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Our Country’s Heroes


a tribute to our



Welcoming all the public and veterans to all of our Remembrance Day ceremonies West Vancouver Branch 60 580 - 18th Street, West Vancouver

North Vancouver Branch 118 123 W. 15th Street, North Vancouver

Lynn Valley Branch 114 1630 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans in Canada Unit 45 119 East 3rd St. North Vancouver

We welcome all veterans and the public to any of our Remembrance Day ceremonies noted below: Drive atat 20th West Vancouver at 10:30 a.m., Sunday MEMORIAL ARCH ARCH Marine Marine Drive 20th Street, West Vancouver at 10:30 am, Wednesday Marine Drive atStreet, 20th Street, West Vancouver at 10:40 am Monday atatLonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver at 10:30 a.m., VICTORIA PARK Keith at Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver at 10:30 am Monday VICTORIA PARK Keith Keith Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver at 10:30 am,Sunday Wednesday LYNN VALLEY Pioneer Park, Lynn valley Rd &atMountain North Vancouver Veterans Plaza, 3205 Institute Rd., Lynn Valley, Vancouver at 10:30 a.m., Sunday LYNN VALLEYCAIRN Library Square, Lynn Valley Village 10:30North am,Hwy, Wednesday Ceremony to be held at Veterans Plaza, 10:30 am Tuesday We would like to thank all the contributors to the Poppy Campaign and thank the volunteers for all their hard work.

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Our Country’s Heroes



7!-121" 42.1560 -15,$#. .5 .#' -2..8'('8)

By Maria Spitale-Leisk mspitale-leisk@nsnews.com

A new virtual exhibit will bring library 8?379:5 39 3!$ (?33<$=$<% ?<9:"5R%$ a trio of war heroes from West Vancouver.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the ?7;R53R&$ 3!?3 $:%$% 3!$ MR753 )97<% War, West Vancouver Memorial Library is launching Research to -$;$;($7> G: +!$R7 /N: )97%5A #$?317R:" OR%$9 R:3$7OR$N5 NR3! three West Van veterans: Harry K7$$:N99% C-9J?< 0?OJBA +$% E?:"<$J C47R3R5! 67;JB ?:% 4?7:$J 01::5 C-9J?< 2?:?%R?: 6R7 M97&$B@

“These interviews preserve for future generations the histories of veterans in our community who 5$7O$% R: 3!$ ?7;$% #97&$5AD 5?R% .$3$7 ,QR::$7A 87$5R%$:3 9# 3!$ -9J?< 2?:?%R?: E$"R9: R: )$53 *?:&91O$7@ F+!$ 7$&97%R:"5 9# 3!$R7 8$759:?< $L8$7R$:&$5 9##$7 %$$8 R:5R"!35 into the impact of the war on their #?;R<R$5 ?:% &9;;1:R3R$5@D

6: $L!R(R3R9: 9# 3!$ OR%$9 7$&97%R:"5 NR3! &9;;$:3?7J (J O$3$7?: +$% Langley will take place in the )$53 *?: <R(7?7J 9: 09O@ '' ?3 ? Remembrance Day open house !953$% (J 3!$ M7R$:%5 9# 3!$ ER(7?7JA N!R&! ?<59 879OR%$% 3!$ =:?:&R?< support for Research to Remember:

The Colour of War - Red Poem War. From the blood of fallen soldiers, 5! 56< 9.84#8 ;.&<7 !: 56< =9< 56.5 $39#<> the dead grass.

9'66" *'6')!+.3 )!1'+.51 5% 8!-121" 0'1&!+'0/ PHOTO PAUL MCGRATH

G: +!$R7 /N: )97%5@ The permanent virtual exhibit is online at digital.westvanlibrary.ca, where the interviews with each of 3!$ 3!7$$ O$3$7?:5 &?: ($ OR$N$% R: full length or in short segments by topic. The interviews are also fully 37?:5&7R($% ?:% 3$L3 5$?7&!?(<$A making them a new history resource #97 7$5$?7&!$75A 3$?&!$75 ?:% 531%$:35@ F4J !953R:" 3!$ R:3$7OR$N5 R: ? OR731?< exhibit on our library’s website, we connect local family stories to the &9<<$&3RO$ !R5397J ?:% ;$;97J 9# 3!$

