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Silver Mountain’s Flow Rider

Silver Mountain Resort’s Silver Rapids: Chasing the Flow Rider Surf Wave

A young man in board shorts and steps onto the deck of the Flow Rider and turns his back to the curl. The focus in his gaze, the set of his jaw, the excitement in his smile speaks of experience. Setting his board to hang off the deck’s edge, he steps onto it, placing his feet with practiced accuracy, and adjusts his balance. The tail-edge of the board kisses the jetting water beneath him, sending spray to either side. Ever so gently, he shifts his weight back, back, back, until finally he is free of the deck, free of land, of all other cares. His exhilaration is clear as the young man glides atop the water, cutting back and forth across the wave at will, as if it’s in his nature. As if he were some kind of aquatic nymph returning to the

Silverwood’s Polliwog Park @ Boulder Beach

element of his birth. Eventually, muscles fatigue, reflexes dull. He falls into the rushing water, and is carried to a landing platform at the top of the wave. The fallen nymph sits a moment, enveloped in the white froth of the crashing water. Then he rises, tossing his head back and smoothing his hair, he makes his way back to the deck and onto his board, and escapes to his element once again.

Silverwood Theme Park’s Boulder Beach: The Ricochet Rapids

From the top of the hill, the gigantic green pipeline that is Ricochet Rapids looms massive before its passengers, easily the largest waterslide many have ever seen. A group of five climb into the durable, circular raft. The lifeguard


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