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January 14 - 2014


LETTER TO THE EDITOR Another positive step forward in the restoration of order in Kaipara has taken place with the passing of the Validation Bill receiving almost unanimous support from Parliament. Despite much misinformation to the contrary the bill does not prevent the pursuit of any criminal activity which can be proven to have taken place. The release of the Auditor General’s report also highlights numerous failings, not the least of which being the failure of Audit NZ to discharge its duties in a remotely competent way. I commend our MP Mike Sabin for the outstanding work he has done since being elected in progressing the recovery of Kaipara. I know the extent of the work he has done behind the scenes. It is unfortunate that Mike, throughout the process to date, has been subjected to a barrage of disgusting, ignorant criticism by a few people. Full credit to him for continuing to work for the good of all the people of Kaipara. I might add that the Commissioners have been subjected to the same treatment. They, also, have continued to work very hard and successfully in our best interests, having been charged with rectifying a problem not of their making. Peter Bull Maungaturoto 09 431 8123

REMEMBER It is ILLEGAL to use a hand held cellphone while driving a motor vehicle


Break-Away into circus fun these holidays  by Joanne Speechly

The Break-Away School Holiday programme is a Ministry of Social Development initiative, designed to provide holiday opportunities for young people who would not otherwise have access to them. Local provider, Circus Kumarani, is currently running the programme in Dargaville free of charge. The initiative has been running nationwide since 2010 and is open to all 11 to 17 year olds. The aim is to help young people keep physically active, build skills to manage and respond positively to challenges and make positive choices about their lives. Circus Kumarani’s programme is based around circus skills and provides structured workshops throughout the day, Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm. They can cater for 20 children participating each day and although numbers are rising, there is still room for more young people to get involved. “It’s an opportunity for young people to come and learn some amazing skills,” says Circus Kumarani Northland manager, Jenny Huriwai. “It’s a fairly structured programme involving circus workshops, free play and group activities. “At this time of year we also have lots of travellers coming through, which gives participants the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world.”

p There’s plenty to learn at Circus Kumarani

Circus Kumarani’s OSCAR programme for five to 13 year olds starts on January 24 and also has spaces available. The timing of the programme makes it a good option for parents who are heading back to work and need supervision for their children, in a fun and stimulating environment. To enrol for the Break-Away or OSCAR programme, phone Gloria at Circus Kumarani on 09 439 5152. ¢

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Kaipara Lifestyler, January 14 2014  
Kaipara Lifestyler, January 14 2014  

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