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PREPAREDNESS Securing Your Home Disaster Supply Kit Checklist Base Shelters ...and more inside

Conditions of Readiness (COR) Levels

VReadiness Condition V

Destructive winds (sustained > 50 knot winds) possible within 96 hours.

IVReadiness Condition IV

Destructive winds (sustained > 50 knot winds) possible within 72 hours.

IIIReadiness Condition III

Destructive winds (sustained > 50 knot winds) possible within 48 hours.

IIReadiness Condition II

Destructive winds (sustained > 50 knot winds) anticipated within 24 hours.

IReadiness Condition I

Destructive winds (sustained > 50 knot winds) are occuring or anticipated within 12 hours.

Hurricane Post Landfall POST

All personnel are required to remain in their shelter until NAVFAC completes a Damage Assessment. When Damage Assessment is complete the NAVSTA Commanding Officer will direct “All Clear.” Mass Warning and Notification System will be utilized and PAO will update Radio GTMO, Facebook, and the base roller with appropriate information.


NS Guantanamo Bay Commanding Officer, Capt. J.R. Nettleton congratulates MASN Terpening on his selection as Sailor of the Week.

■Job/Department: Patrol Supervisor/Security ■Age: 19 ■Hometown: Palm Bay, Florida ■Favorite Team: Tampa Bay Bucs ■Favorite Movie: Bad Grandpa ■Favorite GTMO Restaurant: Cuban Club ■Hobby: Fishing ■TV Show: Duck Dynasty ■Hero: Grandfather Russell Dean Terpening ■Quote: If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up. - Hunter S. Thompson ■Sailor of the Week Because: He was selected for going above and beyond his expected duties. He recently received his Patrol Supervisor qualification and is already working on Watch Commander, well exceeding the expectation of a Seaman. Great Job and keep up the hard work.


VOL. 71 • NO.18


Guantanamo Bay Gazette





The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is an authorized publication for members of the military services and their families stationed at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, and do not imply endorsement thereof. The editorial content is prepared, edited and provided by the Public Affairs Office of U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is printed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Document Services with a circulation of 1,000.

MAY 9, 2014• PAGE 3

Stay Connected When A Hurricane Approaches - Purchase a battery-, solar-, or crank-operated AM/FM radio (and packs of replacement batteries). - If the power goes out in your home, you can listening to FM 102.1 / 103.1 or AM 1340, where emergency warnings, hurricane location, conditions of readiness and any other important information will be broadcast. - Both the Defense Media Activity detachment (RadioGTMO), and the Base Communications Office (Telephone Exchange) have emergency auxiliary power that will allow uninterrupted broadcast and telephone capability in the event of storm-related power outages. Power will be secured during major hurricanes. - Purchase a traditional CORDED telephone without an answering machine; ensure it doesn’t require an electrical outlet. It doesn’t have to be your primary phone, but it will enable you to place and receive calls as long as the base telephone network is operating. Cordless and VOIP phones require power to operate. - Know the Giant Voice tones and emergency numbers, published here in the Gazette, as well as the wallet cards and residence stickers / magnets.

Emergency Resources

-The Emergency Information hotline is similar to the Movie and Galley phone lines; it can handle up to 25 callers at a time. During normal operations, residents can call in to hear the Giant Voice signals. Dial INFO (4636) -Business cards with emergency contact numbers and mustering procedures are being distributed to all hands. Wallet cards should be provided by your sponsor’s command/activity (they can get them from the installation EM department). Replacements are also available at the FFSC, the Navy Lodge, or any of the 3 Housing locations (Main Office, Front Desk Bldg 1670, Leeward). -Residence Stickers / Magnets with emergency contact numbers, mustering procedures, and shelter locations are also being developed. For residences with metal entry doors, they should be posted on the inside; other residences should have them posted on the refrigerator door. Replacements will be available from the housing office or the installation EM department.

