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phi·lan·thro·py . . . a noun meaning an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes; an organization distributing or supported by funds set aside for humanitarian purposes; its root – anthro (philanthropy) means literally "love of mankind." Thus, philanthropy is giving money for a purpose or cause benefiting people who you don't personally know. Merriam-Webster


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The Norfolk State University Report on Philanthropy provides an overall view of all contributions received from alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, and organizations from January 1 – December 31, 2016. Through your generous support and commitment to Norfolk State, we will continue our mission of transforming students’ lives through exemplary teaching, research and service.

Thank you! Every gift, big or small, makes a difference!

MISSION STATEMENT Norfolk State University, a comprehensive urban public institution, is committed to transforming students’ lives through exemplary teaching, research and service. Offering a supportive academic and culturally diverse environment for all, the University empowers its students to turn their aspirations into reality and achieve their full potential as well-rounded, resourceful citizens and leaders for the 21st century.


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EDDIE N. MOORE, JR. | President and Chief Executive Officer DR. STACEY FRANKLIN JONES | Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs GERALD E. HUNTER | Vice President for Finance & Administration DR. DEBORAH C. FONTAINE | Vice President for University Advancement DR. MICHAEL SHACKLEFORD |

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

CLEMENTINE S. CONE | Executive Assistant to the President for Compliance MONA ADKINS-EASLEY |

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

MARTY L. MILLER | Athletics Director

2016 BOARD OF VISITORS Dr. Ann A. Adams Elwood B. Boone, III Dr. Byron L. Cherry, Sr., Rector Thomas N. Chewning Kenneth W. Crowder Bryan D. Cuffee, Secretary


Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce B. Keith Fulton Larry A. Griffith Michael J. Helpinstill Devon M. Henry

Beth Murphy Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Vice Rector Desmond D. Fogg, SGA President Dr. Cassandra L. Newby-Alexander, Faculty Senate President

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MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT MOORE I AM PLEASED TO PRESENT THE NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY 2016 REPORT ON PHILANTHROPY. This publication is dedicated to the many donors who have made the decision to make Norfolk State University a priority in their 2016 charitable giving contributions. Between January 1 and December 31, 2016, more than 3,170 donors contributed to Norfolk State. Together alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff, corporations, and foundations demonstrated their generous commitment by contributing more than $3 million.

Support from donors like you make it possible to create new initiatives like our Presidential Scholars Fund which attracts some of the region’s and nation’s brightest and most competitive students. This prestigious merit-based initiative provides scholarships to NSU students who have outstanding academic achievements. Academically, our research and teaching are being recognized and rewarded. In December 2016, Norfolk State University was one of 24 colleges and universities awarded a grant to design programs to improve employment outcomes for graduates. NSU was awarded up to $6 million in a cluster with two other public HBCUs, Morgan State University and Tennessee State University. We also received $5 million from the National Science Foundation to research renewable energy. Norfolk State is poised to move to the next level of success by striving for excellence in all that we do, and by rejecting the notion of maintaining the status quo. We will continue our 81-year tradition of providing students with a high-quality education by ensuring that institutional resources are aligned with their needs. While institutional accomplishments have been many, we will continue to look forward by creating an even brighter future for our students. As a very important stakeholder, we ask you to continue to help us raise the funds necessary to support our finest students and to attract the best and brightest to Norfolk State University. I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to our many supporters for all you do for Norfolk State University. We truly appreciate your investment of time, talent, and treasure. BEHOLD...The Green and Gold! Sincerely,

Eddie N. Moore, Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer


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President Moore Announces New Scholarship Initiative Presidential Scholars Fund Targets High-Achievers Norfolk State University President and CEO Eddie N. Moore, Jr. announced a new scholarship program last fall . . . the NSU Presidential Scholars Fund, a merit-based initiative for students who have outstanding high school academic achievements. The program provides first-year undergraduate students $10,000 per year for four years. To support the Presidential Scholars Fund, NSU plans to raise $500,000 annually. The University will accept approximately 50 Presidential Scholars yearly. The inaugural class of Presidential Scholars welcomed 22 students in the fall of 2016.

The Presidential Scholars Fund is critical for NSU because it: • Increases the University’s ability to recruit and retain the highest caliber of students • Provides a life-changing investment in the education and future of NSU Presidential Scholars • Enhances the academic profile of NSU’s students further establishing our reputation as one of the best public universities in Virginia • Sustains the legacy and promise of Norfolk State University


For more information or to support the Presidential Scholars Fund, contact University Advancement at (757) 823-8323. To give now, visit us at and click on the designated gift button. Enter the amount you want to donate and type in Presidential Scholars Fund in the description field.

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MESSAGE FROM VIcE PRESIDENT FONTAINE THANK YOU TO THE MANY ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WHO INVESTED IN NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY IN 2016. Your financial investment in NSU is critical and essential to the success of our institution and students. Philanthropic investments, like yours, make it possible for the University to provide access to higher education to thousands of deserving students. Your investment creates avenues for experiential learning opportunities. Along with many other initiatives, your financial investment enables the University to recruit highly sought after scholars. Looking ahead...our fundraising goal for 2017 is $3.3 million. Our institutional funding priorities are focused on the following initiatives: Presidential Scholars Fund, Visual & Performing Arts, Areas of Greatest Need, and General Scholarships. Each initiative seeks to advance student achievement and/or enhance the student’s educational experience. It’s no surprise that those who earned a Norfolk State University degree are our most generous and loyal supporters. For the third consecutive year, our alumni donated more than one million dollars to the University. Thank you! For 2017, we are asking alumni to exceed our 2016 giving level by contributing $1.5 million toward our $3.3 million annual goal. Help us ensure that another generation of Spartans will benefit from an NSU education. Many thanks to all of our new donors who invested in Norfolk State for the first-time. The University is especially grateful for the many donors who have a long history of giving to NSU. We ask all of our alumni, friends and supporters to continue to make investing in Norfolk State University a priority in your charitable giving for 2017. Thank you for making a decision to support Norfolk State University. All gifts, of any size, make an impact! Your investment is a powerful way to show you believe in our mission and the future of Norfolk State University. We are grateful for each one of you. With warm regards,

Deborah C. Fontaine, Ph.D. Vice President for University Advancement


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2016 Year-End Review ALUMNI DONORS






Private Scholarships Awarded




GIFTS BY SOURCE Total Raised $3,029,118 $434,930


$103,191 RAISED 370 DONORS

$447,010 $1,029, 669




$705,458 $412,051

Alumni Faculty/Staff/Friends Clubs & Organizations

Corporations & Foundations Federal (Title III Matching Grant)


$27,416,968 M (12-31-16)


$1,284,377 SCHOLARSHIPS Impact: 1,900+ STUDENT AWARDS

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New Endowments Increase NSU’s Base for Student Scholarships If you are interested in creating a gift that has the capability to provide for long-term returns in providing assistance to NSU students, you may want to consider establishing an endowment. A named gift may be used to create a named-endowed fund, which will, in perpetuity, honor and memorialize the name(s) placed on it. Norfolk State University offers many gift options to those who wish to associate a family name or the name of a respected individual with a project or program of enduring value. To establish an endowment at Norfolk State University, you need: • To donate/pledge at least $25,000 • Payoff pledge within 5 years • Determine a name for your endowment When an endowment is established, the University is also eligible for a federal match . . . dollar for dollar. *See page 35 for more information on planned giving.

For more information about establishing an endowment at Norfolk State University, contact: University Advancement 700 Park Avenue, HBW Suite 410 Norfolk, Virginia 23504-8003 (757) 823-8323


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A Profile of NSU's Endowments... Here’s a quick explanation about Norfolk State University’s endowments and a profile of its newest additions: “An endowment is an investment fund established by a foundation that makes consistent withdrawals from the invested capital. The capital in endowment funds, most often used by universities, nonprofit organizations, churches and hospitals, is generally utilized for specific needs. Endowment funds are typically funded entirely by donations that are deductible for the donors.”

The 100 Kappas for $100,000 Endowed Scholarship The 100 Kappas Fund was created by fraternity members Clyde Wiggins, Lincoln T. Spicely and Melvin Stith. The fund’s purpose is to support men who are actively enrolled and have demonstrated a record of leadership and initiative. The fund provides assistance to any male, full time student in need of financial assistance with a minimum 2.7 GPA.

The Jonathan, Dionis, Jonathan Jr. and Jackson Endowed Fund Rev. Jonathan A. Mason Sr. ('95) graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communications. The fund’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mass Communication with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

The Michael M. and Dorothy B. Shackleford Endowment Fund The Michael M. & Dorothy B. Shackleford Endowment 10

fund was created to provide financial assistance to university students of any classification or major with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

The John Henry and Norma Weldon Endowment The John Henry and Norma Weldon memorial endowment was established in the memory of John Henry and Norma Weldon, who created a family legacy of higher education. The fund provides financial aid to any student who resides in the Hampton Roads area and has a minimum 2.7 GPA.

The Dr. Joy A. cooley-Doles & Mr. Dannis R.A. Doles Endowment Dr. Joy A. Cooley-Doles (’93), NSU professor of psychology and Dannis R.A. Doles (’80), a professor of photography and lettering in the department of fine arts, established this fund to support students who are pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree in psychology or a Bachelors of Arts in visual arts and have a minimum 2.7 GPA.

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The Dr. clarence W. Murray Memorial Scholarship

The Lavern Bazemore Exum Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. Clarence W. Murray Jr. memorial fund was established in his memory, as the director of the NSU Theater from 1992-2013. This fund supports students who are enrolled full-time and actively involved in NSU Theater productions.

Vernita Exum (’94) created a fund in memory of her mother, Laverne Bazemore Exum, who graduated from NSU in 1973, with a degree in elementary education. The fund was created to assist students who have demonstrated a love for teaching. Recipients must be education majors and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

The Maggalean Williams Weston Endowment Maggalean W. Weston earned her Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1966. The establishment of this fund was fueled by Weston’s desire to see more African Americans in physics and the sciences at NSU. Candidates for this award must be majoring in physics and have a minimum 2.8 GPA.

The charles M. Williams Sr. Endowment for the Arts and Scientific Research The endowment was established by Charles M. Williams Sr., who received two degrees from Norfolk State University. Williams received a B.A. in fine arts and a ROTC commission in 1970. A few years later he earned a degree in education in 1975. The endowment awards half of its funding to a student majoring in the arts and half to a student majoring in physics or chemistry, who is involved in a research project within the NSU Center for Materials Research. Students must have a minimum 2.4 GPA.


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NSU Receives UNCF Grant Targeted for HBCUs Now, more than any time in recent history, American students are questioning whether or not getting a college degree will secure them a good job and build wealth for their families. The UNCF, in partnership with the Lilly Endowment Inc. is addressing this issue via the UNCF Career Pathways Initiative (CPI). Norfolk State University, one of 24 colleges and universities designated to receive five-year grants, was awarded up to $6 million in a cluster with two other HBCUs. The funding allows Norfolk State University to develop and enhance career readiness programming to better prepare undergraduate students for the workforce upon graduation. As part of the CPI, selected institutions will develop a range of academic programs, student internships, industry partnerships, specialty certifications and faculty development as they forge a new model for career readiness. “These colleges and universities show promise in significantly addressing the urgent challenges facing African-American college students and graduates,” said Dr. Michael L. Lomax, UNCF president and CEO. “We really congratulate Norfolk State University and the 23 other institutions chosen to lead this important work.”


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WNSB Receives CPB Grant Norfolk State University’s radio station, WNSB 91.1 FM (Hot 91), was awarded a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant for $111,513 effective through September 30, 2019. WNSB has been a part of the public broadcast system for more than 37 years. The station also serves as a training ground for up-and-coming broadcasters. “Receiving the CPB grant really boosts our efforts to expand our services and programming,” said Edith Thorpe, WNSB general manager. “We know that our listeners count on us to bring them the latest news, information and best music around. This grant means that the CPB believes in the WNSB public radio mission.” WNSB has become one of the most listened to public radio stations with an urban format in Hampton Roads and the only public radio station with an urban alternative format in Virginia. WNSB recently conducted its second on-air membership campaign — MemberFest 2017 — with the goal of raising $20,000. For more information about the CPB grant or WNSB 91.1 FM, contact the WNSB Business Office at (757) 823-9672.


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EVERY GIFT MATTERS! THANK YOU! Norfolk State University thanks those whose generous contributions in 2016 supported our eorts and inspired us to continue forging onward. Thank you for making us a priority in your charitable giving last year.


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INDIV ID UAL S Based on Gifts and Pledges Received January 1–December 31, 2016 SPARTAN CIRCLE ($50,000-$74,999) Drs. Melvin T. and Patricia L. Stith

UNIVERSITY CIRCLE ($25,000-$49,999) Dr. Joy A. Cooley-Doles and Mr. Dannis Doles Rev. Jonathan A. Mason, Sr. Mrs. Betty A. Murray Mr. Kyle B. O'Quinn Ms. Bridgette J. Riddick Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Shackleford Mrs. Maggalean W. Weston Mr. Charles M. Williams, Sr.

1935 SUSTAINER’S CIRCLE ($10,000-$24,999) Mr. Glenn R. Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning Ms. Vernita M. Exum Mr. Tony E. Greene Mr. Clevester and Mrs. Dameron L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Lewis Dr. Janet M. McKenzie Mrs. Elisia A. and Mr. Eddie N. Moore, Jr. The Honorable Scott Rigell Mr. Tyrone T. Robertson Mr. Robert Rondell Smith

PILLARS ($7,500-$9,999) COL (Ret.) Byron L. & Mrs. Josephine Cherry Mrs. Parisiene T. Clark and Mr. Russell A. Clark, Jr.

Mrs. Joyce D. Daniel Ms. Carolyn C. Johnson CMDR (Ret.) William L. Walton, Sr.

CORNERSTONES ($5,000-$7,499) Ms. Rhonda L. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Morry D. Brown Mr. Charles R. and Mrs. Clementine S. Cone Mrs. Blanche Neal Duggins Dr. Deborah C. and Mr. Robert Fontaine COL (Ret.) and Mrs. Harold L. Hagans, Jr. Mrs. Beverly Boone Harris LTC (Ret.) and Mrs. James R. Harris, Jr. Dr. DeMarc A. Hickson Mr. Gerald E. Hunter Robert B. Lee and Dr. Margaret G. Lee Mr. Marty L. Miller Mr. G. Gilmer Minor III and Mrs. Charlotte Minor Mr. Mervin and Mrs. Sandra Pitchford Mr. Michael M. Riddick Ms. Joyce Hall Shambley and Dr. Harold D. Shambley Mr. Chester L. and Mrs. Fran W. Steward, Sr. COL (Ret.) James W. Whitehead, Jr. Mr. Joseph L. Wiggins Mr. Edward M. Willis

GREEN & GOLD CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999) Dr. Howard G. and Dr. Eloise C. Adams Dr. Stephanie Adams

Mrs. Mona Adkins-Easley Dr. Elsie M. Barnes Mrs. Joyce E. Black (Trustee) Ms. Arvett L. Blount Dr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Bogger Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Booker Dr. George W. Brown Colonel Sharalyn Brown Mr. Norfleet Claude, Jr. Mr. Malcomb Coley Mr. Clifton J. and Mrs.Eunice R. Crocker Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Cuffee Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Demory Ms. Banita Edwards-Porter Mr. Ernest M. Ellis Jr. Faith M. Fitzgerald, Ed.D. Dr. Jared W. Flood Deborah S. Foreman Ed.D. Dr. Frances Gray Mr. Larry Griffith Mr. Larry D. and Mrs. Denice D. Harris Dr. Carl Wheatley Haywood Mr. Nicolas A. Herbert Ms. Michelle D. Hill Ms. Valerie B. Holmes Mr. Earlie P. and Mrs. Charolette C. Horsey The Honorable Jerome James Rev. Drs. Freddie L. and Myrtle E. Jones Dr. Keith I. Jones Mr. T. Irle Jones Tamara A. Jones, M.D. COL (Ret.) Timothy Lamb Mr. Steve E. Lassiter Mr. Earl E. Lee Mrs. Joan K. Marsh Dr. Aliecia R. McClain Ms. Lorie A. McCowan Mr. B. Kennon E. Outlaw Mr. Donnell C. Parham Mr. Challis L. Purrington, Sr. and Mrs. Mary Purrington Mr. Archie W. Robinson

