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heard somebody say – maybe it was in church, maybe I heard it in a song, I can’t remember where – but it was about “infinite possibilities.” Basically, the sky’s the limit. Be all you can be. It’s all the same thing, but “infinite possibilities” – I liked the sound of that. The possibilities for my future had no bounds. I could take the wheel, and Norfolk State University gave me the road map – a good one.


Brandon Wheeless,let me tell you my story.

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It was never a question if I was going to college.


For as long as I can remember, my folks were like, “Brandon, you’re going to college. Brandon, you won’t have a future if you don’t get a degree. Brandon, keep your grades up so you can get into a good school.” It was hammered into my head so much I just believed it. You hate to admit when your folks are telling you the right thing, but in this case, you know, they didn’t lie. So when it came time for me to go to college, the question was, “Where?” I wanted to be somewhere comfortable, where I would see more folks like me around campus but still get a different experience. Coming from a family that always supported me, I wanted that same vibe, that family atmosphere, but still wanted the space to just be me. Even though there were people who believed in me, I still needed to prove to myself that I could go to school, graduate, and make good choices for myself. I chose Norfolk State University, and I’m glad I did. 2

When it came time for me to go to college, the question was, “Where?� 3

NSU has nine residence halls. Each residence hall is a community that offers its own list of social and educational activities such as movie and game nights, and contests, as well as information on studying, improving grades and issues that affect students.




Major: Biology Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

POSSIBILITIES Here’s why I am glad I chose NSU: Founded in 1935, Norfolk State University has long stood by its desire to offer a high-quality education to students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. • You get the attention you need. Our professors make an investment in you! • Faculty are the best this region offers. • Dr. Rasha Morsi, associate professor of engineering, received the 2012 Outstanding Faculty Award presented by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and Dominion Resources. Dr. Morsi’s recognition is for her work in teaching and technology. • Dr. William Agyei, professor of sociology, was selected as a recipient for the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship Award. Dr. Agyei teaches and conducts research in the Department of Population Studies at the University of Botswana. His scholarship focuses on disease infection among youth in Botswana. Morsi

• NSU encourages undergraduate research and offers numerous opportunities for students to delve into research topics. Agyei

Our faculty researchers have: • Created a new black material that can be used to build equipment invisible to radar. • Created the world’s smallest laser (spaser). • Developed plastic solar cells. • Developed simulation that provides realistic, safe and repeatable training opportunities for many occupations.

u Alissa Sierra Harrell This is such a friendly campus. My professors know my name so the classroom is a very comfortable learning environment for me. And as a biology pre-professional major, it’s important that I interact with my professors on a personal level. My studies keep me pretty busy and the work can be challenging, but balancing school work and play is a necessity. Once you hear “Rock the Green and Gold!” you can’t help but get excited and join in. School spirit is contagious! I really have fun going to basketball games and watching and cheering Brandon on.


PROFILE Major: Mass Communications Hometown: Corona, NY

u Kievyn Lila-St. Rose Wow, Brandon was one of the first students I met when I arrived on campus. He’s like a big brother to me. This worked out well since we have some of the same classes and study sessions. And do you know what’s funny? We both play the same position on the basketball team. I'm studying hard at NSU because I want to make my family, friends and professors proud. I feel myself becoming academically stronger every day. Wow, what a feeling!



did not major in building construction technology, but one of my friends did. Respected engineering and science programs abound at NSU. At the Creative Gaming and Simulation Lab students and faculty are developing a 3-D simulation program for training nurses. Vnurse, as it’s called, provides students with real-world cases using nurse avatars working in a virtual world. Another program, the Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences or DNIMAS is a rigorous honors program for mathematics, technology and science majors. Popular majors here include nursing, business, biology, psychology and mass communications. Kelcey is an alum who took his degree and exploded!

Kelcey Newman Kelcey Newman, ’93, is principal and creative director of Attain Design and Marketing Communications. His clients include President Barack Obama, NIKE Inc., Home Box Office (HBO), SONY Home Entertainment, Fox Television, The Smithsonian and the Republic of South Africa Department of Education. Newman formed his own company in 2003. 7

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SU believes that a true education shapes citizens for leadership in their local, national and international communities. To enhance your leadership skills, NSU encourages you to contribute your time, energy and talents to activities that enrich the community and your campus experience.


