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FROM THE PRESIDENT To Our Fellow NSSF® Members and Friends,


o the amazement of many, 2011 not only saw the industry retain its recent increases in both equipment sales and participation in hunting and the shooting sports, but we even made more headway than any of us might have predicted. Twenty-one states saw increased hunting license sales, NSSF-adjusted NICS background checks increased an average of 11 percent over 2010’s record highs and the number of unique visitors to NSSF websites designed for new shooters such as First Shots®, Pull the TriggerSM and Families Afield® continued to soar. Once again, to the dismay of the naysayers who simplistically and wrongly equate guns only with crime and accidents, both violent crime and accidental firearms injuries continued to plummet. Yet, more people exercised their constitutional right to own and use firearms in overwhelmingly safe and lawful fashion, even during times of severe economic hardship. Firearms accidents now constitute well below one percent of all unintentional fatal injuries, the lowest level in a century. Clearly, a lot of people are doing a lot of things right! I am proud to say that the American firearms industry now creates more than 183,500 jobs, representing an economic value to this nation of more than $27.8 billion. The threats to our way of life and our livelihoods remain, however. Some would capitalize on any tragedy involving firearms, and they now exploit Mexico’s abhorrent crime problem. This is being used illogically to call for increased restrictions on the rights of law-abiding Americans,

including those of us in the firearms industry, to control crime in Mexico. The fact is, of course, that only a small percentage of firearms used in Mexico are even submitted to the U.S. for tracing, and the ages of the guns being traced are, on average, 15 years old. The U.S. firearms industry is not unmindful of its obligations to make only legal sales. That is why the NSSF, as the industry’s trade association, has voluntarily undertaken joint efforts with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to produce such worthwhile programs as Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™, which is both a retailer and public education program describing the severe penalties for the illegal purchase and sale of firearms; Take Stock , a retailer education program with valuable tips on securing and recording firearms inventory; and Sweat the Details , a new promotion reminding dealers of their obligations to correctly create and maintain legally required firearmstransaction records and help them meet their important role in helping law enforcement trace firearms when necessary. We are also proud of the fact that federally licensed firearms retailers, whom ATF has called its “First Line of Defense” in stopping illegal purchases, immediately informed law enforcement authorities when they suspected possible “straw purchases” were being attempted at their stores along the Mexican border. Retailers go the extra mile and proactively worked with the ATF, because none of us wants to see an unqualified purchaser illegally obtain a firearm. Focusing on the proper role of firearms in our American sporting traditions, the NSSF held a Shooting Sports Summit in June with a theme SM



of Models of Success– those programs that have demonstrated effectiveness in recruiting and retaining both new and lapsed hunters and target shooters of all ages. Working with many other member organizations, we have strived to get legislation passed allowing apprentice hunting under the direct supervision of a licensed hunter, as well as to permit Sunday hunting in those few states that do not yet recognize that this is often the only day that families can spend time together afield. Pull the Trigger is an innovative NSSF program designed to motivate new and existing shooters to go afield or to the range by providing video tips from experts about firearms, accessories, hunting and target shooting. And our First Shots program has shown remarkable successes in both attracting new firearms owners to the range and helping to instill that love of our sports that will make them lifelong participants. We successfully helped fight off onerous anti-firearms and antihunting initiatives such as attempts to “microstamp” ammunition with tiny and readily eradicated serial numbers, a ban on the use of traditional ammunition, bans on modern sporting rifles and their accessories, and unworkable regulations on the shipment of sporting firearms and ammunition. When the federal government overstepped its authority, as it did when it required retailers along the Southwest border to report all multiple sales of certain long guns to the ATF, we expressed our concerns

Table of Contents and, as a last resort, filed a lawsuit to stop this action. In addition we were pioneers in the use of a wide variety of new electronic and social media to get the word out to our members, with Bullet Points®, NSSF Member News and a digital edition of The Range Report being just a few examples, along with the use of blogs, Twitter and Facebook. None of these programs would be possible without adequate funding, of course, and our annual SHOT Show® provides the lion’s share of that funding, as well as being the essential one-stop place where all the members of our industry gather to network and to introduce their finest new products to the largest gathering of outdoor media in the world. In 2012, we are back in Las Vegas, as we will be through 2014, at the greatly improved Sands Expo & Convention Center. As always, we are committed to making your experience at the SHOT Show the finest, most helpful and most enjoyable it can be, and by attending, you will be helping us to help you—and believe me, your help is very gratefully appreciated! So to all of the men and women who comprise the more than 6,500 manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, target ranges, gun clubs, state agencies, safety instructors, outdoor media, conservation organizations and individual members, I extend my sincere thanks for your support—and that of your predecessors—who have contributed to the first 50 years of the National Shooting Sports Foundation®. You can be proud of the hard-working employees of your NSSF who work so diligently along with you to promote, protect, and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. In 2011, NSSF celebrated its golden anniversary. We all look forward to working with you as we launch our second 50 years. Safe shooting!

