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Make the most of your outdoor space by rigging up a screen for an outdoor movie night this summer.

flick Al fresco home theatre DEANA LANCASTER

life made comfortable Indoor & Outdoor Patio Furniture

Why stay cooped up in a hot house? Invite friends and family for an outdoor screening of an old favourite: a John Hughes flick from the ‘80s perhaps, or an old horror flick. Here’s what you’ll need to make it silver-screen perfect. 1 A screen. You can use the side of your home if it’s light-coloured and reasonably even. Or hang an inexpensive, king-size, flat white bedsheet.

1400 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, across from Tim Horton’s


2 A sound and projection system. You’ll need a DVD projector and speakers. The first time around, you may

try renting everything. If you want to make it a regular event, you can purchase your own equipment. 3 Seating. Ask your guests to bring lawn chairs, unless you have enough for everyone. 4 Bug repellant. Ward off mosquitos with citronella candles and bug spray. 5 Snacks. Popcorn is an easy pick — offer different varieties. Old-fashioned movie treats like Mike & Ike candies and Junior Mints are fun choices; while healthy treats like fruit and frozen juice bars will be a hit with parents and kids alike.

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Nothing gets you into that summertime mood like a hammock.

time Rockin’ the shade

Both styles can be picked up for approximately $100.


Swaying gently as a warm breeze drifts above and below, a hammock can transport you from your backyard to a sunny tropical locale even before you start getting into the daiquiris.

to be fastened securely at two ends, either to trees or some sturdy back deck uprights. Generally speaking, you’ll need about four metres between anchor points to avoid scraping the ground.

And like any good piece of backyard summertime fun, hammocks are also cheap and simple. No chequebook angst and no endless poring over instructions here.

One often-overlooked point: traditional hammocks work best when you lie diagonally or at a right angle. You’ll find this is considerably more comfortable for a long read or an afternoon snooze, especially if you have back complaints.


But there are a couple of different styles to choose from. The classic hammock, sometimes called a Mayan hammock, is basically just a length of netting that gathers up at each end. These need

O N E S T O P PA T I O S H O P S I N C E 1 9 8 6

Quality Brand Names at Competitive Prices

BAHAMA WINDS Bring the Comfort of Indoors Outdoors


Hammocks with a spreader bar at each end reduce the sagging effect and can be enjoyed lengthwise.

Brazilian hammocks have a similar design to their Mexican cousins, but are made of fabric rather than mesh and often have some decorative fringes and tassels. This can nudge the price up to around $170 and they should be washed more frequently than their Mexican cousins. On the other hand, they are attractive visual additions to a deck space and more comfortable to lay on than mesh, especially if you’re down to the bare essentials on a hot summer day. Of course, you can always lay a blanket down on your traditional hammock to avoid mesh-print.

If you don’t have two obligingly placed trees you can opt for a chair hammock. These have a single overhead anchor point and a sort of mesh bag attached to a spreader bar. Despite the name, you can lay almost flat in a chair hammock, and they can be put up almost anywhere. Any structural joist or even a strong tree branch will do the trick. And if you really don’t have anything to hang a hammock from, there are freestanding models with their own frames. These do cost more and do require some assembly, but you get to avoid trusting your dignity to your knot-tying prowess.

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Tired after a hectic day at work? Mix a cocktail, sit back and relax to these summertime jams.


The XX “Islands” This dreamy track from British indie band The XX could be the closest you’ll get to an island escape.


Bob Marley “Could You Be Loved” Nothing says summer like this song, or really any other from the king of reggae. Choose your favourite and pop it in.

Jack Johnson “You and Your Heart” Singer/songwriter/surfer Jack Johnson is a North Shore native — North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, that is. Needless to say, he knows how to put out a breezy, laid-back melody. Daniel Wesley “Ooo Ohh” If you’ve never heard of Daniel Wesley, you’ve been missing out. The White Rock native mixes reggae with rock for a truly unique sound. Blondie “The Tide is High” An oldie but a goodie. Lady Gaga “Eh, Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say”

Don’t get nervous. This might be one of the slowest-tempo songs on pop superstar Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster. Plus, your teenage daughters will give you props. Hannah Georgas “Dance Floor” Prepare to fall — hard. With her sweet but spunky voice and lyrics, Vancouver songstress Hannah Georgas promises to be a big deal. Play this song at a party and be the first of your friends to claim her. John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change” Oh, John Mayer. Say what you will about his all-too-public romantic escapades, but the man knows how to sing.

Dragonette “Easy” This catchy tune from new wave group Dragonette will have you reaching for the repeat button, uh... repeatedly. Chuck Prophet “Summertime Thing” The title says it all.


