3-8 minute film based on the undergraduate academic theme: “Truth and Power,” in narrative, documentary or avant-garde genres. Workshops on filmmaking will be conducted leading up to the festival. For more information contact Weylin Sternglanz at sterngla@nova.edu or Chetachi Egwu at egwu@nova.edu. FL judge rules headlight warnings of speed traps legal On Nov. 9, a Sanford judge ruled that it is not illegal for motorists to warn each other of speed traps by flashing their headlights. The ruling came after 25-year-old Ryan Kintner sued a Seminole County sheriff in August for giving him a ticket for flashing his headlights to warn other motorists of a speed trap ahead. Kintner and his lawyer asked the judge to ban sheriffs from writing such tickets. However, that portion of the claim was not granted. California city bans fur On Nov. 8, the city of West Hollywood became the first in the U.S. to ban the sale of fur within its city limits. The ban affects nearly 200 apparel stores in town, which estimates up to $2 million in revenue from the sale of fur products each year. The law will take effect on Sept. 21, 2013.

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Voter claims poll worker bit him Greg Flanagan, 49, of Cleveland, OH, said he was bitten and headbutted after he intervened in an argument between a campaign worker and a poll worker at a polling station. The poll worker claims that the campaign worker was within 100 feet of the polling station, which is against the law. So, the poll worker confronted the campaign worker. When Flanagan stepped in on the campaign worker’s behalf, he said he was attacked by the poll worker. The incident is being investigated by police.



Happening now: International Students Week

November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

How to master Black Friday Written by: Alyssa Sterkel

photo by L. Hagan

International students and their families take a group picture at Nova International Student Association’s 2010 Thanksgiving Dinner on the 2nd floor of the Don Taft University. The 2011 NISA Thanksgiving dinner will be held on Nov. 21.

Written by: Alyssa Sterkel Nova International Student Association, the Student Events and Activities Board in the Office of Student Activities, and the Office of International Affairs are hosting the annual International Students Week from Nov. 14-18. Lesley Hagan, senior biology major and president of NISA, said the Office of International Affairs sets aside a week each year to raise awareness about diversity on campus. “There are about 124 countries represented on this campus and that’s pretty big, so they want to do something to show that,” said Hagan. The week’s kickoff event will be held today in the Don Taft University Center pit from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. There will be music, food, a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine and craft work, said Hagan. “It’ll be a set up like a SEA Thursday and we will have as many countries represented as we can, like China, Vietnam and France. There will be activities that represent the different countries. People will dress up and you will be able to find out information about the different countries. It will be like an international fun fair, but on a small scale,” she said. Jade Rissman, junior management marketing major and vice president of NISA, said the purpose of this week is also to promote student involvement. “This campus is made of 30-40 percent international students, so we want the whole

Written by: Victoria Rajkumar Whether you’re a straggling senior or a budding freshman, it is never a bad time to consider your post-grad options. Most students plan to vacate the educational system the second their bachelor’s degree is slapped into their eager hands. But, for those “lifelong students” who are glued to the system, here are some facts, courtesy of the Office of Career Development, to get you started on the right track. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. April Klimkiewicz, assistant director of Career Advisement and Preprofessional Services, suggests that, ideally, students should begin preparing for grad school well before their senior year. “Start as early as possible. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. You want to submit your application on time, have all of your letters of recommendation, your personal statement, and your resume and cover letter ready to go. You’ve got to start early,” said Klimkiewicz. Starting early also means requesting applications, scheduling campus visits, updating your

week to be for them, so they feel recognized and at home. It’s an annual tradition we’re trying to carry out and make it bigger and bigger,” she said. On Wednesday, NISA will host an Olympics basketball event and, on Thursday, NISA will advertise for their annual Thanksgiving dinner from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. in the Don Taft UC. Hagan said the dinner will be held on Nov. 21 from 6 p.m.– 9 p.m. on the 2nd floor of the Don Taft UC. “We all get dressed up and eat good food and enjoy entertainment. People bring family and friends and we get to meet them. It’s really interactive and fun. Last year, we won the event of the year because of how big our turn out was,” she said. Claire Verret, sophomore biology major and NISA member from Haiti, said she is happy to see that NSU is diverse and filled with many international students because that’s one of the reasons why she chose to attend this school. “It’s going to be a really fun week. [Through NISA] you get to meet people from other places. When you come here it’s really different, and it’s a shock because you don’t know how things go, but you meet people and they go through the same things as you. It’s more comforting and that’s why I stuck with NISA.” Hagan said, “NISA is like your home away from home.”

The most anticipated shopping day of the year is only ten days away, but are you ready for it? Have you scoured store websites and found out which stores open the earliest and stay open the latest? Have you looked to see which stores will sell what you want for the price you want? If not, check out the list below for the best ways to navigate and prepare for Black Friday. If you need help planning: Make a list and check it twice. Don’t put anything on the list that you don’t want to push an old lady out of the way for or steal from a little kid. Once your list is made, make it longer. Do your research and find out which stores will give you the best deal, and make sure you factor in everything. Sometimes it’s cheaper to sit at your computer than make the trek to the store. Once you’re prepared, make sure you get your sleep and plan to eat early. Don’t stay up late the night before; otherwise, that old lady will win in your rush for the 70” flat screen TV. If you’re serious about being the first one at the store (because the early bird gets the worm), plan a Thanksgiving lunch instead of dinner. Target, Macy’s, BrandsMart and Kohl’s will open at midnight on Nov. 25 and the Sawgrass Mills Mall will open even earlier at 10 p.m. on Nov. 24 and will stay open for 24 hours. If you’re in need of a TV, laptop or other electronics, Costco, Best Buy, RadioShack, Kohl’s and CVS will have what you need. If you need an entirely new outfit, Kohl’s will have more deals than you can think of, so get there early. And if you need to buy jewelry for Christmas presents, check out Costco, Sears and JCPenney. If you’re a bit lazy, but want to do some major damage to your wallet, Target and Walmart are the stores to go to. They have everything on sale from kitchen supplies to clothing to electronics.


Shoppers at a retail store on Black Friday.

