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2013 – A Year of Resilience 2013 started in the shadow of the senseless murders of 26 children, teachers and administrators by a mentally ill young man. It must be said that had his mother met her responsibility as a lawful firearms owner and kept her firearms stored securely and inaccessible to that at-risk individual, this tragedy would not have occurred. Personal responsibility and preventing unauthorized access to firearms in the home should have been the focus of our national conversation. Misdirected tirade Yet, to our immense disappointment, sorrow and frustration, those whose personal philosophy is anti-firearms immediately began their misdirected tirade against our industry and those who lawfully and responsibly own and use the firearms of their choice, harming no one. They were aided and abetted by a “mainstream” media whose ignorance of firearms and their owners was astounding, and by some of the victims’ families who understandably, though erroneously, sought to give meaning to their personal tragedies by blaming firearms. “No more Newtowns,” they vowed. And who could argue with that? Instead of focusing on measures that would help prevent future Newtown-like tragedies, those who would exploit the situation hauled out a tired anti-gun wish list that would have done nothing to prevent it. Gun shows had nothing to do with the guns used in Newtown – and a subsequent Department of Justice report revealed that gun shows figure into less than one percent of guns in the hands of violent criminals. Expanding the already-required universal retail point-ofsale background check likewise would not have prevented the shooting, as the purchaser passed all required background checks by the Connecticut State Police prior to sale. Limiting magazine sizes would have made no difference; they can be changed in a second or two. NSSF’s response NSSF’s response was instead to focus upon the true causes of crimes like this – unauthorized access to firearms by the mentally unstable. We urged the states to fix the National Instant Criminal


Background Check System (FixNICS®) by getting appropriate mental health and other disqualifying records into the system. We reinvigorated and relaunched our ongoing Project ChildSafe® (PCS) program, which, together with appropriate safe storage instructions and locking devices supplied by firearms manufacturers with each new gun sold, has distributed over 100 million gun locks and safety kits to firearms owners nationwide. In cooperation with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), we continued our “Don’t Lie for the Other GuyTM” program, educating retailers and would-be purchasers, with the intention of denying access to firearms at retail stores by “straw purchasers” who can pass a background check but then illegally transfer the firearm to a criminal. These programs work These programs work, and they have made a real difference. Despite what the majority of Americans believe, criminal misuse of firearms has decreased stunningly during the last 15 years. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that homicides with firearms have dropped 39 percent, and all crime with firearms has dropped 69 percent, with rifles used by only two percent of violent criminals. The National Safety Council reports that firearms accidents are now in the smallest category (less than one percent) of all accidental fatalities. Industry safety programs have helped reduce these numbers to historic lows. Despite fear-inducing media coverage of the, thankfully rare, mass shootings, which, in fact, have actually also been decreasing, we are experiencing “an epidemic of gun safety.” Sportsmen and women came out in unprecedented numbers to counter mistakes, illogic and personal invectives to respond to ill-conceived federal and state legislative proposals. How many times did we hear that people who owned modern

sporting rifles had them for the sole reason of killing large numbers of people quickly – despite the fact that more than three years of increasing monthly firearms sales saw dramatic decreases in violent crime? States circumvent the normal legislative process Despite facts and logic, and the defeat of all significant federal legislative proposals, some states enacted additional draconian anti-firearms laws by circumventing the normal legislative process. They didn’t want to soberly debate laws and have public hearings – instead, one-party governments pushed through legislation in less than a day – and then discovered they had potentially made many honest citizens, legitimate businesses and even law enforcement in their state into potential criminals. The administration in Washington, impatient with public opposition to their agenda, proceeded to act on 23 Executive Orders in order to bypass Congress. Even after their legislative rebuke, they vowed not to let gun control die. Their “universal background checks” of even private gifts of firearms, which formed their first step toward what they termed “reasonable” gun control, was revealed by a White House memo to be unenforceable without universal firearms registration – how would law enforcement know if a background check had been performed during a private transfer if they didn’t know who owned all privately owned guns? But consider this chilling passage regarding registration records from the New York City Police Department: “Rifles and shotguns that fit the city or new state definition of an assault weapon, or have feeding devices that violate the five-round rule, are illegal and must be immediately surrendered and invoiced.”

Gun-control forces vow to continue to press for this deceptively simple but unworkable sound bite. And the fight goes on. Other industry successes should not be overshadowed None of this should overshadow our industry’s many other successes during 2013 – from a record SHOT Show®, to record sales, to a record number of NSSF Members, many successful mainstream media interviews, a record Import-Export Conference, and best of all, record numbers of new recreational shooters of both genders who have embraced our sports and have joined us in the responsible enjoyment of firearms and ammunition for lawful purposes. A glance through these pages will reveal just some of our major accomplishments. As I said in last year’s State of the Industry message, responsible firearms ownership and use by law-abiding American citizens is here to stay. We represent so many good things about what has made America great, and these should not be lost in the short-term attacks upon our way of life and safe enjoyment of our freedoms recognized by the U.S. Constitution. We should all be proud of what we have accomplished. The recreational shooting sports continue to grow. Working together, we will all continue to help fulfill our mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.

