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A24 - North Shore News - Friday, February 11, 2011

VIMFF is an annual international 9-day community festival, featuring mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations, photography exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other special events. The show highlights awarded films, visiting 30+ communities across Canada each year, and offering additional 3-day Speaker Series program every fall in North Vancouver. Recognized as encouraging the most artistic and effective forms of communicating mountain-related experiences, inspiring audiences, and affirming the culturally, and environmentally, sensitive values inherent in active outdoor lifestyles. Matcha Latte with Director/Founder Alan Formanek

Q: What do you like the most about your job, and what is most challenging?

We met with Alan at the Waves Coffee in Lynn Valley for a cup of his favourite delicious matcha latte (he likes it with soy milk and unsweetened, tall and always for here, never to go), and asked him a few questions.

A: I like working with our great and lovely staff and volunteers, creating something out of nothing, and not leaving much of a footprint except for eyes wide open. Multitasking is one of the challenges - it’s such a mess, such an underworld of so many things. It’s also too much of an office work these days, you call do it all from your dark dungeon somewhere in the middle of the Sahara desert, all you need is a computer and internet from your local Bedouin provider, it could get quite crazy and detached. It’s one of those strange businesses where you work around towards something, and when that something comes you don’t seem to have time and energy to truly enjoy it, but then when it all really happens it all carries you away with this raw exciting energy, it is almost like a deep inner transformation.

Q: So you started VIMFF 14 years ago, how did it all happen? A: It’s a long story, starting in 1962, but to make it short... I had been climbing for most of my life, landed a job at MEC and then began studies in literature and film in UBC. I had done a few part time gigs at festivals in Europe. VIMFF came as a natural progression of my deep passion for moving over steep rock and ice, and my interest in film and arts. Maybe I had this thing called vision and stuck to it, who knows, because then I had other visions, too, like growing oranges in Lynn Valley, which for some reason never materialized.Q: How was it the first year, did you have a clear idea of what you were getting yourself into?A: Not at all, I did not have a clue. A cinephile friend gave me some ideas on how to write a film fest business plan, others encouraged me to go for it and do it. And so we word processed what we thought was a business plan, printed some copies, and took them around to MEC, The Edge, Coast Mountain, and Arc’teryx. I always felt that North Van would be a great place for such an event, with the mountains in the backyard, and with every second man and their dog involved in some kind of outdoor activity. I am almost amazed that nobody started this before.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year? A: Timmy O’Neill will have the whole house laughing in tears on the opening night, he is the greatest improviser. Ines Papert’s life story is a true inspiration, she is so amazingly strong, yet very genuine and humble. I also like the idea of pairing Ines with legendary alpine climber Steve Swenson in one evening. The Vancouver premiere Awakening the Skeena film on Ali Howard swimming down the river for 26 days will be a true feast. I also look forward to the ski show and the climbing finale with the local girls and boys - Jasmin Caton, Sean McColl and Will Stanhope. And I guess above all meeting the people in the lobby, old and new friends, enjoying the community atmosphere.

Festival Staff Alan Formanek Festival Director | Ivan Hughes Festival Manager | Marc Hewitt Film and Jury Coordinator Kelly Uren, Andres Mjos Production Manager | Tom Wright Production Assistant Markus Pukonen, Peter Leung Audio-Visual Coordinators | Sonja Mills Volunteer Coordinator Ali Frye Ticket Coordinator | Jamie Dahmer Photo Competition Coordinator | Steve Threndyle, Jason Smolensky PR Anna Sobieniak Design | Vlado Linek Webmaster and Webhost | Sammy Kuchmak Lobby Display Coordinator

VENUES: Centennial Theatre 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver

Pacific Cinematheque 1131 Howe St., Vancouver

HR McMillan Space Centre 1100 Chestnut St., Vancouver

TICKETS: $18 in advance, $20 at the door for each event, unless otherwise posted VIMFF Packages: 2 Ticket voucher for 2 separate shows: $30; 3 Ticket voucher for 3 separate shows: $40

ADVANCED TICKETS: Online at Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, 604.984.4484 MEC stores in Vancouver and North Vancouver.