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Stephen L. Sanetti President and Chief Executive Officer National Shooting Sports Foundation

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. This publication highlights many of NSSF’s accomplishments in 2011. For more information, log on to

The SHOT Show®


he Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM, owned and sponsored by NSSF, not only kicks off the business year for the industry with the display of 1,600 exhibitors’ newest products, promotions and services, but also serves as the primary source of funding for NSSF programs and activities. The SHOT Show, held Jan.18-21, 2011, returned to the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas and reaffirmed itself as the global crossroads of the shooting and hunting industry (see SHOT Show Scorecard). Under a new, more inclusive logo that welcomes and supports all segments of the world’s largest shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show, the 2011 SHOT Show saw exhibitors from 22 countries, attendees from more than 100 nations and media from 30 countries, the latter contributing to the record 2,074 credentialed communications professionals covering the show. This participation demonstrated the international appeal and demand of what has become the 13th largest trade show in North America. In March, SHOT Show representatives manned a booth at the IWA & Outdoor Classics, Europe’s largest outdoor industry show, and throughout the year regularly contributed articles to Gun Trade World, a leading international firearms industry trade magazine, to promote attendance at the show to the global marketplace.

Seminars in Demand SHOT Show® UniversitySM, a full day of sessions and networking opportunities crafted specifically for the firearms retailer, provided a sell-out audience of 300 with more than a dozen thought-provoking speakers addressing topics close to their hearts and businesses. The Law Enforcement Educational Program, co-produced with Law Officer Magazine, drew its largest crowd ever for meaningful seminars geared to the L.E. professional. In addition, cooperative seminars presented by NSSF, ATF and the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background System imparted valuable information to attendees.

2011 SHOT Show Scorecard Attendees 31,769 Exhibiting Personnel Exhibiting Companies

23,547 1,600

Media 2,074* Exhibition Space

660,000 sq. ft.


SHOT Show Made Easier Adapting modern technology to the SHOT Show offered two new conveniences in 2011, both of which saved time and footsteps, allowing for a more efficient experience. The new SHOT Show mobile application allowed show participants to conveniently locate exhibitors, view the floor plan, find sessions and events, get show news and alerts and learn of new products and show specials. My Show Planner gave show-goers the opportunity, even before they arrived in Las Vegas, to search for products and exhibitors, create a personal show agenda based on the location of booths, email exhibitors directly and load appointments in Outlook.


Promote Hunting and the shooting sports

A Night to Remember The annual State of the Industry Dinner, held at the completion of the opening day of the show and sponsored by Outdoor Channel, presented an appropriate setting for the gathering of industry members to relax and celebrate the record year many had just enjoyed. A capacity crowd of more than 2,000 heard messages from NSSF officials and witnessed the presentation of prestigious awards to two of the industry’s very deserving: Robert W. (Bob) Behn, retiring senior advisor and director for Remington Arms and co-vice chairman of the NSSF’s Board of Governors, received the NSSF Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award; Michael Bane of Nederland, Colo., was named the recipient of the NSSF-POMA Grits Gresham Communicator Award. Making their debut during the evening’s festivities were what would prove to be awardwinning communications efforts: the video, “50 Years of Achievement: A History of the National Shooting Sports Foundation,” would later receive a people’s Telly Award and the Apex Award for Excellence; the Annual Review publication, “A Building Block to History,” which included a DVD of the 50-year video, would receive the PR News Nonprofit PR Award for annual publications and brochures. A tribute to retiring NSSF staff member and former president and C.E.O. Doug Painter paid due honor to this gentleman (see “Honoring a Retiring Stalwart”). Jeff Foxworthy, the largest-selling comedian of all time with 13 million albums, capped the evening with an exclusive live performance.

An Improved Facility Leads to a Long-Term Commitment With feedback from the SHOT Show community coming through online chats and other channels, NSSF was able to direct the management of the Sands Expo & Convention Center toward improvements needed to make the facility an even better venue. The Sands’ management responded, installing new escalators and restrooms, improving signage and lighting and working with the SHOT Show committee to best meet the needs of the entire SHOT Show community. The press room, sponsored by Budweiser Outdoors, expanded in size and amenities to even better accommodate the largest gathering of outdoor media in the world. This commitment to ever-improving the venue led to an agreement to stage the show at the Sands Expo & Convention Center through 2014.

Honoring a Retiring Stalwart In January NSSF announced the planned retirement of Doug Painter, senior advisor and former president and C.E.O. Painter’s distinguished career covered 37 of the Foundation’s 50 years. One of his final tasks at NSSF was to author the publication that traced NSSF’s first 50 years and which debuted at the SHOT Show. During the State of the Industry dinner, the crowd enjoyed a video tribute to Painter and witnessed the presentation of a Browning Maxus 20-gauge shotgun from NSSF in appreciation of his long service and innumerable contributions to the Foundation.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports


Increasing Participation



ore than 175 thought leaders from the hunting and shooting sports community gathered in Louisville, Ky., from June 7 through 9 to meet, exchange ideas and identify proven techniques for recruiting and retaining participants at the NSSF-sponsored Shooting Sports Summit. Models of Success, with funding from NSSF to state wildlife management agencies for the development of these programs, were presented as effective examples that could be emulated by other organizations and state agencies. NSSF staff members joined federal, state and non-government organizational representatives, as well as other government and private sector participants, as speakers. Former Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty, then an announced candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and Brian Solis, noted social media expert and author of the best-seller “Engage,� sparked thoughts on how political channels and new technology can play a part in increasing hunting and shooting sports participation.