N?7 3!?3 ?7$ R: <R(7?7R$5 ?:% ?7&!RO$5 ?&7955 3!$ &91:37J ?:% ($J9:%AD 5?R% )$53 *?:&91O$7 <R(7?7J (9?7% &!?R7 P?OR% 2?73$7@ +!$ O$3$7?:5H 7$&97%$% !R5397R$5 ?<59 (1R<% ? (7R%"$ ($3N$$: 3!$ 9<%$7 ?:% younger generations. F-$&97%R:" 3!$ 5397R$5 9# 917 community’s veterans honours them ?:% $:517$5 3!?3 J913! 9# 39%?J ?:% tomorrow will be able to appreciate !9N !?7% 8$98<$ #91"!3 39 8793$&3 3!$5$ #7$$%9;5AD 5?R% ,!?::9: /IR7:JA !$?% 9# J913! 5$7OR&$5 ?3 3!$ library.

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is proud to launch


Recorded Histories by West Vancouver Veterans

The video recordings will be on special display in the Library during our annual Remembrance Day Open House on Sunday, November 11. We invite you to join us as we continue to honour our veterans.

Red planes marked with paint. 06<% ;% 4# 56< 7&!1<+75.4#<> 71%* 06< :.&4'4<7 (.#5 56< 7!'>4<97 5! 9<539# 6!&<* Poppies on the fallen graves, >38 4#5! 56< 7!:5 89!3#>* 2!'>4<97 "!3#5 56< >.%7 5! "!&< 6!&<, to family, friends and children. -!9>7 !# 56< '<55<97 '!75 !# 56< $.55'<=<'>, or in coat pockets. Folded, tattered and ripped. 06< "!'!39 !: (.9, / (4'' #<)<9 :!98<5* – Savanah B, Grade 7 student

On Remembrance Day, teachers and students remember those who are serving and those who have served. Honouring sacrifice in war. Teaching for peace in the future.

The virtual exhibit is available at digital.westvanlibrary.ca We are grateful to the Friends of the Library for their support of this project.

1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver westvanlibrary.ca I 604.925.7400

A message from the public school teachers of North and West Vancouver.


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Our Country’s Heroes


Lawrence Ovid (Smitty) Allard

1916-1994. Born in Sardis, BC. Served 1939-45 Canadian Army. Descendant of Ovid Allard of Hudsons Bay Co. Loved his “maple leaf forever.” Was/is loved with much affection by his niece Naydeen.

Thomas N. Almojuela

Felix Almazan Jr.

Now serving with the US Embassy in Monte Visio, Uruguay. A ’66 grad of the US Military Academy. Senior Army Aviator is 22 year veteran. Awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and other citations.

Juanita Almaz!n

Entered the US Navy at the age 17. He was stationed in San Diego before serving in Japan.

US Armed Forces

Joseph Antone JoeStates Antone United Army United States Army.

WW II Vet. Motorcycle Dispatcher. Killed in Action.

Oliver Ange

WWII Veteran. Canadian Army Infantry.

Virgil Billesberger

John Antone Johnny AntoneSr. Sr.

Served StateMaritime Maritime Servedin in the the US US State Service. woundedtwice twice Service. He He was was wounded while serving in the South Pacific. while serving the South Pacific. He withseveral several Hewas was decorated decorated with medals, the Purple PurpleHeart. Heart. medals,including including the

Edward Ange

Steven Antone Wright

John Anthony Antone Johnny Antone Jr. Jr. US Corps. USMarine Marine Corps.

Awarded the Military Medal for Gallantry in Action. This medal was presented to him by Field General Montgomery.

Rudy Baker

WWII Veteran. Canadian Army Private-K-7439

;?>P C"A, #P 98@4?>:& 1E<!E:B&+4EPF 1+>6+@ C"*,GC"*' 4#:& :&+ 9ER(E>N M#(&REP@+><F =4E>@+@ 3>EPB+%< I=0LHI=J H2752 ?) :&+ J5OLHI H3 MHIH/2 Q+@ER #P ADC$F M+ R#6+< #P I?>:& .EPB?86+>F 0M=IK -H/ 7=7

Each year we accept veterans’ submissions and will include as many listings as space permits. If you would like to submit a veteran’s listing for next year’s feature, please email a photo and short write-up to: display@nsnews.com.

Remembrance Day Ceremony, Sechelt, B.C.

Thank you to all those who serve Canada.