Stephen L. Sanetti President and Chief Executive Officer National Shooting Sports Foundation

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Preventing Unauthorized Access


mong the flurry of legislation presented in the early months of 2013, most of it illogical and ineffective, federal and state bills that provided tax credits for the purchase of gun safes stood out as effective proposals to address the issue at hand. Preventing unauthorized firearms access is key to reducing crimes, and NSSF championed a sensible and proven three-pronged campaign through Project ChildSafe, Don’t Lie for the Other Guy and FixNICS.

Project ChildSafe Project ChildSafe (PCS) is a time-proven NSSF program that has distributed more than 36 million free firearms safety kits, including gun locks, to citizens in all 50 states and all U.S. territories. In 2013, NSSF allotted $1 million to the program, in addition to the 60 million locks provided by firearms manufacturers with new guns sold since 1998.

NEW WAVE OF LAUNCHES Cooperative launches between NSSF and congressional, state and local political leaders and law enforcement agencies reinforced the Project ChildSafe firearms safety kit distribution program and safe-storage message in locations across the nation. Launches in 2013 were held in Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Maine, Florida, Michigan and Maryland.

GRAPHIC OPTIONS An infographic demonstrating the different options for safely securing firearms was distributed nationally and posted on the new Project ChildSafe website. To view the entire graphic visit


ON THE WEB A new Project ChildSafe website,, greeted the thousands of visitors to the site with the message, “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.” A pledge, quiz, news, legislative contacts and more helped firearms owners do just that.

NEW S.A.F.E.TY CAMPAIGN With “SAFE” serving as an acronym for Secure your firearms when not in use; Be Aware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to guns; Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner; and Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage, this NSSF safety campaign focused on providing education and tools that helps gun owners take responsible action to keep their families and communities safer.

A WELCOMED PARTNER USA Shooting, the governing body of the U.S. Olympic team, partnered with NSSF by providing national team members to serve as ambassadors for the Project ChildSafe message at the program’s launches across the country.

NSSF FUNDS THE PROGRAM FREE KITS TO RETURNING VETS While President Obama was announcing the return of 34,000 servicemen and women from Afghanistan in 2013 and early 2014, NSSF announced that it would continue providing free firearm safety materials, including gun-locking devices, to America’s returning armed services members. In recent years, NSSF has donated and helped place tens of thousands of free firearm safety kits from its Project ChildSafe program into the hands of returning servicemen and women to remind and encourage them to safely handle and securely store firearms in their homes when they return to civilian life.

Originally, the federal government was a major funding source of Project ChildSafe through U.S. Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhoods grants. Since 2008, however, NSSF has borne the costs of its operation without any government funding. A national survey about the public’s attitudes toward Project ChildSafe as a gun safety initiative and toward renewed federal funding for the program showed 77 percent of adults had an overall favorable impression of Project ChildSafe and 72 percent support restoring federal funding to the program, numbers consistent across all respondents’ party affiliations.


Don’t Lie For The Other Guy Don’t Lie for the Other Guy is NSSF’s longstanding cooperative program with ATF to help retailers detect and deter straw purchases of firearms and to raise the public’s awareness of the strict penalties for buying a firearm for someone who is legally ineligible to do so. RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS

Videos depicting straw-purchase scenarios have helped retailers spot and deter real-life straw-purchase attempts.

Counter cards and posters distributed to retailers by NSSF have helped deliver the message that buying a gun for someone who can’t can buy you a $250,000 fine and 10 years in jail. Early in 2013, NSSF launched its Don’t Lie public-awareness campaign with billboards, public transit placards and radio advertising in English and Spanish in the Southwest border states of Arizona and Texas. In early September, a publicawareness campaign was begun in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

FixNICS The third key aspect of NSSF’s campaign to prevent unauthorized access to firearms is its demand to increase the database of the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to include more state criminal and mental health records. NSSF and its member companies believe that NICS plays a vital role in keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not have them, but the industry has long supported needed improvements to the NICS system. NSSF worked with legislators, government staff, law enforcement officials, journalists and other stakeholders in state capitals and at conferences across the country, finding widespread agreement on the need to fix the inadequate NICS database. In 2013, four state legislatures passed legislation to improve the reporting of all records on prohibited persons, including adjudicated mental health records. Several other states began consideration of similar measures. COMMUNICATING THE NEEDS NSSF went on national television to discuss the need for improvements in NICS. A widely distributed press release, the NSSF blog and several newspaper and television interviews with NSSF representatives presented the industry’s message and helped lead to proposed federal legislation to appropriate as much as $55 million to FixNICS.


