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Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57

North Scott High School

Volume 1


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Sept 8, 2010

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Issue 57, Volume 1

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Cover: Cover photo featuring Brady Frieden was artfully taken by Abby Fredericksen.



Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

Lancers Prepare for All State Band/Choir

each wi th their own star ti ng and end-


ing note and key si gnature ), and the

A d en Being accepted i nto I ow a's annual All State M usi c Festi val i s one of the most prest i gious honors that can be attained by a high school musici an. Thousands of band and choir students auditi on every year, but onl y about 275 are chosen. Thi s year, North Scott has several band students working to fil l one of those spots. Kati e Swoboda, Sara Butcher , Mel issa Store y, and M arta Edwards on the fl ute, Kara Maxwel l, Kari M oel ler, Chri sti ne Hultquist and Amanda Amhof on the oboe, Carl y Twigg and Cierra Klatt on the clarinet, Jacob Sikors ki on the tenor saxophone, Nathan Gr eve on the bari tone saxophone, Kevin Knoer and Emil y Kolw ey on the tr umpet, Aar on Dre nter on the tr ombone, Sam Morr i son on the euphonium, Bra nden Randleman on the tuba, and Cody Birely, Kevi n Meyer, April Weiss and Kaci e M oeller on percussion. Seniors Apri l Wei ss and Aaro n Dr enter expl ained the process of preparing and auditioning to become an All Stater . The pr eparat i on process starts at the beginning of the school year . As soon as the r equi r ements ar e announced, they are hand ed out to the students, beginni ng the students'

chr omati c scal e, w hi ch is every note up and down. Whil e the percuss i on auditi on i s a li ttl e diffe rent, the basic i deas are the same. Percus si oni sts have solos and etudes to play, one on each of three types of percuss i on: marim ba, snare drum, and ti mpani. He or she must play as many major scal es as possi ble on the marim ba, two types of snare ro l ls, a roll on ti mpani , and be abl e to tune a ti mpani to a certain pitch. After the auditi ons, the ju dges gather to determ ine who made the cut for B r a nd on R a n d l em an g e t s r ea d y t o m ar ch .

many months of practice. “You have to prac ti ce. A lot. I t's ki nd of ridiculous, ” says April Weiss. “Last year, at one point, I was prac ti ci ng 5 hours a day, ” says Aaron, who tried out for All State on the trombone l ast year. Once all of the pr actici ng i s done, it's time to auditi on. Duri ng the auditi on, w ind players must play two etudes (short songs desi gned to show the musician' s skil l), a solo that lasts at least one minute in length, as many major scal es that he or she can re member (of whi ch there are many,

Al l State band. Once the members have been chosen, musi c that wil l be played duri ng the festi val wi ll be sent out,meaning even more practici ng. Al l this pract i ce and hard work finally pays off on November 19, w hen the Al l State M usi c Festival starts. This is when all of the best players and singers are grouped together for a great perfor mance. Good l uck to al l that are auditi oning, and hopeful ly we wi ll have some Lancers receive the great honor of being chosen!

Senior Pictures Due November 12 John Black A remi nder to the class of 2011 that

your senior pictures must be submitted soon. To have your picture included i n the Shi el d, the yearb ook staff must have your pi ctures by Nov. 12. John Mohr Photography wil l be tak-

ing pictures on Wednesday, Oct . 13 at 11: 15. Thi s is for anyone w ho di dn’t make the origi nal deadline or for senior s who w ant their yearbook pictures taken. All portrait sittings must be done by Oct. 22 so that the photographer has ti me to process the photos; either tw o wall et color gloss prints or one digital image i s needed. Both options

must be headshots. There are a few opportuni ties to get your pictur es taken, so senior s- do i t now.


News John Black Hell o r eaders . Hope you’ re havi ng a great school year so far. Take a break fro m the depress i ng and mundane dai ly news and enjoy this year’ s first “Top Ten” .


In San Fran ci sco, a man was ar reste d for cl imbing up the side of a large tower usi ng suction cups. Surprisingl y, that wasn’ t his fi rs t time. The man, Dan Goodwin, age 54, has been affecti onately dubbed as “ Spi der Dan”. He has cl imbed many other towers in the U.S. , i ncl udi ng the Sears tower in Chi cago, which happens to be one of the tal lest buil dings i n the world. He re ached the top of thi s 645 foot buil ding after an i mpressi ve 3 hour journ ey.


In Ber l in, a German farmer has found a new way to ra ck in the money. What is it? The answer is a very sur pri si ng mil k fil li ng stati on. This odd busi ness outpost has a vending machi ne that i s equal to the output of 78 cows. That’s a lot of milk.


The University of Balti more has added a very chil li ng new course to their curriculum. The class, offi cial ly titled “Media Genr es: Zombi es”, focuses on how the undead have affected pop cul ture. The students rea d, watch, and anal yze a var i ety of zombie themed media. Does this class sound aw esome? Because it gets even better; i nstead of wri ti ng papers, the cl ass has to cr eate scri pts and story boards for their own creepy fl icks.


If you’ve ever watc hed Anti que Roadshow, you know that some rea l ly stra nge stuff i s considered val uable by coll ectors . But have you ever heard of a toil et bei ng one of those? A toil et that was sat on by Jo hn Lennon w as sold for $14,740 at an aucti on i n London. Talk about fl ushing money dow n the drai n.


In Knightdale, North Car olina, a poli ce offi cer was taken hostage. Whi le this si tuation sounds serious, i t’s not as bad as it sounds. That’s due to the fact that the hostage-ta kers were not dangerous cr i minal s, but a sw ar m of about 50, 000 honey bees that were attached to the cop car for 3 4 hours. Eventually, a beekeeper came

Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1

and rall ied them, but those l ittle bugs sure gave this small town something to tal k about.


In Colombia, Mi ssouri, a man l ost a kayak ra ce due to foul play agai nst him. Not from the competition, but from a fi sh. Kayaker Br ad Penni ngton encountered an Asian si lver car p that j umped out of the water mid- race and hit hi m in the back of the head. Pennington for feited, stati ng that the hi t gave hi m a horribl e headache.


