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2012 Annual Review National Shooting Sports Foundation®

A Year of Historic Growth

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2012 – A Year of Historic Growth Last year, we all wondered just how far we would be able to grow together. I am pleased to report that 2012 exceeded our expectations in many ways, as the National Shooting Sports Foundation continued to expand its member programs and services to help us achieve our mission “to promote, protect, and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.” Growth in Sales and Participation Participation in and acceptance of hunting and the shooting sports as legitimate forms of recreation continued to grow, despite widely reported media stories to the contrary. By late in 2012 retail firearm background checks had experienced 29 consecutive months of growth. Additionally, more than $450 million in firearms and ammunition excise taxes were collected, to be used for wildlife management, shooting range development and hunter education. This has added to the more than $7 billion in PittmanRobertson excise taxes paid since 1937 on the sale of firearm and ammunition products to hunters and target shooters. Our Retailer Survey reported that more than 73 percent of retailers surveyed had increased sales over the previous year and that first-time buyers have increased to more than 25 percent of their customers. Hunting participation has turned the corner and has shown more than nine percent growth in the past five years. Part of this can be 2

attributed to the success of recruitment efforts such as our Families Afield® partnership with other organizations. Since 2005, almost a million apprentice hunting licenses have been sold, with a record-breaking 176,000 issued in 2012 alone. Challenge Grants, Pull the Trigger® and Olympic Heroes We made $100,000 in challenge grants available to Boy Scouts of America Councils to significantly strengthen and increase their activities in the shooting sports and to teach firearms safety. Pull the Trigger, our cooperative program with, now features more than 200 NSSF-produced concise video tips on how to get started in hunting and recreational shooting, all available free on the web. 2012 was an Olympic year, of course, and the members of USA Shooting made us all proud. NSSF® donated $100,000 in 2012 and invested nearly $1.2 million in the last decade to USA Shooting to support its shooter development programs. Televised coverage of the games included significantly more segments on the winning shooters than in previous years, helping to offset the typical negative media reporting on firearms that focuses on the actions of criminals and not the responsible shooting sports.

Continuing to Educate on Modern Sporting Rifles, Welcoming Influx of Women Shooters In response to calls by some for additional controls upon lawful firearms sales and ownership, NSSF doubled its efforts to inform our members, the entire sporting community and the media about the legitimacy of those firearms that have been the industry’s most popular sellers. A recent survey shows that their owners actually spend more time target shooting with modern sporting rifles than those who engage in the popular shooting sports of trap, skeet and sporting clays. In 2012, some 72 percent of retailers reported an increase in female customers, now generating almost 20 percent of their total sales revenue. NSSF sponsored eight retailer education seminars to provide FFLs with ongoing guidance and continuing education on rules and regulations regarding firearms sales. First Shots®, Collegiate Initiative, Range Grants NSSF’s First Shots program, an introduction to basic firearms safety and education, brought a record number of new shooters – 5,600 – to member ranges. And our Collegiate Shooting Sports InitiativeSM is now represented by more than 75 colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale and other prestigious schools. This would have been unheard of 25 years ago! We invested $400,000 in recreational shooting ranges through the Range Partnership Grant ProgramSM, emphasizing community outreach. These grants helped ranges identify potential newcomers, reactivate lapsed shooters and encourage active shooters to try exciting new action shooting sports such as 3-gun competition.

Global Commerce, Carry Permits Our Import/Export Conference had a record number of participants, as we worked with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the State and Commerce departments to help American manufacturers compete in the global market for hunting, sporting and law-enforcement firearms. Pistol licenses for carrying a defensive firearm for personal protection continued to surge in 2012. It is now legal (subject to a variety of conditions and controls) to lawfully carry firearms in every state except Illinois. Record-Setting SHOT Show®, Jobs and Membership The SHOT Show, now the largest outdoor products exposition in the world, saw a record number of attendees (61,017), with the highest levels of both exhibitor and attendee satisfaction in years. All these activities have resulted in a 30 percent job increase in the firearms industry, providing good jobs to over 98,000 people last year. NSSF membership reached an alltime high of more than 7,500. Our economic impact, measured by job creation and tax payments, has increased nationwide by almost 70 percent in four years. Industry success occurred simultaneously with both a drop in violent crime and fatal firearm accidents. Victories in Capitals across the Nation We opened a government relations office in our nation’s capital to better enable NSSF to protect our industry. NSSF helped initiate and lead the successful fight for passage in the House and