If you need help getting into the right mindset: Black Friday is none other than the Super Bowl of shopping. It is an all out war to get what you want and you can’t forget that. You can’t stand in line for that pair of shoes and let someone cut in front of you. You need to be a ferocious tiger, ready to pounce. No Bambis allowed. Remember to fight for what you want and yell if you need to. Go to the stores with a posse. Nothing says you’re ready for a shopping crowd like bringing back-up. Have someone waiting in the car ready to pick you up, have someone stand in line and have two people go after that item your heart desires. Your day of shopping battle is soon approaching. Remember to have fun. If you don’t end up with what you want, there’s always next year. Appreciate the memories you’ll make at 3 a.m. But if you wind up victorious in your quest, congratulations in advance on #winning at Black Friday.

It’s never too early to think about graduate school Give your professors a date recommendation – but fear not, resume, and taking note of your grad when the letter is due. Consider your professors are there for you, school’s fellowships and research telling them an earlier date as to not along with the Office of Career assistantships to cover some costs. jeopardize your admissions deadline, Development. In a few easy steps, Do your research. Find the and give them at least two weeks right school for you and gather notice before you need the letter information about the program of of recommendation. Include a study you are interested in. Note paper or project you completed what the requirements are for (one with a high score, of course) admission, which admissions test as well as your final grade to is needed and the cost of tuition. remind them of your hard work Begin putting together your done in their class. Let the letter portfolio. writer know why they were asked; Start thinking and preparing tell them who else is writing a for your admissions exams. The recommendation for you. When most common standardized tests COURTESY OF talk.onevietnam.org possible, try to provide the name for graduate school are the GRE, Applying to graduate school isn’t as daunting as you think, as long as you start preparing early. of whom the letter will be sent GMAT, LSAT and MCAT. to. It looks much better than “To Ask for letters of whom it may concern…” Tell the you will be able to scratch this off recommendation. Usually students writer your long-term goals and how your grad school to-do list. are intimidated by the letter of

the program you are applying to fits into those goals. Your professor will need to know what your plans are in order to write on your behalf. Most importantly, remember to thank your letter writers. They took the time to help you out. Send thankyou notes and keep in touch. You have now begun to network. These are just a few tips the Office of Career Development offers NSU students regarding their education. Students can also log onto Sharklink and subscribe to “Career Undergraduate” tab for easy-access, online tips. “Another great resource is for students to actually go and talk to the departments here at NSU. We have so many great programs available. Students could call and chat with someone from our graduate schools to find out more information about the programs from the people who actually are a part of the admissions team,” said Klimkiewicz. Remember to check out the Office of Career Development for more information on graduate school at www.nova.edu/career. To schedule an appointment, call (954) 262-7201 or email career@nova.edu.

November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu



the current staff giving a little thanks Here at The Current we have a lot to be thankful for, like memories we’ve made this semester, our readers who support us and the pleasure of interviewing our sources. And as individuals we have even more to be thankful for. Victoria Rajkumar, news editor, said, “I am immensely thankful for the endless support from my family and friends. I am so grateful for my awesome car (I love you, baby). Nothing makes me happier than being able to write for a living. Writing is my passion and I’m so thankful I get to do this everyday. I want to thank my awesome classmates and professors for teaching me, both in the classroom and out, lessons I’ll never forget. Last, but never least, thank you to my awesome co-workers. Without you guys, I would have lost my mind ages ago. I adore you all!” Alyssa Sterkel, features editor, said, “I am thankful for where I am today. I have friends, a boyfriend and a family who will always be by my side. I am thankful for my love of fashion and writing because I know it will be used for God’s purpose one day. I’m thankful for The Current staff because they make me laugh every time I’m in the office and I’m so sad to see Chelsea graduate because she is a big part of this team. And finally, I am thankful for bacon because it makes my tummy happy.”

Stephanie Fleming, the arts and entertainment editor, said, “I am thankful this semester is almost over.”

Davis Yahn, opinions editor, said, “I’m thankful for all the success achieved by not only me but my friends and family. I am also very thankful for the amazing community that I feel very much a part of here at NSU.” Larisa Anikina, distribution manager, said, “People are always thankful for something. At least they should be. I am thankful for a lot of things starting from being able to enjoy another beautiful day after my accident. But, most of all, I am thankful for my loved ones. If it wasn’t for my wonderful family, I would have never been the person I am today. I would have never visited the countries I have visited. I would have never met half of the dozens of people I have met and have become friends with. I would never have experienced as much fun and kindness and love as I have. But, most importantly, I would have never made it to this day if it was not for my family’s love, support, and patience. My family is what I will never stop being thankful for.”

Kevin Preciado, sports editor, said, “I’m just thankful to be alive and with the ones I love.”

Fiona Banton, business manager, said, “I am thankful that I wake up every morning, knowing the Lord has provided and will continue to provide for me always.”

Joydel Trail, editor-in-chief, said, “I am thankful for God-given peace of mind even when things aren’t going well. I’m also thankful for having a supportive family and a small group of friends who make life that much more worth living and enjoying. AND, the grand finale, (drum roll please), I’m thankful for a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated staff. They make my job worth getting up for in the morning. Go team! If you don’t know about The Current staff, you better ask somebody!”

Chelsea Seignious, chief of visual design, said, “I’m thankful for God’s grace and faithfulness. I fail every single day, but He’s always there to pick me up, dust me off and give me the strength to keep going. I’m not perfect, but He chooses to love me anyway. That amazes me.”

Andre Escobar, visual design assistant, said, “I am thankful for the places God has taken me and the people I am surrounded by.”