In Somers et, M assachusetts, several 911 cal ls were made one day, al l of them about the same i ssue; shark si ghtings. With so many of these sightings, the pol ice weren ’t taking any chances. Responding officers soon rushed to the scene, only to fi nd out that the shark in question was nothing to worry about. The all eged Ja w s turned out to be a piece of Styrofoa m cut into the shape of a fin and covered i n duct tape


In Tokyo, people are w agi ng w ar against a ver y serious enemy. No, it’s not Godzil la this tim e, but a group of ren egade monkeys. I t’ s been reported that 60 people have been bitten by these scoundrel s. Effort s to harn ess these monkeys have re sul ted in fai lure.


In Sacramento, Cali forni a, re si dents were surprised to see two zebras, escapees from a nearby r anch, running on a busy street . The hoofed bandits had managed to evade officers for aw hil e, but were eventuall y found. One of them was discovered i n a pool outsi de of an apartment complex. The other w as i njured after bei ng stru ck by a car, but i s expected to survi ve the accident.


On a course in Irvi ne, Cal ifornia, one gol fer had the hottest shot of hi s l ife. Whil e sw inging his cl ub at the Shady Canyon Golf Course, he sw iped a rock wi th his nine-iron, causi ng a spark that li t a large amount of the course’ s fol iage on fire. Around 150 firefight ers were cal led to the scene to contai n the blaze. The man did not rec eive any cr i minal charges.

Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1

News Department

Peeters, Art Face Big Changes




M ar ti n As most students know, Mr. Peeters is your go-to guy for everyth i ng. Not only because he has been a staff member at NSHS for over 30 years, but because he i s known as a versati le teacher and coach wi thi n the buildi ng. Peeters knows a plethor a of r andom facts and can gi ve you advice on anything: fr om your li fe, to your pai nti ng proje ct, to your hi gh j ump. How ever, even a person as flexi bl e as our art teacher can r un into diff i cult chall enges. Thi s year, the art department’s tw o teachers became one when M r s. Schneider’s tal ents were tr ansferred to Ed Whi te Elementary to r eplace a re ti r ed teacher. Ther efore , thi s year, Peeter s is faced with the task of teaching every art class si ngl e handed. Needless to say, his schedule i s j am packed. He teaches two doubl e peri ods, whi ch are basicall y two different cl asses taught in the same r oom duri ng a class peri od. The first of the two, a Cera mics I and I I combo cl ass i s not such a str etch for Peeters , who mentioned that he has taught double per i ods of si mi l ar cl asses before. “wi th cera mics, the materi al s are th e same; it’s t he same cl ay, the same tools. Only the wri tten materi al is di ff erent .” How ever, hi s second doubl e period i s new territor y; Photography and Advanced Studi o Art , which he believes are the two most di ffi cul t v i sual ar t cour ses offer ed at North Scott. Peeters has work ed hard to cater to the needs of both cl asses at once but has faced a few hurdl es. A di ff i cul t pra ctice for hi m to maintai n has been the abil ity to cl osel y watch each student’s progression and give advi ce, whi ch i s cri ti cal to an art student’s indivi dual devel opment. When asked about the future of North Scott’ s art department, Mr.

Ag News

M r . P e eters e n j oys a r el ax i n g moment.

Peeters is unsure . He can see cl asses possi bl y bei ng cut, whi ch ulti matel y eff ects cl ass si ze and l i mi ts the amount of students that are able to take ar t classe s. He doesn’t see the school hir i ng a ful l tim e art teacher anyti me soon, simpl y because at the moment i t i sn’t i n the budget. He is also qui ck to poi nt out that when staff is needed, pr i ority wi ll al ways go to core and required cl asses over electi ves. Whil e the future of the ar t department i s a mys tery for now , M r . Peeters i s handling the curre nt si tuati on as w ell as he possi bly can. Even though his i ncr ease i n students and paperwork has sharply increa sed, he has put every bit of energy he has into maintaini ng the great art program at North Scott. He has even taken measures such as res i gning as the Boy’s cr oss country coach to free up more ti me for teaching. “I am working ext ra hard, ” he said of these sacri fi ces. This hard work is cl ear to his col leagues and students al ike.

N e w Arrivals to the A g R o o m While si tting i n class, you may have noti ced a rathe r unusual sound coming fr om the hall s and wondered to yourself “what the quack?” This was the senti ment of the Lance staff jus t a few weeks ago, so we did some investigat i ve repor ti ng and found that the Ag room has wel comed some new students thi s year: ducks. Whil e the North Scott High School ducks are actual ly a breed of smal l ducks that ori gi nated i n Europe for hunters to use to “call ” w il d ducks into their pond, these ducks are serving a di ff erent purpose. The students in the ani mal pr oducti ons cl ass w il l be car i ng for the ducks and learning how to give them proper car e, including nutri ti on. N a t i o n a l FFA C o n ve n ti o n It’s tha t ti me of year again! The 83rd Nati onal FFA Conventi on w il l be taking place October 20-23 in Indianapoli s, Indi ana and i s bound to be a whole mess of fun. The organizers pack so many activi ti es in those three shor t days, that FFA members wi ll be out and about fro m daw n ‘til dusk-a nd maybe later. With various concerts and rodeos pl anned, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

P atrick C o s t el l o



Sept 8, 2010 Issue 57, Volume 1

NS Choir Prepares for Busy Year Aislinn Martin As usual, North Scott’s choir pr ogra m has a busy schedule. This fal l, M rs . P otts and her students are preparing for several events. Sel ect students have long begun the rigoro us process of pract i cing for the Opus and Al l State Festival s i n November. Al l of the choirs are pr eparing for Metro Festival , w hi ch is to be held at PV High School on October 4th. For

Ashley M o o r e h e l ps a y ou nd c h e erleader

Cheerleader s h old annual clinic C AITL Y N

p erform a h i gh V .

those of you who have never attended M etro Fest, it is a l ar ge group of students fro m choirs i n the MAC that come together to sing in unison. The choirs also recen tl y wrapp ed up their pizza sal e, w hi ch benefits the North Scott Music Booster s. Thro ughout the year, the groups have several more events, so stay posted and come support your North Scott music pr ograms!