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Friday, February 11, 2011 - North Shore News - A25




Presented by BCMC CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm VIMFF 2011 Photo Comp Awards, live with music by Hang Johnny. GUEST SPEAKER Timmy O’Neill in Life is What you Make it - So Make it Your Own, part standup comedy, theatre, Farcebook and slideshow ➤ INTERMISSION FILM / Home Swiss Home (Schweiz, 2010, 13 min, dir. Dominique Perret): Swiss legendary skier Dominique Perret stayed at home and skied the Valaisian Alps. PRESENTATION / Bryan Smith’s Behind the Lens of Adventure exploring the humor, adrenaline and stoke behind making adventure films. FILMS / Anirniq (Canada, 2010, 5 min, dir RJ Sauer): A short fable of an Inuit man confronting the loss of his father. Point of No Return (USA, 2010, 24 min, dir. Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen): Climbers travel to a treacherous mountain range near the border of Tibet to make a hard first ascent. Gros Morne National Park (Canada, 2010, 2 min, dir. George Woodhouse & David Lawless): The Gros Morne Gangstas take you on a tour of their favourite national park! Tuzgle: Argentina (France, 2010, 21 min, dir. Vladimir Cellier and Julien Nadiras): Swiss climber Nina Caprez & friends go explore a new climbing hot spot in Argentina.



Presented by Arc’teryx CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm FILM / As It Happens (USA, 2010, 16 min, dir. Renan Ozturk): Video dispatches from a technical new alpine climb on Tawoche high in the Himalaya. PRESENTATION / Steve Swenson: Karakoram, Struggle for the Summits – Battle Over the Land ➤ INTERMISSION FILM / The Continuum Project – Blown Away in Norway (USA, 2010, 11 min, dir Chris Alstrin): Follow along as Guy Lacelle and his good friends climb terrifying routes in the Troll land. PRESENTATION / Ines Papert: FOREVER - My Stories from a Fleeting World FILMS / The Architect (UK, 2010, 16 min, dir. Paul Diffley): A tribute to Jimmy Marshall and Robin Smith’s famous winter climbs on Ben Nevis in 1960. Brother’s Wild (USA, 2010, 24 min, dir. Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen): Timmy O’Neill and his paralyzed bro Sean push the limits of adaptive climbing.

SATURDAY / TRAVELS ON BIKES NIGHT Presented by Great Explorations PACIFIC CINÉMATHÈQUE | 7:30PM FILM / Take a Seat (UK, 2009, 47 min, dir. Ed Stobart & Dom Gill): Dom Gill cycles 32,000km from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on a tandem push bike picking up strangers on the way. PRESENTATION / Robbin McKinney: Great Bike Journeys of the World ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / The Longest Way (Germany, 2009, 5 min, dir. Christoph Rehage): A time-lapse, from 1400 photographs from a one-year walk from Beijing to Ürümqi in China. Tri Cycling Africa (Oz, 2008, 95 min, dir Jeff McLean): Jeff McLean travels across Africa on a tandem recumbent tricycle.



PACIFIC CINÉMATHÈQUE | 7:30pm FILMS / Baffin Babes - 80 days in the Arctic (Norway, 2010, 29 min, dir Baffin Babes): An epic adventure of four young Scandinavian women pushing themselves to the limit ski-trekking 1200km in 80 days. Mammalian (Canada, 2010, 47 min, dir. by Frank Wolf): 2,000 km by canoe through North America’s largest wilderness area. ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / Straight Up Dirty (Canada, 2011, 13 min, dir. by Markus Pukonen): Markus Pukonen attempts to stand-up paddleboard 55km from Vancouver to Nanaimo. A Life Ascending (Canada, 2010, 57 min, dir. by Stephen Grynberg): Guide Ruedi Beglinger and his young family navigate the aftermath of a massive avalanche in which 7 people died.

SUNDAY / POLISH EVENING Presented by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland H.R. MCMILLAN SPACE CENTRE | 7:30pm FILM / Touching the Miracle (Poland, 2010, 27 min, dir. Artur Hajzer & Kaja Kalicinska-Mendyk): Adventures of the hard Polish alpinists in the high ranges of the Himalayas, as they take along their mysterious lover/friend.

