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I COULD PROBABLY COUNT ON MY FINGERS THE NUMBER OF FISH I’VE CAUGHT. That’s not to say my father never took me fishing. We’ve fished from the banks of plenty of rivers and streams, and small lakes, and I’ve reeled in a few keepers. But trolling on Lake Coeur d’Alene for Chinook Salmon is a whole new experience, and one I’m glad I took the opportunity to enjoy.


t’s late November when we finally schedule our fishing trip. Photographer, Benjamin Powell, has joined us today, and I’ve invited friend and fellow CrossFitter, Brett Bauer to come along to do the fishing—an opportunity he questions because it seems to good to be true, and because he was planning to go steelhead fishing today, but will now just have to fish steelhead tomorrow. Today is all about Chinook Salmon. The air is cool, and we’re glad to see the boat is covered and heated. Captain Jeff Smith, of Fins & Feathers, goes about his work with a light attitude, assuring us fish today without making any actual promises. He’s a man that knows his business; he understands that sometimes the fish just don’t bite, but also knows the value of keeping the mood hopeful and bright. The water is indeed like glass as we creep out of the marina and


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