N AS S The cheerl eaders h eld a cl inic during the North Scott/Nor th game to hel p r ai se money for their progr am. The cheer cli ni c was for chil dren i n elementary (from ki ndergart en to sixth grade) who ar e intere sted i n becoming cheerleader s i n high school. They practiced from si x to seven thirty on Wednesday and Thursd ay, w here they learn ed one dance or cheer , and a stunt to perfor m at the game. The cost was thirty dollars. This choreogra phy was w r i tten by tw o Nor th Scott gra duates, Shai Mil ler and Cory Daniel son. The routi nes w er e perf ormed between the sophomore and varsity games, and the cheerl eaders rai sed around two thousand, ei ght hundred dol lars. I n the word s of captain Liz Port e, “Oh, I loved i t! I t was reall y cute. Those littl e gir l s l ooked up to us so 6 much!”

M a r i a nne Hart p r ac t i c e s f or A l l State c h o i r

Street Smarts What gift did the French people give to the American people to commemorate the 100th anniversary of U.S. independence?

A flag stitched with love-

A Roman horse thing-

The statue of liberty-

Ellen Jelinske

Brandon Fleetwood

Justin Hoerner

French Toast- Abby Saladino

The statue of liberty- Mr. Brunkan 7

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

Ryan VanHoosiern anchors the kick line.

Silver Shakers begin new season with a twist C AITL Y N N AS S Well , North Scott, it’s fal l, and football fever is i n the ai r . But that’ s not the only thing: you might see a couple si lver shakers’ pompoms up there too. One shaker, however, i s absent of these poms. His name i s Ryan VanHoosier; he i s a fresh man this ye ar, and a pro ud member of the North Scott Si lver Shaker team. Some might scoff at the thought of a male j oini ng the fiel d at hal fti me, and I have to admit I was skeptical at t he thought of a guy highki cking along wi th the girls. . After the first halftim e show, however, I had nothi ng but r espect for VanHoosier. Under eyes of scrutiny, hi s per for mance w as fl aw l ess. I heard countless remarks in the student section about how wel l “the boy” was surprisingl y doing. At first some laughed, but after the fi rs t si xteen counts, eyebrows raised and mouths shut. “I rece i ved mor e teasi ng at the Juni or High but the High School has been very accepti ng of having a male dancer i n Sil ver Shakers. The few instances there have been, there al ways seems to be someone sti cking up for me. I enj oy danci ng so much that I don’t let any negative comments get to me,” VanHoosier says, and thank God, because that boy


can dance. He is the only male dancer at the Above the Barre A cademy, and has been doing his thi ng for ten years. One questi on I did have for Ryan , though, was how he got along wi th hi s fell ow dancers- and he had nothing but compli ments. “They are amazing dancers and they have been so supporti ve of having me on the team,” he says. Captain Lauren Grell agrees: “At first i t was hard for the girls to accept the fact Ryan was there not necessar i ly because of w ho he was j ust the fact that he w as a boy and we were all used to an all girl s team. Now that w e have all become fri ends we reali ze he i s a great addition to our team and I don’t think anyone would change it now.” An i nter esti ng poi nt Gr el l also brought up was that because boys ar e naturall y l ess fl exible than girls, Ryan has a lot more w or k to do. “Ryan i s probably one of the hardest working members of the team, mainly because [of this].” Not only does he perf orm at the same level as the girls, but he also has to do a l ot more work to get there. I n addi ti on to these chal l enges, chor eogr aphers M i chel l e Wedemeyer, M ckenna Roll inger, and Lauren Grell are faced w ith a unique chal lenge: planning choreography that successf ully incorporates Ryan. One major chal lenge i s the fact that Ryan doesn’t use poms- “i ts hard to do


Ryan VanHoosier

‘pom swi tchs’ so for a behind-thescene look one girl has to hol d two poms in one hand, whi ch is actually pretty difficul t,” Gr ell says. Another i s that many of the mov es the Shakers have done in the past use shimm ies and shakes, whi ch can make a man l ook a li ttle. . l ess mascul ine. Overa l l the Sil ver Shakers have set an outstanding prec edent, missi ng first place at state l ast year by only half a point- and Grel l pr edicts this year to be even better. “ I am expecti ng nothing smal ler than a first place trophy, ” she boasts- and thi s year’ s team has shown i t has what i t takes. Though VanHoosi er i s an altern ate for state this year (which is common for a fre shman) he w il l most defi nitely be there cheering on his teammates as they have done for him every game.

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

Fan’s Guide to Lancerland Will A d en While a new school year means waking up ear l y, doing homework, and cra mming for tests, i t al so means somethi ng more: the beginning of a new football season. Some students not on the football team may thi nk that they can’ t do anything to help the Lancers w in, but they fai l to reali ze how much a good cheering section can aff ect the outcome. So get out your white sheets for togas, neon shirts and tape, and infa mous body paint, because it’s ti me for some football. Here are j ust a few ti ps on how to support the Lancers : Know the T h e m e Every week the theme for that week’s game i s decided by the “Cre w ” and usual ly pert ai ns somehow to the opposing team. For instance, w hen playing Pleasant Val ley we wore togas because they

ar e the Spart ans. Other times, the “Crew” chooses a theme that has nothing to do with the other team, but sti ll holds si gnifi cance, l ike when we honored Jack Li ndaman by wear his speci al ly designed t-sh i rt s. The poi nt here i s to know the theme and eagerly part i cipate because it looks pr etty i nti midati ng fr om the vi siters section when Lancer l and i s united together. C h e e r !! Going to the game means nothing, if you are only going to stand there li ke a bump on a l og. The roaring cr owd i s more than enough to distract and intimi date a football team. Without a doubt, a great cheering section can provide momentum during a cl ose game. The vol ume of the fans ru bs off on the team, changi ng what may be a dism al mood i nto an energeti c, pumped up, posi ti ve atti tude. Al so, if the whole North Scott side cheers, the uproar can massively disori ent the other team. So,


ever yone-includi ng fre shman-come to the game geared with a bottl e of water and the mental ity that you wi ll lose your voi ce because you are going to cheer so l oud. Show School S p i r it During the We e k As soon as M onday r olls aro und, l ook forw ard to the game on Friday. Bui ld up energy during the week and let i t all out Fri day night under the li ghts. Put together w hat you wi ll wear, discuss the upcoming game w ith the players and your fr i ends, and par ticipate i n any Lancer cheers that might break out in the hall s or lunchroom. Of course , doi ng al l of the above i s great in supporti ng your Lancer football team, but nothing is as important as si mply attending the game. And if you happen to miss a game, be sure to check out the res ults on nsl