PRESENTATION / Marek Gronowski: Up to the Himalayas - Exploring the Himalayas is an exercise in refreshing simplicity. ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / Balaton (Poland, 2010, 5 min, dir. Ryszard Syryczynski): Trial bike weekend spent at a competition at the Balaton lake in Hungary. What Happened on Pam Island (Poland, 2010, 63 min, dir. Eliza Kubarska): Two Polish alpinists journey to the fjords of southern Greenland to reach the world’s highest sea-cliff.



Presented by the Vancouver Kayak Club PACIFIC CINÉMATHÈQUE | 7:30pm FILM / Book of Legends (New Zealand, 2010, 26 min, dir. Jared Meehan): An international team travel to Siberia in search of the world class white water found in the Bashkaus River in Southern Siberia. PRESENTATION / Filming on the Edge of the Earth: Science Meets Adventure in Kamchatka with adventure filmmaker and expedition kayaker Bryan Smith. ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / Mazungu - First descent of the Congo River (UK, 2010, 20 min, dir. Phil Harwood): Phil’s epic 5 month source-to-sea solo descent of the 2922 mile Congo River. Wild Water (USA, 2010, 30 min, dir. by Anson Fogel): A journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk.



CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm PRESENTATION / Hayley Shephard in A Beautiful Burden, as Hayley sets out to attempt her solo sea kayak expedition around the remote SubAntarctic Island of South Georgia. ➤ INTERMISSION CONCERT / Rachelle van Zanten FILM / Awakening the Skeena (Canada, 2010, 80 min, dir. by Andrew Eddy): Ali Howard embarks on a 26 day mission to swim the entire 610 km length of the Skeena River.

TUESDAY / CLIMB FOR CHANGE EVENING PACIFIC CINÉMATHÈQUE | 7:30PM OPENING DISCUSSION / Climb For Change Co-Founder Mike Schauch in conversation with Rob Hill: what it means to climb not only for ourselves, but for a purpose far greater than ourselves. FILM / 180 Degrees South (USA, 2010, 85 min, dir. Chris Malloy): Jeff Johnson on his quest to retrace the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to deep Patagonia.



CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 1:30pm PRESENTATION / Salmon Wolves in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest live presentation by BC’s award-winning photographer and author Ian McAllister.

WEDNESDAY / SPOILED EVENING CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm PRESENTATION / Whales, wolves, spirit bears, wild salmon and the worlds largest intact temperate rainforest. Photographer, author and veteran conservationist Ian McAllister discusses the irreversible environmental impact oil tankers would bring to the BC north coast’s wildlife. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS / Garth Lenz’s Canada’s Tar Sands captures stories of the environmental issues, threatened wilderness, devastation and the impacts on indigenous peoples through photography. On the Line by Frank Wolf about his fact finding mission that takes a ground-level look at the pipeline from the perspective of the people who live along the proposed route. PRESENTATION / Marven Robinson, Gitga’at First Nation, presents his people’s view of the proposed pipeline and tanker project. FILMS / Uncomfortably Numb (Canada, 2010, 18 min, dir. Michael Reid): Chris Rhodes and Michael Reid explore BCs coast by kayak. ➤ INTERMISSION PRESENTATIONS / Stand Up 4 Great Bear multimedia presentation by Norm Hann. Introduction to the people and wildlife of GreatBear Rainforest. Caitlyn Vernon, Sierra Club BC Coastal Campaigner, describes her experience at the Great Bear Rainforest RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition). FILM / Spoil (USA, 2010, 44 min, dir. Trip Jennings): Follow a squad of the best wildlife photographers in the world to the Great Bear Rainforest. Panel and open forum questions with all speakers.



CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm FILMS / Azadi: Freedom (Canada, 2010, 27 min, dir. Anthony Bonello): A cultural ski documentary set in the disputed region of Kashmir. Cross Country Snowboarding (USA, 2007, 3 min, dir. Adam Brodie & Dave Drewlany): Skootch up and meet outsider athletes Joel & Tate, the world’s most dedicated flatland snowboarders. PRESENTATION / Greg Hill’s 2 Million Reasons - Join Greg Hill as he brings us along on his journey to climb and ski 2 million vertical feet in 2010. ➤ INTERMISSION FILM / Home Swiss Home (Switzerland, 2010, 13 min, dir. Dominique Perret): Swiss skier Dominique Perret stayed at home and skied the Valaisian Alps. PRESENTATION / Ilja Herb’s Skiing the Unlikely: Tales and Photos From Central Asia and Other Corners. FILMS / The Desert River (USA, 2010, 4 min, dir. Ben Sturgulewski): Every spring in Haines, Alaska, a river bulges and rages towards the sea, fed by the thawing of a massive mountain snowpack. Scattered Flurries (USA, 2009, 4 min, dir. Ben Knight): A cinematic look at deep winter in Telluride, Colorado. Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey (USA, 2010, 27 min, dir. Jim Surette): Story of skiers who reinvented themselves as free-ski mountaineers, pushing the boundaries of the sport into the Antarctic Peninsula.

THURSDAY / MOUNTAINEERING EVENING PACIFIC CINÉMATHÈQUE | 7:30PM FILM / Los Fabulosos Dos (UK, 2010, 36 min, dir. Pete Rhodes): Three impressive young climbers attempt a hard new route on the 900m Cerro Cathedral in Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia. PRESENTATION / Drew Brayshaw: Exploring Close To Home Mountaineering in SW BC. ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / The Peak (Canada, 2009, 6 min, dir. Dan Perrott): Bernard is an average mountain climber, but he wants more: that last unclimbed peak. Le Monde de Gaston Rébuffat (France, 2009, 51 min, dir. Gilles Chappaz and Denis Steinberg): Life of the legendary French climber and mountain guide Gaston Rébuffat.



Presented by Norco Performance Bikes CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm FILMS / Shortcut (UK, 2010, 8 min, dir.Dave Brown): Trials Biking - Welsh style - a journey past castles, mountains, and more. North Shore Morning Commute (Canada, 2010, 3 min, dir. Adam Yunker): Follow bike shop owner Matt Juhasz as he takes you on his unconventional morning commute to work. PRESENTATION / Kris Holm: One Tired Guy – A Story On One Wheel. Kris shares film clips, photos and stories from a decade of unicycling adventures and film making. ➤ INTERMISSION FILMS / Balaton (Poland, 2010, 5 min, dir. Ryszard Syryczynski): Trial bike weekend spent at a competition at the Balaton lake in Hungary. Bike Trials - Regaining Balance (Canada, 2009, 10 min, dir. Sheldon Pearson): Jeff Anderson and his Vancouver riding group push the bike trials challenge. Life Cycles (Canada, 2010, 47 min, dir. Ryan Gibb & Derek Frankowski): A cinematic and stunningly beautiful portrait of the sport of mountainbiking.



Presented by Arc’teryx CENTENNIAL THEATRE | 7:30pm VIMFF 2011 Film Awards Ceremony FILMS / Living The Dream (USA, 2010, 3 min, dir. Renan Ozturk): A Point Of View perspective on the dirt bag climbing lifestyle. The Prophet (UK, 2010, 42 min, dir. Alastair Lee): Following the UK’s top big wall climber Leo Houlding as he revisits his 10 year project on Yosemite’s El Cap. PRESENTATION / Will Stanhope: A year in review with Will Stanhope”The first free ascent of the Turret and Adamants, 4 routes on the Chief in one day, and the Southern Belle on Half Dome. ➤ INTERMISSION FILM / Hollow Caves (UK, 2010, 9 min, dir. Alastair Lee): Deep water solo protagonist Neil Gresham shows what it’s all about with one of the UK’s hardest deep water solo’s to date. PRESENTATION / Jasmin Caton: Babes, Big Walls and Bad Shrooms - Climbing in the Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland. PRESENTATION / Sean McColl: Europe 2010 - a season in climbing world champ’s life. FILMS / Les Dessous de Ganesh (France, 2010, 15 min, dir. Vladimir Cellier and Julien Nadiras): Recount of the first ascent of “Ganesh” [8b +] by Gerome Pouvreau in Badami, India. Dusk till Dawn (UK, 2010, 6 min, dir. Alastair Lee): Pembrokeshire explorer extraordinaire Dave Pickford climbs his stunning new route.