November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

Diary of.. NSU’s Last Shark Standing winner

Written by: James “Jim” Sinkevich James “Jim” Sinkevich is a senior nursing major. He won $1,000 in NSU’s comedy competition Last Shark Standing and performed before nearly 4,000 people in the Don Taft University Center arena before the Kevin Hart show to close homecoming week. It was a stormy day, in the midst of Florida’s rainy season. I was stranded in the U.C. umbrella-less, destitute to this land of Don Taft. Then on the horizon, I saw hope, a sign! Last shark standing…win a $1,000…. I was saved! I made the terrifying journey across the pit to the Office of Student Activities and signed up. Immediately, the rain stopped, the sun shined. I was free. But, once I got home, I realized I had no jokes. I actually wasn’t sure if I was funny. I made jokes with friends about things that happened, or people we knew, but never to a group of strangers. So I made some calls, hired Seth Rogan, and had him write my jokes... then I woke up. Good dream. I did what most college students do, procrastinated ‘til the day of the auditions. It was the morning of the audition, and I have no jokes. So I started pacing, called my girlfriend Alina, and started spouting out random things about me, and asking her if any of these were funny. Then she shouted “THAT ONE!” “Talk about the Gay club!” So I did. I made it through the auditions and semi-finals. (Side note the dancing part of my joke came from a random conversation with Sean Pepin, in Student Activities, about how bad of a dancer I was). Then about a few weeks went by. During that time, I had about 20 people (including my dad) say, “I have a joke for you… You don’t have to use it, but I’ll let you. Guarantee a win with this joke! So….” I learned a lot of new jokes, none of which I used (sorry). I made it to the finals. Two days before the Kevin Hart show, I got nervous, really nervous. I started stand up about two hours before the

auditions. I wasn’t sure how I would do in front of 4,000 people. Would I be funny to Kevin Hart’s crowd? I could only hope. The weirdest part of getting ready for it was practicing in front of the mirror. I suggest you all try it some time, just talk to yourself in the mirror. It’s kind of creepy. I started wondering if people out in the hall could hear me and were going like “WTF is this kid doing?? He’s crap!” About two hours before the show, I practiced in front of Alina and the first time I got through it, she laughed. The second time, she chuckled. The third time, she giggled. The forth time, she just sat there. I was ready. I thought. We got to the arena and there it was, a sign: “SOLD OUT.” My response was “No!” I’m going to fast-forward a bit to the show. I was there with 4,000 people in the audience, and I was pacing, saying “OMG” over and over again. Then I heard, “next up James “Jim” Sinkevich.” I was so nervous I got on stage before my entrance music started playing. Then I looked down and at the table right in front of the stage were all my friends and Alina sitting there smiling, screaming and cheering for me. My nerves calmed. I did my bit, and people laughed, and it was the most amazing feeling to know that I made 4,000 people laugh — people I don’t know. I could see everyone, and they were all smiling, screaming and cheering me on. I finished my jokes. I said thank you, and people cheered as I walked off the stage. I sat with my all my friends and they were just going crazy for me, telling me how great I did. Now after the show, Kevin Hart’s very funny show, the winner was announced. The three finalists went back stage and they announced third runner up, Jon. Alex and I just stood there waiting to see who would be second. They called Alex. I could not believe it. I just won. They called me up and I still couldn’t believe it. They gave us big checks, Happy Gilmore style. I was so happy and excited once I had won. I took maybe 100 pictures with everyone. One of the coolest parts was, as I walked to my seat after we all performed, people were yelling at me, saying they were voting for me,


James “Jim” Sinkevich, senior nursing major, performing in the Don Taft University Center arena at NSU’s first Last Shark Standing comedy competition where he won $1,000 on Nov 5.

wanting to shake my hand, telling me I was hilarious. And they were all people I had never met before. I felt like a rock star! This was by far the greatest college experience I could ever have had. I am so

thankful for all my friends that supported me and cheered me on, especially Alina. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. It means a lot to me and I thank all of you.


onshore events by students, for students

Saturday, Nov. 19


Glucose Games — Flag football tournament » 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Intramurals fields Sponsored by American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APHA-ASP) Contact: Danielle Padgett, dpadgett@nova.edu

Submit your student club or organization’s events for the Onshore calendar by emailing: trail@nova.edu. Only events for students, by students accepted.

Advertise with a classified today! 954.262.8455 // thecurrentad@nova.edu

November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

How to “walk-on” to an NSU sports team Written by: Alyssa Sterkel For some students, the college experience is not just about earning a degree and socializing with friends but about the lessons learned from being on a sports team. Most athletes are recruited in high school. However, NSU’s sports teams also accept walk-ons. If you want to try out and become a walk-on, it is a simple process. B. Keith Smith, assistant athletic director, said the first step a student needs to take is to register with the NCAA eligibility center and get cleared by the NCAA. “The eligibility center asks for general information and makes sure you’ve taken and passed all the proper courses in high school, that you’re an amateur athlete and that you haven’t competed at a professional level before,” said Smith. The next step, he said, is contacting the coach of the sports team you are interested in directly to find out when he or she is holding try-outs. Smith said, “Usually coaches will have a try-out weekend and open it up for students to come in and display their skills to see if they’re good enough to be picked for a team.” Bryan Hagopian, cross country and track and field head coach, said walk-ons are an important aspect to a team because athletes are sometimes overlooked in high school or they don’t peak until the end of their senior year, and by that time coaches have already distributed scholarships. “I like walk-ons because it gives them an opportunity to show what they have. I always keep an extra couple of dollars just for walk-ons, and when they succeed, which they usually do, we can help them with financial aid,” he said. Angela Kuhar, freshman dual admit



occupational therapy major, said, “I always wanted to try out, and I was put in a situation where I ended up getting injured and I didn’t think I would be able to run track in college. This past summer, I finally got cleared. So being able to walk-on without a scholarship was so nice because it allowed me to do what I really wanted to do.” Students can also try out before they are cleared by the NCAA, but they only have a 45 day window to get cleared. Smith said they can practice with the team but cannot participate in competitions. Devir Galindo, freshman athletic training major, is still in the two month training process for track and field, but said it is worth it. “I just started running track and field in my junior year, and I didn’t get good at it until my senior year so I never had the opportunity to get scouted. Since coming to Nova, being able to be accepted as a walk-on and being able to prove myself to my team was a wonderful opportunity. The process is long and it’s hard, but if you’re a committed student athlete, you’ll go through the process and it will pay off.” Kuhar said, “You really have nothing to lose if you try out. If it’s what you want to do and you make the team, then that’s a wonderful opportunity that you took advantage of. If you don’t make the team, that’s the worst that there is.”

