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OCT. 21, 2011 • VOL. 68 • NO. 43 • •

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba • PSC 1005 BOX 25 • FPO, AE 09593 • 011-5399-4090

Service Members and Civilians from all military branches celebrated the United States Navy’s 236th bithday at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Navy Ball. The ball to place in the naval station’s Windjammer Ballroom and featured Vice Adm. Michael C. Vitale, Commander, Navy Installations Command.-Photo by MC2 Justin Ailes

GTMO Celebrates U.S. Navy’s 236th Birthday MCC(SW) Bill Mesta

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


aval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba hosted the Navy Ball in the Windjammer Ballroom, to celebrate the U.S. Navy’s 236th birthday, Oct 15. The guest of honor for the ball, attended by 236 guests, was Vice Adm Michael C. Vitale, Commander Navy Installations Command. “He challenged us during the ceremony by asking the audience some trivia questions during his speech.” said Capt. Kirk Hibbert, the commanding officer for Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. One of the highlights of the ball was the ceremonial setting of the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/ MIA) table which honors service members who were taken prisoner or missing during war. “Much of the feedback received about the Navy Ball

concluded that the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action table was the highlight of the event,” said CMDCM J.D. McKinney, the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Command Master Chief. “I had never actually seen the POW/MIA table executed, as in most cases the memorial is set up prior to the event.” The Navy’s birthday celebration was organized by the naval station’s Navy Ball Committee. “I would like to send out a Bravo Zulu to the 2011 Navy Ball Committee,” said McKinney. “This was a ‘home-grown’ event that the committee began to organize in March. The committees organized all of the fundraisers for the ball and were responsible to work out all of the details for the event.” “The set-up for the Navy Ball was incredible,” said Hibbert. “The Navy Ball Committee came up with so many great ideas for the event which was fabulous.”

For more about the celebration see Navy Ball on Page 6


GTMO Kicks Off Combined Federal Campaign MCC(SW) Bill Mesta

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


ersonnel attached to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are participating in the Combined Federal Campaign Overseas (CFC-O) from Oct.1 to Dec. 2. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized solicitation of Federal employees in their workplaces on behalf of approved charitable organizations. “This year’s CFC-O has more than 2,500 participating charities and several easy ways to contribute including online pledge assistant, credit card giving and the traditional paper pledge form,” said Gunners Mate 2nd Class David Carroll, one of the naval station’s CFCO coordinators. The naval station’s goal for the 2011

Transition Training Offered by GTMO’s FFSC MCC(SW) Bill Mesta Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


he Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) is offering pre-separation counseling and a job search class. The training programs are designed to assist service members transitioning to the civilian workforce with obtaining employment. “The pre-separation counseling will offer personnel insight on what they can expect as they end their military service and addresses concerns that transitioning families may have,” said CMDCM J.D. McKinney, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Command Master Chief. “Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend this training.”



CFC-O is ensure that 100 percent of the personnel assigned to the base are contacted about the campaign. “Each service member and Department of Defense civilian employee assigned to the overseas commands will receive a copy of the 2011 CFC-O Charity Listing and a 2011 CFC-O pledge card from their CFC-O key worker,” said Carroll. “If you have not received a paper copy and wish to have one, please contact your unit’s CFC-O representative or you’re supporting CFC-O office for assistance.” Participants in the 2011 CFC-O now have the option of submitting their pledge card and making charitable contributions on-line at https:// “To use the computer to electronically For more see CFC Page 6 The pre-separation counseling is being held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Bulkeley Hall auditorium. “The FFSC is holding a job search class on Oct. 25 which will be a training session that specializes finding civilian employment,” said McKinney. “Participants will be offered methods for job searching in today’s competitive job market. The job search class will begin at 1 p.m. in the FFSC building. “This type of training is very important for transitioning service members,” said McKinney. “The old methods of finding civilian employment are not nearly as effective as they once were. This training is designed to give service members a head start in finding a job.” For morning information about these training opportunities, please contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 4141 or .4153