A26 - North Shore News - Friday, February 11, 2011



VIMFF 2011 Films Home Swiss Home

Tri Cycling Africa

Feb 11 & 17 Centennial Theatre

Feb 12 Pacific Cinematheque

Switzerland, 2010, 13 min Directed by Dominique Perret, Produced by Vertical Zoo Films

Australia, 2008, 95 min Directed by Jeff McLean

Legendary Swiss free skier Dominique Perret and his team made the most of an ideal winter to ski Valais’ famous 4,000m peaks. His free-flowing style of skiing is cast against a backdrop of steep slopes and glaciers with dazzling seracs and dark crevasses, making this film a true work of art!

Tuzgle Feb 11 Centennial Theatre France, 2010, 21 min Directed by Vladimir Cellier and Julien Nadiras

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Swiss climber Nina Caprez and nine French climbing gentlemen explore a new climbing hot spot under the Tuzgle volcano in Argentina, an unexplored wonderland littered with boulders and crags nested at 4200 m of elevation. The amazing scenery and unique style of editing dazzle viewers and leave them wanting more‌ which we have! Les Dessous de Ganesh, created by the team of directors that made Tuzgle, screens on the VIMFF Finale Evening on Feb 19.

As it Happens Feb 12 Centennial Theatre USA, 2010, 16 min Directed and Produced by Renan Ozturk Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards broke the mould for conventional mountain film making by releasing short video dispatches of their technical new alpine climb on Tawoche (6,500 m), high in the Himalaya. Despite being far away from a production studio, their camera work and editing is flawless, allowing viewers at home to be inspired by their real-time high altitude adventure!

Brother’s Wild

LYNN VALLEY LOCATION ONLY 3050 Mountain Hwy & Lynn Valley Road North Vancouver 604-990-8799

Mammalian Feb 13 Pacific Cinematheque Canada, 2010, 47 min Directed & Produced by Frank Wolf A 2,000 km arctic canoe journey from Yellowknife to Rankin Inlet provides the setting for this intimate, sideways look at the largest wilderness area in North America. From the deepest heart of the barrenlands, the filmmakers have emerged with a compelling portrait of the landscape and a new discovery that will shock the natural world! Featuring world-class adventurer and explorer, North Vancouver’s own Frank Wolf!

What Happened on Pam Island Feb 13 H.R.McMillan Space Centre Poland, 2010, 63 min Directed and Produced by Eliza Kubarska A Polish alpinist couple take a lonely journey to the fjords of the Southern Greenland to climb and summit the world’s highest sea-cliff. This docu-fiction also tells a different story behind the expedition: one of love and passion. The film beautifully captures the serenity and intensity of romance on a climbing expedition!

Feb 12 Centennial Theatre USA, 2010, 24 min Directed by Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen, Produced by Sender Films


Jeff McLean and his cameraman travel across West Africa for two months on a bizarre and highly unique form of transport: a tandem recumbent tricycle. Along the way they experience the challenges of a completely unplanned journey: breakdowns, language barriers, exhaustion and theft leave the duo stranded and desperate. The film focuses on the fine qualities of the indigenous peoples: a hardy, happy, and diverse population.

Two brothers – Timmy O’Neill, a pro climber, and Sean O’Neill, who is paralyzed from the waist down – push the limits of adaptive climbing, conquering the 3,000-foot face of El Capitan. Then it’s on to the Ruth Gorge of Alaska, where they cross a treacherous glacier to climb a remote rock wall. In a storm-stricken land that would challenge even able-bodied climbers. Watch also Timmy’s live presentation on Feb 11!

WildWater Feb 14 Pacific Cinematheque USA, 2010, 30 min Directed & Produced by Anson Fogel WildWater is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater kayaking, and a visually stunning feast for the senses. Image, sound and ideas trump all else and communicate the essence and soul of wild places and whitewater. Borrowing Hollywood film tools and techniques, WildWater brings not only new perspectives, but new images to kayaking and the world of adventure cinema.

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Friday, February 11, 2011 - North Shore News - A27

Awakening the Skeena

Le Monde de Gaston Rébuffat

Feb 15 Centennial Theatre

Feb 17 Pacific Cinematheque

Canada, 2010, 80 min Directed by Andrew Eddy, Produced by Amy Jones

France, 2009, 51 min Directed by Gilles Chappaz and Denis Steinberg, Produced by Seven Doc - MedeO - France 3

At the intersection of three of the last wild rivers of North America, in an area known as the Sacred Headwaters, a battle is underway to halt proposals for coal bed methane that threaten this fragile ecosystem and a way of life. To raise awareness of this pending environmental disaster, local resident, and chef, Ali Howard, embarks on a 26 day mission to swim the entire 610 km length of the Skeena River.