advancement in the Senate of the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 that contains some of our industry’s important legislative priorities. We were equally successful in protecting our industry in state houses – defeating microstamping in New York, a modern sporting rifle ban in California and a traditional ammunition ban in Iowa. Through our leadership, New York repealed its wasteful and ineffective ballistics imaging system. Unparalleled Growth and Success I think you can see that 2012 was a year of unparalleled growth and success for the firearms industry and its law-abiding customers. Some dark clouds have appeared, however, in the guise of those who would severely limit the kinds of firearms and accessories that responsible American citizens can own, in the name of attempting to control the actions of violent, mentally disturbed lawbreakers who have no respect for laws or humankind. We must all be ever mindful of this threat and continue to conduct our affairs in a responsible, legal and safe manner so that all we do reflects the best of the millions of fine men and women in our industry, which we at NSSF are proud to represent as your trade association. Rest assured that we and the NSSF PAC will continue to work hard every day to protect our industry.

Stephen L. Sanetti

President and Chief Executive Officer National Shooting Sports Foundation

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 7,500 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. This publication highlights many of NSSF’s accomplishments in 2012. For more information, log on to


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Too Good to Miss

SHOT Show Highlights The Jan. 17-20 SHOT Show was energized by unprecedented firearms sales nationwide. Named the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas. Trade Show News Network (TSNN) ranked the SHOT Show the 21st largest trade show in North America, and SHOT Show received an award from TSNN as one of Top 25 Fastest-growing Trade Shows based on attendance. Deliberately reduced size for convenience of attendees, but still housed 1,600 exhibitors covering 630,000 net square feet Set overall attendance record of 61,017, including new high for buyers (36,383) and media (2,466)

The SHOT Show The SHOT Show, owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is the largest outdoor products exposition in the world. The 2012 edition, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev., was a record-breaking event.


Five- and 10-Year SHOT Show Comparison

A press conference at the SHOT Show provided the kickoff for the official celebration of the 75th anniversary of the enactment of the “Pittman-Robertson” Wildlife Restoration Act. This 1937 act dedicated an industry-paid excise tax on firearms and ammunition that has provided essential funding as part of the world-envied North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. NSSF support of this celebration during the ensuing year included a press release distributed to industry-related trade publications, outdoor media and other media outlets; NSSF-written magazine articles publicizing industry’s role; and a chapter on industry involvement in a book published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

• NSSF sponsored the preshow PGA Charities’ Birdies for the Brave golf tournament and reception, with the proceeds of $70,000 directed toward eight military home-front groups.

A full-capacity enrollment of 300 retailers and range owners at SHOT Show® UniversitySM enjoyed presentations by industry leaders on many important topics.

Negotiated improved layout and facilities for the 2013 SHOT Show, including more dining areas, more seating, wider aisles, a new escalator and improved restroom facilities 5

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The Industry’s Premier Trade Show

Record, sell-out attendance of more than 2,200 NSSF supporters at the State of the Industry Dinner. There, the Telly Award-winning video report to NSSF membership premiered, NSSF dignitaries reported to the gathered industry representatives and honors were bestowed on Larry Potterfield of Midway USA as recipient of the NSSF Ken Sedlecky Achievement Award and on Blue Book of Gun Values Editor S.P. Fjestad with the POMA/ NSSF Grits Gresham Shooting Sports Communicator Award. An exclusive performance by celebrity comedian Larry the Cable Guy capped the memorable evening.

Technological advances made a SHOT Show participant’s planning easy and efficient. The SHOT Show website featured the SHOT Show Blog and covered all the bases, starting with registration and travel and lodging plans. My Show Planner, an online aid, and SHOT MobileSM, the SHOT Show application for iPhone and Android owners, helped users navigate the show floor, keep track of appointments and find new products and services, among other conveniences.

Record international presence, due, in large part, to NSSF marketing efforts and exhibiting at the IWA in Nuremberg, Germany. At the 2012 SHOT Show, more than 100 nations were represented.


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Member Services A variety of member benefits was the attraction that swelled industry membership in the National Shooting Sports Foundation to more than 7,500, more than doubling NSSF’s ranks in three years.