Lest we forget R0011476470

V7W 2G5

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Our Country’s Heroes


P\3 24 5\N\N<\5 3W74\ 0W7 Y>1\ 3W\T5 37_>MJ Z75 725 37N75570H

)-+T 1&=&=,9A<*& QAK NP&<67 ;< 6!& 3;96! 0!;9& NORTH VANCOUVER ceremony and parade


04<(AKC 3;PB ++C +-@'- AB=BO++@'- AB=B /U*6;9UA 2A9R *&<;6A:! A6 F&U6! 1(B A<( E;<7(A?& 8P&BC 3;96! /A<*;4P&9

L9U(AKC 3;PB SC A6 +-@'- AB=B FUMA<U7 5A9& 5&<69&C )<( >;;9 *;==4<U6K 9;;=

>; aF+/ GHCHJ ;!( S6 Z(DD 6b@( <GB* [bDD CG?,! &?AC ;!( G?CA?b(= G; -%;! 4;?((; GB* ZA?.(= >^(B9(J GB* @?A,((* (G=; ;A -%;! 4;?((; G,?A== PAB=*GD( >^(B9(J =A9;!.A9B* GB* 9@ ;A ;!( 5:N6 *(;G,!C(B;H >; aF%% GHCHJ ;!( 6b@( <GB*J 5:N6 GB* E?( *(@G?;C(B; [bDD @?A,((* =A9;! AB 4;H Y(A?#(= >^(B9( *A[B ;A ;!( G==(C.DX @AbB; G; ;!( ,A?B(? A& \G=; R(b;! 5AG* GB* 4;H Georges Avenue. With the completion of the ceremonies at approximately 11:30 a.m., veterans GB* ?(CGbBbB# @G?;b,b@GB;= [bDD CG?,! A&& &?AC ;!( ,(BA;G@! G; 1b,;A?bG 6G?`H 3!( EBGD =;G#( A& ;!( @G?G*( ?A9;( [bDD CA^( BA?;!.A9B* AB PAB=*GD( >^(B9(J ;9?BbB# [(=;.A9B* AB 0(=; -%;! 4;?((; GB* @?A,((*bB# [(=; AB -%;! 4;?((; 9@ ;A ;!( G?CA?b(= AB ZA?.(= >^(B9(H

5A=G.(D 4bB,DGb? @DGB= G =@(,bGD =(?^b,( (^(?X X(G? &A? ?(=b*(B;= [!A ,GB BA DAB#(? G;;(B* A9;*AA? =(?^b,(= G; A;!(? DA,G;bAB=H ZGCbDX C(C.(?= G?( [(D,AC( ;A G;;(B* ;!b= =@(,bGD =(?^b,(J [!b,! bB,D9*(=F .9#D(?J @b@(?J G ?(@?(=(B;G;b^( &?AC ;!( D(#bAB GB* =AD*b(?= &?AC ;!( " TB;(DDb#(B,( :AC@GBXH

3!( .G? GB* &AA* =(?^b,( [bDD .( A@(B bCC(*bG;(DX G&;(?[G?*= G; XA9? DA,GD PXBB 1GDD(X P(#bABJ -")/ PXBB 1GDD(X 5*H >DD >?( 0(D,AC($


3!( @G?G*( =;G?;= G; -/F'% GHCH GB* ;!( =(?^b,( =;G?;= G; -/F%% GHCH

04<(AKC 3;PB ++C +-@'- AB=B 5A6&7 2A9R %+%+ Q;??A96;< JMKBC 3;96! /A<*;4P&9


> @9.Db, ,(?(CABX !A=;(* .X <9??G?* MG,!; :D9. ] @G?;b,b@G;( AB DGB* A? AB ;!( [G;(?H

0A649(AKC 3;PB +-C ++@'- AB=BO)@'- :B=B .&76 /A<*;4P&9 0&<U;97H 8*6UPU6K 5&<69&C "S$ )+76 06BC .&76 /A<*;4P&9 > ,(?(CABX GB* C9=b,GD ;?b.9;( ;A ?(,A#BbV( ^(;(?GB= GB* ;!(b? =G,?bE,(=H Z?(( &A? veterans/$20 for guests.