Mr. DonCosta Seawell Mr. and Mrs. William S. Sivels, Jr. Ms. Carrie G. Snead Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Staton, Sr. Drs. Leroy E. and Minnie A. Stiff Ms. Francine A. Taliaferro Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Thomas Mr. Robert L. Turner Bobby N. Vassar, J.D. Viola V. Vaughan-Eden, Ph.D. Dr. James M. Victory Mr. Earl Howard Watford Ms. Monica L. White Dr. Albert J. and Mrs. Brenda W. Williams Davida H. Williams, Ed.D. Mrs. Viola V. Williamson Mr. Paul L. and Mrs. Brenda B. Wright

LOYALTY CIRCLE ($1,000-$2,499) Dr. Danny L. Adams Ms. Stevalynn R. Adams Mr. James M. Alexander Mrs. April T. Allbritton Ms. Jennifer P. Allen Ms. Yvonne Allmond Ms. Karla J. Amaya Gordon Reverend Vienna C. Anderson Ms. Brenda H. Andrews Mr. Andrew T. Arroyo Mr. Kelvin W. Arthur, C.P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Avant Sheryl D. Bailey, Ph.D. Colonel William E. Bailey Mrs. Jennifer B. Baker Dr. Carray and Mrs. Alesia Banks Mrs. Etta C. Baum Ms. Alisha L. Bazemore Mrs. Kathy P. Belfield Mrs. Brenda J. Bennett Ernette Y. Benson-Foulk, M.D. Mr. Roy S. Beskin

Ms. Marjean Boettcher Ms. Wanda Boone Mr. Wilmer Boone Ms. Carol Boone-Thompson Ms. Lesley B. Brander Mr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Demetria C. Brinkley Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Brooks Mr. Charles N. Brown Mr. James L. Brown, Jr. Mr. Jasper E. Brown III Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brown LTC and Mrs. Ronnie L. Brown Mrs. Anne V. Bunch Ms. Tammy B. Burroughs Ms. Tracy B. Burroughs Mrs. Willie M. Butts Mr. Clifton D. Cabarras Mr. Kirk Callwood Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laurie M. Carpenter Andria N. ChapmanTaliaferro, D.D.S. Mrs. Nadine V. Clarke Mr. Jesse E. Coley Dr. Lajuana M. Collins-Morgan Mr. Troy J. Covington, Jr. Mr. Cedric D. Cradle Mrs. Ayisha Dabre Mumin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Davis Ms. Nicole K. DeJesus Dr. Sandra J. DeLoatch Mr. Anthony J. DiFilippo Mrs. Helena L. Dodson Mr. Stan M. Donaldson, Jr. Mr. Howard Duncan Mrs. Denise Y. Dye Mrs. Kathryn Epps Ms. Frances P. Epps Wilburn LTC (Ret.) Larnell B. Exum Dr. Patricia H. Fisher Ms. Danielle Flipping Mr. Emmet T. Forbes Dr. Dorothy M. Freeman Mr. Reginald L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Fuller


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 16

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Mr. Rodney P. Gaines Mr. Henry A. Garrity Ms. Kimberly E. Gaymon Dr. Paula Gentius Mr. and Mrs. Jackson C. Gerst, Jr. Mr. Colvin D. Gibson Mr. Tramaine L. Gillus Mr. Ronald E. Green Mrs. Joyce L. Gregg Mr. Gregory O. Grimes Mr. Hillard J. Hairston Mrs. Estherine J. Harding Mr. Gary W. Harris Mrs. Barbara A. Harrison Ms. Carlotta Y. Harvell Ms. Joan B. Harvey Mr. Robert and Dr. Gladys C. Heard Mr. Michael J. Helpinstill Mr. Devon O. Higgins Mr. Anthony Hill, Jr. Ms. Laurel E. Hill Mrs. La'Toya R. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Holeman, Sr. Mrs. Katherine M. Holmes Mr. Robert E. Holmes Mr. Charles R. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hunter

Mr. Curtis L. Hurdle Dr. Harroll Ingram Dr. Grady H. James Mr. James E. and Mrs. Janet C. Jefferson Ms. Althea C. Johnson Mr. Glenn M. Johnson Ms. Tracci K. Johnson Mr. William H. Johnson Ms. Chloé E. Jones Mr. Dennis Jones Dr. Dorothy L.R. and Mr. Elliott C. Jones Mr. Fred Jones Mr. George A. Jones Mr. Jerry L. Jones Mr. Otis S. Jones Ms. Audrey I. Jones-Prout Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jordan Mr. Anton V. Kashiri Dr. Michael O. Keeve Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Larkins Ms. DeShera G. Lassiter Ms. Glenda Lassiter Dr. Ricky A. Lee Mr. Walter L. Lindsay, Jr. Dr. Denise M. Littleton Ms. Tanya Maddox Mr. William T. Mason, Jr. Dr. Linda B. McCluney

Mr. Kenneth R. McIntyre Ms. Trina R. McLean Mr. Craig T. Mills Mr. Courtney A. Mitchell Ms. Andrea L. Montano Ms. Renata P. Moon Dr. James L. Moore III and Mrs. Stephanie Moore Ms. Linda F. Morgan Mr. William J. Morgan Jr. Mrs. Winnie H. Morrow Mr. Patrick K. Mullins Ms. Nancy K. Myrick Mr. Frank G. Newsome Ms. Shelvee H. Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Palmer Mr. Dwight M. Parker LT Robbie T. Parker Mr. Dwayne Paxton Mr. Carlton L. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Farley R. Perkins Dr. Robert K. Perkins Mrs. Carol R. Pickett Mr. Langston B. Powell, Jr. LTC (Ret.) and Mrs. William R. Rainey Mr. Robert M. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Deborah A. Reid, Jr. Mr. William C. Riddick

Dr. Emmett L. Ridley Ms. Kimberly M. Roberts Ms. Linda Dianne Roberts Mr. Zackary N. Rogers Ms. Sydana D. Rogers-Hollins, Ph.D. Mr. Jerrold W. Roy James E. Savage Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Martha Bracey Sawyer Ms. Josephine D. Scott Mr. Latrell D. Scott Mrs. Marichell N. Scott Ms. Sandra J. Shackelford Mr. Philip C. Sherrill Ms. Elaine Smith Dr. and Mrs. George A. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Kyo D. Song Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln T. Spicely Dr. Marie St. Rose Dr. Millard D. Stith, Jr., L.H.D. Mr. Kenny Stokes Dr. Clarence L. Stone, Sr. Mr. Shawn Z. Tarrant Ms. Andrea C. Tatum Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Taylor Ms. Patricia L. Terrell Ms. Alisha M. Tucker Mr. Lynwood A. Turner Mr. James E. and Barbara B. Ukrop


Jonathan Mason ‘95 “Norfolk State University prepared me for life . . . professionally and personally. To say that I received a superior education would be an understatement. Giving back financially is the very least I can do for an institution that has given so much to me. I will forever love NSU. My gift is earmarked for the Mass Communications and Journalism Department housed in the College of Liberal Arts. While matriculating at NSU, I majored in news and public affairs. I have spent 100 percent of my career in media and now I own an advertising agency. I am a proud graduate of the Mass Communications and Journalism Department and it is my desire to see NSU continue to groom men and women who will lead our industry to a bright future.”

Jonathan Mason ‘95 Marketing and Advertising Professional CEO – JAM Media Solutions LLC Established the Jonathan, Dionis, Jonathan Jr. and Jackson Mason Endowment


Mr. Larry Vickers Mr. Joel R. Wagner and Dr. Dianne Davis-Wagner Ms. Barbara Walker Dr. Barbara U. W. Walker Mr. David J. Walker Mr. Jonathan M. Walker Mr. Walter R. Wall and Mrs. Heather A. Johnson Wall Mr. and Mrs. John E. Warren Mr. John E. Washington Jr. Mr. Sylvester Watkins Ms. Melody M. Webb Mr. Terrence Webb Ms. Anne Marie Whittemore Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. Wiggins Mr. DeWayne R. Wilcher Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. Williams, Jr. Mr. Langston W. Willis Mrs. Joan G. Wilmer-Stewart Mr. Jimmie D. Wilson Dr. Rowena G. Wilson Ms. Julia B. Wingard Dr. Enrique G. Zapatero

HERITAGE ($750-$999) Dr. Belinda C. and Mr. Eugene Anderson Ms. Camilla H. Ashby Mr. Levi M. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Cassell E. Brabble LTC (Ret.) John W. Brown, Jr. Mrs. Thelma Y. Carroll Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Dorothy A. Chambers Ms. Jenice Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fisher Jr. Mr. Gregory W. Gardner Mr. Telly D. Green James W. Howell, Ph.D. Mr. Herman L. Jenkins Mr. Wendell Joyner Dr. Page R. Laws Mrs. Ann K. McDonald Mr. Dennis Montgomery Mr. Vincent W. Paige Ms. Dionne L. Price Ms. Ella E. Ravnell Ms. Patrice C. Smith Dr. Randolph Sykes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Walker Mr. Herman L. and Dr. Ella P. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. Williams, Jr.

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 17

CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION GIVING: THE HIGHLIGHTS Lockheed Martin $40,000 The Lockheed Martin grant supports a multi-disciplinary project centered on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The grant supports the following areas: (1) Research focused on sensors and solar cells for UAVs, (2) Curriculum enhancement of engineering and computer science majors, and (3) Pipeline enlargement for STEM fields. The $40,000 grant provides scholarships for undergraduate engineering, computer science and technology students.

Newport News Shipbuilding Huntington Ingalls Division $35,000 Norfolk State University’s Department of Engineering received a $35,000 gift from Newport News Shipbuilding. Funds will be used to support student scholarships. For many students, it’s scholarships like these that play a significant role in their ability to realize their educational and career goals.

Norfolk Southern $15,000 Norfolk State University’s Department of Engineering received a $15,000 gift from Norfolk Southern. The gift, which will have a far-reaching impact for engineering and technology students, and used to boost efforts to recruit and retain engineering students.


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 18


Clarence Lewis ‘60 “My main reason for giving was to help continue the legacy of our HBCUs, where many students are experiencing major financial problems. Without alumni support, the future impact of our schools may be short-lived. HBCUs have and continue to provide educational opportunities for countless students who otherwise would not have obtained a college degree. When I was a student in the 60s, I received inspiration and motivation from our first president, Dr. Lyman Beecher Brooks. As he walked the campus and spoke to students, he always shared his vision and goals. He was a symbol of encouragement and motivation to all students. I am passionate about giving back through service and financial support to others in need. I designated my gift to technology and areas of greatest need. As a technology major, my desire is to see the College of Science, Engineering and Technology develop and prepare the best engineers for the highly competitive market.”

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald N. Terry Ms. Phyllis Thompson Mr. Melvin E. Upton Ms. Tarrye L. Venable Mr. Sterling Weaver Mr. Jerry D. White The Hon. Susan Davis Wigenton and Kevin P. Wigenton, Esq. Mrs. Dorothy S. Wilkins Danielle E. Williams, Ed.D. Mrs. Delores G. Williams COL (Ret.) and Mrs. Howard M. Williams Ms. Rita Threadgill Williams Mr. Wyatt Tyrone Williams Mrs. Sheila S. Wilson Ms. Yvette Wilson Ms. Margaret S. Winston Mr. Calvin M. Woodhouse, Jr. Ms. Brenda M. Wright Mr. Floyd Daniel Young

clarence Lewis ‘60

PARTNER’S CLUB ($250-$499)

Retired, Test Engineer with IBM

DEAN’S CLUB ($500-$749) LTC (Ret.) Crispin A. Abad, Sr. Dr. Olusoji Akomolafe Mr. John G. Alexander Mr. Travis L. Ames LTC and Mrs. Ronnie L. Brown Ms. Patrisha Elizabeth Aregano Ms. Melody S. Armstrong Mr. Percell Artis, Jr. Mr. William A. Bagby Dr. & Mrs. Hollie Baker Ms. Akira J. Barclay Ms. Kerry A. Beard Mrs. Yvette M. Boone Ms. Pamela F. Boston Mr. Daniel C. Brock, Sr. Ms. Cynthia L. Brown Ms. Debra A. Brown Mrs. Marian A. Bullock Ms. Janine K. Butcher Mr. Joseph E. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Shedrick Byrd Mr. Thomas D. Calhoun Mr. Percy C. and Mrs. Catheline G. Carter Mr. Michael Casey Mrs. Sharon F. Cason Col. Thomas H. Chapman Ms. Frances W. Chavous Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Cheeks Dr. and Mrs. Jim Chen Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Claiborne


Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Clark, Sr. Dr. Herman D. Clark, Jr. Mr. Samuel L. Cofield Ms. Noelle N. Cook Mrs. Cynthia Baxter Cooke Mr. David Cox Mr. John W. Cox Ms. Regina T. Crawley Mr. and Mrs. March Cromuel, Jr. Mr. Kenneth W. Crowder Ms. Regina Lightfoot DaCosta Mr. & Mrs. James H. Davis Mr. S. W. Dawson Mr. Arthur Dean Mr. Herman DeBerry Mr. John R. Dobrosky Dr. & Mrs. Venkateswara Reddy Dondeti Mr. and Mrs. Mike Duman Ms. Elizabeth V. Eccles Mr. Stephen L. Edmonds Mr. Earl Eley Mr. Frank T. Elliott Dr. Charlette H. Fairchild Mr. Joseph F. Faulk Loretta Felder McKelvey, D.D.S. Dr. Charles H. Ford Ms. Julia L. Foxx Dr. Stacey F. Franklin Jones Dr. Algeania W. Freeman Mr. Marvin Futrell Mr. Lowman D. Gilliam Mr. Louis and Mrs. Olivia Kearney Mr. Thaddious L. Goodman

Ms. Misti D. Goodson Ms. Margaret P. Greene Mrs. Helga A. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Lester B. Hairston Mr. Michael A. Hairston Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Haley Ms. Janell Harris LTC and Mrs. Glenn A. Hodge Ms. Helivi Lue Holland Mrs. Lula B. Holland Mr. Bobby L. Howlett Mr. Ronald D. Hunt Dr. Sandy B. Hutchinson Mr. Dennis Ionno The Honorable and Mrs. Raymond A. Jackson Ms. Catherine Jacocks Mr. Nathan Kennedy Mr. Michael D. Lawton Ms. Jacquelyn P. Lee Mr. Charles D.L. Logan Mrs. Helen B. and Mr. Lorenza Luster Mr. Lamont D. Maddox, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mason, Sr. Dr. Marie V. McDemmond Mr. George McGaskey Dr. & Mrs. Phillip E. McNeil Dr. George E. Miller III Ms. Jane-Ellen Miller Mr. William H. Milligan III Mr. Henry L. Mills, Jr. Mrs. Alberta W. Minters

Mr. Gene A. and Dr. Vivian R. Moore Ms. LaVerne Moore Mr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Muldrow Mr. John S. Niblett, Jr. Ms. Barbara J. Nicholson Ms. Sandra H. Norman Mr. Robert C. Nusbaum Ms. Sandra Olanitori Mr. Walter J. Parker Mr. James C. Patterson, Jr. Mr. John Pemberton Mr. James A. Peterson Mr. Michael L. Pines Mr. Earl Plummer Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pugh Dr. and Mrs. Orren L. Rayford Ms. Hattie A. Redd Ms. Eva Y. Reid Mr. Maris I. Rence Dr. Cynthia A. Runnells COL (Ret.) and Mrs. William T. Russell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sessoms Mr. William Sharkey Ms. Darlene R. Shelton Mr. Ollie L. Sherman, Jr. Mr. Craig R. Smith Dr. Oliver W. Spencer, Jr. Ms. Trinette K. Spratley Mrs. Crystal Square-Williams Ms. Josephine B. Stanley-Brown Mr. and Mrs. Adrian P. Stubbs Ms. Carolyn Taylor

Dr. Ann A. Adams Dr. William K. A. Agyei Ms. Joy C. Allen Mr. Darren P. Amos Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Anderson Mr. William W. Anderson, Jr. Ms. Meghan K. Antinarelli Ms. Cheree A. Armstrong Ms. Lenora E. Armstrong Mr. Carey Aursby Mrs. Leonthia P. Avery Mr. Athaniel W. Badger, Jr. Ms. Eunice L. Bagley Ms. Carla A. Bailey Mr. John Baker, Jr. Ms. Theresa G. Baker Mrs. Jeanette C. Bane Ms. Ayesha Banks Mr. Bryan Barker Mr. Darius M. Benton Mrs. Brenda L. Betts Ms. Coletta J. Bey Dr. Suely Black Mr. Jeremiah F. Bond Mrs. Mary Pender Bond Ms. Tracy D. Boone Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bradby Mr. Kenneth D. Brandon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Bridgers Mr. Christopher L. Bristow Ms. Dana Brittingham Dr. Karl B. Brockenbrough Mr. Larry M. Brooks Mr. Alvin L. Brothers Mr. Kevin Brown Mrs. Edward L. Brown Sr. Mr. Leroy N. Burks

