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April 28, 2011 Issue 57

North Scott High School

Volume 4

200 S. 1st Street

Eldridge, IA

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April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

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Genesi s Volenteen.....................4 Call of Duty violence................7 Ni ckelodeon “Gl ory Days”. .....10 200 South................................13 Tabl et War s.............................15

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Great Food.............................14 Nuclear Power ....................18 School Safety............................5 M urra y.............8


Baseball........................20 Tenni s....................................21 Girl s Soccer..........................2 3 Girl s Next Level....................2 4


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Cover: Junior Devi n Guerre ro pit ches for the vars i ty team. P hoto by Li ndsay P uls



April 28, 2011 I s s u e


57, Volume 4

North Scott!s Got Talent What: A talent show, open to anyone (solo or group)

When: Above: NS faculty has talent and will revive “Respect.” Below: Sam Morrison plans to entertain as well.

Where: North Scott Auditorium

Kel li


G o l i n g h o rs t Inspired by the NBC hit show, “America's Got Talent,” North Scott's version of the popular talent show will take to the stage on Friday, May 13th at 7pm in the Auditorium. “North Scott's Got Talent,” will feature students, staff and community members singing, dancing, playing numerous musical instruments and otherwise attempting to entertain the audience. Some of the biggest and most popular acts include senior John Davison juggling-while on a unicycle-sophomore Sam Morrison playing the accordion, local country star Angela Meyer, the Lancer Production board singing the “greatest hits,” from recent musicals and of course, quite possibly the most anticipated act of the night will feature the NSHS Staff with their rendition of “Respect.” Also taking place that evening will be a bake sale, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, and white elephant sale. And in case you may be wondering, a white elephant sale is where participants bring in the funniest and weirdest items they can find in their attic, garage, or closet. It's like a garage sale, but way more entertaining.

Friday, May 13 @ 7pm - Doors open at 6pm

To attend: $5 To enter an act: $10 (Deadline to enter: May 6)

Other events include a bake sale, silent auction, white elephant sale and a 50/50 raffle

All proceeds from the talent show and accompanying events will be donated to David and Stacie Kintigh in hopes of offsetting some of the costs of making frequent trips to Iowa City where David is receiving medical treatment. Coordinator of the events, Ms. Demm-Free, says, “it's going to be an awesome night, we're going to have a great time raising money for a good cause.” Clearly, this will be a night you won't want to miss.

All proceeds will be given to David and Stacie Kintigh, to help defray some of the cost of travel to Iowa City and back where David is receiving med ical treatment.

To enter an act or just volunteer, contact Ms. Demmer-Freeman at


April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Teens organize to help at Genesis Medical Center W ill Aden For the second year, the Genesis Medi cal Center i n Davenport is running the Vol unteen progra m. In the Volunteen program, teenagers can volunteer i n the hospital and hel p organi ze fundrai sers for the hospi tal . The teenager s deci de when and how long they want to vol unteer, and when and what they want to do to fundrai se. For example the last fundrai ser done was a bake sale wher e the vol unteers baked goods and sol d them at the gift shop to pati ents and thei r guests. The money ra i sed by the fundrai sers i s then used to buy new equipment and hire more per-

sonnel for the hospi tal . Whi l e fundraising is important, t he main focus of the group i s to help out the hospi tal i n areas where they lack help, and gai ning experienc e at the same time. Volunteers have many choices when it comes to what they want to do. Teenagers can choose to volunteer in the gift shop, cancer rehab center, the front desk, and the ER lobby. In the gi ft shop, you can cashier, bake goods and sell them, take i nventory and assi st patients and their guests. In the cancer rehab center, you hel p clean up equi pment, escor t pati ents, direc ting guests, and helping take care of the patients needs. At the front desk, you direct guests to different places in the hospital, to pati ents' r ooms, answer phone

calls and hel p greet guests. I n the ER lobby, you regi ster patients, escor t pati ents to tr eatment rooms, and help assist pati ents and thei r guests. At the outpatient care center, you act as a l iaiso n between staff and patients' famil ies i n the sur ger y or i ntensi ve car e uni t waiti ng room. Meetings are the fi rs t Tuesday of every month at the Genesis Medical Center, 1401 West Central P ark, Davenpor t, j ust off M ar quette Str eet. For mor e i nfor mati on, contact Col l ete Bl ake at 563421- 1095, or jus t show up to the next meeting.

Petting Zoo to be held May 6 On May 6 there will be a livestock petting zoo for Food For America. The Food For America is being held to educate elementary students about livestock and food production. There will be a wide variety of animals at the event and students from elementary schools will be visiting. Planned livestock will be: beef cattle, horses, chickens, dairy goats, kittens, alpaca's dairy cattle, sheep, swine, dogs, ducks, meat goats and turkeys. Students will be able to feed the animals; most of the animals eat grains and hay but a few of them are on a special diet. New this year is the Alpaca, but as always kittens are most popular. The petting zoo is open mainly for the elementary school children who will come on buses. High school students will be able to visit the animals from 11:00 to 11:45 am. The petting zoo is free, so throughout the day there will be activities for everyone. The goal is for students to learn about the livestock and how to 4 take care of the animals.

Team Corn Detasseling Wage Groups

Wage Based On

$7.25 - 7.50 - $7.75 - $8.00

Quality of work

$8.25 - $8.50 - $8.75 - $9.00


$9.00 - 9.50 - 9.75 - $10.00

Crew Efficiency

Attendance Bonus 50¢ per hour by working every day 25¢ per hour by missing one day

Great Summer Job Local Fields and Pick up Sites + Transportation Provided Work with Friends

Get Applications Call Toll Free



Team Corn & Soil Inc - 14392 Lovers Lane Rd - Princeton, IL 61356 - (815) 875-8100

April 28, 2011 I s s u e


57, Volume 4

Senior Check-Out Last day for Seniors is Friday, May 20, IF 1. All semester exams are completed

School Safety always top priority Sean Allch in

In an effort to keep North Scott High School nice and safe, security is a top priority. The task of keeping everyone secure requires money, time, and effort from the school's staff. So, how does the district make sure that we are safe? The school district works very hard to ensure the safety of students and staff by employing a variety of tools such as alarms or surveillance cameras. They also perform background checks on all personnel. It is very important that the school keeps everybody safe otherwise we would not have a stable working atmosphere In order to make sure students are surrounded by safe and reliable adults, Mr. Hawley says that the Central Office contracts with an outside company to run background checks on the staff including, teachers, coaches, secretaries, and aids. As far as substitutes go, their licenses used to be checked annually, but since the Mr. Dismore incident (he had been teaching at North Scott under an expired license) the policy has changed to require routine checks. Mr. Dismore was not caught when his license had expired for six months

because the school board used to perform checks annually; now, they have made it so that records are routinely checked. However, the school does not do any background checks on students even although when a student transfers here from another school, North Scott receives records from the student's previous schools. According to Mr. Hawley, we can improve school security by installing metal detectors or maybe even updated cameras. “I am not a proponent of metal detectors,” he said, “but I support cameras and I like having a police officer here.” Mr. Wood says that our security system works very well, but the biggest problem is, “the number of outside doors the school has and that students can easily prop open doors.” Wood also said that there aren't enough personnel to secure the building effectively and although we have tried cameras, there are dead spots around the school and they are looking to install more cameras. Lastly, he added that the best thing students can do is to obey the school's rules, report problems as soon as possible, and don't prop open doors.