WADDX.9?B Z9B(?GD WAC( =;G&& [bDD .( ^AD9B;((?bB# AB,( G#GbB ;!b= X(G?J *?b^bB# ^(;(?GB= &?AC P(#bAB c"/ ;A ;!( ,(BA;G@! &A? ;!( =(?^b,(= GB* [?(G;! @?(=(B;G;bAB=H

Windsor Plywood

309 Kennard Ave., North Vancouver


(at the 3rd Street & Low Level Road Intersection)


04<(AKC 3;PB ++C %@+$ :B=B 06B 8#<&7 8<#?U*A< 5!49*!C $'- NA76 +)6! 06BC 3;96! /A<*;4P&9 3!( ,!9?,! .(DD [bDD .( ?9B# (^(?X E^( =(,AB*= &A? G ,A9B; A& -// ;A CG?` ;!( -//;! GBBb^(?=G?X A& ;!( G?Cb=;b,( [!b,! (B*(* ;!( Zb?=; 0A?D* 0G?H 3!b?;((BIX(G?IAD* :GC(?AB 7U5(bDDXJ C(C.(? A& ;!( S6 Z(DD .GB*J [bDD @DGX Q>CGVbB# Y?G,(O AB ;!( .G#@b@(=H

Remembering those who fought for the freedom that we enjoy today.

Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre remembers and honours those who served


1900 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver 604.988.1148 • www.ibib.ca

SkwxwÚ7mesh Úxwumixw Squamish Nation

04<(AK 3;P&=,&9 ++C A6 +-@'- AB=B /&6&9A<7 2?AIAC ')-$ G<76U646& 1(BC 3;96! /A<*;4P&9

L\B;?GB,( G; ?(G? A&& A& NA9B;GbB Wb#![GXJ BA?;! A& PXBB 1GDD(X 5AG*K

WEST VANCOUVER ceremony and parade 04<(AKC 3;PB ++C A6 +-@'- AB=B D&=;9UA? 89*! U< D&=;9UA? 2A9R A6 DA9U<& Q9BC .&76 /A<*;4P&9 ,&6M&&< +S6! A<( )-6! 769&&67

Remembering those who have served and those who continue to serve us today.


Q0( 0bDD 5(C(C.(? 3!(CO 5AXGD :GBG*bGB P(#bAB PXBB 1GDD(X <?GB,! --' 5\N\N<5>8:\ _>M 4\51T:\

144 East 22nd St, N Van 604-980-2474 silverharbourcentre.com

“Honouring the sacrifices of our men and women in the spirit of peace and freedom.”


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Our Country’s Heroes

BI, +- .IAIA3I. ,D/-I )D/ F5*I ,DIC. ,/K5@? G/. /+. ,/A/../)>

Chuck Billy

Joined the army at age 17 in 1943. He trained at Camp Borden, Ontario as a Machine Gunner. Chuck was on Embarkation leave when V.E. Day was declared May 7, 1945.

Daniel Ted Cheer

Thomas Cole

.=O6M8,,<,> A8 A(, @# $M @"+3$8& 8&, 0,A*=<8& J$(&OAM>,<:B J, :,<4,> $M 2<AM?,C L,<NAMKC I8AOK AM> J=OOAM>B J, 3A: !$OO,> $M A?8$=M $M @"++B

Buzz Downer WW II. WWII

Flight Lieutenant Albert Carnelley Brook, Distinguished Flying Cross Served RCAF as Navigator based in England World War II. Died, Winnipeg January 26, 2010, age 93.

Arnold Bro

Canadian Army Private

Served in France, Belgium & Holland. Taken prisoner in ‘44, 10 miles from Nijmegan. Eventually delivered to Poland where he remained a POW until liberated by the Russian army. Received 4 medals and was discharged in 1945.

Fred Downer WWII WW II.

Sgt. William (Bill) Cathcart

Albert Carnelley Brook

Philip F Blades

March 24th 1924-December 16th 2006 Served in the Canadian Army World War II, 2nd Field Regiment, 10th Battery First Canadian Division 1942-1946 front line service as a Dispatcher in Sicily and then in occupied Germany.

Tom Robert George Cole III

9=<M $M @"-'C E.C 97B H=$M,> 8&, 1=KAO 7AMA>$AM ;$< 2=<?, $M HAM6A<K @")+B 1,8$<,> $M @"%)B /=N 3A: :8A8$=M,> $M 0,A I:OAM>C 5=3M:4$,3C DEC L,<NAMK AM> 7=O> FA!, ;OB E=3 <,:$>,: $M 2<,M?& G3,MC DEB

US Armed Forces

James Daniels

Pascal Cortez

Joined the Canadian Army at age 27 in 1942 and was discharged in 1945.