Providing Valuable Research NSSF produced hundreds of pages of research and high-quality reports to assist members in better understanding market conditions, enabling them to make more informed business decisions. In addition to reporting on consumer attitudes, purchase habits and usage, NSSF worked directly with sources such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Treasury Tax Bureau, United States International Trade Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide membership with the most current data on industry indicators. Examples included NICS background checks, firearm production, excise taxes, imports/exports and hunting license sales reports. NSSF completed a record 150 Customized Market ReportsSM to help prospective range and retail owners learn more about potential customers in their area and secure financing to build or expand their business. Released “2012 Shooting Sports Industry Financial Benchmarking Report for Firearms Retailers,� which gives firearms retailers the ability to compare their business performance with companies similar to their own, take advantage of trends in the market and plan for growth


Serving the Retailer Membership Greatly expanded services and benefits for firearms retailers, including creation of the new post of Director, Retail Development, to supervise retailerrelated services Installed toll-free retailer hotline – 855-FFL-NSSF (335-6773) – open 24/7 to address retail members’ compliance and other questions Held eight Retailer Education Training workshops across the country Published “Advertising and Marketing for the Firearms Retailer,” the fifth book in a series of operational manuals Expanded NSSF’s FFL Compliance Program and made a record number of visits to retail members’ businesses Produced “How to Sell at Retail: Eight Steps of Retail Sales” video, available on the NSSF website Distributed a Form 4473 overlay to aid FFLs in properly completing the newly revised form and produced a video to explain its use

Serving the Range Membership Held NSSF’s first Indoor Range and Retail Development Workshop, attended by a capacity audience of nearly 100 entrepreneurs. Followed up with a nine-disc DVD package of the proceedings, available at discount to members Strengthened NSSF’s team of Range Action Specialists, who were called upon by members for individualized consultations Digitalized The Range ReportSM magazine and housed it in its own website, where shooting range news is updated regularly Reviewed a record number (79) of Range Partnership Grant proposals, resulting in the awarding of nearly $400,000 to 16 facilities for programs that will bring more people to the firing line Hosted a range workshop in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Made $125,000 available in dedicated aid for business loss or damage resulting from Hurricane Sandy to qualifying member companies located in federally declared disaster areas, with emphasis placed on providing relief to store-front federally licensed firearm retailers and shooting ranges


With the ambitious objective of raising hunting and shooting sports participation by 20 percent from 2009 to 2014, NSSF has implemented and supported programs and other strategies that have made significant inroads in achieving that goal.




Recruitment & Retention


Recruitment and Retention Highlights A record issuance of apprentice licenses – 176,080 in 2011, with promise of an even greater total in 2012. An all-time high number of 34 Families Afield-supportive states raised hunter numbers and paired new hunters in the field with mentoring adults.

Awarded grants to create hunter access and opportunities (Hunting Heritage Partnership® grant program); to strengthen existing and aid the founding of collegiate varsity and club shooting programs (Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative); to fund new marketing approaches to put more shooters on the firing line at shooting facilities (Range Partnership Grant Program); and to fund and equip Boy Scouts of America Councils with their shooting equipment needs while directing that spending to NSSF member retailers (Boy Scouts of America Challenge Grant program).

With NSSF’s president on its board of advisors, NSSF supported the Armed Citizens Alliance to get first-time firearms buyers to approved ranges for safety instruction, practice and competition.

Initiated plans for the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, which promotes inexpensive, informal handgun and rifle competition for shooters of all ages and skill levels

Increased the number of free First ShotsÂŽ introductory programs to some 225 seminars across the nation. Special stops on the First Shots Big City Tour featured coordinated seminars offered at several ranges in the greater Miami, Fla., Sacramento, Calif., Chicago, Ill., and Washington, D.C., areas. Nearly 5,600 people became new shooters through First Shots in 2012. An updated NSSF First Shots Industry Intelligence ReportSM showed that 53 percent of those participants who took the follow-up survey invited someone to go shooting with them.