Senior Spotlight

Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1


McCammant Siblings: Alex (15) and Sam (11) Favorite Song: “Rock and Roll” - Eric Hutchinson Favorite Quote: “Today is a gift that's why it's called the present” : Your peak moment at North Scott: Disney world with the band sophomore year Your pit moment at North Scott: When I slipped during marching band and I had to have wet jeans all day Activities at NS: Tennis, Band, HOSA, National Honor Society, Key Club Your first high school crush: Greg Daniels Your most admired person: my mom Last Saturday night I was…in Chicago for my birthday Favorite movie: “The Hangover” Little known fact about yourself: when I was 13 I had rods put into my back because I had scoliosis Favorite Restaurant in the QC: Biaggi's How many questions did you lie on: zero

Brianna Meyer Siblings: Sean (15), Seth (10), Brooke (7), Bridget (4) Favorite Song: “Love the way you lie” - Eminem ft. Rihanna Favorite Quote: “ Don't be afraid to be yourself, just because you're not like everybody else in class. If you want to dye your hair green and that's what makes you happy, then dye your hair green-no matter what other people say about it. Not everybody is going to like you, that's the world we live in, that's reality.” - Rihanna Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott?: When life presents new opportunities for success, instead of taking the easy lay-up, I take the 3-point shot and bank it! Your peak moment at North Scott?: Too many to say Your pit moment at North Scott?: Being a new student freshman year Activities at NS?: Lancer Productions, FCA, Band, Sports, Senior Mentor, Squad Leader, Speech Team, LP Board President Most embarrassing moment at NS?: Not noticing that my name was spelled wrong at Thespian Festival last year until some random guy came up to me and said “ Hey Bianna” and now it's my nickname. Your first high school crush?: Cletus Henningsen Your most admired person?: Tyra Banks: she's fierce, she's real and she encourages people to reach their potential. Last Saturday night I was…dressed up as June Carter Cash for the Lancer Productions Scavenger Hunt/Dance. Favorite movie?: any movie I watch with friends Little known fact about yourself: I work at the YMCA Favorite restaurant in the QC: T.G.I Friday's How many questions did you lie on?: one


Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1

Senior Spotlight Sarah Ockerman Siblings: Heather and Whitney Favorite Song: “Two of Hearts” Favorite Quote: “Why you so stupid?” Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott?: Idk…but sometimes people call me an airhead Your peak moment at North Scott?: getting 3rd place at state for softball Activities at NS?: basketball and softball Most embarrassing moment at North Scott?: being tackled by Dyllin Gorsh Your first high school crush?: 1st: Nick Norton 2nd: Brady Douglas 3rd: Ben Thiede Your most admired person?: Alan, because of my satchel…not a poncho or purse Last Saturday night I was… making memories Favorite movie?: “Selena” Little known fact about yourself?: well, when I laugh really hard I stop breathing then like squeak Favorite restaurant in the QC?: Soft tacos How many questions did you lie on?: none, I don't lie

Bryce Sellers Siblings: Stephanie Favorite Song: “#41”- Dave Matthews Favorite Quote: any “300” quote Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: cause I am jacked Your peak moment at North Scott: either 2009 Homecoming, or wrestling state last year Your pit moment at North Scott: probably wrestling with mono Activities at NS: wrestling and football Your first high school crush: Paige Lewis Last Saturday night I was…..sleepin' Favorite movie: “Inception” Little known fact about yourself: I'm very ticklish Favorite restaurant in the QC: Shogun How many questions did you lie on: none


Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

NS Tech Changes Today, Tomorrow Michael

Harry Al ong w ith new school year, new changes have come about the use of technol ogy i n the hi gh school . For example, the wi reless network has been revamped for complete coverage of the buil ding via multi pl e access poi nts. Also, in addition to thi s the wi r eless tra nsmi ts under WPAAES (Wi - Fi P r otected AccessAdv anced Encr y pti on Standar d) encrypt i on, prevent i ng both unauthor i zed users fr om gai ning access to the network wi thout the encryption key, as wel l as protecting sensi ti ve i nfor mati on fro m bei ng obtai ned through packet sniffing. Packet sni ffi ng i nv ol v es r ecor di ng w i r el ess informati on sent between a cli ent (such as a l aptop) and access point to obtain data, such as passw ords. WPA-AES encryption offers one of the highest l evel s of w ireless secur i ty avail able today i n comparison to WEP (Wi r ed Equi v al ent P r i v acy ), which uses a non-changing encryption key that can be broken very quickl y via securi ty fl aw s, and WPA-TKI P (Temporal Key I ntegrity Pr otocol ), a modification to WEP encryption that automaticall y changes the encryption key used betw een cli ent and access point peri odical l y to prevent data intercept i on. The move to WPA-AES encryption offer s a substanti al amount of secur i ty i n comparison to the school ’s previousl y unencrypted wi reless net-

G r a y s on S c h m id t c o n f e r s w i th Austin F l e et w o od a b out P s y ch o l o gy .

work. New pol ici es on electronic devices in the school all ow students to bring and use thei r ow n l aptops and other devi ces i n study hal l. Current l y, it is impossibl e to connect to the school’s w i rel ess r outers w i th a perso nal devi ce as the WPA-AES encryption key has not been di sseminated to students by school administrat ors. Plans to create a Gmail account for every student have been discusse d, all owing teachers and students to communi cate dir ectl y ov er the I ntern et thr ough emai l . Googl e Calendar may also be used between teacher s and students to keep tr ack of assi gnment due dates electron i cal-