Range Partnership Grants


ith interest growing nationwide in all forms of target shooting and owning firearms for home and personal defense, the need for top-notch shooting ranges has never been greater. Recognizing this, the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2011 awarded $435,000 in grants to 22 ranges to develop programs that put more people on the firing line. The NSSF Range Grant Program assists qualifying shooting ranges in their efforts to introduce newcomers, re-activate lapsed shooters and encourage active shooters to try another shooting discipline. As is the case with the Hunting Heritage Partnership Grants a priority of this program is to highlight Models of Success, so that grant-assisted initiatives that have been successful for the piloting recipient can be adopted by others to build more participation. NSSF received 64 proposals requesting $2.8 million in grants--an all-time high for the program and 50 percent more than in 2010. Launched in 2008, the NSSF Range Grant Program has awarded funding to 46 ranges totaling $1.17 million.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports


aunched jointly in 2004 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance and the National Wild Turkey Federation, Families Afield has come a long way in fulfilling its purpose: to serve as an education and outreach program to help states create hunting opportunities for youth under close supervision of licensed adults. Through the efforts of Families Afield, with the support of the National Rifle Association, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, grassroots sportsmen and the state wildlife agencies, 32 states have enacted legislation and regulations that reflect the Families Afield philosophy. In 2011, Idaho, New Hampshire and Michigan passed Families Afield legislation. The 28 states that are able to report on apprentice licenses sold since 2004, when Families Afield was initiated, claim a total of 598,000. Pennsylvania sold 26,000 in just this past year.

Hunting Heritage PartnershipÂŽ Grants


SSF developed the Hunting Heritage Partnership (HHP) grant program to respond to significant challenges that hunters face in an increasingly urbanized and mobile society. Helping hunters locate land on which to hunt and to easily access state hunting information plus encouraging newcomers to get started and then continue hunting are issues with which state agencies are grappling nationwide. In 2011 nine state wildlife agencies and one regional organization were awarded $480,552 to fund programs that will work to expand hunting opportunities for all ages. Since NSSF began the Hunting Heritage Partnership grant program nine years ago, more than $4.3 million has been provided via 109 grants to 38 state agencies and one regional agency covering all Western states.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports


Increasing Participation

Strengthening Collegiate Shooting Sports


n its first two years, the Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative (CSSI) developed by NSSF awarded more than $300,000 to 40 colleges to help establish, expand and sustain shooting clubs and teams, and in 2011 NSSF made available an additional $300,000 in such funding. A partial list of schools that have received CSSI grants in the initiative’s first two years includes Harvard, Yale, Clemson, Colorado State, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, Fort Hayes State, Stetson College, Jacksonville University and the University of Vermont. CSSI grant-supported programs have helped double participation at the ACUI Intercollegiate Clay Target Championship over the last three years. In fact, the 2011 championships featured 439 students representing 50 schools. In addition, NSSF, founder of the Scholastic Clay Target ProgramSM, continues to be a key supporter of the program, now administered by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. SCTP, which has introduced a collegiate level of competition, is a major feeder organization to USA Shooting and the U.S. Olympic teams.

Where to Shoot Web Feature


or the second year in a row, more than one million visitors turned to NSSF’s “®” website that leads shooters through an easy and quick customized search to identify ranges to meet their needs in any area they specify in all 50 states and Canada. The searchable database found at the updated and expanded website has grown to more than 6,800 facilities, and allows searches by state or province or area code or zip code, as well as by type of firearm to be used and availability of rentals, instruction and women and youth programs.


Promote Hunting and the shooting sports

An introduction to shooting


SSF’s First Shots seminar is a proven means of introducing firsttime shooters to firearm safety and the shooting sports. This combination of classroom discussion on firearm fundamentals, safety and ownership laws, and a closely supervised live-firing opportunity brought 5,000 new shooters to partner ranges in 2011. Most recent studies indicate that 43 percent of participants return to the host range five times in the six months following the seminar. Presenting a First Shots seminar was made easier for the cooperating range and even better for the participants with a new safety PowerPoint and the updating of the reference guide and the introduction of a First Shots Second Round reference guide. Keystone Sporting Arms generously donated 1,000 youth-model .22 rifles from which sets of five were to be awarded to ranges that committed to holding two seminars, including one that had to be a parent-youth event. With Chicago residents now able to exercise their Second Amendment rights following the U.S. Supreme Court’s McDonald v. City of Chicago decision and with Wisconsin becoming the 49th state to permit concealed carry, NSSF and eight shooting facilities in greater Chicago and Madison, Wis., kicked off NSSF’s Big City Tour of First Shots. Future seminars are slated for Miami and Sacramento. The beneficiary once again of FMG Publications’ Shooting Industry Masters, NSSF received a check on behalf of First Shots in August for $37,000. The contribution stemming from FMG’s record-breaking fun competition among industry members raised the Masters’ contribution to First Shots to $94,000 in just three years.

Pull The TriggerSM


n its first full year of development, Pull The Trigger hit the mark. More than 1 million readers, including a mailing list of more than 900,000 provided by, viewed NSSF’s monthly electronic newsletter aimed at getting new and lapsed shooters and hunters to do just what the publication is called: pull the trigger. Most of the helpful items are linked to videos that bring the words and concepts of the shooting sports to life.