Henry Downer WWII WW II.

Darick Dion Cailing

WW I Vet. Joined the Army when he was only 15 years old and was not honest about his age.

Dorothy Donalda Duncan

John Downer WWII WW II.

Born October 21st, 1920. Died December 31st, 1986. She drove for the Red Cross in 1944 and 1945.

Born Winnipeg 1900, died 1979 N. Van. Bugle Boy 1915-17. Served in England and Europe 1939-1945. Regina Rifles Regiment. Enlisted with 7 Brothers and 1 Sister; aka “The Fighting Cathcarts.”

Reginald Dominick

Volunteered at age 21 in 1941. He served with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps in England, France and Holland. Reginald was killed in the line of duty in Holland in 1945.

Pascal Duplissie Harry Pascoe Duplissie

1885-1917 1885-1917 Killedininaction action in in WWI and Killed andburied buriedinin France.He Hesaid, said,unless unless he France. heoffered offeredhis his services to his country he could services to his country he couldnot not occupy the same place in his community. occupy the same place in his With Love community. With and LoveRespect, and Respect, NormDuplissie. Duplissie Norm

we will remember R ATCLIFF & C OMPANY Lawyers


In the heart of the community.

Clients often remark that we are a different kind of law firm. We think so too. The difference is in our expertise and approachability. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable with us.

Brenda McLuhan Employment and Labour Law

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We are not just lawyers. We are trusted advisors.

Peter Bonny

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Our Country’s Heroes


Harvey Gonzales

Lieutenant Daniel Frost / Keetley

Art Eggros US Army.

3# :#!5#, 7/ 89# *1/1,71/ +15& "%! :#5#/ &#1!: 7/ -%006/7-187%/: 1/, -%6/8#! 7/8#227;#/-# 87!#2#::2&( 3# 7: 7/ %6! 89%6;98: #5#!& ,1&( )1/7#2 $1::#, 141& 18 89# 1;# %" .'(

Larry Jack

John T. Hoyle

Served in WW II as an RCAF Lancaster Pilot with #434 Squadron at Croft, Yorkshire. Now 94, John has been a West Vancouver resident since 1966.

Volunteered in ’39, age 29. Served with the Westminster Regiment in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, North Africa & Italy. Received 6 medals. Served with the 5th Canadian Division, under the 8th British Army.


Peter Garcia Canadian Army.

Edward “Jock” James

Joined the Canadian Army at age 18 in 1944. He took basic training in Saskatchewan, then switched over to the Medical Corps. Jock was discharged in 1946.

Domingo Gonzales WW II Vet Canadian Army 1st Battalion.

Jimmy E. Johnston

Joined the Canadian Army at age 21 in Nov. 1944. Trained with the #11 Platoon, C Coy Petawawa Regiment. He was in transit on the Atlantic Ocean when the war was declared over.

Joined US Army at age 18 in 1940. Served with the 101st Airborne Division in England, France, Italy and Belgium. Harvey started out as a Medic, then retrained as a Paratrooper in England. He participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Discharged in 1947.

Nadine Joseph

After leaving St. Paul’s Residential School she volunteered at age 18 in 1941 to serve with the Canadian Women’s Corps. She trained in Vermillion, Alberta. She was stationed in Victoria until 1945.

Beverly Guerin Beverly Guerin WW II Vet. WW II Vet.

Roman Clark Joseph

Late Master Corporal 'Jo-Jo' 'Roboy' 'Romes'. August 25, 1968-October 11, 2018.

On November 11th we will remember.

A day to remember. Lest we forget.

Lest we forget.

In remembrance of the great heroes of our past who fought for our future. PARC Retirement Living salutes you.


Home Healthcare


R E N T • S A L Ewww.daviesrx.com S • SERVICE • SINCE 1973


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Our Country’s Heroes


Sammy Lewis

Flight Lieutenant Robert Keetley

He served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the WW 11. He served in the Atlantic arena flying over the supply ships all the way to Iceland on sub patrols. Flight Lieutenant Keetley passed away at 93 yrs.