ON THE BENCH Commentary by:

Kevin Preciado

Are you ready for some Thanksgiving football? Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and football. This is the typical Thanksgiving for most Americans. This year, I’ll be thankful for a schedule of three great NFL games. The Detroit Lions have stunk since the beginning of time (I exaggerate), and we’ve had to endure their annual Thanksgiving game, but this year is different. Believe it or not, the Detroit Lions are actually good. Shocking. I know. I’m looking forward to Matthew Stafford throwing bombs to Megatron and Suh punishing the opposition. Who are they playing? Oh yeah. The defending Super Bowl Champs: the Green Bay Packers. What a great way to start off your Thanksgiving. Who’s up next on the schedule? My Miami Dolphins will take on the Dallas Cowboys. Although the

Dolphins aren’t winning the Super Bowl any time soon, they’ve been competitive in just about every game this season, and the matchup alone between Jake Long and DeMarcus Ware is, simply put, a clash of the titans. The final game features a battle of wits between siblings. The Baltimore Ravens led by John Harbaugh will take on the San Francisco 49ers, led by Jim Harbaugh. I don’t predict any postgame brawls between the brothers, but I do expect to see a physical game between two great defenses. Three amazing football matchups to watch with loved ones. I can’t wait. While you’ll be busy salivating over the food, I’ll be salivating over these games. Like my boss’s favorite football player (Terrell Owens) once said, “Get your popcorn ready.”



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Senior duo Rivera and Quaye say goodbye to NSU soccer Written by: Kevin Preciado On Oct. 26, senior defenders Juan Rivera and Alvin Quaye played their final match in NSU uniforms. Although both acknowledged that this was a tough season on the field, they said they were thankful for the memories and opportunities NSU has provided them throughout their careers. “The past four years, you grow to become a family, spending so much time with [the team] on and off the field. That’s probably most [what] we’re going to miss,” said Rivera. Head Coach Giuseppe DePalo, said both players have come a long way, and he is going to miss them. “[Rivera] is as good as you’re going to find in terms of left backs in the Sunshine State Conference, and [Quaye] is always playing with a smile on his face and could tackle with the best of them,” he said. DePalo said he has been just as impressed with them off the field. He said, “First and foremost, [they’re] outstanding people. [They’re] two great guys

— role models, just good people willing to help out.” Quaye, an Arsenal fan, and Rivera, a Real Madrid fan, said they will pursue careers in soccer beyond NSU.

Quaye said, “I hope I can play soccer. I’m going to try out for some teams. Hopefully something happens. If not, the great thing [is], I learned a lot here at NSU. I’ve got an education, [and] I’ve got some degrees, so

“First and foremost, [they’re] outstanding people. [They’re] two great guys – role models, just good people willing to help out.” Giuseppe DePalo, men’s soccer head coach

Juan Rivera (left) and Alvin Quaye (right) played their final match as Sharks on Oct. 26.

Top 10 reasons why the Dolphins suck

Courtesy of si.wsj.net

Written by: Stephanie Fleming They’re 1-7 and in the running to be the worst team in the NFL. Analysts blame the coach and Henne has never gotten a break. But I know the real reasons behind the biggest losers in the NFL. Here are the top 10 reasons why the dolphins suck: 10. The coach is named after a fictional mob boss. Sometimes players miss practice just sitting in a diner wondering where they’re supposed to be. 9. Don Shula sends everyone steaks. A $30 steak can go a long way to clogging your arteries and slowing your gait. 8. Huizenga knows when to get out of a bad business. Even a man who made his name in garbage wants nothing to do with the dolphins. 7. Fans are unsupportive turncoats. They even started booing Henne in preseason. 6. They trade all the good players. (Pats still thank you for Wes Welker). Players even pretend to retire to get away (thanks for Junior Seau too!) 5. Remember when they passed on Drew Brees? ‘Nuff said. 4. The defense is in the locker room trying to locate the country of London on a map. Where’d you say we were, Channing? 3. Brandon Marshall can’t catch the ball because he fell on a knife the night before, and it landed in his catching arm. 2. Jason Taylor thinks he’s supposed to dip the opposing QB instead of sack him. Twinkle toes Taylor learned how to cha-cha but can’t dance around the offensive lineman anymore. 1. Ricky took all the good drugs with him when he left. Run, Ricky, run. So, thanks Dolphins for giving all NFL fans something they can agree on — you suck.

Courtesy of nsu sports information

I’ll be in a good position to get a job if I don’t play soccer.” Whether it was traveling to Italy with the team their sophomore year or defeating Lynn in a penalty shootout in the quarterfinals of the 2009 conference tournament, Quaye and Rivera said they will treasure these moments for the rest of their lives.

“Suck for Luck:” What say you? Written by: Kevin Preciado “Suck for Luck.” Catchy, isn’t it? The phrase has caught on like wildfire here in South Florida, but there are those who haven’t heard of it. Andrew Luck is the starting quarterback at Stanford University, and he has drawn comparisons to Peyton Manning and John Elway. The Miami Dolphins are off to a rough start and have been searching for a franchise quarterback since the retirement of Dan Marino. Essentially, “Suck for Luck” is a mentality that has many Dolphins fans rooting against their own team because the team with the worst record will have the best draft pick, and, in all likelihood, this draft pick will be Luck. Jeremy Mathis, junior finance major and Dolphins fan, is in favor of the “Suck for Luck” mindset. He said, “The playoffs are out of reach, and we need to focus on building for the future, so I am for that mentality.” Javier Duque, junior accounting Courtesy of collegefootballperformance.com major, is a Dolphins fan who also If Andrew Luck decides to enter April’s draft, he will likely be the first overall pick. supports the “Suck for Luck” mentality. He said, “As a fan, I think they lose for a draft pick. I think it’s silly. I think you should “Suck for Luck” because they just got to get behind your team [and] support need some momentum for years to come.” them,” said DePalo. However, Giuseppe DePalo, men’s soccer Whether the Dolphins end up with the head coach, does not believe fans should ever first overall pick or not remains to be seen, and want their own team to lose. whether Andrew Luck even decides to enter “That’s got to be gut-wrenching. As a this draft is another question. Where do you coach, I hear that, and it’s frustrating. It’s stand on the “Suck for Luck” debate? disappointing to hear that fans want them to

