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Dr. Aurelia T. Williams (B.S. ‘94) Chair, Computer Science

CRACKING THE CODE NSU A Leader in Cybersecurity






Dr. Sandra J. DeLoatch Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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From the Desk of the Interim Vice President for University Advancement NSU Blazes Trail to Build Relationship with Cuban Neighbors


ANTHONY STOCKARD, the Director of Theatre for Norfolk State University’s College of Liberal Arts, talked with The Magazine about the 2014-2015 production year. By STAN DONALDSON


Q: What do you think about Norfolk State? A: I love Norfolk State University. There is such a beautiful transformation going on here.

CRACKING the Code NSU A Leader in Cybersecurity




Honor Roll of Donors

Dr. Aurelia Taylor Williams (B.S. ’94), NSU Computer Science Department Chair, and Dr. Sandra J. DeLoatch, NSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Photo by Keith Cephus

Q: What has changed at the NSU Theatre Company since your arrival? A: Well, just about everything. Norfolk State University Theatre Company is brand new. We are enjoying our inaugural season. Our lastest production, Dreamgirls became the first sold-out performance for theatre on NSU’s campus in two decades. Then there is the construction of the new Brown Hall building and its two brand new state-of-the-art facilities. It is going to be a beautiful facility and will be the new home of the NSU Theatre Company. Q: Tell us about some of the productions you’ve put together with students this semester? A: This season we presented A Musical Tribute to Whitney Houston, A Raisin in the Sun, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf and Dreamgirls. I also had the pleasure of directing this year’s Mr. & Miss NSU Pageant. Q: Tell us about your background? A: I started out performing in theatre in high school with a touring company. When I attended Alabama State University, I continued my studies and began directing as well. I attended graduate school at Brandeis University in the Boston area and began my professional career as an actor and director. After spending some time performing off-Broadway and in film and regional theatre, I took over a theatre company in Birmingham, Alabama, as artistic director. Later, my former chair at Alabama asked me to teach and I said no. She brought it up again and I agreed only if I was able to continue with my company. The university agreed and I took the opportunity to teach at my alma mater. I spent five years there helping with acquiring accreditation, developing curriculum, directing and innovating the production process.


Q: Do you think HBCU Theatre programs are overlooked? If so why? A: I do. I think that young students of color do not realize that if they want to study in a theatre program they need to go to an HBCU. HBCU theatre is the only place where lead roles and stories for people of color are the main content. Anywhere else, they will have to wait for shows that include roles for people of color. Almost all of America’s best black film actors come from the theatre and studied under people of color with plays that told their stories. Q: What productions can fans expect during the summer and going into the fall of 2015? A: This month, we will be presenting Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill. It is a musical about the life of Billie Holiday. It is going to be an amazing show. People should check out our website for more information. ( Q: Tell us about some of the talent on the NSU Theatre roster? Will we be seeing them on Broadway or the big screen one day? A: There is a plethora of talent in the company. Four theatre performance students who have stood out this year are Christopher Lindsay, Briyana Guadalupe, Juspin Jones and Indya Jackson. Chris, Briyana and Juspin were honored by being selected as Irene Ryan Acting Competitors by the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival. Juspin is graduating in theatre performance this semester. I encouraged him to consider graduate study and took him to New York to audition for schools. He currently has accumulated more than $750,000 in scholarships and stipends collectively from top graduate programs. Indya Jackson is on her way to Disney for an internship this summer. Therefore, I am sure they will see the success they seek. Whether it be television, film, theatre or Broadway in particular.

Q: With the emergence of African-American writers, actors and producers who have been featured in television and film in the last few \years, what type of future do you see for NSU students interested in the career field? A: The amount of diversity and inclusion appearing in the entertainment industry has dramatically increased the amount of career opportunities that are available. There has always been high demand for diversity in design, technology, directing and management. Many students find success as directors, producers, lighting designers, scenic designers, costume designers along with the dozens of other career choices that theatre affords students. Q: Will the NSU Theatre feature any original productions next season? If so, can you provide us with any details? A: We are working on an original piece for the 80th anniversary of the University. It deals with the Norfolk 17. That is all I can tell you without giving out too much information. I am also planning to present Langston Hughes’s Black Nativity. It will be a huge production and NSU’s holiday gift to the Hampton Roads community. Q: Is there anything else you would like to share? A: If people have not been to a show on campus, you should. It’s your obligation to do so. It will only take one show to get you hooked. Our students work hard and are extremely talented. * Interview conducted prior to spring commencement

Scenes from Dreamgirls

From the Desk of the Interim Vice President for University Advancement


ecently Interim President and CEO Eddie N. Moore Jr. quoted a poem by Roe Fulkerson that contemplated what it meant to be a builder and a wrecker during a university conference. The poem challenged those in attendance to examine their life and answer which role they play—a builder who works with care, patience and a well-made plan or a wrecker content with the labor of tearing down. BEHOLD Magazine is dedicated to the builders of Norfolk State University. In every issue, those highlighted help build upon the foundation of builders who have come before us. This issue features a special section, in which we say “Thank You” to all who by their actions and financial support serve as the stones and the mortar that have helped NSU to transform students’ lives and our communities. Our Honor Roll of Donors is our way of acknowledging and thanking everyone for his/her part in helping today’s students actualize their dreams and their potential. The list highlights those who generously gave to the “I AM NSU…Because” Annual Campaign that ran from July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014. It was a resounding success, breaking all records in terms of number of donors, amounts our donors committed to and exceeding our fundraising goal of $3 million to $5.2 million. You—our donors and supporters—through dedication and commitment continue to help us to build so that each of our students can climb their ladder to success. Nearly 40 years ago, Provost Sandra J. DeLoatch had the vision and the foresight to begin teaching computer science classes and then act as a key player in initiating Norfolk State’s Computer Science Department in 1990. The path that she helped pave has placed the University today in an enviable position. What grew out of those initial actions was the establishment of two degree programs in information assurance, which is closely related to what is now called cybersecurity.

That vision and foresight has set NSU apart from its sister institutions as a leader in educating and graduating African-American and minority cybersecurity professionals. And because of our history of success in the field, Norfolk State has been awarded several grants that have placed the University at the forefront of developing measures to combat cyber threats to our nation’s military and national security infrastructure. Over the past several months, NSU received $30 million in awards for cybersecurity and has been tapped by President Barack Obama and the Department of Energy to lead a major education and workforce initiative. Additionally, the University has been a National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education since 2009 and will now establish a Center of Excellence in Cyber Security in partnership with the Air Force Research Lab, along with Old Dominion and Tennessee State universities. Over the past 80 years, Norfolk State has had many “firsts” and earned numerous awards and accolades for its achievements and many accomplishments. As we celebrate our 80th Anniversary this year, we must always remember that with each triumph and achievement, we are building a stronger, more sustainable NSU. To you—our donors, supporters, achievers and visionaries—we say “Thank You.”

Behold the Green and Gold!

Deborah C. Fontaine 2





The word “BEHOLD” is often used by those who love Norfolk State. It sums up the excellence of the University and pride felt for it. That is why when it came to naming the magazine featuring the accomplishments and progress taking place at Norfolk State “BEHOLD,” easily came to mind. Eddie N. Moore Jr. Interim President and CEO

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     By GAIL KENT NSU Students in Cuba


hile many Americans are gearing up to visit, explore and trade with Cuba for the first time, students, alumni and faculty of Norfolk State have been nurturing a relationship with the isolated country for many years. President Barack Obama announced last year that he was re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. The United States severed its relationship with Cuba in January 1961, with the rise of Fidel Castro’s communist government. Led by Dr. Geoffroy de Laforcade, director of International Studies, Norfolk State has been one of the few institutions that has traveled and sent students to Cuba. “Interest in Cuba has gone mainstream. I was pushing people-to-people exchanges and doing serious work in Cuba long before the U.S. government’s decision to move forward. I think NSU made a valuable contribution.� As a former journalist, de Laforcade began travelling to Cuba in 1984. He has a special interest in the country and has received academic honors as a result of his work there. “We have had not one – but four – study-abroad programs there in recent years, and we are the only

HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to have done so.� Dr. Charles Ford, professor of history, organized the first NSU trip to Cuba in 1999. Then a year after de Laforcade arrived at NSU, he set up the next trip in 2009, and students have been returning ever since. De LaForcade has been able to forge relationships with Cuban scholars and artists, organizing a U.S. tour of three Cuban scholars and artists in 2012. Most recently, in February, the professor worked with renowned muralist Salvador Gonzalez Escalona, who exhibited in d’ART Center in Norfolk. When students travel to Cuba – as they do when they participate in other study-abroad programs in the International Studies Program – they study a variety of disciplines, including history, migration, comparative religion, race relations, governance, social work, environmental sustainability, visual arts, public health, technological innovation, ethics and entrepreneurship. “My interest is in helping young Americans understand that our problems are not that different from theirs,� says de Laforcade. “Young Cubans are very hungry for ideas and exchanges. We are

sowing the seeds of real synergy and cooperation just by helping to clarify what each side’s needs are.� Some former students who participated in the exchange from earlier years have learned Spanish and maintained the relationships they began five and six years ago. “This has taught my students that their dreams about generating international relationships are very powerful.� De Laforcade says that while Cuba’s infrastructure – especially technology – is lacking, there is much we can learn from each other. Cuba can offer unique and valuable perspectives on social work, service-learning, education and preventive health. “Most Cubans are proud that their country is independent and relevant, but they also want to reform their country. At the same time, old-fashioned political posturing still matters.� As for the future of the Norfolk State and Cuban liaison? “I hope hundreds of (Cuban) students will want to study here in the next two to five years.� That’s when the mysterious island just 90 miles off the coast of Florida will truly transition from foe to friend.




Patricia L. Stith ’68 and Melvin T. Stith ’68







ometimes college students, new or continuing, can get overwhelmed. The stress of managing classes, time for studying and new responsibilities as a college student can take its toll. And, before they realize it, the student finds themselves falling behind in reading and homework, then failing a class or two and finally withdrawing from the demands of student life or from the institution. Norfolk State University alumni Melvin T. and Patricia L. Stith well understand the rigors of academic life and they know what it takes to succeed. The Stiths also know that NSU offers a valuable resource, both human and sometimes monetary, for students to help them stay on track toward obtaining a degree . . . the Spartan Success Center. Designed to improve student achievement, increase retention and reduce the time to degree completion, the Stiths awarded the center with a $400,000 gift from Melvin T. Stith ’68 in honor of his wife Patricia L. Stith ’68.

Melvin Stith made the presentation at the university’s 80th Anniversary Gala held in March. “It was in honor of my wife’s 45th wedding anniversary,” he said in a recent interview. “NSU is so special to both of us. We feel that we couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without NSU.” The Spartan Success Center . . . soon to be renamed the Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Success Center, represents the life work of Patricia L. Stith. “She has been dedicated to retaining students so that they can attain their goals. And, the first time I saw the center, I started calculating... putting together a proposal including the amount of a gift,” Stith explained. “I want to set an example to alumni everywhere that we need to step up our giving to the university.” The Stiths have demonstrated their love and commitment to NSU over the years. First, with their annual giving including the Tom Joyner HBCU Scholarship Fund and a $50,000 gift to the Obie Mildred Lynch Endowed Fund to help keep students enrolled. A $100,000 contribution created the Melvin T. and Patricia L. Stith Alumni House back in 2005. “We are so proud of the spirit of NSU, how absolutely gorgeous the campus is today and how the faculty, staff and students continue to build the brand by showing their pride,” Stith continued. “With this donation, we can do more... more of everything,” said Dr. Eleanor L. Hoy, director of the Spartan Success Center and NSU’s official retention czar. The retention czar and her team of advisors recently took 100 freshmen on a trip to Nags Head during the freshmen retreat. “It wasn’t all fun and games,” Hoy quickly added. “We had an English tutoring session, etiquette classes, and so much more.” Newly relocated from Bowser Hall to the Nursing and General Education Building, the Spartan Success Center stands ready to provide the following services: • • •

• • • •

Academic and non-academic counseling Exam of Writing Competency (EWC) assistance Tutoring – Smarthinking Online Tutoring – Residential Life and Housing Tutoring – Structured Student Session for High Risk Course Mentoring Freshmen retreat P.A.S.S. (Preparing for Academic Scholarship and Success) Study Session Community outreach and more

A portion of the $400,000 gift will help the success center create, sponsor and host the national Dr. Patricia L. Stith Advising and Retention Conference that will be held biannually on the NSU campus beginning in spring 2017. The conference will showcase innovative and successful strategies to advising and retaining first- and second-year students with a special emphasis on enhancing retention in underrepresented populations. Patricia L. Stith will serve as chairman of the inaugural conference planning committee to develop the conference theme, establish program requirements and oversee the conference’s implementation. Additionally, two scholarships will be funded to be awarded each spring to one female and one male student who exemplifies the “Spartan” ideas of pride, integrity, curiosity, excellence, engagement and civility in their pursuit of academic success. Recipients of the scholarships will be selected from one or more programs offered by the Spartan Success Center. “We wanted to have a fund that would help us not lose kids who owed a mere pittance on their tuition bill,” Stith said. Every student that makes it through impacts the university’s graduation rates.” The Stiths’ donation will also establish the Spartan Success for Excellence Endowed Fund which will provide operational support for the center’s areas of greatest need to enhance or expand one or more of its advising and retention programs. Finally, the Spartan Success Center will be renamed the Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Success Center, with an official sign unveiling taking place in the fall of 2015.




Mission College Bell Makes A Return By DE’QUAN MOSS '15


he Norfolk Mission College Bell is returning to the Norfolk State campus as a part of the University's new communications tower. Weighing 2,000 pounds, the bell—dating back to 1884—will be one of the main features to hang from the tower’s ceiling. Although it will not toll, the bell will serve as a symbol of achievement, representing exceptional pride and history to its Spartan family. The bell was donated by the Norfolk Mission College Alumni Association to Norfolk State. Before that, it hung in the old mission school tower from 1884-1916 at the Princess Anne Road and Chicazola Street locations. When the college closed, the bell tolled for school children who attended Booker T. Washington High School and the old Dunbar School. In 1974, the bell was unveiled and dedicated to Norfolk State in the east corner of the original Lyman Beecher Brooks Library. At the time, Norfolk State envisioned that the bell would be suspended in a special bell tower on campus, rising out of a reflection pool. Now, 131 years after it was forged, the bell will a be feature on a college campus once again. The inscription engraved on the bell reads: “Presented to The Norfolk Mission College By the Colored Citizens of Norfolk, Va., May 8, 1884.”

Faculty Member Wins Prestigious Award NSU’s Dr. Mikhail A. Noginov was recently named one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists for 2015 by Governor Terry McAuliffe and Science Museum of Virginia Chief Wonder Officer Richard C. Conti. Dr. Noginov, a professor of physics and a researcher in NSU’s Center for Materials Research, is credited for his cutting-edge research in the areas of metamaterials, nanoplasmonics, random lasers, solid-state laser materials and nonlinear optics. Gov. McAuliffe said that it was an honor to recognize Virginia’s leading scientific minds. “The 2015 Virginia Outstanding Scientist recipients are at the forefront of their fields and are recognized for their contributions to future technologies.”




Assistant Professor Maureen Scott (left) with biology major Jennifer Bailey.

Biology Student Among Prestigious EPA Fellows By NIGEL BROOKS (M.A. '15)


Larry P. Johnson (MFA ’15) created a lifelike sculpture of his mother to raise awareness of osteoarthritis and the need for a cure. His tribute generated local media attention.

Photo by Nigel Brooks

ennifer Bailey, a junior at Norfolk State University, is on the fast track to blazing her own path inside and outside of NSU. Bailey has been recently named a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowship award winner. Through fellowships like this one, the EPA assists in increasing the nation’s environmental workforce and its ability to advance the nation’s research and development enterprise. Bailey is the latest Norfolk State student to receive this prestigious fellowship. A family history of attending NSU led her to the University. “My sister was in the DNIMAS program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology. She is my biggest influence, and I’ve always looked up to her,” says Bailey. The Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences (DNIMAS), begun in 1985, is a rigorous and highly successful honors program for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It aims to increase the number of graduates capable of earning advanced degrees in basic and applied sciences. “I love that NSU wants to change the severe shortage of minority scientists in the world,” Bailey said.

Photo by De’Quan Moss

She likes that faculty and staff know the names of their students. “They are willing to do just about anything to make sure you have everything you need to succeed,” Bailey said. NSU Assistant Biology Professor Maureen Scott quickly provided wise counsel and guidance to Bailey while at NSU. “She has been instrumental in my educational and professional pursuits as a mentor. She introduced me to the world of research. She helped me find my passion and future career plans,” Bailey said. “I am very proud of Jennifer. She serves as a great example of a student pursuing academic excellence and obtaining prestigious opportunities to reinforce her career goals,” Scott said of her third student to receive the prestigious EPA Fellowship. Bailey is active on and off campus, encouraging youth to pursue careers in STEM at Girls Inc., serving as a student ambassador, vice president of the biology society, peer mentor and a tutor for Student Support Services. She knows that students can lose momentum and become too comfortable during the last two years of college and she works to stay enthusiastic. “Knowing what the future holds for me, keeps me motivated,” says Bailey, who plans to earn her Ph.D. in toxicology and environmental pathology from Brown University. “I know what my endgame is. I know what I need to do in order to get there.”




Hundreds staged a “die-in” on Kalamazoo (Michigan) Mall on December 5, 2014, to protest the decisions by two separate grand juries not to indict officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. AP Photo

#Black Lives Matter —The New Civil Rights Movement? By SHARON R. HOGGARD and REGINA LIGHTFOOT obody knows the exact number of unarmed people of color who have died during an encounter with the police. Not even the U. S. Department of Justice can provide the exact figure because local police departments self-report those incidents. According to the most recent FBI report of justifiable homicide, nearly two times a week somewhere in the U.S., a white police officer killed a black person between 2005 and 2012.


One certainty however, is that the recent spate of incidents has led people to take to the streets and demand a change in the status quo. It began with the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, and the subsequent trial and release of then neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in 2013. The next flash point came in August 2014, when it was learned that unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was killed in an encounter with a white police officer. Then what seemed to be the tipping point was the decisions by both a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, and one in Staten Island, New York, to decline indicting the police officers involved in the deaths of Brown and Eric Garner in New York.



The Ferguson incident brought nightly protests and what had been welling up over the years came spilling out because of the sense that the lives of Black people—especially Black men—didn’t matter, weren’t worth enough to care about. During the 2014 holiday season the air was filled with chants of “Black Lives Matter, “handsupdontshoot,” “Icantbreathe”

UniversityNews and “thisstopstoday,” rather than “Silent Night,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Are we on the brink of a new Civil Rights Movement? “For the most part,” says Dr. Elsie Barnes, NSU professor of political science, “the protests are the continuation of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.” Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth, assistant professor of social work, says, “There is a definite desire to transition from reactionary moments to a progressive and proactive moment.” Dr. Andrew Arroyo, assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies, adds, “We are seeing a new Civil Rights Movement. I do not, however, view this new movement strictly as a racial one. Many streams are converging to create a movement that is deeper and wider than anything we have seen before.” Shuttlesworth agrees, “With the increase of social enterprises, we will begin to see a Civil Rights Movement that includes a public-private partnership focused on advocacy of many issues. It will be a tad bit harder to identify the successes gained of so many moving parts due to the multiple causes, multiple organizations with little to no sharing of data and a competition for limited resources.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: FRONT AND CENTER What is different from the 1950s and ’60s is the use of social media. Ferguson National Response Network organized a 30-city protest in which high school and university students walked out of their classrooms on December 1 at 12:01 p.m. Central Time—the moment Brown was killed. #ShutItDown saw the blocking of major highways and intersections, while #BlackOutBlackFriday hit retailers with a boycott on one of the largest shopping days of the year.

Had it not been for the bravery of a citizen, Walter Scott’s death at the hands of a police officer could have been mired in deception for years. Feidin Santana videotaped part of the events when the 50-year-old Scott was chased by a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer, who fatally shot him minutes later. In the video of the event, police officer Michael Slager is shown walking over to Scott’s body in what seems to be an attempt to tamper with evidence. The mainstream news media showed the video and it went viral on social media. That video changed the tone and the tenor of the events from one in which the officer said he killed in self-defense to one in which he was fired and charged with murder.

“ We are seeing a new

Civil Rights Movement. I do not, however, view this new movement strictly as a racial one.

— Dr. Andrew Arroyo

Social media have played a pivotal role in the Black Lives Matter campaign. Videos of police officers using excessive force have cropped up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and citizen blogs. “Social media facilitated a great deal of the protests,” said Dr. Arroyo. “One aspect of social media, ‘hashtag activism,’ emerged not only as a particularly effective organizing tool, but also as a vehicle for activism itself.” Dr. Arroyo believes that hashtag activism is a deceptively powerful tool. He says that it enables victims and allies to express sentiments and

generates attention and dialogue with the uninformed. “The proliferation of flash mobs, the Occupy Wall Street movement, activism elsewhere in the world, the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin involved the widespread use of social media in all of these examples to disseminate information and communicate strategies to friends and strangers both near and far.”

WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? “People need to mobilize the power of the ballot box (voting),” said Dr. Barnes. That’s exactly what happened in Ferguson. In April, residents tripled the African American representation on the city council by adding two new blacks to the six-member body that had previously had five white members and one black. Voter turnout increased from 12.3 percent of registered voters a year ago to 29.4 percent. The mayor, who is white, will cast the tiebreaking vote. “In addition, ongoing collaboration with community organizations and political officials should be strengthened to ensure open dialogue about such matters. Collaboration is needed to build trust on both sides,” said Dr. Barnes, longtime civil rights activist, political commentator and college professor. She has observed many social upheavals and renewals, and believes that bridges must be built so that all sides can be heard. “Building trust is not an easy task,” she said. Dr. Shuttlesworth says that tactics and resources should be shared across generations to ensure optimal success. Dr. Arroyo agrees, “I see the potential for young leaders to emerge from our colleges and universities, and especially our HBCUs…Needed are elders within the HBCU community who will train and mentor eager young persons in how to effect change through a cohesive, sustained response to injustice.”