Supporting the Boy Scouts of America’s Shooting Programs


ecognizing the enormous potential influence to create future shooters, NSSF continued providing considerable support to the Boy Scouts of America’s shooting programs. For the fifth consecutive year, BSA received a grant of $100,000 to support the organization’s shooting sports efforts. In addition, NSSF made available an additional $100,000 to local Boy Scouts councils, in the form of up to fifty $2,000 challenge grants toward the purchase of equipment and supplies for their shooting sports activities from NSSF member retailers.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports


Communicating Our Message

Modern Sporting Rifle Campaign


SSF updated its successful multi-faceted campaign aimed at bringing an understanding of AR-platform rifles—the modern sporting rifle (MSR)—to the entire shooting community, as well as to the media and the general public—and built on the momentum of the previous year’s accomplishments with a new advertising campaign and a special effort to reach target shooters. Emphasizing that MSRs fire only one round with one pull of the trigger and that they are part of the historical evolution of military firearms becoming popular for civilian use, strengthening a dedicated website, advertising, addressing publishers and outdoor communicator gatherings and providing articles to cooperating magazines resulted in more than 52 million media impressions and 435 articles.

National Recognition Web Site and Literature in Demand


he value of NSSF’s communications vehicles was reflected by the demand from industry, media and the hunting and shooting sports community. NSSF’s website,, received more than 5 million visits in 2011. Requests for nine publications and DVDs, addressing conservation, hunting ethics and firearms safety, averaged more than 186,000 per month, or nearly 2 ¼ million for the year.



SSF has continually demonstrated the ability to be on the cutting edge of technology to deliver communications vehicles that are timely, informative, readable and attractive. For these attributes, several national awards were bestowed upon NSSF in 2011. The 50th Anniversary video received multiple honors, including the APEX Award of Excellence, and a Bronze Telly in the 2011 People’s Telly Awards. In addition, the 2010 Annual Review, “A Building Block to Excellence,” which included a copy of the 50th Anniversary video, received the PR News Nonprofit PR Awards’ top prize, among 300 entries, in the program’s “Annual Brochure or Publication” category. The weekly Bullet Points newsletter also captured an APEX Grand Award of Excellence. In addition, NSSF was a finalist in several other PR News Nonprofit categories, and among those awarded the program’s honorable mentions were: NSSF’s Hunting Works for America initiative, which was cited in two categories, “Advocacy Campaign” and “Public Affairs/Issues Management/”; Bullet Points for “Digital PR & Marketing”; and Mark Thomas, NSSF managing director, marketing communications, as runner-up for “PR & Marketing Communicator of the Year.”

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports

the original green movement National Shooting Sports Foundation®

Everyone now is talking about their green initiatives.

United States’ sportsmen have been putting their money where their hearts are since 1937. ✓ Sportsmen contribute over $7.5 million daily toward conservation for everyone through licenses, excise taxes and other special taxes such as duck stamps. That equates to over $2.7 billion annually for conservation. ✓ For more than 80 years, sportsmen have paid more than $12.1 billion for on-the-ground projects in every state, protecting our natural environment and our fish and wildlife.

That’s not the only type of green” near and dear to a hunter or shooter’s heart. Consider this: ✓ Hunting and shooting means more jobs that are based in America, not overseas.


Jobs 183,424 Wages $8,210,881,000 Economic Impact $27,846,304,300

For over 50 years, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has fulfilled its mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. That really has meant more green for everyone.

NSSF YouTube Channel Reaches One- and Two- Million Milestones


n March, total views of National Shooting Sports Foundation videos on YouTube topped the 1 million mark, with 869,842 of those views occurring in the 12 months leading up to the millionth visitor. By year’s end, more than 2 million viewers had visited the channel. NSSF’s YouTube channel, located at, has quickly gained popularity among new and experienced shooters and hunters, attracting approximately 125,000 views per month and a list of 6,000 subscribers. The channel currently features about 165 videos, a majority of which are aimed at encouraging more people to head to the range or afield to try out the basic tips they’ve picked up in the videos. NSSF’s “Shooting Sportscast” videos also have been made available through Apple’s iTunes for free download in both high definition and standard definition.

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* Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report 2010, John Dunham and Associates, New York, March 2010.

NSSF_NatlJournal.indd 1

9/6/11 12:56 PM

The Original Green Movement®


SSF launched an educational advertising campaign reminding legislators of the industry’s economic impact on the nation’s economy and the pivotal role that excise taxes, paid by manufacturers, play in funding wildlife conservation throughout the United States. The launch was focused on D.C. area publications and coincided with the NSSF Congressional Fly-In in April. Titled “The Original Green Movement,” the advertisement noted that though “green” initiatives are commonplace today, the movement began with America’s sportsmen. Key statistics highlighted in the NSSF ad include the more than 183,500 jobs created by members of the firearms and ammunition industry, paying more than $8.2 billion in wages annually and having an overall economic impact of $27.8 billion. A dedicated website, www., features videos, an economic impact study, a letter from NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti and an opportunity to order free bumper stickers bearing “The Original Green Movement” message.

Editorial Board Visits


SSF representatives traveled across the continent to strengthen cooperative media relationships and reiterate the Foundation’s messages. By visiting the headquarters of the National Rifle Association, FMG Publications, Intermedia

Outdoors and Grand View Media and by hosting Bonnier Corp. communications executives, NSSF was able to emphasize in person the importance of its modern sporting rifle and traditional ammunition campaigns and other vital issues.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports


Communicating Our Message

NSSF Marketing Symposium


SSF continues to be the proponent and administrator of the safe firearms handling and storage program that has distributed more than 35 million cable-style gun locks and safety literature to law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and U.S. territories. In 2011, NSSF distributed an estimated 185,000 safety kits to nearly 1,000 law enforcement agencies, with demand continuing to outstrip supply. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs contracted with NSSF in a $3 million program for delivery of firearms safety kits.


ore than three-dozen industry professionals gathered at the second annual NSSF Marketing Communications Symposium, at the Hyatt Regency DFW at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The June 27-28 program allowed communications and marketing representatives to explore issues of concern as well as strategies to address those issues. In addition to providing beneficial presentations and the opportunity for a healthy exchange of views, NSSF representatives took this opportunity to remind member representatives of all the resources NSSF offers them.