This historic documentary celebrates the life of the legendary French climber and mountain guide Gaston Rébuffat who rose to international prominence in 1950, and passed away 25 years ago. His insistence on seeing a climb as an act of harmonious communion with the mountain, not a battle waged against it, seemed radical at the time, though Rébuffat’s view has since won the day.


180° South Feb 15 Pacific Cinematheque

Life Cycles

USA, 2010, 85 min Directed by Chris Malloy, Produced by Woodshed Films

Feb 18 Centennial Theatre Canada, 2010, 47 min Directed by Ryan Gibb & Derek Frankowski

180 Degrees South follows Jeff Johnson, a bold and daring modern explorer, on his quest to retrace the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to deep Patagonia. Along the way he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, rides the longest wave of his life, and prepares himself for a rare ascent of Cerro Corcovado. As he travels, his eyes open up to the environmental disasters that threaten these places. Featuring songs by Jack Johnson!

Life Cycles tells a spectacular story of a bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. Ryan Gibb and Derek Frankowski paint with the camera using time lapse, textures and movement. A visually stunning journey with breath-taking natural settings and thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture.


The Prophet

Feb 16 Centennial Theatre

Feb 19 Centennial Theatre

Canada, 2010, 40 min Directed by Trip Jennings

UK, 2010, 42 min Directed by: Alastair Lee Produced by: Posing Productions

Spoil follows a team of some of the best wildlife photographers to the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia as they team up with Coastal First Nations in the fight to save this coast from a catastrophic oil spill. Led by indigenous community members, the photographers attempt to capture the forest, the ocean, the people and the elusive Spirit Bear. All of these are caught in the balance of what is quickly becoming one of Canada’s - and North America’s - defining environmental battles.

Azadi: Freedom Feb 17 Centennial Theatre Canada, 2010, 27min Directed by Anthony Bonello, Produced by Will Lascelles & Matt This film displays the colourful and iconic local characters within the skiing culture of the Gulmarg Ski Resort in the disputed region of Kashmir, and conveys their passion for the mountains. The crew travels into the mountains to capture the aesthetic beauty of the landscape and the livelihoods of a people eager to dispel the stigma that Kashmir is a dangerous place to travel.

The Prophet follows the UK’s top big wall climber, Leo Houlding, as he revisits his 10 year project: an exceptionally steep, loose and difficult route on the East face of Yosemite’s El Capitan. Leo describes the route as ‘the wildest climb I’ve ever been on’. The adventures of this crazy climb have to be seen to be believed!

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A28 - North Shore News - Friday, February 11, 2011

VIMFF 2011 Festival Guest Speakers Timmy O’Neill:

Hayley Shephard:

Kris Holm:

Life is What you Make it - So Make it Your Own

A Beautiful Burden

One Tired Guy – A Story On One Wheel

Tues, Feb 15 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Fri, Feb 18 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

New Zealand born and Vancouver Island based wilderness guide and expedition leader, Hayley Shephard set out to attempt the first ever solo sea kayak expedition around the remote Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. An exceptionally isolated, storm thrashed island, South Georgia stands alone in the path of relentless storms and savage winds of the Southern Ocean.

Kris Holm started riding a unicycle in 1986, and in the past 10 years has become the best-known ambassador of the remarkable sport of mountain unicycling. Kris shares film clips, photos and stories from a decade of adventures and film making (including 5 previous films at VIMFF) in places such as Bhutan, Mongolia, Mexico and the legendary North Shore.

Behind the Lens of Adventure

spOILed Evening

Jasmin Caton:

Fri, Feb 11 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Wed, Feb 16 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Babes, Big Walls and Bad Shrooms-Climbing in the Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland

Bryan Smith is an adventure filmmaker and expedition kayaker par excellence based out of Squamish, BC. From base jumping to extreme whitewater, and from hand-held cameras to quarter million dollar cinema cameras, his experience from behind the lens is just as much of an adventure as the action he is shooting. (Bryan will be also showing his Kamchatka presentation at the Pacific Cinematheqe on Feb 14.)