Thousands protested police killings at a gathering in Foley Square park in New York City. AP Photo



BEHOLD UniversityNews




wenty-one years ago, Aurelia Taylor (B.S.’94) received her degree in computer science from Norfolk State University. Taylor and eight of her classmates traded the campus environment for one inside the hush-hush confines of government intelligence. They became specialists in information assurance, now called cybersecurity. As for Taylor, she went to work for the Department of Defense at Fort Meade, Maryland. Keeping cyberspace safe from would-be criminals—whether domestic or foreign—has become one of the highest government and business priorities, as illustrated by the Sony Entertainment security breach in 2014 and the White House hack earlier this year. NSU is helping to meet the nation’s high demand for cybersecurity experts by launching a master’s degree in cybersecurity in the fall of 2015. In fact, NSU has cracked the code when it comes to educating and graduating African-American cybersecurity professionals dating back more than 20 years. The university’s computer science program can be traced to one person, who is still on campus: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sandra J. DeLoatch, Ph.D. Dr. DeLoatch was a young math instructor at NSU in the ’70s, taking stints away to complete her own graduate work that included computer courses. When she returned permanently to campus in 1977, she began teaching programming classes in addition to math. Computer science courses were in demand, and NSU began offering more of them, eventually developing a computer science concentration as one of the mathematics degree options. The Computer Science Department was established



NSU has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education through academic year 2020 by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The University first received the designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education in 2009.



BEHOLD in 1990 and was accredited the following year. NSU launched the master’s program in computer science in 2003. “We were one of the first HBCUs to be designated by the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security as a center of excellence, Dr. DeLoatch says. “The recognition and placement of our students in good companies have helped our program a great deal.” NSU’s alumni have been in high demand in defense and intelligence settings such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Homeland Security, Northrop Grumman and the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). Other graduates were recruited by tech firms such as Lucent Technologies and Verizon. Many alumni have gone to graduate school at the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, George Washington University and others. In 2010, NSU was recognized as a “Top School for Preparing Cyber Security Professionals” by U.S. Black Engineer and Information Technology magazine. Because of the program’s history and success, it just received another huge shot in the arm. In January, the U. S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration awarded a $25million grant to NSU as the lead institution in an effort to educate, train and develop cybersecurity professionals. The grant aims to foster partnerships among HBCUs, federal laboratories and students interested in science, technology, engineering and math as early as kindergarten. NSU is leading a 13-member consortium with Dr. DeLoatch as the principal investigator. Vice President Joe Biden, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other dignitaries visited campus to announce the grant and to participate in a roundtable discussion on cybersecurity. In addition, NSU was just recently awarded $4.98 million by the Department of Defense to establish a Center of Excellence in Cyber Security at Norfolk State University in partnership with the Air Force Research Lab. This five-year effort will be led by Dr. George Hsieh, professor of computer science, and includes two partners: Old Dominion University/Virginia Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Center and Tennessee State University. The main research objective of the Center is to develop a cloud-based, big-data-analytics-capable cyber analysis, simulation and experimentation environment to enhance situational awareness and decision support capabilities for cyber defense and cyber training. The Center will also perform related education, outreach, and workforce development activities. Dr. DeLoatch credits two of her former students, Gregory Patrick (B.S. ’95) and Aurelia Taylor (now Williams) with helping to launch the cybersecurity initiative. Dr. DeLoatch served as the



Vice President Joe Biden (seated), Congressman Bobby Scott and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe listen as NSU graduate student Aaron McFall explains cybersecurity measures.

M.S. in Cybersecurity (Online) Begins Fall 2015 The MS Cybersecurity degree will prepare students for technical and management cybersecurity positions. It is designed to focus on computer security and to increase the pool of well-educated security professionals.

FOUNDATION COURSES CSC 535 CSC 555 CYS 564 CYS 573 CYS 672 CYS 688 CSC 697 CSC 721 CYS 755 CSC 765 CSC 795

Computer Security I Management of Information Security Secure Operating Systems Network Fundamentals Computer and Network Forensics Human Aspects of Computing Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Database Security Healthcare Information Security Advanced Topics in Information Assurance Cybersecurity Capstone Project

All Courses Are Required

For detailed information, go to

principal investigator for software development contracts awarded to NSU by the Department of Defense (NSA) from 1987-94. Patrick and Taylor Williams worked with her on the project while they were students, which served as the impetus for their employment at NSA after receiving their computer science degrees. Both Patrick and Taylor Williams have earned

doctorates in computer science and returned to NSU as computer science faculty. “Our current undergraduate and graduate students are often selecting positions with employers before graduation,” says Dr. Taylor Williams, who now chairs the Computer Science Department. “We have relationships with many laboratories and industry partners that seek our students for summer internships. Our best students (3.0 GPA or better) often are able to choose between the opportunities made available to them.” Dr. Taylor Williams started programming at the age of 10 while participating in a gifted program. “I received my first computer in the eighth grade,” she says. “My aunt, a programmer for IBM, was my role model. “At NSU, Dr. DeLoatch became my mentor, and today I try to do the same, especially for female students who haven’t had the same encouragement that I had when I was young.” NSU has graduated hundreds of AfricanAmericans, women and other minorities in the computer science field, Dr. Taylor Williams says. The Computer Science Department has graduated almost 500 students (499) since 1993. Of that number, 96 percent were minorities and 49 percent were females. Now with the cybersecurity grant, NSU is poised to extend and replicate its successful education and graduation of cybersecurity professionals. “I am immensely proud of this initiative,” Dr. DeLoatch says of the Computer Science Department. “We have grown exponentially and have come full circle.”



From left to right are brothers: Michael Spruiell, Matthew Spruill, Thomas Woodard, John Spruill, Linwood Spruiell and Joseph Spruill.



t began with their parents John Jacob Spruill and Retha Woodard Spruill. They made it one of their life's missions to see to it that their six children earned college degrees. From their parents prayers and dreams came an orthodontist, financial advisor, training director/entrepreneur, transportation director, anesthesiologist and obstetrician and gynecologist. The road to success for these brothers —Thomas Woodard, John Spruill, Joseph Spruill, Matthew Spruill and Linwood and Michael Spruiell (who use the historical spelling of their last name) started at Norfolk State. The lessons they learned on campus have served them throughout their lives as each one helped the other. Their perseverance has paid off and they have created an unbreakable bond and a legacy that has endured. It wasn't easy."We came from nothing; however, we had the love and encouragement from our parents." said Thomas. "We lived in Norfolk public housing." Thomas, the eldest, showed the others what was possible. He attended the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College (Norfolk State) from 1962-67 and he went on to become an orthodontist. "At Norfolk State, I majored in math and physics," he said, “and completed the first four-year ROTC program receiving a commission in the U. S. Army Reserve as an Infantry second lieutenant.” After Norfolk State, he entered the U.S. Army, and served with the elite Special Forces. After separation from active duty, he continued to serve in the U.S. Army Special Forces Reserve while attending Old Dominion University and obtaining a master's degree in physics. While working in the space program, he discovered an Army program that would pay for dental school. That pursuit led him to Howard University School of Dentistry and then to orthodontics school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Afterward, Thomas returned to the Army Dental Corps to repay his schooling. He was chief of orthodontics at his last duty station. A Board Certified Orthodontist, he is married to Cheryl P. Harris and they have three children. He practices locally at Woodard Orthodontics with his daughter Dr. Monica Woodard. John followed Thomas, enrolling at Norfolk State in 1966. John’s first

major was cabinetmaking, but he changed to history after his first semester and earned a Bachelor of Arts in history. While at Norfolk State, John encountered some of the most tumultuous and historic years at the college and in the city of Norfolk. “I was here at Norfolk State at the time that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and there was an uproar at Norfolk State,” said John. “The student government took over Tidewater Hall (Brown Hall) and the student government president ended up getting expelled.” Upon graduating in 1970, John moved to Washington, D.C. He worked for General Motors and General Motors Acceptance Corp. for 26 years and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Credit Union in the nation’s capital for seven years. He now resides in Suffolk, Virginia, with his wife Patricia Lynn Richards-Spruill, a registered pharmacist, who is the director of experiential education at the Hampton University School of Pharmacy. Now retired, he serves as a deacon and chairperson of the Diaconate Ministry at First Baptist Church Mahan Street in Suffolk. Joseph, who is deceased, followed John, graduating in 1972 with a degree in Industrial Arts Education. After college, he taught briefly in the Suffolk, Virginia, public schools system before relocating to Maryland. He was a certified welder, master carpenter, training director for the Virginia mass transit bus system and a manager for The Washington Post’s transportation department. Joseph also owned a very successful home improvement and remodeling business. He also generously gave back to the community providing free lawn care and gutter cleaning services to elderly and widowed neighbors. Joseph had a passion for “classic Mustangs” and restored them to showroom condition. He was married to Agnes Idella Bittle, an accountant, for 19 years before he passed away. He had three children. Their brother, Matthew, was next in line and graduated in 1982 with a degree in mass communication. The following year, he moved to the Washington, D.C. area, where he began a career in public transportation that lasted 30 years. "The education and mentoring I received at Norfolk State University certainly prepared me for the professional success that I



AlumniNews achieved during my 30 year career in public transportation." In August 2014, Matthew retired as the director of Human Services Transportation for the Fairfax County, Virginia, government. He affectionately remembers NSU. “I have very fond memories of my time at Norfolk State, and I hold dear the true and lasting friendships that I made when I was there.” Linwood entered Norfolk State in 1973 and graduated in 1977 with a bachelor of science in chemistry. “I wrestled with what I wanted to major in,” he said. “I talked to Thomas about it and stayed with chemistry.” Linwood went on to Meharry Medical College, graduating in 1981 with a medical degree. Following medical school, Linwood went to Detroit for an internship at Wayne State University affiliated hospitals. He moved to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1982 to work as a physician in an underserved community. It was during his first visit to the community health center that he met his wife, Dr. Gloria Johnson Spruiell, a dentist. The two have been married for nearly 30 years and are the parents of two adult children. In 1987, Linwood completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he was the first African-American resident accepted into the Department of Anesthesiology. Michael, the last of the brothers, entered NSU in 1974 on an academic scholarship. A biology major, he was on a fast track, completing premedical requirements in three years at NSU and graduating from Meharry Medical College in 1981. He met his wife Dr. Vera Goode at Meharry and this year they will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They have two adult children.

The brothers from left to right are: Linwood Spruiell, John Spruill, Thomas Woodard, Michael Spruiell and Matthew Spruill (inset).

Michael completed his internship and obstetrician/gynecology residency at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. Michael received a National Health Service scholarship while at Meharry, a requirement of the scholarship was that he "pay it back" by serving in a medically underserved area. He went to Vicksburg, Mississippi. "It was the best experience I’ve had," Michael said. He has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Virginia Beach for the past 27 years. He credits Norfolk State with providing him with a very good foundation. "I had a great experience at NSU," he said. “I don't think the students today are aware of the quality education you can get at NSU.” Their father passed away in 1985 and their mother in 2011, but they were able to see their dream fulfilled. Each of their sons graduated from college and have begun a legacy in which their children are doing the same. As for the brothers, they have a bond and a commitment that has endured a lifetime.



he love that Ashley Canty and Boyzie Hayes III share for each other is clear when you see the two of them interact–and so is their love for Norfolk State University. While college is the place where some students meet some of their closest friends, establish career connections and learn about life, it is also the place where some students like Canty and Hayes meet their life partners. The couple, both 26, took an interest in each other three years ago in a graduate mass communications course they both took at J. Hugo Madison Hall. They began to date after Hayes took Canty to a grocery store before a tropical storm hit Hampton Roads. They haven’t stopped talking since. The engaged couple, who plan to marry in July, were recently featured on NBC’s “The Today Show.” They participated in a segment on the show after Canty wrote a heartwarming letter about Hayes’ unwavering support for her as she has battled through several health issues. Canty suffers from lupus. In the last year, she has also suffered from a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer. 14


Through it all, Hayes has remained by her side. He takes Canty to doctor’s appointments, helps her keep track of her medications and has supported her emotionally. But Hayes said he’s just doing what he is supposed to do. “He has been my rock,” Canty said. “He is a blessing from God, and I’m so glad I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him.” During the segment, which aired in February, Broadway actress Eleasha Gamble performed the song, “This Man Who Loves Me.” Producers from the show also provided the couple with a honeymoon cruise they plan to take after their summer nuptials. They will travel to Mexico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Despite some of the setbacks the couple has experienced, they look forward to their future together and say Norfolk State has prepared them. Canty earned a graduate degree in public relations. She now works as an autism teacher at a local high school. Hayes earned a graduate degree in media management. He works as an athletic video coordinator at Old Dominion University. They both credit NSU for giving them the education to pursue their careers. They also think

Photo by Markis Bowers

fondly of the campus because it is the place where they met and fell in love. “I think Norfolk State has done a lot for me as a person,” Canty said. “Even after I graduated, my professors have continued to be supportive and they really are the ones who make this University. “NSU does something to you while you’re here. This is really a special place.” Hayes agrees. “For me, I feel like I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now without attending Norfolk State,” Hayes said. “The University played a big role in developing my professional career and it’s also where I found Ashley, who I cherish.”

Norfolk State University inducted 16 inaugural members into the Lyman Beecher Brooks Society at its 80th Anniversary Gala held Saturday, March 28. The honorees included prominent education and business leaders whom the University honored for their life time giving of $100,000 or greater to Norfolk State. Actress Tasha Smith served as the mistress of ceremonies at a transformed Joseph G. Echols Hall. The honorees and special guests attended a VIP Reception in the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library Rotunda prior to the start of the gala.




YEAR IN REVIEW THANK YOU! Thank you to the over 4,230 donors who have made a difference in the lives and education of the students at Norfolk State. Your generous support helped to raise more than $5.2 million. These funds help to provide much needed student financial assistance and help to enhance the NSU experience for all students. Thank you for helping NSU continue its commitment to transform lives and communities for more students today and tomorrow. Thank you for your support now and in the future. 16



$400,000-$1,000,000 _________________

$25,000-$49,999 _________________

Hampton Roads Community Foundation The Ernest M. Hodge Foundation, Inc. U.S. Department of Education—Title III Matching Fund

ABNB Federal Credit Union Estate of Mildred R. Craig Norfolk State University Athletics Foundation, Inc. Smithfield Foods, Inc. Team Henry Enterprises LLC The TOWN Foundation TowneBank Community Relations

$100,000-$399,999 _________________ City of Norfolk NSU Research and Innovation Foundation The Smithfield-Luter Foundation, Inc.

$75,000-$99,999 _________________ Norfolk State University Foundation, Inc.

$50,000-$74,999 _________________ Anonymous (2) Commonwealth of Virginia Newport News Shipbuilding Norfolk State University Alumni Association, Inc. (NSUAA) The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia The Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc.

$10,000-$24,999 _________________ C&M Industries, Inc. Camp Marketing Services LLC City of Portsmouth Electronic Systems Estate of Peter D. Pruden, Jr. First Baptist Church South Hill Freedom Ford, Inc. Hattie M. Strong Foundation Hilton Norfolk Airport Lockheed Martin University Matching Gift Program Lumina Foundation for Education Military Alumni Chapter Foundation, Inc.

Norfolk Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Succeed to Lead, LLC SUPERVALU The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation Tuskegee University United Way of South Hampton Roads-Cox Charities

$7,500-$9,999 _________________ Chesapeake Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Ernst & Young Foundation PadillaCRT University of Virginia Washington, DC Chapter-NSUAA, Inc.

$5,000-$7,499 _________________ American Honda Motor Company, Inc. Concert Choir Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Moroch Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel Stark Legum Inc. The Athlete's Foot The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Peninsula Airport Commission Universal Leaf Foundation

Norfolk State University Interim President and CEO Eddie N. Moore Jr. visited with NSU student Derek Skinner at Sentara Leigh Hospital in May 2015 to congratulate him for completing his degree in Computer Information Technology. Skinner, who was diagnosed with sepsis, was unable to attend the formal commencement ceremony, so President Moore visited him to wish him well in his recovery and provided Skinner with several mementos from NSU.

**Deceased Every effort has been made to ensure accurate reporting of our donor gifts. If you find that we have made an error or omission, please contact Misti Goodson, Manager of Development Services & Stewardship, at (757) 823-8323.




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Ameriprise Financial Employee Matching Gift Program Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church Chesapeake-Virginia Beach Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. East Coast Repair and Fabrication, LLC ExxonMobil Foundation Family & Friends Day - KD First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Inc. Greater Northern Virginia Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Hidden Heritage Education, LLC Hoffman Beverage Company, Inc. IBM Corporation, Matching Grants Program Institute of Reading Development Inc. Interstate Batteries of Virginia Beach Markel Corporation McGuire Woods LLC MF & B Marine, LLC New Calvary Baptist Church New Journal & Guide North Philadelphia Seventh-Day Adventist Church Old Dominion University Paige Paige & Paige Bail Bonding Potomac Family Dining Group Operating Company Second Calvary Baptist Church Shiloh Baptist Church St. James's Episcopal Church SunTrust Foundation Matching Gifts Program The Spartan Army Athletic Association Third Baptist Church United Way of South Hampton Roads University Sports Publications Co., Inc.

AAMCO Kilmon Transmissions, Inc. Allied Research Technology, Inc Allsafe Self Storage Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. HBCU Fund Alumni Cheerleader Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. B.J. Willie State Farm Insurance Companies BAE Systems Matching Gift Program Basilica of St. Mary of Immaculate Conception Birdsong Peanuts Blacks in Government-Pentagon Chapter Boys Choir of Hampton Roads Capital One Charles Hendrick Insurance Agent Chesapeake Controls, Inc. Chesapeake Sheriff's Office City of Chesapeake College and Career Scholarships, Inc. Combined Charities Campaign Compassion, LLC ComputerShare Consulate Health Care Covenant Presbyterian Church Daryl L. Hines Insurance Agency, Inc. David L. Babson & Company East End Baptist Church, Suffolk First Baptist Church - Bute Street First Baptist Church of Norfolk Inc. First Baptist Church West Munden Frank J. Owens State Farm Insurance Agency Garry W. Price Insurance Agency, Inc. Global Management Group LLC Grand Chapter O.E.S., VA PHA Gregorys Professional Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping LLC Grove Baptist Church H & B Group, LLC



H.A.S. Enterprises HBCU Direct, LLC Holt Butt & Associates ILA - Local 1248 Intelligent Illuminations, Inc. Jenkins Janitorial Service Kalfus & Nachman, P.C. Kenneth W. Crowder State Farm Insurance L.E.V.O.C. Family Services, LLC Lambda Omega Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Liberty Tax Service LTD Associates, LLC, t/a Courtyard by Marriott MacArthur Shopping Center LLC MASAG II LLC Milt Rawles State Farm Agency Modern Psychiatry and Wellness LLC Monumental Baptist Church Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

National League for Nursing, Inc. Orange Board of Education Peninsula Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. People Express Airlines, Inc. Portsmouth Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Presbyterian Men of the Church of the Redeemer Prince George’s County MD Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Quadsworld, LLC Reformation Lutheran Church Saunders and Matthews, PLLC School Board of the City of Norfolk Shiloh Baptist Church SIDEARM Sports Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple St. John Baptist Church Supreme Chapter, O.E.S., International Jurisdiction TECNICO The Herb Block Foundation


The Poetry Society of Virginia The Virginian-Pilot Tidewater Baptist Minister's Conference Tonya V. Edwards State Farm Insurance Company Union Baptist Church Verizon Foundation Virginia Beach Pearls Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign West Hunter Street Baptist Church WLB Home Healthcare Services Zion Baptist Church

$_________________ 750-$999 Ally Alumni Band Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Campostella Self-Storage Co., LLC, T/A AAAA Cavalier, Inc. Chesapeake Bay Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Community Baseball, LLC T/A Peninsula Pilots Baseball Concursive Corporation Cox Communications of Hampton Roads, Inc. Dynamic Baseball Enterprise Rent-a-Car Gina Grant Enterprise, Inc. National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Suffolk Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Wachovia Bank, N.A. Waller, Todd and Sadler Architects, Inc.

$500-$749 _________________ A/C Masters Inc. Altria Employee Involvement Programs American Baseball Holdings LLC dba D1Draftable B AMIE AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign

Bachelor-Benedict Social Club BAE Systems Shared Services, Inc. Black Women In Sport California Community Foundation Cee-Breeze Personal Care Services Inc. Chesapeake Rays Crab Pot Seafood, Inc. Crossroad Cleaners & Laundry Delaware Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Economic Development Authority of the City of Norfolk Entercom Norfolk, LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fort Norfolk Plaza Cardiology Associates, Inc. Gamma Delta Omega Chapter, AKA Sorority, Inc. Grace Episcopal Church Hart Baseball LLC Highground Services, Inc. Inomedic, Inc. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company Labor of Love Total Healthcare, Inc. Legacy Planning Alliance ManTech International Corporation Mid Atlantic Pirates Scout Team Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Mike Duman Auto Sales, Inc. Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ Norfolk County High School Reunion Norfolk Sheriff's Office Deputy Fund Norfolk Southern Foundation Old Virginia Mortgage, Inc. Pearson Education Pennoni Associates Inc. Raleigh-Durham Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Rise Baseball Club RiverSource Life Insurance Company Safelite Fulfillment, Inc. Sayo, Inc. Spirit of Faith Christian Center, Inc. The Marie V McDemmond Rev Liv Trust Thermo-Trol Systems, Inc.