hospital corpsman third class

Louvel V. Velicaria n Job/department: Leading Petty Officer n Age: 26 n Hometown: San Diego, CA. n Quote: If you live long enough you’ll make mistakes. If you learn from then you’ll be a better person. It is about how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. n Hero: My Parents n Favorite hobby: Cooking n Favorite book: Purpose Driven Life n Favorite movie: Pearl Harbor n Greatest passion: Singing with the ‘Our Lady of Cobre Music Ministry.’ n Greatest accomplishment: Being advanced in paygrade. n Ambition/Goal: Becoming a nurse. n How the Navy has improved his life: The Navy has offered me lots of opportunities to excel and be the best that I can be. n Sailor of the Week because: Spearheaded the Primary Care Clinic move at USNH GTMO and managed the post-move chaos. Having no phones or computers, HM3 coordintated the clinic schedule so that patients could be cared for.

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nergy id a now To operate your air conditioner unit more efficiently, turn on your ceiling fans. These fans create air movement across the skin, lowering skin temperature through evaporation. The homeowner can thus raise the air conditioning thermostat setting up to 4 degrees F without any decrease in comfort. Each degree you raise the thermostat above 78 degrees F you save about 7 to 8 percent on your electric cooling costs. Vol. 68 • No. 43

G uantanamo B ay G azette

Commanding OfficerCapt. Kirk Hibbert Executive Officer Cmdr. William Rabchenia Command Master Chief CMDCM (SW/AW/EXW) J.D. McKinney, III

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Public Affairs OfficerTerence Peck Leading Chief Petty OfficerMCC(SW) Bill Mesta Gazette Editor MC2(SW/AW) Justin ailes photojournalist MC2(SW/AW) justin ailes

The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is an authorized publication for members of the military services and their families stationed at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, and do not imply endorsement thereof. The editorial content is prepared, edited and provided by the Public Affairs Office of U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The Guantanamo Bay Gazette is printed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Document Services with a circulation of 1,000.

Customer Appreciation Weekend to be Held October 28-30 MCC(SW) Bill Mesta

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


he Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Navy Exchange (NEX) and Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) are hosting the 10th annual customer appreciation weekend Oct. 28-30, on base. The three day event is being held in appreciation for those who live and serve at the naval station. “Friday, Oct. 28 is going to feature an awesome skateboarding and BMX bike demonstration at the Cooper Field skate park,” said Mark Good, GTMO’s NEX general manager. “They are going to be giving away lots of items like t-shirts and hats at the demonstration.” Friday night will also feature live music at the Tiki Bar by singer and songwriter John Taglieri. According to Taglieri’s website, he has eight albums to his credit and was named the ‘Male Pop CD’ of the Year and runner up for ‘Rock Album of the Year.’ “Saturday Oct. 29 is going to be kicked off with a 5k run,” said Good. “The route for the run is a bit different and promises to take the runners to some places on base they have never been to before.” The first 300 people who enter the 5k will receive a free t-shirt. “The NEX store will open up at 9 a.m. on Saturday,” said Good. “The Customer Appreciation Weekend is the only advertised event that the GTMO NEX holds each year.” The fliers listing the items to be discounted will be distributed to the public next week before the event. “The GTMO community is encouraged to show up to the NEX very early on Saturday morning and hang out all day,” said Good. “In addition to some great discounts, MWR is going to set up tents where various base organizations will be fund-raising by selling food such as bar-b-que and baked goods.” The weekend will feature free give-aways, prizes, and contests and live entertainment for the GTMO community. “The big contest on Saturday is going to be the Humvee pull,” said Good. “Each member of the winning team will receive an Apple I-Pad and the 2nd place team members will be awarded Apple I-Pods.” Sunday, Oct. 30 is going to feature NEX gift card give-

OCT. 21, 2011 • PAGE 3

aways, a Dance Kinect contest and meals cooked by Chefs who have been on the Food Network’s ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.’ “We are going to be giving away over $12,000 in NEX gift cards and prizes, “said Good. “The gift cards will be awarded each hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.”