2. You have completed your senior check-out sheet 3. All bills are paid and your counselor has cleared you for graduation. GRADUATION PRACTICE IS MANDATORY 8:30 am FRIDAY MAY 20. GRADUATION 1:30 SUNDAY, MAY 22 at the High School gymnasium - REPORT FOR LINEUP BY 1:00pm. Please Note: Students must have all detentions served and bills paid in order to walk across the stage at graduation on May 22 5


April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

Call of Duty too violent Mitch Di e r i c k x

“I could play COD 24/7,� says junior Sam Hawley. While the game has been around since 2003, we are just now beginning to experience the negative affects it has on young gamers as they develop. Call of Duty or COD, is a war game series about WWII, the Cold War, and modern time war. The games focus on killing the opponent and racking up the most points per kill in the time given. COD has seven games already out and another, Modern Warfare 3, to come out in November 2011. This is going to be huge to gamers because the Modern Warfare series has been the most popular. With the shooting, bombing, and murdering happening in every game, it causes some concern among many as to where our future is going. Teenagers and adults are learning to kill their enemies with the same guns and weapons that harm our world right now. I have played this game a few times and to be honest, I do not like it at all. The game is gruesome and when the dead bodies lie around, it makes me feel sick. But, perhaps the murder and guns are not the worse part of the game. The killing of Nazi's and terrorists (just to name a few) causes students to say very racist things, bringing out the worst in them. COD also features numerous races such as Asian, German, and Russian. While playing the game with some people, I have heard many racial slurs and derogatory language towards other races. It worries me that the future of 6 our nation is becoming prejudice

and aggressive towards some races, not to mention laughing after a person gets gunned down. COD is not a good game for American teenagers to be playing, and while the game may be fun to some, it serves no positive purpose. Violent video games debated, especially Call of Duty

April 28, 2011

Feature Call of Duty not too bad Issue 57, Volume 4

S am Ha w l e y

Because of their violence, video games have been a hotly debated topic since the start of the new millennium. Of course, the improved graphics, and the fact that they allow the games to be more detailed and at times more violent, doesn't help their cause.

One of the most controversial games is the Call of Duty series, a first person shooter game focusing on World War I and II, the Cold War and modern day warfare, but is the game really a cancer to our society? The argument against Call of Duty (often referred to as COD) is the same old, over-used sentimental argument that people want to “protect their children.� They claim that the violence portrayed in COD negatively affects

their kids. I will be the first to admit that COD is violent and that yes, it is a war game. But, it's rated M for Maturewhich should warn parents of the content inside. Therefore, the question becomes: Why are adults buying their young children an M-rated game, and then later complaining about the scenes depicted? Now for those who are of age, have played the game, and still dislike the images and messages of COD, the problem is not the game-but you. The game allows you to turn off graphic content, censor inappropriate images and scenes. So do it. And ultimately, if you don't like it don't play it. Racism, however, is an entirely different story. Arguing that the game is too violent is at least understandable, but saying that the game is causing racism is a stretch. Stereotypes may occur, but its not like the villains of the series are all the same race. The Russians are often offended with COD's series, as the old USSR is often featured as the enemy. Cubans have also found offense in Black Ops (Call of Duty's latest installment of the series) but even the United States are featured as the bad guys in Modern Warfare 2. In conclusion, racism displayed in games should be endowed to the players, not the game itself. Call of Duty is at fault for violence, and does have a certain amount of racism. But the blame for Call of Duty falls on the players and the people who criticize the series. If gamers have enough of a problem with the content, the game allows the player to censor it. If they think they can tolerate it, then their personal morals are in jeopardy at their own risk, and the game cannot be faulted.


April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

Murray enjoys best of both worlds Mitch Di e r i c k x

Mrs. Murray can be seen on any given day smiling down the hall way and saying a friendly “Hello” to everyone. Since arriving at the high school in 2005 as the World History teacher, Murray has enjoyed the classroom and teaching her students everyday. This year, she decided to broaden her horizons and take on a new task as librarian. “In 2008, the University of Iowa offered the Laura Bush Foundation Grant and I applied for it,” explained Murray. “I got the grant and they paid for my education to learn half about books and half about technology. I really wanted to learn about the technology side of it.” She figured she could use the technology side of the education in her classroom even if she did not get a librarian job right away. Luckily however a job opened up at the high school when Mr. Coffman retired. “Mr. Coffman was part time here and part time at the Jr. High but when I got the job, I told the administration that I wasn't ready to give up teaching yet,” said Murray. “I wanted to be in the classroom and in the library at the same time so I have no time to go back and forth from here to the Jr. High everyday.” Murray says having both jobs and having to be here from 7am to around 5pm everyday takes up a lot of her time when she is here. Balancing both jobs and the expanded hours is hard enough. That's one of the reasons why she will be stepping down as coadvisor of Student Government the end of this year. 8 atShe also says the first semes-

ter was kind of stressful and difficult to adapt to both jobs but it has gotten easier. Mrs. Buswell and the staff have made the transition easier and have helped her a lot. Perhaps the biggest issue Murray really faced this year was the doors. Mrs. Murray explained that the issue was that students were skipping class and roaming around the library all day. Since the library staff becomes accountable for every student when the enter the library, this skipping and roaming caused concern. “Before [the policy], when you entered the library, you were suppose to sign in but nobody really knew,” says Murray. “Now with one entrance, the students have to sign in and they will also know where the ideal exit will be too. Thankfully everyone has really begun to understand why the move was made.” Seeing as she is only there in the afternoon, the decision was not hers. Buswell decided to use the one entrance and exit system to ease her job since she is there full time. While it was inconvenient in the beginning, the change has been successful thus far. Murray has shown a lot of interest in wanting to put a new face to the library. She and Superintendent

Schwiebert have been discussing remodeling the library in the next few years to make it more of a studentbased area. “The furniture won't change but this years we have worked on moving the tables around to make more room to work,” explained Murray. “We hope to make it a fun and welcoming place for students to work and feel comfortable while in here.” Besides the door issue, Mrs. Murray has had a pretty decent year. She loves doing both jobs and hasn't decided which job, teaching or librarian, she will want to do full time in the next 5 years. This year was just about getting her feet wet in the library and seeing how it went but she is still loved by the social studies department. “She can't leave. We won't let her go, she's a great person,” says Mr. Guge. “I feel like I have the best of both worlds right now and it's going great,” exclaimed Mrs. Murray, with a smile on her face. Murray is very happy with how everything has gone, seeing as many districts have been cutting librarians. She looks forward to working on making the library a comfortable and positive place while teaching her students at the same time.

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Best gas prices in Quad Cities records the lowest prices in the Quad Cites. Here are the highlights as of April 21 at 3:20pm Murphy USA, Davenport - $3.65 Casey!s on Pine St and 63rd - $3.65 Kwik Shop on 53rd and Sheridan, Davenport - $3.65 Kwik Shop W. Locust and Harrison, Davenport - $3.65 Shell at Harrison & W. Locust, Davenport - $3.65 Phillips 66 NW Blvd & I-80 - 3.65 Pilot at I-80 exit 284, Walcott - 3.65 Shell at State and Devils Glen , Bettendorf - 3.65 So, if you!re paying more than $3.65 for gas, check out these stations.

Gas prices are expected to continue to climb - what!s a girl to do?

Mic hael H a r ry

In these hard economic times, few things affect Americans as much as gas prices. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, gas prices are on trend to match- and possibly surpass-peaks of four dollars a gallon, similar to top prices seen in 2008. According to MSN Autos the price of gas at Casey's General Store in Eldridge is within approximately ten cents of the national average. The highest gas prices in the US today are over five dollars a gallon, while the lowest price is just over three dollars. The rising costs of gasoline have put a major strain financially on teenagers, who often work for just minimum wage. North Scott senior Jameson Shank shares this sentiment, saying “I just spent forty dollars of potential college savings on gas the other day. Needless to say, it's disappointing.� The Quad-City Times reports that

even people with higher paying jobs are feeling the squeeze of rising costs. Therefore, more and more people are considering public transportation or even bicycles to get to their jobs in order to save money. It seems that the causes for these rises in gas prices were caused by a number of events. During 1999 many worried about the state of our computerized society with the threat of the Y2K bug looming overhead, along with the presidential transition in the following years. During the mid-2000's the price hike may have been caused by the war in the middle-east, a major exporter of oil. Recently, it seems that the current price fluctuation is being caused by the internal conflicts in MiddleEastern countries who are also major exporters of oil. It appears that the gas prices are primed to rise even higher with no relief in sight for many Americans' financial woes related to transportation.