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 19

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Mr. Jerome A. Bynum and Mrs. Thelma Burns-Bynum Dr. Cynthia Burwell Dr. Helen Bessant Byrd Mr. Raymond S. Calloway Ms. Barbara J. Calvin Mr. William L. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cantor Ms. Olivia R. Cauthen Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Chappell, Sr. Mr. Claudell E. Clark Dr. Darlene G. Colson Mrs. Jill E. Comess Mr. Marty S. Conner Ms. Sandra Cooper Mrs. Catherine Coyle Mr. Hudnall R. Croasdale Mr. Theodore V. Cross Mrs. LaBarbara L. Cuffee Mrs. Doreen A. Currie Ms. Erica P. Curtis Ms. Eloise D. Daniels Ms. Letitia A. Davis Mr. William T. and Mrs. Mozella W. Delk Ms. Garnise A. Dennis Mr. Juan L. Dennis Mr. Ronnie Didier Mr. and Mrs. Willie L. Dixon Mrs. Flora M. Williams Ms. Janice H. Drake Mrs. LaVersa R. Drew Dr. Joseph G. D'Silva Mr. Richard L. Dunbar Dr. Ernestine A. Duncan Mrs. Rosalyn L. Durham Mr. George R. Easter Mr. Stanley D. Edmonds Jr. Mr. Howard S. Edwards Revs. James and Delores W. Edwards Mr. Clarence E. Elliott Mr. Anthony C. Epps Mr. Gerald K. Epps Mr. Eric J. Escujuri Ms. Barbara J. Exum Mr. Coley Faulk, Jr. Mr. George L. Fauntleroy Sr. Mr. Danny Fentress Ms. Tracey D. Ford Ed.D. Mr. Kermit M. Foster Colonel Jeffrey D. Freeland Ms. Doris M. Fulgham Mr. Monecure Futrell Ms. Daphne L. Gayle Mr. John Gerdelman Mr. and Mrs. Andre Q. Goodman Mr. Christopher Goodman Dr. Barbara G. Graham Ms. Linda L. Gray Ms. Helen R. Green Reverend Joseph N. Green, Jr. Mr. Leon Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffin, Jr. Mr. Travis Grimes

Ms. Bryana Guckin Dr. Desideria S. Hacker Mr. George F. Hall, Jr. Ms. Martha J. Hall Mr. Jonathan D. Hancock Ms. Ruth V. Harding Mr. Durrell Hardy Ms. Carol Hare Ms. Arminta R. Harris Dr. and Mrs. George C. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hatcher, Jr. Ms. Carolyn Hawley Mrs. Joyce B. Hay Mr. and Mrs. James R. Haywood Ms. Ebony Hendrick Mrs. and Mr. Vivian Hester Mr. Richard Hillian Mr. Leon Hines Ms. Tiffany M. Hines Colonel William A. Hines, Jr. Ms. Wendy Hinton Mr. Frederick Hobson Mrs. Sharon R. Hoggard Dr. Brenda E. Hollowell Mr. and Mrs. James T. Holmes, Jr. Ms. Dionne Hood Mr. John G. Howell III Ms. Crystal Humphrey Mr. Soloman S. Irving Dr. and Mrs. Lee J. Isabell Mr. Wayne L. Ivey Mrs. Clarice A. Jackson Mr. Terry A. Jackson Mr. Milton Jacobs Mr. William Lee Jamison Mr. Carlton Jarvis Mr. Clifton Jarvis Ms. Rosalind B. Jennings Commander Everett Johnson III Ms. Janice R. Johnson Major and Mrs. Jerry L. Johnson Ms. Venitta R. Johnson Ms. Danielle S. Jones Leonard W. Jones, Sr., Esquire Ms. Michele Jones Ms. Peggy S. Jones Mr. Robert L. Jones Ms. Showna C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Jordan Mr. Lewis H. Jordan Mr. Melvin C. Jordan Ms. Stephanie A. Jordan Ms. Toya G. Jordan Ms. Monsurat O. Kadri Ms. Keesha M. Kerns Mrs. Musheerah Kolen Ms. Benita D. Land Ms. Doris Langhorne Dr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Langley Mr. Donald D. Larrimore Ms. Crystal C. Lassiter Mr. Issac Lawrence Ms. Sylvia Lawson Ms. Lauren Lea Major Cedric Lee

Dr. Alvin C. Lomax Mr. Joseph C. Maggiore Mr. Ovelton Malone Mr. Laurence T. Manning Ms. Robin Marable Mrs. Truly M. Marks Ms. Martha H. Marsh Dr. Bennie L. Marshall Ms. Marvette W. Mathis Dr. Larry Mattix Mr. Romuald L. Mauricio Bishop Rudolph and Mrs. Kimberly McKissick Mrs. Elnora Melvin-Smith Mr. Eric V. Moore Ms. Linda H.L. Morrissey Mr. Donald R. Moss Ms. Eva J. Mullen Dr. Patricia Saunders Nixon Dr. Camellia M. Okpodu Mrs. Evelyn and Mr. Reginald Osby Dr. & Mrs. Bhagaban Panigrahi Mr. Nagaraj Parasa Ms. Delores Parker Mr. Dennis D. Patterson Dr. Annie S. Perkins Ms. Nicole Person Ms. Linda D. Piersawl Mrs. Monique M. Pinner Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Pitts Mr. Craig D. Pooler Ms. Regina Pope Mr. Padreus D. Pratter Ms. Charmagne Price Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Randolph, Sr. Mr. Ronnie E. Rascoe Dr. Patricia B. Ravenell Ms. Sharon S. Riley Mr. Ulysses S. Robinson Mr. Ervin L. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. James E. Salter Jr. Mr. Christopher Scott Ms. Jacquelyn E. Scott Ms. Virginia B. Scott Mr. Wendell C. Seal Mr. Christopher Lynn Setzer Ms. Robin L. Seymore Ms. Delores R. Shields Ms. Deloris O. Short Mr. Jasper Short, Jr. Mr. Douglas B. Skinner Mr. James Smith Ms. Linda L. Smith Ms. Shenelle Smith Mr. Donald M. Sparrow Mr. Christopher Spikes Dr. Linwood R. Spruiell Mr. Tommy Spruill Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Steward Mr. and Mrs. Darnell Streat Mr. Munir M. Sulaiman Dr. Sam-Shajing Sun Ms. Sylvia A. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sweat Colonel Antoine Taylor

Mr. Cecil A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Taylor Mr. Dewvaul W. Tracy III Mrs. Angela O. Tucker Dr. Delano I. Tucker Ms. Carlean V. Walker Mr. Kenyon D. Walker Ms. and Mr. Toshia Walters Ms. Wivona M. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Warren Jr. Mr. John Washington Mr. Alex Watford Jr. Ms. Marilyn H. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Watson Ms. Ingrid E. Watson-Miller Ms. Kelli Webb Mrs. Natalie Y. Wells Mrs. Harriet E. White Mr. Darrell Whiting, Jr. Mr. Wilbert Wiggins Mr. & Mrs. Theodore O. Wilder Jr. Dr. Aurelia Taylor Williams Ms. Miriam B. Williams Ms. Sheriyse Williams Ms. Tanya Williams Mr. Brian B. Wilson Ms. Ethel M. Wilson Dr. Shirley S. Winstead Mr. Donnell M. Wood LTC and Mrs. James E. Wood Ms. Margaret Wood Mr. and Dr. Terry G. Woodhouse Mrs. Eunice G. Woods Mr. Luke R. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wynder, Sr.

CENTURY ($100-$249) Mr. Charlie L. Abbott Dr. Malikah T. Abdullah-Israel Mr. John B. Adams, Jr. Ms. Diana Adebambo Ms. Francis A. Akaigbe Ms. Lenora Alexander Mrs. Tara M. Alexander Dr. Abdinur M. Ali Mr. Hamilton R. Allen Mrs. Nancy Allen Mr. and Mrs. Vandybe Almond, Jr. Mr. Wright Aloba C.P.A., PC Mr. Marquis O. Alston Mr. Michael Anderson Mr. Robert L. Anderson Dr. WaNelle J. Anderson Mr. Kenneth Andrews Ms. Sylvia J. Andrews Ms. Khrystin Armor Mr. Daniel B. Armstrong Ms. Jeraline S. Artis Dr. Sherlonda J. Asante Dr. Tony Atwater and Dr. Beverly Roberts-Atwater

Mr. Ashley D. Avery Ms. Natasha Aylor Mr. Michael Babb Mr. Eugene Bailey Dr. Beryle I. Baker Mrs. Linda E. Baker Dr. Jean Marie Banatte Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Banks Mr. Joseph Barden Ms. Muriel Y. Barefield Mr. Tyrone Barlow Ms. Jennifer C. Barnes Ms. Melissa Barnes Ms. Patrice Barnes Ms. Sachkia S. E. Barnes Ms. Sandra T. Barnes Ms. Cyndi Barnett Mr. Charles T. Bartlett Mr. John R. Baskin Mr. and Mrs. Floyd P. Bates Ms. Alicia Batten Ms. Hattie and Mr. Ronnie Battle Mr. Luther Battle Mr. Brion Baylor Mr. Ronald Bayton Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel S. Beale Dr. Robert M. Beale Ms. Shirley D. Beale Ms. Lakeisha R. Bell Colonel Randy B. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bell Mrs. Ruth W. Bell Ms. Shenell Bell Ms. Stacie Bell Mr. Michael Bello Ms. Bobbie Berger Mr. Winder H. Bill Mr. Gregory V. Billups Mr. Robert J. Black III Ms. Alyson D. Blackburn Ms. Felicia V. Blackwell Ms. Tashonia Blackwell Mr. Curtis J. Blakely, Jr. Ms. Bernice Boddie Le Boler Ms. Irene B. Bond Mr. David L. Booker, Jr. Dr. and Mr. Paula H. Boone Mrs. Tracy A. Boone-Jackson Mr. Andrea Bossous Dr. Arthur W. Bowman Mr. Ty-Salaam Bowman Ms. Williemae G. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Boykins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Briggs Sr. Ms. Lynn F. Briley Ms. Ebyn D. Brinkley Ms. Rhonda A. Britt Ms. Shameka Broadnax Dr. Wanda Goins Brockington Ms. Cathy D. Brodnax Ms. Patricia A. Brooks Mr. Sharrief I. Broome Mr. Peter A. Brothers Ms. Elita S. Brown Mr. Gilbert J. Brown


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 20

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Ms. Hattie L. Brown Mrs. JoVern Brown Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Peggy L. Brown Mr. Raymond Brown Mr. Ryan Brown Mr. Stanley R. Brown Ms. Lisa Brownson Dr. Valencia Brown-Wyatt Dr. Norma W. Brumage Ms. Belinda E. Bruster, Ph.D. Mr. Kyle Bullard Ms. Audra Bunch Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Bunn, Sr. Miss Brandi T. Burton Ms. Elois F. Butler Mr. Holt W. Butt III Mr. and Mrs. Albert Byrd Mrs. Maxine M. Byrd Dr. Melendez O. Byrd Mrs. Tonya D. Byrd Ms. Theresa C. Caffee Ms. Deborah V. Cain Mrs. Bertha M. Caldwell Mrs. Larraine M. Caldwell Mr. Robert Calhoun Mr. William and Cynthia Calhoun Ms. Kathleen R. Campbell Ms. Tiffany D. Campbell Mrs. Phyllis H. Camper

Ms. Theresa G. Carballo Mr. Chris E. Carpenter, Sr. Ms. Leonthena R. Carrington Ms. Berline R. Carroll-Thompson Mr. Floyd J. Carter Mr. Roy A. Carter Ms. Whitney Carter Mr. Cornelius C. Cason Ms. Evelyn C. Cason Mr. Spencer T. Chambliss, Sr. Ms. Dianne Chatman Ms. Troyana Cheatham Mr. Linear C. Cherry III Mr. Ryan J. Chipka Mr. James Church, Sr. Ms. Leah M. Clark Ms. Tomaya C. Clark Ms. Carol H. Clarke Dr. Phyllis Clark-Freeman Ms. Tounya L. Clayton Mr. W. Frank Clemons Mr. and Mrs. Preston Cobbs Ms. Devona Y. Coker Ms. Wilella Coker Mr. Dudley Colbert Ms. Diana M. Cole Ms. Monique T. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Coleman Mrs. Jacquelyn Cooke Coleman Ms. Shinese M. Collins

Mr. Gregory C. Cook Ms. Alice V. Cooper Ms. Bettie Minette Cooper Mr. Darrell A. Cooper Ms. Debra G. Cooper Ms. Camisha Corporan Mr. Ferman Covington, Jr. Mr. Andre C. Cowling Ms. J. Y. Crawley Mrs. Olivia C. Crawley Mrs. Adriene R. Crawley-Dent Dr. and Mrs. Artis R. Croslin Mr. Earl T. Cross Dr. Marvin D. Feit and Dr. Nuria M. Cuevas Mr. Kaldin Cuffee Dr. James A. Curiel Mr. Tony L. Curry Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Cypress Dr. Donna L. Dabney Ms. Tamara Dailey Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dandridge, Jr. Mrs. Schronda E. Daniels Ms. Brenda M. Daniels-Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Darden Ms. Cheryl J. Davis Ms. Dianne Davis Reverend Fredrick A. Davis Ms. Gloria D. Davis Ms. Debra R. Dean

Mr. Shawndell L. Deans Mr. Omar Decosta Ms. Nancy Deford Mrs. Prezillia E. Degree Rev. Yvonne V. Delk Ms. Amber C. Dennard Ms. Jonelle C. Depp Mr. Marcus D. DeShields Mr. Benjamin F. Dickerson Jr. Ms. Sonja M. Dickerson Ms. Dione Dillard Mrs. Octavia D. B. Dixon Ms. Fannie M. Dixson Ms. Candy Dolcy Mrs. Felicia Doswell Ms. Jecola Doughty Dr. Ransom Douglas Ms. Lynnette Doweary Ms. Jennifer Draper Mr. Damani J. Drew Mr. Russell A. Drewrey Mr. Eugene L. Dudley Mr. Dwight E. Dukes Ms. Monifa Dukes Mr. Charles Dunbar Mr. Richard H. Duncan Ms. Debbie Dunn Mr. Keith Duplessis Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase Mr. Reginald A. Early


Betty A. Murray “My late husband and I graduated from an HBCU – South Carolina State University (it was South Carolina State College when we graduated). We know the value of having scholarships available for struggling students. It is my hope that the scholarship will be used to inspire a student in the performing arts area to become the best actor, dancer, performer ever to grace the U.S. stage. The endowed scholarship established in the name of my late husband, Dr. Clarence W. Murray Jr., who was NSU's theatre director for nearly 22 years. The Board of Visitors recently created a performing arts department, which includes the NSU Theatre Company. Funds from this endowment support the theatre department and attract the best qualified faculty and students. There are many talented students who need a little help to be able to afford an education.”