Representing Members in the Political and Governmental Process


SSF’s government relations team made an all-out effort to ensure the interests of its members were well represented and supported in all arms of government at both the federal and state level. From NSSF PAC contributions to face-to-face meetings with Congressmen through the 2013 Congressional Flyin, and from lawsuits to defend industry interests to appearing at state hearings with throngs of supporters, the National Shooting Sports Foundation was actively engaged in fighting for its members through the governmental process.

LEGISLATIVE OUTREACH AND HEARINGS CONGRESSIONAL FLY-IN Through the sixth annual Congressional Fly-in executives from NSSF member companies met in Washington, D.C., with congressional members and staff after NSSF hosted a reception for key congressmen. Subsequent to these meetings, important votes were taken in Congress, resulting in the defeat of the flawed Manchin-Toomey amendment, opposed by NSSF, and Sen. Feinstein’s amendment to institute both a new “assault weapons ban” and an arbitrary limit on magazine capacity.

Using both social and traditional media, including Facebook, Twitter, email, television and radio ads, interviews, op-eds and thirdparty placement of NSSF-originated messaging, NSSF helped motivate record sportsmen turnouts at state legislatures across the nation to oppose ill-conceived gun-control proposals. Of course, NSSF staff and consultants provided background information as well as having an important presence at all legislative hearings.

JUDICIAL EFFORTS NSSF was actively representing the interests of the industry in both state and federal courts. Among those lawsuits were challenges to the constitutionality of anti-gun legislation rapidly introduced and passed in New York, Connecticut and Colorado. Federal courts in Washington, D.C., and Arizona dismissed lawsuits by anti-hunting groups attempting to ban traditional ammunition nationwide.

NSSF also undertook efforts to challenge restrictions on its members’ ability to engage in the lawful commerce of firearms, including challenges to ATF multiple sales reporting requirement in the 5th and 10th Circuit Courts of Appeal and the filing of an amicus brief in support of NRA’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the federal minimum-age requirement to purchase handguns.


DUE RECOGNITION Allies in the legislative chambers of federal and state government, as well as governors, stood up for common-sense solutions in the wake of an anti-gun fervor. Two such members of Congress receiving special recognition from NSSF were Wisconsin Congressmen and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (top left), who was recognized as NSSF SHOT Business® Person of the Year, and South Carolina U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (above, middle), named NSSF Legislator of the Year. After the welcomed defeat of the Manchin-Toomey amendment on Capitol Hill, NSSF purchased radio advertising in several states to thank those senators who voted with America’s responsible gun owners.

NSSF PAC The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Political Action Committee — NSSF PAC — though less than four years old, raised more than three times the amount it did during the entire previous year thanks to the record number of individuals who demonstrated their commitment to our industry and firearms freedoms. The NSSF PAC is a non-partisan, multi-candidate Federal Election Commissionregistered political action committee. Its aim is to support pro-industry, pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen candidates for Congress who respect America’s traditional hunting and shooting sports heritage and who will advance NSSF’s government relations priorities.

IMPORT-EXPORT CONFERENCE Presented by NSSF and the FAIR Trade Group, the two-day 12th Annual Firearms Import/Export Conference in Washington, D.C., presented a comprehensive agenda designed to help ensure that members of the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry stayed informed of and in compliance with the extensive federal laws and regulations governing the import and export of their products.


Presenting a Record-Breaking SHOT Show


y all accounts, the 2013 SHOT Show, was the most successful ever held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. It began with a record amount of funds raised for servicemen and women, the most highly acclaimed SHOT Show Media Day at the RangeTM ever staged and a sold-out and greatly touted SHOT Show UniversitySM, and then enjoyed four days of commerce on the show floor and meeting rooms that brought together representatives of every state and more than 100 nations. RECORD ATTENDANCE The SHOT Show’s 35th anniversary edition set new attendance records. The largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas attracted a record overall attendance of 62,371, including a new high for buyers and more than 2,000 media representatives. More than 1,600 exhibitors filled booth space covering 630,000 net square feet.