We even have a comprehensive Student Success Center, sort of like a “one-stop shop,� that provides academic advising and support services to enhance the learning experience for first and second year students.



PROFILE Major: Nursing Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

POSSIBILITIES I really like NSU’s mission...this is a school that gets it! Through exemplary teaching, scholarship, and outreach, Norfolk State University transforms lives and communities by empowering individuals to maximize their potential, creating lifelong learners equipped to be engaged leaders and productive global citizens.

u Christeane Raflores Not to sound all New Age or anything, but my time at Norfolk State feels like a real holistic experience. I am here to get my education, yes. But beyond the classroom and papers to write and different student activities, I have found a peaceful campus, a spiritual connection. I can center myself with my yoga, which I taught to a few friends, including Brandon who I ran into down at the beach. Openness from the faculty and a genuine concern about my well-being and future make being a student at NSU a rewarding experience on so many levels.


br n onWheeless

I heard someb ody say – ma ybe it was in ch I can’t remem urch, maybe I ber where – b heard it in a so ut it was abou the sky’s the lim ng, t in finite possib it. Be all you ca ilities. Basica n possibilities b e . It ’s lly a ll the same th , – I liked the so ing, but infinit und of that. T no bounds. I co e he possibilitie uld take the w s for my future heel, and Norf road map – a had olk State Univ good one. ersity gave m e the I came on a b asketball scho larship and im I was looking mediately fou for on the tea nd that family m and with th situation, with vibe e coaches. It wa the coaches a s a supportive lways on me to most importan stay on top of t, my grades. my game and So in that sen people who ca , se, I felt at ho red that I did w m e , surrounded ell. I would go support from b y so the coaches a far to say that nd teammates th e men’s basketb ca re a n d were a big rea all team claim son the NSU ed its first-eve tournament ch r MEAC title a ampionship in n d NCAA Divis 2011-2012. It since joining th ion I was the team e MEAC confe ’s first champ rence in 1997 Spartan, and io n ship . Yeah, I was p the whole com roud to be a munity was pro end, we all just ud, you know. need somebo For real, in th dy to give us those infinite e that push, to h possibilities, e lp us realize and I found th at at Norfolk S tate University Being from a . city just outsid e o f Atlanta, I kne experience fo w Norfolk wou r me, much sl ower than wh ld be a differe didn’t mind th at I was used nt at. There’s a lo to. But person t to do around cities, so you a lly , I N orfolk and the still get that ci surrounding ty feel but it’s beach; in fact more relaxed. , Hampton Ro L ik e a , there’s the ds has severa instance, has l beaches. Th a lot of restau e Oceanfront, fo rants along th built up that a r e water. Just rea is nice. I o the way the ci ften go down exercise. You ty h a th s ere with friend run into a lot o s to study and f NSU studen ended up bein ts. I met anoth g a good frien er student wh d. I recognize was doing yog o d her from arou a, looking all p nd campus. S eaceful and st nothing about he re tching out in th yoga until I m et her. e sand. I knew


Mentoring Your professors are one source of academic help, but we also have mentoring programs that can help with your academic, intellectual, personal and professional growth.

TransferMation Center If you have taken some college courses or even have your associate degree, Norfolk State University welcomes transfer students. The university has a “one-stop� service for transfer students. The NSU TransferMation Center provides prospective transfer students all the information and services needed to make a smooth transition to Norfolk State.


PROFILE Major: Music Education Hometown: Richmond, VA

NSU prepared me academically and socially to go out there and do anything I want. NSU prepared me to be successful.

u Reginald K. Dilworth


Music is second nature for me. There’s breathing and then there’s music. You think of historic black colleges and music factors high in there usually, because it has always been important to the culture in general. Music comes alive with the Spartan Legion and the Jazz Ensemble, and I play in both. What we’re able to put out in performance comes from a love and deep appreciation for music. But there’s also the feeling that you’re part of a legacy of excellence in the arts and that you’re, in a way, the keeper of the flame. Music speaks to the soul of people, going from generation to generation. I am nurturing my soul in music. I hope somebody out there felt it each time I blew my horn. Well, I know at least one person who did. Because Brandon walked up to me one day and told me he dug my musical styling. That’s how we met.

The recently built 135,454 square-foot Lyman Beecher Brooks Library is a technologyrich environment that includes an Internet café, computer resource lab, and e-learning center. A soaring three-story, 90-foot high glass rotunda adds beauty to its functionality.