From Alberta’s rolling plains, over the magnificent Rockies, through mighty rivers and the pristine Great Bear Rainforest – we are spoiled with the natural beauty and thriving ecosystems of the North. However, all of this is at risk. At risk of being spoiled by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project which threatens the lands, ecosystems, cultures and communities of the north.

Sat, Feb 19 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Fri, Feb 11 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm Part stand-up comedy, theatre, Farcebook and slideshow, Timmy shares his climbs and lessons. From his adventures with his paraplegic brother Sean to travelling around the world on humanitarian missions and wild expeditions in between. Get ready to laugh and learn!

Bryan Smith:

Ilja Herb: Ines Papert:

Skiing the Unlikely: Tales and Photos From Central Asia and Other Corners

FOREVER - My Stories from a Fleeting World

Thurs, Feb 17 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Sat, Feb 12 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm Ines Papert is living her dream in between rock and ice – and as the mother of her nine year old son. Born in Germany, she is a four-time world champion and multiple world cup winner in ice climbing. She is drawn to far away countries and the mountains, dreaming to really live life. FOREVER tells us stories about extreme climbing and capturing those moments with fantastic images.

Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, China, Georgia, Indiana, Newfoundland - these destinations are not exactly synonymous with high quality skiing, let alone ski culture. However, upon closer inspection, and a few glasses of fermented and curdled goat milk, these destinations all reveal rich ski traditions and culture far from the glitz and monied slopes of the modern ski experience.

Rock climbers Jasmin Caton and Kate Rutherford went to southern Greenland in search of long free routes on granite big walls. Finding themselves in a mind-blowingly beautiful landscape with high quality stone and a tragic amount of rainy weather they sucked it up and completed ascents of two of the major features in the area, but only after they had finished all the wine, chocolate and US magazines.

Sean McColl: Europe 2010 Sat, Feb 19 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm Sean McColl is an avid 23-year-old sport climber who has been competing for the past 12 years. Sean’s home gym is The Edge Climbing Center in North Vancouver where he also helps coach The Edge Youth Climbing team. In addition, he was named one of the assistant coaches for both the 2009 and 2010 Canadian Youth National Teams.

Greg Hill:

Will Stanhope:

Steve Swenson:

2 Million Reasons

A year in review with Will Stanhope

Karakoram, Struggle for the Summits – Battle Over the Land

Thurs, Feb 17 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Sat, Feb 19 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Sat, Feb 12 Centennial Theatre Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:30pm

Join Greg Hill as he brings us along on his journey in 2010. He dreamed up this idea and for years he worked diligently till finally he attempted to climb and ski 2 million feet in 2010. Starting in Revelstoke, and skiing throughout the Columbias, the States, the Rockies, the St. Elias range he explored many summits. Greg will bring us along with photos and video to the summits of the 71 mountains he climbed.

When not on the road, Will spends his time in Squamish BC where the new-route gems never seem to run out. A granite-lover at heart, Will’s passion lies in beautiful lines, on the crags or in the mountains. Will’s presentation covers the first free ascent of the Turret, Adamants, 4 routes on the Chief in one day, and the Southern Belle on Half Dome.

Steve Swenson’s show summarizes 30 years of climbing in the Karakoram and discovering that alongside the climbers, the armies of China, India, and Pakistan are faced off in a deadly dispute over the land.

Other speakers presenting at the Pacific Cinematheque:

Robbin McKinney: Great Bike Journeys of the World Sat, Feb 12 | Doors 7:00pm | Show 7:30pm

Centennial Theatre Music, Dance and More! Proud to support VIMFF! ➤

Classic Albums Live Dark Side of the Moon Sunday, April 17, 7:30 pm

Drew Brayshaw: Exploring Close To Home - Mountaineering in SW BC Thurs, Feb 17 | Doors 7:00pm | Show 7:30pm



Introduced by Larry Hennessey of Jack FM

Tickets and Information


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Friday, February 11, 2011 - North Shore News - A29

Come to VIMFF and Win Some of Our Great Raffle and Door Prizes!

