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Carbon Project The Carbon Project is the sole focus of Niagara Sustainability Initiative. Beginning in 2011, the Carbon Project has been well received by the Niagara Region business community and continues to grow.

What is the Carbon Project? The Carbon Project is a voluntary program whereby participating organizations, commit to managing and reducing organizational carbon emissions. The Carbon Project provides NSI partner organizations with services, tools and networks to facilitate a reduction in carbon emissions.

Partner Roles This report makes many references to NSI’s “partner“ organizations. Since the Carbon Project is a Niagara community driven collaborative, the term is well applied; all organizations involved have been strong contributors to a forward-thinking, more sustainable Niagara Region. Collaboratives achieve success by bringing a variety of expertise and resources to the table. NSI envisions a Niagara community that works together, according to respective organizational capacity to advance environmental and economic performance.

Monitoring Partners are not yet ready to commit to stating a reduction target, but commit to stating a target at some point in the future. Monitoring Partners will take the time to learn about carbon prior to committing to a realistic reduction goal. Advanced Partners have gained considerable knowledge in the world of carbon prior to joining the Carbon Project. The Advanced Partner has the potential for significant carbon emission reductions due to the vastness and/or carbon intensity of business operations without committing to the prescribed 20, 40 or 60% target. Supporting Partners support core activities of the Carbon Project to enable carbon emission reductions in the Niagara Region. Event Sponsors support the education of NSI partners and others in the community through supporting forums and workshops.

Through the Carbon Project, there are various partner roles that are all considered cogs in the machine of this collaborative. These roles include: Committing Partners set a reduction level (20%, 40% or 60% below baseline emissions) and have ten years to achieve the stated goal. 3

NSI - 2011 Annual Report  

Checkout what NSI's partner organizations have been up to to enhance environmental sustainability efforts.

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