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begins to spin them toward the slide entrance, then splashes them with water as they disappear, screaming, into the darkness. Shouts of surprise erupt from all as the slide drops into steep, diving turns in the dark. The sudden appearance of sunlight is blinding, but vision clears just in time to brace themselves for a near vertical drop off, sending the first unlucky passenger to ride over the ledge backward, heart in his throat. Then it’s more screams and laughter as they slide high up the sides of an enormous watery half-pipe. Everyone gets their chance for heart racing heights in the half-pipe. At the far end, the water pools slightly as the raft drifts to the entrance of a 20foot diameter tube. The crew has just enough time to begin to catch their

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If you take one thIng home, make sure It’s authentIc coeur d’alene.

Silverwood’s Ricochet Rapids @ Boulder Beach

breath, when they’re sucked down into the semi-darkness. This section is loaded with surprising drops, and high-sliding corners that seem to go on forever. When the crew finally shoots out at the bottom of the slide, they are all laughing and perhaps a little shaky. They may have to walk this one off a bit before heading back to the top for another run.


“heart lIke an aWl™” – the orIgInal charm of coeur d’alene

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Nspire Magazine 2014 Summer/Fall Coeur d'Alene Edition  

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