April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Teens soon to relive Nickelodeon's “Glory Days” Ais l inn Martin

Take a second and think about your favorite show as a it even on the air anymore? Personally, my favorite childhood show, “Hey Arnold!” hasn't received significant airtime on Nickelodeon in years. For most high school and college age young adults, it is a similar story. As a generation, many of us are in dismay at seeing the death of these classics, and have widely expressed it. There are several pages on social networks such as Facebook dedicated entirely to bring-

ing back the glory days of Nickelodeon, and 90's/early 00's television shows in general. Thankfully, the network has noticed this uproar and has decided to take action. TeenNick is debuting a new programming block titled “The 90's Are All That” in order to target this young adult audience. The segment was approved for the midnight to 2 am timeslot, but Nickelodeon has not yet released specific dates on when it will begin. The programs that were confirmed to rerun for “The 90's Are All That” are (appropriately) “All That”, “Clarissa Explains It All”, “Kenan and Kel”, “The

Amanda Show”, and “Rugrats”. If the programming block does successfully in the ratings, Nick executives have expressed interest in expanding it to show even more reruns as well as 90's movies. So get ready to bust out your orange soda and bring in the dancing lobsters, because we are all about to get a heavy dose of much needed TV nostalgia.

What Nickelodeon show would you like to see back on the air?

Chrissie Herrin- “The Amanda Trey Williams-“Rugrats”

Marianne Hart- “Fairly OddParents”

Andy Shreves- “Rocket Power!” 10

Zach Thomas- “CatDog”

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4

Post Prom fashion starts with comfort


Nicole McC omb s Lower classmen or just anyone attending prom for the first time here is a forewarning about how to dress for post prom. First, girls - don't show up in your dress. And guys change out of your tux. The whole purpose of post prom is to have a good time with your friends playing games. Even though I have not been to prom yet I have heard the games get wild and wearing your dress is not a good idea. The junior high gym will contain bouncy houses/slides and there will be multiple games you can play, I would highly recommend wearing something comfy and be able to move around in it. After prom students only get about an hour to go home and change into their post prom outfit. Since prom is already in Davenport that adds about a 10-15 minute drive at least to get back to Eldridge, that is not considering the students that live out further in Princeton, Donahue, etc.. For those who have that far to go I would recommend leaving your clothes at a friend�s house living closer to the school so you can get to the junior high on time to be there for when all the fun begins. Even if you live close to the school it would be smart to have your clothes out and ready so you can change as fast as possible. Post prom usually goes until about 3 am. Now students are allowed to leave earlier than that but you can't get back into post prom once you have

left. Now as post prom is going on you can sign up to win many different prizes! Its not a good idea to leave all the fun early especially if you win one of prizes which could include large amounts of money or expensive electronics! If you aren't there to claim your prize it will be given away to someone else.



Rollinger trades Prom for dance audition Kel li

Issue 57, Volume 4

Swing show was smashing success Michael Ha r r y

G o l i n g h o rs t While most of us will spend April 30 getting ready for Prom and anxiously awaiting the events that are bound to unfold at Post Prom, senior McKenna Rollinger will be spending her weekend auditioning for the University of Iowa Dance Team. After sending in a pre-audition video, which included a required list of specific dance elements, a letter of recommendation, an application with an essay, and a dance resume, McKenna made the first cut. Now, she will head up to Iowa City this weekend to attend the three-day audition. For about six hours a day, McKenna will learn a jazz routine, the choreography to the fight song and finally complete an interview with the head coach of the dance team. Throughout the entire process, the dancers must be on the top of their game because the judges have the ability to make cuts at anytime. Then, just in case she isn't completely exhausted, she plans on, rushing back from Iowa City to make it back in time to enjoy at least a few hours of Prom. If she makes the team, McKenna is excited about having the opportunity to travel and perform at the collegiate level. “The U of I dance team performs at the home football games as well as at other sporting events. They also travel to bowl games and compete at Nationals in Florida every year,” she explains. But, no matter what happens 12 McKenna remains optimistic,

April 28, 2011

McKenna Rollinger

trusting in her fifteen years of dance training to prepare her for one of the biggest moments of her life. “Even if I don't make the team, I will still attend Iowa, continue to dance, and try out again next year,” says Rollinger.

This year's Swing Show proved to be a hit, featuring both high school jazz bands and the jazz choirs 3318 and 200 South. The show opened with “We Are In Love”, a smooth jazz tune that combined choir vocals with the hot sound of the jazz band. Highlights of the night for Jazz I included “Things Ain't What They Used to Be” and a very fun rendition of “Do Whatcha Wanna” (arranged by Jazz I director Mike McMann) that followed a Justin Bieber skit featuring Sheldon Phipps. The set for Jazz II included the Latin-flavored piece “Calle Ocho” and “Lonely Days”, featuring soloists Marta Edwards and Gaby Morgan. 200 South performed an excellent rendition of “Scarborough Fair” and “But Not For Me”, featuring a spectacular solo by Alyson Ragona. The high points 3318 included a jazzy performance of “Blue Skies” and a vocal rendition of “Pink Panther”. Overall, the Swing Show was a fantastic night of musical excellence for the North Scott jazz bands and choirs.

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4


200 South finishes sixth in state competition Nicole McC omb s 200 South, North Scott's top jazz choir has had an exciting year. On March 29, 200 South made their way to Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa where they performed with all Jazz Choirs chosen throughout the state to compete. Only seven choirs were chosen from each school division. 4A schools such as Cedar Rapids Washington, West Des Moines Valley and Pleasant Valley High school were a few they were up against. After a long day of waiting around it was finally 200 South's turn to get up on stage and do their thing. They sang four songs with lots of enthusiasm in hopes of scoring high. 200 South ended up getting sixth place. It had been the first time in a while since North Scott had even sent a group to the competition. The ensemble consists of five sopra-

Emma Wall and Brandon Randelman

nos; Lindsay Heinen, Analisa Percuco, Emily Kolwey, Alyson Ragona, and Emma Wall. 4 Altos; Audrey Mcdermott, Anna Schneider, Nicole McCombs, and Sarah Onken. 3 basses; Kellen Moss, Brady Frieden, and Logan Hienen and 3 Tenors; Sheldon Phipps, Branden Randelman, and

Anthony Curlott. The group has met at 7am before school three d ays a week to rehearse and prepare their many songs that vary from vocal jazz to some pop music. Their first competition in late January was held in Muscatine where they performed in front of a judge who determined whether or not they qualified to audition for the state jazz choir competition. After the performance all singers waited patiently to see the list posted of what groups made the cut. Luckily 200 South was one of them! The next week the group gathered on another early morning before school to video tape and record themselves singing three songs to send in for the state jazz audition. The adjudicators were looking for many things; blend, tone, dynamics, facials, and most importantly the overall communication within the ensemble. For the singers, looking happy and excited to be singing with each other was critical at that point. A few weeks past and finally the results arrived. They were accepted!



April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 3

Great food without spending a fortune, surprising finds in Quad Cities David H a rr i n g t o n

Wi l l A de n Want to have good food, but hate spending money? Believe it or not, there actually are restaurants in the Quad Cities that have delicious food for a modest price. While some of these hidden gems may be out of the way or hard to find, they are definitely worth discovering. This issue we're featuring four of these “hole in the wall� restaurants: Boozie's, Grinders, Olympic Gyros, and Antonella's. These restaurants feature a mix of different types of food from around the world, and are all affordable. Grinders, located at 1208 Locust St., Davenport, 2171 East Kimberley Road, Bettendorf, and 3210 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, specializes in Italian pasta and sandwiches. Their menu ranges from spaghetti, gyros, many different kinds of pizza like spaghetti and meatball, chicken 14 alfredo, all meat and vegetarian, and their famous gondola sand-

Above: Will Aden enjoys his gyro. Right: David Harrington also has a gyro.

wiches. The gondola sandwiches range from 8 to 16 inches. Pasta goes for around $5.50 for just the entreĂŠ, and $7.25 for the pasta, tossed salad and choice of homemade bread. Sandwiches go for about $3.50 to $5.25. You can also by family feasts, which contain a half gallon tub of your choice of pasta, garlic, plain or cinnamon bread, and a 16 inch gondola for only $17.00. Grinders is one of the best and affordable Italian restaurants this side of the Mississippi. Olympic Gyros, located at 205 W. 53rd St. in Davenport, is home of the best gyros in the Quad Cities. Their menu consists of authentic lamb gyros, Italian beef and sausage sandwiches, fish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. While all of their sandwiches are delicious, the true staple of their menu is the gyro. Wrapped it pita bread, the succulent lamb meat is covered in Greek yogurt, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and

onions. The sandwiches usually cost around $5.00, and $7.29 for a sandwich, fries, and a drink. The sandwiches are enormous, and well worth the $5.00. Also, the extra money for the fries and drink are worth it, considering the giant helping of fries and 24 oz drink. Olympic Gyros has the some of the best sandwiches and gyros I've ever had, and for how much food you get, is well worth the cost.

