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 The foundations are poured and the house is beginning to take shape. Now it’s easier to see what land is left, and landscaping becomes a focus

There are lots of decisions to be made. Will you have paved or grass pathways? Will the garden beds be raised or sit flush with the ground? If raised, what will the outer borders be made of? Railway sleepers, stone wall, brick, branches woven together like basketry? Box hedging can be used for gardens flush with the pathways. You are limited only by your imagination. Once you have designed your structures, marked them out and chosen the materials needed to build them, then the hard slog begins. Ground is broken and the unnecessary grass areas removed. Structures are built to

contain the soil, and pathways laid for ease of movement between beds. If designed, the initial work setting up the potager will be rewarded by the ease of care afterward. Don’t be in a rush to plant straight away. The importance of quality dirt can’t be underestimated so take time to nurture the soil so that it produces good crops. Soil needs to be two feet deep and well fed with compost and manure. Topping the beds with pea straw will ensure that moisture is retained in the soil. Thoughts then turn to plantings which we will discuss next time. 

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The type of potager garden we aim to build will be more reminiscent of the humble peasant style, with vegetables, fruits and herbs in raised gardens set out in geometric design. We aim to include a small pergola with a table and chairs where we can sit and have a break and enjoy the products of our labours. Also a cottage inspired style garden shed will be a practical feature which brings added character to the area. Situated at the rear of the house the potager garden will be flanked by the stream on the east, providing a tranquil soundscape. Where to begin? Start by measuring the area of land you have for your potager garden. Usually these are situated out the back of a house as ours is, but depending on your property shape and the land you have available, there is no reason why your garden can’t be situated in a more visible place.


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A potager garden is not the kind of thing you can design as you go along. The key to a great potager garden is balance and symmetry, so you’re going to have to plan in advance and get handy with the tape measure. Draw to scale the size and shape of your area on paper. Maths paper is useful as you can use the squares to help scale the area correctly, perhaps one square could equal one inch of garden space. Traditional designs include a circular shaped centre feature garden which sometimes has a water feature or ornate tree. From the central point pathways move out symmetrically and other small gardens are made between the pathways. Once happy with your design it’s time to get out the string and plot out the area. Adjustments can be made to the design at this point, once you actually see the width of your path areas, for example, which need to comfortably fit a wheelbarrow.

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The Record, February 12 2014  

10,500 copies distributed weekly to Rolleston, West Melton, Darfield and districts

The Record, February 12 2014  

10,500 copies distributed weekly to Rolleston, West Melton, Darfield and districts