Henry Ferguson Lopez US Army. Stationed in West Berlin

Milton Miranda

Volunteered at age 18 in 1941. He served with the Sea Forth Highlanders in Italy and France. Milton drove a supply truck in the convoys and was also an ambulance driver. He was wounded when his truck went over a land mine.

Norman Lewis Jack Kelly

WW II Vet (Kelly Boys)

Anchil “Ducky” Mack

Volunteered at age 40 on Dec. 6, 1941. He was trained in small arms and demolitions, but served with the Canadian Forestry Corps in Glasgow. The C.F.C. produced railway ties.

Donald Moody

Volunteered in ’42 age 22 with the Algonquin Regiment in England, Belgium, France and Germany. Was stretcher bearer in Medical Corps when wounded & his buddies killed. Later recalled a dream his friends were calling him to go with them.

Paddy Kelly

Willy Kelly

Canadian Army.

Canadian Army

Edward Fred Marsden

Royal Addison Marsden

1893-1984 Served two years with the Winnipeg Rifles’ “Little Devil Regiment” in France during WWI. Missing you still, grandpa.

Served with the Canadian Army in France during WWI. Killed in action May 20, 1917.

Great War Chronicle

Edward Nahanee

Lawrence McGrath

Served in the Royal Canadian Army in WWII as a Tank Gunner in the 28th Armoured Regiment. Fought in the invasion of Normandy to liberate France. Always remembered, always missed.

David W!ight $#&#"%% David Wight Nahanee Served with the United Nationes

Honouring our HEROES

Proudly serving the North Shore for over 80 years.

/+<4+? 2#8% 8%+forces .Q#8+?inIB8#>Q: peacekeeping Cyprus. =+B@+!++=#Q' )><@+: #Q 7N=<6:C

James P. Nahanee

/+<4+? #Q 3Q'TBQ?E 0<BQ@+E 9+T'#6S U M>TTBQ?C J+?BT: B2B<?+?V 7?Q ->T6Q8B<N /+<4#@+ J+?BTE 7#4#TD #BQ J+?BTE 7?Q 7+Q8+QQ#BT J+?BT PR&$FE H68:8BQ?#Q' /+<4#@+ J+?BT #Q ><'BQ#LB8#>Q 2><! BS>Q' 8%+ IB8#4+ KQ?#BQ 7>SS6Q#8#+: #Q 97C

Jim Miranda


Joseph Moody

PVT. 1st Class, 334th Infantry. Volunteered ’42 at 20, served with the American 9th Army in Europe. Received Bronze Star in ’44, Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Fought in Battle of the Bulge, killed in action in Holland, February 28, 1945.

WW II Vet. Joined in April 1945 at 24 years of age.

lest we forget Walter Draycott’s

Volunteered at age 27 in 1941. He served in Canada, The United Kingdom and Europe. He was discharged in Vancouver in 1946.

/+<4+? #Q 0<BQ@+E O+<SBQNE K8BTN BQ? M>TTBQ?C M+ 2B: B@8#4+ #Q 8%+ "51 5BN KQ4B:#>Q BQ? 2B: B2B<?+? ( S+?BT:C ,>6Q?+? #Q R**C G<+8+Q?+? 8> A+ ?+B? 2%#T+ IBL#R: <#==+? >)) %#: ?>'D8B': BQ? 2+Q8 8%<>6'% %#: =>@!+8:C 7<B2T+? AB@! 8> ;TT#+? T#Q+:E %#: >QTN K5 2B: %#: 7?QC 6Q#)><SC

On August 4, 1914 Walter Draycott’s life changed forever. A Lynn Valley resident, Walter answered the call for men at the start of World War I and was thrust into combat on the Western Front with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.




Follow his personal experience of the “Great War” through his daily diary entries and drawings.


Dignity Memorial is a division of Service Corporation International (Canada) ULC.

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Our Country’s Heroes



100th anniversary of the end of the First World War By Mick Webb CONTRIBUTING WRITER

such wholesale slaughter is mindnumbing.

Remembrance Day this year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War – the Great War. Accordingly, it would be appropriate ?3 3!Q4 89Q:3 Q: 3Q;$A 39 )6Q$<H examine that war, and the resultant birth of Remembrance Day.

Mercifully, the combatants eventually exhausted themselves, and the armistice – an agreement to 4398 >"!3Q:" K J?4 4Q":$% 9: 09L@ 11, 1918 in a stately railway carriage deep within the Forest of Copiegne, a location 65 kilometres north-east of Paris deliberately chosen for its discreet remoteness.