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 3

entertainment Google takes on Apple in Tablet Wars David H a r ri n g t o n

Boozies, is a bar/restaurant on 3rd street in down town davenport, if your looking for an excellent burger and great service this is the place to go, these burgers are quite sizeable, they come with anything on them, and they have a secret Boozie burger sauce that has kept them winning best burger in the Quad Cities for the last handful of years. Another good thing about this restraint is that the prices are low and the atmosphere is good, everyone is friendly, if you get a window seat the views aren't too bad, and the price for a burger, fries, and drink is under $7. Antonella's is an Italian restaurant right next door to Boozies, this place is even more of a hole in the wall than Boozies, but if you go in it is worth it, they have all authentic Italian, but where they really stand out are their pizza's and panini's. Although the

food is a bit price you get a large amount, and it is the best you have ever had, the pizza will come with just about anything you could possibly dream of eating, and the panini has mostly beef and chicken, with cheese and vegetable combo. These sandwiches's are huge and are well worth the $10 for one.

Technology geeks have speculated the arrival of a Google Tablet since the unveiling of the iPad, but one year has gone by and Google has yet to come out with their own independent tablet. The specifications for it are quite similar to the iPad; it is supposed to have a dual core processor, front and back cameras, and the rest are just rumors. But these rumors sound quite promising with a display that can play HD videos in 1080p, have Bluetooth, and have a 10-inch screen. The expected price for a 32GB Google Tablet is $700, when an Ipad with the same amount of memory is $200 less. Although we are still waiting for Google's Tablet, others have released a handful of tablets that are supported with android technology and phone companies (usually with a 2 year contract). The Apple iPad has been dominating the tablet market, but it has not sold for a specific lifestyle. So far, they have been general, which has worked out quite well, and now google is taking the risk of making their tablet for the business class. With stands that allow for a phone, essentially it has a phone and the tablet in one, so you can use the tablet to bring up contacts. If the contact has the same devise, you can chat with them. This is a good idea, but the same thing can be done with Skype on the iPad. So far that has been the only real evidence of marketing towards business people, but Google keeps talking about business marketing, and with an ever-changing release date it may be a while before we find out if this tablet can topple the mighty iPad.


Senior Spotlight

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4



Siblings: Troy (33) Kerri (16) Lucas (13) Favorite Song: “Rolling the Deep” Adele Favorite Quote: “You only live once, so live life to the fullest” Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: Because for 3 months out of the year, I sacrifice my Lancer pride and become a PV Spartan...Joni Paulsen and I represent Peak moment: Standing on the podium at State with my 400 Free Relay team after placing 6th Activities: National Honor Society (President), Swimming, Basketball, The Lance (Editor) Most embarrassing moment at North Scott: Dribbling the basketball with my forehead during a game First high school crush: Blake Anderson Most admired person: My parents and coaches Last Saturday night I was…at Tantra celebrating Carlee's birthday Favorite restaurant in the QC: Biaggi's How many questions did you lie on: None

Jameson Shank Siblings: My twin, Jonathan Favorite Song: anything by the Foo Fighters Favorite Quote: “ A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned, this is the sum of good government,” -Thomas Jefferson Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: I try to be a good a person as I can be everyday Peak moment: Making people laugh in Court Jestors Pit moment: Jellybean (groan) Activities: Court Jestors, The Lance Most embarrassing moment: Jellybean (groan) First high school crush: If I told you, I'd have to kill you Most admired person: Hard to say, because wisdom can be found in so many Last Saturday night I was…working at Rudy's Tacos Favorite movie: Back to the Future Little known fact about yourself: Facts are overrated-I prefer rumors Favorite restaurant in the QC: It's a toss-up between Granite City or Winner's Pizza How many questions did you lie on: All of them, maybe none-but I'm not sure

Will Aden Siblings: Brett (23) Favorite Song: “Blood-Red,White, and Blue,” -Rise Against Favorite Quote: “It is not a stereotype if it is always true,” - Daniel Tosh Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: Because I am like the tallest kid in school Peak moment: When I could actually play sports Pit moment: Clam chowder incident Freshman year Activities: Band, Tennis Most embarrassing moment: Marching without an instrument or uniform, and for some reason getting a breathalyzer test in marching band First high school crush: Liz Porte


Most admired person: Tim McIlrath

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4

Senior Spotlight Aislinn Martin

Siblings: Peyton (13) Bryce (8) Favorite Song: SUCH a hard question, but probably, “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't,” -Brand New Favorite Quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” - Pablo Picasso Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: I'm the realest Peak moment: It hasn't happened yet, but May 22nd, 2011 Pit moment: all of my academics were my pit moment. I definitely did not try hard enough. Activities at North Scott: Editor in Chief of The Lance, Student Government (co-president), North Scott Singers Most embarrassing moment: They all involve lunch trays… First high school crush: I don't really remember…if not Grayson Schmidt, it was Ally Ruffner… Most admired person: All of the strong women in my family, Gwen Stefani Last Saturday night I was…bumpin' to some Gucci in my mom's van Favorite movie: Kill Bill Volume 2 or Mary Poppins

Michael Harry Favorite Song: “The Ascent of the Stan,” -Ben Folds Favorite Quote: “When one person suffers from a delusion, it is call insanity, when many people suffer from a delusion it is called realization,” -Robert Pirsig Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: I designed the school's current Webpage Peak moment: Visual Basic Pit moment: Broken egg in Merrick's egg drop Activities: Band and Webpage Most embarrassing moment: Slipped on ice in the parking lot, fell on my back First high school crush: I don't remember Most admired person: Nate Spainhower Last Saturday night I was…asleep Favorite movie: A Clockworth Orange Little known fact about yourself: I enjoy classical music Favorite restaurant in the QC: Machine Shed How many questions did you lie on: None

Grayson Schmidt

Siblings: none Favorite Song: “Sowing Season” -Brand New Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott?: “Cuz there’s only one” Peak moment: Winning the first playoff game on playing varsity football sophomore year. Pit moment: Losing to CR Kennedy 2nd round Favorite Quote: “This one time, I seen a full frog eat a whole cat,” Dyllin Gorsch Activities: Football, Track and The Lance Most embarrassing moment: Chris Amaya locker room sophomore year - nuff said. First high school crush: Tawni DeTrent Most Admired Person: My parents and Brian Wilson Last Saturday night I was…hanging with the hick boys Favorite movie: “Forest Gump” Little known fact about yourself: I lived in Germany for two years. Favorite restaurant in the QC: Osaka How many questions did you lie on?: I don’t lie ever...not even if there’s a fire.