Betty A. Murray Assistant Professor, NSU Biology Department


Ms. Patricia Edge Mr. James L. Edmonds Mrs. Tracy D. Edmonds Mr. Errick Edwards Ms. Ethel Mae Edwards Dr. Sam Elchoufani Ms. Sheila W. Elliott Ms. Linda L. Ellis Ms. Paulette E. Ellis Ms. Nicole Emanato Ms. Regina English Mr. Lawrence E. Epplein Ms. Audrey M. Epps Ms. Mamie W. Epps Dr. Kirsten S. Ericksen Ms. Shanequa Estes Mr. Mark A. Eulo Dr. Brenda L. Exum Dr. & Mrs. Ira W. Falls, III Mrs. Sherri C. Farrow Mr. and Mrs. Alvin J. T. Ferebee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rico T. Ferebee Mr. Willie L. Ferebee Ms. Deborah H. Ferguson Ms. Rae L. Ferguson Ms. Tonya Fields-Hines Ms. Lydia Figueroa Mr. Linwood O. Fisher Mr. Emmanuel Fleurancy Ms. Rosemary W. Fonville Mr. Reginald A. Foote Mrs. Arnicia R. Forbes Ms. Wanda N. Forbes Mr. Paul A. Foreman Reverend Joyce Foster Mr. Valente' J. Frazier Mrs. Veronica H. Frazier Ms. Angela R. Freeman Ms. Jemina M. Freeman Ms. Joyce B. Freeman Ms. Alicia Fritz Mr. and Mrs. David Frome Ms. Betty A. Fulgham Mr. Paul S. Fuqua Ms. Joyce T. Gainer Mr. Kenneth T. Gallop Ms. Asia Garcia Mr. Gary H. Gardner Mr. Melvin R. Gardner Mrs. Pavell C. Garner Ms. Esther White Gary Ms. Mittie A. Gary Mr. Gerald Gibbs Ms. Loretta M. Gibbs Mr. Kenneth A. Giles Ms. Tina M. Gillespie Ms. Carolyn S. Glover Dr. Derrick C. Glymph Ms. Joyce C. Glymph Mr. W. Harvey and Mrs. Marie D. Goines Ms. Bernice M. Golden Ms. Tianna N. Goldring Mr. John C. Goode Ms. Latesha L. Goode

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 21

Senior Class Creates a Culture of Student Philanthropy Looking for ways to engage students in the University’s philanthropy efforts, Tichira Smith, a senior psychology major and president of the senior class, spoke with her advisor in the summer of 2016. After mulling over several ideas, Smith sought out the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. “I met with Ms. Cook (Noelle) and she suggested that we raise $5,000 for a book scholarship,” Smith said. “I presented the idea to the senior class cabinet.” And, the rest is history. The Proud to Pay Legacy was born out of caring and concern for fellow students. “It’s about leaving a legacy from our senior class and giving back,” stated Smith. To date, the students and others have raised $6,500, surpassing the amount needed to create the scholarship. We’re not only leaving a legacy behind, but we are starting a new tradition and creating a culture of student philanthropy.” With the assistance of the NSU Alumni Association Inc., the Proud to Pay Legacy launched in September. For two months, the scholars implemented an information campaign that included manning a public information booth in the Student Center every week. “The ultimate goal: making sure other students can complete their education,” said Smith. "Being able to leave a legacy behind makes me happy . . . knowing that I helped somebody else.”

Tichira Smith senior psychology major president of the senior class

Tichira Smith proudly presented President Eddie N. Moore, Jr. with a check for $6,500 during the May 6, commencement exercises.


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 22


Maggalean W. Weston ‘66 Maggalean W. Weston, a native of Virginia Beach, is a 1966 graduate of Norfolk State University earning a B.S. degree in physics. That same year she became the first African American and first woman to be employed by the Department of Navy as a research physicist at the Underwater Explosions Research Division of the David Taylor Model Basin (DTMB), currently the Naval Surface Warfare Center at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Later she was transferred to the DTMB headquarters in Washington, D.C. and from this position, she moved to the director’s staff at the Naval Research Laboratory. Maggalean established her namesake endowment, the Maggalean Williams Weston Endowment because she had a desire to see more African Americans pursue degrees and careers in physics and the other sciences. The endowment provides the opportunity for other students to finish Norfolk State’s science and technology programs.

Maggalean Williams Weston ‘66 Retired, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards) Established the Maggalean Williams Weston Endowment

Ms. Veronica Goodman Mr. James Gorham Mr. Brandon Grace Mr. Immanuel A. Graham Mr. Tyrell Grant Mr. Mandel S. Green Ms. Thomasina G. Green Ms. Louethel Green-Williams Ms. Adrienne R. Griffin Ms. Dollie Griffin Ms. Isabella Griffin Mr. Paul L. Griffin Ms. Gloria J. Hagans Ms. Gloria P. Hagans Ms. Gwen Hagins Mr. Glen Hairston Ms. Miya Hairston Mrs. Lauren M. Haley Ms. Chelsea S. Hall Ms. Jaedda Hall Mr. Marvin K. Hall Dr. Tarin T. Hampton Mr. Vincent Hancock Mr. Calvin K. Hankins, Sr. Mrs. Kim M. Hansberry Ms. Lillian Harding Mr. Christopher M. Harrell Mr. Johnnie L. Harrell Jr. Mr. Brian K. Harris Mrs. Denee W. Harris Mr. Hiram C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Harris


Ms. Cynthia L. Harrison Ms. Lavonne A. Harrison Mrs. Charrisse V. Hart Ms. Dia M. Hayes Ms. Lamarian Hayes-Wallace Mr. Isaiah Haynes Ms. Sheryll B. Heard Mrs. Clairetta Heath Mr. Fred Helm Mrs. Cantana M. Henderson Mrs. Jameika L. Henderson Mr. Dwight D. Hendricks Mr. Devon M. Henry Mr. Lael S. Herbert Ms. Beverly R. Herndon Ms. Jane Hicks Ms. Rosa Francine Hightower Ms. Keisha Hill Mrs. Margaret L. Hill Mr. Thomas P. Hill Ms. Vida L. Hinton Mr. Michael L. Hockaday Mrs. Cynthia G. and Mr. Stephen D. Hogan Ms. Michelle Holland-Frazier Mr. and Mrs. David L. Holliday Mr. Mark A. Holloway Mr. Gene A. Holmes Ms. Kenisha R. Holmes Mr. William T. Holmes Ms. Mary A. Hoppa Ms. Sonya Y. Hopson Mrs. Ethel S. Horton

Ms. Natarsha Horton Dr. Jiashi Hou Mrs. Arketa R. Howard Ms. Gloria L. Howell Ms. Jessica Hoyle Dr. Yen-Hung Hu Ms. Tanay Hudson Mrs. Barbara S. Humes Ms. Consuela U. Hunt, M.D. Mrs. Evelyn A. Hyman Mr. Omar Ibrahim Ms. Dorica Irvin Ms. Dorothy Banks Irving Ms. Aurelia Isham Ms. Wanda D. JaBoolah Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Jackson, Jr. Mr. George C. Jackson Ms. Jessica Jackson Ms. Joyce M. Jackson Mr. Elbridge G. and Mrs. Marjorie H. Jackson Mr. Marvin S. Jackson Ms. Raahema Jackson Mr. Robert L. Jackson Mr. Ronald T. Jackson Ms. Thea J. Jackson Mr. Warren L. Jackson Mr. William Jackson Ms. Jestine M. Jefferson Ms. Brenda M. Jenkins Ms. Vanessa Caldwell Jenkins Ms. Felicia R. Jiles Ms. Barbara Ann Johnson

Dr. Barbara L. Johnson Ms. Ellen Johnson Mrs. Linda E. Johnson Mr. Martin Johnson Mr. Marven Johnson Dr. Melencia M. Johnson Mr. Michael J. Johnson Ms. Patrice L. Johnson Mr. Percy A. Johnson Ms. Ayisha J. Jones Mr. Cameron K. Jones Mrs. Dardress C. Jones Dr. Eleanor Green Dawley Jones Mrs. Florine F. Jones Ms. Gloria Jones Ms. Inez Jones Reverend and Mrs. James W. Jones, Sr. Ms. Janice M. Jones Mr. Jimmy Jones Ms. Karen G. Jones Mr. Kevin L. Jones Mr. Kirk R. Jones Ms. Linda V. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Melvin M. Jones Jr. Rev. Drs. Freddie L. and Myrtle E. Jones Ms. Robin M. Jones Ms. Traci V. Jones Ms. Vanessa C. Jones Mrs. Michele T. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jordan Ms. Edna W. Joyner

Ms. Patricia A. Joyner Dr. Ganesan Kamatchi Mr. Bernard M. Kee Ms. Christina N. Keith Ms. Genea Kelsick Ms. Shanetta L. Kemple Mr. David R. Kenerson, Jr. Ms. La Keisha Keneti Mr. and Mrs. Elijah C. Kent Ms. Willardine J. Kidd Ms. Cindy Y. Kilmon Mrs. Sandra E. King-Turner Dr. Howard M. Kinlaw Mrs. Karla A. and Mr. Derrick Kirby Mr. Haywood Knight Jr. Ms. Shaneka Knight Ms. Jessica Kwebetchou Ms. Tinita LaFond Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Laine Ms. Bettie W. Lamb Ms. LaBarbara M. Lamb Mrs. Mildred W. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. White Dr. Kaysha Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Tyrus J. Lassiter Mr. Kamal Lee Dr. Kerry J. Lee Mr. Richard R. Lee Mr. Walter A. Lee Ms. Shawanda Legall Ms. Bernestine D. LeGrande Mr. Steven LeValley Ms. Sarah-Anne Leverette Ms. Vicki Lewis Beckett Ms. Helen Boyd Lewis Ms. Joann Lewis Ms. Sherrell Lewis Ms. Shirann C. Lewis Ms. Shelley Lindsay-Long Ms. Katherine L. Lindsey Mr. Leonard S. Lipscomb Mr. John Livenere Ms. Shanaysha Long Ms. Tonya T. Loper Ms. Natasha Lott Ms. Mary S. B. Lovett Mr. Winston C. and Mrs. Rosetta M. Lowery Mr. Linwood Lyons Ms. Michelle L. MacFarlane Ms. Doris N. Mack Ms. Kimbirly A. Mack Ms. Perlean Maddox Mr. John D. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad M. Safavinia Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Mark Mr. William R. Marriner Ms. Deborah M. Marsh Dr. Matilda J. Martin Ms. Elizabeth A. Mason Ms. Jackie Matthews Mrs. Jacqueline Y. Matthews Major (Ret.) James T. Matthews Mrs. Charlotte M. Maull

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:03 AM Page 23

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Ms. Michelle C. Maull Mr. Troy E. and Mrs. Barbara Maxwell Mr. Lawrence L. Mayfield Mrs. Barbara Collins McCall Ms. Brandi McCarty Ms. Marcie McClary Mr. and Mrs. Oscar McCloud Ms. Naomi McCoy Mr. Lloyd G. McKenzie Mr. Daniel McKinney Ms. Deborah Y. McKissick Ms. Joan W. McKissick Mr. Terrance L. McKnight Ms. Dyanna McMullen Mr. James C. McNair Mr. Gary R. and Mrs. Christine L. Medlin Mr. Cecil Mellanson Mr. Donald Melvin Ms. Kristi Menges Mr. Kevin M. Mercer Mr. and Mrs. James A. Metcalfe Mr. Matthew B. Michalec Mr. Ricky K. Micou LTC (Ret.) Alphonso L. Midgett Ms. Pauline Milbourne Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miles Mr. Allen D. Miller Dr. Floyd E. Miller, Jr. Dr. Katrina B. Miller Mr. Rufus N. Miller Ms. Khaliah L. Mills Mrs. Jacqueline C. Milteer Ms. Betty G. Mitchell Mr. David Mitchell Mr. Kenneth Mitchell Mr. Lee B. Mitchell Mr. Van B. Mitchell Ms. Vanessa D. Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Bidhu B. Mohanty Mrs. Christina V. Monroe Ms. Natasha Monroe Ms. Donna Montero Ms. Annette Montgomery Ms. Reatha M. Montgomery Mrs. Allison J. Moore Mr. Ezra J. Moore Mr. Gary L. Moore Mr. George A. Moore Ms. Janice A. Moore Mrs. Stephanie N. Morales Mr. Robert R. Morgan Col. (Ret.) Terry V. Morgan Ms. Locksie Morgan-Pair Mrs. Katherine P. Moriarty Mr. Jerome D. Morris Mr. Johnny P. Morris Ms. Marva Morris Ms. Audrey N. Mosley Ms. Candace L. Moss, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Moss Ms. Ella E. Moss Dr. Gwendolyn J. Moss Ms. Peggy F.T. Moss

Mr. Victor Motley Mrs. Blanche G. Mouzon Mr. John W. Munford Mrs. Lorna W. Murphy Mrs. Alice T. Musapatike Ms. Treasa Y. Myers Ambassador Bismarck Myrick Ms. Sabrina H. Myrick, Ph.D. Mr, Wilbur L. Myrick, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Jack P. Neal, Jr. Ms. Ta-Tianna Kamaria Nealy Mr. Sean E. Neary Ms. Karen S. Nelson Ms. Norma L. Nelson Mr. James T. Newton Ms. LaVerne Newton Dr. Anh Ngo Mr. Duc A. Ngo Dr. Thuong Nguyen Mr. Anthony Nicholas Ms. Shelita N. Nicholson-Gillis Ms. Marissa F. Nihill Dr. Mikhail Noginov Mrs. Cheryl D. Nottingham Mr. Wardell M. Nottingham Mr. Jakub Novak Ms. Angela P. Nunnally Mr. Edward O'Brien Dr. Samelia Okpodu Pyuzza Mr. Benjamin Osoba Ms. Lori Overholt Dr. William J. Pace Mr. David H. Paige Mr. Anthony Parker Ms. Sherese N. Parker Ms. Larice P. Parker-Gibbs Ms. Doris Saunders Parrish Ms. Barbara Partee Ms. Dianna L. Partee Mr. Joseph T. Patrick II Ms. Sheila G. Patrick Ms. Myra E. Patterson Ms. Tiffany N. Payne Ms. Stacey M. Pearson-Wharton, Ph.D. Mrs. Arkitia Pegram-Crawley Ms. Zenobia C. Pendleton Ms. Patricia A. Perkins-Smith Mr. Bernard F. Perry Mrs. Dottie D. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Brodrick Perry Mr. Alfred Person Ms. Linda J. Person Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Petersen, Sr. Ms. Donita Peterson Ms. Lynnette A. Petite Mrs. Harriet S. Phipps Ms. Angela M. Pickett-Doles Ms. Esther P. Pierce Ms. Tuawana Pinkston Mr. Benjamin Plawski Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Ponton Ms. Calandra R. Porter Mrs. Josie C. Porter Ms. Linda L. Porter

Mr. Marcus A. Porter Ms. Linda M. Portis Mrs. Cynthia M.H. Potter Mr. and Mrs. William L. Prentiss, Jr. Mr. Richard Carnell Press Ms. Heather R. Pressley Miss Nishan S. Pressley Ms. Tashea Price Ms. Katie M. Providence Mr. Melvin A. Queen Jr. Ms. Wendy E. Radford Dr. Govindarajan T. Ramesh Mr. Dewayne C. Rankin Ms. Larena J. Rascoe Mr. Steven A. Redcross Ms. Eva Reed Dr. Josephine Reid Ms. Shannon L. Reynolds Ms. Joyce Rice Mrs. Linnea M. Richardson Mr. Wallace M. Ricks Jr. Mrs. Cleopatra J Riddick Ms. Lendora T. Riddick Mr. Phillip Riddick Ms. Sandra N. Riggs Ms. Christy R. Risbrook Ms. Ashley Roberts Ms. Ashley Robinson Mr. Lindsay R. Robinson Mrs. Vernetia Wilson Robinson Ms. Cyanna Rodney-Hill Mr. Markise L. Rogers Dr. and Mrs. John B. Rosenman Ms. Lisa Rosser Dr. & Mrs. H. Alan Rowe Ms. Jayme A. Royal Ms. Christina L. Ruffin Ms. Brandy N. Rutledge, Ph.D. Ms. Amanda Sargent Ms. Debbie L. Saunders Mr. Ronald L. Saunders Ms. Evangeline G. Sawyer Dr. Lula S. Sawyer Ms. Charlotte P. Scarbrough Ms. Ashley Schroeder Ms. Loretta J. Scott Ms. Shelley Scott-Johnson Mr. Albert L. Seaborne, Jr. Ms. Candice J. Sessoms Vanessa and Jimmy Seymour Dr. Jeenson Sheen Mr. Michael Shelton Ms. Marian E. Shepherd Ms. Felicia L. Sherrod Mr. Wilson Sherrod Ms. Melanie Shubert Ms. Daphne Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Simon, Sr. Ms. Shavonne A. Simpson Mrs. Dana M. Singleton Mr. James C. Singleton Dr. Macki Sissoko Mrs. Mildred Sivills Ms. Annette S. Slade Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin R. Slade