STATE OF THE INDUSTRY With the Newtown tragedy fresh in everyone’s mind and President Obama announcing his restrictive Executive Actions while the SHOT Show was being held, nearly 2,000 representatives of the industry gathered at the annual State of the Industry Dinner, sponsored by Outdoor Channel, to demonstrate industry unity. There, NSSF President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Sanetti brought all to their feet with a passionate, sensible speech. “Ours is a responsible industry that makes and sells lawful products to law-abiding citizens,” he said. “They in turn exercise their constitutional right to own, use and enjoy firearms safely and responsibly for lawful purposes. And we are here to stay.” MORE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EVENING The State of the Industry evening featured prestigious awards, an NSSF-produced video of the previous year’s highlights and messages from NSSF dignitaries, all followed by an exclusive performance from headliner ventriloquist, comedian, impressionist and singer Terry Fator (top right). The awards presented were the NSSF Ken Sedlecky Achievement Award to FMG

Publications for its longstanding support of NSSF’s First Shots® (middle, right) and the POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham Communicator Award to former NSSF President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Painter for extraordinary achievements in communications in support of hunting’s heritage and firearms freedoms (bottom right).


BIRDIES FOR THE BRAVE In conjunction with the SHOT Show, NSSF sponsored the PGA Charities’ Birdies for the Brave golf tournament that raised $100,000 for groups that provide support for injured armed-service veterans.

SHOT SHOW APP AND OTHER NAVIGATIONAL/PLANNING AIDS The updated SHOT MobileSM app, downloadable to iPhones, iPads and Androids and available in a web mobile version for other devices, as well as the online SHOT Show Planner, made personalizing a daily show itinerary a snap.

ACCEPTED INTO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROGRAM In its third year of a multi-year plan to increase international buyer attendance, the SHOT Show was accepted into the International Buyer Program. This program provides support from U.S. Department of Commerce to manage and facilitate matching international buyers with exhibiting U.S. companies and to work with U.S. exhibitors to educate them on existing government export programs. The program also provides marketing assistance and will develop a program to specifically promote individual and group attendance.


SOCIAL MEDIA AT THE SHOW Implementing the advantages of social media, SHOT Show kept its participants and followers up on the latest show developments through the SHOT Show Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Two Twitterfalls were maintained at the show.

SHOT SHOW UNIVERSITY IS A SELL-OUT SHOT Show University, a day of informative educational and regulatory compliance sessions presented by experts, packed its venue with a sell-out crowd of 300 firearms retailers, range operators and other industry members on the day before the show floor opened.

MEDIA DAY AT THE RANGE For the third consecutive year, NSSF served as the title sponsor for SHOT Show Media Day at the Range, the pre-SHOT Show event held at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City. Praised as the most productive media day in history, the occasion allowed more than 1,110 credentialed media to shoot the newest firearms and ammunition, equipped with brandnew accessories, to photograph these products and to interview exhibiting personnel.


Increasing Member Services


he mission of the National Shooting Sports Foundation — “To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports” — is best fulfilled by maximizing the services NSSF can provide to its members to succeed. A record-breaking SHOT Show and an all-out effort in the governmental chambers in state capitals and Washington, D.C., are important ways to provide those services. So are the many other programs that NSSF delivers to its members.

Research Supporting The Industry

Whether being called upon by the marketing communications team for media requests, enhancing the SHOT Show by holding focus groups and conducting post-show surveys, providing the government relations team with import and export figures or reporting the industry’s best indicator of firearms sales—the NSSF-Adjusted NICS data— NSSF’s research efforts provided the essential information for the organization to fulfill its mission of promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports. By having access to data that provides a better understanding of the current marketplace and its customers NSSF members can make educated business decisions. NSSF’s research and statistics program helps meet these goals by fulfilling member data requests and producing and providing a great variety of timely and accurate industryspecific information. SCOPE OF 2013 RESEARCH A wide variety of reports, studies and surveys helped guide members in making important business decisions by gaining a clearer picture of trends, conditions, attitudes and consumer preferences. Among these research reports were: First-Time Gun Buyers Report; Understanding Diversity in Hunting and Shooting Sports; Customized Market ReportsSM; Firearms Retailer Survey Report; Financial Benchmarking Report; new as well as updated Industry Intelligence ReportsSM; Target Shooting in America; NSSF Industry Reference GuideSM;


NSGA Participation reports; Sport Shooting Participation in 2012; An Analysis of Sport Shooting Participation Trends 2008-2012; America’s Hunters; updates of The Modern Bowhunter Report® and The Modern Target Shooter Report®; Hunter Education Graduates’ Proclivity to Purchase a License; a series of infographics on firearm ownership, hunting and other topics; and an updated 2013 edition of Modern Sporting Rifle Consumer Report.

CUSTOMIZED MARKET REPORTSSM The strong interest in opening retail stores and ranges was reflected by NSSF’s developing more than 125 Customized Market ReportsSM, providing business people with important data on their desired location and, for many of those entrepreneurs, the information they needed to secure financing to implement their business plan.



Services for Retailer Members

The benefits of membership for retailers grew not only in number but in value in 2013 as NSSF introduced several new programs, most noteworthy being the best program for retailers in the industry — Premium Retailer Membership.

