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NAVAL STATION GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA • PSC 1005 BOX 25 • FPO, AE 09593 • 011-5399-4090

MCSFCO Relief and Appointment Ceremony

Sgt. Maj. Jonathan Martin delivers his farewell remarks during a Relief and Appointment ceremony, Feb. 13. During the ceremony Martin was relieved by 1st. Sgt. Wruble and also promoted to Sgt. Maj. Kelly Wirfel NAVSTA Public Affairs Officer


arine Corps Security Force Company (MCSFCO) at Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, held a relief and appointment ceremony honoring and promoting 1st Sgt. Jonathan Martin to the rank of Sgt. Maj. and welcomed his successor, 1st Sgt. Joshua Wruble, Feb. 13. To start the ceremony, Lt. Baron Miller, NAVSTA deputy command chaplain, delivered the invocation in which he asked blessings for Martin as he leaves Guantanamo Bay and reports to his next command at Camp Lejeune, NC and for Wruble as he arrives at the base and begins his tour with MCSFCO. After the invocation Sgt. Maj. Martin reported as the off going senior enlisted, handing off to Major Mark Cameron, Marine Corps Security Force Company Commanding Officer the noncommissioned officer sword that is symbolic of the leadership of a Marine Corps senior enlisted. The sword is passed from the outgoing to the incoming leader to represent the transfer of authority. Once Martin handed the sword to Cameron, he stepped to the side for Wruble to report as the new 1st Sgt. He received the sword from Cameron and officially began his duties as the senior enlisted leader for MCSFCO. Cameron then delivered his remarks for the ceremony. “Sgt. Maj. Martin is the epitome of a Marine Corps senior enlisted advisor,” Cameron said. “He has unequivocally made a difference, not only at this command but to all the tenant commands on base and also the civilian

community. His leaving is bittersweet, but his effects are enduring. I am confident he will continue to march Marines to victory.” Following Cameron, Martin addressed the crowd and his Marines. “This is a unique base and it takes everyone’s hard work and efforts to support the Marines and I cannot thank everyone enough for providing that support. I want to especially thank my wife Jen and my mom and dad for always standing by my side through thick and thin,” said Martin. “To you Marines, I could not be prouder of each one of you. You do your job each and every day with no complaints and with honor. If you ever get discouraged just look down on your left breast pocket and see what it says.” Wruble briefly addressed the group reminding everyone that this day was to honor Martin and assuring everyone he was up to the challenge and honored to be serving at Guantanamo Bay. After the remarks were given, the Master of Ceremonies read the certificate appointing Martin to the rank of Sgt. Maj. He was then pinned by his father and Sgt. Maj. William Frye, Marine Corps Security Force Regiment Sergeant Major. He wife Jennifer also received a certificate of appreciation for her dedication and support to MCSFCO. The ceremony concluded with the playing of Anchors Aweigh and the Marine Hymn.


NS Guantanamo Bay Commanding Officer, Capt. J.R. Nettleton congratulates PSSN Dong on his selection as Sailor of the Week.

■Job/Department: Separation/Transfer Clerk/ PSD ■Age: 25 ■Hometown: Flushing, New York ■Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead ■Favorite Hobby: Cooking and playing video games ■Currently Working On: USMAPS-Computer Operator ■Ambition/Goals: Becoming a third class petty officer and earning my associates degree ■Quote: “Prepare for tommorow by working today” ■How has the navy improved my life: It has given me a job and education and the opportunity to visit, work in a country other than my own. ■Sailor of the Week Because: PSSN Dong is doing a high caliber job that is suited for an E6 supervisor. He displays outstanding resourcefulness and superior performance tracking, training, and maintaing all facets of the seperations/transfer process in transitiong out of the Navy.


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Humble Leadership Lt. Baron Miller

NS Guantanamo Bay Command Chaplain


umility is one of those characteristics that most can agree is a good and solid virtue we all need more of yet, humility eludes us for a variety of reasons. There is the “humility is for weak people and I’m not weak reason” view; then there’s the “if I’m humble I’ll just get walked all over” reason”; and finally there’s the “who wants to work so hard at developing a virtue that is so opposite to who I am naturally”. I believe any critical thinking person could probably identify with one of these views and also agree that there are flaws in each perspective. What we need is an understanding of true humility. Several years ago it occurred to me that being humble isn’t about thinking less of one self, but rather thinking more of others. Think about it: how often have you assumed the humble person is all about emptying themselves till there’s nothing left? By that rationale the humble person would have

no room for their innate or God-given personality to flourish as they’d have nothing left to give. However, by humility as an act (or collection of acts) where one thinks more of others, the humble person is free to be themselves, just a more selfless version. As I write this, I’m reflecting on the ceremony I just returned from—the promotion of First Sergeant Martin to Sergeant Major. As he spoke of relieving his duties to First Sergeant Wruble, the theme of selfless service to the Marines under his charge was evident. Though the word ‘humility’ was never mentioned, humility as a leadership trait is essential for every leader to have both personally and professionally. How would your life, work, relationships be different if you thought more of others and less of yourself? Chaplain Baron Miller

GTMO welcomes it’s newest addition, Sydney Arlene Deschaine. She was born Feb. 6 at 1332 weighing 5 lbs. 15 oz. and 19 in. long. Her parents are Branden and April Deschaine and sibbling Gulia Deschaine.