Thy Kingdom Christian Church Tidewater Finance Company Tropical Delights Union Baptist Church Virginia Beach Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Virginia Beach Chapter of Les Gemmes Ward & Associates Work Program Architects

$250-$499 _________________ Reddix and Associates, Inc. Accurate Marine Environmental, Inc. Andre Marquez Architects, Inc. Bennetts Creek Little League Concessions Beskin Assoc. Inc. Blue Water Pools, LLC Chrysler Museum of Art City of Norfolk Police Department CLP Financial Group Inc. ClubCorp Service Center Collegiate Licensing Company Comfort Zone Restaurant and Lounge LLC DNIMAS Alumni Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. E.L. Willey Electrical Contractors Ebanks & Sattler, LLP Edward Gosman & Associates, Inc. EIB INC. Elite Child, Inc. Executive Collision Center First Calvary Baptist Church Friends of Kenneth Alexander Golden Key Honour Society GSVB, LLC dba Grand Slam Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals Hampton Youth Hilton Worldwide, Inc. Memphis Shared Services Hope Cathedral International Inc. Ivy Heritage Foundation Inc. JaNay's Cleaners

John Deere Foundation Little Bethel Baptist Church Miller's Design MLK Day Celebration Committee Mount Pleasant Baptist Church National Sporting Events LLC dba Texas Tournament Baseball New Galilee Baptist Church New Grafton Baptist Church Norfolk Sertoma Club NSU Golden Key Honor Society Palmetto Hospitality of Fund I LLC Poplar Halls Elementary School Power Mechanical, Inc. Providence United Church of Christ RRMM Architects, P.C. Southern Auto Group Sports Med Plus, Inc. State Farm Companies Foundation Stroud, Pence & Associates, LTD. Sumitomo Machinery Corp. Surface Technologies of Virginia The GE Foundation The Norfolk Stationery Co. Inc. Thompson Hospitality Services Tides Baseball Club Tidewater Community College Tidewater Lawn & Landscaping Service Two Men And A Truck U.S. Airways Upsilon Omicron Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc. Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program Woman's Club of Norfolk

NSU honored six of its alumni at the 2015 Alumni Awards Dinner. From left to right are: Rev. Dr. Keith I. Jones (B.A. ’76), Dr. Joseph C. Melvin (B.S. ’81), Eiesha M. Horsley ’04, 19 Tamara BEHOLD MAGAZINE • SUMMER 2015 (B.A. ’68) and Nicolas A. Herbert ’04. Horsley and Herbert were honored as SUMMER • BEHOLD Dr. A. Jones (B.S. ’96), Dr. Tommy L. Bogger Graduates 2015 of the Last Decade.MAGAZINE 19



BOV &Affiliated Boards $333,740

BA S ED O N C AM PA I GN G I VI NG J U LY 1, 20 13 – De ce m be r 3 1, 2 01 4


Total Alumni Giving


Average Alumni Gift



Corporations & Foundations $919,607

Total Number of Alumni Donors

Assets Held By Others $600,000

Alumni Giving Participation Rate Total Number of New Endowments

Athletic Initiatives

2,397 10.9% 10

$650,205 Alumni $1,728,661 T O TA L D O L LA R S R A IS E D :

$5,206,845 $_________________ 100-$249 Abyssinia Baptist Church Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. American Legion Second District, Dept. of VA Athletics America's Charities AO Davidson Council-District #1 OES Bank Of America United Way Campaign Bennett College for Women Bethany Baptist Church Boo Williams State Farm Insurance Companies Buffalo Wild Wings Chesapeake Tree Service, Inc. College Insider, Inc. Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis, P.C. Delta Zeta Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Disabled American Veterans Chapter 26 Dixon Golf, Inc. Dominion Physical Therapy & Associates, Inc. Dominion Psychiatric Associates Educational Services of Hampton Roads Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church Greene Anesthesia Services, P.C. Hampton University Honors College Herff Jones Company Hickory High School Honeybee Golf Club Hospira Employee Giving Campaign J.D. Hauling, Inc. Jabo's Construction Keith Matthews Funeral Home Kyrus Enterprises, Inc., T/A Lynnhaven Fish House Restaurant 20



Lake Wright Hospitality One, LLC, T/A Residence Inn Lawrence Landscaping & Maintenance Services, Inc Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. Liberty University M.E. Sharpe Magnus Temple 3 MCA Petroleum Corporation Military Alumni Chapter-NSUAA, Inc. Milt Rawles Enterprises LLC Milton Rawles, CLU National Association of Educational Office Professionals New Life World Outreach Center, Inc. New Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church Newtown Motel Associates, LLC, T/A SpringHill Suites Nichols & Associates, INC O.H. Smith & Son Funeral Home, Inc. Paul D. Camp Community College Philly D, Inc. T/A D'Egg Poseidon Industries, Inc. Progressive Lodge #80 Pyramid Temple No. 1 A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Rabinowitz, Swartz, Taliaferro, Swartz & Goodove, PC Raebec Publishing Corporation Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program Richmond Public Schools Rising Sun Lodge 2 F and A M Rosco Lumber Yard, Inc.


School Board for the City of Norfolk Facilities Mana Seals Properties LLC South Carolina State University Tidewater-Peninsula South Hampton Roads Panhellenic Council Suffolk Department of Social Services The Dandridge Group The Ed-Tech Group The Lucy W. Wilson Revocable Living Trust The Margaret Ann Pemberton Revocable Trust The Palace, Inc. VAB Healthcare Consulting, Inc. VDR Educational & Athletic Group Vincent's Sports Turf Management Virginia Union University Xteriors Construction LLC Youth Solutions, Inc.

Crisis Pregnancy Center Of Tidewater Defran Concepts Desert of Delaware-Desert Conference Dine College Dream Hair Care Products Pamela B. Mills Elizabeth Fragrant Rose Chapter No. 34 OES Fas Glass LLC Glamour Girl Events Inner-View, Ltd. League of Extraordinary Men Les Smith for Sheriff Livas Group Architects, PC Livingstone College Macedonia AME Church Margaret Francis Chapter OES 101 MARTA Employees Charity Club Network for Good Old Dominion University Women's Center Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Pi Gamma Chapter $1-99 Opportunity, Inc. _________________ Pathways To Life 4imprint Pepper Dining, Inc. A & D Painting and Powerwashing Planned Parenthood A.O. Davidson Council - District #1 O.E.S., P.H.A. QVC Partners In Giving ABS Consumer Products, LLC Rhoda Chapter 231 O.E.S. Adeline Ward Chapter OES No. 197 Southampton County Virginia School Fund Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Big Al'sTransmission T.R. Banks Trucking Briggs Home Health Agency The Kiski Club Brighton Light Chapter 118 Tux Club Chevy Chase Personal Training Williams Fuel Oil, Inc. and Wellness Servi Willow Grove Beauty Chapter 102 OES Church Hill Classics, LTD



SPARTAN CIRCLE $50,000 + _________________ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning Mr. Robert C. Nusbaum Mr. B. Kennon E. Outlaw Drs. Melvin T. and Patricia L. Stith

UNIVERSITY CIRCLE $25,000-$49,999 _________________ Drs. Howard G. and Eloise C. Adams Zachary P. Hairston, D.D.S. Mr. Larry D. and Mrs. Denice D. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Devon M. Henry Mr. Nicholas Herbert Mr. Steve E. Lassiter and Family Mrs. Elisia A. and Mr. Eddie N. Moore, Jr. Mr. Charles “Red” Stone The Family of The Rev. St. Paul Epps

1935 SUSTAINER'S CIRCLE $10,000-$24,999 _________________ Dr. & Mrs. Morry D. Brown Mr. Don J. Carey III Mr. Glenn R. Carrington Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Byron L. Cherry Mr. Charles R. and Clementine S. Cone Mrs. Joyce D. Daniel Dr. Deborah C. and Robert Fontaine Mr. Tony E. Greene Mr. Clevester and Mrs. Dameron L. Jones Mr. Marty L. Miller Mr. Michael M. Riddick Mrs. Joyce H. and Mr. Harold D. Shambley Mr. Paul W. Staubi Drs. Leroy E. and Minnie A. Stiff Mr. Fred D. Thompson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Warren Mr. Joseph L. Wiggins

PILLARS $7,500-$9,999 _________________ Dr. Robert B. and Mrs. Margaret G. Lee

CORNERSTONES $5,000-$7,499 _________________ Dr. & Mrs. Tommy L. Bogger Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Booker Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Cuffee Dr. Sandra Jean DeLoatch Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fisher, Jr. Mrs. Faith M. Fitzgerald Mr. Lawrence M. Garrett Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Harold L. Hagans, Jr. Mr. Gerald E. Hunter

Ms. Crystal C. Lassiter Mr. Earl E. Lee Ms. Christel L. Lewis Dr. Janet M. McKenzie Mr. & Mrs. Mervin Pitchford Mr. Archie W. Robinson LTG (Ret.) Michael D. Rochelle Mr. Donald M. Sparrow Bobby N. Vassar, J.D. Col. (Ret.) James W. Whitehead Mr. Edward M. Willis

GREEN & GOLD CIRCLE $2,500-$4,999 _________________ Ms. Stephanie Adams Mrs. Mona L. Adkins-Easley Mr. Peter H. Adrian Mrs. April T. Allbritton Ms. Rhonda L. Allen Ernette Y. Benson-Foulk, M.D. Mrs. Brenda L. Betts Mrs. Joyce E. Black Mr. and Mrs. Cassell E. Brabble Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Demetria C. Brinkley Mr. Russell A. and Mrs. Parisiene T. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Cone Mrs. Eunice Randall Crocker Mr. Shelton L. Darden, Jr. Mrs. Blanche Neal Duggins Dr. & Mrs. Howard B. Duncan Mr. Ernest M. Ellis Jr. Mr. Anthony C. Epps Dr. Jared W. Flood Dr. Dorothy M. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Fuller Dr. Paula Gentius Mr. Larry A. Griffith Mr. Michael A. Hairston Ms. Michelle D. Hill Mr. Leon Hines Mr. Robert E. Holmes Mr. Earlie P. and Charolette C. Horsey Drs. Eleanor L. and Dr. Barry Hoy Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hunter Mr. Curtis L. Hurdle Jedidah C. Isler, Ph.D. The Honorable Raymond A. Jackson Dr. Grady H. James The Honorable Jerome James Mr. Darrel E. Jones Rev. Dr. Keith Ivan Jones Tamara A. Jones, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Lewis Mr. Norman C. Mack Aliecia R. McClain, Ph.D. Ms. Beaulah A. Moore Ms. Shelvee H. Osborne Mr. Langston B. Powell, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Reid, Jr. Mr. Zackary N. Rogers Dr. Terricita E. Sass Mr. Philip M. Scotti Mrs. Frances and Mr. Chester L. Steward, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sweat Dr. Randolph Sykes Jr. Mr. Lynwood A. Turner Mr. Joel R. Wagner and Dr. Dianne Davis-Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Earl H. Watford Mr. Sterling Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Cecil E. Williams, Jr. Mrs. Davida H. Williams

LOYALTY CIRCLE $1,000-$2,499 _________________ LTC (Ret.) Crispin A. Abad Dr. Danny L. Adams Ms. Stevalynn R. Adams Dr. Sacharia Albin Ms. Yvonne Allmond Mr. Travis L. Ames Anonymous (2) Ms. Delores E. Archer Mr. Daniel B. Armstrong Ms. Laural J. Armstrong Mr. Kelvin W. Arthur Mr. Carey Aursby Mr. Ashley D. Avery Mr. William A. Bagby Mrs. Jennifer Ballard Baker Mr. Michael Baker Dr. Jean Marie Banatte Ms. Cheryl Bates-Lee Mrs. Brenda J. Bennett Mr. and Ms. John Blount Mr. Jeremiah F. Bond Mr. Lonnie C. Bonham Mr. and Mrs. Elwood B. Boone III Mr. Wilmer Boone Ms. Carol Boone-Thompson Ms. Pamela Finley Boston Mrs. Sarah Bradby Mr. Daniel C. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Brooks Mr. Charles N. Brown Dr. George W. Brown Mr. James L. Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brown Colonel Sharalyn Brown Mr. Victor W. Brown Mr. Winslow G. Bullock, Jr. Mr. Leroy N. Burks Mrs. Thelma Burns-Bynum Mr. Terry W. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Shedrick Byrd Mr. Clifton D. Cabarras Mrs. Maxine Cain Mr. Raymond S. Calloway

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carpenter Mrs. Thelma Y. Carroll Andria N. Chapman-Taliaferro, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Chappell, Sr. Mrs. Bernice Cheeks Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Cheeks Mr. Emanuel Chestnut Dr. Herman D. Clark, Jr. Mrs. Nadine V. Clarke Mr. Lorenzo B. Clemons Dr. Clarence D. Coleman Dr. Lajuana M. Collins-Morgan Dr. Joy A. Cooley-Doles Mr. Hudnall R. Croasdale Mr. and Mrs. Clifton J. Crocker Dr. Nuria M. Cuevas Ms. Ayisha T. Dabre Dr. & Mrs. Venkateswara Reddy Dondeti Mr. Michael P. Dorso Georgia M. Dunston, Ph.D. Mr. Stanley D. Edmonds Jr. Mr. Clarence E. Elliott Dr. Brenda L. Ellis Mrs. Kathryn Epps Ms. Frances P. Epps Wilburn Mr. Coley Faulk, Jr. Loretta Felder McKelvey, D.D.S. Ms. Alys B. Fentress Mrs. Brenda S. Finch Mr. Elston S. Fitzgerald Mr. Emmet T. Forbes Dr. Charles H. Ford Mrs. Christy V. Ford Deborah S. Foreman Ph.D. Mr. Kermit M. Foster Ms. Julia L. Foxx Mr. Reginald L. Freeman Mr. Monecure Futrell Ms. Joyce T. Gainer Mr. William L. Garrison Ms. Kimberly E. Gaymon Mr. Colvin D. Gibson Dr. Frances C. Gray Ms. Nicole D. Gray Mr. Gregory O. Grimes Mr. George F. Hall, Jr. Mrs. Beverly Boone Harris LTC (Ret) & Mrs. James R. Harris, Jr. Mr. Antonio Harrison Mrs. Barbara A. Harrison Dr. Carl Wheatley Haywood Dr. Gladys C. Heard Mr. and Dr. Robert Heard Mr. Devon O. Higgins Mr. Vincent M. Hinton, Sr. Ms. Valerie B. Holmes Mr. Richard Hooker Dr. Chung C. and Mrs. Irene C. Hsieh Ms. Thorna Humphries Ms. Harriett B. Hurdle Mr. Harroll Ingram

Mr. Dennis Ionno Mr. Marvin S. Jackson Ms. C. Catherine Jacocks Mr. William Lee Jamison Mr. Clifton Jarvis Ms. Vanessa Caldwell Jenkins Mr. Glenn M. Johnson Mr. William H. Johnson Ms. Chloe’ E. Jones Mr. Dennis Jones Col. (Ret.) & Mrs. Freddie L. Jones Rev. James W. Jones Sr. Ms. Linda V. Jones Mr. Otis S. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Jordan Ms. Rita M. Jordan Mr. Donald T. Joyner Mr. Anton V. Kashiri Dr. Michael O. Keeve LTC (Ret.) Timothy E. Lamb Mr. Eugene Lambert Ms. Doris Langhorne Dr. & Mrs. Curtis T. Langley Mr. Richard G. Larkins Mr. Donald D. Larrimore Ms. Glenda Lassiter Ms. Jacquelyn P. Lee Dr. Ricky A. Lee Mr. & Mrs. George A. Lindsay Jr. Mr. Walter L. Lindsay Jr. Dr. Denise M. Littleton Mr. Charlie D. Logan Ms. Jennifer Logan Mr. Laurence T. Manning Dr. Bennie L. Marshall Dr. & Mrs. Larry Mattix Mrs. Lakeisha Mayes Mr. Stephen L. McDaniel Mr. Kenneth R. McIntyre Ms. Deborah Y. McKissick Mr. James C. McNair Dr. Joseph C. Melvin Dr. Floyd E. Miller, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. George E. Miller, Jr. Mr. Henry L. Mills, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Bidhu B. Mohanty Mr. Nash D. Montgomery Ms. Renata P. Moon Dr. and Mrs. James L. Moore III Ms. LaVerne Moore Mrs. Dianne D. Myrick Mr. Floyd R. Myrick, Jr. Ms. Nancy K. Myrick Keith H. Newby, Sr. M.D., F.A.C.C. Mrs. Sandra J. Olanitori Mr. Edward Owens Mr. Donnell C. Parham Mr. Arnold L. Parker Jules G. Parker, D.P.M. Mr. Walter J. Parker




Mr. Dennis D. Patterson Ms. Vonda M. Patterson Mr. Dwayne Paxton Jacquelyn J. Pelham, M.D. Mr. Carlton L. Perkins Dr. Robert K. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pinner Chief Theodore Price Mr. Morechell N. Pryer LCT (Ret.) and Mrs. William Rainey Mrs. Theresa Reaume Mr. Maris Rence Mrs. Cleopatra J Riddick The Honorable Scott Rigell David W. Robertson, Esquire Dr. Delanyard and Mrs. Barbara Robinson Mr. Ulysses S. Robinson Ms. Darnetta E. Saunders Mr. Mark Schneider Ms. Geraldine A. Sessoms Mr. Christopher L. Setzer Mr. Ollie L. Sherman, Jr. Mr. Philip C. Sherrill Ms. Jagdish A. Singh Dr. Macki Sissoko Mr. Kendall Slatton Dr. George A. and Mrs. Alma Smith LT (Ret.) and Mrs. James Smith Ms. Carrie G. Snead Dr. & Mrs. Kyo D. Song Mrs. Beverly J. Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln T. Spicely Mr. Lionell Spruill Jr. Mr. Tommy Spruill Mrs. Crystal Square-Williams Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Staton, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Steward Mr. and Mrs. Adrian P. Stubbs Ms. Andrea C. Tatum Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Taylor Mrs. Patricia L. Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Shelley M. Thomas Ms. Paula C. Thompson Mr. Barry A. Tovig Ms. Alisha Michelle Tucker Mr. Robert L. Turner Mr. Sherman Vincent Dr. James T. Walke Mr. Anthony H. Walker Mr. David J. Walker Mr. Jonathan M. Walker


Mr. Walter Wall Cdr. (Ret.) William L. Walton, Sr. Mr. George and Mrs. Margaret Watson Ms. Monica L. White Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Moses Whitehurst, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Theodore O. Wilder Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James W. Wilson Mr. Jimmie D. Wilson Mr. Larry L. Wilson Mrs. Pearl C. & Mr. James W. Wilson Dr. Rowena G. Wilson Ms. Julia B. Wingard Mrs. Eunice G. Woods Mr. Porter Wynn Jr.

HERITAGE $750-$999 _________________ Dr. & Mrs. Hollie Baker Dr. and Mrs. Carray Banks, Jr. Dr. Elsie M. Barnes Ms. Coletta J. Bey Ms. Wanda L. Boone Mrs. Yvette M. Boone Mrs. Marian A. Bullock Ms. Frances W. Chavous Ms. Regina L. DaCosta Ms. Alexis D. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Demory Mr. Stanley M. Donaldson, Jr. Mr. Danny Fentress Mr. Fernando E. Gaines LTC Derrick L. Gilbert Ms. Misti D. Goodson Mr. Hillard J. Hairston Mrs. Estherine J. Harding Ms. Joan B. Harvey Dr. DeMarc A. Hickson T. W. Hoffmann Ms. Pamela D. Hyman Ms. Gloria D. Jefferson Mr. Kenneth A. Johnson Ms. Tracci K. Johnson Mrs. Heather A. Johnson Wall Mr. George A. Jones Mr. Jerry L. Jones Mr. Samuel W. Jones, Sr. Dr. Page R. Laws Thomas B. Leecost, MD, D.P.M., M.P.H. Mr. Charles D.L. Logan Mrs. Joan K. Marsh Ms. Michelle D. Martin


Candace L. Moss, Esq. Mr. Donald R. Moss Dr. Jessica M. Parrott Ms. Cheryl G. Riddick Mr. Wendell C. Seal Mrs. Paula R. D. Shaw Ms. Josephine B. Stanley-Brown Dr. Millard D. Stith, Jr., L.H.D. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Thomas Ms. Tarrye L. Venable Mr. Larry Vickers Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Walker Ms. Natalie Wells Mr. John L. Wilkins and Mrs. Dorothy S. Wilkins Dr. Frances Williams Mr. Floyd D. Young

DEAN'S CLUB $500-$749 _________________ Mr. Kirwyn J. Adderley Mr. Sherman L. and Mrs. Permelia M. Addison Mr. Ronnie E. Akers Ms. Joy Allen Dr. Belinda C. Anderson Mr. Eugene Anderson Mr. Harvie Andrews Anonymous Ms. Camilla Ashby Mr. John R. Baskin Mrs. Kathy P. Belfield Mr. Dan M. Bishop Mr. Sean M. Blest Mr. Hugh Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Bridgers Ms. Debra A. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Brown, Jr. LTC John W. Brown Jr. Ms. Michelle R. Brown Mrs. Angela C. Burrus-Lee Mrs. Willie M. Butts Mr. William T. Carter Dr. & Mrs. Jim Chen Mr. Alton J. Christmas Mr. Bobby L. Claiborne Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Clark, Sr. Mr. Claudell E. Clark Mrs. Debra R. Clark Mrs. Tomaya Clark Ms. Jenice Coffey Mr. Jesse E. Coley Mrs. Renee Reep Collins

Mr. William A. Cooper Mr. J. Craig Cotton Ms. Regina T. Crawley Mr. Theodore V. Cross Dr. and Mrs. Adrian C. Dews, Sr. Mr. Christopher T. Doyle Ms. Janice H. Drake Mr. Richard L. Dunbar Dr. Ernestine A. Duncan Mr. George R. Easter Ms. Sheila W. Elliott Ms. Deneishia S. Fisher Tracey D. Ford Ed.D. Bruce E. Fuller, M.D. Mrs. Diane M. Fuller Ms. Twanda T. Gainer Mr. Kevin L. Gaines Ms. Dorothy Gardner Franks Ms. Debra Goode Mrs. Brenda L. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Green, Jr. Mr. David Greer Mrs. Joyce L. Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Louge Gunn Maj. & Mrs. Darold L. Hamlin Dr. Sheila M. Harleston Ms. Genee' C. Haynes Mrs. Margie B. Haynes Mrs. Daun S. Hester Mr. and Mrs. James T. Holmes, Jr. Ms. Karen J. Holmes James W. Howell, Ph.D. Mr. Hugo Hughes Mr. Charles R. Hunt Mr. Ronald D. Hunt Mr. Russell E. Hurdle, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Claywood Jones Mr. Earl Jones Mr. Louis A. and Mrs. Olivia Kearney Mr. David L. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Elijah C. Kent Dr. Rosalie B. Kiah Ms. Brenda H. King Mr. Donald R. Lam Mr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Long Mrs. Helen B. and Mr. Lorenza Luster Mr. Lamont D. Maddox, Esq. Mr. Joseph C. Maggiore Mr. William R. Marriner Mr. David J. Mason Mrs. Barbara Collins McCall Mr. James S. McCoy III Mr. Julius McCullough Mr. Donald Melvin Mrs. Regina W. Mobley Ms. Margaret M. Moriarty Mrs. Winnie H. Morrow Mrs. Leona Moten Mr. Kerry D. Muldrow Dr. Cassandra L. Newby-Alexander Mrs. Jacqueline Nicholson Dr. Adebisi O. Oladipupo Mr. Vincent W. Paige Mr. Luther R. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Pitts Mr. Craig D. Pooler-Jones Mr. Padreus D. Pratter Mr. Garry W. Price Mr. Timothy D. Proctor Mr. Arthur W. Reynolds, Sr. Mrs. Joan L. Rhodes-Copeland Mr. Joseph D. Riddick Mr. Marion G. Riddick Mrs. Mary S. Ridley