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 28 •1100 -1700 Shoe clinics in store •1600 -1800 Come skate with the Vans BMX Bike/Skate team (Skate Park) •2100 - John Taglieri performs at the Tiki Bar Saturday, October 29 •0700 - 5K Race Starts •0815 - 5K Race awards (Atrium) •0900 - Store Opens •0900 - Customer T-shirt give away begins •1000 - NEX Gift Card giveaways start •1000 - 1045 Vans autograph session (Atrium) •1100 - 1300 John Taglieri performs (Atrium) •1330 - 1400 John Taglieri and BUOS autograph session •1400 - 1445 DDD Chefs autograph session (Atrium) •1500 - 1630 Registration for Humvee Pull (Atrium) •1600 - 1630 Grand Prize giveaways •1700 - 1800 Humvee Pull competition in front of Atrium •1900 - 2030 John Taglieri performs at O’Kelly’s •2100 - 2230 Blessid Union of Soul Band (BUOS) performs at O’Kelly’s Sunday, October 30 •0900 - Store Opens •1000 - NEX Gift card giveaways start •1100 - Dance Kinect Competition starts •1100 - 1200 1st setting Dinner with the Chefs from DDD (Music by BUOS) •1330 - 1430 2nd setting Dinner with the Chefs from DDD (Music by BUOS) •1600 - 1700 3rd setting Dinner with the Chefs from DDD (Music by BUOS)

S A F E T Y D E PAR T M E N T D i d -Y a - K n o w With the summer like weather year round and the slower driving speeds, there comes a natural increase of children playing outside. During any time of the year you can see children of all ages riding bicycles, skateboarding, using roller blades and scooters. As with any sport comes risk. However, purchasing and properly wearing a helmet can reduce some of the risk. There are helmets for all types of sports, in addition to those above; helmets can also be purchased for horseback riding, motorcycle riding, skiing, in-line hockey and snowboarding. For any sport that can cause head trauma there is a helmet for it. Unfortunately, most children and a lot of adults do not know how to use helmets properly. Either the wrong helmet for the sport is purchased or as in most cases the helmet is used improperly. A helmet used improperly will not provide any protection against head injury.

The leading fault is the helmet not properly fastened under the chin. The strap is either to loose, not fasented at all or fastened on top of the helmet. If the helmet is fastened in one of these ways and a fall occurs there is a good chance of the helmet coming off and head trauma occurring. Before using a helmet, read the instruction booklet. The attitude that “it’s only a helmet I can put it on” can cause you or your children needless pain and aggravation. OPNAVINST 5100.25 (series) mandates that anyone riding a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades including dependants will wear helmets approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Certified by Snell Memorial Foundation. The Naval Safety Center highly recommends that helmets be worn in any sport that has the chance of head trauma. Snell Memorial Foundation has all the information.

GTMO Sailors Tackle the...

Sailors attached to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba perform a 1.5 mile run/walk at the Cooper Field Sports Complex on base. The sailors were participants in the Fall 2011 Physical Fitness Assessment.-Photo by MCC Bill Mesta

PFA MCC(SW) Bill Mesta Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


ersonnel attached to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba participated in the physical fitness portion of the Fall Physical Fitness Assessment(PFA), Oct. 17-21. The PFA is conducted Navy-wide, twice a year, to evaluate U.S. Navy Sailors’ physical readiness. “The navy holds bi-annual PFA’s to have sailors maintain a level of physical fitness required to support overall mission readiness,” said Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Lisa Alkire, a naval station assistant command fitness leader. “The PFA includes a medical screening, a body composition assessment (BCA) and physical readiness test.” Approximately 75 Sailors attached to NS Guantanamo participated in the Fall PFA. The PFA comprises of sit-ups, pushups and a cardio portion, which includes the bike, swim, elliptical, or regular 1.5 mile run,” said Alkire. “The naval station conducted the run portion of the PFA at Cooper Field all week.” Sailors who do not perform to Navy physical fitness standards for the bi-annual PFAs face consequences. “Sailors who do not pass the PFA will be required to participate in the command fitness enhancement program (FEP) until they can score a good or higher in all categories in the next regu-