Undergraduate colleges and schools, majors and areas of concentration


- Communication Sciences and Disorders - English/Secondary School Certification - Spanish Literature

Fine Arts and Graphic Design - Graphic Design - Fine Arts Education/Secondary School Certification

History - History and Social Science/Secondary School Certification - Military Science (Army)

Interdisciplinary Studies - Interdisciplinary Studies/K-12/Special Education, General - Elementary Education - Concentrations in English, History or Mathematics




16 graduate





Architectural Drafting (A.S.)

- Entrepreneurship - Finance - Information Management - Management - Marketing

Biology - Biology - Biology/Pre-Professional - Biology/Teacher Certification

Building Construction Technology Chemistry -

Chemistry Chemistry/Food Science & Nutrition Chemistry/Pre-Medicine Chemistry/Teacher Certification

Computer Science



Mass Communications

Computer Technology

- General Broadcasting

Music Education - Music/Elementary/Secondary School/ Certification - Instrumental/Keyboard/Vocal - Music Media

Political Science Psychology - Psychology/PreK-3/Early Childhood/Primary Certification - Psychology/PreK-6/Elementary Education Certification - Psychology/K-12/Special Education, General


Computer Science Computer Science/Applied Computing Computer Science/Computer Engineering Computer Science/Information Assurance Computer Science/Information Systems Information Technology

Electronics Engineering Electronic Technology

Accountancy Business

Tourism and Hospitality Management

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Business Education Early Childhood Education (Non-certification option) Exercise Science/Health and Physical Education - Kinesiotherapy - Health Fitness Instruction - Health and Physical Education/Teacher Certification

Health Services Management



Bachelor of Social Work

- Applied Mathematics - Mathematics/Teacher Certification - Mathematics/Dual Degree Program

Medical Technology Nursing (A.S. & B.S.) Optical Engineering Physics - Physics - Physics/Teacher Certification - Five-Year Dual Degree: B.S. Physics/M.S. Materials Science


Health Services Management History Interdisciplinary Studies Majors are in red 15



hen I got to NSU, one of the first things I joined was the ROTC program. After completing it, you can become an officer in the Army or Navy. I chose the Army. This was another good choice for me, a program that helped keep me focused.


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The Spartan Legion is a high-energy performing band. It performs at NSU football games and various venues and events throughout the country.


NSU also has other musical groups such as the Norfolk State University Jazz Ensemble.


PROFILE Major: Business Hometown: Munich, Germany

POSSIBILITIES Clearly, you want a quality education. NSU offers excellence in a family environment, allowing you to express your unique personality, knowledge and curiosity. We have three colleges and four schools that offer all the academic courses you need. College of Liberal Arts – The College of Liberal Arts offers so many career opportunities. History. The Arts. Politics. Music. Entertainment. The Media. Foreign Service. Government. Criminal Justice. College of Science, Engineering and Technology – Be a part of new innovations that change the way we work, live and play. Innovations and new inventions will come from science, technology, engineering and math. School of Business – Today’s highly competitive global economy demands that business students be innovative, technologically literate, ethical and possess a fearless entrepreneurial spirit. School of Education – The need for competent classroom leaders is ever increasing. Few careers touch the lives of children in such a profound way. Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work – Helping people is rewarding. The field of social work allows you to make a difference in people’s lives and the community. Honors College – Maximize your education through the Honors College. As a student in the Honors College, you may live in the Honors Residence Hall, which provides for a powerful living and learning experience. School of Extended Learning – The School of Extended Learning expertly places the convenience of the digital age at the fingertips of learners. The school works with the academic and administrative units of the University by serving as an extension of the NSU campus.