Participation and Service to Spread the Word


y lending its resources in the form of people, effort and funding, NSSF served many organizations that play a vital role in NSSF’s fulfilling its mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Service on the board of directors of organizations such as USA Shooting, the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, the Committee to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports and the federal Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council,

keynote speeches at the North American Wildlife Conference and World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities, active participation in gatherings of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Fraternal Order of Police, National Instant Background Check Users Conference and Respected Access Is Open Access, and quarterly meetings with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are only some examples of NSSF’s interaction in 2011with organizations relevant to its mission.

Promote Hunting and the shooting sports

At Work in the Capitals Congressional Fly-In


SSF hosted its fourth annual Congressional “Fly-In” for a delegation of nearly 50 staff and executives from industry companies on April 6 and 7 to discuss with congressional leaders and aides many critical issues affecting the industry. The assemblage heard from and spoke with nearly three-dozen key members of Congress. Topics covered included safeguarding the rights of sportsmen to continue to use traditional ammunition made of lead; improving the ability of U.S. manufacturers and distributors to compete in an increasingly global economy while maintaining national security by modernizing the U.S. export control system that currently impedes business; and seeking a comprehensive federal study of firearms microstamping—a flawed and unreliable concept being promoted by guncontrol groups. Participants also sought additional funding for the NSSF’s ongoing Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™ dealer- and consumer-education program, which has helped deter criminals from illegally obtaining firearms from retailers via ostensibly legitimate “straw purchasers.” An immediate result of the Fly-In was the bipartisan introduction of the Hunting, Fishing and Recreational Shooting Sports Protection Act into both chambers of Congress to clarify the longstanding exemption of ammunition and ammunition components from the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976.






Championing State Issues


ttacks against the industry often took place in state capitals, and NSSF championed several causes that presented immediate threats in those states, with the potential for those political campaigns to cross state borders. Microstamping is the process intended to minutely laser engrave the firearm’s make, model and serial number on the tip of a gun’s firing pin. Though determined by a peer-reviewed study to be unreliable and not to function as the patent holder describes, New York State, with major funding from New York City anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg, pushed to pass legislation to mandate this. An effective information effort by NSSF led to the defeat of the measure. On the federal level, NSSF continued to encourage and support a bill for an extensive study of microstamping by the National Academy of Sciences. In Connecticut, strong movement by the state legislature to ban the lawful possession of magazines with a capability of holding 10 or more rounds drew an NSSF response through encouragement

of a letter-writing campaign, attendance at public hearings and active participation in those hearings. The multifaceted effort proved decisive as the bill died in committee. Eleven Eastern states, most that have roots as English colonies, almost incredibly retain Blue Laws that prohibit or severely restrict Sunday hunting, depriving adults and their families, from a potentially invaluable and, in some cases, only day afield together. NSSF played a significant role in forging a Sunday Hunting Coalition, represented by 11 major sportsmen, conservation and retail organizations, and creating a website that featured helpful tools to state the case for removal of these bans. An NSSF-commissioned economic impact study demonstrated that the repeal of these laws could result in more than 27,000 new jobs, paying more than $730 million in wages and contributing about $2.2 billion in additional economic activity. Legislation to remove the Sunday hunting ban was introduced in both Pennsylvania and Virginia. Repealing these Blue Laws will take a sustained effort.

Year-Old PAC Readies for 2012 Elections


ormed in April 2010, the NSSF Political Action Committee (NSSF PAC) is the nonpartisan federal multi-candidate political action committee of NSSF. In its support of pro-industry, pro-Second Amendment candidates and pro-sportsmen, it contributed toward the success of five of seven congressional candidates during the mid-term elections. With the 2012 national elections in sight, PAC was busy building its “war chest” and identifying key races, of which the presidency tops the list.

ProTECT Hunting and the shooting sports


Proactive on Traditional Ammunition


ne of the top priorities of the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2011 was protecting the industry from unjustified attacks on the use of traditional ammunition made with lead components. With a history of dispelling misinformation and challenging campaigns when agenda-driven proposals stand in the way of sound science, NSSF implemented several strategies to reassure the rights of the industry to manufacture, distribute and sell traditional ammunition to the end users—sportsmen, armed citizens and law enforcement professionals.

Meeting Its Opponents Head On


parking opposition against a ban prohibiting the use of traditional ammunition became a necessity when a petition was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the American Bird Conservancy with the federal Environmental Protection Agency. NSSF harnessed all of its communication vehicles including action alerts, Facebook

updates and blog posts to generate grassroots support against the ban and its chief proponent, the CBD, clearly an anti-hunting organization. Quickly flooded with correspondence opposing the ban, the EPA promptly acknowledged it did not have the authority to impose such a measure, as NSSF had maintained from the outset. CBD consequently filed a lawsuit against the EPA, and NSSF Bird Mortality in the United States quickly filed to intervene, allowing it to protect industry’s interests in the case and ensure that the will of Congress was adhered to. That will of Congress Domestic was manifested in its exemption of & feral cats Loss or destruction ammunition from the Toxic Substances 16.7% of habitat Control Act of 1976 and the subsequent 33.3% Power lines introduction of the Hunting, 5.8% Fishing and Recreational Pesticides & pollution 2.4% Shooting Sports Protection Act. Vehicle collisions 2.0% Summary judgment in favor Communication towers Collisions with 1.7% *Other buildings, glass... of the industry was entered in Licensed hunting 4.5% 31.7% 1.3% September. Lead ingestion 0.7%

*Other causes include: wind farms, oil spills, wastewater pits, urban light, by-catch, disease, weather, starvation, natural predation & natural causes.