PREMIUM RETAILER MEMBERSHIP At the heart of Premium Retailer Membership is a legal defense fund to help retailers protect their business against administrative actions and judicial proceedings proposing unwarranted license revocations. NSSF offers Premium Retailer Members access to a select list of the industry’s best firearms defense attorneys and pays all related attorney fees in any ATF administrative action such as a warning conference or legal proceeding appealing a license revocation. Among the many other benefits of this membership is a free audit by an NSSF FFL Compliance Consultant and a free ticket to SHOT Show University.

RETAILER EDUCATION SEMINARS The popularity and demand for more free Retailer Education Seminars (RES) resulted in a record 13 such seminars being held across the nation. RES delivered sessions on properly filling out the Form 4473, inventory control, store security, straw-purchase awareness and the NICS background check process.


SHOT UNIVERSITY A perennial sell-out at the SHOT Show, SHOT University went on the road in 2013 for the first time in its history, bringing important workshops on merchandising, operations, loss prevention, media and crisis training, and the latest eCommerce solutions to 50 firearms retailers in Louisville, Ky. That turnout and their enthusiastic review prompted the scheduling of more such events in 2014.

NEW RESOURCES Additional resources for retailer members included NSSFproduced videos on “Seasonal Merchandising” and “Store Security,” which focused on growing sales while protecting their store, merchandise, staff and customers.

Check out these videos on...

NSSF FFL COMPLIANCE CONSULTANTS The value of the NSSF FFL Compliance Consultant program was never more evident than in 2013 when more than 100 members’ retail establishments were the subject of ATF training audits. At these NSSF-subsidized visits, a team of retired ATF inspectors did on-site evaluations of the business’s compliance procedures, providing the recommendations that addressed their operation. The team of experts was bolstered in 2013 by the addition of Jean Zabel and Gene Baker, adding 57 years of ATF experience to an already stellar and seasoned lineup.

Gene Baker

Fred Gerlach

Harry McCabe

Wally Nelson

Nick Scouffas

Jean Zabel



Services for Range Members Significant new programs helped shooting ranges, which enjoyed a banner year, better serve new and existing customers and members through traffic-building promotions and educational opportunities, including a new consultation program and five workshops that addressed OSHA and EPA requirements. RANGE COMPLIANCE CONSULTANT PROGRAM Within 30 days of the completion of the mock audit of a member’s indoor range and retail business, for which NSSF covers 50 percent of the cost, each member received Health and Safety Programs as custom-written plans. MBA-educated Erica Moncayo of Western Range brought to the new Range Compliance Consultant Program her experience as an OSHA-authorized General Industry trainer and her five-plus years of addressing and abating OSHA citations, through which she saved her clients more than $100,000 in fines. More than 20 member ranges availed themselves of this service.

LEAD MANAGEMENT AND OSHA COMPLIANCE WORKSHOP To raise shooting range managers’ awareness of maintaining safe and healthful workplaces in compliance with key OSHA regulations and provide helpful information for them to meet those standards, in 2013 NSSF presented five Lead Management and OSHA Compliance Workshops, in St. Louis, Mo., Atlanta, Ga., Delaware, Ohio, New Orleans, La., and San Diego, Calif., for more than 275 member shooting facilities. Experts with hands-on experience in the fields of environmental law related to shooting ranges, OSHA compliance and inspection, and lead reclamation and range maintenance presented highly interactive and informative two-day workshops.


ENHANCED RESOURCES Resources with familiar names remained popular aids for range owners and operators, providing helpful information to the shooting range community. The Range ReportSM evolved in a year’s time from a quarterly print magazine to a digital quarterly magazine to its current format, a monthly electronic newsletter. The new website not only hosts every element of each new monthly edition, but also makes past articles easily accessible while posting news updates in the range industry several times each week. Another resource that remained popular throughout the year was the nine-disk DVD package of all of the proceedings of NSSF’s historic first Indoor Range and Retail Development Workshop.

Wally Nelson


RANGE ACTION SPECIALISTS The Range Action Specialist program allows members to select from a team of range experts for a visit and evaluation of a shooting facility’s particular challenges. NSSF not only subsidized the program, but also conducted a strong communications effort to increase member awareness of this valuable benefit. As a result, the program proved more popular than ever, with more than 20 visits paid to members’ ranges. In 2013 the Range Action Specialists added experts who brought their unique experience and knowledge in environmental law, OSHA compliance and indoor range development to the team.

Leo Dombrowski

Scott Kranz

Ken Lewis

Hannah Niane

Richard Peddicord

Ed Santos

Don Turner

Glenn Welch


NSSF’s Five Star range evaluation program is recognized as awarding the most elite status in the shooting range industry. Not only does it cite existing ranges for excellence, but its criterion serves as a blueprint in the development of new shooting facilities. In 2013, the evaluation process, capped by an on-site visit by NSSF personnel, resulted in the awarding of Five Stars to more than 12 ranges.