GQ4396Q?:4 ?6$ Q: '9:<Q'3 ?4 39 the real reasons for the Great War, but essentially it followed the assassination in Sarajevo, of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914. Although he wasn’t particularly popular, his death was rapidly followed by much sabre-rattling, as the Central Powers prepared for war. These countries included Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Opposing them were the Allies, consisting of Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and latterly the United States. As a member of the British Empire – as it was at that time – Canada was automatically part of this alliance and entered WWI on Aug. 4, 1914. ,!$ $:41Q:" D'9:<Q'3C K 8$6!?84 more accurately described as a bloodbath – lasted four years, three months and 14 days, during which military and civilian casualties numbered around 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. In today’s world of better recognizing the L?=1$ 9# !1;?: =Q#$A 6$<$'3Q:" 9:

Although the armistice was signed at 5:10 a.mm (French time) on 09L@ ((A (O(PA Q3 J?4 ?"6$$% 3!?3 3!$ '$?4$>6$ J91=% :93 '9;$ Q:39 effect until 11 a.m. This was to allow time for the front-line troops to be thus informed. Hence, “the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th ;9:3!C 9#3$: 7193$%@ -?%=HA JQ3!Q: that approximate six-hour period it is estimated that there were almost 11,000 casualties, including nearly 2,700 soldiers killed. /: E1:$ &PA (O(O K $I?'3=H >L$ years after Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination – the Treaty of +$64?Q==$4 J?4 4Q":$% ?:% 9#>'Q?==H ended the state of war between the Central Powers and the Allies. Under the terms of the armistice, and later the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was militarily emasculated and made to accept blame for the First World War. They would also have to pay reparations for the damage caused by the war – estimated around $35 billion in

current money. Germany ultimately 8?Q% 9## 3!Q4 %$)3 JQ3! ? >:?= payment of $95 million in 2010. While France felt the penalties levelled at Germany were too lenient, Germany however, felt they were too harsh, and there is a school of thought that feels they contributed to the Second World War. This then is the backdrop for Remembrance Day. First observed in 1919 throughout the British Empire, it was originally known as Armistice Day but was formally changed to .$;$;)6?:'$ M?H ?4 ;96$ >33Q:" Q: honouring the war dead. The Great War also provided us with the Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance, its origins lying in the poem In Flanders Fields by Canada’s lieutenant-colonel John McCrae. In 1948 the federal government granted exclusive copyright control of the poppy emblem to the Royal Canadian Legion. 09L@ PA ;?6N4 0?3Q9:?= 5)96Q"Q:?= Veterans Day, and was created to honour Canada’s Indigenous peoples’ war service. Likewise, in &**( 2?:?%?F4 8?6=Q?;$:3 >:?==H honoured the wartime service and 4?'6Q>'$ 9# 2?:?%?F4 ;$6'!?:3 ;?6Q:$64 JQ3! B$6'!?:3 0?LH Remembrance Day on Sept. 3rd. Lest We Forget

Carole Newman Carole Newman

Robert Nahanee Nahanee Robert

Enlistedatat17. 17.Assigned Assigned to Enlisted to Germany Germany withNATO NATOForces. Forces. Transferred Transferred inin’67 with ’67 Edmonton, then then to to Cyprus totoEdmonton, Cyprusinin’68 ’68 for66months. months. Stationed Stationed in for in Calgary Calgary from’68-’74. ’68-’74. Back Back to to Cyprus from Cyprus inin’71. ’71. Trained on navy ships. Discharged Trained on navy ships. Disharged in in ’74. Received the Cyprus Medal. ’74. Received the Cyprus Medal.

Andy Natrall

Private 826846 B.C. Bantams. Andy volunteered at age 18 in 1917. He trained as a sniper/gunner and his accuracy was 90 percent.

Albert Newman WWII Vet WW Vet. 1899-1923

JoinedCanadian Canadian Navy Navy in Joined in January January’57. ’57. Basictraining, training, CFB CFB Cornwallis Basic CornwallisNS, NS, then Esquimalt for medical training then Esquimalt for medical training fornursing. nursing.Worked Worked at for at military militaryhosp. hosp. Esquimalt,then then transferred transferred totoHMS ininEsquimalt, HMS Stadacona military hosp., Halifax. Stadacona military hosp., Halifax. Servedin in the the military military for Served for22years. years.