NAVSTA JEA Visits Cuban Community Center MC3 Jason Bawgus PhotoJournalist

The Junior Enlisted Association (JEA) and Coalition for Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) spent the afternoon with the Naval Station (NS) Guantanamo Bay’s Special Category Residents (SCRs), Feb. 9. In 1959, when Fidel Castro took power, there were thousands of Cubans who worked aboard the Naval Station and commuted from Cuba every day. Many of the Cubans did not want to live in a communist state, so the United States allowed approximately 380 of them to stay aboard the base to work and live. Today, there are 31 remaining and are referred to as Special Category Residents. “It really is amazing just how many stories a lot of the Cubans have about the base,” said Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Carlos Rodriguez. “Some of them were here when things got really bad and can tell you about it like it happened a few months ago.” “I can’t begin to imagine the fear that some of them would have been living in at the time since they were working on an American installation when all this talk of war was going on,” said Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Adrienne King. “Even now all of them are so grateful to the American government that it is a really humbling

experience to hear them talk about it.” On Sunday most of the conversations were talking about the Olympics or which team was going to do better in baseball this year. “I was really surprised when the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers got brought up in conversation,” said Rodriguez. “Most of these guys are just like anyone you would see in America playing dominoes somewhere.” The real festivities began after everyone had their fill of food and conversation and started setting up the domino tables. “They play dominoes like it’s the last game they will ever play,” said Rodriguez, “It’s pretty intimidating to watch how serious they take it and how fast they can play and read off of each other.” After a few games of dominos the day was starting to wind down, food was being put away as well as domino sets but the smiles where all still there. “I would highly suggest everyone who lives on island just take one of your weekends and come spend some time with these wonderful people,” said King. “It would be a shame to have this link to the past so close and never take advantage of it.”


BREMCOR Conducts Fall Protection Training

Story provied by BREMCOR

Every day in the U.S. four construction workers fall to their deaths. Falls are the leading cause of death in the workplace for construction workers. According to OSHA, one-third of all construction deaths stem from falls from elevated heights. Bremcor Safety just completed Fall Protection training for 98 Bremcor employees. A series of 7 classes were conducted, each class lasting 3 hours. A total of 315 man hours was spent to ensure the safety of the employees when they are six feet or more off the ground. Bremcor’s Fall Protection training is designed to train its craftsmen the best practice methods of

identifying and eliminating fall hazards. Employees were also provided with an in-depth exposure to the hierarchy of fall protection, which begins with eliminating hazards, and progresses through the application of passive systems, restraint systems, arrest systems, and finally administrative control systems. Through the use of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on engagement; Bremcor employees were trained to be compliant as specified by OSHA 1926/ 1910 and EM 385-1-1 regulations. Safety in the workplace is Bremcor’s #1 goal and this training will help ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the workday.

NCIS Aims To Prevent Sexual Assault Crimes

NORFOLK -- In an effort to bring attention to the sexual assault prevention awareness campaign, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has issued important guidelines and tips on how individuals can report and prevent sexual assault crimes through NCIS’ Crime Reduction Program (CRP). The increased prevention awareness campaign is a proactive effort to reduce sexual assaults across the Department of the Navy. NCIS Special Agent (SA) Leatrice DeBruhl-Daniels is assigned as the FY12-1st quarter campaign representative for Hampton Roads. Sexual assault is defined as sexual abuse of an individual by the use of force, threat, or intimidation. Rape, sodomy, sexual battery and attempts to commit these crimes are examples of sexual assault offenses. Sexual assaults are more prevalent among enlisted service members - those that are recently enlisted, are away from home for the first time - and excessive alcohol intake becomes a factor. Sexual assault crimes are not necessarily isolated on-base. Crimes may also occur in other jurisdictions where local police departments may assume the case - NCIS is still notified. In the Department of Defense (DoD) Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military, there were 2,617 service members who reported they had been a victim of sexual assault. Sexual consent must be freely given by a competent person and you cannot force anyone to have sex at any time. “There is no such thing as drunken consent”, said SA DeBruhl-Daniels. “Drugs and alcohol will impair a person’s judgment and may increase sexual desire, therefore, a person’s actions may be misunderstood when they are intoxicated. Do what is right morally. If you violate a person’s rights and have sex with them without their permission,

