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May 2011



a special guide committed to building bridges in immigrant communities and inclusion in Canadian society

Craftsman crosses an ocean to find home


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finding your way IN A NEW COMMUNITY

As your provincial representative for North VancouverLonsdale I welcome you to North Vancouver...

Over 70 different activities and services for adults 55 plus Fitness Indoor Sports Performing Arts Card & Table Games Computer Classes Informative Seminars Special Events Legal Services Languages Visual Arts Bus Trips Lunches Bingo ...and more!

Here are some Provincial websites you may find useful:

Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre... inspiring and enhancing the well-being of adults 55+

Naomi Yamamoto, MLA (North Vancouver-Lonsdale) #303-126 East 15th Street North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2P9

144 East 22nd Street, North Vancouver • 604.980.2474 w w w. s i l v e r h a r b o u r c e n t r e . c o m

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From the Alps to the NS mountains JEREMY SHEPHERD • JSHEPHERD@NSNEWS.COM


t’s been 45 years since Armin Schoeller made the rational, well-reasoned decision to trade the Alps of Austria for Grouse Mountain. “I was young and crazy and wanted to see the world,” he said of his immigration. Schoeller, 72, runs Joinery on Hunter Street in North Vancouver, where he crafts custom furniture and other woodwork. Schoeller was born in Austria but decided to come to Canada in the late 1960s. “My father did not like it,” he said, laughing at the memory. “For my father, there was only Austria. Nothing else exists.” For Schoeller, the urge to live in a friendly, diverse country was difficult to resist.

everyone when his mother came to visit.

plans to move a little farther west and start a business.

“She had never seen a Chinese person or a black person,” he said, describing his mother’s bewilderment at her son’s new home.

“I came to Vancouver in ’67 and liked it instantly,” Schoeller said.

Schoeller said his mother and brother couldn’t believe he wanted to stay in Canada. After being educated in Austria and working in Holland for a short time, Schoeller felt confident he could make a life for himself in Canada. “There was nothing I had to be afraid of,” he said. Schoeller got his first job in Canada at a game farm in Alberta and lived in a bunkhouse.

“I think it opened up my eyes to the world,” he said. “From the first day I came here, I enjoyed it.”

Despite initially being aghast at living stacked like cordwood with the other farmhands, Schoeller soon made a business connection.

Schoeller realized Vancouver’s cultural mosaic wasn’t for

After meeting a German cabinet-maker, the two made

Although he said he enjoyed the challenge, Schoeller recalls those first years in Vancouver as being very lean. He it wasn’t long before his partner needed to look for something more lucrative to support his family. “He didn’t last very long,” Schoeller recalled. “I was single, and I could do with very little.” Schoeller recalled the abundance of competition at the time. “In the ’70s almost all the cabinet makers were European, first-generation immigrants. Today, you can’t find them anymore.”

World at a fraction of the cost,” he said.

A shortage of qualified craftsmen is just one of the challenges Schoeller deals with in his work.

Schoeller’s eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be and he’s lost some of his physical strength, but if he retires, he said he won’t leave North Vancouver.

“It’s not easy in the western world to manufacture because things come in from the Third

While building his business, Schoeller got married and raised two daughters.

His eldest daughter works for the Stanley Park aquarium and his younger daughter, having recently earned a university degree, is exploring South East Asia, Austria and New Zealand.

cycled from Salzburg to Slovenia,” he said.

But it was on his own vacation that Schoeller realized how far he’s come.

“I like Austria, but this is my home now.”

Looking at the mountainous land of his birth, Schoeller realized Canada was his country.

“Last year, I took my eldest daughter to Austria and we

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the place where everyone is welcome

Getting down to business in North & West Vancouver


he North Shore is home to a wide range of businesses – from national and international head offices to thousands of small, home-based enterprises. There are local companies in a variety of categories that have been operating here for over a century. If you want to get involved in the North Shore business scene, there are easy-to-find entry points. Networking groups, service clubs, chambers of commerce and government agencies are all able to assist you in getting the business end of your new life up and running.

Business Development Bank of Canada

North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

6-221 West Esplanade, North Vancouver TEL: 604-666-7703

102-124 West First Street, North Vancouver TEL: 604-987-4488

1846 Marine Drive, West Vancouver TEL: 604-926-6614

The Business Development Bank of Canada is a federal government Crown Corporation dedicated to helping entrepreneurial small- and medium-sized enterprises succeed.The BDC is a commercial bank offering long-term business financing, capital and consulting services with a particular focus on the technology and export sectors.

The North Vancouver Chamber recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.The chamber of commerce is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the community by actively supporting business, economic growth and diversification.

