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Liquid Surf Wax - Eco-friendly - Liquid - No rash - UV resistant - Ultra light - Ultra sticky > NSTECOWAX.COM <

Surf wax revolution! NST ecowax provides the most innovative surf wax ever. We’ve developed a special liquid surf wax. Made with eco-friendly components, liquid surf wax provides you more comfort. - No rash - UV resistant


- Ultra light - Ultra sticky Easy to use with a flexcomb: - Wax off (if applied on an old board) - Draw a line of ecowax from rail to rail - Sprad with flexcomb drawing an «S» shape - Go from nose to rail / rail to nose - Enjoy! Enjoy 5 sessions with one application, liquid surf wax is made for all water temp. The sand won’t sick to your board anymore, as the liquid will let a thin coat on your board, it will limit rash with sand. Your board looks like new! With NST Ecowax, you will enjoy a clean and shiny surfboard. UV protection. Your board will be procected from the sun, no more melted surfwax on your car or on the beach.

Patent pending Made in EU NSTECOWAX.COM