Supported a wide variety of young adult recruitment programs that ranged from the Scholastic Clay Target Program and, new in 2012, the Scholastic Pistol Program, to USA Shooting and our nation’s Summer Olympic Games effort, capped with a full-page ad of recognition in USA Today, above 11

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Communications The National Shooting Sports Foundation remained on the everadvancing cutting edge of communications technology to embrace social media and digital publishing and to expand its messaging capabilities. The end result: efficiently delivered timely information to NSSF’s members, both outdoor and mainstream media, government officials and the end-users whom our members serve.

Communications Highlights With lawful firearms sales soaring, NSSF served as the “voice of industry” in the media. Demand for NSSF safety and conservation offerings increased 24 percent, with orders for a record-breaking 3 million pieces of literature and DVDs. NSSF’s digital footprint grew, adding The Range Report and its own website to its long list of electronic communications, including Bullet Points®, NSSF Member NewsSM, First Shots NewsSM, Legislative Alerts, NSSF and SHOT Show blogs, Pull the Trigger, Import/Export Newsletter and others.

Monthly Pull the Trigger electronic newsletters reached out to more than 900,000 readers. A 2012 survey found that 87 percent of the readership was motivated to visit a range or go hunting after seeing one of Pull the Trigger’s video tips.

Accessible anytime... anywhere...

NSSF SHOT Business® magazine, published in cooperation with Bonnier Corporation, continued to provide valuable information to 20,000-plus subscribers in seven annual issues and distributed a unique edition of SHOT DailySM during each day of the SHOT Show. To its regular SHOT Business features – From the NSSF, You Should Know, NSSF Delivers Value and a two-page spread of NSSF-related updates – NSSF added From My Side of the Counter to present retailers’ views of NSSF services.

We are the Voice of the Industry 13

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NSSF’s Shooting SportscastSM produced in NSSF headquarters’ studio attracted a record 2.5 million viewers on its YouTube channel in 2012 and was recognized with a Bronze Telly Award. The Shooting Sportscast garnered the attention of PR News and was recognized as a finalist in the podcast/videocast category. NSSF’s Annual Review video was awarded a Bronze People’s Telly.

The Modern Sporting Rifle campaign continued to provide media and the public with a better understanding of the widespread legitimate uses of semi-automatic firearms. Similarly, the Traditional Ammunition campaign countered the inaccurate and scientifically unsupported attempts to ban lead-component ammunition.

NSSF’s firearm safety programs, Project ChildSafe® (PCS) and its precursor, Project HomeSafe®, have distributed more than 35 million firearm safety kits – a cable-style gun lock and safety brochure – to gun owners through partnerships with law enforcement agencies since 1999. Significant PCS initiatives were launched in Puerto Rico in May and with seven law enforcement agencies in the greater St. Louis area in August. NSSF also worked with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to get firearm safety kits into the hands of returning vets. PCS, which began with federal funding, is now funded by industry and has distributed firearm safety kits in all 50 states and all five U.S. territories. Added Iowa and Missouri to the award-winning Hunting Works for America initiative to forge an alliance between sporting organizations and the businesses dependent on hunting

Developed NSSF’s first iPhone app, Where2Shoot, providing the nation’s most comprehensive directory of range facilities, videos and other shooting and hunting tips


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Government Relations

NSSF’s government relations efforts reached the halls of Congress, state legislatures, governors’ offices, state attorneys generals’ offices and judicial chambers as lofty as the U.S. Supreme Court. Of course, NSSF members and the firearms and ammunition industry we proudly serve were always the guiding focus. Government relations included participating in hearings and lawsuits, communicating with members in executive and legislative offices, holding and attending important conferences, overseeing a government relations blog, creating a compliance website and reaching out to members and beyond to deliver important factual messages in a presidential election year via all available means of technology and social media.


Government Relations Highlights Helped to draft and pass the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act (H.R. 4089)—a package of pro-industry, pro-sportsmen’s legislation— out of the House of Representatives with a broad, bipartisan majority. In the Senate, we helped to draft and actively advance the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 (S. 3525)—a package of 19 prosportsmen’s bills. Together these bills contain NSSF’s top legislative priorities, including protecting the right of hunters and shooters to use traditional ammunition. The bills represent the most significant sportsmen’s legislation in a generation.