Senior Spotlight

April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4



Siblings: Matt and Chris Favorite Song: “Tilting the hourglass” by Alesona Favorite Quote: “Birdies the Word,” Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: I just do. Peak moment: Playing the Iowa City playoff game. Pit moment: Walking from the Central Park to Time Square on the New York trip to go to Hooters with Dave, Mike, Sam and Jordan Porter. Activities at North Scott: Football Most embarrassing moment: Wearing a skirt to practice in the Brigadoon play to get used to wearing it. First high school crush: Kenzie Schadel Most admired person: Ron Burgundy Last Saturday night At Ronnie’s Little known fact about yourself:I rocked a Mohawk in 8th grade. Favorite restaurant in the QC: Little Caesar's

Jonathon Zrostlik

Siblings: Chris, Emma, and Zack Favorite Song: “Metal Gear Sold 4 True Theme,” by Harry Gregson Williams Favorite Quote: “With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse.” -Peter Parker Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: I only wrote two books, a movie, two plays, and a successful comic book most of which started here. Peak moment: friends, writing, and never paying attention in class Pit moment: the time I skipped school Activities at North Scott: The Lance, but I do awesome things outside of school Most embarrassing moment at North Scott: Anytime I screw up, which isn't that often First high school crush: wouldn't you like to know… Most admired person: David Hayter Last Saturday night I was…hanging with friends and watching great movies Favorite movie: “Inglorious Bastards” Little known fact about yourself: I can twist my right hand in a full 360-degree rotation. Favorite restaurant in the QC: Winner's Pizza

John Black Siblings: Thomas Black (15) Favorite Song: “I don't care,” -Fall Out Boy Favorite Quote: “It's always the darkest before dawn” -Harvey Dent Why do you deserve to be known at North Scott: Cause I is a senior Peak Moment: anytime at Tech Pit moment: not being in Tech Activities at North Scott: I used to be in Tech Most embarrassing moment at North Scott: almost ruining a play First high school crush: I don't remember Most admired person: Ronald Reagan Last Saturday night I was…watching movies with my friends Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight”

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Nuclear power offers benefits, but other energy sources are safer A lex Traub Due to the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, serious questions about nuclear energy have emerged. Some of the nuclear power plants in Japan lost electricity due to the massive earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan. Because the electricity is lost in these plants, nuclear meltdowns have occurred because there is not enough water to cool down these plants. Since there is no water being given off to replace the existing water in these plants, the existing water is being boiled off. These meltdowns have led to hydrogen explosions, and an unhealthy dose of radiation has been giving off in some areas in Japan. So are the benefits of nuclear energy worth the risks? Even though this recent disaster was in Japan, it does have a bit of a hometown effect. First of all, the radiation is spreading across the Pacific Ocean. Now, the amounts of radiation that are traveling across the Pacific are supposed to be small non-lethal doses so that should not do any damage. However, more concerns could arise being that there is a nuclear plant in Cordova. The odds of the plant located in Cordova having a meltdown is extremely low, and paranoia about the chance of it having a meltdown is silly. But this should give some people here a reason to really think about alternative energy, and to give it a chance. There are many benefits associated with nuclear energy, such as the high amount of electricity that is being produced. Nuclear energy is very clean,


and powerful. In fact, nuclear energy can be green because besides the occasional radiation, the only substance that is being vented is steam. Over the years, nuclear energy has grown to become very reliable. According the “Nuclear Energy Institute” nuclear energy produced 798.7 billion kilowatt-hours of energy in 2009. Even though nuclear energy is very powerful, it is also pretty expensive when being compared to coal and natural gas. Wind Power Wind power is by far one of the most promising alternative sources of energy. It's becoming very popular among many people because it's clean, and very effective. The wind power industry is growing very rapidly with many new jobs being created, and the price of wind power is also dropping. Because of the advancements to the steel blades that are used today for the windmills, wind energy can produce much more energy than before. In fact, wind power makes one of the biggest contributions to the U.S. electrical grid. According to “American Wind Energy Association”, since 2007, wind power has contributed 35% of new electrical generation. Also, in just one-year wind power contributes more than 10,000 megawatts to the electrical grid. The best part about wind power is that there are no catastrophic risks, like there are with nuclear energy. Solor Energy Solar energy is also a very viable option next to wind power. One of the great attractions to solar power is that

it is obviously extremely clean, and there is no need to worry about any emissions because it's simply harnessing energy from the sun. Solar energy can be very inexpensive compared to other sources of energy that require laying high voltage wires. Normally one would think that solar energy would be inefficient because not every day is sunny, but there are new technologies that actually allow the solar panels to still be very efficient on cloudy days. One of the only problems is that it can't produce any energy during the night, so it would have to be partnered with another energy source such as wind power or natural gas. Solar energy isn't a proven winner in the energy spectrum, but it clearly has lots of potential. Alternative energy sources have been very popular among many industries such as the car industry with hydrogen-fuel cells, and electricity. If we can create and maintain alternative energy sources for cars, then why can't we use alternative energy on a larger scale, to help prevent a largescale disaster such as another nuclear meltdown? There is no question that even though nuclear energy is clean, it can be very dangerous. History shows us this by the recent Japan disaster, and even the worst disaster of them all: Chernobyl. We've dodged potential disasters such as Three Mile Island, but we can't dodge every possible disaster. Due to the risks associated with nuclear energy, it would be best to phase out of the reliance on nuclear energy, and rely more 19 heavily on an alternative source.

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Lancer look forward to promising season Grayson S ch m i dt It is that time of year again. The cold and miserable weather of winter fades and the sun begins to shine a bit more. This can only mean one thing; summer is almost here. For most students, summer means warm weather, swimming pools, beaches, barbeques, and most importantly no school. However to a select few, summer takes on a whole new meaning; it means the start of baseball season. As with most sports, baseball requires a substantial amount of hard work and determination. However, one must have a special mentality and desire for the game as well. While most students have the summer off to do as they please, the baseball team is putting in long hours in humid temperatures to accomplish their goals of not only winning the MAC, but also making a state run this year. The Lancers have a solid senior class led by All-State centerfielder and 4-year letterman Ben Engler. These seniors include pitcher Robert Copley, outfielder/pitcher Matt McKinney, shortstop Aaron Huber, infielder/pitcher Dyllin Gorsh, catcher Brandon Voss, and infielder Cameron Christoff. Other returning lettermen are second baseman Brock Brade, outfielder/ pitcher Devin Guerrero, outfielder/ catcher Colby Sorensen, and infielder John Kinney. All but two starters from last year are returning, which definitely gives the Lancers an advantage when it comes to experience. “We should do really 20 well,” says senior Matt McKinney. “We only lost two

Photos by Abby Fredericksen

starters and we are returning all of our top pitchers.” Among these pitchers are McKinney, Engler, Copley,and Gorsh; Guerrero, Sorensen, and Christoff will see quite a bit of time on the mound as well. The race for the conference championship will be a tight on this year. Other MAC schools in the hunt for the championship are the reigning conference champs Davenport Central, Assumption, and Davenport West. “Central is solid every year,” says McKinney. “So they will definitely give us a game.” Either way, the

April 28, 2011 Issue


57, Volume 4

Derek Kupris enjoys a set, aviators complete the look.

Why North Scott Tennis Is Worth Your Time

Lancers seem ready for the season. With spring league winding down, North Scott prepares for their opening game May 24th at home against Dyersville-Beckman. The Blazers are solid year in and year out, so this will definitely be an exciting game. But it is not enough to just go to one game. These boys put in a lot of effort, which sadly sometimes goes unnoticed throughout the season. So when you are not busy this summer, swing by Lancer Field and take in a game, with the way the Lancers look this year get ready to cheer them on.

Let's be honest, North Scott tennis team is by no means a powerhouse. We do not have the trophies, the tradition, or the reputation of the top tier programs in the state. But North Scott has a unique team that focuses on two major philosophies: effort and fun. Sure, the tennis team wants to go compete and win each and every match they play. But its not about reeling in the wins, its about learning how to play a game, and having fun while doing it. And why should it be any different? The tennis team competes every meet, but sometimes the competition is just too much to handle. But despite not always getting top results, the Lancer tennis team knows how to enjoy themselves. There are plenty of inside jokes and fun games that go around the NS tennis team despite their constant drive to compete in the conference. Worried about getting cut? Not a problem. The NS tennis team is a “nocut” tennis program. Everyone will at least have a shot at playing, and will play against others at their level. Students have expressed concerns about the “athlete” aspect of the game. Not a problem. Unlike other sports, tennis lets students work at

their own pace during conditioning week. As long as effort is shown, you'll be fine. The North Scott tennis team, however, can also be used a social springboard. Tennis is the place for people to go have fun with other students, while also allowing the students to meet people they wouldn't usually see. The team's diversity includes plenty of representation at each grade level, and the team has plenty of aspects with every player from top netter Tyler Cahill to the bottom of the list. Tennis also isn't a pressured environment. Players are encouraged to do their best and play hard, but not the atmosphere is relaxed. For example, the team just recently installed “ShortShorts Wednesdays”, which allows every boys tennis player to show a little more leg than usual. Who doesn't want to see that? So if you are looking for a hobby, or just something fun to do, give tennis a try. It'll give you a bit of a workout, as well as connect you with more kids at the school. While the tennis season has already begun this year, the opportunity to try it next would be a fun experience for anyone looking for some fun. So is tennis worth your time? You bet it is. 21