u Daniel Grauel Tennis is one of those things that transcends cultures. I’m from Munich, Germany, and came to NSU to play tennis. My team is like my family. They helped make being so far away from home easier. My first year on the team, I was Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week two times. As part of the team, I travel to different parts of the U.S. and really I am having a lot of fun but, truthfully, my studies come first. Since I like to cook, my friends here are always dropping by to see what I’m preparing. And Brandon is always here when it is time to eat. It’s a great experience and a great way to study too! 19

br n onWheeless One thing tha t’s very conve nient for NSU have your ow students, esp n wheels, is th ecially if you e Tide, the ci You have sto don’t ty ’s public transp ps right across ortation syste fr o Center Mall, m ca m p u s that’ll take yo m. where we all u to MacArth go to shop an ur d eat. When I got to NSU, one of th e first things I After completin joined was the g it, you can ROTC progra b ecome an off chose the Arm m. icer in the Arm y. This was a y or Navy. I nother good ch helped keep oice for me, a me focused. The things I’m program that rial skills and getting in RO just the discip T C – the manage lin e for myself bu and the sense t for those aro o f re sp o n si u b nd me – will h ility not only for tomorrow. elp transform Again, it’s all me into a lead about prepari possibilities er ng yourself fo , for whateve r those infinit r’s out there, know. So whe e b e cause it’s not n the time co like you alwa mes for you to ys shine, you’ll b e ready. Going back to that whole fam ily atmosphere were like havi I mentioned, fa ng aunts and culty members u ncles around concentration . My major w on criminal ju a s so stice, and the ciology with a nurturing way. professors pu Some were h shed us but in arder than oth but it’s all for a ers, which is your betterme to be expecte nt, and you fe d , lt that right aw ay.

Norfolk State University was selected as a “destination campus” by the Hampton Roads Transit Authority to host two light rail stations. From Norfolk State University you can jump on the TIDE from the NSU station on Brambleton Avenue or from the Ballentine Broad Creek station on Ballentine, and then ride to any light rail destination in the city.


We’re Military Friendly! When you’re located in an area with a large military presence like Hampton Roads, it’s important for you to know that Norfolk State is a military friendly school. Two publications, Military Advanced Education (MAE) and G.I. Jobs have designated NSU as military friendly. MAE is a magazine for service members and veterans interested in using the Department of Defense’s education benefits, and G.I. Jobs is a magazine targeted to personnel who are transitioning into civilian life. To learn more about military services, go to Students may prepare themselves to serve the country in Army and Navy Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs.


POSSIBILITIES Cleanroom Those who work in NSU’s $6.5 million cleanroom must wear protective gear to prevent particles from possibly destroying the miniscule devices that are being created.


Spartan Spartan Lanes Lanes is is our our on-campus on-campus bowling bowling alley. alley. You You and and your your friends friends can can bowl bowl just just for for fun fun or or join join aa league league with with other other students. students.

Higher Ed Center Do you know what else is great? You can learn at the beach. Norfolk State has a satellite campus—the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center—that offers classes for undergrads, graduate students and those who are interested in taking career development and career training classes. Depending on the class, it could be offered in the classroom or online. The Virginia Beach Higher Education Center is part of our School of Extended Learning.


Activities Include: Feel at home because there is always something to do whether you live on campus or commute. Events planned by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership support classroom learning, expose students to cultural events and provide opportunities for students to enjoy athletic pursuits.

Student Life Greek life is a big part of going to a university. We’ve got 18 Greek organizations on campus and a variety of social, academic and honor societies and clubs.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Movies Intramural Sports Leadership Training Family Weekend Guest Speakers Pep Rallies Basketball Fashion Shows Tae Kwon Do Karaoke Mr. and Miss NSU Scholarship Pageant Student Dances Zumba Dreamscape Essay Freshman Common Reader Homecoming Pilates

When you choose a school, make sure it allows you to grow beyond the classroom. NSU offers internships and advising that help you reach your potential. Remember infinite possibilities!

Career Services Career Services connects academics to the real world by assisting all Norfolk State University students in making career plans, obtaining internships/co-ops, and finding full-time employment upon graduation.

Some internship placements: Cannes Film Festival JP Morgan Chase & Co. Los Alamos National Laboratory NASA Langley Research Center NASA Glenn Research Center U.S. Department of Defense Black Enterprise Magazine National Security Agency (NSA) The White House NASCAR Disney World Dominion Power Norfolk Southern Corporation Smithfield Foods U.S. Federal Marshals State Farm

Career Services assistance is provided through: Individual coaching Seminars Classroom presentations Career fairs On-campus recruitment These experiences help to ensure a successful transition from the classroom into the workforce.




efore you leave NSU, you will step outside the books and the classroom to experience the world! Four years have really gone by quickly and now I’m in my senior year. Graduation is almost here.


