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PROJECT 4t A English and Computer Class 4t A


-We celebrate the Magic Kings the 5th of January at night .They give presents to children. If the child is not good the Kings give him sweet coal . -”Sant Jordi” is 25th of April .It is the book day. The girls buy books to the boys and they buy a rose to the girls. It is a very nice day . -”Sant Joan” is 24th of June. It is a summer party. At night there are bonfires. -We celebrate Santa Anna 26th of July .There are fireworks. I like a lot. -Halloween is 30th of October. In front of the door we put orange pumpkins. And a children wear costumes: witches, ghost, black cats... -Christmas is 25th of December. Santa Claus gives presents to children. They sing songs and put a big tree into the house.


ihane and i iancar l o

I go to mountains in summer . It is hot and rainy, sometimes it is cold at night. I can climb mountains ,swim in the river ,walk in the country, play, look birds and animals... I live in a farm .There are hens , cows, rabbits, horses, and sheep I like summer!





In my bedroom there's a bed, a wardrobe, some drawers and a table. There's a coat in the wardrobe. A bed next to the table. The schoolbag is in front of the drawers and a toy on the bed. The window is over the drawers.The clock and the yo-yo are on the table. The books are on the drawers. The carpet is under the bed. The ruler is between the books. The socks are in the drawers.





get up at eight o'clock, today is sunny.

I have breakfast at half past nine. I eat cereals and milk. I go to school at nine o'clock. I go on foot. I have lunch at one o'clock .I eat a burger with chips. I go home at five o'clock with my friends. I play at six o'clock .I play football with my friends. I do my homework at half past seven with my father. I go to sleep at half past eight with my toy.

MY MONSTERS by Paloma and Diago My monster is big. It has got scars, two ears, a nose, two long tongues, and a big mouth. The body is big, very large and green. It has got four long arms, a lot of mechanisms, and four hands with very long fingers. It has got four very long legs too It can dance, jump... it is very intelligent, do the homework, it is my best friend.

My school by Valentina, David and Nil

My school is big . It is in Blanes . It has got a library , toilets , a kitchen , and a dining room downstairs. There are classrooms, a computer room , music room , toilets and two long corridors upstairs . The playground is very big . There is a gym and trees . There is a nursery school too. I play , with my friends.

My town is small. It is next to the beach. There is a sweet shop, a greengrocer `s, a supermarket, a toy shop, a pet shop, a bakers, a butchers, and a newsagent `s. There is a museum, a town hall, a hospital, a bus station, five schools, and two parks. My town it’s very, very beautiful.



by Felina, Georgi Thiago


It is big, it is in the country. There is a kitchen and a garage with a black car down stairs. There are two bedrooms a living room, a bathroom , a dining room and a big wardrobe upstairs. There is a garden next to the house. With a tree and flowers. There are mountains behind the house. We haven't got pets but we like animals. There is a street light on the left next to the house.

It is very big, yellow, orange and brown. It has got long hair, two little ears, two little eyes, a big mouth, feroce teeth, four strongs legs and a long tail. It lives in the grasslands. It eats animals in general. It is a brave animal. I like a lot.

They are Doraimon and Nobita. Doraimon is a comic cat, it has got small legs ,two round eyes, a little tail, whiskers, and small nose. It wears a bell on the neck. He is clever, he has got a magic pocket and he can fly .

Nobita is a boy, he wears round glasses, and he has got two big eyes, and a big mouth. It is a silly boy and cries a lot . He can fly with a special hat.


Els nenes i nenes de 4t A de l'escola Napoleó Soliva hem fet una activitat en grup a les àreas d'anglès i informàtica de tots els temes tre...

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