Charles Newman

WWI Vet. 37th Battalion C.E.F. Born: 1866. Died: April 3, 1929.

George Newman

George Newman Volunteered at age 17 in 1914. He Volunteered at age Gunner. 17 in 1914. He became a Machine Served Served inbecame France a&Machine GermanyGunner. for four years. in France & Germany for four years.


Remembrance Day


The public is invited to join members of the Burrard Yacht Club in a Remembrance Day Maritime Ceremony on the water at Cates Park on November 11th at 10:30 a.m. www.burrardyachtclub.com

Sgt. Terrance John O’Rourke

Born Jan 24th, 1921. Died Jan 7th, 1999. He was a Navigator. His wings were awarded to him in October 1942 in Chatham, Ontario. Course #62 Air Observers, Also completed his Gunnery and Bomber course in Jarvis, Ontario in 1942.

Cpl. Willard Pat

Joined the US Marine Corp. in 1989. Willard did his basic training at Camp Pendleton, CA. He Served at 29 Palms, CA. In 1991 he served 88 days in the 1st Gulf War and was discharged in March of 1993.

Robert Paull

Joined the US Army in 1987. Undertook basic training at Fort Knox, Texas. Served in Scheinsurt, Germany and Fort Hood, Texas, Saudi Arabia (six months during Desert Storm). Discharged in 1991.

we will remember.


| A33

north shore news nsnews.com

Our Country’s Heroes

0"' &( *"/"/)"* '3-(" #3- 4+%" '3"1* '-$+2. !-* -&* '-/-**-#,

Peter Rivers

Isabelle Garcia Phillips WWII Vet. Canadian Army

Flight Sgt. Fred Rannard Sr.

Enlisted in Lethbridge AB. Flew with the RCAF during World War II, over the Pacific, as a wireless air gunner. Passed away September 9, 2015 at the age of 92.

Fred Stokes

Gerald Smith

Served in the Royal Canadian Navy 963-1965. Weapons Underwater on the HMCS Skeena, Qu’Appelle and New Glasgow.

North Vancouver resident (age 94) proudly served in the Second World War and is the last living member of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in this area. Long standing member of Branch #8 Bornewest and Branch 118 Legion of North Vancouver.

Volunteered at age 33 in 1943 with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He arrived in Liverpool on Jan. 17, 1945, on the SS Mauritania. In the early morning hours he heard the bombing of V-2 rockets in the distance. Peter served in England for 20 months.

Private Catherine N. Schaff

Served in the Canadian Army during WWII. Bomb Girl in Ajax Ont., Motor Pool Halifax and Vancouver. Residing in West Vancouver, age 91. Honoured by her 8 children and a husband of 59 years.

Jam!" Thomas

Enlisted with US Marine Corps in 1986. Stationed in Camp Lejeune N. Carolina, 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Div. where he was a TOW Gunner. 3 months in Panama. Medals – Good Conduct & Rifle Expert. Honourable discharge in September 1990.

F.O. L. Earl Smith

Cpl. John Schaff

1920 to 2005. Served in the Canadian Army during WWII. Member of 16th L.A.A. Battery, RCA. Remembered by his 8 children and wife of 59 years.

R.C.A.F., Squadron 434. Served in WW II. Was shot down over Germany, was a P.O.W 1943-1945. Currently enjoys living in the lower Lonsdale area.

William R. “Sam” Thomas

Lorne Thomas

WWII Vet. Canadian Army

Served with Sherbrooke Fusiliers, 27th Armored Div. in France, Holland & Germany. Received the Croix de Guerre w/ Crimson Star in ’47. “For exceptional service rendered during the war for the liberation of France.” The medal was the highest military award for Gallantry in Action.

Sgt Rochford Underhill

Served in the RAF as a Link Trainer during World War II, 1940 to 1946. Lived to the ripe old age of 95. What a life!

On November 11th we will remember. Thomas Williams

Volunteered in ’42, at 20 w/ the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada in England, France, Holland and Italy. Wounded carrying a message across front lines. Slept for 3 days, awoke with scars on hip where doctors removed shrapnel. Received 7 medals.

Walter Williams

We Remember

Canadian Army ‘Died in Action’

the sacrifices made by all who serve our country Honouring the brave men and women who have served us past and present 2435 Marine Drive, West Vancouver



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