Keeping Your Animals Safe

For the upcoming hurricane season, and in case of any disaster, you should include pet care when planning for your family. Pets are not allowed in shelters, leaving owners with a few options- leave their pet in their housing with food and water (a choice many pet owners would refuse) or temporarily house them in another home that is hurricane proof. The previous pet shelter is no longer available; the EM department and VTF are working to find a solution. Items to include for your pet include at least 5 day supply of food (stored in a water proof container and don’t forget a measuring cup) and clean water ( a good rule of thumb is a 60 pound dog needs a liter of water per day), dishes, a leash and collar (even for cats!), a crate/carrier/kennel (especially for smaller animals) that is clearly labeled with their name and your contact information as well as at least a 2 week supply of any medications they are regularly on (i.e. heart medications, allergy medications, etc). Also, for cats, kitty litter and litter box. Familiar toys or blankets may also help distract and/or calm your pet during a disaster. Keep a current copy of your pet’s medical record, especially showing their most recent vaccinations and microchip number in case you and your pet are separated. The microchip number is the only manner we have in definitely identifying a pet and making sure he/she are returned to the right family. Depending on when and where you had your pet microchipped you may have gotten a tag that has the microchip number printed on it. That tag, as well as the most current Rabies vaccination tag and pet identification tag, should stay on your pet’s collar, harness or carrier as a means of identification. Pets can react unpredictably during disasters with normally calm pets becoming frantic, docile pets becoming aggressive and other behavioral changes. Being prepared with the means for controlling your pet (leash/collar, crate/kennel) can prevent injuries to both the pet and humans as well as prevent escapes and dangerous situations. Any questions, concerns or suggestions for pet care/planning in hurricane preparedness can be sent to the Veterinary Treatment Facility at 2212/2101. We are happy to give you a medical record summary as well as your pet’s microchip number for your records.

SUPPLY KIT C One-week supply of non-perishable foods per person One-week supply of drinking water per person Fill plastic jugs with drinking water upon receiving warning of imminent danger

Maintain a supply of disposable eating and drinking utensils Bottle and can openers Special diet and baby foods Supply of plastic bags Prescription and non-prescription medication Copy of all prescriptions Prosthetic devices (eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.) First aid kit Pocket knife Hand saw, pliers, tape Battery-operated radio and extra batteries Flashlight and batteries Battery operated lantern Candles and matches Whistle

Take Charge, Stay Informed, Be Prepared

Social Security cards Passports Driver’s Licenses Deeds Insurance policies Stocks and Bonds Will

Savings and checking account books or account Money List of valuable household goods with serial numbers Update your Page 2 and NFAAS Birth certificates Immunization record

Shot records Place paperwork in a waterproof box


Emergency medical alert tags/cards


Credit cards





Securing Your Home



Hurricanes can form quickly in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Contact the housing office if you will be off-island for more than 72 hours. Before You Vacation - It’s your responsibility to secure your house in the event of inclement weather. Do not leave your car at Ferry Landing. Take trash cans inside or place in an outdoor closet. All pools, trampolines and toys or any other possible projectiles need to be secured. Tables, chairs, grills, plants in pots and any other outdoor items need to be stowed. Organize your garage because winds will enter the space through the opening at the bottom of the garage door and any unsecured items can damage the structure or vehicle inside. If you live in one of the houses that are designated to go to a base shelter or you are going to a friend’s house, you need to secure the items listed above before leaving your home.

On-Line Hurricane Readiness Resources Ready.Gov - Emergency planning information and tools for all personnel.

NFAAS and PAGE 2 - Web-based accountability, assessment and recovery tool for disaster-affected Navy personnel and their families. Ensure your Page 2 is updated.

FEMA - Offers information on the range of natural and man-made disasters and guidance for protecting families and their property.

National Hurricane Center - Coordinating with the National Weather Service, The National Hurricane Center provides tropical weather analysis’ and forecasts, in efforts to save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve economic efficiency by issuing watches and warnings.

Base Hurricane Shelters JTF.....................................................W.T. Sampson High School JTF...........................................W.T. Sampson Elementary School JTF................................................................................K-SPAN JTF...........................................................Windjammer Ballroom JTF........................................................Base Gym (Denich Gym) Marine Site..............................................................Youth Center Marine Point...........................................................Youth Center Radio Point..............................................................Youth Center Paola Point..............................................................Youth Center Deer Point...............................................................Youth Center Contractor Manned Camps.....................................Bowling Alley



E-mail classified ad submissions to


If sent to any other e-mail, it may not be published. Submit your ad NLT noon Wednesdays for that week’s Gazette. Ads are removed after two weeks. Re-submit the ad to re-publish. The Gazette staff and NS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, page. The Public Affairs Office has final editorial discretion on all content. Call MCC Keith Bryska at 4520 with your questions or concerns. Please keep ads to a minimum of 5 items.