Mr. James A. Rogers Sydana Rogers Hollins, Ph.D. Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond Ms. Crystal P. Saulsberry Mr. Lee G. Sawyer Dr. Martha B. Sawyer Ms. Jacquelyn Scott Ms. Senegal Senghor Mr. & Mrs. Clarence L. Sessoms Mr. Charles E. Smith Mr. Herbert L. Smith Sr. Mrs. Danielle T. Smith Jones Ms. Linda L. Smith Mrs. Renee H. Smith Ms. Trinette K. Spratley Mr. Melvin T. Stith, Jr. Dr. Clarence L. Stone, Sr. Mr. Darnell and Mrs. Lisa Streat Ms. Tiffani-Dawn B. Sykes Dr. Raymond H. Tademy Ms. Carolyn Taylor Dr. Fred N. Thomas, III Mr. and Mrs. Rosser R. Turner Mr. Timothy Vaas Ms. Barbara Walker Mr. Earl C. Walton Mrs. Natalie Y. Wells Ms. Monica L. White Ms. Inez C. Whitehead Mr. Dewayne R. Wilcher Mr. Arasble N. Wilder Mr. Charles H. Williams, Jr. COL (Ret) and Mrs. Howard M. Williams Dr. Shirley S. Winstead Ms. Margaret S. Winston Mr. Calvin M. Woodhouse Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Wright Mrs. Kendra M. Youngblood

PARTNER'S CLUB $250-$499 _________________ Ms. Lisa Abraham Dr. William K. A. Agyei Dr. Aftab Ahmab Mr. Juan M. Alexander Ms. Glenda Allen Mr. Moses C. Allotey-Pappoe Mr. and Mrs. Vandybe Almond, Jr. Mr. Joshua Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Anderson Mr. William W. Anderson, Jr. Mr. Kenneth Andrews Ms. Sylvia J. Andrews Anonymous (3) Dr. Wondwossen D. Arasho Mr. Raru A. Archer Ms. Lenora E. Armstrong Mr. Frederick A. Ashley Mrs. Leonthia P. Avery Colonel Hubert E. Bagley Jr. Sheryl D. Bailey, Ph.D. Mr. John Baker, Jr. Mrs. Linda E. Baker Ms. Teressa G. Baker Mr. Harvey M. Barnes, Jr. Ms. Melissa J. Barnes Ms. Stephanie L. Baylor Mrs. Debbie V. Bazemore Ms. Estella S. Bell Dr. Suely M. Black Ms. Dollicia D. Boone Ms. Geraldine T. Boone Dr. Paula H. Boone Ms. Gloria E. Bracy Ms. Addie Bradley


Mr. Curtis W. Branch Mr. Reese Bridgman Mr. Christopher L. Bristow Mrs. Rhonda A. Britt Ms. Chevon M. Brooks Ms. Berline B. Brown Mr. Kevin Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Brown Mrs. Edward L. Brown Sr. Mrs. Treganza Bryce-Goodman Mr. James A. Bullock, Jr. Mrs. Anne V. Bunch Ms. Audra L. Bunch Cynthia B. Burwell Ed.D Dr. Helen P. Bessent Byrd Mrs. Edythe D. Caldwell LTC (Ret.) Lawrence R. Carr Mrs. Dorothy A. Chambers Ms. Tahira Dupree Mr. Franklin E. Clarke Mr. Ronald A. Coats Mr. Samuel L. Cofield Ms. Sidika N. Colakoglu Mr. Alejandro Colbert Mr. Robert A. Colbert Mrs. Jane Harris Coleman Ms. Noelle N. Cook Mr. Joseph Cooper Jr. Mr. John W. Cox Ms. Eleanor A. Crocker Mrs. Ethel F. Rollins Cross Dr. Donna W. Dabney Ms. Eloise D. Daniels Mr. James H. Davis Mrs. Alison D. Davis-Tariq

Mr. Juan L. Dennis Ms. Jonelle C. Depp Ms. Beth A. Dickerson Mr. John A. Dixon Mrs. Helena L. Dodson Ms. Nicole P. Dortch Mrs. Felicia R. Doswell Ms. Mary Douglas Ms. Ruby L. Dowd Mrs. LaVersa R. Drew Mrs. Vernadette M. Drew Revs. James & Delores Edwards III Mr. Frank T. Elliott Ms. Regina English Mr. Rodney O. Evans Mr. Edgar I. Farmer Dr. Marvin D. Feit Ms. Sandra R. Fenner Mrs. Deborah H. Ferguson Mr. Kenneth Ferguson RADM (Ret.) Evelyn J. Fields Ms. Rita Fisher Mrs. Debra A. Fitzgerald Mr. Michael P. Flowers Mr. Jeffrey R. Floyd Ms. Doris M. Fulgham Mr. Gregory W. Gardener Mr. Dwayne Gardner Mr. J.C. Gardner, Jr. Mr. Randall D. Gardner, Jr. Mr. Randall D. Gardner Mr. Lester J. Garrett Mr. Edward M. Gay Ms. Daphne L. Gayle Mr. and Mrs. Jackson C. Gerst

Mr. Omer Gokus Mr. Christopher Goodman Dr. Barbara G. Graham Ms. Verlaska W. Gravely-Frazier Ms. Sheila Gray Mr. James A. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Elverett E. Gregg Mrs. Kate Griffith Mr. Robert F. Hagans Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Haley Ms. Joyce A. Hall Mr. Aaron J. Hammond Ms. Debra A. Hardy Dr. & Mrs. George C. Harrison Mrs. Wilhelmenia Wright Harrison Ms. Carolyn Hawley Mrs. Joyce B. Hay Mr. Phillip Hayes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Haywood Mr. Kevin R. Heard Mr. James E. Herring Mr. Ralph Hines Ms. Gloria L. Howell Ms. Regina Humphrey Ms. Gloria J. Ingram Ms. Tanya L. Ingram Ms. Valencia H. Ingram Mrs. Clarice A. Jackson Mr. William P. Jackson Mr. Thomas A. Jamieson Mr. Clinton L. Jenkins CMDR (Ret) Everett Johnson III Mr. Michael J. Johnson Mr. Dean W. Jones Dr. Dorothy L. R. Jones

Dr. Eleanor Green Dawley Jones Ms. Glenda R. Jones Ms. Gloria Jones Leonard W. Jones, Esquire Mrs. Luwanda Foster Jones Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Jones Jr. Ms. Peggy S. Jones Mr. Richard A. Jones Mr. T. Irle Jones Ms. Stephanie A. Jordan Mr. Ronnie A. Joyner Mr. John W. Kasiski Ms. Christina N. Keith Dr. Mary Kimble Dr. Margaret D. Knight Mrs. Leatha Lamison-White Ms. Lynne A. Latham Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawson Jr. Mr. Garrett Legacy Ms. Vicki Lewis Beckett Mr. John D. Lewis Dr. Alvin C. Lomax Mr. and Mrs. James M. Long Ms. Regina Mack-Abney Ms. Tanya Maddox LTC & Mrs. Tommy L. Marks Ms. Deborah M. Marsh Mr. William T. Mason, Jr. Mr. Romuald L. Mauricio Mrs. Katrina Bracey Miller Khadijah O. Miller, Ph.D Jan E. Milner, D.D.S. Mr. Alexander C. Moore Ms. Janice A. Moore Col (Ret) Conrado B. and Mrs. Phyllis Morgan Ms. Ella E. Moss Mrs. Blanche G. Mouzon Ms. Barbara J. Nicholson Dr. Patricia S. and Mr. Jimmie L. Nixon Mr. Joe E. Nock Mr. Marty K. Osborne Mr. Kavin M. Owens Mr. Nagaraj Parasa Ms. Brynda E. Parker Ms. Zenobia C. Pendleton Dr. Annie S. Perkins Mr. Frank A. Perkins Ms. Patricia A. Perkins-Smith Mr. Earl Plummer Ms. Linda L. Porter Ms. Johnnell Porter-Pate Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Powell Ms. Dionne L. Price Mrs. Rhonda C. Pugh Ms. Suzanne Puryear Mr. Wesley L. Quash Jr. Ms. Carolyn L. Rainey Mr. Robert M. Randall Dr. Patricia B. Ravenell Dr. Stephanie Richmond Ms. Sharon S. Riley Ms. Bonita C. Robinson Mr. Ervin L. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Russell Mrs. Loretta J. Scott Ms. Patricia A. Seabron Dr. Jeenson Sheen Ms. Delores R. Shields Ms. Bernadette Y. Smith Ms. DeVaughn Q. Scott Smith Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Smith Jr. Mr. Clarence E. Square III Dr. Marie St. Rose Mr. William J. Stemple, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Chester L. Steward, Jr. Ms. Janese V. Stokes

Dr. Sam-Shajing Sun Ms. Sylvia A. Sutton Mrs. Deborah D. Swinson Colonel Antoine Taylor Mr. Ronald L. Taylor Mrs. Joyce T. Terry Ms. Elizabeth C. Thomas Ms. Janet L. Timberlake Mr. Herbert L. Townes Mr. Dewvaul W. Tracy, III Philip C. Turner, M.D. Melvin E. Upton Mr. Joe N. Urquhart Mrs. Deborah P. Victory Mr. Alvin S. Walker Mr. Kenyon Walker Drs. William E. & Rose M. Ward Mrs. Yolanda J. Ward Mr. Tyrone A. Ware Mr. Alex Watford Jr. Ms. Lisa Weatherington Ms. Katherine Weinstock Aurelia T. Williams, Ph.D. Mr. Damon E. Williams Mr. Dwayne E. Williams Ms. Karin D. Williams Mrs. Margot J. Williams Mr. Gregory W. Willis Mrs. Margo C. Wilson Mrs. Martha M. Wilson Mr. Thomas L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Woodhouse Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wynder, Sr.

CENTURY $100-$249 _________________ Ms. Linda Abbott Mr. Bradford J. Adams Ms. Jennifer L. Adams Mr. Paul I. Adams Ms. Susanna C. Adams Mr. George F. Adkins Jr. Mrs. Teresa A. Adkins-James Mr. Chijioke E. Akamiro Mr. Imeh S. Akpan Mr. Alexander Akuetteh Ms. Khadijah Q. Alexander Ms. Louise P. Allen Mr. Kraig Alleyne Mrs. Cheryl F. Amos Ms. Diane Ampey-Brown Ms. Jennifer L. Anderson Dr. WaNelle J. Anderson Ms. Dorothy T. Andrews Anonymous (8) Ms. Meghan K. Antinarelli Mrs. Melody S. Armstrong Ms. Jeraline S. Artis Mr. Percell Artis, Jr. Mr. Moses Atkins Dr. Tony Atwater Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. W. Avery Mr. Malcolm Leon Avery Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Bagby Mr. Charlie E. Bagwell, Jr. Ms. Carla A. Bailey Mrs. Eleanor Brown Bailey Dr. Beryle I. Baker Mrs. Mykia A. Baldwin-Grant Mr. Daniel D. Banister Ms. Christine Shantell Banks Ms. Dachelle D. Banks Mr. Lloyd Banks Jr. Mr. Steven J. Banks Mr. Kelvin A. Baptist




Mr. Paul E. Barkley Ms. Rene Barnes Mrs. Schonay M. Barnett-Jones Mr. Fleetwood Barns Ms. Chamae C. Barringer Mrs. Valerie Bates Hattie and Ronnie Battle Mr. Vernon A. Battle Jr. Mrs. Etta C. Baum Ms. Ouida B. Baum Mr. George S. Bayton Mr. Kavonzo M. Beamon Ms. Kerry A. Beard Mr. Dominic A. Bearfield Dr. Carol J. Beathea Mr. Quinton J. Bell Mrs. Ruth W. Bell Ms. Zelene B. Bell Mr. Michael Bello Mrs. Sharon D. Berry Mr. Roy S. Beskin Ms. Kimberly D. Biggers Ms. Albertine H. Blackett Ms. Tashonia Blackwell Ms. Janet M. Blount Dr. Sharon B. Blow Ms. Michelle C. Blythe Mrs. Nan Bogger Ms. Michelle A. Boomer-Wilson Ms. Chanda Boone Ms. Deborah F. Boone Mr. Melvin L. and Dr. Paula H. Boone Ms. Y. Boone Mrs. Rita Demby Bowen Ms. Lula Quintile Bowser Ms. Yvette T. Boyd Mr. Charles J. Boyle Ms. Fatima D. Branch Mr. Frank Branch III Mrs. Laverne Felton Branch Mr. Aaron L. Braxton Ms. Nicole R. Braxton Mrs. Leona P. Brewer Ms. Carmelita Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Briggs Sr. Ms. Lynn F. Briley Ms. Ebyn Devon Brinkley Dr. Regina E. Brisgone Dr. Wanda G. Brockington Ms. Crystal D. Brooks Mrs. Doretha P. H. Brooks Ms. Sarah A. Brooks Ms. Sylvia D. Brooks Mr. Alvin L. Brothers Mr. Cedric D. Brower Mr. Augustus Brown Mr. Eric K. Brown Dr. George W. Brown Mr. Geravis A. Brown Ms. Keva R. Brown Mr. Kevin A. Brown Ms. Laeunice O. Brown Mr. Leroy Brown Mr. Raymond Brown Ms. Tessie Brown Ms. Theresa Brown Ms. Nicole B. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Bruder Dr. Belinda E. Bruster Mr. Douglas J. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buck, Jr. Ms. Sharisse R. Felton Mr. Jonathan Bunge Ms. Janine K. Butcher Ms. Elois F. Butler Mr. Joseph E. Butler


Ms. Eleanor F. Butts Rev. Georgia L. Butts Mrs. Regina F. Bynum Mr. and Mrs. Albert Byrd Dr. and Mrs. Stenette Byrd III Ms. Veronica O. Byrd Ms. Theresa C. Caffee Mr. Edward R. Cahoon, Jr. Mrs. Bertha M. Caldwell Mrs. Larraine M. Caldwell Ms. Erica Calhoun Mr. Robert E. Calhoun, Sr. Mr. Thomas D. Calhoun, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Calhoun Ms. Barbara J. Calvin Mr. William L. Cameron Mrs. Angela Allen Campbell Mr. Gerry Canady Mr. Cleveland Cannida, Jr. Ms. Theresa G. Carballo Mrs. Suzanne R. Cardwell Mrs. Beulah L. Carey Mrs. Laurie D. Carpenter Ms. Leonthena R. Carrington Ms. Berline R. Carroll-Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Percy Carter Michelle R. Carter, M.D. Ms. Nadja Carter Mr. Roy A. Carter Mr. Antonio O. Cason Ms. Evelyn C. Cason Mr. Calvin V. Ceaser Mr. Don Celata, Jr. Ms. Teresa Y. Cendrowski Mr. Harold E. Chambers Mr. Lawrence E. Chambers Mr. Louie Chapman Jr. Ms. Joressa G. Chappell Mrs. Barbara A. Chatman Ms. Dianne Chatman Mrs. Wendy D. Chatman Ms. Christine Chen Mr. Linear C. Cherry III Ms. Yvette A. Cherry Mr. Purvis Chesson Ms. Marlin E. Chinn Mr. Ira L. Christian Mr. James Church Mr. Anthony Clark Mrs. Ella B. Clark Mr. Norfleet Claude Jr. Ms. Tounya L. Clayton Ms. Joyce A. Clements Mr. Bruce L. Cloyd Ms. Tiffany L. Cobbs Ms. Brenda D. Cofield Ms. Devona Y. Coker Ms. Wilella Coker Ms. Jill S. Cole Ms. Monique T. Cole Mr. Bruce A. Coleman Mrs. Davida E. Coleman Mrs. Jacquelyn Cooke Coleman Ms. Nikki D. Coleman Dr. Darlene G. Colson Mrs. Martha W. Conner Mr. Marty Sherrod Conner Mr. Gregory C. Cook Mrs. Cynthia Baxter Cooke Ms. Debra G. Cooper Mr. Freddie L. Cooper Ms. Mary Hall Cooper Mr. Michael C. Cooper Mrs. Alease S. Cooper Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Copeland Mrs. Thelma D. Copeland


Ms. Tracey J. Corbett Mr. Alfred Leon Corbin Mr. Joseph Cosby Jr. Mr. William L. Coston IV Mrs. Cynthia R. Cotton Mr. Joseph Cotton Ms. Geneva L. Couser Mrs. Celestine M. Cousins Mr. Benito Covarrubias Ms. Dana F. Davis Mrs. Ethel Cox Mrs. Catherine Coyle Ms. Andrea R. Crawford Mr. Jimmy L. Crawford Mr. Leroy Crawford Mr. Melvin Crawley Mr. Mark R. Crowell Mr. Tony L. Curry Mr. Al D. Cutler Henry T. Cutler Esq. Ms. Marie S. Cutler Ms. Heather Dacus-Shambley Ms. Corrie J. Dalton Dr. Patricia A. White Daniel Ms. Debbie L. Daniels Dr. Elizabeth Daniels Dr. Marie-Claude David Ms. Althea D. Davis Mrs. Barbara W. Davis Ms. Dianne Davis Ms. Joyce G. Davis Ms. Mary V. Davis Mr. Michael Davis Mr. Tariq Davis Mrs. Vance F. Davis Mr. William M. Davis Ms. Debra R. Dean Mr. Marc Deering Mrs. Prezillia E. Degree Rev. Yvonne V. Delk Ms. Marie B. Delmonte Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deloatch Ms. Jocelyn N. Depass Mr. Kevin J. Devantier Ms. Kathy Dial Ms. Dione Dillard Ms. Faye R. Dillard Ms. Janice M. Dillard Mr. Joe Dillard Mr. Jerry D. Dilworth Mr. Timothy K. Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Willie L. Dixon Mr. Walter Dodson III Mr. Marcus Lee Doggett Mr. and Mrs. James Doughtie Dr. Ransom Douglas Ms. Jacqueline H. Dowdy Ms. Gracie H. Drake Ms. Donya L. Drewitt Mr. Cecil Q. Duke Mr. Dwight E. Dukes Ms. Tammy H. Dunn Dr. Tahsin Durak Mrs. Rosalyn L. Durham Mr. Brandon W. Duvall II Dr. Archie W. Earl, Sr. Mr. Michael M. Early Ms. Shirrelle L. East Ms. Eula G. Edler Bishop and Mrs. Curtis E. Edmonds Ms. Doris L. Edmonds Mrs. Evelyn Lewis Edmonds Mr. James L. Edmonds Ms. Bonita Edwards Rev. Delores W. Edwards Ms. Jennifer J. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Eley Ms. Audra J. Elliott Mrs. Linda L. & Mr. Jerry B. Ellis Ms. Shameena V. Elston Ms. Nicole Emanato Ms. Tammy N. Ennis Mr. Lawrence E. Epplein Ms. Audrey M. Epps Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Epps Ms. Elvira J. Etheridge Ms. LaShawn D. Eury Ms. Debra L. Evans Ms. Brenda L. Exum Dr. Colita N. Fairfax Mr. Melvin C. Fallis Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Faulk Mr. and Mrs. Emery L. Fears Ms. Claudette Fentress-Holmes Mrs. Edna E. Ferebee Ms. Joyce E. Ferebee Mr. Kevin G. Ferguson Ms. Tina Ferguson Ms. Michelle Ferrara LCT (Ret.) Anthony M. Fields Mr. James H. Filkins Mrs. Emma J. Finch Mr. Linwood O. Fisher Mr. Michael Brian Fleming Ms. Chatoya N. Fludd Ms. Rosemary W. Fonville Mr. Reginald A. Foote Mrs. Arnicia R. Forbes Mrs. Ovella Fortson Mr. Chris A. Foster Mr. Henry Foster Rev. Joyce Foster Ms. Yasmin Jeanine Francis Terra M. Franklin Ms. Tiffany M. Franklin Mrs. Frances C. Frazier Ms. Angela R. Freeman Ms. Joyce B. Freeman Mr. Basil W. Frith Mrs. Selena W. Frost Mr. Reginald Futrell Johnell Gainey Mr. Clyde Thomas Gambles Mr. Barry Gardner Ms. Brandi C. Gardner Mrs. Pavell C. Garner Ms. Ruth L. Ware Mrs. Karen Catlett Garrett Ms. Esther White Gary Mr. Kenneth H. Gaskins, Jr. Ms. Angelique Gatling Mr. R. A. Gay Ms. Shati L. Gerald Dr. Mary E. Gibbons Mr. Gerald Gibbs Mr. Courtney Gibson Mr. Harold L. Gilbert Mr. Kenneth A. Giles Mr. Bryan J. Gill Mr. Derick M. Gilliam Mr. Malik A. Gladden Ms. Carolyn S. Glover Mr. Monroe T. Glover Dr. Tamara D. Glover Mr. Derrick C. Glymph Ms. Joyce C. Glymph Mr. W. Harvey & Mrs. Marie D. Goines Ms. Bernice M. Golden S. Gonzalez Mrs. Darlene Goode Ms. Dorsha Elizabeth Goodman Mr. Lowell T. Goodman Ms. Veronica Goodman

Mr. Devonson H. Goodwin Mrs. Suzanne J. Goosby Ms. Alfreda C. Gordon Mr. Rodney L. Gore Mr. Wendell J. Gorum Mrs. Brenda F. Gould-Johnson Ms. Tamra B. Grant Mr. Anthony O. Grasty Ms. Jeanette Gray Mr. Preston Gray Ms. Tanya A. Gray Mr. Christopher Green Ms. Gloria E. Green J. Oswald Greene Ms. Lavonne U. Greene Mrs. Inita E. Gregory Mr. Leon Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gregory Ms. Nadine F. Gregry Ms. Dollie Griffin Ms. Kay F. Griffin Mr. James Grigsby Ms. Karen D. Grigsby Dr. Fredric J. Gross Rev. Dr. Faye S. Gunn Mrs. Beverly B. Gurley Mr. Michael A. Hage Dr. Adolphus C. Hailstork Mrs. Ruth S. Halfpenny Ms. Chelsea S. Hall Mr. Richard V. Hall Ms. Tiffany Hall Mrs. Erica N. Hamilton Dr. Leroy Hamilton, Jr. LTC Regina J. Hamilton Mr. Barry Hamler Mr. Louis W. Hammond II Mr. Calvin K. Hankins, Sr. Ms. Hiawatha Harding Ms. Lillian Harding Rev. & Mrs. G. Wesley Hardy Mr. James A. Hardy Mrs. Margaret H. Harold Ms. Freda A. Harper Ms. Natisha N. Harper Ms. Cynthia F. Harrell Mrs. Claretha J. Harris Mrs. Denee W. Harris Mr. Frankie L. Harris Ms. Gale L. Harris Mr. James Harris Jr. Mr. Mervin R. Harris Ms. Melinda D. Harris Peoples Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Harris Dr. Barbara Harrison Ms. Cynthia Lynne Harrison Mr. Terrance T. Harrison Ms. Wyvonnie V. Harsley Ms. Djuna E. Hartman Mrs. Joyce B. Harvey Ms. Rosa S. Hasty Mrs. Dia M. Hayes Mrs. Lelia B. Haynes Ms. Brenda D. Hendrick Mr. Samuel L. Henry Jr. Mrs. Hazel Hickman Mrs. Sonya Higginbotham Ms. Rosa Francine Hightower Mr. Darnell L. Hill Ms. Youlander M. Hilton Mr. Robert Bradley Hines Ms. Yolanda L. Hinton Ms. Aisha Hobbs Mr. F. E. Hobson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Hodges Mrs. Sharon R. Hoggard


Mr. Anthony J. Holden The Honorable Roxie O. Holder Mr. William D. Holland Ms. Michelle Holland-Frazier Mr. David Holliday Mr. Thurman D. Hollins Mr. Thomas F. Holloway Mrs. Bobbie H. Holman Dr. Bernadette J. Holmes Mrs. DeAnna Holmes Mrs. Helen Holmes Mrs. Tonya M. Holmes Mrs. Jelane N. Honeysuckle Ms. Margaree G. Hood Mrs. Patricia A. Hood Mr. Gregory H. Hopkins Mr. Lawrence L. Hopkins, Sr. Ms. Monica A. Hopson Ms. Sonya Y. Hopson Ms. Ruth L. Horn The Honorable Algie T. Howell Mr. Cornelius N. Hudgins IV Ms. Gladys Hudson Mr. Walker L. Hughes Ms. Crystal Humphrey Consuela U. Hunt, M.D.