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November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

Arts & Entertainment


The South Florida international auto show: Museum of Art Top five vehicles Ft. Lauderdale

celebrates Day of the Dead

phOTO BY k. pRECiaDO

Cadillac Ciel Concept

Written by: Kevin Preciado The South Florida International Auto Show made its annual stop at the Miami Beach Convention Center from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6. From Kia to Maserati, there was a car for everybody. Out of sheer curiosity and a love for automobiles I simply can’t afford, I decided to pay the auto show a visit. I’m going to provide you with a list of my five favorite automobiles from the show as well as the best bargain. First up on my list is the 2012 Shelby GT500 Coupe. I love this car thanks to the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” in which the 1967 version is referred to as Eleanor, and I must say the 2012 Eleanor looks pretty good. With a standard vehicle price

of $48,810, it might not be such a bad idea to start saving up your money. Next on my list isn’t a car, but a motorcycle. The 2012 HarleyDavidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo definitely caught my attention. Now, I’m no Dr. Steve Alford (NSU professor of English) when it comes to the love of motorcycles, but even I could appreciate this bad boy. With a price of $19,163.95, you can’t go wrong purchasing it. A list of automobiles would not be complete without this American classic, and this car is a corvette. The 2012 Corvette ZR1 is just as spectacular as its predecessors. The corvette is my first true love, as far as cars are concerned, and when I saw the standard vehicle price of $111,525, a part of me died inside. Alas, it was not meant to be.


November 15-November 21 Tuesday 11.15

Watch the Throne American Airlines Arena, Miami 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday 11.16 Broadwalk Concert Series Hollywood Beach Theatre Johnston Street and Broadwalk, Hollywood, FL

Thursday 11.17 The Broward County Fair Pembroke Pines, Daily (November 17th through November 27th)

Friday 11.18 Mayday Parade w/ We Are The In Crowd, You Me At Six, There For Tomorrow* Revolution Live 6 p.m.

Alesana w. A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Atilla, Memphis May Fire * Revolution Live 6 p.m

The Italian in me must be kicking in again because next on my list is the Ferrari 458 Italia. This Italian Stallion goes from 0-60 mph in less than 3.4 seconds. No price was listed, and quite frankly, I’d rather not know. Let me hold on to my false hope. I’ve suffered enough heart breaks for one auto show. Last, but certainly not least, is the Cadillac Ciel Concept. Like the name suggests, this is a concept car, and no price or specifications were given. However, one glance at this extraordinary piece of machinery, and you can’t help but be in awe. It looks just like the Batmobile. The 2012 Hyundai Veloster wins my best bargain award. For a car that looks $30,000, the starting price is only $17,300. Well, I hope you enjoyed my list. Arrivederci.

Saturday 11.19 Florida Panthers v. Pittsburg Penguins Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise 7:30p.m.

Mixed Martial Arts - Bellator Fighting Championships 58

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood 7 p.m.

Sunday 11.20 Miami Dolphins v. Buffalo Bills Sun Life Stadium, Miami 1 p.m.

Purple Stride South Florida 2011

Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise 7:30 p.m.

Craig Ferguson

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood 7 p.m.

Monday 11.21 Florida Panthers v. New Jersey Devils Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise 7:30 p.m.

Manchester Orchestra w.

White Denim, The Dear Hunter* Revolution Live 6 p.m.

*Listen to Radio X – WNSU 88.5 for a chance to win to tickets to these events. Call (954) 262 – 8460 from 6 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Written by: Victoria Rajkumar Nothing is more awesome than eating a freshly made chicken quesadilla and sipping on a Mexican Coke (Coca-Cola manufactured in Mexico, who knew?) while watching a massive crowd of face-painted, rowdy, undead skeletons parade through downtown Fort Lauderdale. Seriously, there’s nothing like it. I have to give major credit to the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. I really enjoyed the event, which took place on Nov. 2, and I am so ready to go again next year. The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday following Halloween that celebrates the lives of those who are no longer with us. Those who celebrate the holiday create small (or extravagant) shrines to honor their deceased family member, which are usually decorated in the most unique manner. I absolutely loved the artistic touch that graced this event. Local artists displayed their work in an interpretation of Dia de los Muertos. A huge warehouse was filled with artwork depicting what the artist felt was “deceased” and demanded recognition. Some of which included: the death of femininity, religion, contraceptives and a confusing display of crushed light bulbs. I’m sure there was symbolism in there somewhere. Not to mention, there were actual shrines of people’s loved ones, decorated in their favorite things. The half-Mexican in me celebrated along with the rest of the partygoers in a colorful display of costumes, face-paint, and cerveza. When I wasn’t completely captivated by all the artwork on display, I was busy chasing down the skeleton parade. Huge puppet skeletons, created by the Puppet Network’s Jim Hammond, were dancing down the streets of Las Olas through Andrews


The Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale celebrated Dia De Los Muertos, “Day of the Dead,” on Nov. 2 in downtown Fort Lauderdal through art and music.

Avenue to the FAT Arts Village District, followed by a not-so-dead crowd decked out in skeleton attire. I have never seen the dead dance before, but I sure came close. Plenty of local bands came out. Witnessing new, raw talent was just too great to pass up. I was dragging my friends around all night running from warehouse to warehouse in the search of new bands and music that hasn’t been played to death by Power 96. At the Iron Forge Stage, the band Planet Abyss blew me away with their rock/alternative beats (call me, sexy half-naked lead singer!). Loud music, glow sticks, strobe lights and lasers…who wouldn’t call that heaven is beyond me. The worst part of the night was the lack of ATMs. Since most of the stands were cash only (and of course, sold the most awesome knick-knacks I’ve ever seen), I was left without a souvenir and that all-American hamburger (which I was ridiculed to death for even suggesting) I had my eye on. Also, I was denied access to a puppet show. I had to pay $15 to see it and that was definitely not going to happen. Get real dude, I’m in college and that is 14-dollars worth of $1 menu items. But the Day of the Dead was definitely worth my time.