Mr. Kendall Slatton Dr. Sally A. Sledge Ms. Alicia E. Smith Mr. Antoine Smith Ms. Beth C. Smith Ed.D. Ms. Carolyn R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Davy Smith III Ms. Deloris H. Smith Ms. Dina Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Smith Mr. & Mrs. G. Turan Smith LT (Ret.) and Mrs. James Smith Ms. Janice D. Smith Mrs. Danielle T. Smith Jones Ms. Lynda M. Smith Ms. Marian H. Smith Ms. Maxine M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Obie Smith Mr. Robert S. Smith Ms. Talika Smith Dr. and Mrs. William L. Smith Mr. William T. Smith Ms. Alisia D. Smith-Rucker Mrs. Alexis Smith-Russell Ms. Elnora Smith-Watson Ms. Tawana C. Spellen Mr. James R. Speller Ms. Zenora Spellman Mr. Tony D. Spencer Mrs. Ruby M. Spicer Mr. Lionell Spruill Jr. Dr. John H. Spurlin Mr. James B. and Mrs. Nancy H. Spurlock, Jr. Mr. Clarence E. Square III Reverend Evelyn S. Square Ms. Sheila Stafford Ms. Adelma M. Stanford Mr. Alexander Stanley Ms. Alfa B. Stevens Mrs. Mary S. Steverson Mr. Kevin Stiff Mr. Anthony M. Stockard Ms. Olive Stohlman Mr. Noble Stokes Ms. Elizabeth P. Sullivan Ms. Ivy E. Sumler Mr. Marcus R. Swailes Ms. Angela Swanson Ms. Sarah S. Sweatt Ms. Angela P. Sykes Ms. Tiffani-Dawn B. Sykes Mr. James C. Taliaferro Mr. Zaheer Tariq Ms. Takeshia Tarpley Mr. David P. Taylor Ms. Lakesha Taylor Ms. Margaret J. Taylor Mr. Melvin J. Taylor Dr. Sandra E. Taylor Mrs. Ylorie C. Taylor Mr. Bert Thomas Ms. Cathleen A. Thomas Mr. Emanuel Nathan Thomas Dr. & Mrs. Erwin K. Thomas

Ms. Tabitha Thomas Mr. Wayne Bruce Thomas, Sr. Ms. Bessie M. Thompson Mrs. Miesha D. Thompson Mr. Phillip L. Thompson Mr. Victor J. Thompson Dr. Yvette L. Thompson Mr. Demond L. Thorne Ms. Lorell H. Thornton Mr. William S. Thornton Mrs. Yvette M. Thornton Ms. Edith J. Thorpe Ms. Nicole L. Tillman Miss Janet Timberlake Mr. Eric L. Tisdale Mr. Herbert L. Townes Mr. Anthony Triplin Ms. Emma S. Trotman Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Turner, Sr. Mr. Linwood Turner Ms. Sherri R. Turner Ms. Monica Tyler Mr. Gary D. Tynes Mr. Allan D. Unseth Mr. Bernard Upshaw Mr. Theodore A. Upton Mr. Joe N. Urquhart Ms. Mary H. Urquhart Mr. Timothy Vaas Ms. Tierra Veney Ms. Vibha A. Vermani Mr. and Mrs. TaRail Vernon Ms. Mekell J. Victory Dr. Damon R. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Waymond Wade, Jr. Dr. Carrie Waites Ms. Patricia R. Waldron Mr. Alvin S. Walker Mr. Archie W. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Desmond K. Walker Ms. Ebonie Walker Ms. Gloria J. Walker Mrs. Linda C. Walker Mrs. Priscilla J. Walker Ms. Sarah G. Walker Mr. Christopher E. Walley Mr. Anthony O. Walters Ms. Doris Walters Ms. Phebean Walters Dr. Louise M. Walton Ms. Cheryl L. Ward Ms. Sheila A. Ward Mrs. Thomasine Smith Ward Mr. Torilus O. Ward Ms. Marie B. Ware Ms. Paula D. Ware Mr. Tyrone A. Ware Mr. Brian Warren Mr. Anthony Washington Ms. Pamela G. Washington Mr. Samuel Washington Mrs. Theresa B. Washington Dr. Audrey N. Watkins Ms. Essence Watson Ms. Sheri L. Watts


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 24

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Ms. Mary L. Weaver Mr. Travis Webb Ms. Audrey Wells Ms. Dionne Wesley Ms. Jennifer D. West Mrs. Vivian B. West Ms. Shirley A. Whitaker Ms. Ashley White Ms. Debra J. White Ms. Jamaica D. White Mr. Michael White Ms. Tanya S. White Mr. Wayne Q. White Ms. Linda P. Whitehurst Mr. Marvin L. Whitehurst Mrs. Beverly W. Whitley-Kelley Ms. Carnelia Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wilkins Ms. Angela M. Williams Ms. Audrey P. Williams Ms. Brenda M. Williams Mr. Charles H. Williams, Jr. Mr. George Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Williams Ms. Leola F. Williams Mr. Michael R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams Ms. Darlene S. Williams-Brevard Ms. Veronica A. Willis Ms. Barbara J. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Wilson Mrs. Martha M. Wilson Mr. Ricky J. Wilson Ms. Lashell J. Wingfield Mr. Dennis E. Winston Ms. Kizzy M. Winston Mrs. Althea H. Wise and Mr. Bernard Green Mr. Timothy Withers Mr. Kokouvi Womas Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wood Ms. Shirleigh Atterberry-Wood Ms. Beverly Y. Woodberry Ms. Patrice T. Wooden Ms. Kimberly L. Worrell Mr. Kendall Wright Mr. Kyal H. Wright Dr. Lillian P. Wright Ms. Liyun Wu Ms. Janaf Wyche Mr. Ronnie Wyche Mr. Porter Wynn, Jr. Dr. Hargsoon Yoon Mrs. Helen Cooper Young Dr. Lynnette R. Young Ms. Yvonne M. Young Mr. Changlong Zhu

Patron ($1-99) Ms. Loren A. Aaron Mrs. Darlene M. Abney Ms. Tracy Abrom Mr. Bradford J. Adams


Ms. Lynne Adams Ms. Dawn C. Addison Mr. Laurence Aikens Mrs. Willette S. Akua Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Aladi Mr. Juan M. Alexander Mr. David S. Alford, Sr. Ms. Rasheeda Ali Ms. Lynne C. Allen Mr. Marlon O. Allen Ms. Lynne N. Allen-Lewis Mr. Roderick Allmond Mr. Sam Alston Mrs. Ann Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ames Mrs. Cheryl F. Amos Ms. Chante Anders Mr. Anthony G. and LCDR Claren D. Anderson Ms. Britney Anderson Ms. Carolyn B. Anderson LCDR Claren D. Anderson USNR Ms. Courtney Anderson Mrs. Kimberly A. Anderson Ms. Na-Twand Anderson Mr. Shaun M. Anderson Ms. Marisa Andrews Ms. Sheena M. Anthony Ms. DeErin I. Armstrong Ms. Star Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. James C. Arnold Ms. Patricia L. Arnold Ms. Edna E. Artis Ms. Michelle M. Artis Marion Morgan Ashford Mrs. Antoinette Askew Ms. Courtney M. Askew Dr. Macarena Aspillaga Ms. Shante Asprey Ms. Sandra L. Atkins Ms. Crystal Avalos Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm L. Avery, Jr. Ms. Janet Aviles Mr. Archie D. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Lionel K. Bagby Mr. Louis Bagley Ms. Phillita M. Bagley Ms. Shannon D. Bailey Ms. Taneisha A. Bailey Ms. Marva E. Baker Ms. Patricia S. Baker Ms. Victoria E. Baker Ms. Betty J. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Rufus A. Banks Ms. Tamara Barker Ms. Betty J. Barmes Ms. Delastine A. Barnes Ms. Louise A. Barnes Mrs. Mary K. Barnett Ms. Talika Basden Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Basnight, Jr. Ms. Shelia J. Bates Ms. Cynthia M. Battle

Ms. Kimberly Baugh Mr. Thomas Beale Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Beamon Ms. Katrina N. Beane Mr. Jordan Beasley Dr. Carol J. Beathea Mr. William H. Beathea Ms. Valencia Beckett Fusilero Ms. Kela L. Belfield Ms. Tenita Belin Mr. Nathaniel S. Bell, Sr. Mr. Ephraim Bennett Mr. Haywood Bennett Ms. Sharonda T. Benson Mrs. Sheila C. Bentley Mr. Kenneth Benton Mrs. Ronda M. Berard Ms. Susan T. Bernard Mr. Gerald D. Berry Mr. Vincent R. Bess Ms. Geneva Bias Dr. Charles M.S. Birore Ms. Camisa Bishop Mrs. Barbara Blackwell Mr. Harold L. Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Blake, Sr. Ms. Jacqueline Bland Mr. William Edward Blanks Ms. Jacqueline Blount Ms. Shirley F. Blount Mrs. Inez A. Blount-Mason Mr. Eddie Blowe Mr. Brian Bolden Ms. Felise Bond Mrs. Daynalyn W. Bonds Ms. Candace Bond-Theriault Miss Tyrell R. Bonner Ms. Shakehma L. Bonney Ms. Erma Boone Ms. Jacqueline C. Boone Mr. Melvin L. and Dr. Paula H. Boone Ms. Tanya Boone Ms. Christine A. Booth Ms. Magdalyn Bouldin Rita Demby Bowen Ms. Miriam R. Bowens Ms. Erica Boyd Ms. Theresa A. Boyd Ms. Tiffany R. Boykins Mr. Jerquan Brabble Ms. Anita E. Brabson Mrs. Sallye Tompkins Bradby Mr. Michael B. Bradshaw Ms. Deborah D. Branch Mr. Tim Branch Mr. Keith P. Braxton Ms. Dawn L. Brewer Mr. Norris O. Brickhouse Ms. Takedra S. Bridgers Mrs. Ada M. Bright Dr. Regina E. Brisgone Mr. Damion Britt Ms. Andrea C. Brooks

Mrs. Evelyn F. Brooks Ms. Frances R. Brooks Ms. Gladys S. Brooks Ms. Laura Brooks Mrs. Valerie D. and Mr. Marvin M. Brooks Ms. Shirley M. Brooks Ms. Stacy M. Brooks Ms. Candice Broome Ms. Ada L. Brown Mr. Alfred G. Brown Mr. Anthony Brown Mrs. Augustine Moseley Brown Mr. Augustus Brown Ms. Candace N. Brown Ms. Carrie L. Brown Mr. Charles A. Brown II Mr. Charles I. Brown Major Curtis Brown Mr. Daniel Brown Ms. Deborah L. Brown Mrs. Diane E. Brown Ms. Gloria G. Brown Ms. Krystal Brown Ms. Marquetta Brown Mr. Melvin Brown Ms. Renee' C. Brown Mr. Robert J. Brown Ms. Shaneka Brown Ms. Vivian Brown Ms. Mary G. Bryant Mrs. Odetta S. Bryant Mrs. Renee D. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bryant Mrs. Mona B. Bryant-Shanklin Mr. James T. Bullock Ms. Angela T. Bunch Ms. LaCourtney L. Bundick Mr. William Bunton Ms. Amber Burkett Mrs. Lillie M. Burrell Mrs. China C. Burton Ms. Kenyada Burton Mrs. Gloria A. Butler Ms. Kyra Butler Mrs. Leticia R. Byrd Ms. Tonimaria N. Byrd Ms. Shirley A. Cabarras Mrs. Mary F. & Mr. Wright Cade, Jr. Mr. Randy Caffee Mr. Daniel Caine Ms. Terry Caldwell Sade Calhoun Mrs. Linda A. Cameron Mr. Sultan Camp Ms. Sandra N. Campbell Ms. Stacy Campbell Ms. Tinia W. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. William E. Cannady Mrs. Precious E. Caravello Ms. Brenda D. Carden Mrs. Mary D. Carlton Ms. Sharon R. Carlton

Mr. Isaiah Carr Ms. Thelma E. Carr Mr. Alfred E. Carrington Mr. Charles P. Carrington, Sr. Ms. Cheryl D. Carrington Green Ms. Danielle N. Carter Ms. Edith Carter Mr. James A. Carter, Jr. Mr. Timothy T. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Carter, Jr. Mr. Clifton C. Carver Ms. Angel Cashwell Ms. Barbara G. Cashwell Ms. LaNisha Cassell Ms. Heidi Cavallo Ms. Monissa B. Cave Ms. Deborah E. Chamberlain-Loving Dr. Rajeev Chandra Mr. Ramesh Chandra Ms. Franceli Chapman Ms. Renita L. Chappell Ms. Dawn D. Chavis Mr. Alonzo R. Cherry Ms. Cynthia Cherry Ms. Olivia J. Cherry Mr. Paige D. Cherry Mr. Richard Cherry Mr. Nathaniel Chisholm Mr. Charles Chrisman Ms. Juanita D. Christia Mr. M. Yasin Chughtai Ms. Alicia P. Clark Ms. Jacqueline Clarke Mr. Ronnie E. Clary Ms. Judith Clayton Ms. Imone Clemmons Mr. Carlton Lafayette Clemons, Jr. Mr. Bruce L. Cloyd Dr. Boyd Coan Ms. Louwana Cochrane Ms. Dawn E. Cole Ms. Gloria E. Cole Mrs. Phyllis S. Coley Mr. and Mrs. Grant H. Coleman III Ms. Edna R. Coleman Mrs. Margaret B. and Mr. John Coleman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Collins Mr. Keith D. Collins Ms. Cynthia Colvin Mr. Roy Conaway Ms. Gloria M. Connor Mr. Alexceon Cooke Ms. Asa Cooper Mr. Derek A. Cooper Mr. Harold D. Cooper Ms. Monica Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Copeland Ms. Patricia L. Copeland

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 25

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine, Dr. Cathy Jackson, Alice Scanlan McCalla and Kelvin Arthur.

Beloved Faculty Member Bequeaths Gift to Norfolk State University Journalism Professor Linda Hudson Scanlan passed away in 2015 at the age of 80. For 17 years, she nurtured and taught students the principles of journalism. Before her death, Scanlan made a decision to continue to demonstrate her love for the University through the University’s planned giving options. During a reception held in July 2016, the first installment of Scanlan’s bequest was presented to a small group of University officials. “My mother loved NSU and I have fond memories of this place,” said Alice McCalla, Scanlan’s daughter. McCalla notified the University that her mother had bequeathed a gift . . . a percentage of her VA Deferred Compensation package to the Department

The MaCallas with Dr. Wanda Brockington (left) and Kelvin Arthur.

of Mass Communications and Journalism. The University received $26,456.73 from the Scanlan gift. (12-31-16) Dr. Wanda G. Brockington, veteran faculty member in the mass communications and journalism department, called Professor Scanlan, Dr. Wilbert Edgerton and Dr. Grady James the “icons of our legacy.” “Linda Scanlan represented journalism so well. She gave her heart and soul to NSU. We deeply appreciate all that she did. Our students can certainly make good use of the gift,” said Brockington. Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine, then interim vice president for University Advancement, said that Scanlan’s name will be added to the Spartan Legacy Association donors list and that a classroom or seminar room in the Brown Hall Replacement Building would also bear the late professor’s name.

Mass Communications and Journalism faculty with Alice McCalla (center).

The MaCallas.


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 26


Dr. Joy A. Cooley-Doles “We give back to Norfolk State because this university helped us launch our careers. We want to encourage other alumni and future alumni to give in the best ways they can. The endowment was established to financially assist NSU students. There was a desire to help students who often fell short financially by providing a scholarship to help them remain in school. We want to continue inspiring students to expand their horizons. Endowment candidates must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a bachelor’s in visual arts. We chose these academic areas to support because I have been a member of the faculty in the NSU psychology department since 1989. I am also an NSU alumnae via the Virginia Consortium Program in clinical psychology. My husband, Dannis Doles graduated from NSU in 1980 and is a former instructor of photography and lettering in the fine arts department.”