Mr. Jeffrey K. Jenkins Ms. Rosalind B. Jennings Mr. Torino R. Jennings Mr. Andre G. Johnson Mr. Anthony Johnson Dr. Barbara L. Johnson Ms. Brenda F. Johnson Mrs. Cynthia M. Johnson Mr. Earnest Johnson Mr. Eric T. Johnson Ms. Erica Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James H. Johnson Major and Mrs. Jerry L. Johnson Mr. John Edward Johnson Ms. Keitha V. Johnson Mrs. Mamie B. Johnson Dr. Mamie L. Johnson Mrs. Marquita B. Johnson Mr. Peter Johnson Ms. Suzanne Johnson Mrs. Sylvia R. Johnson Mr. Timothy W. Johnson Ms. Lashandra D. Johnson Mrs. Vera B. Johnson-Ransom Mr. Rodyssieus T. Joiner Mr. Arthur T. Jones

Mrs. Shelia W. Hunt Mr. Keith B. Hunter Mr. Rolland C. Hunter, Jr. Mrs. Leah T. Hunter Turner Mr. Dennis D. Hurt Dr. Sandy B. Hutchinson Mrs. Evelyn A. Hyman Dr. Freda M. Ingram Ms. Angela D. Jackson Mr. Anthony M. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Jackson, Jr. Ms. Clarissa Jackson Mr. Elmer R. Jackson Ms. Joyce M. Jackson Mr. Julian O. Jackson Mrs. Olivia W. Jackson Ms. Sonya E. Jackson Mr. Warren L. Jackson Ms. Deborah Jackson-McHenry Mr. Milton Jacobs Mr. William L. James, Sr. Ms. Alethia R. Jarrett Ms. TishLara Jarvis Ms. Crystal D. Jenkins Mr. Edward Jenkins

Mr. Carroll A. Jones Mr. Christephor Jones Mrs. Denise Arlene Jones Ms. Diertra D. Jones Mr. Frederick D. Jones, Jr. Mr. Garland Jones Ms. Inez Jones Mrs. Joyce L. Jones Major (Ret.) Larry E. Jones Ms. Nikole Jones Mr. Robert L. Jones Mrs. Shelia A. Jones Ms. Tracy M. Jones Ms. Audrey I. Jones-Prout Mr. Melvin C. Jordan Mrs. Michele Jordan Ms. Ruth G. Jordan Ms. Gloria M. Joyner Mr. Avis Judge Mr. John G. Kamiru Rev. Susan Karlson Ms. Lorraine Kearse Ms. Cynthia Kelly Mr. Maurice A. Kelly Ms. Shanetta L. Kemple

Mr. E. Reid Kendall Mr. Marcus A. Kendrick Mr. David R. Kenerson, Jr. Mr. Nathan Kennedy Mr. Kevin Kernodle Ms. Keesha M. Kerns Dr. & Mrs. Mushtaq A. Khan Mr. Peter G. Kien, Sr. Mr. Seth Kiernan Mr. John A. Kime Dwayne Kindrick, Jr. Mr. Jessie S. King Dr. Howard M. Kinlaw Mrs. Musheerah Kolen Ms. Elizabeth H. Lamb Dr. Kaysha Lancaster Mr. Samuel Lane Ms. Mabel Larrimore Ms. Bernice Larris Mr. Carlon L. Lassiter Mr. Tyrus J. Lassiter Ms. Brenda L. Lawrence Mrs. Constance Curtis Laws Mr. & Mrs. Theophilus Lawton Miss Lucille A. Layne Ms. Cheryl R. Lee Ms. Regina L. Lee Ms. Daisy M. Lee Mr. David Lee Ms. Rita B. Lee Mr. Walter A. Lee Ms. Bernestine D. LeGrande Mr. John LeGrande Jr. Ms. Isabel Leite Mrs. Nichelle P. Lenhardt Ms. Addie M. Lenyon Ms. Cynthia B. Lewis Ms. Helen Boyd Lewis Ms. Joann Lewis Mr. Norman A. Lewis Mr. Troy Lindsey Mr. Leonard S. Lipscomb Mrs. Judieth P. Littlejohn Mr. Vince M. Lockhart Mr. Calvin L. Logan II Mr. Alfred D. Logie Mr. Linwood Lyons Ms. Michelle L. MacFarlane Mr. Lawrence Maclin Jr. Ms. Monette Magrath Mr. John D. Malone Mr. Clarence Marshall Jr. Mrs. Carrie A. Martin Dr. Matilda J. Martin Mr. Scott Martin Mr. Larry Martinette Ms. C. L. Mason Ms. Elizabeth A. Mason Mr. Gregory A. Mason Ms. Jonelle A. Mason Ms. Amber M. Mathews Ms. Corlisa L. Matthews Major (Ret.) James T. Matthews Mrs. Charlotte M. Maull Ms. Michelle C. Maull Mr. Melville L. Mauney Jr. Mr. Schuyler N. Maxwell Ms. Kimberly A. Mayes Dr. Patrick Mbajekwe Mr. Nathan J. McCall Mr. Freeze A. McCarter Mr. John W. McClellan Mrs. Margaret McClenney Mr. J. O. McCloud Ms. Naomi McCoy Mrs. Ann K. McDonald

Ms. Barbara J. McDougle Mr. Charles H. McElrath, Jr. Mr. Julian B. McGhee Ms. Latoya A. McGlone Dr. Carl B. McGowan Mr. Joseph W. McIntyre Mr. Lloyd G. McKenzie Ms. Sherrill B. McKnight Ms. Samirah McLaurin Mr. James H. McLeod Mr. Ira K. McMillan Jr. Ms. Dyanna S. McMullen Mr. Delfon J. McRae Mrs. Elnora Melvin-Smith Mr. Matthew B. Michalec LTC (Ret.) Alphonso L. Midgett Ms. Beryl J. Miles Ms. Pamela Schuyler Ms. Rena J. Miller Mr. Waverly L. Mills, Jr. Mr. Willie A. Mills Ms. Mauritta E. Minor Ms. Sonya Y. Womack Mr. Christopher Mitchell Mr. David Mitchell Ms. Michele Mitchell Ms. Tarcela Mitchell Mr. Van B. and Janice Mitchell Ms. Juantina D. Mizell Ms. Robin D. Moment-Davis Ms. Annette Montgomery Ms. Betty A. Montgomery Ms. Dianne Montgomery Ms. Michelle R. Montgomery Mr. Eric V. Moore Mr. Gary D. Moore Ms. Vivian R. Moore Mr. Zachary Moore Ms. Paulette J. Morant Major Terry V. Morgan Ms. Locksie Morgan-Pair Mrs. Katherine P. Moriarty Dr. Rasha Morsi Mr. William Mosby Mr. and Mrs. David J. Moss Ms. Rufonda M. Moss Ms. Adela J. Mouton Mrs. Betty A. Murray Mr. Edward W. Murray Leslie E. Murray, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Morgan L. Myers Ms. Kelly Myrick Drs. Wilbur L. and Sabrina H. Myrick Mr. Michael Nelson Ms. Barbara A. Nesbitt Ms. Shakima Nesbitt Mr. William Winter Nesbitt Mr. Dujuan L. Newsome Mr. Clarence A. Newton Mr. James T. Newton Mr. John Niblett Mr. Charles Nixon Mrs. Cheryl D. Nottingham Mr. Jakub Novak Dr. Camelia M. Okpodu Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph M. Olds Mr. Darryl L. O'Neal Mrs. Petra L. Osborne Ms. Elizabeth Outlaw Ms. Susan L. Outman Mr. Charles D. Owens Dr. Olufemi O. Oyesanya Dr. William J. Pace Mr. Michael T. Packert Mr. Jarrod M. Palmer

Ms. Shelley J. Palmer Ms. Charlotte M. Pannell-Taylor Mr. Aearl Parker Mr. Erick J. Parker Ms. Sherese N. Parker Mr. Steve Parker Ms. Larice P. Parker-Gibbs Mr. Peter O. Parkes Ms. Natasha E. Parks Ms. Tina Parmentier Angela W. Parson-Hameed, M.D. Mr. Dennis J. Pasquantino, Jr. Mr. Charles E. Patterson Mr. James C. Patterson, Jr. Major General LaWarren V. Patterson Mrs. Myra E. Patterson Mrs. Angela D. Patterson-Moore Lynnell D. Peace, Esq. Ms. Arkitia S. Pegram Mr. S. Barksdale Penick Mr. Anderson A. Peoples, Jr. Mr. Caesar Perry Mrs. Dottie D. Perry Ms. Lynette S. Perry Mr. Shawn R. Perry Ms. Kimberly D. Pervall Ms. Kendall K. Pete Ms. Elaine H. Pettit Ms. Katheryn T. Phan Mr. Jimmy R. Phillips, Jr. Mr. Thomas E. Phillips Mrs. Harriett S. Phipps Ms. Corenthia R. Picou Ms. Linda D. Piersawl Mr. Michael Linzie Pines Mr. Mark David Pinn Mrs. Jennifer Platt Mr. Benjamin Plawski Mr. Charles W. Pleasants Ms. Elizabeth L. Poirier Ms. Bertha P. Polk Ms. Kimberly Joy Pope COL (Ret) Donald L. Porter Ms. Gail Porter Mrs. Josie C. Porter Dr. Reynold O. Potts Mr. Anthony Powell Ms. Tammy Q. Powell Ms. Karen S. Pratt Mr. William L. Prentiss Ms. Heather R. Pressley Mr. Lorenzo Preston Ms. Jo-Ann S. Price Mr. Marvin D. Prince Ms. Maymie B. Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Proctor Ms. Sandra Proctor Ms. Katie M. Providence Ms. Janet G. Pugh Kimberly R. Pugh, Ph.D, RN Mrs. Alise Ross Pulliam Mr. & Mrs. Challis L. Purrington, Sr. Dr. Frederick N. Quarles Mr. Melvin A. Queen Jr. Mrs. Anne B. Ragin Dr. Rakhim Rakhimov Mr. Adam Randolph Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Randolph, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Randolph, Sr. Ms. Larena J. Rascoe Mr. Davone Jamal Ratliff Dr. & Mrs. Orren L. Rayford Mr. Robert W. Read Mr. Charles Reaves Mr. Philip J. Reddick




Ms. Anitra R. Reed Ms. Tamia L. Howell Ms. Buena W. Reese Mrs. Catherine Jones Reid Mr. Randy L. Reid Ms. Euphazine Reid-Kendall Mr. Dean P. Rhodes Mr. Floyd N. Rhodes Jr. Ms. Jennifer Rich Mr. Charles O. Richardson Mr. Donald L. Richardson Mrs. Evette W. Richardson Ms. Jennifer N. Riddick Mrs. Juanita G. Riddick Ms. Lendora T. Riddick Mrs. Lettie H. Riddick Ms. Sandra N. Riggs Mr. James Riley Ms. Dawn A. Rios Mrs. Evelyn S. Roberson Ms. Brenda Edwards Roberts Dr. Charlie D. Roberts Jr. Ms. Kimberly M. Roberts Mr. Thaddus Roberts Mr. Victor L. Roberts Ms. Erika T. Robinson Ms. Felicia Robinson Mrs. Linda D. Robinson Ms. Ovetta D. Robinson Mr. Carl N. Rodgers Mrs. Clara Etheridge Rodgers Mrs. Alissa L. Rorer Lt. Col. Evangeline G. Rosel Dr. & Mrs. John B. Rosenman LTC and Mrs. Alphonso Ross


Mr. Travis Ross Ms. Catherine E. Rouse Ms. Christina L. Ruffin Ms. Debbie J. Ruffin Mrs. Thelma Q. Ruffin Ms. Pamela Russell Mr. Rob Salmon Dr. Kenard Sanders Mr. Derek Sangster Mrs. Amy Sargent Mrs. Comarth G. Saunders Mr. Eugene L. Saunders Mrs. Pamela D. Saunders Mr. Ronald L. Saunders Danyale M. Savage Ms. Evangeline G. Sawyer Mr. Joseph L. Watson and Mrs. Bernice A. Sawyer-Watson Ms. Charlotte P. Scarbrough Mr. John C. Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Scott, Jr. Ms. Evette Scott Ms. Gloria J. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Scott Ms. Josephine D. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Scott, Jr. Mr. Russell Scott Jr. Mr. Albert L. Seaborne Jr. Ms. Bridget Sedlock Dr. Robert M. Selden, Jr. Ms. Cynthia L. Sessoms Mr. Gordon L. Sessoms Mr. Parnell A. Sessoms Mr. Kiernan A. Seth Mrs. Karen R. Settles


Ms. Constance Severino Mr. Gary S. Shaffer Ms. Darlene Shelton Ms. Arnetta R. Sherrod Lieutenant Commander Paul N. Shields Ms. LaTasha Sidbury-Lee Mr. Solomon D. Simmons Jr. Mr. Major Sims Ms. Latarche Singh Mr. William S. Sivels Jr. Mr. Douglas B. Skinner Mrs. S. Annette Slade Dr. Sally A. Sledge Mrs. Toninette Sledge Ms. Rashida C. Smalls Mr. Antonio L. Sisco and Mrs. Erika O. Small-Sisco Dr. Adrienne M. Smith Mr. Andrew M. Smith Dr. Beth Cross Smith Mr. Clarence E. Smith Jr. Ms. Corlis J. Smith Ms. Cynthia Smith Ms. Deloris H. Smith Ms. Felisa Smith Mr. Jerry Smith Mrs. Kris C. and Mr. Joseph Smith Mr. Lee W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Obie Smith Mr. Theodore Smith Mr. William J. Smith, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William L. Smith Mrs. Alexis Smith-Russell Ms. Yolanda Florena Sonnier Ms. Lisa V. Speller

Ms. Adrienne B. Spellman Ms. Karen Spencer Ms. Shantese U. Spriggs Dr. John H. Spurlin Mr. & Mrs. James B. Spurlock, Jr. Mrs. Sheila R. Stafford Mr. Bernell Stallings, Jr. Mr. Melvin Stallworth Mr. Alexander Stanley Mr. Antonio C. Stephens Mrs. Jo Ellen Stephens Ms. Queen B. Stephenson Ms. Dara Stevens Mr. James C. Stevens Ms. Mary S. Steverson Ms. Meshika W. Stewart Ms. Sharon M. Stokes Mr. Michael S. Stradford Ms. Joy D. Straughter Ms. Sarah E. Suissa Mr. Munir M. Sulaiman Ms. Annette Sumlin Mr. Andre R. Sutton Mr. Ernest Sutton Mr. Marcus R. Swailes Mrs. Judy S. Swain Ms. Sarah S. Sweatt Mrs. Deborah A. Sykes Mr. Chestley E. Talley Mr. William T. Talton Mr. Shawn Z. Tarrant Mr. Cecil A. Taylor Mr. Charles C. Taylor, Jr. Mrs. Constance H. Taylor Mrs. Evelyn L. Taylor Ms. LaDonya S. Taylor Ms. Lynn Taylor Ms. Martha A. Taylor Mr. Melvin J. Taylor Dr. Sandra E. Taylor Mr. Timothy C. Taylor Mr. William E. Taylor, Jr. Ms. Priscilla Tennyson Mr. Paul R. Tetreault Mr. Bert Thomas Dr. Janet Y. Thomas Mr. Johnnie E. Thomas Dr. Lea Anderson Thomas Mr. Russell Thomas Ms. Bessie M. Thompson Mr. Billie L. Thompson, Sr. Ms. Deborah A. Thompson Ms. Sharron C. Thompson Ms. Verna Thompson Ms. Lorell H. Thornton Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Thornton Ms. Yvette Thornton Mrs. Yvette M. Thornton Mr. James E. Thorpe III Mr. Leon M. Thrower Dr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Tickton Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Belinda Todd Ms. Brenda E. Todd-Jackson Mr. Clayton H. Toppin Ms. Bernita S. Townes Ms. Patrena Y. Trice-Hill Mr. Duncan A. Tripp Ms. Carolyn Anne Trotter Dr. Delano I. Tucker Mr. Robert F. Tucker II Mr. Jeff Turner Ms. Shanika A. Turner Mr. Theodore D. Tyler, Jr. Mr. Allan D. Unseth Mr. Bernard Upshaw Ms. Mary H. Urquhart

Mr. Matthew E. Valedon Mrs. Nicole G. Vandyke Mr. Vincent L. Varnadore Mr. James A. Vaughan Ms. Thelma Ford Vaughan Mrs. Teia D. Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. John H. Vaughter Jr. Mrs. Larneil G. Vaughter Mr. Melvin M. Veale, Jr. Ms. Shirley L. Vines Mr. Waymond Wade, Jr. Dr. Barbara U. Wilson Walker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walker Ms. Gloria J. Walker Ms. Kennesha M. Walker Ms. Phyllis Walker Mrs. Priscilla J. Walker Ms. Sarah G. Walker Mr. Trenton L. Walker Lt. Col. Clyde H. and Mrs. Gail J. Wallace Ms. Melody Waller Ms. Veronica L. Waller Ms. Fannie J. Walls Mr. James C. Walston '76 Dr. Louise M. Walton Mr. Herbert H. Ward Jr. Mr. Torilus O. Ward Ms. Lucia Ward-Alexander Mr. Wayne K. Warren Ms. Angela Washington Mr. Clyde N. Washington Ms. Pamela G. Washington Mr. Reuben K. Washington Mrs. Shonda D. Washington Mrs. Theresa B. Washington Ms. Kara G. Washington-Coley Ms. Marilyn H. Watkins Ms. Bernice Watson Dr. Ingrid E. Watson-Miller Ms. Linda J. Weathers Mr. Jamicyn Weaver Ms. Mary L. Weaver Ms. Norma E. Weldon Ms. Darcy N. Wesp Ms. Jennifer D. West Mr. John W. C. West II Mr. Paulus R. West Mrs. Vivian B. West Mrs. Robin B. West-Vellere Ms. Anita R. Whitehurst Ms. Patricia Whitelow Mrs. Elmira L. Whittington -Brown Kevin P. Wigenton, Esq. Ms. Sarah Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Wiggins Ms. Roberta G. Wilburn Ms. Marietta E. Willey Ms. Audrey P. Williams Ms. Brenda M. Williams Ms. Deborah E. Williams Ms. Denise F. Williams Ms. Donna M. Williams Mr. Gregory J. and Mrs. Deborah A. Williams Mr. Herbert M. Williams Ms. Renita K. Williams Ms. Rita T. Williams Ms. Tracey L. Williams Mr. Wyatt Tyrone Williams Mrs. Viola V. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Claude Willis Mr. Langston W. Willis Ms. Veronica A. Willis Mr. and Ms. Andrew S. Wilson Ms. Annette V. Wilson


Ms. Catherine Wilson Mr. Jeffrey B. Wilson Ms. Juanita M. Wilson Mrs. Lillie R. Wilson Mrs. Sheila S. Wilson Ms. Eileen B. Wilson-Oyelaran Ms. Sherri L. Winnegan Mr. Dennis E. Winston Ms. Jacqueline Winston Mr. Morris S. Winston Mr. Michael L. Witherspoon Mr. Christopher M. Witts Mr. Jack P. Witty, Jr. LTC and Mrs. James E. Wood Ms. Shirleigh Atterberry-Wood Mrs. Betty J. Woodhouse Ms. Ann J. Woodruff Mr. Vernell A. Woods Jr. Ms. Shelly A. Woodson Mr. Richard A. Wooten Ms. Barbara T. Wright Ms. Yvette W. Wright Ms. Liyun Wu Mr. Ronnie Wyche Mr. David A. Yee Chen C. Yi Dr. Hargsoon Yoon Ms. Eboni P. Young Mrs. Helen Cooper Young Ms. Margaret Young Ms. Yvonne Young Mrs. Latoya I. Younger Mr. Timmey T. Zachery

PATRON $1-99 _________________ Ms. Jovita L. Abrigo Mr. Anthony A. Abril Ms. Mardi D. Adams Ms. Mecca Adams Ms. Gloria E. Adderly Ms. Aurora C. Agustin Mr. Frederick Aikens Ms. Angela D. Albergottie Ms. Helena M. Alexander Ms. Krystal Alexander Dr. William H. Alexander Mrs. Angela C. Alford Ms. Tinia Alford Dr. Abdinur M. Ali Ms. Deborah Y. Allen Ms. Jennifer Allen Mr. Marlon O. Allen Mr. Marshall L. Allen Mr. Michael Allen Ms. Nicole Allen Ms. Lynne N. Allen-Lewis Ms. Rinyka Allison Ms. Tameka Almond Ms. Alice Alston Mr. Kenneth Alston Ms. Mamie Alston Mr. Sam Alston Ms. Tori L. Alston Ms. Karla J. Amaya Gordon Mrs. Cormilla L. Ames Ms. Danita G. Anderson Mrs. Kimberly Anderson Ms. Letitia E. Anderson Mr. Michael T. Anderson Mr. Robert L. Anderson Mr. Roscoe Anderson Jr. Ms. Sandra Anderson Mr. Shaun M. Anderson Ms. Susan Latasha Anderson