lar PFA,” said Alkire. “They will also receive a page 13 and it will be noted on their periodic evaluations.” In addition to records entries and mandatory FEP attendance, a Sailor’s advancement can be affected. “Members will have frocking or advancement deferred, and if they are not within standards by promotion cycle limiting date, the advancement authority will be withdrawn,” said Alkire. “If a sailor fails three PFA’s in a 4 year period they will be admin separated, or not allowed to reenlist or extend.” Alkire recommended that sailors maintain high levels of physical fitness throughout the year and prepare early for the PFA. “Prepare early and don’t decide to do one of the alternate cardio options unless you have practiced. We have a lot of sailors try the elliptical and end up failing because they have not prepared enough,” said Alkire. The naval station conducts command physical training sessions each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Cooper Field at 7 a.m. We do a series of workouts that include circuit training, running, and some water based workouts,” said Alkire. “Our Wednesday workouts are facilitated by a Moral Welfare and Recreation fitness trainer.”


Navy Ball • From cover

Although the event was a Navy ball, military personnel across the different branches attended. “One of the things that stood out about GTMO’s Navy ball was that the attendees weren’t just sailors,” said Hibbert, “We had the naval station’s entire ‘joint’ environment at the event including members of all military branches, spouses, civilian defense contractors and government service employees.” The event began with a social hour which was followed by a formal ceremony and catered dinner. “The food was wonderful, the crowd was great and the ceremony was terrific,” said Tara Culbertson, the naval station’s Moral, Welfare and Recreation director. After the formal ceremony, the audience was entertained with live music performed by Golden Monkey a local, MWR sponsored band.

Vice Adm Michael C. Vitale, Commander Navy Installation Command and his wife, Mrs. Debra Vitali are piped on board the 2011 Navy Ball at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.-Photo by MC2 Justin Ailes

CFC• From pg. 2

complete a pledge card for a payroll allotment or cash/ check contribution, click on our e-Giving program,” said Carroll. “Simply follow the user-friendly instructions to enter your personal information, select the charities you wish to support and designate your contribution amount.” Credit card, debit card and e-Check contributions can be made by accessing the e-Giving program. “Follow the user-friendly instructions to enter your personal information, select the charitable organizations you wish to support and designate your contribution amount,” said Carroll. “You can decide if you would like to give a one-time donation or a recurring monthly contribution. This is a fully automated pledge, so you will not need to turn a copy in to your unit’s CFC representative.

There is a giving cap of 2% of base pay in the credit card giving program. “Connecting to the charitable mission of some of the organizations participating in the CFC-O can be a powerful experience,” said Carroll. “This campaign demonstrates that the generosity of contributors truly does make a world of difference.” All service members and civilians who are stationed at GTMO are eligible to participate in the 2011 CFC-0. Carroll added that the CFC-O at GTMO is looking for people to help run the 2011 campaign. For more information about CFC-O contact, Gunners Mate 1st Class Michael Braun or Gunners Mate 2nd Class David Carroll at 4931.

GM1 Michael Braun Weapons Department

gtmo shopper E-mail





p a o - cl a s s i f i e d a d s @ usnbgtm

If sent to any other e-mail, it may not be published. Submit your ad NLT noon Wednesdays for that week’s Gazette. Ads are removed after two weeks. Re-submit the ad to re-publish. The Gazette staff and NS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ­­­­­­page. The Public Affairs Office has final editorial discretion on all content. Call MC2 Leona Mynes at 4520 with your questions or concerns.