Delivering Industry’s Message


hrough NSSF outreach to both the Republican and Democratic Policy Steering committees, a presentation to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and addresses to more than six national, regional and state outdoor communicator associations, NSSF was able to state the case that sound science demonstrating wildlife population and actual adverse human-health impacts must be the guiding principle in any ammunition decisions, and in the absence of sound science, no actions should be taken. A session focusing on lead at the Outdoor Writers Association of America’s conference drew representatives from organizations with various positions on the issue, including NSSF’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane, and concluded with all participants agreeing before the assemblage of communicators that a ban on traditional ammunition was not in order. NSSF voiced the need for more science and for sportsmen to be allowed the choice of using traditional or alternative ammunition.


Economic Indicators


SSF demonstrated the economic impact of a ban on traditional ammunition through a study that showed that limiting the choice of ammunition to alternatives (non-lead) could increase costs, on average, up to 190 percent from the equivalent traditional ammunition while decreasing the ability of citizens to participate in recreational activities. Furthermore, it is estimated 29,700 people could lose their jobs, reducing the national GDP by about $4.9 billion and would cost federal, state and local tax revenues up to $655.1 million and excise tax collections up to $113.8 million. Hunting Works for America, an initiative developed in 2010 to bring into an alliance sporting organizations with the many businesses and its workers whose livelihood depends upon hunting, was active in Arizona, North Dakota and Minnesota. By the end of 2011, the threestate effort had forged partnerships with 324 organizations and related businesses. Hunting Works for America in those three states generated coverage amounting to 649,000 circulation, 604,000 listeners and 284,000 media impressions during the first six months of 2011, while conducting an active social media campaign using Facebook and Twitter. Efforts to strengthen these alliances continued throughout the year.

ProTECT Hunting and the shooting sports

Defending the Industry in the Courts


he industry’s trade association defended the interests and rights of the shooting community in several lawsuits. Among these were a suit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), challenging the legal authority of ATF under the Gun Control Act to compel 8,700 federally licensed firearms retailers in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas to report the sale of two or more rifles, which is not authorized under federal law. NSSF swiftly followed up with a request for an injunction to prevent the implementation of the ATF order. Another legal action of note was the filing of an amicus brief in support of the petitioners’/plaintiffs’ challenge to the Cook County, Ill., Blair Holt Assault Weapons Ban, which defies the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark McDonald decision.

Keeping Guard on All Fronts Tending to the Southwest Border

Guarding International Commerce

ith crime rampant in parts of Mexico, United States firearms manufacturers and retailers became unjustified targets by the mainstream media. NSSF unveiled data demonstrating that the vast majority of firearms used in crimes in Mexico do not come from American retailers and that the small percentage traced to the United States were sold an average of more than 15 years earlier. Taking a proactive approach, NSSF brought its highly lauded Don’t Lie for the Other Guy straw-purchase awareness program to Houston, so that Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) in the Southwest could be exposed to videos and bilingual literature that would help them detect and deter illegal attempts to purchase firearms for those who are not legally eligible to do so themselves.

hen the ATF released a study questioning the “importability” of certain shotguns as “neither particularly suitable for nor readily adaptable to generally recognized sporting purposes” pursuant to the Gun Control Act of 1968, NSSF challenged that position by submitting that many new sport shooting disciplines have arisen since 1968 and have enjoyed significant participation. NSSF asserted that the federal government ought not to be making subjective decisions about what lawful shooting activities it considers a sport and called for Congress to re-examine the socalled “sporting purpose” test as a criteria for importing a firearm into the United States. To examine this issue and several others of importance, NSSF cosponsored the Firearms Industry Importer, Exporter and Manufacturer Conference in early August in Reston, Va. In addition, to help its members understand compliance in the “New Era” of enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) NSSF made a valuable 35-minute-long webinar accessible to its members free of charge.



ProTECT Hunting and the shooting sports


Supporting Range Managers and Firearms Retailers

SHOT Business® and The Range ReportSM


he two outstanding trade magazines owned by NSSF to help industry professionals run their businesses more profitably continued to deliver on-target articles to fulfill that mission. SHOT Business aimed its message primarily at the independent firearms retailer among its 20,000 circulation and The Range Report provided meaningful content to 10,500 subscribers, including shooting range operators and club officers representing more than 7,500 facilities. Both offered, in addition to insightful features and departments, an advertising vehicle to reach a highly defined readership. Furthermore, both SHOT Business and The Range Report assumed a bold, new presence on the web. SHOT Business’s SHOT DailySM distributed new editions everyday to SHOT Show participants.

An Emphasis on Compliance


uarterly meetings with ATF addressed retailer inventory control and other compliance issues relating to record-keeping. In response, NSSF bolstered its already strong retailer educational program by providing a multifaceted Taking Stock campaign that included providing features and departments to SHOT Business, producing a video entitled, “Take Stock,” which emphasized how critical periodic inventory is, and publishing and distributing to all federal firearms licensees (FFLs) a “Sweat the Details” brochure and to all member FFLs a DVD combining a brand-new NSSF-created Don’t Lie video with its predecessor. In addition, four Retailer Education Seminars were held across the country, where FFLs received reinforcement on compliance issues and were given a Don’t Lie for the Other Guy retailer kit.