VEHICLES 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty, 94,200 Miles, A/C, Automatic, 6 passenger, New battery, Lightly used tires w/New full spare, Valued at $11,000….make an offer. POC: Quentin @ 78835

OUTDOOR REC GREAT DIVE/SNORKEL/FAMILY BOAT +30 feet barrel boat with recently refurbished 90HP Johnson Ocean Pro, inclined ladder for getting on the boat with dive equipment, plenty of deck space and storage, hold 10+ people comfortably, recently painted (including barrels), nice speakers, head facility, COME FOR A TEST RIDE! $5000 OBO Contact Steven 55352 or Otis 84988 Boat and trailer for sale: 1995 Century 21 w/1998 175 HP Evenrude motor, outbound certified. Also includes boat cover, radio, extras. Clean and runs good. $8500 OBO. Call 77242.

HOUSEHOLD GOODS Kitchenware Items for Sale, Meal plates count 12, Small plates count 8, Silverware count 20 or more, 4 Non-stick frying pans 2 medium 2 smaller (One Medium New) All items for $65.00 Call 78742 and leave a message

MISC Missing Black frog skin wetsuit, it was left on the outside shower wall at Cable Beach. Last seen 1700 4-26-14 Contact Wayne @ 84132


MWR is offering the Following jobs:

Senior Library Technician Administrative Assistant Assistant Building Manager Recreation Assistant Custodial Worker Child & Youth Programs Custodial Worker NEX is offering the following jobs: Sales Clerk Front Desk Clerk-Navy Lodge Barber Shop Burns and Roe is offering the following jobs: Passenger Service Representative Base Supply Center is offering the following jobs: Cashier/Shelf Stocker Navy Federal Is Offering the following jobs: Full-time Member Service Representative IOM Is Offering the following jobs:

and at the corner of Sherman and Recreation Road, across from the beach closure sign. Before partaking in any exercise please look to see what color flag is flying. Black flags indicate that all strenuous activity should be halted by ALL personnel. Red Flags indicate limited activity for those acclimatized and no activity for those not acclimatized by at least 30 days. Yellow flags indicate that strenuous activity should be shortened for nonacclimatized personnel and unrestricted for those acclimatized. Green flags indicate that heavy exercise should be conducted with caution and the buddy system is recommended. ANIMAL SHOW Want to learn more about GTMO’s wildlife? This Saturday Dr. Peter Tolson an internationally recognized expert on Caribbean reptiles will hold a Meet and Greet from 14001500 at the Phillips Dive Park. So bring your family and learn more about the Cuban Boa and Rock Iguana.

GIRLS SCOUTS The GTMO Girl Scouts are looking for volunteers interested in Troop Leadership positions for the 2014-2015 Scout Year. If you’re interested in making the world a better place or simply curious about Girl Scouts, please contact Sarah Haworth at 79138 or email us at gtmo.girlscouts@gmail. com Training will be provided for all interested volunteers!

Administrative and Finance Assistant (G4) NAVSTA HRO is offering the following jobs: Material Handler Lead Firefighter Community Bank Is Offering the following jobs: Banking Center Service Specialist

1996 Nissan V6 Altema new parts, See Base Roller for more New in the box Solenoid. Price $ 45.00,New in the box front Rotor. $ 35.00, New can of fiberglass bondo. $ 45.00. Please call 78742 and leave a message.