Cuban Mojito


There are few cocktails as cool and refreshing in the heat as a Cuban mojito. INGREDIENTS 1 tsp. confectioners’ sugar

Bedouin Soundclash “Until We Burn in the Sun” Who says Canadians can’t do reggae? Certainly no one who’s heard anything from Toronto talents Bedouin Soundclash.

Juice from 1 lime (2 ounces) 4 mint leaves 1 sprig of mint 2 oz. white rum 2 oz. soda water

Miike Snow “Song for No One” If you took a bunch of happy and squeezed it into a song, this track from Swedish upand-comers Miike Snow is what you’d end up with.

DIRECTIONS In a highball glass, stir together the confectioners’ sugar and lime juice. Add the mint leaves and “muddle.” (You can purchase a muddler from many kitchen stores. Be sure to just “bruise the mint leaves to release the oils; don’t shred them.) Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in the rum. Add soda water to fill the glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a wedge of lime.

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Did you know... Stylish outdoor kitchens are the latest trend in outdoor entertaining. Twin Eagles design is truly unique, with exclusive geometric shapes, contoured angles, seamless welds and hi-polished accents. Every grill is an intriguing blend of modern design and classic elegance, making them a perfect match for both traditional and contemporary architecture.

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n dia na duct a C ro P

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TOO HOT? TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT YOUR WINDOWS At this time of year, temperature increases can leave you running to the hardware store for fans, air conditioners and cooling systems. Some people even move into their basements in an effort to beat the heat. What if there was something you could do that would cool your house in summer, keep it warmer in winter, and save you money too? The answer may lie in your windows. Jonathan Haagensen of North Shore Windows understands.

is then applied on the interior to complete a seal between the window frame and the stud opening. You then have created an air and moisture barrier from the outside-in.” The difference can be striking. “You will notice the difference within minutes of windows being properly installed, especially at this time of the year. The room temperature will drop. Our `Suncoat Max` products can reduce solar heat gain by 64.5% and uv rays by 95%. This technology really does work, take it from me and our crew. We need to wear sunscreen at all times when working on the exterior with the new windows because the UV rays get reflected right back at you.”

Our `Suncoat Max` products can reduce solar heat gain by 64.5% and uv rays by 95%.

“Old single pane windows allow over 90% of the outside temperature into the house,” says Jonathan. “A lot of people get sold into a retro-fit when they replace their windows. This type of window just goes directly over the top of your existing siding, sometimes even leaving your old window frame in the wall. The window may be a good quality product, but chances are it will be installed completely wrong.” The problem lies in the gap in your home’s air and moisture barriers that occurs when windows are improperly installed. “All windows should be installed to the building code’s rain screen application and sealed directly to the sheathing of your home. Low-expansion foam

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Providing Quality New Lawn Installation on the North Shore since 2000! Services: • New lawn installation • Lawn repairs - turf or seed • Lawn drainage & regrading • Lawn & garden maintenance • Landscaping & paving stones

In the winter, the right windows will also keep your house warm. “With an effective air and moisture barrier in place, during winter the insulating power of the windows reflect the interior heat of the house back into it, cutting your heating costs.” If you’re sitting in your basement wondering how to keep you and your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter, take a look at North Shore Windows.

604.924.LAWN (5296)


What if there was something you could do that would cool your house in summer, keep it warmer in winter, and save you money too?

See the new


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ADD SUMMER SIZZLE TO YOUR PATIO WITH AN OUTDOOR KITCHEN Homeowners looking to add pizzazz and extend their living spaces to the outdoors routinely turn to outdoor kitchens to achieve their goals. At its simplest, an outdoor kitchen can include a charcoal BBQ and a picnic table. However, most homeowners are looking for something a little more functional and impressive. It’s not uncommon to find everything from refrigerators to pizza ovens to granite-topped prep stations. If you are hoping to add an outdoor kitchen to your space you may have to address some factors first. Naturally, budget needs to be considered. Once the financials are ironed out, location is the next factor to consider. There are advantages and disadvantages to having the outdoor kitchen located close to the house. Some of the biggest advantages include a reduced cost in access to running water, plumbing, electric, and natural gas to the outdoor kitchen. There’s also the convenience of proximity to the house for carrying food items outside.

include a buffer wall to ward off wind and weather and some sort of overhang for shade and other weather protection. This way the outdoor kitchen and entertaining spaces can be enjoyed even if there is light rain or blazing sunshine. With this in mind, many homeowners are choosing weatherproof cabinetry, lighting, storage, fireplaces, music, and other accoutrements to make their outdoor kitchens the epitome of luxury. Ice makers, deep-fryers, smokers, wine coolers, and so many other accessories are routinely showing up in outdoor kitchen designs.