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Boy’s soccer takes off for another year John Da v i s o n

With the coming of spring there is no better feeling for NS's men's soccer team than getting out on the pitch where they belong. With this new season comes new expectations from everyone on the team. The varsity squad is centered on a core group of seniors that have put a lot of time and effort in the offseason to improving the team and mentoring the underclassmen. In the words of senior Austin Miller there's “A night and day difference in the team from last year,” and in the season so far it's held true with their record at 3-3. The team has already surpassed both their overall win and goal total from last year. Now that might not sound like much being this early in the year but consider that their only losses have been to state ranked powerhouses C.R. Kennedy, Waterloo West, and Cedar Falls. They have a lot of experience on their side two with multiple seniors who have been playing for ages, and two four year letter winners Miller, and Dylan Michael. Being welcomed back to the team this year are seniors Brandon Voss, who played freshman year and Bryce Sellers, who took a season off last year. Both are starters

Above: Sophomore Tom Allen plays varsity for North Scott. Below: Junior Devin Johnson returns for another year. Photos by Joni Paulsen

and play pivotal roles in the team. The team has quite a few underclassmen as well looking to make a name for themselves as well. The junior class has only players Devin Johnson and Danny Purcoco. Sophomores Tyler Larsen, Ryan Dreshler, Jakob Han, Caleb Burt, and Noah Gumpert have seen some playing time and contribute a lot to the team. The team is looking redeem last year's losses against MAC teams North and Central. Both were close losses. Overall the team is looking to be a MAC upset player this and hoping to make a run at state. So be sure to come out to the pitch, bring your friends and lawn chair and cheer on your team to victory.

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Girl’s soccer expects to win

Raegan Czupka and Chelsey Blake

Roni Storjohann

Marianne Hart

Are professional athletes paid too much? Alex Traub Professional football has been a staple in the American culture for years now. During the football season, many people have their Sundays reserved for sitting on the couch, getting out the chips, and watching the games. However, with the possible NFL lockout for next season, it looks as if this American staple will be gone for about a year. The problem is that players and owners cannot agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This means that the owners and players can't agree on player salaries, signing bonuses, and such for next season. Because both sides can't agree on a new CBA, it looks as if there will be a lockout next season if the two sides cannot come to an agreement before then. This leads to a rather debatable question: Do NFL players get paid too much? While many NFL superstars such as Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning do get paid an immense amount of money, there is a lot of pressure on them to perform to the extreme standard that has been set for them. Many people with an average nine to five job would complain that NFL players get paid millions to play a game that they love and apparently that's not fair, but those same people probably couldn't handle the media and pressure to perform. Also, a lot of these players that have the 3 to 5 million dollar contracts are also the ones that put fans in the seats; so without those players then the NFL might not be nearly as mainstream as it is today. Also, don't forget that many NFL players give back to the community. Many NFL players get about the appropriate amount of money for what the job entails, but signing bonuses can get pretty ridiculous. “USA

TODAY” posted NFL salaries based on the 09-10 season, and the signing bonuses for some players were quite high. For example, Jay Cutler (QB for the Chicago Bears) had a signing bonus set for 7 million dollars. In Kurt Warner's (former QB for the Arizona Cardinals) last season, his contract had a signing bonus set for 15 million dollars. Now, most NFL players don't receive signing bonuses and the one's that do aren't usually set this high. Getting paid this much just for a signing bonus is pretty ridiculous though. Another reason why NFL players are paid the right amount of money is because of health concerns due to the physical nature of the sport. After an NFL player's career, it is important to have enough money to fund possible surgeries and such to solve physical problems that could have arose during that person's NFL career. The NFL does have a “Player Care” plan that helps fund treatments for retired NFL players with certain health concerns such as spine treatment, joint replacement treatments and such. However, this health plan that the NFL provides is very limited, and not every retired player with health issues can be accepted. NFL player salaries have been and will still be controversial, and it's very easy to come to the conclusion that they are paid too much. But when someone sets down and really thinks about it, the players are getting paid the amount that is necessary. There's more to being a professional football player than just playing football. It's dealing with the media, handling the pressure, dealing with fans, possibly taking care of health issues later on in the career, etc. The NFL players are receiving the right amount of money, and if they are smart about their money then they will be fine.


Sports Feature

April 28th, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

Girls move on to next level Kel li G o l i n g h o rs t Inspired by last issue's article, “Success at North Scott paves way to future,” which featured numerous senior boys who are continuing their successful high school athletic careers at the college level, it is now only fair to give equally deserving Senior girls the same honor. Plus, you just might learn something about your upcoming college search. Softball After offers from various schools, including UNI, Tor Hawley finally decided to play for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. Although coming off a serious basketball injury, she understands that she has her work cut out for her. “I look forward to the challenges of being an underdog on the team and recovering physically and emotionally from my injury. I am determined to prove everyone [who doubted her] wrong,” she says. Fellow teammate, Dana Suiter committed to Muscatine Community College because of the location, quality of education, and most importantly the fact that her college credits are guaranteed to transfer to UNI. Of course, the chance to compete at the college level was also a determining factor. Overall, Dana is “really excited about joining the team, I think it will be a great experience.” Soccer High school teammates, Andrea Wilson and Chelsey Blake, will also be teammates in college as members of the St. Ambrose womens' soccer team. Fortunately for Andrea, SAU was academically her first choice for college and when the SAU coaches approached her last season about

Above: Kayla Naber Right: Samantha Butlett

joining the team she couldn't resist. “I love the game of soccer and I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to keep playing after high school,” she explains. Much like Andrea, the great Occupational Therapy program offered at St. Ambrose helped to convince Chelsey to attend as well. Plus she, “loves the team and coaching staff, they're all so nice and welcoming.” Cross Country and Track Senior stand-out Kayla Naber will run for the Luther College Norse this fall. Once she visited campus, she immediately fell in love with, “the small

April 28 2011 I s s u e 57, Volume 4

Sports Feature

school atmosphere. It reminded me of home.” In addition, Kayla is excited to be a part of Division III team, and looks forward to improving her skills throughout the next four years. Rowing North Scott's favorite rower, Beth Baustian, visited numerous colleges before making her decision on where to continue her already successful career. But what made the University of Iowa her final choice was the fact that she would have a chance to build the team up over the years into a Big Ten powerhouse. “I picked the school because I thought it would be cool to be part of a program that is sort of building itself and has the potential to be really successful,” she explains. Of course, it was also hard for her to turn down a full-ride scholarship which allows her to focus on her education and athletics without worrying about accumulating debt.

Bowling Teammates and bowling stars, Katelyn Tharp and Sam Butlett will become friendly competitors as they take their game to the next level. For Katelyn, the location, campus size and the opportunities Ashford University offered her both educationally and athletically were major factors in her decision. She says that she is looking forward to, “bowling at a different level and improving her skills.” Sam, on the other hand, was attracted to Mt. Mercy University because of their excellent nursing programs and the fact that she could bowl and be a member of the track team. Overall, Sam looks forward to competing and improving her skills. Basketball For a multi-sport athlete like Carrie Kilen before she even began to look at colleges, she first had to decide was sport she wanted to play. But after a

Andrea Wilson

successful basketball season, the decision was easy. This fall, Carrie will join the Luther College Norse womens' basketball team-under the direction of a new coach. “Once I met with the new coach, and spent some time with the team I really felt like Luther was the place for me.” Swimming The familiar saying, “the third time is a charm,” held true in my own search for the perfect college. It seemed that each time a visited a new college campus and met with the swim team and coaches, I immediately fell in love and totally forgot about the other schools I'd visited. So, true to the saying, the third college that I visited-and subsequently fell in love with-was the place for me. I choose Luther College because it was the perfect balance between a quality, yet challenging education, and a respected and hardworking swim team. For me, it was the best of both

worlds. Plus, I would get the opportunity to see Kayla Naber or Carrie Kilen on a regular basis-and who wouldn't want that? In the end, no matter male or female, freshman or junior, athlete or not, it is never too early to begin to think about college and what would be your ideal school. As you should have seen, it is important to never settle for less than what you expect and while visiting more colleges than you can count may get exhausting, don't give up, because there is a place that is perfect for each of us-we just have to find it. Great, now I sound like one of the hundreds of college postcards that you get in the mail every day.