Go to our YouTube site at


The nationally acclaimed Norfolk State University Concert Choir performed at the White House for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and was invited back by the first lady for a second performance.

Make a statement by expressing yourself through art. 26


POSSIBILITIES Amp up your learning experience through the Honors College. It’s a community that lives by its motto “Challenge Yourself. Challenge the World.” The NSU Honors College provides an exciting living and learning community dedicated to maximizing your college experience. It offers enhanced academic classes, co-curricular activities and special programs for high-ability students in all majors. The Honors College is a community of scholars where critical thinking, curiosity, imagination and creativity are encouraged. Challenging courses, spirited debate, international study, and research projects can all be part of the Honors College experience. The preparation you receive here will set you apart and improve your global marketability in the career of your choice.

NSU Students Study in Cuba Some of my friends traveled to Cuba over the summer as part of the Study Abroad program. It’s the second straight year, which is really great because it’s hard for universities to go there due to travel restrictions. But we did it two years in a row. While they were there, NSU students researched new expressions of civil society in Cuba and explored emerging opportunities for scholarly exchanges and intercultural service learning projects. 27

br n onWheeless I was extremel y happy with ho w friendly and There were tim helpful the facu es where I wou lty were. ld have a teache and any questio r from the year ns I had, that do prior or was still open personal numbe . Some gave m rs, something e their they didn’t have selves availabl to do, to make e to me. It’s so themmany of them a warm feeling. I could name w Professors know ho gave me you on a first-n hugs. They real ame basis and ly look out for yo give you u. There are re faculty and staf lationships I bu f at Norfolk Sta ilt with the te that I will ch erish for a lifet ime. Outside the clas sroom, just be ing on campus halls, of course and in the resi you’re going to dence make some frie One thing I can nds – or you sh say about Norfo ould. lk State is that campus, truly fo it is a friendly cused on acad em ics and creatin You know the g the whole yo infinite possib u. ilities!




thletes have long excelled at Norfolk State University. NSU competes at the NCAA Division I-AA level and is a member of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). The University won six Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championships during the 2011-2012 academic year. Three of the six championships were first-ever titles in football, men’s basketball and women’s bowling. The men’s cross country team won its fourth consecutive title and the 11th in 12 years. The men’s indoor track and field team won its seventh consecutive conference title. NSU men’s basketball center Kyle O’Quinn was drafted by the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic in the 2012 NBA draft. The University’s 30,000-seat football stadium is the third-largest nationally among NCAA Division I-AA schools and the state-of-the-art track is a premier training ground for current and future Olympians. Men’s Sports

Women’s Sports

Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Indoor Track Outdoor Track Tennis

Basketball Bowling Cross Country Indoor Track Outdoor Track Tennis Softball Volleyball

Awards Six Championships for the 2011-2012 academic year MEAC Football Championship MEAC Men’s Cross Country Championship MEAC Men’s Basketball Championship MEAC Men’s Indoor Track and Field Championship MEAC Men’s Outdoor Track and Field Championship MEAC Women’s Bowling Championship Eight straight Talmadge Layman Hill Awards 29

Degree Possibilities u

Our alumni are 30,000 strong! They once stood where you are now. They know what it’s like to have the opportunities and possibilities that an NSU degree offers. Our alumni work in a range of industries and professions. Take your place among them. Infinite possibilities lay ahead of you. You only have to grab them.

Shed Garrett Class of 1998 Comedian and actor


Andreas Branch Class of 1996 Photographer to the Stars

Joan Wilmer Stewart Class of 1999 Executive Director Human Resources American Red Cross National Headquarters

Cassy Davison Class of 2007

Denise Dowse

Received her master’s degree in physics from Georgia State University in 2010 and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in astronomy at Georgia State.

Performer, director, humanitarian, NAACP Image Award recipient Played Vice-Principal, Mrs. Teasley, on the popular TV show Beverly Hills 90210


Ryan Shook Class of 2013 Bachelor of Arts Kinesiotherapy An upcoming graduate, looking at infinite possibilities

Tim Reid Class of 1968 Actor, comedian, filmmaker and award-winning producer and director. Played Ray Campbell, father of Tia and Tamera on the hit TV sitcom Sister, Sister. NSU President Tony Atwater and NSU alumnus Tim Reid signed a partnership agreement that provides NSU students with real-world experience in the filmmaking industry through the Legacy Media Institute. The Institute is housed in the Department of Mass Communications and Journalism.