Ms. Wanda K. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Andrews Anonymous (8) Mr. Cleveland Anthony Mr. Erik M. Anton Ms. Christine Antonucci Ms. Doris V. Apacanis Mr. Juan J. Aponte Ms. Stacey Dianne Archer Ms. Linda V. Archie Mr. Anthony D. Armistead Ms. Cassandra McCoy Armstrong Ms. Shannon Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. James C. Arnold Ms. Patricia L. Arnold Ms. Janina S. Arrington Mr. Paul H. Arrington Ms. Wanda M. Whitfield Dr. Andrew T. Arroyo Mrs. Dorethea Davis Artis Ms. Edna E. Artis Ms. Jadia Artis Ms. Minnie T. Artis Mr. Boampong A. Asare Mrs. Marian Jeanette Edwards Ash Ms. Tonya D. Ashe Mrs. Antoinette Askew Ms. Francine W. Atkins Ms. Sandra L. Atkins Ms. Denise Atkinson Mr. Vernon Aunchman Mr. Kenneth B. Austin Ms. Crystal Avalos Ms. Michele D. Avent Ms. Pierre Ba Mr. Archie D. Bacon Ms. Annie A. Bacote Mr. Athaniel W. Badger Mrs. Elouise M. Bagby Ms. Phillita M. Bagley Dr. Messaoud Bahoura Ms. Brittany A. Bailey Mr. Rodjane Bailey Ms. Shannon D. Bailey Ms. Yameeka A. Bailey Ms. Zaneta A. Bailey Ms. Shawna N. Baines Ms. Carolyn D. Baker Mrs. Lisabeth P. Baker Ms. Patricia S. Baker Ms. Paula G. Balicat Ms. Robin R. Ballard Mr. William P. Ballard Ms. Denise Ballinger Mrs. Dayna Bandy Ms. Betty J. Banks Ms. Brandy Banks Mr. Christopher Banks Ms. Danielle N. Banks Mr. Jonathan S. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Rufus A. Banks Mrs. Sharon D. Banks Ms. Alice Fuller Barber Mr. Joseph Barden Ms. Lori D. Barefoot Mr. John N. Barnard, Sr. Mrs. and Mrs. Chauncey Barner Ms. Elizabeth D. Barnes Ms. Jennifer C. Barnes Mr. Lee H. Barnes Mr. Leon A. Barnes Mrs. Linda Barnes Ms. Lisa G. Barnes Ms. Wendy J. Barnes Ms. Belinda Barrett Ms. Deborah Barrett

Mr. Todd L. Barrett Ms. Carolyn C. Barron Mr. Charles T. Bartlett Mr. Winfred Basnight Jr. Ms. Dena M. Bass Renison Batson Ms. Cynthia M. Battle Ms. Deborah Battle Ms. Deborah J. Battle Mr. Joseph S. Battle Mrs. Denise M. Watson Batts Ms. Patricia Baugh Mr. Nathaniel S. Beale Ms. Deborah Beckel Mrs. Willie J. Beckett Ms. Elvira Bejong Mr. Stephen D. Belechak Ms. Burma N. Bell Ms. Lillie M. Bell Mr. Nathaniel S. Bell, Sr. Col. R. B. Bell Mr. Robert C. Bell Ms. Stacie D. Bell Ms. Matricia Bellamy Nedaro D. Bellamy Ms. Lena Benjamin Ms. Beverly R. Bennett Mrs. Carleen Cogdell Bennett Mr. Carvarie Bennett Mr. Haywood Bennett Ms. Joan D. Bennett Ms. Patricia A. Benson Mr. Kenneth Benton Mrs. Vanginette H. Benton Mrs. Ronda M. Berard Mr. Howard Berry Mr. Vincent R. Bess Mr. Robert L. Bethea Sr. Ms. Brenda F. Biddle Mrs. Betty T. Billups Mr. Gregory V. Billups Ms. Annie Binford Ms. Camisa Bishop Ms. Kimberly D. Bixler Mr. Charles L. Black Ms. Sharon M. Black Mrs. Phyllis V. Blackmon Mrs. Barbara Blackwell

Mr. Curtis J. Blakely Jr. Ms. Jacqueline Bland Ms. La-Tanya D. Blanton Ms. Wenter F. Blount Mrs. Inez A. Blount-Mason Mr. Andrew Blow Jr. Mrs. Quana J. Bluford-Frost Mr. Calvin Z. Boardley Ms. Annie D. Boatwright Ms. Elizabeth A. Bock Ms. Veronica Nimmo Boggs Ms. Andrea G. Bolden Mr. James Bolden, Sr. Mrs. Daynalyn Williams-Bonds Ms. Brigitte S. Booker Mr. Lamont R. Booker Mrs. Laura D. Booker-Hudson Ms. Abreika Boon Ms. Alexandra Boone Mr. Antonio C. Boone Ms. Jacqueline C. Boone Ms. Ranashia Boone Ms. Tracy D. Boone Ms. Beryl F. Booth Ms. Denee Bottoms Ms. Latonia S. Bougouneau Ms. Tania Boursiquot Ms. Addie T. Bowser Mrs. Cynthia D. Bowser Mr. Scott M. Bowser Mr. Ernest Boyd Ms. Theresa A. Boyd Ms. Esther W. Boykins Rev. Felita D. Boykins Ms. Jane M. Boykins Ms. Anita E. Brabson Mrs. Angela Braxton-Jones Mr. Tristan R. Breaux Ms. Pam Brerton Ms. Aliceteen J. Brickhouse Diggs Mr. Dominic Brickhouse Mr. Norris Brickhouse Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Bridgers Ms. Gabrielle Bridges Dr. Paula C. Briggs Ms. Sonja Briggs Mrs. Ada M. Bright Mrs. Kiesha V. Bright-Harris

Ms. Winnie M. Brinkley Mrs. Barbara A. Brinson Ms. Salinder Broady Mr. William D. Brock Dr. Karl B. Brockenbrough Mr. Cuthrell Brockington Mr. Kenneth F. Brookins Ms. Angela D. Brooks Ms. Chelsea Brooks Ms. Frances R. Brooks Ms. Gladys S. Brooks Ms. Renee R. Brooks Ms. Shirley M. Brooks Ms. Stacy M. Brooks Ms. Ada L. Brown Ms. Afryea L. Brown Mr. Antoine D. Brown Mr. Calvin Brown Ms. Carla Brown Ms. Carolyn D. Brown Ms. Carrie L. Brown Ms. Chariety C. Brown Mr. Charles I. Brown Ms. Cynthia L. Brown Ms. Danielle Y. Brown Ms. Dawn E. Brown Ms. Donna M. Brown Ms. Elita S. Brown Ms. Gloria G. Brown Ms. Jacqueline L. Brown Ms. Jhonique C. Brown Mrs. JoVern Brown Ms. Linda G. Brown Ms. Marquetta L. Brown Ms. Marsha M. Brown Mr. Melvin Brown Mrs. Rebecca Williams Brown Mr. Rodney J. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Rogers N. Brown Ms. Sharae N. Brown Ms. Yolanda N. Brown Mrs. Blanche Brown-Crocker Ms. Torrie M. Browning Mrs. Emily Brown-Riddick Dr. Norma W. Brumage Ms. Patsy D. Bruton Mrs. Belinda P. Bryant Mr. Darryl L. Bryant




Ms. Mary G. Bryant Mrs. Odetta S. Bryant Mrs. Mona B. Bryant-Shanklin Mrs. Edith R. Buffalow Ms. Katherine B. Buffington Mr. Booker T. Bullock Mr. James T. Bullock Ms. Pamela L. Bullock Ms. Rebecca M. Bullock Ms. Andrena P. Bunch Ms. LaCourtney L. Bundick Mr. Curtis G. Bunn, Sr. Ms. Allison S. Burcham Mrs. Jacqueline D. Burgess Mr. Cecil S. Burgett Dr. & Mrs. Theodore N. Burke Jr. Mr. Adrian D. Burney Mrs. Ann D. Burney Mr. Kevin Burns Ms. Brandi Burton Ms. Gloria J. Burton The Rev. Myra Burton Mr. Cody Butler Mrs. Gloria Peebles-Butler Mr. James Butler Ms. Michelle Butler Ms. Sheria L. Butts Ms. Deborah H. Bynum Mrs. Maxine M. Byrd Dr. Melendez O. Byrd Ms. Tonimaria N. Byrd Ms. Shirley A. Cabarras Mr. James Cabiness Mrs. Mary F. & Mr. Wright Cade, Jr. Mr. Pierce A. Callaham, Jr. Mrs. Linda A. Cameron Ms. Crystal Campbell Col. Larry E. Campbell Mr. Lawrence Campbell Ms. Sandra N. Campbell Ms. Tinia W. Campbell Mr. Thomas J. Canada Mr. David Cannady Mr. & Mrs. William E. Cannady Mr. John W. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cardwell Mrs. Mary D. Carlton Ms. Darlene Carr Ms. Teresa Carr Ms. Cheryl D. Carrington Green Ms. Jamie Carrington Mrs. April L. Carroll Ms. Martha Carroll Captain and Mrs. Bruce R. Carson II Ms. Edith G. Carter Mr. James A. Carter, Jr. Mrs. Ruby B. Carter Ms. Linda Carter-Ashby Mrs. Sharon F. Cason Ms. Mary J. Casper Ms. Heidi Cavallo Ms. Ann-Rene' Challenger Mr. Carlon Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Chambers Mr. Spencer T. Chambliss Mr. Justin Chance Mr. Jason A. Chandler Mr. Eun R. Chang Ms. Michelle E. Chapman Mrs. Arlene Chavis Ms. Marie T. Chavis Mr. Kevin M. Cheney Ms. Olivia J. Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Childs Ms. Delcia M. Chisholm Mr. Charles Chrisman


Ms. Anissa Christopher Mr. M. Yasin Chughtai Mrs. Carolyn Claiborne Ms. Alicia P. Clark Ms. Andrea Y. Clark Mrs. Bonita M. Clark Mr. Carl W. Clark Mrs. Helen H. Clark Mrs. Jacqueline B. Clark Mrs. Lenthia L. Willie Clark Dr. Linda Clark Mr. Richard Clark Mr. Curtis J. Clarke ReLita Shane' Clarke Ronnie E. Clary Ms. Carrie P. Claud E. L. Claytor Ms. Andrea B. Cleaves Ms. Josephine Clement LCDR Marvin C. Clemmons, Sr. Mr. Kenny B. Clemons Ms. Tina Clemons Mr. Charles B. Cloud Ms. Tamara T. Clyburn Dr. Boyd Coan Ms. Candace Ashlee' Cobb Mr. Tyrone Cobb Mrs. Dana M. Cochran Mrs Cynthia Coker-LeRay Ms. Gloria E. Cole Ms. Gwen Cole Ms. Jessica M. Cole Ms. Oweida Cole Ms. Solange Cole Mr. Wajon Cole Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Collins Mr. Sheldon Christopher Collins Mrs. Shinese M. Collins Ms. Cynthia Colvin Mrs. Jill E. Comess Mrs. Karen L. Cook Mr. Alexceon Cooke Mr. Eric L. Cooper Ms. Monica Cooper Ms. Shernice D. Cooper Mr. Lee Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Copeland Ms. Patricia L. Copeland Mrs. Sarah L. Copeland Ms. Vanessa Copeland Ms. Joy Umeka Coppage Ms. Alisa M. Corbett Mrs. Chastity Rena Corbett Ms. Cynthia L. Corbett Mr. Richard Corbo Ms. Wilhemena N. Cornick Ms. Bertha Corprew Mr. James C. Corprew Mr. Mario R. Corpus Mr. Shawn E. Costley Mrs. Donna W. Coston Ms. Patricia E. Cotten Ms. Sharon Council Ms. Glorine C. Cousin Mr. Noel P. Craig Mr. Dennis W. Crawford Mr. Frederick H. Crawford Hermes Crawford Ms. Susie M. Crawford Ms. Adriene R. Crawley-Dent Mrs. Rosalyn J. Credle Mr. Darrell R. Crittendon Ms. Shaquita Crockett Mr. Horace Calvin Crofford Mr. & Mrs. March Cromuel Jr. Mrs. Claudia Croom


Ms. Raven Cross Ms. Robbie T. Cross Mr. Spencer Cross Ms. Andrea N. Crump Mrs. Catherine Cuffee Mr. Kaldin Cuffee Ms. Roshalle L. Cuffee Ms. Mona S. Cunnikin Ms. Colleen C. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cunningham, Sr. Dr. James A. Curiel Ms. Felice Y. Curry Ms. Alta L. Custis Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Cypress Mrs. Kathleen M. Dalby Ms. Charlene Dalious Mrs. Gail D'Almeida Mr. Gary Damewood Ms. Debra Dandridge Ms. Alice M. Daniels Mr. Carl L. Daniels Mr. Kent L. Daniels Mr. London Daniels, Jr. Mr. Wilbert L. Daniels Jr. Dr. Beatrice Darden-Melton Mrs. Kate F. Daughtrey Mr. Darius K. Davenport Ms. Linda S. Davenport Mr. Michael A. Davidson Ms. Allison J. Davis Mr. Andre S. Davis Ms. Betty W. Davis Ms. Cheryl J. Davis Mr. Floyd L. Davis Ms. Madelyn U. Davis Mr. Marcus Davis Ms. Margaret T. Davis Ms. Mary Davis Ms. Nikita L. Davis Ms. Shelia G. Davis Mr. Terrell L. Davis Mr. William A. Davis, Jr. Ms. Adrian J. Day Dr. Geoffroy de LaForcade Ms. Sophina L. Deal Mr. Mark Debastiani Ms. Katherine E. Deberry Mr. Phillip L. Deboe Mr. Jerry DeBraux Ms. Nicole K. DeJesus Mr. and Mrs. William T. Delk Ms. Alvera E. DeLoatch Mrs. Annie Wilson Demory Ms. Garnise A. Dennis Ms. Dina D. Dent Ms. Shaarvi Dent Ms. Cynthia Depass Ms. Denise Depass Mrs. Daphne H. Dews Mr. Lionel Dhiley Ms. Mary Diamond Mr. Devron Dickens Mr. Thomas Dickens Mr. Paul E. Dickenson Ms. Eve M. Dickey Ms. Brinda Dillard Mrs. Dawn Dillard Mrs. Joyce S. Dillard Ms. Portia M. Dinger Ms. Letricia L. Dinkins Mr. Terrence D. Dixon Ms. Lashondra K. Dixon-Gordon Ms. Fannie M. Dixson Mr. Charles Dohme Ms. Irene Dolberry Mr. Agyei Domfeh

Ms. Shyra L. Dorsey Ms. Kelley S. Doswell Ms. Jody Dotson Ms. Mary Dotson Ms. May G. Douglas Mrs. Millicent L. Dove Ms. Robin Dove C. A. Dozier Ms. Dorothy Morton Drake Ms. Jennifer E. Draper Ms. Ercelle D. Drayton Mr. Damani J. Drew Mrs. Marilyn H. Drewrey Mr. Dontae Drumgold Dr. Joseph G. D'Silva Ms. Cynthia E. Duhe'-Harris Mr. Charles Leo Dunbar Ms. Gayle Duncan Mrs. Theresa M. Bello Ms. Marcia S. Dunmore Rev. Calvin A. Durham Mr. Theodore A. Durham Ms. Shauna Eans Ms. Carolyn H. Eason Ms. Darlene R. Eastman Mr. Corey J. Eaton Ms. Eran M. Eaton-Parker Ms. Elizabeth V. Eccles Ms. Beverly W. Edmonds Mrs. Tracy D. Edmonds Mrs. Elizabeth Edmonds-Myers Mr. Freddie M. Edmunds, Sr. Ms. Sharmaine Edmunds Ms. Deanna Edwards Ms. Deborah A. Edwards Ms. Geraldine Edwards Mr. Howard S. Edwards Ms. Jacqueline V. Edwards Ms. Michelle N. Edwards Mrs. Patricia B. Edwards Ms. Renita J. Edwards Ms. Winfield J. Edwards Mr. Ekeoma Ekeleme Ms. Gloria Eley-Epps Mr. Jerrame Elliot Ms. Colleen L. Elliott Mrs. Sharlene Elliott Ms. Avril M. Ellis Mrs. Deborah D. Ellis Ms. Paulette E. Ellis Ms. Rhonda B. Ellis Ms. Dorothy S. Ely Ms. Tammy C. English Ms. Byesheba Maria Entzminger Mr. Mario A. Epps

Ms. Kirsten S. Ericksen Mrs. Dionne D. Espeut-Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Edward E. Eule Ms. Carolyn Everett Mrs. Katherine R. Everett Dr. & Mrs. Ira W. Falls, III Dr. Ming Fang Mrs. Cynthia L. Faulcon Mr. Azeez Felder Mr. Nathaniel L. Feldman Mr. Theodore R. Fells Mr. Alfred R. Fenner Mr. Rico T. Ferebee Mr. Larry T. Ferguson Dr. Anne Fernando Mr. Wilbert C. Ferrell, Jr. Ms. Bregetta A. Fields Ms. Erma B. Fields Mrs. Paula Fields Ms. Sandra H. Fields Ms. Tonya Fields Ms. Lydia Figueroa Mr. Kenneth T. Fikes Ms. Margaret A. Finney Michael L. Fischer Ph.D. Mrs. Crystal E. Fisher Ms. Frankie G. Fisher Ms. Sherry Flegler Ms. Sandra F. Fleming Ms. Sondre M. Fleming Mr. Terry A. Fleming Ms. Joyce M. Fletcher Ms. Robin R. Fletcher Ms. Lorraine K. Flood Ms. Aisha Flowers Ms. Katrina N. Flowers Mr. Sylvester Flowers Mrs. Shirley I. Floyd Ms. Saundra D. Ford Mrs. Christine R. Foreman Ms. Janice M. Foreman Ms. Theresa E. Forsythe Mrs. Duanne D. Foster Mr. Jonathan Foster Mr. Ernest J. Fountain Mr. Derrick L. Fowler Mrs. Wilma Butler Fowler Mr. Lloyd B. Fox Ms. Shannon Foxworth Ms. Harriet Francis Mr. Daryl S. Franklin Mr. James Franklin Ms. Mary L. Franklin Ms. Jasmine Frazier Ms. Jasmine Frazier


Mr. Kelvin Frazier Mrs. Veronica H. Frazier Mr. Adrian L. Frederick Ms. Alvina Frederick Ms. Brenda Fredericks Captain Jeffrey D. Freeland Ms. Angela Freeman Ms. Carolyn Freeman Ms. Cheryl H. Freeman Ms. Cynthia D. Freeman Ms. Leola L. Freeman Ms. Tonya A. Freeman Mrs. Faye Freeman-Smith Mr. Eric W. Fuerstenberg Ms. Esonija S. Fulgham Mrs. Cathy D. Fuller Ms. Javanese Fuller Ms. Marcella Y. O. Fulmore Ms. Sherrette A. Funn Mr. Raymond A. Futrell Ms. Stephanie P. Myers Dr. Linda M. Gagen Ms. Alva Gaines Ms. Rosalind O. Gaines Ms. Margaret A. Galotti Mr. David Gamble

Mrs. Nancy W. Gillette Mr. Philip S. Gillette Ms. Geraldine Gilliam Mr. Jerome A. Gilliam Ms. Regina M. Gilliam Ms. Bridgett Gipson Mr. Macklin Gipson Dr. Tassew S. Gizaw Ms. Mary P. Glass Ms. Cynthia K. Glenn Ms. Debora A. Glover Mr. Lawrence J. Glover Mrs. Linda J. Gmitter Ms. Debbie L. Godfrey Mr. George M. Godfrey Ms. Tess T. Godwin-Turner Mrs. Debra L. Golden Ms. Deborah Gomes Ms. Shirley P. Goncalves Ms. Jessica Gonzalez Ms. Claudia Gooch Ms. Andrea C. Goode Mr. John C. Goode Mr. Andre Q. Goodman Ms. Annette Goodman Ms. Debra Goodman

Mrs. Jacqueline M. Gamble Ms. Angela Garcia Ms. Dianne Gardner Mrs. Velma Gardner Mrs. Corey Y. Garlic Mr. Randall D. Garnder, Sr. Mr. David L. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert W. Garrett Mrs. Linda M. Garris-Bright Ms. Mittie A. Gary Ms. Hope Danee' Gatling Ms. Eunice Parson Gay Mrs. Aretha Gayle Mr. Adrian D. Gaynor Mr. Demetris L. Geddis Sgt. Kevin Genwright Ms. Hilary H. Gersbach Mr. Maurice L. Gholson Mrs. Dorina A. Gibbs Mr. Jamel Gibson Mrs. Jamel S. Gibson Ms. Carrie M. Gilbert Mr. George C. Gilbert Ms. Sarah R. Gilchrist Ms. Cheryl Giles Mr. Reginald Giles Mrs. Wendy L. Giles Ms. Tina M. Gillespie

Ms. Helena N. Goodman Ms. Marilyn M. Goodman Ms. Harriett F. Goodrich Mrs. Vanessa L. Goodwin Ms. Cherise J. Bazemore Mr. Corey Govan Mr. Kelly R. Graddy Ms. Angela L. Grady Mrs. Dana L. Graham Ms. D'Nita Andrews Graham Mr. James E. Graham Mr. Jonathan M. Graham, Jr. Ms. Sherri J. Gordon Ms. Theresa Renee Graham Mrs. Bessie L. Grandy Ms. Cynthia Grant Ms. Gale Grant Mr. Wilfred A. Grant Mr. Michael L. Grantham Mrs. Andra M. Grantum Mrs. Annie B. Gravely Ms. Dionne S. Graves Mr. Jesse C. Graves Jr. Mrs. Betty W. Gray Mrs. Brenda M. Gray Ms. Esther M. Gray Ms. Gwendolyn F. Gray Ms. Karen Gray