Above: Joe Kern and Kyle Bennett from Davenport North work on the fireplace mantel. Upper right: Trey Jacobs for North Scott cuts post for the deck. Lower Right: Cody Young from Davenport West drills a hole for the post on the deck.

Student-built home nears completion Dakota

C ars t e n s After Spring Break the student-built home class began working on in the inside of the house. So far, the class has been finishing the wood floor in the kitchen and in the front office. Time has also been spent the last few weeks on painting the inside of the house and hanging the doors and trim on the walls. The morning group of students works in the upstairs and the afternoon group mainly works down stairs so each group has specific jobs assigned. Students have been working on the base trim in the house and also the base shoe on the floors. The flooring professional has been at the house the last couple of days working on the bathroom. The house is getting ceramic floors in the bathroom 26 and the laundry room. Also the

shower in the master bathroom has all tiled walls and floor and should be done by the end of March. Both classes have many things to do before the end of school. In the next week the professional painters are going to go in the house and paint the trim and doors and fill in all the nail holes in the trim board There is a huge list of jobs to be done on the outside of the house. The class has to finish the siding above the front door. The deck in the backyard of the house has to be put up and sod and flowers need to be planted. The landscaping will take some time too because it is a corner lot with a large yard the house sits on. By the end of May the house should be ready to sell. Students should apply to work on the student-built home for next year; so see your counselor if you are interested. Scholarships are available for students who complete the program.

April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4


A day in the kitchen Sean

A l chi n Our food service has been serving the students countless lunches over the years, but there are things going on behind the scenes that regulate whether we have pizza or MaxStix and what is healthy and what is not healthy. These are the things that determine what the students have for lunch. According to Jean Baxter, who is the manager of the high school's kitchen, the food is stored in a warehouse in Cedar Rapids while the produce, or fresh vegetables, are all US grown. Baxter suspects foods such as pineapple come from the Philippines and that none of our food comes from Asia. Lastly, Baxter said that the US government sets the guidelines for health and lunch has to meet those guidelines. At the high school level the government requires that the kitchen serves four ounces of fruits and vegetables but students do not have to take them. “All of the guidelines are going to change by next year,” said Baxter, “there will be more restrictions on sugar, fat, and sodium quantities in the food served at the school.” According to Andrea Mahler, the majority of the food comes from the Hawkeye food service from Iowa City and some of the produce was from Lossredo. Mahler also added that a lot of the products are child nutrition products for the national lunch program. The program requires that a particular amount of protein and bread be served and that the Healthy HungerFree Kids Act of 2010 would increase the serving sizes of fruits and vegetables, which would increase the cost of food the program has to buy. “ The serving size,” said Mahler, “is currently a half a cup to a cup of fruit and vegetables combined per day to _ cup to one cup of vegetables plus _ a cup to one cup of fruit per day.” “For the fruit

serving, the cost will increase at a minimum of 17 cents per serving and the vegetables would increase by 21 cents. One thing that might be of concern is the niacinamide found in the lunchroom's chicken strips. According to the National Institute of Health, niacinamide is a type of vitamin B3 found in many foods. This vitamin can be used in order to treat things such as bullous pemphigold, grannloma annulare, diabetes, and might help in treating osteoarthritis. However, some side

effects caused by niacinamide include intestinal gas, upset stomach, dizziness, and mouth pains and can cause histamine, the chemical that causes symptoms of allergies, to be released. If great amounts of niacinamide are taken it can cause gout, which is a painful arthritis that happens when someone's blood has uric acid building up in it.


April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

Flav's Chicken lacks “Flavor” Grayson S ch m i dt When one thinks of former Public Enemy star Flavor Flav, what usually comes to mind are his gold teeth, oversized clock necklace, and of course his main catchphrases “Yeeeeah Boyyy” and “Flaaavooor Flaaaav” (which I do not constitute as a catchphrase since all he does is yell his name). Now he can associate himself with something else: fried chicken. That's right, not only was he a rapper, and a reality television star, but Flav has decided to take a stab at the restaurant business. Unfortunately for him, being a restaurateur is one thing he will not be remembered for. On January 8th 2011, Flav opened “Flav's Fried Chicken” in Clinton, Iowa. Upon hearing this for the first time, the initial thought that popped into my head was, “Why?” First off, why would a 52-year-old rapper decide to open a restaurant? Second, why would he do it in Iowa-especially in Clinton? But nevertheless, after hearing a lot of hype about the chicken, I decided to check it out for myself. And to be honest, after trying it, “Yeeeaahhh Booooyyy” would not exactly express my emotions. I have always heard that “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. This must be a new concept for Mr. Flav, because I was not at all impressed. Truthfully, my first impression was, “This place is a dive.” However, I also know never to judge a book by its cover. Plus, I have dined at numerous places that could be considered “dives” and almost all of them have had delicious food. When I first walked in, I automatically noticed the spray-painted 28 portraits of Flav all over the

Update: Flav!s Chicken is now closed. Stay tuned for more Flav news.

restaurant. Though they were not framed and looked a lot like caricatures, I liked them. For me, they gave the restaurant a sort of original, urban feel. What caught my attention next was the music. I am sure that tracks like “Bring the Noise” and “Shut 'Em Down” make for great mood setting, but personally, I could have done without them. Obviously being his restaurant, we are going to hear his music. I understand that, and I am not saying that I was against it. I am just not accustomed to hearing rap while I eat at a restaurant. But let's get to the important part, the food. While I am no fried chicken connoisseur, I think I am able tell what color it should be. Normally, it has that nice golden brown color; but Flav's chicken was less golden brown, and more mahogany. Still I remained optimistic, once again not wanting to judge a book by its cover. So I bit into my drumstick, only to wonder where these secret spices I had heard so much about were at. If I

had to guess, I would say the secret spice was…salt-and lots of it. After being thoroughly disappointed with the chicken, I decided to try some of the French fries. Unfortunately, my mood did not change one bit. Not only was the chicken rather ordinary, but so were the fries, and the corn for that matter. I could not believe that I had just driven 30-40 minutes for such mediocrity. I do not mean to make it all gloom and doom. There were some upsides to FFC. The cornbread muffins were surprisingly very good, and the prices were really not too outrageous. It is definitely something I encourage people to try. I mean it is not every day that a rapper puts up a restaurant in Iowa. For this reason I say people should at least experience FFC once-but that is probably enough. If you are ever in Clinton again, and are craving some fried chicken, stick to the Colonel and walk an extra 40 feet to the KFC next door.