Arts & Entertainment

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My pick of throw-back flicks Written by: Louise Laurent

Sometimes, in waiting for the bigger, better movie to come along, we forget about the ones that hit high notes before some of us (namely me) could even walk. Why don’t we hop into my time-machine and have a glimpse of movies from the years that did not start with 20--. In no particular order of importance, my old school favorites are:

the ghastly plant. Or so the school principle advises. The film follows a school principle relaying the harmful effects of marijuana through a story of high school students who use it and destroy their lives. 8. “Cry Baby” (1990) Yet another bad-boy-meets-good-girl musical. However, somehow Johnny Depp makes it amazing. Perhaps, it’s because I love everything Johnny. This storyline follows a young lady (Rikki Lake) unfortunate enough to be lumped into a pack of straight shooting squares. In a town of strict morals and a razor sharp code of conduct, cry baby (his nickname) seems extremely exciting to a girl who is expected to have a choice in too-orderly-tofunction men. Her family hates him, and his friends hate her, but I love them both.

10. “And The Band Played On” (1993) This was recommended by a friend. The story is based on the first year of the discovery of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It follows the doctors who made the discovery and 7. “Teen Witch” their struggle to try (1989) and understand it, This fantasy teen meanwhile battling a COURTESY OF OURTRESSpaSSES.COM comedy is an government that does absolute classic. not seem concerned Fifteen year old Louise Miller with the storm coming. We are all discovers that she is a descendant victims of the subsequent years of of a line of witches, and she regains this epidemic, and should make an her power on her sixteenth birthday. effort to see this movie as it shows a From then, the girl slowly learns that different perspective. power corrupts as she uses her power to become the most popular girl 9. “Tell Your Children (Also known in school. Of course, one can only as ‘Reefer Madness’)” (1936) ignore your conscience for so long. I was not alive when this movie was As she sees that she is becoming just made, but I do appreciate this film. as bad as the girls who were mean It is an over-exaggeration of the to her, and that her boyfriend is only harmful effects of marijuana use. under a spell and doesn’t truly love The point of the film is to caution her, she decides to give up her power the youth against it. I advise that and find her own happy ending. if you do not want to succumb to ‘lifelong insanity,’ stay away from


goblins will take him away when he doesn’t realize) how to have a 6. “Adventures in Babysitting” he will not stop crying. Be careful good time. Although everyone may (1987) what you wish for because The King know the song If all babysitters had of the Goblins just might hear you. “Supercalifragilisto go through this Now, the girl must travel to his world ticexpialidocious,” ordeal, there would and master the labyrinth to get to his I prefer to sing “I be a large number castle and save her brother from the love to laugh” as I of near psychotic evil designs of The Goblin King. imagine floating up teenagers. After to the ceiling every being stood-up by 2. “Hocus Pocus” (1993) time I giggle. her boyfriend who A halloween-hating teen gets the ride claims he has a cold of his life when he awakens three 4. “Forrest Gump” (liar!), our heroine witches by lighting the black candle. (1994) agrees to baby sit a Now, he must try to save his sister’s It is with chest15 year old boy and COURTESY OF BaCkTOThEEighTiES.NET soul from being devoured by these thumping pride that his 8 year old sister. witches so that they may become I say that this VHS The night becomes young (well younger) again. With the has been sitting on my TV stand since exciting when our heroine’s best help of his crush, a black cat and a I knew what a TV stand was. Raise friend calls from a bus station in the zombie with his mouth sutured shut, your hand if you think back with city needing help and a ride. Breaking the ex-california native will do all that fond memories of this boy shedding the family rule and venturing out he can to protect his sister. Seems the his braces as Jenny shouted after him into the city, the group (babysitter, oddest plot in which someone falls in “Run, Forrest, run.” It is undeniably boy, girl and boy’s friend) run into a love, but somehow it works. a cult classic and with good reason. series of wild occurrences. The tire Although not the brightest burning gets busted. The group gets caught 1. “Trading Mom” (1994) matchstick, Forrest is an extremely up with gang-members. Our heroine Another one of those moments where kind hearted person in constant search catches her boyfriend cheating. And you realize you never of his love, Jenny. It somehow, after all this mess, our 8 is extremely heartyear old finds herself hanging out appreciated what warming to see a the window of a building. We all you had until it was ‘simple minded’ man know how the story ends, though. gone. Three children achieve so much. And They make it home in time, and the are sick of their I must say, running for parents are none the wiser. This gets workaholic mother three straight years is a grade A for scaring me out of ever always nagging them. an incredible thing. leaving my future children with the When they find out babysitter. about a spell (uh oh) 3. “Labyrinth” to get rid of her, they (1986) 5. “Mary Poppins” (1964) do so and are taken This movie brings This movie is as fresh in my mind to a Mom Market. back fond memories as the first day I saw it. This film There they have three COURTESY OFCiNEMaSTRikESBaCk.COM of David Bowie follows the story of two children in tokens, and so the trio in tights singing desperate need of either parents who tries to find the perfect “you remind me of the babe.” Trust care, or a strict, yet fun-loving nanny. replacement. None of their mothers me, if you hear that song, you will Mary Poppins who is positivelyseem to work out and the children find never forget it. This is another perfect in every single way answers out that to get their first mother back, movie about how babysitting can go the request of an uncaring banker’s they must think of a memory of her. horribly wrong. I think I will staple children. Easily, Mary Poppins The problem is, because of the spell my children to my side. Angry that changes the temperament of every they can’t remember her. she has to take care of her baby person in the house, and teaches both step-brother, Sarah wishes that the the children and the father (though