Incorporated in 1952, the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce works to promote a strong and socially responsible business climate, community leadership, and advocates to constructively influence public policy at all levels of government. Located with easy access to public transit in the West Van Partners Centre, their new home is also the location of the Spirit of BC North Shore committee.

services North Shore Service Centre Canada 100-221 West Esplanade, North Vancouver


ⷄ➨# Ṙ㚼ῼⰠ #⮘ᜄ❬ ⤬❴#ⷄ⳹

Monday–Friday 8:30am–4:00pm

㓊Ⅾ ᙢ➎#℞ 㭶 ♂#⯮⮺ ⱞ ⪺ ẖ ᳲ㕖

Employment Access Strategy for Immigrants (EASI) WEB:

⫀〜$ #⨾ヌ#⨴ ㄀ ㆉ ᵡ 㿤

North Shore Multicultural Society 207-123 East 15th St., North Vancouver TEL: 604-988-2931 WEB: English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) Western ESL Services 208-2525 Commercial Dr., Vancouver TEL: 604-876-5756

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Canadian Information Centre for International Credential WEB:

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Available in:

NSCR is a multi-service agency offering referrals, support and information in the following areas:

• Cantonese • Mandarin • Farsi • French • Japanese • Korean • Russian • Spanish


available at all our Community Recreation Centre front desks.

C O N TA C T U S ...

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A28 - North Shore News - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NEW IMMIGRANTS: Contact the North Shore Multicultural Society The One-Stop Shop for Newcomers to Canada

The North Shore Multicultural Society puts you on the right track, right from the start. We have what you need to help you settle into your new community. The mission of the North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS): “We are dedicated to building a harmonious and inclusive North Shore community that assists immigrants and refugees to integrate successfully into life in Canada.�

We offer the following free programs and services: • Information and orientation to Canada’s medical, education, health and other systems • Employment and job search assistance • English classes – Government funded classes and fee for service • Family Programs that assist families with settlement issues: parenting classes, seniors programs, youth programs, women’s groups • Community Bridging Programs that help newcomers connect to the North Shore Community • Diversity and anti-racism programs for individuals and organizations • Translation and interpretation services

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ÍľÖ„ŕš˘ŕ˛?Ő˘Ě¤Ę”â€ŤŕŠ ŘŽâ€ŹĂ´ŢŚŕŠƒËŤá‰„ŕ´§Ăš ŕ˝‹ŕ§ŻËŤË“ŕŽƒĚˇŕŁ˛ĘŠâ€ŤÚ…â€Źá•¨á‘ Ă´ŕŤŚÔŻĂ´ŕ¨°ŕŞœá‚ŞŐľĚ¨Ô§ŕŽ ŕą?ŕš¤ŕ˝‹ŕ§ŻËŤÖ„ŃŤŕąœÓ˜Ę´Ń– ŕ ˘áƒ“á‰„ŕ´§Ă˝ŕ˝‹ŃŤá‰„ŕ´§Ă´ËŤĐƒŕś˜á‰„ŕ´§ Ö„ŃŤŕ­ąÍťŕŁ‚ŕŁ™Ď°ŕž™â€ŤËŤŕŠƒŢŚÚ…â€Źá‰„ŕ´§Ă´Ěšâ€ŤÝ¨â€Źá?ˇĘŤá‰„ധô â€ŤŕŠƒŢŚÚ—Űƒâ€ŹĂ´â€ŤËłŰ?â€ŹĎˇŢŚŕŠƒËŤŕŠľĘŞĘŻŕŽˆ â€ŤŕŠˆÚ‹â€ŹáŒƒŕŤ‹ŢŚŕŠƒĂ˝Ö„ŃŤŕš™ŕ­ąÍťá‚ŞĚťâ€ŤŕŠˆÚ‹×’â€ŹĎŽá łâ€ŤŕŠ ŘŽâ€Źá‘¸Ô§ ËŹá łŕŤ°â€ŤŮˆâ€Źŕś‚ËŤĎŠŃŠá‚ŞË€Ď‰ŕŤ°ŕź¨ÎšŕŽ´â€ŤÚ…â€Źá‰„ŕ´§ á•€á™łâ€ŤŕŠ ŘŽâ€Ź

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If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re new to Canada, we are here to help you. North Shore Multicultural Society


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nce you get set up on the North Shore, you might want to get a B.C. driver’s licence to help you get around the region. If you already have a driver’s license from your home country, the process could be easier for you. The first thing to remember is to bring two pieces of identification to the North Vancouver ICBC Driver Services Centre.The first piece of ID must state your name and birthday. It can be a citizenship card, permanent resident card or a Canadian immigration identification record.The second piece of ID must show your name and signature. Another thing to bring with you is proof of your previous driving experience, including your outof-country driver’s licence. PHOTO: DREAMSTIME

B.C. has licence exchange agreements with United States, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea. So, if you have a licence from one of these countries, you will most

likely be able to obtain a B.C. licence without taking a road test.You will simply have to answer some safety questions, undergo vision screening, fill out forms and pay the necessary fees.The licence you obtain will be good for two years, and can be renewed to last for five years from there onwards. If you have a licence from a country not mentioned above, you will need to pass a road signs test, knowledge test, vision and screening test and a road test. Get more information at the Driver Services Centre. ICBC Driver Licensing Office in North Vancouver Driver Services Centre 125 East 13th Street, North Vancouver TEL: 604-661-2255 HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm


Seek... Find... Work! Located near the Seabus at: 15 Chesterfield Place, Suite A North Vancouver BC V7M 3K3 tel 604 988 3766 Follow us on:

FREE career services and employment resources on the North Shore Resume > Workshops > Computers > Advice If you are 15-30 years old, call to register! Funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement


Getting a driver’s licence

Welcome May 2011  

welcome newcomers to the North Shore