April 28, 2011


Issue 57, Volume 4

‘Endgame’ takes it to a whole new level W il l Aden On March 15, Rise Against released their sixth full-length album, “Endgame,”. While the angry, politically driven lyrics are as evident in this CD as in their older works, they have taken the music to a different level. While it's nothing like their older CD's, such as “Revolutions Per Minute,” “Siren Song of the Counter-Culture” or even “The Unraveling,” “Endgame” does take a step back to their punk roots. A band, especially as old as Rise Against, can't play punk music forever. As the band matures, so does the music they play and lyrics they write, which shows in “Endgame.” Rise Against fuses the more mainstream sound they had in “Appeal to Reason” with some of the melodic hardcore from their earlier years, which creates a truly unique sound. While die hard fans from “The Unraveling” or “Revolutions Per Minute” may still not like the more mainstream sound, the more hardcore sound of “Endgame” may encourage newer fans of the band to pick up older CD's if they enjoy “Endgame” more than “Appeal to Reason.” After 10 years of touring, Tim McIlrath, still has his sandpaper

vocals and can still scream both brutally and audibly like in the bridge of “Midnight Hands.” The guitar duo of Tim McIlrath and Zach Blair create complex, underlying melodies that compliment the vocal harmonies that Tim and Zach also create like in “A Gentlemen's Coup. Joe Principe goes away from Appeal to Reason, and produces crazy bass lines that are actually noticeable over the guitars, like in the intro to the song “Endgame.” Brandon Barnes, who's constant, intricate drum beats have remained constant through out the band's career, are just as enthralling as ever like in “This is Letting Go.” Also with guest vocal performances from singers like Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio, Endgame shows that Rise Against is still evolving their music after 10 years and 6 albums. While the music is always important to a Rise Against CD, Tim McIlrath's lyrics are really what give meaning to the music. Like with their previous albums, the lyrics of Endgame pertain to events going on in the world right now. “Help is on the Way” talks about the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina, and the lack of action taken to help the people affected. “Architects” tells the new generation to stand up and take action, and asks “Do you care to be the layer of the bricks that seal your fate? Or would you rather be the archi-

tect, the masters of your fate?” “Make It Stop (September's Children)” addresses bullying in schools, and the consequences like suicide. “Disparity by Design” talks about the limits of the lower middle class, like what is going on in Wisconsin. “Survivor Guilt” tells a story from the point of view of a soldier that died in Iraq, saying “I fought your fight, bought your lie, and in return I lost my life. What purpose does this serve? What purpose did I serve?” “Wait for Me” talks about a family dealing with a member away on duty, and “Endgame” talks about the end of the world being a good thing, saying “Let's shed this unclean skin, and start to feel again.” “Endgame,” while no Revolutions Per Minute, doesn't just return to Rise Against's punk roots, but combines mainstream and hardcore sounds to create something truly unique. Along with the new, mature sound, Tim McIlrath's song writing has never been better. Endgame is another solid addition to Rise Against's already impressive collection of albums.


April 28, 2011 Issue 57, Volume 4

What’s on your playlist? “No Sleep” Wiz Khalifa “E.T.” Katy Perry “Born This Way” - Lady Gaga

What will be so great about college?

Katy Loy and Carley Lehner

J o hn Daviso n

“The Green Grass Grows” - Tim McGraw “Holler Back” - Loss Trailors “I Love This Bar” - Toby Keith “The Taliban Song” Toby Keith

Nathan Pauli “Satelite” Rise Against “Black + Yellow” Wiz Khalifa “Welcome to my Family” Avenged Sevenfd “Face Down” - Red Jumpsuit “Look @ me Now” - Chris Brown “Firework” Katy Perry “Raise Your Glass” - Pink “Like Yeah” Tech 9


If you are one of those seniors going on to college next year than this article is for you. As graduation gets closer and closer the anticipation and excitement for what college may bring grows. However college brings some major changes compared to that of high school. Here are some of the things to expect with your college education. 1. More Free Time- Most class loads freshmen year will consist of your “gen eds” or general education classes, these are required by most colleges for freshmen students. They are usually unrelated to your major but may help you become a more rounded person. They are mostly basic English, math, composition, science, government ,and history classes along with some possible electives. Most students complete them within two years before focusing on their major. Managing your time in college will be key to being successfull, you need to set apart time in the day to study. 2.Social Activities- With more free time there is more for you to be involved in throughout college, most campuses have a multitude of clubs organizations and student groups that cover a wide area of interests. Through them you can do things such as; study abroad, learn a new sport, join a fraternity or sorority, be involved in the community and meet now or famous people. If your college has sports teams going to games can be a great thing to do on the weekends as well. 3.Being independent- If you are going to a university far enough away you

will probably be staying in a dorm your freshmen year. You will have a place of your own to decorate and maintain how you want to, no more of mom telling you to clean your room. You should set up a meal plan to fit your schedule and and know when you can eat during the day. You will also be able to control how you manage your time and what to do with it, if you want to wake up 20 minutes before your first class you can, Its all up to you. 4. Harder work loads- This is probably one of the biggest changes for for kids going to college. College comes the expectation that you are willing to work harder to reach your goal. Those five and six page papers you thought were so much of a pain in high school become a standard thing at college. Also with class sizes being made of a hundred plus people its kinda hard to get help from your professor if you need it. However, there are tutors you can get and study groups you can join to get help cramming for tests. No matter what college you attend there are many things for you to look forward to. College can be a great experience the important thing is just get out there and find something you like and do it. You never know where you will end up or the people you will meet, just enjoy your college experience and see where it takes you.

April 28, 2011

Issue 57, Volume 4

Guy's guide to prom A ust i n Plag ge

Prom is the dance of the year where students get to celebrate the end of the school year and seniors get one last chance to break it down on the dance floor. Prom can be stressful for some people, whether it's asking someone, figuring out what to wear, deciding on where to eat, choosing a group to go with and determining what you're going to do after - it can stress out even the most mellow guy. Prom shouldn't be stressful, because anyone who wishes to promenade will have a great time. So with that said, here are some tips, guidelines, ideas, and pointers about prom. Date Usually the first step on your quest to prom is deciding who you are going to ask and how you'll ask her. When deciding on who you'll ask keep in mind the following; will you have a good time with her, does she have an adequate amount of swag, can she break it down and will she say yes. If you answered yes to all of these, especially the last one, then you are ready to ask her to prom. Asking is a fairly difficult stop on the trek to prom; a text message or phone call simply won't suffice. There are many different things that have been done before and it's okay to do something that's been done before, but most importantly you should add some type of creative, personal spin on it. Attire Now that you've asked your date and she's said yes the next step is what to wear. Your date would be a great person to bring with you when getting a tuxedo. After all she is going to be the one that will have to be with you all

If the Guy!s Guide works for me, it will work for you too.

night. With the combination of a girl and a guy's perspective you'll be looking fly as a kite. Next is what group you're going in, this part is easy, choose your friends and the people you are going to stay up and get down with. After Prom Then comes the question of what you do after prom. There is post prom, which lasts until 3am, if you stay until

3am then you are eligible to win a variety of cool prizes. Post prom is great because it gives you something to do besides going to party, drink and possibly get into some unwanted shenanigans. If you decide not to participate in post prom, then find something fun to do with your friends, or if you find it absolutely necessary, party responsibly.


Summa Cum Laude 1. Cameron Christoff

GPA: 3.986 College Plans: Attend Drake University and major in finanace. Favorite Class: Mangaging Personal Finance Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Kietzman Advice for the freshman: Get involved, have fun.


April Weiss


Amanda Ploof


Travis Dierickx


TJ Reed


Kelli Golinghorst


Grace McCammant

GPA: 3.981 College Plans: Go to Carthage College to study Biology/Pre-Med Favorite Class: AP Music Theory Favorite Teacher: Mr. K and Mrs. Gray Advice for the freshman: Do your homework (even when you don!t want too and get involved.

GPA: 3.976 College Plans: Attend University of Iowa to study political science Favorite Class: Teacher Helper Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Gray and Ms. Schwartz Advice for the freshman: Have fun and keep up with your school work.

GPA: 3.961 College Plans: Attend ISU to major in Mechanical Engineering Favorite Class: Strength Training Favorite Teacher: Coach Stewart Advice for the freshman: Get involved in as many things as possible and meet new people everyday.

GPA: 3.955 College Plans: ISU to major in Computer & Electrical Engineering Favorite Class: Mangaging Personal Finance Favorite Teacher: It!s a tie between Mr. Williams and Mr. Schwartz Advice for the freshman: Take all of the Honors/AP courses you can and also get involved, I wish I had started participating earlier.

GPA: 3.95 College Plans: Attend Luther College and be on the swim team Favorite Class: AP Language Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Kietzman and Mr. Williams Advice for the freshman: Don!t be afraid to challenge yourself.

GPA: 3.9 College Plans: Attend Iowa to be a pharmacist Favorite Class: Anatomy & Physiology Favorite Teacher: Dr. Onken Advice for the freshman: Have fun and be involved because high school goes really fast.

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Lance April 2011  

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