G u ide to u n d e r s t a n d in g : Access p o i n t – Wi-Fi rad i o connected by cable to a network E n c r y p t io n – transf ormi ng data i n order to protect it from unauthorized users (people w ithout the password) W E P – Wir ed equi valent privacy, one of the first 12 methods of securi ng a wirel ess netw ork by a nonchanging encryption password

ly. Students may also fi nd use in Googl e Docs, a multi-fea tured competi tor to traditional word- proces sing software such as Mi cr osoft Word. By usi ng these Google servi ces, a student’s data becomes stored onli ne, eli minating the ri sk of forgett i ng or losi ng a flash drive fi ll ed wi th important assi gnments. Future plans for the school ’s tech program i ncl ude assigning each student a l aptop to carry throughout the year , all owing students to maxi mize their ti me to w or k on assi gnments and reduce classro om dependence on computer l abs that must cur rently be shared by all members of the buil di ng.

W PA-AES – an advanced w ireless encrypt i on method based on the Advanced Encryp ti on Standard, used by the Nati onal Security Agency W PA-TKIP – An alter ation to WEP encryption that increas ed security by changing the encrypt i on key at set time interva l s

Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1


By u s i ng h e r ti m e wisely in s t ud y h all, A bb y S a ladino is able t o p a r t i ci p at e in c h e er l e a d i ng a nd

h ave a p ar t -

Part Time Jobs in High School: Beneficial Now, Later Aislinn M ar ti n Accordi ng to the Uni ted States Bureau of Labor Stati sti cs, 74.2% of al l students enrol led in high school have part tim e j obs i n addi tion to attending school. And it’s easy to see w hy that per centage i s so hi gh. Havi ng a part tim e j ob gives students the opportuni ty to gain great exper i ence i n the work forc e earl y on and learn li fe skil ls, all whi le earning their own money. But of course w ith the benefi ts of havi ng a job i n high school come some challenges that students must face; ti me management being the most diffi cul t. Betw een tr yi ng to balance school, studying, and any sports and activi ties with work, fre e tim e can be hard to come by. North Scott Students tend to agree with both facts: that working whil e i n hi gh school is beneficial , but requires r esponsi bil ity and ti me management ski ll s. Seni or M ar k Stew ar d sai d he believes his j ob instal li ng countert ops at Heartland Oaks helps him in the

fact that he can “ prepare for grow ing up and going out i nto the re al world. ” Many students get a taste of re al l ife wi th their par t ti me j obs. They l earn that in order to make money, there is a demand for bei ng agr eeabl e, re sponsible, and havi ng a posi tive attitude. Learning these skil ls earl ier in l ife prepares students for the ups and downs of the full-time or prof essional work forc e that they wil l join after high school. Not only wil l the trai ts you gain help you i n the far future, but havi ng a part tim e j ob looks great on a coll ege appli cati on by conveyi ng that the student has work ethic. Another importa nt thing that young adults can learn fro m having a j ob is basi c money management. Whether the student has seri ous expenses such as phone bil ls or car i nsurance or they jus t use the funds from th eir j ob as extr a spending money, they wi ll learn how to keep tra ck of these wages and (hopefully) savi ngs. Junior Emma Wal l i s l ooking forw ard to “hav[ i ng] ext ra money for college” from saving cash she makes at her part ti me j ob at a tree farm. But are these benefits of having a

jo b in hi gh school w orth i t in comparison to the challenge of maintai ning a busy schedule? Absolutely! With a cer tain amount of organizat i on and motivation, any student can fi t w ork into their li fe. Most students i nvol ved i n sport s and cl ubs w er e quick to point out that li miti ng hours at work i s a must. Junior Abby Sal adi no schedules her hours at Subway aro und her school acti v i ti es, w her e J uni or Gar th Lar son l imits his work i n lawn serv i ces str i ctl y to w eekends. Basicall y, the mor e acti viti es you are invol ved in, the fewer hours you can work. Becoming or ganized and managi ng a schedule is al so helpful to keeping li fe balanced. A phone cal endar works fine for a quick look a t the week’s events, but a paper schedule such as a pl anner is a great i nvestment to help wi th feeling more organi zed. So as you can see, ther e is no re ason to not have a part ti me job as a student. I f you are able to w or k, go for i t. With al l the benefi ts, you won’ t regret it!


Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1



cheering on the lancers

yelling at the refs

snuggly sweaters parking in between the white lines “pumpin iron” @ early bird rocking a sweet reusable water bottle

skimpy skirts (baby its cold outside) signing on the line for your parking ticket punching the snooze button 10 times & sleeping in rolling out a new plastic water bottle everyday

From Runway to Hallway P i cture :

Kelli G o l i n g h o r st As the fal l chil l sets i n, warm up by snuggli ng i nto a cute swe ater


cardigan. Fro m overs i zed car digans, l i ke




Di ane


Furste nberg’ s Pre -Fall show, to col orfu l stri ped and soli d sw eater s,


Bausti an,

Sophi e

Picture : Kaitli n Schmi dt

There i s a rea son crisp a nd clean but-

Guys: stay hot thi s fal l by making

ton-downs are consi dered a “clas-

your summer clothes w ork for the



fashion staple: because they

never go out of styl e. Thi s season you can gra b these cl assi cs i n al l diff erent patterns , l ike plaid to pinstri pes,

don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and

and l engths. M atch these tops with

pai r them w ith skinny j eans, r i ding or

j eans and flats for a look that is

combat boots, or even a coordinating

school girl chi c-a s seen i n Proe nza



styl e.

Moeyer soms, Hannah Wil ker son

Schouler- or spice thi ngs up by ci nching a bel t over a longer version of t he

season. Wear

bri ght, ey e-

catching v-necks that l ook great wi th shorts or jean and can easil y be w orn under a sweatsh i rt . One of the best ways to add some style to any outfit is by r ockin’ sweet kicks in unique styl es and colors. In the end, keep it clean and casual and you wil l never go wrong.