Dr. Joy A. cooley-Doles Professor, Psychology Department Clinical Psychology Established the Dr. Joy A. Cooley-Doles and Mr. Dannis R.A. Doles Endowment

Mrs. Thelma D. Copeland Mrs. Chastity R. Corbett Ms. Wilhemena N. Cornick Mr. Aaron Corp Mr. James C. Corprew Mrs. Donna W. Coston Ms. Sharay Cotman Ms. Sharon Council Ms. Glorine C. Cousin Ms. Candiss Cox Ms. Jovandra Cox Mr. Andrew Coyne Mr. Noel P. Craig Ms. Susie M. Crawford Mrs. Rosalyn J. Credle Mrs. Claudia Croom Mr. Fred E. Cross Jr. Ms. Andrea N. Crump Mr. Ronald Cruz Mrs. Ari LaVicia Cuffee Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Cuffee Mr. Marcus J. Cuffee Ms. Christina Cunningham Mr. Jeffrey D. Cunningham Ms. Brittany Currin Mr. Keith L. Curry Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Curtis Mr. Dennis E. Daggs Mr. Adrian T. Dance, Jr. Ms. Angela L. Daniels Ms. Debbie L. Daniels Mr. London Daniels, Jr. Dr. Beatrice Darden-Melton


Ms. Alexandria Davis Mr. Bryan Davis Mr. Donte Davis Ms. Dorinda Davis Dr. Katie C. Davis Mr. Sherod L. Davis, Esq. and Mrs. Janneise Davis Mrs. Vance F. Davis Ms. Michelle D. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. John P. Day Mr. Hurley A. Daye Ms. Katherine E. Deberry Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo R. DeBose Ms. Benita Debreaux Ms. Dorissa Delbridge Ms. Dina D. Dent Mr. Robert G. Depp Ms. Lori Deschamps Ms. Lisa Desphy Mr. Paul E. Dickenson Mr. Rodney D. Dickerson Ms. Ursula Dickerson Mr. Andrea DiFabio Ms. Portia M. Dinger Mr. Clinton Dodson Dr. Samuel K. Dogbe Ms. Sharon Doggett Mr. Marlon K. Dortch Ms. Kelley S. Doswell Jody Dotson Ms. Sylvia Douglas Ms. Marjorie Douoles Ms. Fonda H. Dowl

Ms. Cheryl A. Dozier Ms. Rhonda C. Dozier Ms. Kaye Drayton Lawe Mr. James N. Drewiske Ms. Cynthia E. Duhe'-Harris Ms. Kizzy S. Dunbar Ms. Gayle Duncan Mr. Theodore A. Durham Ms. Mildred E. Dyson Dr. Archie W. Earl, Sr. Ms. Charise Earlington Ms. Cashawn N. Easter Ms. Cyntrica N. Eaton Ms. Beverly W. Edmonds Mrs. Betty M. Edwards Ms. Sandra Eleby Mr. Bryan Eley Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Eley Ms. Belinda H. Ellis Mrs. Summer J. Ellis-Johnson Mr. Calvin Epps Mr. Samuel A. Epps, Jr. Ms. Shirley L. Ernest-Joyner Ms. Toni Erskine Dr. Bertha T. and Dr. Aubrey S. Escoffery Mr. Augustus & Mrs.Stephanie Evangelista Mr. Bryan Everett Ms. Carolyn Everett Ms. LeToree R. Everett Ms. Tia H. Everette Ms. Bridgid Eversole

Ms. Sharday N. Ewell Mrs. Rhonda C. Exum Dr. and Mrs. Ira W. Falls III Dr. Ming Fang Mr. Vernon M. Fareed Mr. Isaac Farmer Ms. Kim Farmer Mr. Jeremy R. Faulk Mr. and Mrs. Emery L. Fears Ms. Patricia Feldblum Ms. Zia N. Felder Mrs. Minerva Feliciano-Chase Mr. Robert Fentress Ms. Regina Ferandes Ms. Tori Ferebee Mr. Larry T. Ferguson Dr. Anne Fernando Ms. Erma B. Fields Mrs. Leslie B. Fields Mrs. Emma J. Finch Michael L. Fischer Ph.D. Ms. Sherry Fitchett-Ferguson Mr. Derrick Fitzgerald, Jr. Ms. Rhonda Fitzgerald Ms. Sherry Flegler Ms. Gaynelle Fletcher Ms. Darlene L. S. Flora Ms. Katrina N. Flowers Mr. Sylvester Flowers Mr. Carl Floyd Mr. Terrell Floyd Mr. Desmond Fogg Ms. Alice W. Forrest

Ms. Theresa E. Forsythe Mr. Gene A. Foss Mr. Darrell D. Foster Ms. Marlene A. Foster Mrs. Wilma Butler Fowler Ms. Shannon Foxworth Dr. Andrew Franklin Ms. Atiya Frazer Ms. Leola L. Freeman Ms. Sheron Freeman Mr. David Frith Mrs. Cathy D. Fuller Ms. Karen Funk Dr. Linda M. Gagen Mr. Fernando E. Gaines Mrs. Karma Gaines-Ra Mrs. Robin T. Gainey Ms. Margaret A. Galotti Ms. Charlyn Gamble Mrs. Jacqueline H. Gamble Ms. Kimberly Gamble Mr. Francis N. Ganac Miss Dominique G. Garcia Mrs. Velma Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Garlic Mr. Kevin E. Garner Ms. Ruth L. Garner Ms. Edith R. Garrett Mrs. Karen C. Garrett Mr. Darrell E. Gary Dr. Trevor G. Gates Sergeant Kevin Genwright Ms. Jamika Geter Ms. Dorina A. Gibbs Ms. Burnetta Gibson Mr. Courtney Gibson Mr. Lateef M. Gibson Ms. Tonya R. Giddens Ms. Carrie M. Gilbert LTC Derrick L. Gilbert Ms. Sharonda Giles Ms. De'Neal Gilliam Ms. Deidra Gillis Ms. Joyce M. Gillus Mr. Malik A. Gladden Ms. Mary P. Glass Mrs. Linda J. Gmitter Mr. Antoine Godwin Dr. Walter T. Golembiewski Ms. Deborah Gomes Mr. Christopher Goodman Mrs. Sabrina Denise Goodman Ms. Joan W. Goodrich Ms. Kristina Goodwyn Ms. Laura Gottula Mr. Corey Govan Mrs. Dana L. Graham Ms. D'Nita Graham Ms. Kimberley B. Granger Mr. Wilfred A. Grant Mrs. Jean E. Grant-Green Ms. Esther M. Gray Ms. Karen Gray Ms. La Shawn Gray Mr. Willie Gray III

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 27

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Ms. Melinda Green Ms. Tiffany Green Ms. Desiree D. Greene Ms. Gail G. Greenhill Lewis Ms. Aisha S. Greenlee Ms. Sabrina Y. Gregory Ms. Bridget Griffin Ms. Emma M. Griffin Ms. Patricia A. Griffin Mr. Wesley O. Griffin Ms. Courtney R. Grubert Ms. Maria Elena Guerrero Ms. Nadjeda Guilliod Mr. Thomas H. Gulihur Ms. Mona T. Gunn Ms. Cassondra E. Gwathney Ms. Laurie J. Haddock Mr. Morris B. Haggie Dr. Ashley N. Haines Ms. Michele K. Halford Mrs. Patrese F. Hall Mr. Richard V. Hall Ms. Tiffany Hall Ms. Mary Halliday Mr. Lusaka Hamilton Ms. Tonya Hamilton Mr. Varian S. Hamilton Ms. Christina Hammonds Ms. Marcella Harding Ms. Bessie Hardy Mr. Jerrell L. Hardy Mrs. Jacqueline W. Hargrove Mr. Timothy Hargrove Mr. Vincent C. Hargrove Mr. Dewayne Earl Harley Ms. Joy Harmon Mrs. Margaret H. Harold Mr. Norman Harold Ms. Natisha N. Harper Ms. Debra Harper-Moyler Ms. Alicia Harris Mrs. Bregetta A. Harris Mrs. Jane Harris Coleman Ms. Gale L. Harris Mr. James Harris, Jr. Mr. James F. Harris Ms. Jennie M. Harris Mr. John R. Harris, Jr. Ms. Kimberly D. Harris Mr. Lamont D. Harris Mrs. Lisa Y. Harris Ms. Phyllis Harris Mr. Ricky Harris Ms. Theronda D. Harris Ms. Yalanda A. Harris Mr. Antonio Harrison Ms. Francina R. Harrison Ms. Wilhelmenia Wright Harrison Ms. Kendra Hart Ms. Taylor Harvey-Thornton Ms. Andrea Haskett-Glenn Ms. Angela Haskins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Haskins Ms. Rachelle Hasnas

Mr. L. S. Hassell Ms. Frances Hawkins Ms. Keitha J. Hawkins Ms. Lucy J. Hawkins Mrs. Marjorie E. Hawkins Ms. Nancy V. Hawkins Ms. Tamika N. Hawkins Ms. Alice M. Haynes Ms. Genee' C. Haynes Mrs. Lelia B. Haynes Ms. Louise D. Haynes Mrs. Sonja Y. Haynes Ms. Wanda L. Hazel Ms. Portia M. Hedgespeth Mrs. Christy A. Henderson Mr. Gregory Henderson, Jr. Mr. George J. Hernandez Ms. Cassandra Herriott Mrs. Annie M. Hightower Mrs. Betty J. Hill Ms. Brittney Hill Mr. Robert Hill Ms. Rosa M. Hill Ms. Russelle W. Hill Ms. Shivawn Hill Ms. Shandreka Hilliard Ms. Youlander M. Hilton Mr. Lionel Hines Ms. Monika L. Hines Mr. Alexander Hinton Ms. Crystal Hinton Mrs. Jametra L. Hinton Mr. Phil Hobbs Ms. Zaneta Hobbs Mrs. Alberta Hobson Ms. Carolyn D. Hodges Ms. Jacqueline M. Whitley Sergeant Andrew Hodnett Mrs. Patrice D. Hoggard Mr. Levi Holland Ms. Patricia Y. Hollingsworth Ms. Clytha Hollins Ms. Chenille Dionne Holloman Ms. Sharon R. Holloway Ms. Aatirah Holmes Mr. Harry Holmes, Jr. Ms. Jennifer A. Holmes Dr. Karen Y. Holmes Ms. Madeline S. Holmes Mr. Malcolm T. Holmes Mr. Daryl T. and Dr. Tracey R. Holoman Mrs. Tammy N. Holt Mrs. Cheryl D. Hart Mr. Lester Hood Natasha I. Hooker Ms. Candace L. A. Hope Ms. Letricia A. Hope Mr. Ricky Hopkins Mr. George M. Horey Captain and Mrs. Jarrell O. Horsley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horton Mrs. May T. Hou Ms. Grace L. Houchins+

Mr. George Houston Mr. Corey N. Howard Mr. Jason Howard Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Howell Ms. Zakiya J. Hoyett Mrs. Edna M. Huewitt Mr. LaRon Hughes Ms. Barbara B. Hull Ms. Tasha N. Humphrey Ms. Latoya D. Hunt Ms. Camilla J. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hunter, Jr. Mr. Keith B. Hunter Mrs. Leah T. Hunter Turner Ms. Tamisha L. Hunter-Ellis Mr. Vernon B. Hurdle Jr. Ms. Joyce S. Hurt Ms. Saira Hussain Mr. David Hutchins Dr. Freda M. Ingram Mrs. Tanya C. Ingram Ms. Patrice D. Irving Mr. Derrick Isabell Ms. Jennifer T. Itonyo Mr. Anthony M. Jackson Ms. Joy Jackson Ms. Pamela E. Jackson Ms. Shamara Jackson Ms. Sonya E. Jackson Ms. Tianya Jackson Mr. William P. Jackson Ms. Melissa D. L. Jacobs Ms. Aminata H. Jalloh Ms. Ida B. James Ms. Lydia J. James Ms. Latoya N. Jarrett Mr. Eric Jarvis Ms. Sandra B. Jarvis Ms. Sarah Jefferson Mrs. Andrea K. Jenkins Ms. Chelsea Jenkins Mrs. Cheryl Y. Jenkins Ms. Crystal D. Jenkins Mr. David Jenkins Mrs. Michelle M. Jenkins Mr. Thomas Jenkins Mr. Abdullah Johnson Mr. Anthony Johnson Mr. Charles E. Johnson, Jr. Mr. Curtis Johnson Ms. Diane M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson, Jr. Ms. Flora M. Johnson Dr. Jacqueline E. Johnson Mr. Joe W. Johnson Ms. Katharine M. Johnson Mr. Kelby D. Johnson Ms. Kim E. Johnson Mr. Linwood Johnson Mr. Linwood A. Johnson Mr. Louis M. Johnson Ms. Mable Johnson Mrs. Marquita B. Johnson

Ms. Maya Johnson Mr. Raymond Johnson Ms. Sandra M. Johnson Ms. Sarah Johnson Ms. Shelby Johnson Ms. Sonyia Johnson Ms. Tammy Q. Johnson Timothy W. Johnson Ms. Tonica S. Johnson Mr. Trevon Johnson Ms. Veronica R. Johnson Ms. Wanza N. Johnson Ms. Karma Johnson-Freeman Mr. Rodyssieus T. Joiner Ms. Autumn Jones Ms. Brandi Jones Ms. Carla Jones Ms. Chikeita E. Jones Mrs. Chris T. Jones Mr. Christopher Jones Mr. David E. Jones Ms. Debbie Jones Mr. Jason Jones Ms.Joann M. Jones Mr. Kevin D. Jones Ms. Kiera Jones Ms. Kimberly B Jones Mr. Lance Jones Ms. Linda K. Jones Mrs. Lynda D. Jones Ms. Mignon Jones Ms. Shelly A. Jones Ms. Tanisha Jones Mr. Temond J. Jones Mr. Timothy L. Jones Ms. Trina Jones Ms. Velma D. Jones Ms. Yolanda L. Jones Ms. Yvonne B. Jones Mrs. Dena M. Jones-Smith Ms. Kimberly Jones-Williams Mrs. Ardena P. Jordan Mrs. Linda Jordan Ms. Tasha D. Jordan Ms. Athelia Jordan-Ragoi Ms. Keya A. Joy Bush Mr. Britton A. Joyner Mrs. and Mr. Gloria M. Joyner Ms. Sharon Joyner Dr. Lucanne M. Kachmarik Mr. Ryan A. Kaplan Mr. Surindra K. Kapur Ms. Mercedes Kates Dr. Darlene J. Keene Ms. Nakia C. Keith Ms. Vanessa Keller Mrs. Roselyn E. Kendrick-Jones Mr. Sherron Key Dr. & Mrs. Mushtaq A. Khan Ms. Robin Kilgore Mr. Jonathan King Mr. Keith C. King Ms. Teresa M. King

Ms. Danielle Kirkland Ms. Mary F. Kirsch Mr. Andrew Klaus Ms. Gladys Monique Knight Mrs. Ivery B. Knight Mr. Archie C. Knuckles Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Koenker Mr. Richard S. Koonce Mr. David M. Kopelson Ms. Meno Kouakeu Mr. Jason Kressen Ms. Sylvia F. Krigger Ms. Myra Ladi Ms. Keviana Lamb Ms. Ronita Lamb Dr. Antionette K. Lampkin Ms. Carleen A. Lane Ms. Aleshia S. Lanfair Dr. Lea Lanz Ms. Mabel Larrimore Ms. Stephanie Lask Ms. Paula G. Lassiter Mr. Tyrus J. and Mrs. Shelly L. Lassiter Ms. Dorothy J. Latham Ms. Michelle A. Lawrence-Bailey Ms. Debra Layton Mr. Cary A. Lazarus Mrs. Carrie Marie Lee Mrs. Cynthia V. and Mr. Altovise Lee Ms. I. Jillayne Lee Ms. Evelyn Lee-Brown Ms. Karen M. Leigh Ms. Lillian Lemelle Mrs. Erica L. Lemons Ms. Margaret R. Leopold Ms. Shanikka Levius Mr. Bryant Lewis Ms. Cherie Lewis Mr. Lesley Lewis Ms. Linda O. Lewis Dr. Marilyn W. Lewis Ms. Wendy Lewis Ms. Xuemei Li Mrs. Lillian Limley Ms. Cindy Lindsay Ms. Veronica Linnen-Utley Mr. Charles Lipscom Ms. Lisa M. Little Ms. Shaniqua Livingston Mr. Vince M. Lockhart Mr. Vince M. Lockhart Ms. Gayle V. Logan Ms. Karen T. Logan Mrs. Michele Logan Ms. Stephanie Logan Mr. Larry J. Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Long Ms. Betty Louis Ms. Kimberlee Lovelace Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lovely, Sr. Ms. Donna Lovett


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 28

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - INDIVIDUALS Mrs. Mary Y. and Mr. Richard W. Lovingood Mr. Scott Lowe, Jr. Ms. Tara R. Lycurgus Ms. Tasha S. Mackey Mr. Aaron Madison Ms. Brittney Madison Ms. Lucy Major Mrs. Joyce M. Malbon Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Malone Ms. Kimberly Malone-George Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Manley Mrs. Tashia Jarvis Manley Ms. Linda J. Mapp Mr. Devin J. Marable Mrs. Michelle D. Marable Ms. April Marshall Ms. Glennis D. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Martin Ms. Linda M. Martin Mr. Raymond E. Martin Robin Martin Ms. Ruth A. Martin Ms. Lorita Mason Mrs. Janett Y. and Mr. Oris P. Mason Lt. Col. Sheila L. Mason (RET) Ms. Amber M. Mathews Ms. Ashanti Matthews Mr. Jackie B. Matthews Ms. Christian Maull Mr. Willie D. Maull Ms. Mindy L. Mayes Ms. Lois Mayfield Mr. Clarence O. & Mrs. Peggy L. Mayfield Ms. Barbara H. McCall Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. McCallum Mrs. Tyra O. McCann-Young Mr. Sean M. McCauley Mrs. Margaret McClenney Ms. Carolyn P. McCloud Mr. Leonard McCoy, Jr. Ms. Alice V. McCoy-Washington Mr. Tobias McCrimmon Ms. Amy J. McDew Mr. David McDonald Ms. Lacreasia D. McDonald Ms. Tiffany McDonald Mrs. Antoinette McDowell Mrs. Marie W. McDowell Mrs. Alberta W. McGahee-Reid Ms. Monika McGhee Ms. Kristina M. McGuire Ms. Ann B. McInnis Mr. Stanford McKenzie Dr. Pamela A. and Cdr. Frank A. McKinney III