Regis’s shoes will be hard to fill Written by: Stephanie Fleming You don’t have to be an early bird to know Regis Philbin is retiring from “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He announced it in January of this year and the entire season has been devoted to Regis’s farewell. That’s a long goodbye. But, finally, the end of the end is near. His last day on the show will be Nov. 18. It’s understandable that it could take a while to say goodbye to the person who helped start the show 24 years ago and turn it into a success no matter who sat in the seat next to him. Kathie Lee was his co-host from 1988 until 2001. When she left, there was endless speculation that no one could take her place. But after a barrage of temporary co-hosts, Kelly Ripa was hired. She hit the ground running, and no one ever looked back. She and Regis were nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host every year and the show was

nominated for Outstanding Talk Show nine times. There’s no doubt Kelly could fill anyone’s shoes. But will anyone be able to fill Regis’s? Or will the show die a slow, painful death without him? Who better to fill the role left behind by Regis than a comedian who is known for impersonating Regis? Dana Carvey is rumored to be the front runner to take over after Rege’s final farewell. But isn’t that just like saying that the show can’t go without Regis? And I doubt early morning talk show viewers are ready for the Church Lady or Garth from “Wayne’s World.” Carvey is a late night guilty pleasure who doesn’t seem to fit in with the morning talk show scene unless he spends the entire show impersonating Regis. Then viewers can just pretend that Regis never left. Ryan Seacrest is another rumored possibility. He’s been everywhere else. Why not a daytime talk show? I can’t imagine Seacrest sitting still in that chair for 60 long minutes. And how will he make it all


Who will be able to replace Regis on “Live with Regis and Kelly?”

the way to New York after a late night on Idol? Viewers may think they’re watching E! and change the channel. I can see Jerry Seinfeld hanging out with Kelly. He is scheduled to be the first official guest co-host. I can

imagine some interesting Jerryisms for the show. “What’s the deal with people getting up so early to watch TV?” “What’s the deal with daytime talk shows? Don’t people have jobs?” The forever perky Kelly will

have her hands full, and the audience will have a blast watching the two of them together. Let’s hope the cohosting gig goes well because 9 a.m. is way too early for “Satan” to be stopping by.

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Attention Work Study Students We have positions to fill: • Guest Services • Museum Café + Bookstore • Membership Department • Gallery Assistant And many more…

For more information and application, please contact Cindy Jo White cindy.white@moafl.org or 954-262-0240 One East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 www.moafl.org




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FACEOFF: Let’s talk about VIP parking this time NSU: You only pay once for parking and transportation costs, so stop complaining

Students should be the VIPs at this university

Written by: Dean Gabriel Williams

Written by: Victoria Rajkumar

There is no denying that parking at NSU is, at best, taxing. This is primarily because a vast majority of students commute to and from campus, as opposed to being residents of the university. As with all issues, it is important to compare and contrast parking issues here at NSU with parking issues at other institutions of higher learning. For this purpose, I will compare NSU with Florida International University. The reasons are simple: both of these institutions have a disproportionately large number of commuter students, and I graduated from FIU, so I’ve experienced both first-hand. After comparing and contrasting the two institutions, here are reasons why students at NSU fare better with parking. NSU has more than 28,000 students in attendance, 10,000 of which attend the main campus, while FIU has approximately 46,000 across its campuses. What this means is that FIU has a disproportionately larger number of commuter students, hence multiplying issues with oncampus parking. At NSU, parking decals are issued at no additional cost to the student and only need to be renewed once per year. At FIU, students must pay for a parking decal, to the tune of $86.50 for the academic school year, and an additional $79.60 for the summer term. In addition to the cost of the parking decal, FIU students pay a parking and transportation fee in excess of $80 per semester enrolled, including the summer term. NSU students pay no direct parking costs. They incur indirect parking fees when tuition and fees are paid, while an FIU student pays a direct parking and transportation cost of $259.84 for one academic school year. FIU students enrolled in the summer term directly incur an additional $166.43 for parking costs. You’re probably wondering: Why do FIU students pay a parking and transportation fee, and not just a parking fee? That’s because the cost of campus transportation is directly subsidized by FIU students. There is a shuttle that transports students around campus, at no cost. Because, however, FIU has two primary campuses, the university facilitates the Golden Panther Express

between campuses, at a cost of $2.50 one way. This means that a student living at one campus and taking classes at another pays a cost of $5 for each trip. It is important to note that FIU does not offer shuttle service to off campus locations. In contrast, at NSU, the shuttle is a free service that takes students to locations both on and off campus. Now, many of you will argue that students at NSU pay considerably more than students at FIU for tuition. There are, however, two things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the cost of your education. First, just because you pay an amount for tuition and fees does not mean that you have paid for the full cost of your education. The full cost of attendance at private institutions is a combination of tuition and fee payments and endowments, while the full cost of attendance at public institutions is a combination of tuition and fee payments, endowments, and state funding. Second, and more importantly, when you pay your tuition and fees, you not only contribute to the cost of compensating your professors, but you also contribute to the cost of compensating staff and administrators, the cost of campus services and activities, as well as the cost of the maintenance and expansion of the institution’s facilities. So, in essence, NSU students pay for parking and transportation costs once. By contrast, FIU students pay for parking and transportation costs three times — once when they pay tuition, once when they pay their parking and transportation fees and again when they pay for their parking decals. The issue of parking is not unique to NSU or FIU; it’s an issue that everyone living in the South Florida megalopolis has to deal with. Whether you’re at a shopping mall, at work or attending an event, parking in south Florida, simply put, is a mess. But NSU students should at least be thankful that their parking problems are not being compounded by additional and direct parking and transportation costs. That, more than anything, would make the situation more irritating and unbearable than it perhaps already is for some students.