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

Runway to Hallway... Pictu re: Eri c Gansemer Whil e i t’s ok to draw inspiration from beautiful



l ike

r ed, orange, yel low and brown, what’s reall y hot i s going neutral instead. Look for off-whites, pal e pi nks, shades of beige and brown. But, because these colors ar e so li ght, make sure to bal ance them with dark j eans. Pictu re: Maria Corona

Beth B a us t i an, S op hi e M o ey e r soms, H a nn a h W i l k e r s on

K aitlin S ch m i d t

M a r i a C o ro n a

E r i c G a ns em e r



Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1

Marching Band Season Starts Michael H ar r y

Lancer Stadium stood ful l of cheering fans on the night of August 27th as the North Scott Marching Band took to the footbal l field for thei r fi rs t performance of the season. Once i n positi on, members of the band brought thei r instru ments to pl aying positi on after a vi sual si gnal from drum maj ors Kara Maxwel l, Cierra Kl att, and Hannah Wilkerso n. After four whi stl e blasts , the band began their fi r st song (Ame ri can Fi nale) whil e the drum maj ors enthusi asti cal ly conducted from the sideli nes. After the first song the band turned to face in toward the podium at the fi fty yard li ne and began to play The Star Spangled Banner . After this, the band wrapped up their pregame set by pl aying the North Scott fight song, which garnered much appl ause fro m the large crowd of North Scott fans. The band’s halftim e set i ncl uded the Ali ce Cooper hi t School ’ s Out along with the concert number Lock You Up. The songs included in the halftime set


change betw een perf ormances , bringing new mater i al to each game. Unlike hal fti me, the pregame set al ways r emai ns same w i th (i n or der ) American Finale, The S t a r -Spangled Banner , and finall y the North Scott Fight Song. The perform ance at September

10th’s game w as cut short before halft i me by an unfortunate bout of li ghtning, which forced both football players and band members to l eave the fi el d. Before this perfor mance both high school and ju nior high band members attended the second annual Band Bash party, which al lows ei ghth gra de band students to l earn about marching band preparat i on before a game. Director s Mi ke McM ann and Bi l l Kessi nger work wi th the band every school day during second peri od to reh earse both marching dri ll s and music. Students usuall y have appr oximately two weeks betw een home games to prac ti ce new musi c and dr i l l s for their upcomi ng perfo rmance. In order to prepare f or the marching season, band members are re quir ed to attend three tw o- hour pra ctice sessi ons at the hi gh school tw o w eeks before school start s. These prac ti ces i nvolv e revi ewi ng the basi c commands used in most marching dri ll s, all owing band members to get comfortable w ith the maneuvers used wi thin perfo rm ances.

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

LP Fires Up for New Musical Ashley Crouch (guest reporter) North Scott High School ’s Lancer Produ ctions pl ans on performi ng one of the most produced new Ameri can musi cal s; The Spi tfi r e Gr i l l by James Valcq. Based off the fil m by Lee David Zlotoff, this musical centers on the themes of redempti on, hatre d, compassi on, independence, and economi c probl ems. From New York magazine, John Si mon wrote , “i t i s not often that mater i al movi es me to tears, but thi s was one of those occasi ons. The Spitfi re G r i ll has the hear t and soul that your P roducers and Full M onty s cannot begin to approach. Through this story, the mai n char acter, Percy, tries to start a new l ife after her release from prison. Al though she comes from a difficul t past, she powerfull y inspires and reawake ns this small town as she works at the local gril l. The musical has been produced worl dw ide i n festi vals, theatres, and school and community productions. I t has w on the Ri chard Rogers Produ ction Award, the Outer Circle Criti cs Aw ar d, the Drama League Aw ar d, the OC aw ar d for Best

M s. Stites a nd M s. D e m m - Fr ee

M usi cal , and many others. Songs from this production include; “ Somethi ng’s Cooki ng” , “ Coffee Cups and Gossi p” , “I nto the Fryi ng Pan”, “Forgo tten Lullaby”, “Shoot the Moon” , “Com e Ali ve Agai n”, “ For est for the Tr ees” , “ Wi l d Bird” , “S unri se”, “ Shi ne”, and “W ay Back Home.” Al l should be perf ormed w ith the help of the North Scott Pi t Band. North Scott has perf ormed many musi cal s i n the past few y ear s i ncl uding; Bye Bye Birdie , The Wiz , and The Music M an. Si mil ar to these past musi cal s, the di rec tor, Demm-

Free, has high standards to m ai ntai n i n The Spitfire G ri l l. Auditions for the musical have been set for November 15th. A thirtysecond song i s r equired and partici pants should be prepared to dance and possi bl y r ead from a scri pt. The Spitfi re G r il l perf orms on the ni ghts of Febr uar y 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th as wel l as the 20th at 2 p.m. Anyone i nteres ted is i nvited to attend by payi ng a mini mal f ee.

‘Loving Lives’ opens Oct 26 Lancer Production’s fall play, “Loving Lives,” will be opening on Tuesday, October 26 for students and families of cast members. The play follows a cast of crazy characters who are working on a Radio Soap Opera in the 1940’s. Chaotic events and oddball comedy ensue as the group of actors tries to handle unexpected situations- and each other. Main characters include Rachel Trainor as Rosie, Anthony Curlott as Jack, Branden Randleman as Mac, Kevin Knoer as Walter, and Ashley Crouch as Abby. Following performances will be held on Friday October 29, Saturday October 30, and Sunday October 31. All showings will be held in the Fine Arts Auditorium at 7:00pm, except for Sunday’s performance, which will be at 2:00pm. 17