ValentĂŠ Frazier Class of 1998 An Emmy Award-winning international makeup artist. He is the personal makeup artist for supermodel and media mogul Tyra Banks and has worked with supermodel Iman, actor Angela

Bassett, and recording artist Rihanna, among others. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Elle, Elle Girl, Essence, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Jane and O. 31

Quick Facts Visiting Norfolk State University

A visit to our campus will introduce you to our innovative academic programs, engaging faculty and vibrant student and alumni community! NSU offers several degree programs boasting the highest quality research facilities, state-of-theart technology and award-winning teaching. Campus tours are offered Monday – Friday and the University also hosts two First View Expos (an open house style event) each year. Plan your visit today by logging onto! Be ready to experience infinite possibilities!

Applying to Norfolk State University Deciding to apply to Norfolk State University means that you are committed to educational excellence. It shows that you are determined to reach your fullest potential and become a part of the scholarly community that is the Spartan family. You are ready to realize just how infinite possibilities will change your life. Apply today! The admissions application is available online at The Office of Admissions is available to assist you through this exciting time in your life. You may contact our office via email at and by phone at 757-823-2607. In addition to submitting a completed application for admission, including the application fee, you must provide the following: Freshman Applicants • Official high school transcripts • Official SAT or ACT scores (for all applicants under 21 years of age) • GED recipients must submit official GED scores Transfer Applicants • Official college transcripts (if less than 12 transferrable credits, submit required freshman documents as well) International Applicants – follow the same guidelines listed above, and include the following: • Translation of any transcripts that are not in English (from an approved agency/i.e. World Education Services) • Official TOEFL scores for non-native speakers (or equivalent) • Affidavit of Support 32

For additional details, visit or contact the Office of Admissions.

19:1 70+

student/faculty ratio



online application fee $45 paper application fee

7100 total student enrollment


green and gold school colors



in-state tuition & fees

scan our QR code to learn more


AT A GLANCE Type of college: Public, urban, coeducational comprehensive University Major accreditations: Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education, Council on Social Work Education and National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Faculty: 262 64% 47%

Faculty with terminal degrees Full-time tenured faculty

Student/faculty ratio: 19:1

Financial Aid

Housing and Dining

If you are wondering how you will pay for college, you’ll be happy to know that NSU offers grants, loans, scholarships and work-study opportunities. About 92 percent of our undergraduates are awarded some form of financial aid. The most important step in the financial aid process is to apply early using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be completed online at and should be submitted as soon as possible after January 1. The Norfolk State priority deadline for completing FAFSA is March 15. The FAFSA form will help us to determine your eligibility as well as help us to develop your financial aid package. Financial aid information is available at

Norfolk State University residence halls offer a variety of accommodations that reflect the diversity of our student population. You'll learn from each other and together you can broaden your college experience and create life-long bonds with your classmates and fellow hallmates. When it comes to dining, you can select from several types of meal plans that are based on your individual preferences. Students have a choice of dining in a traditional dining hall, food courts and two smaller cafeterias. Find more information at

Get Your Grub On! Besides the cafeterias, there’s Chick-fil-A, Tropical Smoothie, Pizza Hut Express, Austin Grill, Market Carvery, Spartan Subs, Lyman Beecher Brooks café and The Alley at the NSU bowling alley.

Financial aid: Approximately 92 percent of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. Scholarships, grants, loans and work study are available for eligible students. Academic schedule: Fall and spring semesters and two summer sessions. Library: The recently built 135,454 square-foot Lyman Beecher Brooks Library contains about 446,000 volumes and subscribes to 190 databases. Campus: 134-acre main campus in Norfolk, Va., close to downtown and the Virginia Beach oceanfront with a recently completed 84,500 square-foot student center and 56,000 square-foot student services building, a 7,000-seat arena and a Division I, 30,000-seat football stadium. A satellite campus is located at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center. Athletics: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I as a part of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). Seven men’s teams and eight women’s teams. Six MEAC championship titles—football, men’s basketball, men’s cross country, men’s indoor track and field, men’s outdoor track and field and women’s bowling. School colors: Green and gold Nickname: Spartans



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Norfolk State University viewbook 2012  

NSU's Latest Viewbook

Norfolk State University viewbook 2012  

NSU's Latest Viewbook