2004 Hyundai 59k miles, Cold A/C, Runs Great, Regular Oil Change, Many extras, asking 7,000 Call 78486 ask for Brandon For Sale 1994 26’ Bayliner Pontoon Boat with 175 HP Evinrude engine. All fiberglasse boat w/blue canvas top. New battery, Pwr Panel, wiring, nav & deck lights plus more items. $7,500 OBO Dan 84039/77705 For sale: The Mystery Machine, 1994 Dodge Van and a GTMO icon; 2000.00 OBO. Also, a 1996 Dodge Neon with new tires and great sound system, standard transmission 1600.00 OBO. Call 55104 or 84231 For Sale: 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport, I-6, 5sp, Bikini top and full soft top. Extra parts and accessories go w/ sale. $6500/or Deal...x84115 89 Chevrolet Celebrity, good condition, runs great, new battery, new alternator, new brake pads, $1450 Call 77127 ‘99 Chevy Cavalier Sedan, Standard, A/C, Radioplays MP3 disc w/auxiliary feature, great running condition, $3000.00 Call 72602 ‘91 Ford Ranger ‘GTMO Special’ Pickup truck. Asking price is only the cost of the new brakes-bearings-battery-tires-wipers-fuses-fuel pump & filter parts. No AC. Runs well. $1,250 OBO. Owner leaving island; must sell/going fast. Call 75819 ‘96 Honda Accord, not a gtmo special, purple, runs great, working AC, radio, after market rims. asking $3500 (Neg.) Call Nelson (W) 6220/6458/6020 or (Cell) 90483 ’89 Chevrolet Celebrity, good condition, runs great, new battery, new alternator, new break pads, $1450. Call 78459 ‘07 Mercedes Benz E350 with Sport Package, 55K miles and 3 year extended warranty - Too many options to post! FMI, call 78107 or 55105 ‘08 Dodge Dakota SXT pickup 4 door manual, with less than 16000 miles, $15,000 OBO Call 77596


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C job hunt

OCT. 21, 2011 • PAGE 7

2 Wireless-G Routers in good conditions (U.S.Robotics Wireless MAXg router) & (NETGEAR): $25 each OBO, Phone set 3 unit with caller ID and voice mail (Uniden PowerMAX 5.8 GHz digital answering system): $40 OBO, 3 TVS (21 inch) with remote control: $25 each OBO, TV Stand: $20 Call 78468 Used 64GB IPod touch for sale $200.00. Call 58508 DVD Player Memorex (DVD/CD/MP3): $15, 2 Lamp (match): $10 each, Call 78468 US Robotics wireless router $50, Call 78459


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American History - A Survey 13th edition -Alan Brinkley $50, Fundamentals of Statistics 3rd edition -Michael Sullivan $30, Statistics for Dummies -Deborah Rumsey, PhD $10, Call 77113



Half-off bowling Every Sunday, 1300-2300, Marblehead Lanes. FMI, call 2118.

JTF’s Safe Ride Home. To prevent drinking and driving, those out drinking can take a safe ride home. Call 84913 or 84781. NFL Football Sundays View your favorite game on one of eight monitors at O’Kelly’s. FMI, call 75503.



Auto Skills MANAGER ($30K-$45K/YR) NF-1101-03

Waiter/Waitress (Flexible) ($8.77/HR) NA-7420-02-01.

Warehouse worker (regular full time) ($10.22/HR) NA-6907-04-01

Monday Night Football Special Bring a friend and enjoy a pitcher of beer or soda and one large one-topping pizza ($13) while watching the game. FMI, call 75503.

ID Checker (Flexible) ($7.25/HR) NF0085-01 Recreation Assistant, Community Activities, special events (Flexible) ($8.00-$12.00/per HR) NF-0189-02

Youth Cheerleading (5-7, 8-12) and youth dance (12-18) Register Oct. 3-21. Season begins Oct. 24. $50 per child and includes a uniform. Sign up at the Youth Center. Coaches are needed for cheer and dance. FMI, call 74658.

Food service worker (flexible)($8.77/ HR) NA-7408-02-01 Cook (Flexible) ($10.94/HR) NA-7404-05-01 CYP Assistant (Flexible and full time) ($13.71/HR) GSE-1702-04-06 bartender (Flexible) ($9.48/HR) NA7405-03-01

CYP Pumpkin patch opens Oct. 22, Youth Center, 0900-1100. Free pumpkins, crafts, snacks, and hayrides.

