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Mission promotes personal sustainability and showcases sustainable living options through a unique online quiz and information programme.

Value: Demonstrate the benefits of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and the excitement and value of emerging new opportunities for sustainable living in the home.

How: Create awareness and understanding of the need for change. Showcase technology products and services which enable individuals and families to adapt and change in a new and more sustainable world.

Engage, Inform, Inspire 1. Engage The first goal is to engage with people on sustainable living. This is achieved through incentives in the form attractive prizes and the fun of an on line interactive quiz. 2. Inform links participants to sponsor websites and other authoritative on-line sources where we showcase environmental issues and they find answers to important sustainability questions affecting their homes and lives. 3. Inspire The ultimate goal is to immerse the participant in the subject where they can figure out the benefits and opportunities for new sustainable living measures and how they can save money and save the environment.

Weekly Competition Play the game: Participants can register and enter a weekly competition. Reinforce the message: Participants are presented with questions on Green topics. Special links lead to websites that provide the answers and showcase technologies through documents, images, videos and games.

Win great prizes: All participants who gain a minimum score are placed in a draw for environmental prizes e.g. solar panels, bikes, energy efficient home appliances, laptops, with a grand prize of a low emission, fuel efficient car and much more.

Spring 2010 Programme The programme will run for 5 weeks in Spring 2010. Prize winners will be announced and presented each week.

Prizes: Participants are eligible for a selection of very attractive prizes with Green themes. E.g. Energy saving appliances, bikes, solar panels and grand prize of a low emission/fuel efficient car.

Winners: Prizes will be presented at local or national events in association with sponsors to maximise the promotion of the programme and recognition of sponsors.

Partnerships Organisations and businesses whose mission is to inform and promote sustainable living with new products and services

Main Themes • Energy and the home • On the move • Food for thought • That changing climate • Renewable energy • Water, water everywhere • Waste not, want not • Fresh air for free • We are not alone • Chemicals and radiation • Health is wealth • Keeping control • Getting involved

Sample Question

• Multiple Choice Answers • Sponsor Logo • Link to sponsor website for information • Different themed backgrounds

Marketing GreenQuest On-Line We will market GreenQuest programme through a number of key channels both on-line and off-line

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Facebook (900k + in Ireland) Twitter SEO Partner websites

Off-Line • Distribute leaflets to approx 500k home via recycling companies • Promotion in each county via Environmental Awareness officers • PR in local and national press • Local and National radio interviews • Partner employees, suppliers and customers • Prize presentations in local newspapers

History GreenQuest uses a proven model of effective eLearning and interactivity which has been a success in Ireland, the US and Canada. was launched 6 years ago. It is a free on-line educational quiz for primary and post primary students and over the years it has continued to successfully engage, inform and inspire students in civic awareness. is currently in its third phase. The success of the Phase 1 & 2 programs conducted in Central New York in April-June 2008, and January-March 2009, indicates that young people will participate in informal STEM learning if given the opportunity. More than 25,000 students participated in these two phases. is launching in January 2010 due to the successful participation and engagement in the US.

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For more information please visit For partnership opportunities or to receive a programme overview pack: Contact: Martin Heneghan Director 086-2304991

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