Even More Member Benefits Understanding the needs of members led to the continuation of valuable benefits and the addition of new ones. This was not unnoticed by the industry, leading to an unprecedented growth in membership.

HELP FOR NATURAL DISASTER VICTIMS In the fall of 2012, NSSF reached out to retailer and range members devastated by Hurricane Sandy with financial relief. When tragic conditions presented themselves again in 2013, with catastrophic tornadoes leaving destruction in their wake in Oklahoma and north Texas, NSSF made $100,000 available in dedicated aid to members for business loss or damage to pay for critical and immediate expenses to resume business.

SHOPPING MADE EASY The shopping cart feature in the membersonly section of the brand-new NSSF website provided welcomed convenience in ordering and paying for NSSF research, conservation and safety literature and other NSSF resources.

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH The incredible array of member benefits and the need for as strong an industry voice as possible led to unprecedented growth in both voting and overall membership in the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry. By year’s end, NSSF had added several new voting members to its roll, and, overall, the record-setting membership is more than 10,000.


2008 4,300


2010 2011 MEMBERSHIP


2013 10,000


Recruiting More Participants

SSF members’ businesses, as well as the health of hunting, the shooting sports and even wildlife management, are dependent upon the recruitment of more participants. That goal is a vital aspect of NSSF’s mission, which in part, is to “preserve hunting and the shooting sports.” NSSF took significant strides in 2013 to fulfill that goal.

First Shots Keeps Rolling First Shots, NSSF’s introductory classroom and live-fire seminar program hosted by member ranges, continued its impressive growth, having catered cumulatively to nearly 7,000 participants by year’s end. In 2013, shooting facilities, boosted by 20 newly participating ranges, presented an estimated 300 seminars.

BIG CITY TOUR Concentrated efforts in metropolitan areas to promote the First Shots program and attract new shooters to area ranges led to two more successful stops on the First Shots Big City Tour. In 2013 those stops included the Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga., area, where nearly 1,000 newcomers to shooting participated.

SECOND ROUND REFERENCE GUIDE The continued development of First Shots Second Round as a follow-up opportunity for new shooters was advanced with creation of a reference guide for member ranges to help them plan their own events, “from bowling pin shoots to IDPA and USPSA matches, from personal defense to bull’s-eye shooting, from sporting clays to trap.” The Range Report reported on the many successful ways ranges are implementing Second Round to build new, loyal customers.

The success of the First Shots program is aided by the support of the industry. FMG Publications generously directed proceeds from the Shooting Industry Masters in the amount of $70,000 to the First Shots program. That brought the five-year total of FMG contributions to $211,000. Sponsorships in the way of product from ATK/ Federal, Birchwood-Casey, Remington, White Flyer and Kimberly-Clark Professional allowed member ranges to present First Shots for free or a nominal charge.

Photo by Jade Moldé



NSSF Initiatives & Grant Programs Established initiatives and grant programs sponsored by NSSF continued to bring new hunters and shooters, especially young ones, on board. FAMILIES AFIELD® Born eight years ago as a joint initiative of NSSF, the National Wild Turkey Federation and the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance, with grassroots support from the outset, Families Afield has picked up even more momentum with the NRA and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation as allies. The program, aimed at breaking down barriers that prevent newcomers from trying hunting because of age, license costs and incompatible schedules for local hunter education certification courses, has fostered the adoption of measures in 35 states to date, including three new ones in 2013. Those measures have resulted in more than one million apprentice hunting licenses being sold. Funding for the initiative was given a welcome boost with a $100,000 donation from NSSF supporting member Sports South, the Shreveport, La.-based distributor of firearms and ammunition.


COLLEGIATE SHOOTING SPORTS INITIATIVE For the 2013-14 fiscal year, NSSF made $200,000 in grants available to colleges to start brand-new shooting clubs or teams. This Collegiate Shooting Sports InitiativeSM allowed each of 20 colleges to receive $10,000 in grants to lay down a solid foundation of shooting opportunities for current and future students to enjoy.





After several months of preparation, NSSF announced the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, a rimfire rifle and rimfire pistol steel-target program that had been pioneered by Sturm, Ruger and Co. To increase program participation NSSF awarded 26 steel target grant packages worth a total of $30,000 to member shooting facilities. The targets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor target shooting ranges. After the grant money was exhausted, NSSF arranged with Action Target and MGM Targets for an ongoing discounted target-purchase program for members.