Sept 8, 2010

Issue 57, Volume 1

New Milk is Bad MOOOOve Grayson Schmidt Lunch: the ti me of day when we escape from our classes to do what every American l oves: feast. Now what we are feasti ng on may not be top-notc h cuisi ne per say, but nevert heless it sti ll is a much-needed break fro m school. And throughout my high school care er, I have been able to wash down my less than appeti zi ng meal s with a refre shi ng cart on of Sw iss Vall ey mil k. But as you may have noti ced, we don’t hav e Sw i ss Val l ey any mor e. There ’s a new mil k in town and i t goes by the name of Ander son Er i ckson (w hi ch i s Russ i an for Satan’s back sw eat). Now I don’t know about the rest of our school, but thi s new milk re al ly grinds my gears. I mean, what is so appeal ing about it? It tastes bad and the car ton i s boring. At l east Swi ss Vall ey had some brainteas ers (at l east I thought they w er e brai nteasers) on the back of the car ton. What does AE have? Oh that’ s 18 ri ght, nothing! They can not

honestl y expect me to jus t si t there and dri nk the mil k. I must have something to enterta i n me whil e i eat my lunch; something that Swi ss Valley alw ays gave me. But i t is not solel y for the entertainment val ue w hy I drink Swi ss Vall ey. It i s the taste that makes me fall in love wi th i t every ti me a take a si p. Now I have never met Jesus i n my l ife, but i f he was a dairy farmer, it woul d most li kely be for Swi ss Vall ey. So far I have tal ked about my i nfatuation wi th Sw iss Vall ey mil k. Now, I can tal k about my detest for Anderso n Erickson . There re al ly i s only one rea son w hy i hate them so much. And that is because their employees on their telephone li ne are extre mely rude. I cal led AE to get to the bottom of w hy thei r fil th w as in our school. And when i asked w hy, the person on the phone immediately c al led me fat and i nsul ted my mother. Then when i told them they w ere behaving i nappropriate l y, the person j ust laughed at me and proceeded to tell me that my fami ly does not love me. And j ust before they hung up, they call ed me fat one more time and said that my father

w as ashamed of me. Now, I have no i dea what I did to make that person so angry, but nonetheless they handled i t very unprof essionall y. Despi te how rudely I was tre ated by AE, I forg i ve them. I am not one to hold a grudge. And even though I w as i ll - treat ed, I just can not be angry when I am holdi ng a car ton of Sw iss Valley mil k in my hand. They are a consumer and envi r onmentally fr i endl y busi ness w ho has done nothing but support our communi ty for years . Al most ever y person I have talked to tol d me how much they love Swi ss Valley milk. And w hen you think about i t, what i s there not to love? I grew up w ith this milk; it is al l I know. For me, Sw iss Val ley brings back a l ot of great memori es. In fact, ther e were many a tim e in w hich Swi ss Vall ey actual ly helped me get through my day. I honestly do not know wher e I w oul d be today if it was not for them. I l ove y ou Sw i ss Val l ey . Pl ease, come back.

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

NS Volleyball: Pushing Limits Kelli G o l i n g h o r st “Push your l imits”- this is the phrase that i s constantly on the minds of the North Scott Volleybal l team, and nothing was di ffere nt last night at their game agai nst one of the toughest teams i n the MAC: the Pl easant Valley Spartan s. Lancers came out a l ittl e fl at but rall ied back fro m a 20-24 defi cit to w i n the fi r st match 26- 24. Unfortuna tely, the rall y w as short l ived as North Scott fel l 15-25 in the second match. But then the Lancers found their groove- and never l ooked back. The thir d ti me around, Lancer fans got l oud after seeing amazi ng serve s fro m Hannah Lindaman, Anna Boffeli and Raegan Czupka. The team’s back row got low in or der to successfull y ret urn many of the Spar tan’ s weak counteratt acks. Up front, the Lancer s domi nated; super - star blockers Kerr i Golinghorst, Kaycee Kall enberger, and Erin M eade l et nothing pass, whi le wel l-don e sets fro m Ashl ey Schabil ion and Czupka al l owed Emi ly Herm is ton, Carri e Ki len, and Emil y Soy to perf orm smack-d own spikes. The fourth match defini tely had i ts shar e of intense moments, but North Scott came to wi n and they did just that in a 25-23 vi ctory the ended the game. Whi le one pr obably had to be ther e to ful ly appreciate what it i s li ke to hear the crowd erupti ng i n cheer s after such an amazi ng vi ctory-on e

E mily H e r m i s t on g oes up strong against

M u s c a t i ne o n A u g 3 1 . P h o t o b y A bb y F r e de r i c k se n

does not have to be present to feel i mmense pride in the team and al l that it means to be a true Lancer. Let this huge upset inspire everyone to push i t to the li mit and never forget to show Lancer spiri t-w hether i t

i s on the court , on the fi eld, or on stage.

Upcoming Games Sept 28 - F/S/JV/V VB at West O c t 5 - F/S/JV/V VB at Assumption O c t 7 - S/JV/V VB at C.R. Prairie

O c t 12 - S/JV/V VB Home O c t 1 9 - F/S/JV/V VB Home 19

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

F r e s h m an Emily L ane r u ns her h ar dtest at PV m e et Aug 2 8.

Girls Cross Country Start Season Ni c ole McCombs The North Scott gir l s cros s-coun try team i s back and rea dy to dominate. The gi rls practiced throughout the summer at Scott County Par k getti ng ready for their first meets. The first 2 weeks of school Coach Lane had them runni ng hard wi th 2adays 3 times a week. She had the gi r l s pr acti ci ng at 6am before school and after . As a member of the team I hav e hear d Coach Lane explai ni ng w hy our pr actices have been harder then ever before. She says, “We w ant to train you girls hard thr ough the first half of the season, then fini sh our season l ooki ng and feeli ng better t hen we start ed.” Girl s on the team compl ain and complai n about how w e need to rest our l egs after a meet, but day after meet prac ti ces haven’t alw ays the easiest. 20 been Starting off the season the

gir l s had their pract i ce meet at Cl inton on August 31. Coach Lane used this meet as a way to place the gir l s on JV or Varsi ty. Emil y Lane, an incoming fresh man is expected to do wel l this season; she came i n 4th place at this meet and wi ll be running on Varsi ty for the season. Kayl a Naber, a senior, has alw ays been the top runner on the team, now w ith Emily on the team Kayl a has some on team competition. The entire team was surprised after the Cl inton meet w hen Amy Burhekea fini shed 4th for North Scott. She fini shed in front of some of our fast est Varsity runners w hen usuall y Burhekea runs w ith JV. The fi rst offi cial meet took place at PV on Saturday August 28. The PV meet is known to be one of North Scotts l ar gest meet and some of the best teams in I owa ru n. Varsi ty ended up placing 9th at the PV meet and JV placed 5th. The team looks

forward to a diffi cult season but are r eady to fi ght through the hard pract i ces and end the season wi th a bang!