Ms. LaShunda L. Green Mr. Mandel S. Green Ms. Maxine C. Green Mr. Richard Green Ms. Thomasina G. Green Mr. Alan Greene Mr. Dudley L. Greene Mrs. Evelina W. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Greene Mr. Rodney E. Greene Ms. Vivian Greene Mrs. Helga A. Greenfield Ms. Gail G. Greenhill Ms. Kimberly P. Gregory Mr. Leon W. Gregory Ms. Sabrina Y. Gregory Ms. Bridget Griffin Ms. Emma M. Griffin Ms. Joyce W. Griffin Ms. Laquita Griffin Ms. Natonya Griffin Mr. James L. Griggs Ms. Ophelia Griggs Mr. William M. Griggs III Ms. Claudia E. Grimes Ms. Kendra R. Grimes Ms. Brandon Orman Grinage Mr. Thomas Grinde Ms. Priscilla M. Griner Ms. Maria Elena Guerrero Mr. Sanjib Guha Mr. Val V. Guilford Ms. Melissa A. Guns Mr. Richard Guzman Ms. Cassondra E. Gwathney Ms. Mariam A. Gwynn Ms. Tiffany A. Gwynn Dr. Desideria S. and Mr. Bruce L.Hacker Ms. Shanita R. Shamlee Ms. Gloria J. Hagans Dr. Ashley N. Haines Mr. L. Bernard Hairston Ms. Tyrea Tanicka Hairston Ms. W. Beatrice Hale Ms. Natasha Haliday Ms. Janet L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Hall Mr. Marvin K. Hall Mrs. Patrese F. Hall Ms. Shamin E. Hall Mr. Jason G. Halsey Ms. Mizuki Hamada Ms. Olivia B. Hamilton Ms. Syble Hamler-Butler Ms. Sabrina Hammond Ms. Dedra E. Hampton Dr. Tarin T. Hampton Mr. Jeffery Hankerson Mrs. Marie E. Hankinson Ms. Sabrina Hankton Ms. Gwen Hannon Ms. Gwendolyn Hannon Ms. Bessie Hardy Mr. Ernest Hardy Jr. Mr. And Mrs. Stanley L. Hardy Mr. Theodore F. Hardy, Jr. Mr. Yvonn M. Hardy Ms. Pamela F. Hare Ms. Jocelyn D. Hargrove Mr. Vincent C. Hargrove Ms. Marie F. Hargrow Mr. Dewayne Earl Harley Mr. James Harman Mr. James Harmon Ms. Jewetta Harold Mr. Leon E. Harper

Mr. Alphonso T. Harris Ms. Angela M. Harris Ms. Betty Harris Ms. Camelia M. Harris Ms. Cameo T. Harris Mr. Clarence Harris Mr. Clarence E. Harris Ms. Gina L. Harris Mr. Jeffrey D. Harris Ms. Jennie M. Harris Mrs. Lisa Y. Harris Ms. Michella Harris Mrs. Raquel M. Harris Mr. Ricky Harris Ms. Roshanda Harris Mr. Shelton Harris Ms. Terrisha Harris Ms. Yalanda A. Harris Ms. Dorothy M. Harrison Ms. Gail G. Harrison Ms. Barbara Hart Shann Hart Mr. Sterling Hart Ms. Gala U. Harvell Ms. Joan Harwin Mr. Jonathan Haskins Ms. Rachelle Hasnas Mr. Sean P. Hassell Mr. John G. Hatcher Jr. Mr. Marlon Hatcher Ms. Wanda Hatcher Ms. Susan D. Haugh Ms. Amanda K. Haverman Ms. Delois W. Hawkins Ms. Frances Hawkins Mr. Kelvin Jerome Hawkins Ms. Lucy J. Hawkins Mrs. Marjorie E. Hawkins Mr. Maurice C. Hawkins, Jr. Mrs. Mildred Lee Hawkins Ms. Nancy V. Hawkins Mr. Phillip Hawkins Jr. Ms. Tamika Nikhole Hawkins Ms. Willie M. Hawkins Ms. Tawana G. Hawks Ms. Kathleen R. Hayden Ms. Angela K. Hayes Mr. Calvin Hayes Ms. Adrienne Haynes Ms. Alice M. Haynes Ms. Howretha Haynes Ms. LaDonna Haynes Mrs. Sonja Y. Haynes Ms. Malaika L. Hayward Mrs. Sheryll B. Heard Mrs. Clementine M. Hedgspeth Mrs. Cantana M. Henderson Ms. Keisha A. Henderson Ms. Laureen M. Henderson Mr. Dwight D. Hendricks Ms. Joy Hendrickson Ms. Ersula F. Hennigan Ms. Beverly R. Herndon Ms. Shirley Herndon Mrs. Arleta C. Herring Mr. Richard Herring Ms. Gwen Hester Mr. and Mrs. Brandon J. Hickman Ms. Carolyn B. Hicks Mr. Jesse Highsmith Mrs. Annie M. Hightower Mrs. Betty J. Hill Mrs. Connie D. Hill Ms. Deborah D. Hill Ms. Lilyn A. Hill Mr. Marshall Robert Hill

Ms. Michele R. Hill Mr. Robert Hill Mr. Roger Hill Ms. Virginia T. Hill Mr. Richard Hillian Ms. Cheryl V. Hinds Ms. Jane W. Hines Ms. LaToya Hines Ms. Monika L. Hines Ms. Margaret C. Hinkle Mr. Bernard D. Hinton Mr. Richard W. Hinton Mr. Shawn F. Hinton Ms. Vida L. Hinton Ms. Beverly T. Hobbs Ms. Patricia D. Hobby Mrs. Alberta Hobson Mr. Dean Hobson Mr. Frederick Hobson Mr. Michael L. Hockaday Ms. Lee A. Hockey Ms. Delores A. Hodge Ms. Carolyn Diane Hodges Ms. Jacqueline W. Hodges Mr. Roderick Holder Ms. Sharlaine F. Holimon Ms. Jo G. Holland Mr. Levi Holland Ms. Jade C. Holley Ms. Shelly L. Holley Mrs. Debora M.A. Holliday Ms. Wanda J. Hollis Ms. Constance M. Holloman Mr. Johnwyn D. Holloman Ms. Shirley B. Holloman Ms. Brenda A. Holloway Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Holloway Ms. Sharon R. Holloway Dr. Brenda Ellis Hollowell Ms. Maria C. Holmes Ms. Stephanie Holmes Ms. Kimberly Hooker Ms. Natasha I. Hooker Ms. Tyvon M. Horsey Mrs. Ethel S. Horton Mrs. Wanda L. Horton Dr. Jiashi Hou Mrs. May T. Hou Ms. Grace L. Houchins Ms. Arketa R. Crenshaw Ms. Dorothea W. Howard Ms. Jamie L. Howard Ms. Nicole Howard Ms. Zakiya Hoyett Mr. Errol A. Hudson Mr. Leonard A. Hudson Mr. Jonah Huggins Ms. Ayesha N. Hughes Ms. Jacqueline Hughes Ms. Linda A. Hughes Mr. Larry J. Hughey Mrs. Stephanie R. Humphries Ms. Melody Hundley Mr. Vincent L. Hundley Ms. Camilla J. Hunter Mr. Charles A. Hunter Jr. Mrs. Valerie Hunter Ms. Tamisha L. Hunter-Ellis Mrs. Franchon H. Robinson Mr. Vernon B. Hurdle Jr. Mr. Keith C. Hyater Ms. Melody M. Iannone Mr. Paul Imbrigato, Jr. Ms. Alfye L. Ingram Ms. Darlene Ingram Ms. Kineshia A. Irby




Ms. Bettie M. Irvin Ms. Patrice D. Irving Mr. Derrick Isabell Cathy M. Jackson, Ph.D. Ms. Fannie D. Jackson Ms. Francine Jackson Mr. George C. Jackson Mrs. Judy G. Jackson Ms. Judy L. Jackson Mrs. Karen L. Jackson Ms. Kimberly N. Jackson Ms. LaToya Jackson Dr. Leroy Jackson Mrs. Millie L. Little Ms. Rhonda S. Jackson Ms. Laura Jackson-Clark Ms. Alecia T. Jacobs Ms. Dorothy K. Jaggers Ms. Cherie R. James Ms. Faye James Ms. Jacinta James Ms. Louise E. James Mrs. Natleen N. James Ms. Sarelda D. James-Green Ms. Tawanna Jamison Ms. Sandra B. Jarvis Mr. Alphonso Jefferson Jr. Mr. Darrell M. Jefferson Mrs. Roxanna W. Jefferson Mr. Alonzo Jenkins Mrs. Cheryl Y. Jenkins Mr. Godfrey Jenkins Mr. Thomas Jenkins Ms. Otealia K. Jennings Ms. Alyssa Jessup Mrs. Michele L. Jessup Mrs. Karen P. Jewette Mrs. Shari L. John Mr. Antwane V. Johnson Ms. Briana Johnson Mrs. Carlene M. Johnson Mr. Charles E. Johnson, Jr. Ms. Delores D. Johnson Mr. Demitriss Johnson Mr. Eric F. Johnson Ms. Flora M. Johnson Mrs. Greta J. Johnson Mr. James M. Johnson Mr. Jay D. Johnson, Jr. Mr. Jerome Johnson Dr. Joan B. Johnson Mr. Joe W. Johnson Ms. Katharine M. Johnson Ms. LaVern Johnson Ms. Linda Johnson Mr. Martin Johnson Dr. Melencia M. Johnson Ms. Melinda B. Johnson Ms. Patrice L. Johnson Mr. Percy A. Johnson Ms. Regina F. Gray Mr. Romonte E. Johnson Ms. Rosena T. Johnson Mrs. Rosetta B. Johnson Ms. Sandra M. Johnson Mr. Stephens Johnson Ms. Tracey L. Johnson Ms. Wanza N. Johnson Ms. Winter D. Johnson Ms. Karma Johnson-Freeman Mrs. Lisa L. Johnson-Hicks Mr. Aaron Jones Mrs. Alice E. Jones Ms. Autumn Jones Ms. Barbara E. Jones Ms. Barbara J. Jones


Mrs. Bernadette Gallop Jones Mr. Christopher L. Jones Mrs. Dardress C. Jones Mr. David E. Jones Ms. Debra Jones Mr. Derik B. Jones Mr. Elliott C. and Dr. Dorothy L. R. Jones Captain Elmore J. Jones Jr. Ms. Ethel W. Jones Ms. Janice M. Jones Mr. Johnathan Jones Ms. Karen I. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Jones Mr. Kevin L. Jones Mr. Kirk R. Jones Ms. Martha S. Jones Ms. Mary Jones Ms. Nedra C. Jones Mrs. Nicole H. Jones Ms. Renee Jones Ms. Tanisha Jones Mr. Terence A. Jones Ms. Vanessa D. Jones Ms. Velma D. Jones Ms. Wyoma Jones Mrs. Janet E. Jones-Miller Dr. Joseph F. Jordan Mrs. Tisha L. Jordan Ms. Tinisia Jordan-Newsome Mrs. Liana K. Jorgensen Ms. Andrea D. Josephs Ms. Keya A. Joy Mrs. Debra B. Joyce Mr. Britton A. Joyner Ms. Cynthia Joyner Mr. Daryl J. Joyner Mrs. Ethel M. Joyner Ms. Janice J. Justice Dr. Lucy Kachmarik Ms. Monsurat O. Kadri Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Kaufman Mr. Bryan J. Kazmierski Ms. Harriette J. Kearney Mr. Kentrell Kearney Mr. Jon F. Keller Mrs. Norma J. Kemp Ms. Shirley Keyes Ms. Willardine J. Kidd Ms. Melinda D. Kilcrease Ms. Nikki V. Kilgore Mrs. Isabel Killough Mr. Johnny King Mr. Leonard King Mr. Ronald A. King Ms. Keisha Kirkland Ms. Athelia Knight Mr. Clarence Knight Jr. Mrs. Donzella A. Knight Mr. Joseph L. Knight Ms. Ruth S. Knight Mr. Kenneth J. Knuckles Mr. Douglas A. Koenker Mr. Richard Koonce Mr. David M. Kopelson Mr. Joseph W. Kraft Ms. Lisa M. Kussmaul Mr. Kenny Kyle Mrs. Amy P. Lagasse Ms. Stacy L. Lam Ms. Gloria Lamb Ms. Heather B. Lamb Ms. LaBarbara M. Lamb Mr. Payton Lamb Mrs. Mildred W. Lambert Mr. Jimmy Landrom, Sr.


Ms. Arnita L. Landy Ms. Carleen A. Lane Mr. Joseph A. Lane Ms. Natalie Lassiter Ms. Paula G. Lassiter Ms. Shelly Lassiter Mr. Mark V. Lawson Mr. Cary A. Lazarus Mrs. Carrie Marie Lee Mr. Altovise Lee and Mrs. Cynthia V. Lee Ms. Diane Lee Mr. Kamal Lee Mrs. Latika T. Lee Mr. Marcus J. Lee Mr. Richard R. Lee Mr. Russell R. Lee Mr. Shaun Lee Ms. Tamatha Terrell Lee Mr. Walter Lee Mr. Wiley Lee, Jr. Mrs. Ina M. Leiderman Ms. Susan Leidy Ms. Karen M. Leigh Ms. Lillian Lemelle Mrs. Erica L. Lemons Ms. Rose M. Leopardi Ms. Margaret R. Leopold Ms. Lawanza Lett-Brewington Ms. Shanikka Levius Mrs. Paula Krukin Levy Ms. Annette M. Lewis Ms. Desiree Lewis Ms. Kay W. Lewis Mr. Lesley Lewis Mr. Leslie N. Lewis Ms. Linda O. Lewis Dr. Marilyn W. Lewis Ms. Mazie Lewis Ms. Priscilla E. Lewis Mrs. Shelley N. Lewis Ms. Shirann C. Lewis Ms. Shirley A. Lewis Mrs. Willia D. Ligon-Allen Mr. William L. Lilley Mrs. Lillian Limley Mr. Willie F. Lindsey, Jr. Ms. Barbara Linton Mr. W. Linton Ms. Erica T. Linzy Mrs. Millie L. Little Rev. William E. Liverman, Sr. Dr. Val Livingston

Ms. Pamela Lockhart Mr. Robert B. Longshore Sherry Renee Longshore Captain James P. Loper Ms. Janet Lopez Ms. Kimberlee Lovelace Mrs. Denise M. Lovely Mr. Richard W. and Mrs. Mary Y. Lovingood Ms. Tameka Yvesta Lowe Mrs. Rosetta M. Lowery Mr. Winston C. and Mrs. Rosetta M. Lowery Ms. Cindy C. Lucas Ms. Jacquelyn Lucas Ms. Keri Lucrezio Ms. Rhonda Y. Lundy Ms. Kimbirly A. Mack Ms. Tonya F. Mackey Mr. Paul L. Macklin Mrs. Candy Y. Maddrey-Hollamond Mark C. Madison Ms. Marie A. Maese-Thomason Ms. LaTrisha L. Major-Brathwaite Ms. Rhonda Major-Mack Ms. Henrietta S. Malone Mr. S. Angelo Malone Ms. Kimberly Malone-George Ms. Reata B. Manning Mrs. Michelle D. Marable Ms. Robin Marable Mrs. Patricia Carr Mark Ms. Glennis Denise Marshall Ms. Phyllis Marshall Ms. Debbie Martin Glynis W. Mason Mrs. Janett Y. and Mr. Oris P. Mason Mr. Robert D. Mason Sr. Ms. Sharon M. Mason LTC Sheila Mason Ms. Ashwyn Massey Ms. Sylvia Massey Ms. Valerie J. Masters W. M. Matters Ms. Yolanda T. Matthews Mr. Willie D. Maull Mr. Lawrence L. Mayfield Ms. Lois Mayfield Ms. JoAnne O. Mazell Mrs. Christine M. McCabe Ms. Barbara H. McCall Mr. Leslie Andrew McCallum Mrs. Tyra O. McCann-Young Ms. Robin McClendon

Ms. Carolyn P. McCloud Mr. Neil T. McCloud Dr. Linda B. McCluney Ms. Jean M. McCoy Ms. Patsy McCoy Mr. Edward K. McCray Mr. Omar J. McCrimmon Mrs. Linda S. McDaniel Ms. Amy J. McDew Mrs. Marie W. McDowell Ms. Marvis Bass McFadden Christian Mcfall Ms. Xaviera L. McFarland Ms. Kristina M. McGuire Ms. Kimberly W. Mclamb Ms. Ava K. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Andre A.McManus Ms. Tracee McMillan Ms. Kecia D. McMillian Mr. Aaron McMullen Dr. Toney L. McNair, Jr. Ms. Iman Khalilah McPhee Ms. Angela McPherson Mr. Cedric N. Meekins Ms. Brittany Melecio Ms. Waukesha L. Melvin Dr. Aberra W. Meshesha Ms. Isabel M. Mesias-Herrmann Mrs. Awanta S. Miles Ms. Candi M. Miles Mr. Kenneth H. Millard Mr. Allen D. Miller Ms. Carolyn A. Miller Mr. Herbert J. Miller Ms. Barbara A. Miller-Cager Ms. Allison Millette Ms. Laura J. Milligan Mrs. Audrey W. Mills Ms. DeSeana Minns Ms. Janelle Minns Ms. Angela Mitchell Ms. Emily Mitchell Ms. Eugenia Mitchell Ms. Sherrie Mitchell Ms. Vanessa D. Mitchell Ms. Cherri L. Mizelle Ms. Theodosia Montague Mr. Dennis Montgomery Ms. June M. Montgomery Ms. Waltron Moody Mrs. Allison J. Moore Ms. Ashley Laine Moore


Ms. Barbara D. Moore Ms. Belinda Moore Mr. Benjamin C. Moore Ms. Gloria Moore Ms. Karen A. Moore Ms. Rowena L. Barber Ms. Sade Moore Mrs. Senie A. Moore Dr. Shahrooz Moosavizadeh Ms. Charmey J. Morgan Mrs. Danielle M. Morgan Ms. Denise Morgan Mrs. Frederica C. Morgan Ms. Teresa A. Morgan Ms. Tamieka Morings Ms. Margaret Morris Mrs. Lakeshia Morris-Eley Mr. and Mrs. James M. Morrisett Ms. Stephanie Morrison Ms. Wendy Morton-Huddleston Mrs. Ayeisha S. Seawright Moses Mrs. Vanessa W. Moss Mr. William E. Moss Mr. Morteza Mostaghim Ms. Daena P. Mousso Mrs. Katherine Y. Muhammad Mr. Jasper L. Mullen Ms. Wyndham R. Munn Mr. Ernest R. Murphy Mr. Harry A. Murphy Mrs. Lorna W. Murphy Mr. Melvin Murphy Mrs. Alice T. Musapatike Ms. Zaynab Mustafa Ms. Tiffany S. Myint Mrs. Angela Myrick Ms. Cleo Myrick Dr. George L. Nance, Jr. Mr. Anthony Napolitano Mr. Ronald Narcisse Ms. Marilyn J. Nataupsky Ms. Velma G. Naylor Mr. Raymond E. Neal Mr. Joseph W. Neely Mr. Frank R. Negron Ms. Sharon Nelson Mrs. Shirley Lee Nelson Mrs. Mildred C. Newby Mr. and Mrs. Kelcey L. Newman Mr. Douglas J. Newsome Mr. Frank G. Newsome Mr. Thuong Nguyen Mr. Trinh K. Nguyen Mr. Caleb L. Nichols Dr. Edwin J. Nichols Ms. Ivy S. Nichols Ms. Jacqueline Nicholson Ms. Rhonda Nicholson Mr. Heriberto Nieves Ms. Evangeline R. Nixon Ms. Maureen M. Nixon Ms. Flora A. Noble Mr. Michael Nobles Ms. Dorothy B. Norfleet Mrs. Margie S. Norman Ms. Allyson L. Walker Norris Ms. Valda T. Norris Mr. Steve Nottingham Mr. Wardell M. Nottingham Mr. Kevin M. Nowalk Ms. Kimberly Nurse Mr. Michael Odom Ms. Stella A. Okafor Ms. Ejenobo R. Oke Mr. Obi E. Okoronkwo Mr. Titus O. Olajide

Ms. Delores Oliver Mr. John O. Olukanni Ms. Renee G. O'Neill Ms. Dawn S. Onley Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Opfer Ms. Barbara Ore Mrs. Evelyn and Mr. Reginald Osby Ms. Jenee N. Osterheldt Ms. Iris Arline Otey Ms. Carla E. Outland Ms. Dana R. Outten Geraldine Outterbridge Ms. Claudette R. Overton Ms. Pamela Ovwigho Ms. Alvahdine D. Owens Mr. Lee Owens Ms. Doris Owes Dr. Regina A. Oyesanya Mrs. Noelia Pacheco-Johnson Ms. Jan C. Page Ms. Karen H. Page Ms. Etta A. Parham Mr. Larney L. Parham Ms. Melissa J. Paris Ms. Evelyn A. Parker Mr. George J. Parker Ms. Gloria L. Pitsenbarger Latousha N.P. Parker, Jackson, Pharm.D. Ms. Kathy J. Parker Ms. Kimberly S. Parker Mr. Larry T. Parker Mr. Leon Parker Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Parker Sergeant Robbie T. Parker Ms. Vivian Parker Mr. Floyd White and Mrs. Kyle Parker White Mrs. Phyllis D. Parker-Clemons Ms. Jacqueline Y. Parker-Mazyck Mr. Duane E. Parmentier Ms. Sheray Patillo Ms. Shirley Patillo Ms. Sheila G. Patrick D. R. Patterson Mr. Jeffery L. Patterson Ms. Evelyn Paul Ms. Frenchettia Payne Mrs. Susie G. Payne Ms. Tia A. Payne Ms. Tiffany N. Payne Ms. Ruth Payton Stacey M. Pearson-Wharton, Ph.D. Ms. Anna S. Pedos Ms. Peggy W. Peebles Ms. Deborah L. Peele Mrs. Brendette Peele-Haden Mr. & Mrs. Earl Peeples Ms. Marilyn Hill Peet Dr. Evelyn S. Peevy Mr. Walter Pegram Mr. William T. Penn Ms. Deshawn Pennix Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Peoples Mr. Shaun Peregoy Ms. Leigh A. Perillo Mr. Farley R. and Mrs. Tonya L. Perkins Cherng T. Perry Ms. Darnice Perry Mr. James M. Perry, Jr. Mrs. Sarah Perry Ms. Tanya C. Perry Mrs. Taunia M. and Mr. Broderick Perry Mrs. Laverne Perry-Blount Mr. James Person