Bonus: Range Safety & Etiquette Poster Vol. 14 No. 4 Fall 2011

NSSF’s Magazine for Shooting Facilities

BE PREPARED To Have Scouts to Your Range

Your Next Course: Food Service Eye-Protection Update A Task Force to Serve YOU

The Range Report

Fall11_RangeReport.indd 1


Summer 2011


9/7/11 11:34 AM

ProTECT Hunting and the shooting sports

More Assistance to Retailers


A New Team to Help Range Managers


distinguished lineup of range professionals, with individual expertise covering all aspects of shooting-facility management, was assembled to form the Foundation’s Range Action Specialists. These pros are available to member ranges for NSSF-partially subsidized consultation on existing challenges while encouraging them to be proactive with their management practices.

Statewide Range Seminars


n impressive roster of shooting range leaders and NSSF personnel presented seminars to representatives of shooting facilities statewide in both Oregon and Wisconsin, promoting both the services NSSF provides and the importance of forming state shooting range associations. Such seminars in 2011 served to showcase the model of the Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges and lay the groundwork for the formation of similar organizations in Washington and Wisconsin.

SSF staff members imparted expertise by presenting a twoday training seminar for Turner’s Outdoors’ management team that included sessions on human resources, operations, merchandising and management training. NSSF staff also participated in shooting range/retail development seminars open for free to members at Action Target’s Utah headquarters.

Videos, Webinars and Literature for Shooting Facilities


ew educational tools were developed for the range industry, with a variety of audiences in mind. An Angel Vision video posted on the NSSF website addresses the importance of ranges and clubs with shooting facilities belonging to the Foundation and has proven to be an effective member-recruitment tool. The in-house full-service production studio created a range safety and etiquette video, which can be viewed online or on a DVD supplied upon request to member facilities. The video provides a better understanding to customers, especially the shooters new to ranges, on what they can expect—and what is expected of them— during their visit. Webinars addressing lead management were also produced in house for the benefit of both indoor and outdoor range operators. The helpful publications in the library that had been published for shooting facilities were redesigned and digitalized for easy access on the web.

Research for Better Business The Leading Resource for Industry Data


record 115 Customized Market Reports created in 2011 provided NSSF members with vital demographic information to make critical decisions on the creation and/or expansion of their retail and shooting facilities, develop their business plans and seek business loans. NSSF strengthened its position as the industry’s top source for timely and reliable data indicators, with regular reports regarding NICS, NSSF-adjusted NICS figures, excise tax collections, U.S. firearms production and firearms imports and exports. New surveys provided trail-blazing reports on users and usage of modern sporting rifles, activities that compete with hunting and target shooting, firearm retailer trends and target-shooting participation trends.

ProTECT Hunting and the shooting sports


Strengthening the National Shooting Sports Foundation® Celebrating the First 50 Years


ounded in 1961, the National Shooting Sports Foundation took great pride in celebrating its 50-year anniversary and calling its accomplishments to the attention of its members, the greater shooting sports community, media and government officials from local town legislatures to Capitol Hill. The celebration began at the SHOT Show, with the debut of what would prove to be a multi-award-winning video, produced in house, that took its viewers on a walk through 50 years of NSSF history. The video became a key feature of the special NSSF website devoted to this five-decade milestone and was presented to outdoor communicator groups across the country. Also debuting at the 2011 SHOT Show were two publications created by NSSF as part of the celebration: “The National Shooting Sports Foundation: A History 1961 to 2011,” a publication that explores 50 years of promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports by NSSF; and “A Building Block to History: NSSF 2010,” the Annual Review, which later would receive national recognition. Furthermore, a handsome commemorative coin was minted for the 50-year recognition and distributed for the first time at the SHOT Show. Those members of the record number of credentialed media on hand in the SHOT Show press room enjoyed a delicious piece of a gigantic anniversary cake. From December 2010 to December 2011, a modification to the NSSF logo added a “bud” to mark NSSF’s 50th year anniversary. During much of the year, a Golden Anniversary Photo Contest on NSSF’s Facebook page drew attention and participation for monthly prizes. One of the noteworthy acts near the end of the year-long celebration was the sealing of a time capsule that contained a variety of NSSF “memorabilia,” including the published NSSF history and video, the SHOT Show exhibitor directory, a Project ChildSafe gun lock safety kit, a Don’t Lie for the Other Guy firearms retailer education kit, a variety of more signs of the time and a proclamation from the Office of the First Selectman of Newtown, Ct., the location of NSSF headquarters.

A Major Contribution to Preserving and Protecting Essential Wildlife Habitat


egotiations leading to the passage of the Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Reform in 2010, which changed the payment schedule of the excise tax for the firearms and ammunition industry from biweekly to quarterly, forged a conservation partnership between NSSF and the North American Wetlands Conservation Council. In 2011, NSSF donated $150,000 to the council’s work, the first contribution of a five-year commitment to provide a total of $750,000 to carry out wetlands conservation projects in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the benefit of wetlands-associated migratory birds and other wildlife.