Gone are the days of a simple charcoal grill and a few patio chairs. Outdoor kitchens are revitalizing al fresco entertaining and adding considerable value to homes across the country.

Outdoor kitchens are about bringing the entertainment experience outside. Upward Construction can help you build your new outdoor living space, just the way you want it.

On the other hand, having the outdoor kitchen located too close to the house could make it feel like the rest of the house. And if the outdoor kitchen is too close, contractors might be forced to factor an exhaust system into the design to draw heat and smoke away from the house. Location of the outdoor kitchen will also have to take into consideration the size of the yard. If you have a large property you can have an expansive kitchen. Individuals with a smaller yard may have to scale back and ensure their cooking and lifestyle habits don’t infringe on the neighbors. Whether the kitchen is located near or far from the house, homeowners should think about some sort of protection from the elements. A shelter can

Whether you already have a plan, or are just beginning to think about the process, Upward Construction can help you build your new outdoor living space, just the way you want it. Not only will you enjoy the new improvements, it could be the best investment you make in your home.

If your plans are simply to renovate an existing deck, or if you would like to completely remodel your entire home from the ground up, Upward Construction can help. They put their years of experience in building and remodeling to work for you. Experience is important when it comes to planning, sighting, product selection, financing and construction. At Upward Construction they know how important your home is to you and take special care to see that it is built or renovated as if it were their own. Call Upward Construction for a free consultation to see the possibilities.

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Specializing in Heavy Gauge 5” x .032” Continuous Colonial Aluminum

We offer high flow, unfiltered gutter outlets with filters at the bottom of the downpipe for easy access. Downpipes in eighteen colours to match trim. Heavy gauge colonial gutter in four colours. Five year installlation warranty. Fully insured and registered with Work Safe BC. 655 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver • 604.876.4604

We make a difference 101-1305 Welch St., N. Vancouver


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Sunny skies and warmer temperatures are the perfect excuse to get outdoors as much as possible, even if it’s just in your own backyard.


But what happens if your down time is plagued by the neighbour’s dog barking and blaring traffic from down the street? Well luckily there’s a peaceful and attractive solution — water features. With a wide variety of styles available from smaller, self-contained fountains to swimming pools featuring caves and waterfalls, there’s probably a water feature that’s right for you.


Those who don’t have a ton of space to spare can look to terrazzo pots as an option, available at North Vancouver’s Atlas Pots. Terrazzo — made of concrete with crushed marble on the surface — is durable and winter proof.

Bricks ‘n’ Blocks

Fountain vases offered at Atlas come in black and dark grey with all the necessary plumbing included. “People are kind of stuck when it’s a smaller space they’re not going to go out and get a huge landscape project done,” explains shop owner Maninder Tennessey. “These ones are all selfcontained and they’re easy.” Water features are popular because they add a unique ambience to the yard, she adds. “I think that slowly people are expanding the idea of having their own living space. It’s sort of like having different layers to their patio or garden. You’re

thinking about designing, you’re thinking about sound and even different elements.” For a fun weekend project, consider installing a pondless waterfall — the biggest seller at GardenWorks, which has locations in Edgemont Village and Capilano. “It looks really nice. You have the sound of the water running, it looks like a little river,” says Peter Fitzmaurice, merchandising manager of garden supplies for the store. Instead of flowing into a waterbed, the falls disappear into a bed of gravel, meaning very little maintenance. Pond kits are also available in a range of sizes and include a biological filter so that fish can be placed in them. If you’re seeking a dramatic change, a hot tub or swimming pool that doubles as a water

“People are trying to make their yards into an oasis...”

feature might be the way to go. Whether it’s a grotto, tropical beach or hot springs that you desire, Raincity Rock and Waterscapes can probably turn your vision into a reality. “I think a lot of people are trying to make their yards into an oasis so they can save money from going on vacations,” explains Malcolm MacIsaac, operational manager for the business. Although based in Burnaby, Raincity has done a number of jobs in North and West Vancouver ranging in price from $1,000-$100,000. Visit for more information.

is the North Shore’s largest landscape supply store

Ponds, Pavers, Patios and More! WE CARRY a full line of water garden and pond supplies. Come in and see our 4 water features!





LARGE SQUARE 24” X 24” X 24” REG. $219






• Fieldstone



Reg. $9.95





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Bricks ’n’ Blocks

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