you may be subject to charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 120.” NAVADMIN 122/11 reinforces Navy’s “zero tolerance” sexual assault policy and directs active support from all Sailors - from the deck plates to the blue tile - to successfully eliminate this egregious act from the ranks. The Navy averages 1.5 reported sexual assaults per day, with aggravated sexual assault accounting for the largest category of offenses reported. Female Sailors have a 20 percent chance of being sexually assaulted during their careers, and the younger they are, the greater the risk of sexual assault. Under UCMJ Article 120, sexual act crimes, such as rape and aggravated sexual assault, carry very high penalties. Rape itself under the UCMJ can carry a death penalty and the maximum punishment for aggravated sexual assault is 30 years. “When there is a report of sexual assault, commands are required to report it almost immediately to NCIS,” said Cmdr. Frank D. Hutchison, Staff Judge Advocate. Once NCIS completes their investigation, the case is turned over to the command for disposition. “Typically, command will forward the investigative facts to RLSO for analysis of its prosecutorial merit,” said Hutchison. “... based on the investigation, (we determine) whether there is a case that can be prosecuted under courts-martial or whether it should be handled at a different level. For the vast majority of sexual assault cases, courts-martial is the appropriate forum. Then at that point, RLSO is the prosecution office and they work hand-in-hand with NCIS from that stage on.” Victims have a choice of reporting preference as either restricted or unrestricted. Victims who choose to use

restricted reporting are only allowed to talk to a Victim Advocate (VA), Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), chaplain or healthcare provider. This ensures that no one without confidentiality knows the details about the case and it remains confidential until the case is reported to law enforcement, or NCIS, at which time it will automatically become an unrestricted report. An unrestricted report allows victims to legally pursue the perpetrator. In this option, NCIS, local law enforcement and the command are notified that you are a victim of sexual assault. The command is restricted from conducting their own investigation on the matter, but they will be notified that the event occurred. Time is of the essence when you have a sexual assault crime, especially if alcohol or some sort of drug influence is involved. The victim should contact NCIS as quickly as possible to investigate their level of consent. Victims should not be afraid of reporting a sexual assault crime to NCIS. Keeping the victim safe is NCIS’ main priority in sexual assault cases. Victims will be notified of key steps within the investigation from case initiation to case closure. Sexual assaults are serious crimes, therefore, victims should not report false sexual assault claims. Regrettable sex, absent or late for muster with a rape excuse, caught cheating on your spouse or significant other, or becoming pregnant by someone you do not want to be the father of your child are not excuses to report rape and are unacceptable. If you or someone you know is in need of help, contact the NCIS hotline at (877) 579-3648 or the Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE (4673). For more information on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, visit www.


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Interested in astronomy? A stargazing party will be held at the Lighthouse parking lot on Feb. 22 from 1900 to 2130.


A fairwell party will be held for Fire Chief Eric Tucker on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 1900. The event will be held at Paola Point #21. Friends and coworkers of Chief Tucker are welcome to attend.

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Family Life Specialist

Administrative Officer W.T. Sampson is offering the following jobs: Secretary (Office Automation) See base roller for additional details. Local 24/7 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Contact #:


Your Installation Sexual Assault Response Coordinator’s Contact #:


Paperclips Re-Opening Ceremony MCC Keith Bryska Gazette Editior


he AbilityOne Base Supply Center also known as Paperclips celebrated its reopening during a ceremony on Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Feb. 12. Paperclips is a division of Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind that prides itself in providing job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired. According to guest speaker Will Spivey, Sr. Vice President Marketing and Business Affairs the company has over 350 blind employees working for Winston-Salem Industries. “Our employees always had a can do attitude and can accomplish any task that they are given,” said Spivey. “We are proud to bring their can do attitude and spirit at Guantanamo Bay and look forward to providing you the best service we can.” Cmdr. Jonathan C. Holsinger, Site Director Naval Supply Center Fleet Logistics Command Jacksonville believes that the partnership is important at providing Guantanamo Bay with quality supplies.

“I would like to thank everyone that has come out to support us here today to include all the family members,” said Holsinger. “I have worked with Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind in the past and feel that the job opportunities they provided the disabled are important for us to continue to support.” Paperclips is the only supply store on the base and fulfills the shopping needs for the Naval Station and tenant commands. Store Manager Arlene Weber who has worked with Paperclips for over 13 years said that the new office will help them service commands better. “This move makes me really excited because we have more storage space in this building and it will allow us to be able to provide more to our customers,” said Weber. “If we don’t have something the customer needs on the shelves we can order it and get it down here for them.”

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Feb 14 fbinternet