Progress Toward A Lofty Goal NSSF’s goal, albeit a “stretch,” has been to increase participation in hunting and the shooting sports by 20 percent by 2014, a measurement set by the Task Force 20/20 initiative following the 2008 Shooting Sports Summit. Thought of as nearly impossible five years ago, a time when the entire industry was bemoaning the downward trend in hunting license sales and the general lack of new participants in recreational shooting, progress by many measurements has been astounding. TASK FORCE 20/20 The Task Force 20/20 is a work in progress, for 2014 will be the concluding year of the goal period, but success, according to most measurements, has already been reached. The national recruitment and retention programs that have reported numbers thus far have shown a collective 38 percent increase since 2008.

PARTICIPATION INCREASE 2008-2012 Quality Deer Management Association National Mentored Youth Hunts


National Wild Turkey Federation Programs



Families Afield


International Defensive Pistol Association Trailblazer


NSSF First Shots

57% 50%



A sampling of programs contributing to a collective 38 percent increase since 2008




Using All Communication Vehicles


Engaging the media after the Newtown tragedy After the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., NSSF engaged all facets of the media. NSSF as the voice of the industry never spoke louder or received more attention to its every word.

aximizing social media, expanding digital communications, engaging in productive newsmaker media efforts and delivering the industry’s sentiments to a diverse array of outlets were only some of the many channels through which NSSF was able to present common-sense, pro-active messaging in the frenzied and often misinformed media spotlight following the horrific news stories that concluded 2012. Communications efforts, however, were not solely aimed at a single issue. INTERVIEWS AND OTHER MEDIA COVERAGE

NSSF launched a full-throttle campaign to deliver the industry’s proactive message that thwarting unauthorized access to firearms was the most effective means of preventing such events. Serving as NSSF’s chief spokesman, President and C.E.O. Steve Sanetti appeared on national and local television, including interviews on CBS Evening News, PBS’ Frontline, CNBC and CNN, as well as talk radio shows. Print interviews in the Associated Press and USA Today and Letters to the Editor and op-eds pieces appeared in newspapers nationwide, including The New York Times and The Hill. NSSF communications representatives worked intensely to disseminate NSSF’s message and to get the facts out about responsible firearms sales, ownership and use to every type of media outlet.


TV AND RADIO MESSAGES Lawmakers in some states rushed to attempt to legislate draconian anti-gun bills, and NSSF countered with videos and television and radio messages that pointed out to viewers and listeners that their officials’ votes could drastically affect the lives of hard-working, productive citizens, their neighbors who work in our honorable industry with a great tradition.

Combining images with statistics, NSSF’s research and communications teams constructed “infographics” to tell a big story in a small space. These effective devices often went viral, being picked up across the media spectrum. Some topics included Hunting in America and Gun Crimes Plummet Even as Gun Sales Rise, the latter of which was projected on the Great White Way in Times Square, in the heart of antiindustry Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s domain. To view the entire infographic visit

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE With awareness of the rapidly changing legislative scene never more important, a weekly Government Relations Update was created and distributed to NSSF members, apprising them of relevant developments and proposals. E-blasted alerts complemented the updates when immediate action was necessary.


Harnessing the Latest Technology Revamping the NSSF website, expanding social media efforts and creating apps dramatically increased the dissemination of NSSF’s messages.

REVAMPED WEBSITE, the nerve center of NSSF’s electronic communications, saw vast improvement with simplified, speedier navigation and the opportunity for visitors to take action instantly and express opinions to legislators. An improved members-only section offered a shopping cart feature for convenient ordering.

SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS NSSF’s Facebook followers increased to more than 200,000, a 100 percent increase in one year. NSSF YouTube videos topped 8 million views, and viewership in 2013 increased by more than 100 percent. Frequent messages were Tweeted to NSSF’s more than 20,000 Twitter followers.

WHERETOSHOOT APP A free app for NSSF’s® database of thousands of shooting facilities was developed for iPhones, iPads and Android; the app soared to the No. 4 spot for free sports apps in Apple’s App Store shortly after its launch.

BLOGS The NSSF and SHOT Show blogs provided up-to-date information on issues and developments of interest and value to their respective visitors.


Getting out the Message NSSF continued to use available communication options to deliver its message to general and very specific audiences.

PULL THE TRIGGER® Pull the Trigger, distributed in cooperation with, reached out to 1 million sportsmen each month with 250-plus helpful video tips. Beginners and seasoned shooters alike can learn how to improve their hunting and shooting experiences through these entertaining and informative videos.

SHOT BUSINESS®, SHOT DAILY NSSF’s SHOT Business presented businessbuilding articles seven times a year to NSSF members and more than 10,000 other industry subscribers. NSSF’s SHOT DailySM, SHOT Business’ SHOT Show publication, was packed with articles for the show-goer, and daily editions were free at stations throughout the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The website hosted these publications, along with frequently updated NewsBriefs.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS Publishers supportive of the National Shooting Sports Foundation allowed NSSF to deliver its message to their readers on a regular basis. Among these regular outlets were magazines going to the industry, hunter education instructors and their students, modern sporting rifle enthusiasts, skeet and sporting clays participants, junior shooters and their parents, other active sportsmen, law enforcement professionals and pawnbrokers.