Ms. Jo-Etta E. McLamore Ms. Jacinta McLeod Mr. Ervin L. McWilson, Jr. Mr. Abel Mejias Ms. Carmen Melendez Mr. Darius M. Merkison Dr. Aberra W. Meshesha Ms. Isabel M. Mesias-Herrmann Mr. David Metzger Ms. D'ionni Michals Ms. Stacie Middough Ms. Anastasia Migliozzi Ms. Candi M. Miles Mr. Kenneth H. Millard Mr. Alfred Miller Ms. Ann O. Miller Ms. Jamminese T. Miller Mr. John E. Miller, Jr. Mr. Urias Miller Kali D. Miller-Cox Ms. Tiffanie Mills Mr. Todd A. Mills Ms. Ashanti Milow Mr. Eugene Milton Mr. Ralph W. Miner Mr. William H. Minshew Ms. Eugenia Mitchell Mrs. Shelly W. Mitchell Ms. Sherrie Mitchell Mrs. Felicia A. Mitchell-Harrison Ms. Xylina Mobley Mr. Lawrence Mondy, Jr. Ms. Monika Monk Mr. Kevin W. Monroe Ms. June M. Montgomery Ms. Mia Moody Mr. Waltron Moody Ms. Darlene N. Moore Ms. Gloria Moore Mrs. Jennell Moore Mr. Joel E. Moore Mrs. Sherri Billingsley-Moore Dr. Shahrooz Moosavizadeh Mrs. Danielle M. Morgan Ms. Karen Morgan Ms. Patricia A. Morgan Ms. Charlene Morissaint Mr. Renee Morning Mr. and Mrs. Hanif Morris Ms. Monica Morris Ms. Shameena V. R. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Morrisett Ms. Tashina L. Morton Ms. Natania Moscoe Mr. Jermaine L. Moses Mrs. Vanessa W. Moss Mr. William E. Moss Ms. Jamika Mullen Mr. Kim Munday Ms. Beth Murphy, CBP, MBA Mr. Walter N. Murphy

Ms. Vanquisha Murray Shaegal Myles Mrs. Regina M. Nash Ms. Velma G. Naylor Mr. Antonio Neal Mr. Christopher Neff Mrs. Alveeta B. Nelson Ms. Ebony Neptune Mr. Sean M. Nesbitt Mr. William W. Nesbitt Mrs. Jean A. Nesbitt-Matthew Ms. Barbara W. Newby Mrs. Mildred C. Newby Ms. Alisha Newman Mr. Ralph Newsome Mr. Burnett M. Newton Mr. Daryl J. Newton, Jr. Ms. Ivy S. Nichols Ms. Jennifer M. Nicholson Mr. William Nicks Mr. Anthony J. Nicolo Mr. Michael Nobles Ms. Chinita M. Nolan Mr. William O. Norman, Jr. Ms. Amirah Northern Ms. Akeisha Nottingham Ms. Danielle Noumon Mr. Matthew J. Ogden Ms. Beatrice Ogunbo Dr. Samuel B. Olatunbosun Mr. Anthony Olumba Ms. Dawn S. Onley Ms. Chidinma E. Onyedike-Biela Mr. Steven E. Opfer Ms. Barbara Ore Mr. and Mrs. Adewale Victor Oshin Ms. Jenee N. Osterheldt Ms. Gabrielle G. Otoo Ms. Carla E. Outland Ms. Ashley Owen Ms. Alvahdine D. Owens Mr. Torrence L. Oxendine Ms. Erica Parham Mr. Larney L. Parham Ms. Akeshia Parker Ms. Alana Parker Mr. Anthony X. Parker Mr. Christian L. Parker Mr. DaRon J. Parker Mr. Larry T. Parker Ms. Lekia A. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Parker Mrs. Nancy J. Parker Ms. Nicole M. Parker Ms. Rashelle Parks Mr. Tarrence Paschall D.R. Patterson Mr. Jeffery L. Patterson Ms. Tia A. Payne Mrs. Brenda C. Pearsall Ms. Wendy Peebles Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peeples

Ms. Elizabeth A. Pegram Mr. Emanuel Perez Ms. Emma R. Perkins Ms. Valerie R. Perkins Dr. Cherng-Tiao Perng Ms. Darnice Perry Mr. Douglas A. Perry Jr. Ms. Simone Perry Ms. Tanya C. Perry Ms. Brenda B. Person Ms. Serita R. Person Ms. Donna L. Peters Mr. Winston D. Phillips Ms. Corenthia R. Picou Mr. Clifton E. Pierce Ms. Kimberly Pierce Mr. Mario L. Pierce Ms. Michelle D. Pierce Mrs. Delores R. Pitt Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Pitts Mrs. Michele Pitts-Brown Mr. Kevin T. Poe Mrs. Crystal B. Pollard Mrs. Angela S. Pollock-Cottman Ms. Catina W. Poole Ms. Georgia M. Pope Ms. Tonecia T. Porter Dr. Susan L. Prather Dr. Carol J. Pretlow Ms. Gwendolyn P. Pretlow Mr. Alfred J. Price, Jr. Ms. Delores S. Price Mr. Howard Price III Ms. Nakesha Price Ms. Robin C. Price Dr. Rondelle M. Price Mr. Marvin D. Prince Ms. Sonia Princeton Mrs. Iris A. Pringle Mr. Kenneth Pritchett Ms. Latosha T. Providence Ms. Jessica M. Pugh Ms. Iris G. Purvis Mrs. Lufreda Pyles Ms. Diane J. Quarterman Mr. Everett Quash Ms. Thiaa Rahman Ms. Brittany Rainey Mrs. Marilyn M. Rakes Ms. MaatenRe Ramin Mr. Charles E. Ramsey Mr. John Rasberry Ms. Zeler M. Raspberry Mr. Eldrick A. Rawls Ms. Martha J. Razor Mr. Alan Reese Mr. James A. Reese Ms. Elsie M. Reh Mr. Samuel R. Reimer Mrs. Lara S. Revelle Mr. Delvin Reynolds Ms. Vendetta Y. Reynolds Mr. Floyd N. Rhodes Jr. Mrs. Judy D. Rhodes Ms. Tamaria Rhodes

Ms. Sandra Rice Major Errol L. Richards Mr. David W. Richardson Mr. George W. Ricks Ms. Deborah A. Riddick Ms. Dedra M. Riddick Ms. Juanita G. Riddick Ms. Pamela E. Riddick Mrs. Diana L. Riddick-Mullen Mr. Royce Ridley Mr. Jeffrey Rivers Mr. Michael C. Wood and Mrs. Mia A. Roberson-Wood Ms. Angela Roberts Mr. Anthony Roberts Ms. Katina Roberts Mr. Reggie Roberts Ms. Yolanda Roberts Ms. Andre C. Robinson Mrs. Armeta H. Robinson Ms. Krystina Robinson Mr. Raheim Robinson Mrs. Tia L. Robinson Ms. and Mr. Louise M. Robison LTG (Ret.) Michael D. Rochelle Ms. Margarita Rodarte Mrs. Clara Etheridge Rodgers Mr. James E. Rogers III Ms. Tracey L. Rogers Ms. Ramona Y. Roman Ms. Veronda L. Rooks-Price Ms. Bridgette Roscoe Ms. Carla L. Rountree Dr. Leon Rouson Ms. Bridget E. Royster Ms. Charlotte A. Royster Mr. Markeith Royster Mr. Samuel L. Ruffin Ms. Ardreanna M. Ruiz Mr. John Runner Mr. Bobby Rushing Jr. Ms. Raynisha N. Rushton Ms. Erica Russell Mr. Roy M. Russell Ms. Shannon M. Sabo Ms. Cynthia M. Sahib Ms. Donna Saleem Mrs. Sharon Sampson Mr. Christopher Samuels Mr. Jose L. Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Russell O. Sanders Ms. Audrey Sands Mr. Reginald Sands Ms. Mercedes Santos Ms. Carolyn T. Saunders Ms. Chanell Saunders Mr. John C. Saunders, Jr. Ms. Pamela D. Saunders Mr. Maynard J. Scales, Jr. Dr. Paul F. Schellhammer Mrs. Carolyn G. Scott Ms. Joy Scott Mrs. Maureen Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Scott, Jr.

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 29


Evangeline Sawyer Mr. Joseph Seal Ms. Helen L. Sellers Ms. Candace Sessoms Mr. Rasool A. Shabazz Mr. Yusuf Shakir Mrs. Clarice W. Shamlee Mrs. Paula R. D. Shaw Mr. Eugene Shcherba Ms. Cornelia H. Shead Dr. Yuying Shen Ms. Awanda Sheppard Ms. Connie Sherrill Mr. Walter Sherrill, Jr. Mrs. Kym M. Short-Elder Ms. Nikita L. Shrieves Mr. Reginald A. Shuford Ms. Dreama D. Shuler Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth Mr. Anthony P. Simkus, Jr. Ms. Arcelia L. Simmons Ms. Erika D. Simon Mrs. Gloria B. Simon Ms. Sherri Simons Dr. Mojtaba Sirjani Ms. Connie M. Sivels Mr. Leander Sivels Ms. Sabrina R. Skeeter Ms. Shalarria D. Skinner Mr. Edward W. and Mrs. Patricia J. Skopal, Sr. Mr. Jonathan Skuza Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Slaughter Mr. Edwin L. Sloan Mr. Ronald Smiley Ms. Anesha Smith Ms. Brenda R. Smith Ms. Charlene B. Smith Ms. Corlis J. Smith Mrs. and Mr. Corrine W. Smith Mr. Gene E. Smith Mr. Isaac J. Smith Ms. Linda M. Smith Ms. Sante Octavia Smith Mr. Tariq J. Smith Ms. Tichira Smith Mr. Tyrone Smith Mr. Vincent Smith Ms. Tracie A. Smith-Banks Mrs. Lillie R. Smith-Heath Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Snellings Mr. William R. Snowden Mr. Marvin Somers Mr. Joseph Sorrell Ms. Lexi Sowemimo Dr. Lisa J. Sparks Ms. Delsey Speller '09 Ms. Vedette D. Spellman Mr. Keith J. Spence Mr. Donald W. Spencer Mr. Ralph S. Spencer Ms. Annette V. Spivey Mr. Saajaimori Spratley Mr. William J. Springs, III

Mrs. Joan Spruill Mrs. Doretha W. Staples Ms. Gerine Staten Ms. Brianna Steele Mr. John Stefanick Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stembridge Mr. Roger Stephens Ms. Lisa D. Stephenson Ms. Erika L. Stevens Ms. Darcia R. Stewart Ms. Renee Stewart Ms. Raynell C. Stokes Ms. Hope E. Strachan Ms. Linda J. Stubbs Mr. Leroy L. Studivant Mr. Geronimo A. Sutphin Mr. Michael H. Sykes Mr. Rufus Tabron, Jr. Mr. Edward L. Taft Ms. Nancy Tan Ms. Brenae K. Tate Ms. Kiara Tate Mr. Terry M. Tate Ms. Andrea B. Taylor Ms. Calvetta S. Taylor Ms. Christine Taylor Mrs. Evelyn L. Taylor Ms. Irene S. Taylor Mrs. Maurice C. Taylor Ms. Merika W. Taylor Ms. Tavares T. Taylor Mr. Travis L. Taylor Ms. Priscilla Tennyson Mr. Johnnie E. Thomas Dr. Kathleen Thomas Ms. Kianga R. Thomas Mr. Steve Thomas, Sr. Mr. Winfred Thomas, Jr. Ms. Candace L. Thompson Ms. Juanita Thompson Mrs. Malinda G. Thompson Ms. Tamara Thompson Ms. Shannon T. Thorne-Brackett Mrs. Elsie S. Thornton Ms. Gwendolyn B. Thornton, Ph.D. Ms. ReNecia D. Thornton Ms. Sharon Thornton Ms. Tanisha N. Thorpe Dr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Tickton Mr. James Tillery Mr. Darren W. Tillis Mr. Anthony Tillman Dr. Willie Todd, Jr. Mr. Neil Torralba Mrs. Bernice B. Townes Ms. Carolyn A. Trotter + Ms. Jazmyn Trotter Mr. Louis A. Tucker Ms. Evelyn R. Turner Mr. Jantonio Turner Mr. Lewis E. Turner Mr. Percy Lee Turner

“I give to Norfolk State University because I remember my granddaughter going away to college in D.C. She would call home telling us she needed food or that she needed some shoes. Grandma stepped up and provided. I know there are other students who have gone through the same thing. I often stop students in the hallway to ask how they are. I remind them that it’s so important to get their work done first and not to be ashamed to ask for help if they need it. It is my hope that the students who receive financial assistance will have less student debt when they graduate. We’ve got to help our children whenever . . . wherever. I designate my donation to be given to the general scholarship area.”

Evangeline Sawyer Norfolk State University – Facilities Management Department

Ms. Tiffany T. Turner Ms. Bonnie R. Twine Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Twitty Jr. Ms. Dawn M. Tyson Ms. Constance L. Upton Mrs. Carolyn P. Urquhart Ms. Marie Uzzle Mr. Derick S. Vance Mr. Curtis S. Vaughan Jr. Mr. Derek L. Vaughan Ms. Robena D. Vaughan Mr. James Veale Jr. Mr. Melvin M. Veale, Jr. Dr. Renuka K. Verma Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Vickers Ms. Ana Vivas-Barber Ms. Janis A. Wade Ms. Scherrie Walker Ms. Stacy I. Walker Dr. Denelle L. Wallace Ms. Veronica L. Waller Mrs. Jamie W. McPherson Ms. Tammy U. Warren Ms. Adrienne Washington Ms. Angela Washington Mr. Reuben K. Washington Mr. Steven C. Washington

Mr. Clifford A. Watkins Mr. Torrey A. Watkins Mr. DeLynx L. Watson Mr. Jerrell Watson Mr. Malcolm G. Watts Mr. Virgil L. Waytes Ms. Patricia E. Weaver Ms. Whitney Weaver-Powell Ms. Natarsha Y. Webb Ms. Kay Weems Ms. Norma E. Weldon Ms. Jacqueline Wells Mr. Peter A. Wells Ms. Jennifer F. Wells-Jackson Ms. Deborah R. Westfall Ms. Tequilla Wheel Mr. Robeson J. While Ms. Darnita L. Whitaker Mr. Nelson Whitaker Ms. Tamara Whitaker Ms. Joyce S. Whitaker-Lawrence Ms. Delores L. White Mr. Duane E. White Dr. Karen B. White Mr. Leon White Ms. Nakisha T. White Ms. Naomi E. White

Ms. Ramona Joyner White Mr. Reinair A. White Mr. Ronald L. White Mrs. Ruby B. White Rosash Whitehorn Mr. Clarence L. Whitehurst, Jr. Mr. Theodore L. Whitehurst, Jr. Ms. Kimberly Whitemore Mr. Antonio L. Whitley Ms. Dorothy Wiggins Mr. Johnnie Wiggins Mrs. Linda J. Wiggins-Evans Ms. Roberta G. Wilburn Mr. and Mrs. Jarrell A. Wilkerson Col. Philip L. Wilkerson, Jr. Mr. Troy C. Wilkerson II Ms. Rosalyn Wilkins Mrs. Glynda Wilks Mr. and Mrs. James Wilks Mr. Antwan Williams Ms. Chandra Williams Ms. Dakayla Williams Mr. Deborah P. Williams Mr. De'Mece Williams Mr. Derrick A. Williams


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 30



Dr. Michael Shackleford “Coming from a very humble background, I have been blessed. Undoubtedly, education has played a major role in helping turn my life around. There are many young people who aspire to do the same. I want my gift to help make a difference in someone’s life. It is important that they know it came from me. It is important to know I attempted to give something back for the blessings that have been bestowed on me. I designated students who are working hard and achieving success. Students must have a 3.0 grade-point-average or higher.”