Upcoming Meets: Saturday, Sept 25 at 10:30 at Credit Island Monday, Sept 27 at 4:30 at Calamus-Wheatland Saturday, Oct 2 at 9:30 at Clinton Thursday, Oct 7 at 5:00 at DeWitt Thursday, Oct 14 at 3:30 MAC at Bettendorf

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

NS Weight Room: Out With the Old in With the New D A VID Harrington Unti l last year , the i mage of North Scott's weight room was not a very positi ve one. It was full of ageold pieces of equi pment that w er e worn and ru sted; some even on the verge of l osing their function. When Coach Tony Stewart saw the room l ike this, he knew things had to change. After gather i ng enough funds fr om the Athleti c Boosters, he began the process of replacing the old equipment. Fi r st the four large weight racks, whi ch are used for severa l work outs includi ng squat and hang-clean, were al l replaced wi th brand new rack s wi th enhanced feature s. But what woul d new rack s be without new bars? Stewart invest ed i n bar s that wi ll re si st to rusting and bendi ng; two huge pr oblems w ith the old bars . Coach Stewart w ants to have a hi gher qual i ty w ei ght r oom to enhance the performance of every Lancer athl ete, whi ch i s why every new pi ece of equi pment is top-ofthe-l ine. Not only is the investment helpful i n traini ng students and athl etes, but it i s more safe duri ng workout s. The old equipment w as unstable and due for r eplacement. The style of the r acks also creat es a convenient setup, making the w ei ght room much more spaci ous. As for future plans, Stewart is shooti ng for a complete remodel of the w ei ght room. He first w ants to repl ace the entir e fl oor, placi ng platform s i nto the fl oor i n front of the racks . These platforms all ow for

A b ove : Coach T ony S t ewart s h o ws off his n e w w e i gh t r oom. B el o w l eft: Athletic B o o s t ers h e l p e d w i th t he p ur c ha s e o f n e w e q u i p m e n t . B e l o w r i gh t : Co a c h S t ewart c h e cks J i m m y M a r t i ns s q uat f o r m .

l ifts li ke clean, j erk, and snatch to be done w i th reduced chance of i njury for the l ifter. Dumbbell s, bumper plates, jum p boxes, and w ei ghts wi ll al so be repl aced wi th hi gher qual i ty pieces. Another desired l ong term plan for Stewart i s to eventuall y raise the cei li ngs and expand the layout of the room to cr eate the max i mum amount of space possible. All of these i mprove ments on our w ei ght room w oul d not have been possible wi th the Athleti c Booster' s support, so i f you want to see even more improvement , contribute to them in any w ay possi ble.


Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1


Days of the Week

Monday: Clash Day

Tuesday: Superhero Day T he j u n i o r / senior team d o m i n at e f r e s h m e n

Attendance at Powder Puff game disappointing Ni c ole McCombs Despite low turn out, fun was had by all who attended Saturday, Sept 18 the powder puff game went on as planned, wel l sort of. M any fresh man gi rls showed up, no sophomores, nine j uniors, and only thr ee senior s. Because such a smal l number of girl s partici pated they were only able to play one game: the enti r e fre shman team against a combined team of the ju nior s and seniors. “ I didn’t even know that there w as a powder puff game going on unti l I saw the si gn up sheet on the counter i n the offi ce Thur sday after school, ” Seni or Caitl yn Nass sai d. “I f I would’ve known or heard about i t sooner I probably could’ve made i t on Saturda y. ” Pow der puff game has alw ays been something North Scott girls l ook forward to partici pating every year. They l ike to show that girls can pl ay football too. 22 In the past years fres hman go agains t the sophomores and

juniors go agai nst the seniors. Each grade designs and orders thei r own shirts for their team. The t-shirts have always been a big hit, causi ng more and more girl s to play. Thi s year, unfortunately, t-s hirt s were not made due to an administra ti ve decisi on.

Wedensday: Jersey Day

Thursday Battle of the

Classes (colors TBD)

Friday: Spirit Day

Saturday: Dance

Sept 8, 2010


Issue 57, Volume 1

Lancers Look Forward to “Double” Homecoming Grayson Schmidt I n every football season there is one game that (to use an ol d cl iché) separates the men from the boys. And these next two weeks are no differ ent for the Lancer s. The North Scott football team comes off a huge 44-14 wi n at Musc atine to increas e thei r r ecord to

4-0. Thi s w eek

T he N o r t h S cott o f fensive l i ne v i s i t i ng t he ir n o - h ud dle o ffense w a i t f or t he ir next play. Left to right J a k e A r t hur, R ob ert C op l e y , Grayson Schmidt, T r av i s D e r r i ecks a nd Dyllin G or s h P h o t o b y A bb y F r e de r i c k se n

however, pr ovi des the Lancers wi th their

biggest chall enge thus far.

North Scott must travel to TouVel le Stadi um i n Bettendorf to take on the 4-0 Bul ldogs i n one of this season’ s biggest games. This week basicall y comes down to the number one defense in the MAC vs. the number one offense i n the MA C. The Bull dogs have yet to be scor ed on this year, however the Lancer s l ead the M AC i n total offense and ar e not showi ng any signs of slowi ng down.

N um ber 5 4 D aren W u l l w eb e r takes full a d v a n t ag e of his s p ee d to take d ow n the M u s ca tine r un n i ng back f or a l o s s . Photo b y A bby F r e d er i c k s en


Lance Fall 2010  
Lance Fall 2010  

Fall edition of The Lance by North Scott High School students