SAFETY AND CONSERVATION MATERIALS Demand for NSSF’s safety and conservation materials reached an all-time high, with more than 3.5 million requests for DVDs, brochures and pocket cards.

BULLET POINTS The weekly electronic newsletter Bullet Points® delivered a synopsis and links to more information on relevant industry developments to every NSSF member and other subscribers across the firearms industry.

EDUCATING THE PUBLIC ON THE PREVENTION OF WILD FIRES As wild fires began to flare up in the drought-stricken West, NSSFcreated posters and public service announcements for radio broadcast to educate the public on prevention.

HUNTING WORKS FOR AMERICA Statewide organizations of sportsmen’s groups and business entities with an economic dependency on hunting create the framework of Hunting Works for America. Ready to defend the interests of hunters and its own economic wellbeing, which nationally translates into $billions to the economy and millions of jobs, each state chapter is a voice for the industry. In 2013 the program grew yet again, with the creation of Hunting Works for Pennsylvania and Hunting Works for Utah, the sixth and seventh state organizations created under the umbrella of Hunting Works for America. The program also includes chapters in Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa and Missouri.


NSSF Leadership NSSF’s Board of Governors


Chairman: ROBERT L. SCOTT Vice Chairman Smith & Wesson Holding Corp.

Co-Vice Chairman: JEFFREY REH General Counsel & Vice General Manager, Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

Co-Vice Chairman: STEPHEN HORNADY President Hornady Manufacturing Company

Secretary: JOSHUA W. DORSEY IV Vice President Glock, Inc.

Treasurer: JOSEPH H. BARTOZZI Senior Vice President & General Counsel O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

SANDY CHISHOLM President North American Arms, Inc.

MICHAEL O. FIFER CEO & Director Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc.

BRETT FLAUGHER Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Strategy Olin Corporation/ Winchester Division

TRAVIS HALL President and CEO Browning

MICHAEL HALLERON Vice President, Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc.

JOE KEFFER President The Sportsman’s Shop

WILLIAM KEMPFFER President Deep River Sporting Clays, Inc.

MARK KRESSER President & CEO Taurus International Mfg., Co.

WALTER McLALLEN Vice Chairman Remington Outdoor Co.

JOYCE RUBINO Vice President of Marketing Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC

RUSSELL R. THURMAN Publisher & Editor, Shooting Industry

JAY TIBBETS Senior Vice President & President ATK Sporting Group

KEVIN TREPA Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development Leupold & Stevens

Nancy Coburn Announces Her Retirement

NSSF’s Senior Management Team

STEVE SANETTI President & Chief Executive Officer

JOHN SMITH Vice President, Assistant Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

CHRIS DOLNACK Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

DEB KENNEY, SPHR Vice President Human Resources & Administration

LAWRENCE G. KEANE Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary & General Counsel

RANDY CLARK Managing Director, Business Development

After 23 years of dedicated service to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Nancy Coburn retired from her position as vice president, assistant treasurer and chief financial officer, effective the end of 2013. Her contribution to the growth, well-being and financial stability of NSSF has been immeasurable—and her presence and guidance will be both remembered and missed.

BILL DUNN Managing Director, Marketing Communications

Honors and Certifications


he achievements of 2013 highlighted in this Annual Review were accomplished through the efforts of the dedicated staff and membership of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Many of those organizational achievements and individual contributions earned deserved recognition. Following are some of those honors and accomplishments. National Shooting Sports Foundation Awarded People’s Bronze Telly for Shooting SportcastSM: Rifle Sight-in Process

Jake McGuigan, Director, Government Relations, State Affairs Certified Presenter, New England Area Firearms Conference

NSSF SHOT Business Magazine Nominated for Best Full Issue, Business to Business Glenn Sapir, Director, Editorial Services Sports Category, Folio Magazine Eddie Award Awarded Lifetime Excellence in Craft Award, Outdoor Writers Association of America Sunshine Blore, Jr. Accountant Awarded Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Post University Inducted into Alpha Chi, National College Honor Society

Steve Sanetti, President, CEO Reappointed to the Federal Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Council

Michael Ferris, Multimedia Production Specialist Certified Premier Pro Adobe Expert

Zach Snow, Manager, Shooting Promotions Reappointed to National Sporting Clays Advisory Council


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A Year Of Resilience - 2013 Annual Review  
A Year Of Resilience - 2013 Annual Review  

NSSF's 2013 annual review.