Conducted a coordinated voter-education strategy, under the #gunvote label, that reached more voters than ever before. NSSF encouraged sportsmen to register, become educated on the candidates and issues, encourage friends, family and other acquaintances to do the same and vote. A dedicated NSSF website,, provided links to registration in each state, local polling places, and information and articles on national key races and election polls. Twitter and Facebook messaging became a key part of this education effort, and NSSF members’ and others’ websites posted the #gunvote button to link to the NSSF website. NSSF member retailers and ranges in key battleground states received #gunvote stickers and posters. SM

Drafted the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act that helps ensure high-quality shooting facilities by giving states more flexibility to use Pittman-Robertson funds. NSSF successfully sought passage of the bill by the House and advanced companion legislation in the Senate. Coordinated a record number of industry executives’ participation in NSSF’s 5th Annual Congressional Fly-In. In a display of industry influence, the House of Representatives passed the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act just as the Fly-In began. The political action committee of the National Shooting Sports Foundation – the NSSF PAC – supports pro-industry, pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen candidates for federal office based on their record of promoting, protecting and preserving the collective interests of our industry, America’s hunting and shooting sports heritage, and our firearms freedoms. The NSSF PAC is an effective means of ensuring that “The Voice of Industry” is heard on Capitol Hill. In the 2012 elections, that voice was heard loud and clear: Every NSSF PAC-supported candidate for the House of Representatives was victorious. As awareness of the NSSF PAC among members of industry has grown, support has increased, with contributions in 2012 up more than 60 percent over the previous year.

Fought against microstamping and ballistic imaging, flawed and failed technologies that needlessly create unacceptably high costs to taxpayers, consumers and the firearms industry. With NSSF providing accurate information on these technologies to the legislatures and appropriate government agencies, as well as to the constituencies they served, microstamping was defeated in New York and Maryland. NSSF led the way in having New York pass legislation repealing its failed and ineffective ballistics imaging system, which had not served to help solve even one crime in more than a decade of existence.


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Established a physical presence with an office in Washington, D.C., and a newly created staff position, NSSF Director, Government Relations – Federal Affairs, to better represent and coordinate our members’ interests in our nation’s capital and fulfill NSSF’s mission Reinforced compliance training for international commerce with a multifaceted approach that included a new compliance resources website, free compliance webinars and co-sponsorship of the 11th Annual Import/Export Conference held in Reston, Va. In addition, NSSF worked to advance export

control reforms with the goal of transferring exports of sporting arms from the State Department to the Department of Commerce, expediting export licenses to keep American manufacturers competitive globally. NSSF continued to meet quarterly with officials of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to discuss items of interest and concern to the firearms industry. Led the successful fight to defeat ill-advised legislation in California that would have banned the possession of legally purchased modern sporting rifles

NSSF President Steve Sanetti, through his service on the federal Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, helped effect the reversal of an earlier Bureau of Land Management decision that would have banned responsible recreational shooting on 800,000 acres of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

• Made the right of shooters to choose their ammunition – including traditional or alternative ammunition – a high priority – Intervened in another lawsuit filed by anti-hunting organizations led by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), after the Environmental Protection Agency rejected, for a second time, CBD’s petition to ban traditional ammunition. NSSF succeeded in having the court dismiss the CBD’s earlier lawsuits. – When the Iowa Conservation Commission voted to enact an ill-advised ban on traditional ammunition for its newly enacted dove-hunting season, NSSF conferred with the legislature and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who rescinded the commission’s action. – Addressed and refuted issues of lead in game as a threat to human health or wildlife populations with references to sound science at the gatherings of more than a half-dozen national, regional and state outdoor communicator organizations


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Preserving Hunting and the Shooting Sports Highlights


Preserve our Heritage Preserving Second Amendment rights, preserving a business environment where our industry members can compete fairly domestically and internationally and preserving the natural environment where so many of our members’ products are put to the test were areas receiving continued attention and support. NSSF coordinated strategies with organizations whose goals coincided with its own.

Focused on unfavorable policies being promulgated in the United Nations, NSSF, working with the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute® (SAAMI®), submitted a minority report objecting to the philosophy, policies and procedures underlying International Small Arms Control Standards. NSSF and SAAMI continued unyielding opposition to the inclusion of sporting arms and ammunition in the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, and the international body was unable to agree upon a treaty to put forth for a vote.