YARD SALE Yard sale May 10, at 0700-0930 and 1200-1500 VL 2227A


SAFETY Just a safety reminder that we are quickly approaching the summer months so residents need to be adhering to the heat index flag conditions. The flags will be flying at Cooper Field

Local 24/7 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Contact #:


Your Installation Sexual Assault Response Coordinator’s Contact #:


MAY 9, 2014• PAGE 3


FRIDAY May 9 8 p.m.: Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG


The Grand Budapest Hotel R

SATURDAY May 10 8 p.m.: The Amazing Spider Man 2 PG13

10:30 p.m.Sabotage R

SUNDAY 8 p.m.: Noah

May 11

MONDAY 8 p.m.: Divergent

May 12

TUESDAY 8 p.m.: Trancendence

May 13

WEDNESDAY 8 p.m.: Draft Day

May 14





THURSDAY May 15 8 p.m.: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier



Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville, Guantanamo Bay Pier Charlie Groundbreaking Tony Ramirez Fuels Officer


aval Supply System Command (NAVSUP) and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast (SE) held a groundbreaking ceremony April 30 on board Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the demolish and construction of a Fuel Pier (Pier Charlie) there. NAVFAC SE awarded the $32.5 million contract to URS Group-RQ Construction,LLC, Oct. 3, 2013, to perform the construction. The Fuel Pier (Pier Charlie) is the primary means of delivering all sources of fuel to the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. This installation provides logistical support to ships and aircraft of forces of the U.S. Southern Command, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Homeland Defense, U.S. Customs Service and Drug Enforcement Agency personnel for counter-narcotics activities throughout the Caribbean area.

The new design construction calls for: to construct a single deck fuel pier with concrete piles, and independent mooring dolphins system, epoxy coated reinforcing bars, fender piles, control building, and 15’ access ramp to transition from the existing cause way to the new pier. The combined length of the pier and dolphins will be 825 feet. It will include 1,245 linear feet of (6-inch), (10-inch), and (16- inch) diameter carbon steel fuel piping to received MOGAS; Jet Fuel (JP-5) and Diesel (F-76) from Tankers or Fuel Barges. The New Fuel pier will meet all applicable Department of Defense (DoD) criteria. Applicable portions of this project will be certified to the Silver level of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy Environmental Design - New Construction (LEED-NC) green building rating system.

GTMO Nurses Celebrate Nurses Week Stacey Byington USNH Public Affairs Officer


ational Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. The U.S. Navy Nurse Corps dates its founding back to May 13, 1908. So here in Guantanamo Bay, military and civilian nurses assigned to U.S. Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay (USNH GTMO), the Joint Medical Group (JMG), and other organizations on the station, are combining the two events, commemorating both Nurses Week and the Navy Nurse Corps Birthday with a number of events May 6 – 13. The American Nurses Association’s theme this year is “Nurses Leading the Way.” A recently released House Resolution, HR 540, recognized the important contributions that nurses make to provide safe, high-quality healthcare. “Every day nurses step forward embracing new technologies, resolve emerging issues, and accept ever changing roles in their profession,” it said. “They lead the way for their patients, colleagues, organizations, and the healthcare industry as a whole.” Approximately 50 registered nurses (military, civilian, and family members) serve on the base in a variety of roles. The JMG nursing staff supports the Joint Task Force mission of providing safe, humane, legal, and transparent healthcare to the detainee population. They also provide training to the guard staff about infection control and health promotion such as eating a healthy diet, the dangers of tobacco use, periodontal hygiene and alcohol abuse. Helping troopers make positive health behavior changes is a contribution to

the Joint Task Force mission and an example of JMG nurses leading the way in promoting the health and well-being of others. Military nurses at USNH GTMO care for patients on the ward, in the Emergency Room, in the Primary Care Clinic, and in the Home Health program. The hospital also has civilian nurses who provide care to residents and who are subject matter experts in occupational health, infection control and immunizations. In addition, several nurses on base work with the Red Cross, in the schools and at the WIC office. “As the Navy Nurse Corps celebrates its 106th birthday, we remember those who have served throughout our history – veterans from the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, the ‘Sacred Twenty’, and beyond,” said RADM Rebecca McCormick-Boyle, NC, Director, Navy Nurse Corps. “Over the years countless nurses have provided care on land, at sea, and in the air – at home and abroad – in and out of harm’s way.” “Professional nursing promotes healing and health, advocating care of individuals, families and communities,” said CAPT Nancy Condon, Director of Nursing at USNH GTMO. “Today’s nurses are caring and compassionate, enhancing patient safety, reducing infection rates, and facilitating transition from hospital to home. I hope everyone in GTMO has a chance to say ‘Thanks for all you do!’ to each of the nurses who live and work at Guantanamo Bay.”

MAY 9, 2014• PAGE 3

May 9, 2014 Gazette  
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