Dr. Michael Shackleford Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Williams Mrs. Joyce A. Williams Mr. Larry Williams Mr. Lunsford A. Williams, Jr. Ms. Marah Williams Mrs. Monica Lynn Williams Mr. Otis W. Williams Mrs. Sylvia H. Williams Ms. Tae Williams Ms. Tami L. Williams Ms. Tarona Williams Ms. Vermara S. Williams Ms. Virginia C. Williams Ms. Wanda Y. Williams Ms. Yvette Williams Ms. Jean Williamson Ms. Monique Willis Ms. Allinda Wilson Mrs. Alma M. Wilson Ms. Brittany Wilson Mr. Eric Wilson Ms. Jacqueline D. Wilson Mrs. and Mr. Kesha N. Wilson Ms. Latoya Wilson Mrs. Lillie R. Wilson


Dr. Rudolph Wilson Mr. Steve Wilson Ms. Linda B. Winkfield Ms. Jacqueline Winston Mr. Morris S. Winston Mr. Jeffrey M. Winter Ms. Danielle Witherspoon Mr. Christopher Michael Witts Mr. Jack P. Witty, Jr. Mr. Brandon J. Wood Ms. Kimberly Woods Mr. Vernell A. Woods, Jr. Mr. Orlando A. Woodson Mr. Orlando A. Woodson Mr. William Woodson Ms. Tiffany C. Worrell Ms. Ayeshana M. Wright Ms. Carolyn Wright Mr. Clinton B. Wright Mrs. Sarah R. Wright Mrs. Toni D. Wright Ms. Tymieka Wright Mr. William R. Wright Ms. Lateshia Wylie Green Mr. Joseph C. Wynder Mr. Bo Xiao Mr. Harold Yancey

Dr. Chi Yang Ms. Shirley A. Yarn Ms. Rita Yates Ms. Karen D. Young Mr. Robert E. Young Ms. Tasha R. Young Ms. Tonya M. Young Ms. Allison B. Younger

*Denotes anonymous donor +Denotes deceased Every effort has been made to ensure accurate reporting of our donor gifts. If you find that we have made an error or omission, please contact Development Services & Stewardship at 757-823-8323.

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 31

New York Knicks’ Kyle O’Quinn Makes Major Gift to Alma Mater Alumnus and Basketball Pro Supports NSU Athletics


yle O’Quinn ’16 donated $25,000 to support the men’s basketball program for 2016-17 and has made arrangements to continue his financial support of the program for the next several years. The donation was designated to provide an opportunity for every men’s basketball studentathlete to attend summer school in 2016. It was the first time that funding was available for every player. The summer sessions help the student-athletes enhance their academic profiles and gives them the

chance to work on their individual basketball skills. Reflecting on his days as a student-athlete, O’Quinn remembered the lack of opportunity to attend summer school. O’Quinn believes that he could have graduated sooner had he attended the summer sessions each year. That is why he wanted to ensure that every men’s basketball student-athlete had that chance. He wanted to make sure that funding is available each summer to support this initiative. In doing so, O’Quinn is attempting to eliminate this obstacle for current and future studentathletes on the men’s team. “As the director of athletics, I commend Kyle for his commitment to the NSU athletics program. The impact of his gift will have far-reaching effects for the department and the student-athletes, said Marty L. Miller. “His financial donation will assist in improving the graduation success rate for athletes on the men’s basketball team and increase the NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores,” continued Miller. “When his schedule allows it, he is always on campus assisting with camps and other athletic events. He is a true Spartan supporter.”


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 32


ORGANI ZATIONS Based on Gifts and Pledges Received January 1–December 31, 2016 PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($100,000+)

PILLARS ($7,500-$9,999)

Norfolk State University Foundation, Inc. U.S. Department of Education - Title III

ExxonMobil Foundation


CORNERSTONES ($5,000-$7,499)

($75,000-$99,999) NSU Athletics Foundation, Inc.

SPARTAN CIRCLE ($50,000-$74,999) The Smithfield Foundation, Inc.

UNIVERSITY CIRCLE ($25,000-$49,999) Anonymous Commonwealth of Virginia The Ernest M. Hodge Foundation, Inc. Hampton Roads Community Foundation Lockheed Martin Newport News Shipbuilding NSU Alumni Association, Inc. Priority Toyota Sentara and Optima Vantagepoint Transfer Agents, LLC

1935 SUSTAINER’S CIRCLE ($10,000-$24,999) Camp Marketing Services LLC Ernst & Young Foundation Hattie M. Strong Foundation IBM Corporation, Matching Grants Program Lockheed Martin University Matching Gift Program Lumos Networks McDonald's Tidewater Association, Inc. Military Alumni Chapter Foundation, Inc. Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA) NSUAA-Norfolk Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., International Headquarters The Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. The TOWN Foundation University of Virginia


A4Holdings Sports, LLC Access College Foundation Anonymous (1) Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Basketball Travelers, Inc., dba BTI Events Chesapeake Controls, Inc. First Baptist Church South Hill (Chesapeake, VA) Global Management Group LLC IBM International Foundation Jordan Family Donor Advised Fund Bank of America NMCK Inc. NSUAA- Washington D.C. Chapter NSU Choirs NSU Research and Innovation Foundation Sports Med Plus, Inc. The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation The Spartan Army Athletic Association Universal Leaf Foundation Universal Leaf Tobacco Company Virginia State University

GREEN & GOLD CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999) A. Reddix and Associates, Inc. American Honda Motor Company, Inc. Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church (Atlanta, GA) City of Norfolk Composite Lodge 22 Family & Friends Day KD First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Inc. (Landover, MD) Gilliam Dentistry Green Hampton & Kelly, PLLC ILA Local 1248 Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company LTD Management Co., Inc. MacArthur Shopping Center LLC Morehouse College Norfolk Southern Foundation NSUAA-Cheerleader Chapter NSUAA-Chesapeake Chapter NSUAA-Peninsula Chapter Owens & Minor Distribution Inc. S.B. Ballard Construction Co.

St. James's Episcopal Church (Norfolk, VA) The Old Point Financial Corporation The Science Museum of Virginia Thermo Trol Systems, Inc. TRUiST Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Foundation WLB Home Healthcare Services Work Program Architects

LOYALTY CIRCLE ($1,000-$2,499) 7 Eleven, Inc. Accurate Marine Environmental, Inc. Allied Research Technology, Inc Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. HBCU Fund AMIE Asbury United Methodist Church (Washington, DC) Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Bank Street Memorial Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA) Bay Disposal Beskin Assoc. Inc. Chesapeake Va. Beach Links, Inc. Christ & St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Norfolk, VA) Festivals of Music, Inc. GEICO Philanthropic Foundation Genesis IV, LLC Grove Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA) Hampton University Highly Effective Services, Inc. Iconic Group, Inc. J.T. Fisher Funeral Services LARS Select Import Motors Lumina Foundation for Education MF & B Marine, LLC Mid Eastern Athletic Conference Monaco Capital Management, LLC Monumental Baptist Church (Philadelphia, PA) Mount Gilead Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA) National Council of Negro Women, Inc. New Calvary Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA) Norfolk Chapter, CHUMS Inc. NSUAA-Portsmouth Chapter NSUAA-Virginia Beach Chapter Presbyterian Men of the Church of the Redeemer (Washington, DC) RST Development, LLC Saunders, Matthews & Pfitzner, PLLC Shiloh Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA)

Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple (Hampton, VA) TECNICO The HerbBlock Foundation Thompson Hospitality Services TowneBank United Way of Greater Atlanta United Way of South Hampton Roads University of Virginia Fund University Sports Publications Co., Inc. Victory Nissan of Chesapeake Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign West Hunter Street Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA) Wilson Family Revocable Living Trust WTG Design Architects, LLC

HERITAGE ($750-$999) ABC Sports Camps, LLC Aetna Foundation, Inc. Breezy Homes LLC Chesapeake Sheriff's Office Faith Deliverance Christian Center Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Baptist Church West Munden (Chesapeake, VA) Galaxy of Stars Events Bingo Account Graves Funeral Home Keith Matthews Funeral Home Lambda Omega Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Norfolk Sheriff's Office Deputy Fund NSUAA-Band Chapter NSUAA-Suffolk Chapter Priority Acura Reformation Lutheran Church (Newport News, VA) William Randolph Hearst Foundation

DEAN’S CLUB ($500-$749) Aaron Corporation Abundant Life Therapeutic Services LLC Ally Financial Inc. (Community Relations) Altmeyer Funeral Home Ashby Orthodontics, Ltd. Bachelor Benedict Social Club Blacks in Government Pentagon Chapter Chef Joseph's Kick Sauce Chesapeake Bay E.N.T., PC City of Suffolk Virginia Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis, P.C.

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 33

EIB INC. Enoch Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA) First Baptist Church Berkley (Norfolk,VA) Fraim & Fiorella, P.C. Friends of Kenneth Alexander Gina Grant Enterprise, Inc. H.A.S. Enterprises Hoffman Beverage Company, Inc. Holt Butt & Associates Impact Baseball Inc. Little Zion Baptist Church (Smithfield, VA) Marriott Business Services Martin Screen Prints, Inc. Mike Duman Auto Sales, Inc. Military Highway Associates LLC Milton Rawles, CLU Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Pennoni Associates Inc. Portsmouth Suffolk Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc. PRA Group, Inc. Renew Skin & Laser Centers LLC dba Dermacare of Chesapeake Retnauer Baynes Associates, LLC RiverSource Life Insurance Company Second Calvary Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA) SIDEARM Sports Skin, A Medical Spa St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA) The American Educational Scholarship Fund The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Third Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA) Third Baptist Church (Youngstown, OH) Tropical Delights Vann Virginia Center for Orthopaedics Vincent's Sports Turf Management Wachovia Bank, N.A.

PARTNER’S CLUB ($250-$499) A W Smith Financial Group AAMCO Kilmon Transmissions, Inc. Assured Life Association Astyra Corporation AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Booker T. Washington Class of 1968 Broadway Restaurant Incorporated Cape Henry Tennis LLC Capital Rehabilitation Consultants Club Allure Committee to Elect Ella P. Ward Community Baseball, LLC T/A Peninsula Pilots Baseball Conductor Group, Inc. Copyright Clearance Center Cox Communications of Hampton Roads, Inc.

Crab Pot Seafood, Inc. Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program E.L. Willey Electrical Contractors East End Baptist Church (Suffolk, VA) Frank J. Owens State Farm Insurance Agency Gamma Delta Omega Chapter, Sorority, Inc. Hayes for Delegate Hit and Pitch Warriors Lindsey Brothers, Inc. LJ Cafe, Inc., dba Sharky's Marlyn Development Corporation McCabe for Mayor Mid Atlantic Collegiate League New Life Enrichment Center of Norfolk New Light Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA) Norfolk Southern Corporation Trust Account The Norfolk Stationery Co. Inc. Ophthalmic Consultants of Tidewater Pace Collaborative, P.C. The Parker Law Firm PLLC Pearson Education Piney Grove Baptist Church (Suffolk, VA) Scott for Congress Selective Insurance Company of America Seniors In Motion South Hampton Roads Panhellenic Council Sportstars Inc. Steele Bullock Funeral Home Stroud, Pence & Associates, LTD. T. Edmond Consulting, Inc. Tidewater Lawn & Landscaping Service Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program Urban Discovery Ministries, Inc. Virginia Beach Pearls Foundation Virginia Theatre Association Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.– Beta Theta Zeta Chapter (Norfolk)

Franklin Star Lodge #288 PHA GKJ Investigative Services Greene Anesthesia Services, P.C. JW Data, LLC Kingdom Accounting Service Ladies of Power Red Hat Chapter Mt. Hermon Chapter #19 Order of the Eastern Star Multicultural Alliance of Virginia, Inc. New Generation Capital Builders, Inc. New York Life AARP Life Insurance Program Nichols & Associates, INC NSUAA-Delaware Chapter NSUAA-Greater Northern Virginia Chapter Paige, Paige & Paige Bail Bonding Porter Custom Homes Print Link, Inc., T/A House of Printing Progressive Travel Providence Masonic Lodge No. 189 Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program Sophisticated Style LLC Southeast Courier, LLC St. John AME Church Mamie F. Korngay Fellowship Group (Chesapeake, VA) Stevenson Tractor, Inc. The Epicureans, Inc., Portsmouth Chapter The GE Foundation Tux Club West For Council Youth Solutions, Inc.

Capital One Chesapeake Chums, Inc. Church Hill Classics, LTD Commonfund Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads David Moss Auto Sales Dorcas Chapter 50 O.E.S. Ebony & Ivory Investments, LLC Elizabeth Fragrant Rose Chapter No. 34 OES El X Enterprises First Baptist Church Gilmerton (Chesapeake,VA) Fitchett Mann Funeral Services, Inc. Jimmi Skouls Knox High Mortuary Inc. Local Independent Charities of America MARTA Employees Charity Club Pallett Oil, Inc. Rose of Sharon Elim Missionary Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA) Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Alpha Beta Sigma Chapter The Benevity Community Impact Fund Williamston Presbyterian Women Yankee Candle

Based on Gifts and Pledges Received January 1—December 31, 2016

PATRON ($1-99) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Iota Kappa Omega Chapter Anonymous (1) Association of Governing Boards Best Buy Purchasing LLC Blaze Development, LLC Camp Allen Elementary School

CENTURY ($100-$249) AAPC Chapter Association Ally America's Charities Askew Revocable Living Trust Beach Chemical & Paper Company Believers Development LLC Bethany Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA) Buffalo Wild Wings CLP Financial Group Inc. Community Funeral Home, Inc. Covenant Presbyterian Church (Norfolk, VA) Dan Ryan's for Men David Jenkins Tile DG Marketing LLC Dixon Challenge


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 34

MISSION, VISION AND CORE VALUES MISSION STATEMENT Norfolk State University, a comprehensive urban public institution, is committed to transforming students’ lives through exemplary teaching, research and service. Offering a supportive academic and culturally diverse environment for all, the University empowers its students to turn their aspirations into reality and achieve their full potential as well rounded, resourceful citizens and leaders for the 21st century.

VISION STATEMENT Norfolk State University will be recognized nationally as a premier public institution with outstanding signature academic programs, innovative research, and community engagement opportunities.

CORE VALUES Norfolk State University’s strength lies in its value system. These core values embody the principles, ideals, and beliefs of our students, faculty, staff, and Board of Visitors. They form the foundation for our actions and reflect what is important to us as members of the Norfolk State University community. NSU’s core values are as follows: Excellence – We are dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence in all facets of the University through the highest educational standards for student achievement, stellar faculty teaching, innovative research, dedicated service and creative co-curricular activities.


Student-Centered – Students are our top priority, and we are committed to helping them become globally competitive in an enriching, stimulating and supportive environment. Diversity & Inclusiveness – We foster a multicultural campus respecting all people, cultures, ideas, beliefs, identities, socio-economic backgrounds, and perspectives. We train our students to become leaders in an ever-changing global and multicultural society. Integrity and Civility – We expect everyone to be accountable for his or her actions and to engage in honest, ethical behavior. We value the contributions of each person, treating all with respect and civility, and affirm our shared responsibility for institutional success. Engagement – We continually enhance the University’s role and influence in affairs of local and global communities by promoting educational attainment, cultural enrichment, and economic development. Pride – We display great admiration for the University and its rich history and legacy. Financial Empowerment – We aggressively pursue expanded and more diversified revenue streams.

59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 35

LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY . . . THROUGH PLANNED GIVING As you consider your financial and philanthropic priorities—income, investments, retirement and what you leave behind—there are a number of ways you can leave a legacy of giving at Norfolk State University through our planned giving options. •

Bequests in Your Will or Trust – The simplest way to make a planned gift to NSU is to name the University as a beneficiary in your will or in a revocable trust.

Retirement Plan Gifts – You may designate NSU as the first or second (after your spouse) beneficiary of your retirement plan, including any individual retirement accounts you may own.

Life Insurance Gifts – Life insurance may be used in a variety of ways to make a charitable gift to NSU. For policies that are paid in full (where no more premiums are due), you may transfer ownership of the policy to NSU and name NSU the beneficiary.

We're here to help you explore the possibilities. For more information, contact University Advancement at (757) 823-8323 or email Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine at


59090 NSU Philanthropy Report 5/31/17 9:04 AM Page 36

Norfolk State University OďŹƒce of University Advancement HBW 410 700 Park Avenue Norfolk, VA 23504


Address Service Requested

For more information about philanthropy at Norfolk State University contact: Office of University Advancement 700 Park Avenue, HBW 410 Norfolk, VA 23504 757-823-8323

Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine Vice President for University Advancement

Misti D. Goodson Manager, Development Services & Stewardship

Michelle D. Hill '96 Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

Philip C. Sherrill Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Andrea C. Tatum Director, Leadership & Major Giving

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NSU Philanthropy Report  

The 2016 issue of Norfolk State University's Report on Philanthropy

NSU Philanthropy Report  

The 2016 issue of Norfolk State University's Report on Philanthropy