Want to write a letter to the editor? We’re all ears! Email: nsunews@nova.edu

Is it just me, or does it seem like we, students, find ourselves begging for parking spots more than we do for water, sustenance and better grades? I mean, we give up our sleep, personal time and, sometimes, even our dignity in the pursuit of a parking spot that isn’t halfway across the universe from class. If that’s not bad enough, nothing upsets me more than leaving my house hours before I’m scheduled to be in class (I live only 20 minutes away), braving the congestion and havoc of I-95 traffic, arriving 30 minutes before class just to be told, “Hey, you can’t park here” (in a parking lot some part of my tuition went into, I’m sure) because there’s an “event” going on and only “VIP members” have access to its luxurious exclusiveness. I’ll admit that I’m a person of very little patience. But, rather than bludgeon the rude security officer with her “too-bad-so-sad” attitude, I take the long winding route to Parker, find a crappy leftover parking space (on the fourth floor no less) and sprint back to the UC, now 10 minutes late for class. I know NSU students have it better than most Florida universities when it comes to parking. However, at NSU we have our own set of issues that need to be addressed — especially considering how much our tuition is. Somebody at a town hall meeting once

said that there is a parking spot for every student on this campus, but it may not always be where he or she wants it to be, or something to that effect. I find two things very wrong with this. First of all, it’s a bit obnoxious to say that, especially when we are all paying for these “privileges” and then wind up having them revoked out from under us to convenience someone who doesn’t even attend NSU. Secondly, when these magical events are held, parking obviously decreases, so that ideal “there’s a parking spot for every student” theory goes flying right out of the hypocritical window. It’s like they’re putting others’ convenience over the students who actually pay money to go to this school. Here’s a suggestion. Stay away from the Mailman parking lot and utilize the Parker garage. There’s always at least one spot left. Designate outsiders to occupy the first floor (I’d suggest sending them to the fourth floor but from my Kevin Hart show experience, they just can’t handle the exiting process). Stop stealing our parking spaces. I mean it. There are only so many hours in the day and I don’t intend to waste them patrolling each lot in this school just to hustle over to a 55-minute class and get reprimanded for my unavoidable tardiness.


November 15, 2011 | nsucurrent.nova.edu

Careful what you name your kids Written by: Davis Yahn It all started in 2009 when a family was trying to get a cake made for little Adolf Hitler Campbell. The local New Jersery bakery, ShopRite, refused to write his name on the cake and soon child services were at the door to take away the Campbell’s children. Allegedly they were taken away over tangible evidence of child abuse, but now, in 2011, the dust has settled. Now, there is no evidence to suggest that was even true. The naming process is a major event for me. Everything from naming your dog to your iPod is an event that gives whatever receives the name a new identity and maybe a personality. You should never let anyone tell you that you’ve named something wrong, especially your kids. For the Campbell family, Deborah and Heath, they must have learned to live with it quickly. You would, too, if your kids were named Adolf Hitler and JoyceLynn Aryan Race. There is no denying where the parents came up with these names or what motivated them to give these names to their children, and I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions as to what the parents must look like. But assumptions aside, if you had your children taken away from you because of the name you gave them, what does that say? The poor parents have been left to protest the taking of their three children, pleading for them to come home. This is tragic. It shouldn’t

Homecoming court shouldn’t be decided on traditions


Written by: Davis Yahn


Deborah and Heath Campbell with their son Adolf Hitler Campbell. Adolf was removed from his parents after the parents were reported to child protective services when they tried to get a cake from a supermarket with his name written on it.

matter if the kid was named “Keith” or “Antidisestablishmentarianism.” There is no excuse for removing these poor children from their parental care because of their names. I do agree that it will be hard for these kids to grow up in a society that generally disapproves of what Hitler (the dictator, not the kid) did, but that doesn’t justify the actions taken by child services. Adolf’s father said that Adolph is a normal boy and does normal things, despite the inferred skepticism about his name. So then, what does it matter?

I don’t think it should matter if your first, middle or last name is offensive to anyone. We all have the same freedom of speech to name our kids whatever we want. Michael Jackson named his son Blanket, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, and no one batted an eye. Who cares if people associate your children’s names with a ruthless dictator or some other negative political movement. Our president’s middle name is Hussein for Pete’s sake.

On the Scene: “I’m thankful to have new opportunities and to be around people who I love every day and to be able to do what I love year after year.” Mitchell Bitran, senior psychology major

“I’m thankful for my family, for the health of my niece and nephew. They are the most important things to me.” Esther Swilley, senior communication studies major

If you needed further proof that the 21st century is going to be a time of understanding and supporting fellow human beings then look no further than Patrick Henry High of San Diego. At the end of October, the California school nominated its homecoming court and, for the first time, females held both positions. Rebeca Arellano was crowned king and her girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, queen. Both recipients said that they were excited and overwhelmed by the support that they received from their fellow students, family and friends, and they felt grateful for the change. I support this amazing change that seems almost overdue. Back when I was in high school everyone just elected the most popular couple, complained and then moved on with their lives. This is no different, except that the most popular couple in school just so happened to be a lesbian couple. So what? They were voted in by their peers. They were the most popular choice. Well, of course not everyone was on board with this decsion, but it was mostly the boys who lost. So to them I say, deal with it. Luckily, the couple is not braindead and was very aware of what was happening to them. They understood the responsibility they should have in their position, and that it comes


Rebeca Arellano and Haileigh Adams, of Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, CA, were the winners of homecoming court. The couple became the first same-sex homecoming court.

with criticism. ABC news reported that Arellano posted on Facebook a nice answer to her critics that I thought was quite appropriate. It read: “For all the girls who think tradition should be continued, go back to the kitchen, stop having sex before you’re married, get out of school and job system, don’t have an opinion, don’t own any property, give up the right to marry who you love, don’t vote, and allow your husband to do whatever he pleases to you. Think about the meaning of tradition when you use it in your argument against us.” Right on! The king has spoken. Throw down your old beliefs that you have hammered into your brain to make them correct, and consider what it means to move forward and treat your fellow human beings like, well, human beings. Don’t get caught up in the hysteria of thinking people who aren’t like you deserve to be treated differently than anyone else.

What are you most thankful for?

“I’m thankful for my family and being able to get an education here.” Sophy Dantica, junior biology major

“I am thankful to be here at NSU. My parents came here from Brazil and this is a huge opportunity to grow.” Lucas Strabeli, junior pre-medicine major

“I’m thankful for a week off from school and a week off to cram for finals.” Matt Chaves, law student

“I’m thankful that I have somebody to celebrate the holidays with -- my family. I am thankful for being here and getting accepted to NSU.” Ana Arias, junior marine biology major

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Volume 22 Issue 13