Helped forge closer coordination between SAAMI and the European Commission Internationale Permanente to standardize firearms and ammunition industry safety and performance standards on a global basis

Presented a check for $150,000 to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to support habitat efforts generated under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, the second installment in our five-year NAWCA grant program

When wild fires ravaged the West, NSSF responded with a flyer, a public service radio announcement and other communications to caution recreational shooters to exercise extreme caution when in the outdoors in fire-prone areas.


preserve protect PROMOTE


Steve Sanetti President & Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence G. Keane Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Nancy Coburn Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Deb Kenney, SPHR Managing Director, Human Resources & Administration

Randy Clark Managing Director, Business Development

Bill Dunn Managing Director, Marketing Communications

JOSHUA W. DORSEY IV Vice President Glock, Inc.

MICHAEL O. FIFER CEO and Director Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc.

WILLIAM KEMPFFER President Deep River Sporting Clays, Inc.

WALTER McLALLEN Vice Chairman Freedom Group

NSSF’s Board of Governors

Chairman: ROBERT L. SCOTT Vice Chairman Smith & Wesson Holding Corp.

BRETT FLAUGHER Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Strategy Olin Corporation/ Winchester Division


Chris Dolnack Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

NSSF’s Senior Management Team

Vice Chairman: JEFFREY REH General Counsel and Vice General Manager Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

TRAVIS HALL President and CEO Browning

ROBERT MORRISON Past President and CEO Taurus International Mfg., Co.

Secretary: JOSEPH H. BARTOZZI Senior Vice President and General Counsel O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

RON JOHNSON President, ATK Security and Sporting Senior Vice President, ATK

Treasurer: STEPHEN HORNADY President Hornady Manufacturing Company

CALVIN S. JOHNSTON President and CEO Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

JOYCE RUBINO Vice President of Marketing and CFO Colt’s Manufacturing Co., LLC

SANDY CHISHOLM President North American Arms, Inc.

JOE KEFFER Owner The Sportsman’s Shop

RUSSELL R. THURMAN Publisher and Editor, Shooting Industry FMG Publications

KENT A. WILLIAMS President Williams Shooters Supply, Inc.

Celebrating Our Sports and Our Achievements

Honors & Certifications

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Served on Industry/Agency Steering Committee Steve Sanetti, president and chief executive officer Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Golden Glow Organization Award National Shooting Sports Foundation Boone and Crockett Club Elected Professional Member Steve Sanetti, president and chief executive officer Cody Firearms Museum Served on Board of Firearms Advisors Steve Sanetti, president and chief executive officer Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation Diamond Level Sponsor Award National Shooting Sports Foundation Served on the board of directors Steve Sanetti, president and chief executive officer Folio Magazine Eddie Award SHOT Daily, Finalist Honoring America’s Veterans Afield Served on the board of directors Chris Dolnack, senior vice president and chief marketing officer

National Pawnbrokers Association Industry Partner Award National Shooting Sports Foundation New York State Outdoor Writers Association Served second term as president Glenn Sapir, director, editorial services Peoples’ Telly Award Bronze NSSF Generation Next: Moving Forward PR News Platinum PR Awards Finalist, Honorable Mention Podcast and/or Videocast NSSF’s Shooting Sportscast Sage SalesLogix LAN Developer Accreditation Luke Lacki, junior database programmer Social Media Magazine World’s Top 100 Chief Marketing Officers Chris Dolnack, senior vice president USA Shooting and chief marketing officer Served on Board of Directors Telly Award Randy Clark, managing director, Bronze business development NSSF’s Shooting Sportscast U.S. Department of State Minute of Angle Reappointed to the Defense Trade Trade Show News Network Advisory Group (DTAG) Top 25 Fastest-growing Trade Shows Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice The SHOT Show president and general counsel


The achievements of 2012 highlighted in this Annual Review were accomplished through the efforts of the dedicated staff and membership of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Many of those organizational achievements and individual contributions received deserved recognition. Following are some of those honors and accomplishments.

You have seen on the preceding pages how 2012 was a year of historic growth for the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the industry it represents. Now view the NSSF production that captures the activities and achievements of the past year on video.

Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Reappointed by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Steve Sanetti, president and chief executive officer


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2012 Annual Review: A Year ofHistoric Growth  

NSSF's 2012 annual review.

2012 Annual Review: A Year ofHistoric Growth  

NSSF's 2012 annual review.