Recreation Aide (Flexible) ($7.25/HR) NF-0189-01

Halloween dance and lock-in Oct. 28, 2100-0800. Youth, ages 12-18 are invited to enjoy music, food, movies and games. Wear your costume for a costume contest. Register for free by Oct. 27 at the Teen Center. FMI, call 55346. Halloween party and concerts Oct. 29, O’Kelly’s Irish Pub, 1900-2230. Updates to the schedule include Blesssid Union of Souls playing live on the patio at 2100. John Taglieri and free appetizers kick off the evening at 1900. Costume contest for individual and couples costumes. FMI, call 4882. AMC Rotator change Beginning Jan. 01, 2012, Saturday flights will be going to NAS Jacksonville and NAS Norfolk. The Tuesday flights will be going to NAS Jacksonville and BWI. marine corps ball The Marine Corps Birthday Ball will be held on Friday, Nov. 11 in the windjammer ballroom at 1800. Tickets are on sale at Marine Hill, Mon-Fri from 1130-1300. Clipper club karaoke Karaoke is offered at the Clipper Club on Saturdays from 1900-2300. Christmas mailing deadlines To ensure your cards and packages arrive to the U.S. on time, please ensure that you mail before the deadlines. Nov.1 for Parcel Post. Dec. 1 for 1st Class letters/cards and priority parcels Winter safety stand-down A Safety Stand-down will be held on Nov. 17 from 0830-1430 in the Windjammer Ballroom. The event is open to the entire GTMO community. The stand-down is mandatory for all NAVSTA personnel. public health fair The 2011 Annual Public health fair will be held at the NEX Atrium on Saturday Nov. 5 from 0800 to 1600. Influenza and Tdap immunizations will be offered free of charge.


movies Downtown Lyceum Friday 8 p.m.:

10 p.m.:

A Dolphin Tale (last)

119 min. Shark Night (new) PG13 91 min. PG

Saturday 8 p.m.: Footlose (new)


10 p.m.: Apollo 18

Oct. 21



Oct. 22 113 min.

86 min.

Sunday Oct. 23 8 p.m.: 30 Minutes or Less (last) R

83 min.

Monday oct. 24 8 p.m.: Columbiana


109 min.

Tuesday oct. 25 8 p.m.: Final Destination 5 (last)


Wednesday 8 p.m.: The Debt (new) R

92 min.

oct. 26 113 min.

thursdayoct. 27 8 p.m.: The Help PG13 146 min. Call the movie hotline @ 4880

New Ombudsmen Appointed at GTMO MCC(SW) Bill Mesta

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Public Affairs


hree new Ombudsmen were appointed at a pinning ceremony at the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’s Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), Oct 18. The ceremony recognized the appointees’ completion of all prerequisites to become Ombudsmen.

Adam Oliver, the new Ombudsman for USNH GTMO, is congratulated by the NAVSTA GTMO CO, Capt. Kirk R. Hibbert.-Photo by MCC Bill Mesta

“An Ombudsman is a designated liaison between the command and military families,” said Kathy Selves, the director of the naval station’s FFSC. “Their job is to facilitate communication and provide command and family information to both parties and facilitating the connection.” Ombudsmen are responsible for maintaining current contact information of command personnel and ensuring that information and open communication between the command and families is available. “We have 2 new ombudsmen for the naval station and 1 for the base hospital,” said Selves. “Lisa Pecci, the senior ombudsman at the naval station, has experience from a prior command. Adam Oliver and Casey Kearns are both new to the program.” Lisa Pecci and Casey Kearns are ombudsmen for NS Guantanamo while Adam Oliver is responsible for the USNH Guantanamo. “All Navy ombudsmen receive twenty-four hours of standardized training so that they are all prepared the same way,’” said Selves. “They are required to pass the ‘Ombudsman Basic Training Course.” Ombudsmen also receive annual advanced training on a wide range of

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topics such as disaster assistance and understanding privacy concerns, said Selves. Naval Station Ombudsmen: Lisa Pecci and Casey Kearns -GTMO.Ombudsman@ or call 84792 Hospital Ombudsman: Adam Oliver or phone: 84416

Lisa Pecci and Casey Kearns, the new NAVSTA GTMO Ombudsmen, address the audience after being pinned.-Photo by MCC Bill Mesta

A view of the sunrise at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from the Ridgeline Trail-Photo by MCC Bill Mesta

Oct. 21, 2011- Gazette  

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