PrESERVE Hunting and the shooting sports

Membership Continues to Grow

I Lauding Another Milestone: the PittmanRobertson Wildlife Restoration Act’s 75th Anniversary


ollowing NSSF’s 50th anniversary comes another highly significant milestone as 2012 marks the 75th anniversary of arguably the most important event in the preservation and conservation of American wildlife and the ability to sustain hunting as part of the nation’s heritage. The passage of this historic legislation in 1937 fostered partnerships between the sporting arms industry, federal and state wildlife and fisheries agencies, conservation groups and sportsmen to benefit wildlife – and has been key to implementing the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. In 1950, the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (now the Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Act) was enacted, and together, the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program (WSFR) has contributed more than $12 billion to wildlife and fisheries conservation in the U.S. — more than any other single conservation effort. The P-R Act alone, which requires an excise tax on firearms and ammunition—a concept that was suggested and self-imposed by the industry—has provided more than $7.2 billion to wildlife management. NSSF began implementing plans to actively promote this achievement through collateral materials, emerging media and sponsorships, and it has actively raised members’ awareness of the event and has urged members to incorporate the special anniversary logo and a note of appreciation of the program on their websites and in their communications and other materials.

“Hunters and Shooters — America’s Best Conservationists”

n 2011, NSSF membership rose above 6,500, doubling membership in less than five years. With every member adding a key building block in the industry’s Foundation, NSSF assumed a position of strength perhaps unequalled in its 50-year history. Voting Membership, made up of NSSF’s most financially supportive members, was bolstered with the addition of more than a dozen new companies that stepped up to assume that highly respected and appreciated status.

Promote Protect Preserve National Shooting Sports Foundation®

One Industry

One Voice


PrESERVE Hunting and the shooting sports


leadership and performance NSSF’s Senior Management Team

Steve Sanetti President & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Dolnack Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Deb Kenney, SPHR Managing Director, Human Resources & Administration



Lawrence G. Keane Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Randy Clark Managing Director, Business Development


Nancy Coburn Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mark Thomas Managing Director, Marketing Communications


The NSSF Board of Governors Chairman:

Robert L. Scott Vice Chairman Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Co-Vice Chairman: Jeffrey Reh General Counsel & Vice General Manager Beretta U.S.A. Corp. Co-Vice Chairman: Stephen Hornady President Hornady Manufacturing


Joseph H. Bartozzi Senior Vice President & General Counsel O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Treasurer:

Dick Hammett Past President Olin Corporation/ Winchester Division

SANDY CHISHOLM President North American Arms, Inc.

JOE KEFFER Owner The Sportsman’s Shop

JOSHUA W. DORSEY IV Vice President Glock, Inc.

BILL KEMPFFER President Deep River Sporting Clays, Inc.

MICHAEL O. FIFER CEO and Director Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc.

RICHARD LIPSEY Chairman Lipsey’s, LLC.

TRAVIS HALL President and CEO Browning Arms Company

WALTER McLALLEN Vice Chairman Freedom Group

RON JOHNSON President, ATK Security and Sporting Senior Vice President, ATK

ROBERT MORRISON Past President and CEO Taurus International Mfg., Co.

CALVIN S. JOHNSTON President and CEO Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

JOYCE RUBINO Vice President of Business Development and CFO Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC RUSSELL R. THURMAN Publisher and Editor, Shooting Industry FMG Publications



Honors and Certifications in 2011 The achievements and success of NSSF are possible because of the Foundation’s extremely talented and dedicated employees. Motivation, hard work and always striving to do more and do it better create a culture where staff members challenge one another and succeed through collaborative work styles. The following are some of the recognition and honors that have been earned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and its staff members in 2011.

PR News Nonprofit PR Award Annual Publication/Brochure A Building Block to History: NSSF 2010 PR News Nonprofit PR Award Digital PR & Marketing, Finalist, Honorable Mention Bullet Points PR News Nonprofit PR Award Public Affairs/Issues Management, Finalist, Honorable Mention Hunting Works for America PR News Nonprofit PR Award Advocacy Campaign, Finalist, Honorable Mention Hunting Works for America PR News Nonprofit PR Award Communicator of the Year, Finalist, Runner-up Mark Thomas, NSSF director, marketing communications



People’s Telly Award 50 Years of Achievement: A History of the National Shooting Sports Foundation 1961-2011 APEX Grand Award of Excellence Nonprofit Small Office Newsletter Bullet Points APEX Award of Excellence Special Purpose Electronic Media and Video Publications 50 Years of Achievement: A History of the National Shooting Sports Foundation 1961-2011 Named a Top Lawyer of Lower Fairfield County by LexisNexsisMartindale-Hubbel Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel


Friend of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses Award for Legislative Success. Jake McGuigan, NSSF director, government relations/state affairs Re-elected President, New York State Outdoor Writers Association Glenn Sapir, NSSF director, editorial services Certified as National Sporting Clays Association Level 1 Instructor Zach Snow, NSSF manager, shooting promotions Certified as Certified Meeting Professional by the Convention Industry Council Diedra Cauley, NSSF director, exhibitions and conferences


Report to Membership Video 2011 was a year not only of celebrating the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s past, but also of concentrating on the present. Now take a look at NSSF’s programs and services through the eyes of the next generation



11 Mile Hill Road Newtown, CT 06470-2359 T: 203.426.1320 F: 203.426.1087 GMP 7.5M 11/11 Item #8202


Š2011 National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved



NSSF 2011 -- Launching the Next 50 Years  

NSSF's 2011 annual review.

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