Ms. Donna L. Peters Ms. Vanessa Peters Ms. Margaret P. Peterson Ms. Melissa A. Peterson Mr. Lawrence A. Pettis Mrs. Pamela D. Pfautsch Ms. Gwendolyn E. Pharr Ms. Alma Phillips Mrs. Bridgett H. Williams Phillips Ms. Davida Phillips Ms. Carol R. Pickett Mr. Clifton E. Pierce Ms. Esther P. Pierce Ms. Michelle D. Pierce Ms. Linda L. Pigford Ms. Tuawana Pinkston Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Pitchford Mrs. Delores R. Pitt Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pittman Ms. Stacey Pittman Mr. Jason R. Pitts Ms. Pearline M. Pitts-Holt Mr. Andre Pixley Mrs. Crystal Barrett Pollard Mrs. Grace P. Ponton Mr. Brian P. Porter Ms. Felishia Porter Ms. Laquetta L. Porter Mr. Marcus A. Porter Ms. Tonecia T. Porter Mr. William E. Portlock Mr. & Mrs. Willis M. Potter Mr. Jesse S. Poulson Mrs. Cheryl Powell Mr. Edward D. Powell Ms. Elease Z. Powell Mrs. Felicia M. Powell Ms. Kashon Powell Ms. Stephany Powers Mr. Vernon E. Prather Ms. Charlene J. Presha Mr. & Mrs. Reginald W. Preston Ms. Nakesha Price Ms. Robin D. Price Mr. John E. Pride, Jr. Mr. Jesse Prince Ms. Renita J. Prince Ms. Angela Pringle Ms. Juanita B. Pryor Ms. Danna J. Ptaszkiewicz Ms. Deborah L. Pugh Ms. Jessica M. Pugh Mr. & Mrs. Randy Pugh Ms. Brenda J. Pulley Mr. Ossie D. Purvis Mr. Eric A. Putman Ms. Diane J. Quarterman Mr. Everett Quash Mrs. Nikosha L. Quinerly Ms. Jeaninne L. Raeford Ms. Cheri L. Rainey Ms. Crystal D. Rainey Ms. Maatenre Ramin Mr. Eric M. Ramon Ms. Noelia T. Ramos Ms. Diana R. Ramsey Ms. Kimberly Randolph Ms. Rhonda W. Randolph Ms. Tracie M. Randolph Ms. Lucynthia Rawls Mr. Anthony E. Ray Mrs. Linda M. Ray Ms. Martha J. Razor Mr. Steven A. Redcross Mr. Steven E. Reddick Mrs. Linda Redwine-Bell

Ms. Demeatrice S. Reed Ms. Karla E. Reed Ms. Patrina Reed Mr. Alan Reese Mr. Jason B. Reeves Ms. Dana Y. Featherstone Mr. David J. Reid Ms. Gloria Reid Ms. Lauren Reid Mrs. Marlene D. Reid Mr. Randy L. Reid Mr. Patrick I. Reilly Mrs. Lara Stith Revelle Mr. Thomas C. Revelle, Jr. Ms. Carolyn D. Reynolds Ms. Gretchen Rhodes Mr. Robert J. Rhodes Ms. Joyce Rice Major Errol L. Richards Ms. Diane Richardson Ms. Sandra I. Richardson Ms. Valerie Richeson Mr. Brian L. Ricks Ms. Shelley Ricks Ms. Shonelle L. Ricks Mr. Wallace M. Ricks Jr. Mr. Alex Riddick Ms. Deborah A. Riddick Ms. Pamela Riddick Mrs. Diana L. Riddick-Mullen Ms. Rosalyn P. Riggs Mrs. Linda P. Riley Mrs. Mattie H. Roane Mr. Jonathan Roberts Ms. Katina Roberts Dr. Delores V. Robertson Ms. Andre C. Robinson Mrs. Armeta Haskins Robinson Major Darryl D. Robinson Mr. Earnest Robinson Mr. George E. Robinson Ms. Jessica A. Robinson Mr. Lindsay R. Robinson Ms. Mae W. Robinson Mrs. Mary M. Robinson Mrs. Vernetia Wilson Robinson Ms. and Mr. Louise M. Robison Ms. Linda E. Rodgers Ms. Margaret S. Rodgers Ms. Alice B. Rodgers Mr. James E. Rogers III Ms. Lula S. Rogers Ms. Sinda S. Rogers Ms. Tracey L. Rogers Mrs. Frances Y. Rolan Ms. Ernestine Y. Rollins Ms. Veronda Rooks Ms. Camille Roper Ms. Elizabeth F. Rose Ms. Judy C. Rose Ms. Tanya R. Rose Ms. Karen M. Rosner Ms. Carla L. Rountree Ms. Letitia M. Rouse Dr. Leon Rouson Dr. & Mrs. H. Alan Rowe Ms. Donna M. Rowell Ms. Adrienne B. Rozier Ms. Cheryl A. Rucker Mr. Samuel L. Ruffin Mr. Vincenzo Ruggiero Ms. Jeanette A. Runner Ms. Patricia D. Ruscak Mr. Ricky A. Russ Ms. Erica Russell Ms. Lori A. Rybolt

Mrs. Jocelyn O. Rice Saddler Ms. Donna Saleem Ms. Glee A. Salladay Mrs. Judy F. Salter-Brown Ms. Eunice R. Sample Ms. Shane B. Sams Ms. Shariece Samuel Ms. Carmina M. Sanchez del Valle Mrs. Bettye Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Russell O. Sanders Mr. Reginald Sands Ms. Barbara Y. Saulsberry Ms. Heather L. Saunders Mr. John C. Saunders, Jr. Ms. Valerie Y. Saunders Ms. Jacqueline L. Sawyer Mr. Douglas K. Scales Ms. Catherine Schaefer Ms. Laurie Schmitz Mrs. Delores V. Scott LTC (Ret) & Mrs. James L. Scott, Jr. Mrs. Joyce A. Scott Ms. Nicole L. Scott Ms. Veronica Scott Ms. Priscilla Scott-Thomas Mr. Jason M. Setliff Mr. Kelvin Seward Ms. Vanessa A. Seymour Ms. Barbara M. Shabazz Mr. Rasool A. Shabazz Mr. Yusuf Shakir Mrs. Clarice W. Shamlee Ms. Carla Shands Mr. Herbert K. Shannon Mr. Jerry J. Sharf Mr. Claude L. Sharpe, Jr. Ms. Cornelia H. Shead Ms. Chara D. Shelton Ms. Tomeica R. Bynum-Shelton Ms. Awanda Sheppard Mrs. Jacquelyn Y. Sherrill Mr. Walter Sherrill, Jr. Mr. James A. Sherrod Mr. Robert A. Shields Ms. Tonya C. Shields Mr. Andre B. Shipp Mr. Sigmund C. Shipp Ms. Lavonia Shirley Ms. Patricia C. Shorter Mr. Ellis S. Siegel Ms. Sophia Sills Mr. William M. Sills Ms. Kiana Elise Silver Ms. Arcelia L. Simmons Mrs. Pamela F. Simmons Mr. Robert L. Simmons Mr. Samuel D. Simmons, Jr. Ms. Dorothy A. Simms Ms. Shuntale Simms Ms. Taylor Simms Ms. Natasha Simon Ms. Shavonne A. Simpson Ms. Clara J. Sims Ms. Kimberly D. Singleton Mr. Gary Sinniger Dr. Mojtaba Sirjani Ms. Connie M. Sivels Mrs. Mildred Sivills Mr. Donald Skillman Ms. Georgette Skinner Ms. Diane Skomars Mr. Jonathan Skuza Ms. Cecelia Slade Mrs. Tammy R. King Small Ms. Alisia D. Smith Ms. Barbara J. Smith




Ms. Brenda R. Smith Ms. Carmella J. Smith Ms. Carolyn R. Smith Ms. Cheryl Smith Mr. David A. Smith Ms. Dawnita R. Smith Mr. Emile C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith Mrs. Janeifer R. Claud Smith Mr. Keith D. Smith Ms. Lauren M. Smith Ms. Lettie H. Smith Ms. Lynette D. Smith Mrs. Margaret Smith Ms. Marion F. Smith Mrs. Mia R. Smith Dr. Michael J. Smith Ms. Robin Smith Ms. Sandra K. Smith Mr. Tariq J. Smith Mr. Trevon Smith Mr. Vincent Smith Mr. William C. Smith Mr. William T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Winston C. Smith Ms. Bonnie B. Smithers Mrs. Lillie R. Smith-Heath Ms. Valerie M. Snellings Mr. William R. Snowden Mrs. Denise Snowden-Langley Mr. Douglas H. Sohns Mr. Marvin Somers Ms. Gloria A. Southard Mr. Wyanet Southard Mrs. Teresa R. Sparks Ms. Judy V. Sparrow Ms. Tawana C. Spellen Mrs. Cynthia W. Speller Ms. Zenora E. Spellman Mr. Keith J. Spence Ms. Acquanetta Spencer Mr. Rodney W. Spencer Mrs. Vera E. Spencer-Gray Mrs. Ruby M. Spicer Mr. Richard M. Spiers III Ms. Michelle E. Springs Mrs. Joan Spruill The Honorable Lionell Spruill, Sr. Ms. Nadia C. Spruill Mr. John K. Staff Mr. Lawrence J. Stancil Ms. Trina E. Stanley Mr. James L. Staton Mr. Norman Stembridge Ms. Karen I. Stephens Ms. Geraldine H. Stephenson Ms. Lisa D. Stephenson Mr. Craig Stevens Mrs. Cynthia M. & Mr. James Stevens Ms. Ann W. Stewart Ms. Argarita Stewart Ms. Joi Nicole Stewart Ms. Keesha N. Stewart Ms. Carolyn S. Melvin Mr. Patrick Michael Stockwell Ms. Olive Stohlman Ms. Jodi Strenn Ms. Rose Strickland Ms. Dawn L. Stubbs Ms. Linda J. Stubbs Mr. Leroy L. Studivant Ms. Tiffany Sturges Ms. Chandra V. Sturrup Ms. Janneth Sullivan Mr. Otis L. Sumler III Mr. Geronimo H. Suphin


Ms. Shirley A. Sutton Mrs. Taunita L. Sutton Mrs. Kim L. Svarney-Morris Ms. Carol G. Sydnor Ms. Andrea L. Sykes Mr. Rudolph Sykes Ms. Helen P. Tabron Mrs. Mercedes H. Tabron Mr. James C. Taliaferro Mrs. Sharlamar F. TaliaferroSavannah & Mr. Michael Savannah Ms. Nancy Tan Ms. Joyce M. Tansil Ms. Tychera Tat Ms. Jessie Tatum Ms. Angela M. Taylor Ms. Catherine D. Taylor Mr. Christopher D. Taylor Mrs. Gwendolyn Y. Taylor Mrs. Jean McCoy Taylor Mr. Maurice C. Taylor Mrs. Phyllis R. Taylor Ms. Rose M. Jones Mrs. Shelia Taylor Mrs. Tiffany D. Taylor Mrs. Vernestine B. Taylor Mr. Earlston V. Teal Marion J. Teasley Ms. Adesola A. Tella Ms. Medina Temple Ms. Barbeta L. Terry Ms. Cathleen A. Thomas Mr. Kareem O. Thomas Ms. Kianga R. Thomas Mr. Ralph Thomas, Jr. Ms. Sandra Thomas Ms. Vera Thomas Mr. Wayne L. Thomas Ms. Monica Y. Thomas-Moore Ms. Candace L. Thompson Ms. Claudia E. Thompson Ms. Cleo Thompson Ms. Ellen C. Thompson Mr. Phillip L. Thompson Mr. Demond L. Thorne Ms. Anne T. Thornton Ms. De Shauna K. Thornton Ms. Elsie Seaborne Dr. Gwendolyn B. Thornton Ms. Latesha D. Thornton Ms. ReNecia D. Thornton Ms. Tracy D. Thornton Ms. Rita Threadgill-Williams Ms. Tabitha Threat Mr. Mark Thurston Ms. Monica M. Thurston Ms. Cheryl D. Tillery Ms. Cryshuda K. Tillery Ms. Betty H. Tillman Ms. Virginia D. Tirado Ms. Brendina D. Tobias Ms. Lydia M. Toliver Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Toppin Mrs. Bernice B. Townes Mr. Terry L. Traynham Mr. Edward D. Trotter Mr. David H. Trumble Ms. Cecelia T. Tucker Mrs. Delphia R. Tucker Ms. Lueveatrice Tucker Mr. Sean G. Tull Mr. Edward Turner, Sr. Mr. Lewis E. Turner Ms. Renee D. Turner Ms. Sherri R. Turner Mr. Louis M. Tutt Ms. Veronica M. Tutwiler


Ms. Bonnie R. Twine Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Twitty Jr. Ms. Michaela Twitty Mr. Gary D. Tynes Ms. Dawn M. Tyson Ms. Constance L. Upton Ms. Crystal Valentin Ms. Jeanette H. Valentine Mr. Ernesto Vales Ms. Jesse K. Vallejos Ms. Charlette B. Vance Mr. Derick S. Vance Ms. Venattia W. Vann Mrs. Wysteria S. Varner Mr. Richard C. Varona Mr. Curtis S. Vaughan Jr. Ms. Debra Vaughan Mr. Derek L. Vaughan Ms. Lisa M. Vaughan Ms. Robena D. Vaughan Ms. Thomasine E. Vaughan Viola V. Vaughan-Eden, Ph.D. Ms. Brenda J. Vaughn Dr. Emogene J. Vaughn Mrs. Loretta Vaughn Mr. James Veale Jr. Ms. Michelle A. Veney Dr. Renuka K. Verma Ms. Carolyn E. Vernon Mrs. Sally J. Vickers Mr. Darius Vines Mr. Sylvester Vines Ms. Riara Vinson Ana Vivas-Barber Ms. Erin O. Walden Mr. Charles A. Walke Ms. Audrey Walker Ms. Carlean V. Walker Mr. Dondre Walker Mr. Jesse Lee Walker Jr. Mrs. Linda C. Walker Mr. Melvin J. Walker Mr. Robert A. Walker Ms. Sandra Walker Ms. Simone Walker Ms. Tara R. Walker Mr. Tyrone L. Walker Ms. Alisha Wallace Mr. Darden Wallace Dr. Denelle L. Wallace Mrs. Jamie W. McPherson Mr. Gerald Walton Ms. Gwendolyn L. Walton Mrs. Jean B. Walton Mr. Troy A. Walton Ms. Robin D. Ward Ms. Sheila A. Ward Ms. Sherrie Ward Ms. Wivona M. Ward Ms. Paula D. Ware Ms. Dawn Warren Ms. Adrienne Washington Mr. Anthony Washington Ms. Cheryl Y. Washington Ms. Eunice E. Washington Ms. LaTisha Washington Ms. Raeandree A. Washington Mr. Tawan J. Washington Ms. Jamie L. Watkins Mrs. Helyn P. Watson Ms. Ofelia C. Wattley Mr. Malcolm G. Watts Mr. Virgil L. Waytes Ms. Tracy J. Weathers Mrs. Angela L. Weaver Ms. Patricia Ellison Weaver Ms. Charlene P. Webb

Ms. Melody M. Webb Mr. Todd S. Webb Mr. Darius O. Webster Ms. Helen J. Weiss Ms. Orlanda D. Welch Mrs. Vanessa B. Wells Mr. Brian Weltch Mr. MC Wesley Ms. Linda D. West Mrs. Orpah West Mr. Robert R. West Ms. Deborah R. Westfall Ms. Bertina Westley Ms. Adriane Whipple Ms. Shirley A. Whitaker Mr. Carey White Ms. Delores L. White Mr. James A. White, Jr. Ms. Juliette White Mrs. and Mr. Lynette E. White Ms. Marilyn W. White Mr. Melvin White Mr. Robeson J. White Mr. Ronald L. White Ms. Tanya S. White Ms. Tarah S. White Mr. Clarence L. Whitehurst, Jr. Ms. Linda P. Whitehurst Mr. Jerry Whitley Mrs. Marilyn Wiener Ms. Audrey M. Wiggins Ms. Dorothy Wiggins Mr. Johnnie Wiggins Mr. Kori Wiggins Mr. Melvin L. Wiggins Mr. Daniel Wilborn Ms. Elnora Wilburn Mrs. Shawkita K. Wilder Mrs. Cecelia Walker Wilkerson Ms. Thelma M. Wilkerson Mr. Olric R. Wilkins Ms. Rosalyn Wilkins Ms. Aretha I. Williams Mr. Aurthor C. Williams Jr. Mrs. Beverly Perkins Williams Mr. Calvin L. Williams Jr. Ms. Cheryl Williams Ms. Cheryl Williams Mrs. Cheryl H. Williams Mrs. Danielle Elaine Williams Ms. Delydia Williams Mr. Derrick A. Williams Ms. Ethel M. Williams Ms. Fredonna Williams Ms. Gina M. Williams Mr. Ivan Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Williams Ms. Joan B. Williams Mrs. Joyce A. WIlliams Ms. Juliette M. Williams Ms. Kathy Williams Ms. Kimberly M. Williams Mr. Larry Williams Mrs. Lisa M. Williams Mrs. Marian C. Williams Ms. Mary E. Williams Mrs. Monica L. Williams Ms. Nikkia S. Williams Mrs. Pauline J. Williams Mr. Reginald C. Williams Mrs. Sabina L. Williams Ms. Shamaine D. Williams Ms. Tiffany Williams Mr. Timothy G. Williams Ms. Tracy M. Williams Mr. Vernon T. Williams

Ms. Virginia C. Williams Mr. Walter R. Williams Jr. Mr. Wayland Williams Mr. Winston A. Williams Ms. Yvette Williams Ms. Darlene S. Williams-Brevard Mr. Kenneth E. Willie Ms. Karen Willis Ms. Monique Willis Ms. Cynthia Wills Mr. Anthony Wilson Mr. Ernest C. Wilson Ms. Jerlaunda T. Wilson Mr. Karl D. Wilson Mrs. Kesha N. Wilson Ms. Khaliah I. Wilson Ms. Kimberly M. Cummings Mr. Ricky J. Wilson Dr. Rudolph Wilson Mrs. Sandra A. Wilson Mr. Sandrous Wilson Mr. Thomas E. Wilson Major (Ret.) Willie A. Wilson, Jr. Ms. Avis D. Wimberly Mrs. Vanessa D. Windley-Williams Ms. Linda B. Winkfield Mr. Donald S. Winston Mr. Terrance R. Winston Ms. Alberta S. Winters Ms. Cynthia A. Winters Mrs. Beverly E. Withers Ms. Julia R. Wood Mr. Michael C. Wood and Mrs. Mia A. Roberson-Wood Mr. Ronald L. Wood, Jr. Mr. Warfield M. Wood Jordan Woodard Ms. Marietta L. Woodard Ms. Kimberly Woods Ms. Linda C. Woods Mr. Orlando Woodson Mr. Orlando A. Woodson Mr. William Woodson Mr. Charles Worrell Ms. Sonya R. Worrell Ms. Carolyn E. Wright Mrs. Josephine C. Wright Mrs. Josephine Suiter Wright Mrs. Sarah R. Wright Mr. William R. Wright Ms. Candace D. Wyder Mr. George Wylie Sgt. Joseph C. Wynder Dr. Bo Xiao Mr. Godfred S. Yamoah Mr. Randall M. Yancey Ms. Shirley A. Yarn Mr. Cervantes Yoel Mrs. Kathy A. Young Dr. Lynnette R. Young Ms. Allison B. Younger Ms. Marjorie Younger Mr. Ernesto Youngs Mr. Abolhassan Zarandazchi Mr. Timothy Zephyr Mrs. Anne M. Zobel

Photo by DèQuan Moss

Dr. Aprilfaye Manalang (center) is surrounded by her students.

New Professor Brings Expertise About Filipino Community to Campus By GAIL KENT


r. Aprilfaye Manalang says she didn’t always know that she was going to teach, but her mother saw a light in her that caused her mother to believe that teaching would be her path. “Somehow she always knew that I should teach,” says Dr. Manalang, a first-year member of NSU’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. She joined NSU last fall after completing her Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University. Her areas of expertise are American studies with a focus on race relations and religion. “I have always been fascinated with learning about people and their lives,” she says, explaining her chosen field of interest. “In interdisciplinary studies, we look at many aspects that affect peoples’ lives, including politics, religion, economics and history.” The bubbly, enthusiastic young woman grew up in a military family in southern Italy and Hampton Roads but has Filipino roots. Hampton Roads has the largest Filipino community on the East Coast, and Virginia is the ninth largest Filipino populated state with 47,609. Her multi-cultural background has had a strong impact on her research and interest in teaching. For her dissertation, she studied the role of Filipino immigrants’ religion and ethnicity in shaping public life. “I wanted to know, how does God tell me to be an American citizen? Religion

plays a strong organizing role. Immigrants bring their cultural traditions with them into this country. It’s a way of preserving their culture and remembering their community.”

“My Students Are What Makes Me Happy in Life.” – Dr. Aprilfaye Manalang Dr. Manalang has continued her research since she arrived at NSU. She won a $2,000-grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities for her local community history project, “The Role of the Black Church and Norfolk State University in the Civil Rights Movement in Norfolk, Virginia,” which included a panel discussion of civil rights activists that was broadcast on WHRO. NSU nominated her white paper on the local Filipino community for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Bridging Cultures grant. This spring she spoke at Old Dominion University and Virginia Wesleyan College about her ongoing research on the Hampton Roads Filipino-American community.

As important as her research is to her, Dr.Manalang says her heart is with her students. “I love my students,” she says. “My students are what makes me happy in life. They have so much passion. They are young and ambitious. It’s an honor and a privilege to be here with them in the classroom. I’m deeply invested in my students.” Her students feel the same way about her. Students in her three first-semester classes organized, raised funds and presented her with an “outstanding professor award”– a plaque to recognize her for outstanding teaching and mentoring. In addition, she received almost a 4.0 in student evaluations. “She is very giving of her knowledge, and her students appreciate her energetic, charismatic personality,” says Dr. Manalang’s supervisor, Dr. Khadijah Miller, chair of the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies. Dr. Miller says she has not known of another time when students have recognized their professor in such a manner. “She was willing to roll up her sleeves and jump right in, and that was one of the things that drew us to her.” Dr. Manalang says she is excited about continuing her research, writing a book and working with NSU students. “I’m a pretty simple person. I want to be a good human being. I want to help craft a better society. It’s not about me; it’s about shedding light on what it means to be an American.”



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