Mount Cain Backcountry Skiing Bliss on Vancouver Island Ski Vacation at Mount Cain Ski Resort, including accommodation in the Kapitany Lodge and lift tickets for two for five days. Ski the best snow on Vancouver Island and make this the ski trip of your year! Valued $795.

Hunza Shangrila Pilgrimage and Diran Peak Base-Camp trek with Nazir Sabir Expeditions 14-day fully guided trip in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet, the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan. Includes all travel in Pakistan, hotel accommodation with all meals, and guiding; does not include international airfare to and from Pakistan. This is a trip of your dreams. Valued at $2,500!

Movement Telemark Climax Skis (donated by ROI) A real liturgical object and a very different way of expressing sliding. The Climax is designed to be an extremely versatile telemark ski with Good grip on-piste and excellent initiation and release in short turns characterise it as much as its back-country skills. A true beauty. Valued at $600.

Arc’teryx Silo 30 Backpack 5-day Stay at the Casa Cayuco Retreat in North-Western Panama Located in the pristine Bocas del Toro archipelago of Panama, the Casa Cayuco lodge is a perfect spot for a tropical getaway. Whether you prefer relaxing in a hammock, strolling along the beach, exploring the land and sea, or all of these things, Casa Cayuco is the place. Package includes all local services, and does not include international airfare. Value $1,900.

Seven-day Guided Cycling Trip to the Kettle Valley with Great Explorations Now part of the Trans-Canada Trail, this route is one of the longest rail trails in the world and incorporates some of the most magnificent scenery in British Columbia including famous Myra Canyon. The trip is all-inclusive. Dates: August 15-21, 2011. Value $995.

Snowsport specific signature backpack with a backcountry feature set and ski and snowboard wrap system. Two thoracic V-stays provide load support while allowing the pack to remain supple for effortless turns. Value $190.

Norco 2011 Bushpilot Mountain Bike Adventure can take you places you never expected, and the Norco Bushpilot will do just that. Versatile and diverse, with an XC/All Mountain design, it will excel on your local trails, gravel paths and anywhere in between. Valued at $500.

Join our VIMFF 2011 Great Prize Raffle! Tickets are $2 for 1, and $5 for 3, on sale at the VIMFF table and in the lobby.

PROUD TO SUPPORT THE VIMFF AND FRIENDS COMFORT FOOD Comfortable Prices Lunch or Dinner for $10 or less

Cheers 125 East 2nd St., North Vancouver • 604-985-9192

A30 - North Shore News - Friday, February 11, 2011

Buck Brand Navel Oranges CertiďŹ ed organic, polished with a horse hair brush and never waxed for a concentrated sweet avour. Visit

East Coast Lobster Tails

Canadian East Coast Lobster Tails


99 Each

29 for

Frozen 84–112g

Preferred not only by chefs who prepare lobster, but also by those who enjoy eating it. Our 100% Canadian East Coast Lobster Tails have a tender white meat that is noticeably sweeter than warm water lobster tails. Surprise your valentine with this delectable treat and experience the difference for yourself!


Dozen Roses in Gift Bag

Strip Loin Grilling Steaks Naturally Aged 21 Days Family Pack Savings Size $13.21/kg



We’re right here! Toruck Ave





Per lb

W 16 St

                     !     "

Per Package

Capilano Mall


W 14 St

Marine Drive

W 3 St

Princess Cheesecake

Fresh Strawberries

Rich strawberry cheesecake, coated in rich chocolate ganache. 5� x 5�

USA #1 Grown in California 1lb/454g Clamshell


99 Each

80 Per Whole Cake

Half Cake: $8.99 Each


Per Half Cake


99 Each

Buy Becel & Help the Heart and Stroke Foundation February 9th to 22nd, 2011 Thrifty Foods and Becel will donate 50¢ to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon for every 1.5 pound (680g), 2 pound (907g) margarine and 8 ounce (227g) Pro-Active Becel margarine sold.*

* Participating Becel products only.
 for healthy living tips and to learn more about the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Specials in Effect from Friday, February 11th to Tuesday, February 15th, 2011


VIMFF - Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival  

A special feature of the North Shore News

VIMFF - Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival  

A special feature of the North Shore News